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51, Report #174140
Jan 31 2006
05:27 PM
K.L.D. International - Direct Buy deceptive, misleading, ripoff and very dishonest Lancaster Pennsylvania
I went to an open house and was told you could save 70% over retail prices. You might be able to save that on a few items, but most are more than at a store.They were dishonest about all the hidden charges. Freight charges, tax, surcharge so, many other things. They said, nothing about just 3 days to cancel, I thought it was 3 months until I called and they told me.Their salepeople techniques are deceptive and misleading. Down right dishonest.Jill York, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
52, Report #201339
Jul 16 2006
11:19 AM
Direct Buy Dishonest, mis-leading,delivery practices, lost orders, rude, and not helpful. Sanford Florida
I joined Direct Buy in November 2004, at a cost of $ 3,900. I ordered over $10, 000. worth of product on several orders. There was not one order that was delivered on time, most orders were lost, or came in piece by piece. The policy of this office is if you don't pick up your order with-in 5 days you are charged a per day storage. When I joined I was told a $ 50.00 delivery charge would be charged to deliver to my home. I questioned that because it is over 50 miles to my home. I was told that independent dilivery services would only charge $ 50.00 per trip.As I said they make it sound so easy and it is not. I ordered a simple breakfast table and 4 chairs, they at first lost my order.Then it was another 4 months until it arrived, one of the chairs were damaged and it took another 2 months to get it replaced. My story goes on and on. They have a high turn over of personal. MMr.Dillon amd Mike Dillon promise the world and do not deliver. I want order a new kitchen and appliances for a new home I am building but will not consider using them because of the nightmares I have experienced. My advise to anyone considering Direct Buy is DONT DO IT>Mary Summerfield, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sanford, Florida
53, Report #179449
Mar 05 2006
07:08 PM
Direct Buy/ucc ripoff San Antonio Texas
High pressure sales tactic, was told you can cancel (although contract does not allow) with 5 days. Long wait time, not told it would be up to 8 weeks plus for shipment plus outragious shipping cost. Prices are not any better then local sales prices at retail stores.Robert Sa Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
54, Report #173945
Aug 08 2012
01:16 PM
Direct Buy - Ripoff was intrigued, but skeptical Buffalo New York
I had seen the commercials for Direct Buy early in the morning several times. I have to admit that I was skeptical... But we are planning on buying all new furniture, drapery, a big screen tv, and a new bedroom set, and I figured I'd look into this DirectBuy company when I got home from work. I wanted to see if they had a website first, we're on the national do not call list, and I know that even calling them for information can give them the right to call us.I did find the site with no trouble, but it was largely uninformative. It said nothing more than what I had heard in the 10 minutes I listened to it while I was getting ready for work. The raving customer reviews were dry and seemed perfectly scripted... That was the first thing that lead me to suspicion.I was curious to see how much membership costs... Here I am, naively thinking it'd be... maybe $100... but I couldn't find anywhere where their fees were listed. That raised my suspicions a little more. I was really hoping to find where I could look up items, and see what they're charging.I'd understand I wouldn't have access to their full catalog, but if I could just check out a few things, I could get a good idea for what I'm in for... LOL- I used to watch THE PRICE IS RIGHT, alot, and I've gotten very good at pricing things.I decided to do a websearch for direct buy reviews and I think I clicked on maybe 10 different links, and not one had anything good to say about this company. That is what helped me make my mind up.Ultimately, I'm leaving this message to thank all of you, and ripoffreport for your insight. Although it's HORRIBLY unfortunate what you've all been through, if nothing else comes of it, I just want you to know, that some good has come of it. You're saving other prospecive consumers from making the same mistake, as long as they do their research. Good luck to all of you with the whole scam, and don't quit fighting it!Carrie Tonawanda, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Buffalo, New York
55, Report #194904
Jun 05 2006
07:52 PM
NC Furniture Buy Direct ripoff High Point North Carolina
the NC Furniture Buy Direct stole $3,952 from me. I think they have a very cozy organization where they take orders, promise delivery way beyond the time when customers could get their credit card companies interfere with the payment. I don't think that NC Furniture Buy Direct ever sold a single piece of furniture, and I am very embarassed that I fell victim to their scam. The only thing I don't understand, how come that they are still able to do business? Well, I found High Point NC police website, and reported them for theft. Judit Lorain, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: High Point, North Carolina
56, Report #210995
Sep 14 2006
09:53 AM
In January of 2006 I orderd several rooms of furniture from NC Furniture Buy Direct in High Point North Carolina. I piad in full with my debit Card tied directly to my bank account. I have never recieved any furniture or a refund. I have been in contact with this company dozens of times and have been given every excuse in the book. Supposedly, I was to recieve a full refund on July 24th of 2006. I have yet to recieve any of the more than $5,000.00 I sent to them. I have filed with the North Carolina BBB with no sucess. I have complained to the North Carolina Attorney Generals Office also. They tell me that they have recieved many similar complaints, and have sent me a complaint form to fill out. Barry Biloxi, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: HIGH POINT, North Carolina
57, Report #285106
Jun 17 2011
09:34 AM
Direct Buy Fast sales pitch Big Promises and No Follow through or Savings Grand Rapids Michigan
setTimeout( 'openPopWin();', 1000);function openPopWin(){'/reports/ripoff473086.htm');} Direct Buy made huge promises of big savings for us. This is incorrect. Everything that we checked on to get the big savings ended up being a bigger cost instead. All of the local merchants here in town all came in at lower prices than Direct Buy. So of course we went to the local merchants istead so we could save money. Now My Husband and I are out of all the money that we had to pay into this no for good company. Total scam right from the word go.Didn't even give us the opportunity to check things out. Just sign sign. Then once Signed and paid. Everything they promised. Suddenly discontinued. And no longer do that any more. Check on fencing. Found cheaper else where here in town. Along with everything else we had to purchase for our home.Wendy Wyoming, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Grand Rapids, Michigan
58, Report #316961
Mar 11 2008
03:17 PM
Direct Buy - Calgary They have my money but I have no product Calgary Alberta
We ordered new bedroom furniture for our 2 children on July 29th 2007. It is March 11, 2008 and we still don't have the furniture. However, they have had our money since July 29th! This is furniture that was advertised in their quarterly magazine/catalogue. Why would you advertise it and single out this product if you couldn't actually get it????Other beefs: - You can't use a credit card (for purchases) at the Calgary location. You can use a credit card to pay the membership fees though....hmmmm. Their response to this is that you can order it through Edmonton's branch (3 hour drive away) but you would have to pick it up there. You can pay with a credit card online - but only for items advertised in their quarterly magazine. The problem with that is that you don't always get to choose specifics (like fabric, paint colour or stain etc.) online. It picks a standard for you then you have to call the branch directly to make any changes to your order. Good luck getting through to anyone or even finding a phone number that will allow you to talk to an actual person.- They only give you an estimate on shipping costs. Chances are good that the costs end up being higher.You'd be surprised at how often the item you want is discontinued, not available or the manufacturer's catalogue is not available.Lesson learned - any high pressure sales pitch that requires you to sign on the spot is NO GOODErin Calgary, AlbertaCanada
Entity: Calgary, Alberta
59, Report #325420
Apr 11 2008
04:23 PM
Direct Buy QUICK SCAM Tinley Park Illinois
After my wife saw a commercial about direct buy and called to inquire, we were invited (practically stalked) to come to a presentation (or shall I say CON-atation). With us in the market for a new home, we figured any opportunity to save money during this time would be great. Well, after attending the presentation and feeling like we made the right decision we chose to go ahead and sign up with them. We took the option of putting money down and then making two other payments later. We were told that we only had 3 days to cancel, but wasn't given enough information to decide in three days if this would be a wise purchase or not. We were also told that we would receive our membership id numbers in the mail in a few days. Then about two weeks later we received id cards that still gave us no access to view any merchandise with the actual prices online. We called and was told that the person in charge of the website was in an open house. There was no one else available who could assist us. Out of all the Direct Buy Reps and locations, there was only one guy to assist us? We then looked up reports on infomercial and read that we were not the only ones scammed by these clever scam artists. Duhh why didn't we do that before. The three days was up. But we are taking measures to get our initial deposit back and stop any further payments from going to this SCAM. Did I say this was a SCAM?Cj Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Tinley Park, Illinois
60, Report #224397
Aug 20 2012
06:44 AM
Direct Buy - Directbuy Ripoff Scam not worth it Deceptive and extremely high pressure sales pitch Memphis Tennessee
When you go to the open house you are put through a fast, well rehearsed, smooth, presentation. You are wowwed with examples of savings on items that the presentor cuts from local advertisements. They do the math in front of you and tell you that you will save big on big ticket items like furniture. After the presenattion you are put one on one and undergo a rather high pressure pitch to close the deal.What they fail to mention when they do their math, and what I believe constitutes deceptive practice, is that they do not mention the 8% handling fee. This handling fee is seperate from the freight fee. I bought several smaller priced items and I guess I didn't notice the handling fee or I thought it was a charge from the local center to handle the merchandise when it arrived.We went to order a bedroom set and the handling fee ended up being close to $200.00 on top of the $500.00 freight charge. When I asked what the handling fee was exactly, I was told it was what corporate charged to process the order.SCAM!!! Paperwork is paperwork!! How much harder is it to type in a couple extra numbers or recite a few extra words over the phone. A fee to process the paperwork..?! What did my $5000 membership fee cover?Regardless, this fee was never included in their slick presentation!! Their pitch is you pay manufacturer prices plus the exact cost of shipping. They fail to mention that they take an 8% cut of your purchase!!!It all worked out though...turns out a local furniture company had the exact same bedroom set for only $92.00 more than the directbuy price and they would deliver and set it up versus me transporting the whole set from the direct buy center. That alone is worth the extra $92.00.Bottom line...Directbuy is not worth it. You save pennies but is your frustration, time, and effort worth it..!?!?!If anyone is forming a class-action lawsuit I want in!!Andrew memphis, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
61, Report #263005
Jul 24 2007
10:05 PM
Direct Buy high pressure sales tactics Tinley Park Illinois
Today I went to an open house at Direct Buy which was over 2 hours of my life that I will not get back. I went to what was supposed to be a tour with my recently-widowed mother because she did not want to go by herself.I was caught off-guard at first when I noticed several signs telling people that they could not use cell phones. Was there medical equipment in this building that cell phones could interfere with? I doubt it. Then, we sat through a 2 hour propaganda session about how much money we would save with Direct Buy. I was a little surprised when the presenter insulted a man who didn't give the expected answers when he asked questions, but it still seemed interesting at first until we saw....the rules and the fees. $5000 membership fee for the first 3 years and if we didn't sign up tonight, we would miss this golden opportunity and would never be offered another chance. I was very annoyed for several reasons.First of all, we were never told prior to coming that we had to buy a membership tonight or never or we would have done research prior.Second, I don't know of very many financially responsible people who would walk in to a business without any prior knowledge and drop $5000 on the spot based on a sales pitch.Third, we were only allowed to look at catalogues that contained some items that they carried only after the 2 hour sales pitch. I imagine that they did not want us to use cell phones so that we could call someone else to find out what the 'retail' price was of some of the items offered at Direct Buy. Then we would may find out that the membership was not worth the $5000 membership fee. When I told them that I did not appreciate feeling threatened into buying a membership that I didn't know would benefit me, they offered to find ways to finance the membership for me. How kind of them, from what I have seen on the internet, there is a 17% interest rate if you finance your membership. No thanks, I am not poor, I am just not about to blow $5000!I find Direct Buy's method of conducting business condescending and unethical. Because of their marketing strategies, I would imagine that they attract many potential members who would greatly benefit from saving money. Unfortunately, these poor people are not given the chance to talk it over or comparison shop to see if this is really worth their $5000 investment.I hope that my mother and I were not the only people in the seminar tonight that did not succumb to the pressure to buy a membership tonight and that others followed us out the door. I did save $5000 today-I did not buy a Direct Buy membership!Lory Tinley Park, IllinoisU.S.A.Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Direct Business Services
Entity: Tinley Park, Illinois
62, Report #265754
Aug 07 2007
08:06 AM
Direct Buy Save your money and your credit ripoff Sanford Florida
This company preys on the working class with promises of savings. The high pressured sales tactics combonied with the threat that you will never be able to join unless you do it that day. You barely get a chance to read the contract let alone look into the company.Another huge warning should be the promise of the in house credit department that will not run involve your credit what so ever. They ask for a large up front deposit with monthly payments for the next 3 years.The first club we were assigned too never answered our requests for price requests for items we wanted to purchase for our first home. After 3 months we requested a transfer and from their it only got worse. The prices were higher then anything we could afford.After that we started trying to cancel our membership. Their finance company Beta Finance Company has placed the membership fee's on our credit reports. They also call at least 3 times a week at all hours of the day.Do a little research, you can find everything you need on the internet cheaper. Save yourself a lot of headache and heartache avoid this company and warn anyone that may join this company.Chad orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sanford, Florida
63, Report #272558
Sep 05 2007
12:54 PM
DIRECT BUY misleading and rude Ft Lauderdale Florida
We started the direct buy when we decided to redo the bathroom. It sounded like a great idea, but after paying the deposit and the additional 200.00 per month fee it gave us a limited option on how much i could spend on the items i needed. the people there are not helpful at all down right rude.I think we should all get together and start a class action maybe then we can get back even some of the money lost. I am so afraid to stop paying the finance co because i have a perfect credit rating and don't need it on my record. I truly think if a lot of the people get together (even if we can get back 1000-1500 of this money would be good enough)at least we could tryJean ft lauderdale, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft Lauderdale, Florida
64, Report #339769
Jun 12 2008
04:37 PM
Direct Buy High pressure sales gimmic, No real discount, High cost membership Chantilly Virginia
I went to see a tour of the show room It was really just a place like a time share scheme to occupy your time wear you down with a sales pitch, and promise a bunch of discounts they can't deliver on as claimed. Besides how much savings are you planning on doing to capture your 5k membership back?? plus interest???? To cancel your membership if you fall for this scam send a certified letter promptly explaining your decision and why AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Don't even go to the showroom out of curiosity....they have you cornered and have the tag team sales pitch down and the fake customers acting like they are addicted to the next deal that will impress the jones' next door. Save your time , money and sanity!!!B Front Royal, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Chantilly, Virginia
65, Report #1087048
Sep 24 2013
04:20 PM
Direct Buy Auto Warranty is a Total Fraud Iselin New Jersey
Please stay away from “Direct Buy Auto Warranty”.I have been trying to get my BMW repaired for 10 days but still not authorized for the repair. The repair estimate was approx. $1450.00 and “Direct Buy Auto Warranty” authorized for only ~$263.00. After spending a week on the phone with them; they authorized ~$873.00. And, today; they have backed out of their authorization.I did record some of my phone conversation with “Direct Buy Auto Warranty” and found that they LIE when selling warranty to a new customer.
Entity: Iselin, New Jersey
66, Report #1112628
Jan 03 2014
11:49 AM
direct buy warranty Complete Ripoff, lied to, scammed! iselin new jersey
I purchased an Extended Warranty for my 2008 CLS 550 through direct buy warranty.  The Warranty company list everything that will be covered yet abuses the inclusion of Wear and Tear in the contract.  Everytime I took my car in for any expensive job, they would reject the claim stating it stopped for wear and Tear... my parking sensors, my alternator, my cam shaft, and my bushings.  The only thing they approved were the minor jobs, less then $300... yet, they only paid half of what i was being charged at Mercedes Dealership.  Mercedes said job was 3.5 hours x $120hr, Direct buy only paid for 2 hrs x $80.  The part mercedes installed would be $260, direct buy only covered $120 ( the wholesale price of the reconditioned part) ???  It's a Mercedes CLS 550, Im not going to replaced with junky reconditioned parts.  In last 3 months, 5 claims... all items listed as covered under the warranty and all rejected with wear and tear...  Basically the company is a SCAM!!!  Its my fault, lesson learned, you get what you pay ( $1800 for their top of line warranty) for and I got ripped off pretty bad!!!  Hopefully more people research better then I did and avoid being scammed! 
Entity: Iselin, New Jersey
67, Report #849228
Jul 28 2012
10:36 AM
direct buy hidden upcharges here and you could wait forever anaheim hills, California
Allright, I got SUCKERED in to buying into this club before my husband and I got married. I was 23 years old. I bought in knowing we would be fixing up the house he had just bought. The first thing I didn't like was the high pressure tactics used to sell us on this membership. If something is a good thing, you don't need to sell on the spot and can allow comparison shopping. I got caught up int he pitch because we only had to pay $3500 instead of 5 grand and I just knew we would be doing a ton to the house over the course of the next 10 years. The paperwork they have you sign indicates with couples that if there is a dissolution of marriage, the one who signs on a particular line will control the membership-the salesman told us my husband should sign there, not me-though I was the one paying for the membership and he knew we were only engaged at the time. I felt really peeved and I'm not even a feminist. Irregardless I paid my down payment that night and started my financing. I DID NOT like that within the first month they sold my payments to another agency, but I DID like that the interest was only 2% non adjustable. I can deal with that. I still feel their immediate switch was underhanded though. I joined my club in 2009 right when the market was coming to a complete stand still. My location's hours changed dramatically so I was always confused as to when they would be open. I was told I could order Christmas gifts during their extended holiday hours, but nobody ever mentioned that I would be waiting up to 6 weeks on average for merchandise until after I became a member. In November, ordering Christmas gifts was a total gamble. That sucked. When I did order merchandise they charged Shipping and Handling that seemed very high and was non negotiable... here is the kicker though, it varies in percentage per merchant and in many cases, you still pick up the item from your direct buy's warehouse offsite. I think my biggest issue other than the high shipping and handling which almost or does obliterate your savings is that my Direct buy doesn't inform me if something is on back order, I just get to wait out the entire period of time the item can be expected to arrive and then in a few more days I call their office, maybe get through to someone and after a call back the next day I find out the item has been back ordered. I rarely get an ETA on back orders, in fact I ordered my husband's shoes from them 3 months in advance for our wedding as well as his groom's men's shoes and also the ring bearer's shoes and found out a month later they were back ordered. We weren't given an ETA or told if they were discontinued, we waited another month and a week until we had to cancel and buy shoes somewhere else. I don't think I've ever gotten an item that was back ordered. I have to cancel my orders instead. At least their refund process is quick. Its just sad when I find better prices elsewhere too. I ordered my washer and dryer duo from an online retailer, had no tax or shipping fees and got an insane deal nobody else could beat & received them in 2 weeks from NY! Direct buy DOES have amazing savings on flooring and tile though, through local vendors. I buy all my tile, slate flooring, carpet, wood flooring and so on from them without price shopping anymore because I've researched things and nobody can beat those prices at retail places. I also have purchased some lamps and a few pieces of high end furniture that I feel were affordable for their high quality (solid wood construction, fantastic finish/hardware). But again, the extra shipping and handling is a pain and the usual long wait is so tedious. If you don't intend to spend a ton on big projects right away and you don't want to do a lot of extra footwork, look through endless catalogs without any idea what each one has inside, don't like waiting indefinitely and want good follow through, then don't join. You can get appliances, cabinetry, electronics, windows and some other things cheaper elsewhere and get them sooner.
Entity: anaheim hills, California
68, Report #1146409
May 13 2014
04:56 PM
direct buy auto warranty dbw no help liers ripoff south iselin Internet
they are liers and did nothing to help me i bought the warranty and when i went to us it the denied me because of where and teir my car only has 70.000 miles but they won't do nothing for me and when i cancelled they kept most of my money do not use this rip off warranty
Entity: Internet
69, Report #982115
Dec 15 2012
07:03 AM
Direct Buy Save your $5000 membership fee; this is scamming pure and simple Internet
I won't go into all the details her; you've probably read how this Savings Club operates.  You get an invitation to an open house where a high pressure sales pitch is put on, showing you how much you can save off the MSRP of different items. This is where they show how you can save thousands of dollars by becoming a member  and then the rep takes you one-on-one to show you how you can save ENORMOUS amounts of money by shelling out over $5,000 to become a member.  This is a take it or leave it proposition; you have to make a decision time to think it over.  This should have been a warning flag - nobody reputable requires that you make an on the spot decision to fork over that kind of money.  They point out the savings that you will get from purchasing items below MRSP.  Of course, NO ONE pays MSRP; that's like paying the sticker price on a car.  On the times that I have  been looking to purchase several items, I check the price that internet merchants charge for the IDENTICAL merchandise.  They beat Direct Buy almost every time.  Oh, and that savings?  Maybe $6?  But that $6 and more gets chewed up in the shipping, handling, taxes and other fees that Direct Buy puts on every item you buy.  If you are only looking at the really high end products (like gas grills that cost over $1,000) and you are looking at buying a LOT of merchandise, they may be able to save you a dime or two.  Maybe. Of course, the high end stuff already has a tremendous profit margin built into their price.  You are DEFINITELY NOT GOING TO RECOUP THE MONEY YOU PAID UP FRONT FOR THIS SCAM.  Believe me, I have searched for electronics items, among other items, that I can get on the shipping, no tax, no waiting 4-6 weeks.  EVERY TIME, I would have paid more to but the item through Direct Buy, if they even have the item. It's no wonder that a Direct Buy franchise sounds like such a good idea.  There's not even a price match guarantee, if you should find the item for less; your investment in a Direct Buy dues are worthless.  LESS THAN WORTHLESS.  BE FOREWARNED  by someone who made the mistake!!   
Entity: , Internet
70, Report #1181520
Oct 07 2014
03:57 PM
direct buy auto warranty ripoff butler Tennessee
I purchased this warranty on a 2008 ram 2500 truck approximately 2 years ago. Last October (2013) I had to replace the clutch they contacted my mechanic after he had looked at truck as there request after discussing the problem with him they informed me that this was a normal wear problem. I was unhappy but went ahead and paid for the repairs. About 3 weeks ago I took my ruck to my local dodge dealer where I purchased it to have the front end aligned they informed me I needed ball joints and axle joints.(truck is 4wd and only has 69000 miles on it) Anyway the service manager called direct buy about the repairs they said they would send an adjuster out that week I forget on what day of week but they said I would have to bring truck in that morning and leave it all day because he said he couldn't give me a time but adjuster would call dealership if truck wasn't there when he called them he wouldn't come. I called direct buy and told them I couldn't do without truck that day so we made an appointment for the following Monday. I am self employed so I planned my schedule to suit and on Monday morning. I called dealership at 8:00 when they opened to let them know I was on my way they told me was suppose to come on Tuesday I called direct buy they told me Monday. I told them the dealership told me Tue they put me on hold came back with some excuse about the adjuster and it would be Tue. Well I loose another day knowing what I was going to hear sure enough normal wear no pay. Unless you buy a vehicle park it in a garage with climate control you are going to have normal wear that's why I bought there worthless warranty. If I had put the money in the bank that I paid them I could have paid for all repairs and still had money in the bank. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF CROOKS
Entity: butler, Tennessee
71, Report #1189940
Nov 19 2014
06:55 AM
Direct Buy Richmond Bait and Switch Misleading Richmond, VA Nationwide
Mailed a solicitation letter to me stating that I would receive both a tablet computer and a $100 restaurant gift card simp[ly by calling in. Do so and was then informed that I had to come in for a 90 minute presentation o get the gift. There ws some disclaimer informtion about this hidden in small type on the back of the letter. They obviously do not want  one to know or understand this before calling in.I consider this type of solicitation a bait and switch. If they try to decieve me into calling in, what else will they try  to decieve me into. I would not like to do business with  company that markets themselves in this manner. 
Entity: Nationwide
72, Report #1156992
Jun 23 2014
11:37 PM
Direct Buy Auto Warranty Deception and False Advertisement Iselin New Jersey
I have some recorded conversations with Direct Buy representativeas evidence they are engaged in deception and false advertisement.After submitting an online request to purchase an extended auto warranty for my son's car, I received a phone call from Direct Buy Auto Warranty and decided to purchase the coverage which had an initial 30-day waiting period in June 2013 and agreed to pay in full in 3 payment. In February 2014, we tried to file a claim but Direct Warranty told us that I needed to make the final payment before they could authorize a repair. The represeentative told us very clearly that the claim will be processed once the payment is made (I have a recorded conversation). We made the payment but the claim was denied. We were told that there is another 30-day waiting period since we did not make the 3rd payment on time.I asked for a written policy but the representative hung up the phone. We have another recorded conversation with Direct Buy representative repeatedly said that there will not be another waiting period as long I make the payment before the policy is cancelled. We contacted again Direct Buy and asked for a supervisor (Eddie); I told Eddie that I have a recorded conversation with another representative, who has repeatedly said that there won't be any additional waiting period. I offered him to listen to our recorded conversation but Eddie hung up the phone.I am trying to post these conversations online but the MP4 files are big and not able to post. Please suggest how to post these recordings.
Entity: Iselin, New Jersey
73, Report #1005002
Jan 29 2013
06:44 AM
Direct Buy Directbuy Stay Away from DirectBuy - poor service/poor quality Peoria, Arizona
DirectBuy does NOT support their customers. If you have a complaint on a product that they sell, you cannot return the item and they will not work with you to get the issue resolved. I did not receive the item I ordered and I have been trying to get the right item for four years. The manufacturer tells me I have to go to the dealer to have it resolved, and the dealer (DirectBuy of NW Phoenix) tells me they can't do anything about it. Don't waste your time or your money with this company.
Entity: Peoria, Arizona
74, Report #1044564
Apr 19 2013
09:11 AM
Direct buy Membership fee with no discounts houston, Texas
Same complaint as the other consumer, virgina, on membership fee of $5000.  There was no savings.  In addition to the start up $5000 in membership fee which is good for 5 years, thereafter, there is an annual membership fee.
Entity: houston, Texas
75, Report #1059836
Jun 17 2013
05:00 PM
Direct Buy Bait and switch lured with promises Rochester New York
The evening was filled with high pressure sales and promise of plane tickets for two to anywhere in the US, including Hawaii. We were told that if we did not sign up that evening we could not ever sign with them. There were advertisements posted on the wall from other retail stores for smaller popular ticket items that they claimed to be able to offer lower prices for. They quoted average household spending and said we would make up our membership fee in savings in as little as 2 years. Our daughter was getting married. The plane tickets were worthless with multiple contingencies that made it impossible for anyone with a job to redeem. We bought a Kitchen aide mixer and saw one at Sears a few months late at the same price. We looked at the site many times but found mostly high ticket items. We were SCAMMED and just want out of the contract without destroying our credit!! BEWARE!!! 
Entity: Rochester, New York

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