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1, Report #535944
Dec 08 2009
02:16 PM
DIRECTV Directv bullies their customer Internet, Internet
My contract with Directv was expired and I cancelled the service. Directv sent a prepaid mailer box for me to box up two receivers for return, warning me that if I failed to return them within allotted time period, I would be charged full price for them. On October 14, I shipped the receivers back via FedEX. I then spoke to Directv. I received a final bill from Directv billing me for $502.90. I called and they told me not to worry because it usually takes a couple of week for them to process the merchandise that has been received. On November 19, Directv charged my credit card on file for $502.90. I called to ask why they charged me and they said I failed to return their receivers. I told them I used the packing boxes they sent, used the Fed Ex mailing label they sent me, handed the packages to the Fed Ex man, what else was I supposed to do? I told them they should put a tracer on the packages. They then said that their records indicated they did receive the receivers on November 12. I asked them why they still charged me on Nov 19th. No explanation, but they apologized and ordered a refund for me to be applied to me credit card within 48 hours. After two days and no refund I called again as was told that their records still showed they did not have the receivers. I argued the point with them as before and they then agreed to issue me a refund, but it would be by check and it would take 6-8 weeks. I then talked with supervisor Marsha (badge # LC 724) said she thought I was honest and she was going to order a refund for me, which should come to my card in 48 hours. (There goes the 48 hours again). Seven days later, I called again and nobody knew who Marsha was or how to get hold of her. I talked with supervisor Debbie (badge number 1001-185-25). Debbie told me she could see that my refund had been ordered on November 25th and she didn't know why it hadn't showed up on my card, because it only take 48 hours. She asked me to give it a few more days and see she took my phone number and promised to call me back and follow up on this. By December 8th, Debbie had not called, called again. This time the consumer rep told me that refunds cannot be sent back any quicker than 6-8 weeks no matter if it is a check or credit back to my card. She said they were only consumer rep center and could not change corporate rulings, but she would give me the fax number or mailing address to corporate headquarters. I asked for a phone number and she said they do not have a phone number to corporate headquarters, I would have to make my complaint through fax or snail mail.    What a rip-off. They can falsely debit my credit card in 1 hour, but they can't refund MY MONEY in less than 6-8 weeks. I faxed corporate headquarters and asked for an immediate reply so I would not be left in the dark concerning their intentions. I have heard nothing! I have had Directv off and on (because of moving around for my job) since the late 90's. I can tell you that after this nightmare, I will positively NEVER do business with this company again under any circumstances. 
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #590819
Apr 08 2010
06:46 AM
DIRECTV DirecTV 10 Year Overcharge to Us! Internet
Just realized that DirecTV charges $6 per month for equipment rental; I've been paying $10 since 2000.  I called DirecTV and they explained that I was a Primestar customer and my fee with Primestar was $10.  Even though I have had several technicians visit my home and swap out my equipment and re-run a cable that had gone bad not once did they make me aware I could cancel the Primestar agreement and enter the DirecTV agreement to save me $4.  Obviously, when I called with a problem they looked to see if I had the equipment agreement rental so why wouldn't they make me aware of the difference?  I actually would have thought when they switched from Primestar to DirecTV they would have sent information giving me the option to minimize this charge?  They wouldn't even give me a dime worth of credit or offer any type of make up since it was my obligation to switch it over - how could I if I never knew!!  Very poor customer service; I truly feel like I have been taken advantage of for 10 years and they have stolen $480 from me!!  I have an appointment to switch to dish!
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3, Report #835640
Feb 07 2012
07:45 PM
directv directv phoenix, Arizona
i have contrac service directv start 2007 end 2009 , later of 2 years contrac i not have more contrate, ando continuo service monthy and mothy , one time i recieve one dvr free , so i not have information i recive a have 2 more years contrac sing. , i cancel service and directv take my money de mi account bank free, is ilegal take money bakn , never have my permision, same history in 2 time
Entity: phoenix, Arizona
4, Report #847141
Mar 01 2012
01:10 PM
Directv directv Internet
I signed up for a 2 year contract with directv in January of 2011. The agreement was that the 2nd year my monthly price would got up by $20 per month. They did not make any mistakes in the first year of billing. Starting in January of 2012 my bill is $50 more per month. When I called, they said that I have $50 in credits that expired, not  $20 which is what I was told. So now I have to pay $30 more per month than what I was told I would pay. I have had similar experiences with At&t. The problem is that the reps get bonuses and / or commissions. I am sure most of those reps do not lie, but a handful will lie to make more money. If they get caught, what's the worst that can happen? They get fired? But why would directv fire someone who is generating income for them, so the managers just look the other way or may be give them a warning. The system is wrong, and they know it, but they have no incentive to fix it. Every once in a while they will settle with a customer, but in the long run they make more money by allowing the misrepresentations to happen.
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5, Report #259154
Jul 06 2007
03:13 PM
DirecTV DirecTV Contract Extension Ripoff Glendale California
I had considerable problems with my DVR's recording capabilities. I received a second one that soon had the same problems. Finally, the third one worked but they added almost a year to my contract. I asked them where in my contract did I give them authorization to do so. They said that by signing the repair order I was approving a contract extension. The repair order says nothing of the kind. What a ripoff. What's the recourse? Duane Carnation, WA Duane Carnation, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Glendale, California
6, Report #1173095
Aug 29 2014
05:27 AM
7, Report #1076793
Aug 18 2013
06:24 AM
DirecTV DirecTV is a Ripoff Internet
For many years, we would lose our satellite service during the spring, summer and fall months, but would pay our $131 per month to them.  We finally cancelled and turned in our key cards.  They supposedly found a porn movie rental on the card from 6 years ago and billed us for it.  We never ordered such a thing and I told them I wanted the bill removed.  They refused.  They then turned around and billed my credit card account without notification or permission.  Lousy service and even worse customer service.  They should have billed us 6 years ago so I could have dealt with it then.  After all the money I paid them without service, they should have taken this small amount off the account.  Don't use them -- awful service, awful customer service.
Entity: Internet, Internet
8, Report #1217678
Mar 23 2015
08:03 PM
Directv Directv Deceptive Billing Practices Nationwide
The inage of the recent statements will tell the story. In short, when I signed up for DTV, I was on the promo rate for the first year, then was told I would go up to the current rate during the second year. So, to me, that's 1 price increases. Now, with that said, I realize that the contract doea say thatwe are sunject to unforseen price increases due to programming increases. History has shown that these increases are just a few dollars per year per customer. I am not here to debate the contract. As I said in the beginning, the list of price inceases just in the second year alone is shown on this report. When calling DTV month after month, I am given completely different answers. Some say this is due to promo's ending, what promos? I had 1 promo...a discounted the first year! Others said it was due to ptogramming increases. Every month? The last bill a sports package was added without my knowledge. I was told that was because since a promo had just emded that aotomatically becomes part of my package. Rediculous. No matter how you look at it, this is clearly deceptave billing practice!  
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1358327
Feb 25 2017
11:50 AM
DirecTv ATT ATT/DirecTv are liars... Internet
 I called DirecTv after receiving a flyer saying they now have high speed internet in my area and they offered some bundle pricing that looked much better than the rice I was paying for cables bundle so I gave them a call. They said Yes we do have high speed internet in your area, I fact it is a fiber optic line now which will be faster than anything I would have now. They said if I bundled it with the DirecTv part I could get a great price and package, but they said they didn't have the phone part that I really needed so I had to keep the phone line I already had. I agreed and we scheduled service. First DirecTv's guy came out and installed everything he could and as soon as he was about done ATT came out and as soon as he got out of his truck he said he was installing a 768kbm internet line in and it wouldn't even work the on demand part of the DirecTv nor would it be fast enough to work my phone! I have to have my phone for our Life Alert system and now they are telling me I wont be able to use it. I told him to cancel my order which he did and left. I called DirecTv and told them I was very unhappy with what they did and to cancel my service, which they did. It stayed on till the middle of typing he night a d then went out, so I didn't even have service for a day. I went on line to make sure they were going to send me the boxes to return the equipment and noticed they had said they were going to be charging me the next months service bill. I called and said Listen I don't have your service so don't be charging me for it. They said they were still going to charge me and once they get the boxes back they would send it back to me in the form of a Visa gift card in 30+ days. This wasn't an early cancellation fee. This wasn't a deposit fee. It was a service fee for NXT mo the service which I do not have! They refuse to give me my money and even apologize for lying to me. What a bunch of crooks!
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1385913
Jul 16 2017
09:54 AM
Directv Directv ripping me off Nationwide
 I've been a customer a year, we recently moved. I called to schedule services at our new location, could never get threw to customer service by phone. Once I finally did, they told me the closest appt was available 20 days after we've moved. I sat for 3 weeks with no service. I called again, complaining. They did find a new install date, only 3 days earlier than the first. So they came out put up a temporary dish mind you, tell me they'll be back in 2 weeks to replace with a permanent dish. Why?? I call directv and they tell me my services have been interrupted and their charging me for the weeks I didn't have service. Then they add in their $199 fee for install, pfft! My bill went from $52,my normal to $528 with install, fees and services from the fate I moved until they installed. Now I have to pay $299 just get my services back on. No credit for their mistakes, no nothing. I want to cancel but wait! I gotta pay $400 for then do that, Lmao, so what? Pay their so called $299 instead of the $400 to cancel. No! I'm canceling and I'm not paying their ridiculously over priced canceling fees!! They can kiss my a*s.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1424124
Jan 20 2018
10:02 AM
DirecTV DirecTV Lied and Lied Some More Nationwide
I've been a good customer of DirecTV since 2004.  My lifestyle has changed, complete with a move, and I no longer watch TV so called to cancel my service before moving.  I was told on 1/2/18, the day I cancelled, that a kit would be sent to my physical location and I would have to return the receiver.  I've returned broken receivers over the years, so didn't give it a second thought.  A week passed and no box arrived so I called them again.  This time I got a broken English speaking person who told me to take the box to UPS, but no instructions on how to do so.  This was the first I heard about taking the box someplace and I looked for a store nearby and the closest was 50 miles.  Note: There was an email stating to take the receiver to a UPS store I found today, but it was hid under the AT&T name.  I was looking for DirecTV emails.    I called back that same day and was told if I lived more than ten miles from the UPS store, a box would be sent to my house.  The service rep also told me the first box was sent to my old address.  I just recently got a new assigned physical address.  I told her I gave the new address to the rep on the day I cancelled.  She said they didn't update my account.  At this point I am still buying their lies and wait another week.  You guessed it - no box.  By now I'm seventeen days into a 21 day deadline for getting the receiver back to them.  Their initial instructions when confirming my account was closed said a box was coming.  This email came from DirecTV.  The next came in from AT&T two days later that I missed as I don't have that crappy phone company and wasn't looking for anything from them.  It instructed me to take the receiver to a UPS store and get it back to them in 21 days or I would get a $135 penality.  In the meantime, everyone on the phones at DirecTV was telling me to wait for a box.  Two other emails arrived; one with my bill and another confirming a change was made to my account.  Those both came from DirecTV.  This is a dirty, slight of hand AT&T is using to confuse customers. I drove the 50 miles and got the receiver to UPS on 1/19/18.  I will close my bank account on Monday because any company who tells a customer two different sets of instruction isn't to be trusted.  I feel like I've been through a war dealing with the lies told me.  All the first person had to tell me was I had to take it to a UPS store with my account number, but nobody did.  Also, the last phone call to them resulted in the rep trying to resign me in a backhanded way by telling me my first month of service was free and she was paying my bill.  When I figured out what they were doing, I told her NO, I wanted nothing more to do with them.  I hate this company and wish the government would protect us from the likes of them better.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #574508
Feb 24 2010
05:44 PM
DIRECTV - DIRECTV Directv , direcway , bluegrass unauthorized charge of my credit card Internet
I have been a directv customer for 7+ years , I have had problems with their movers connection in the past so I decided to not keep their services when I moved again.I called directv last week to cancell my service , and told their (non) customer service rep to send me an itemized final bill so I could pay it and be done.She said ok , then on 2-22-10 directv charged my credit card without my permission forcing my account to be over drawn , which will have additional charges by my bank for.I called directv to find out why and instructed them to put my money back and give me a bill , they stated when I entered the agreement I was authorizing them to store and method of payment on their end and letting them use it at will.When I signed a contract I didnt have a debit card , inface I paid my start up cost with a western union charge , infact I got this debit card after I had the movers connection , so I don't know how they get away with this sleazy process , nor stay in business, it violates the fair billing act guidelines.
Entity: Internet, Internet
13, Report #555508
Jan 16 2010
11:55 AM
When I signed up for DirecTV over the phone I told the sales lady that I wanted 2 HD/DVR's for free since I could get the same thing from Dish Network. She spoke to someone and then came back and said they could do that. I placed my order and paid for one additional DVR. Three times during my conversation I was told that if there were any problems with my order that I would be able to call back and they could play back the conversation because they were all recorded. I should have been suspicous by her even mentioning this. The technician showed up to install my dish and receivers and he only had one HD/DVR, one HD box, one DVR and two additional boxes which I also ordered. He got his supervisor on the phone and they told me that it was not possible to honor that order and that I was never promised that. I sent the technician away and called DirecTV back and requested that my conversation be replayed. I was told that could not be done without a subpoena. I have already cancelled my cable. I am now going to be without everything until I find a replacement or get cable turned back on. I want this fixed.
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #535674
Dec 08 2009
07:55 AM
DIRECTV - DIRECTV Charged high fee different than amount stated for disconnect. Atlanta, Georgia
I called DirecTV to cancel my service due to a terminal illness. I was told by a representative after she had spoken with her supervisor, who stated that I would have to pay a disconnect fee in the amount of $200. The payment would be billed in two or three weeks. I looked at my Bank account and was startled today that I was billed $366. When I called to get an explaination I was not given a satisfactory response nor a corrective route. I WILL NEVER recommend DirecTV to anyone!
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
15, Report #424609
Feb 16 2009
09:45 AM
DirecTV, DirecTV unappropriately changed my contract end date Greenwood Colorado
I have been a DirecTV customer since December 2005. In December 2008, I received a REPLACEMENT receiver for one that had quit working. On the day that I received this replacement, DirecTV renewed my contract for 2 more years. I have read their Customer Agreement, the terms and conditions for their protection plan (to which I subscribe), and their Equipment Lease Addendum. It clearly states that receiving an ADDITIONAL receiver will automatically renew the agreement for 2 years. However, it says nothing about a REPLACEMENT receiver. To me, an additional receiver would mean that I added another receiver to my account and would be billed for such. My billing did not change. I still have only 4 receivers. Therefore, the termination date for my customer agreement should NOT have been renewed. I am waiting for DirecTV's reply. If they do not undo the automatic renewal, I will seek legal action against them. Tk Haslet, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Greenwood, Colorado
16, Report #355356
Jul 24 2008
06:12 PM
Directv Rip-off Directv Greenwood Village Colorado
In March I ordered Directv through AT&T in a Bundle. The agreed price was $29.99 and starting with the first bill, the company charged above $50.00, not once but several times. I sent them a letter, stating that this is not what was agreed in the order and they promissed a monthly charge of $25.50. Never happened, in June I received another bill of >$50 and called customer services. After several breaks they said I had ordered a premium package. I am sure about what I ordered and sopke with AT&T. They said, they have terminated the cooperation with Directv after multiple complains from customers that Directv is permanently overbilling customers. I called the customer service and advised them that they have broken the contract and that I demand that the service is removed. They sending me now every 2nd day a Bill marked red as overdue for $359 early termination. I have sent them now a letter and requested to remove the charge or I will take them to court for breach of contract. Beware of these scammers! Joachim Boynton Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Greenwood Village, Colorado
17, Report #361216
Aug 09 2008
09:44 PM
DirecTV DirecTV = big time scammers Phoenix Arizona
We signed up for DirecTV in June of 2008. Apparently, my credit score wasnt enough for them so they required a $300 deposit on the account with the agreement that there would be a $5/month credit on the account while the account was in good standing. There was also a small deposit required for equipment. We moved after one year to a house that could not get a signal. I informed them of the move and my decision to voluntarily cancel the service. They tried everything they could to get me to suspend the account for 6 months but our new house is a one year lease with a rent to own option. I then asked about the deposit and according to my math, I was owed $240 after the 12 months of $5 credits. The lady I talked to couldnt give me an answer so I was told I would hear something in 24 hours. Over 4 days later, I get a letter in the mail saying that I didnt fulfill the specified amount of time on the contract. Only by calling their customer service did I find out that it was a 2-year commitment and that was the first I had heard of it. The stupid rep even said that this was spelled out in the paperwork with the first bill. Can you say bait and switch? On top of that, the lady said it is their policy not to refund deposits. I told her that went against the definition of a deposit and she had no answer for me. A few weeks later and I get a bill showing I was past due and owed the $150 early cancellation fee, so I wrote on the bill please apply the balance of my deposit towards the outstanding balance. I then get a voicemail from a guy there saying it wasnt a deposit but a fee to set up the service. How arrogant do you have to be to charge a fee for service when there are dozens of other cable or satelite providers? I then called their customer service again that night, only to run around in circles and get nowhere with another clueless rep who in turn transferred me to a Spanish-only speaking rep. To finish it off, I got a letter from their collections department now saying that I had a balance of over $600 without any detail of the charges. Too bad for them, but I am not going to pay them a dime and will be filing reports with the attorney general and the Better Business Bureau. STAY AWAY FROM THEM AT ALL COSTS and let other people know about their shady practices by posting info on as many forums as you can. The only way to make ourselves heard is to get the word out there and let people know what's going on. Tedinmadtown madison, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
18, Report #439729
Apr 01 2009
02:28 AM
DIRECTV Satellite Television DIRECTV Will swindle you out of your money Nationwide
Well long story kind of short(er)...I moved to a location where I was not able to get satellite tv. This was the beginning of 6 weeks of agony with DIRECTV. The first person I talked to says I can get out of my contract seeing as I can not connect the dish to the building I moved to. She tells me she will send me a FEDEX box to return my equipment and that's all. Sounds simple right? Well, I want to disconnect my service and this is where my nightmare begins. I get transferred to someone who can disconnect my service. That person tells me I can not cancel my service until I pay my balance on the account (never heard of that before). He also tells me I will be charged for canceling. I call the next day to tell my story to person #3 he says not to send the equipment back until a tech comes out to verify a no line of sight. What's one more box when I move! The guy comes out to verify and says to me yeah, no line of sight. He leaves and that's that. So, I wait to here from DIRECTV .....nothing. I log on to look at my bank account and see that DIRECT has gone in and taken a VERY large sum of money out, unauthorized. So I call and person #4 tells me that person #3 never sent out a new box to me (remember he told me not to send). I tell my story again. Person #4 tells me TO use the box and send equipment. She says that she will get my credit to me as it was their error totally. In the meantime my bank charged me a total of three OD fees due to the large withdraw. I then get transferred to person #5 to get info on getting my overdraft fees credited. They give me a corporate fax to send my request. I send the request and log on to my bank again to see that they gave me the credit then immediately took it back. So, here is person #6 I have to tell my story to, he says it was a customer service error. So in goes the request AGAIN!! Days later I get the large sum finally credited to me yet they deducted some discount I was getting, whatever. Still waiting for my O.D. fees credit from corporate. Person #7 says to give it a few more days. Days later person # 8 tells me that I will need to get transferred to another department to get my answer. So here I am talking to person #9,that tells me person #5 gave gave me an incorrect number. I ask for a manager at this point. So now I am talking to the 10th person, after being on the phone for about an hour and on hold for several minutes, the manager gets back on line and says sorry ! I end up paying for them wrongfully taking my money out of my bank account. I was a customer of theirs for 6 plus years and will NEVER go back. Beware!! They will cheat you.... Faires1 Fremont, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #762177
Aug 07 2011
03:05 PM
DirecTV DirecTV Equipment Return Scam El Segundo, California
After closing and canceling our DirecTV service in July, we were sent a box by FedEx Ground which contained a prepaid USPS return label.  Our DirecTV equipment was carefully packed and dropped off in July at our local post office and returned using DirecTV's USPS return label.  On August 6, 2011, our account was charged $401.74 by DirecTV.  Upon calling DirecTV, they claimed that our equipment was never returned and they refused to refund our account or try to locate the returned equipment.  Since the USPS return label was created on DirecTV's account, we are unable to file a claim with USPS.  DirecTV refused to file a claim with USPS.  After researching online, we found that this is very common with customers who close their accounts with DirecTV.  There are numerous complaints to be found online about this scam by searching for the phrase DirecTV Equipment Return Scam.  Since the burden of proof is upon the customer to prove that the equipment was returned, customers are essentially helpless against these charges.  DirecTV's business practices are unethical and should be considered mail fraud since the United States Postal Service is used to scam customers.  We will not stop until this is resolved.
Entity: El Segundo, California
20, Report #727688
May 10 2011
12:23 PM
DIRECTV unapologetic Directv refuses to give retroactive credit Internet
A few months after I cancelled my service, Directv contacted me and told me that as an incentive to come back, I could have the 42.99/mo + credit me my cancellation fee.I was credited the $200, but, I was charged $73/mo for 3 months, which ran the credits out in 3 months. I called the company 2 times (one hour on phone each time) and the rep said they didn't know why I wasnt credited every month. The bottom line, the credits apply only when the department in charge processes them, and they are in effect the day they are processed. NOT retroactively!! So, if I make a request, and it takes them 5 weeks, then, I am paying full price for that time, until they process my credits/adjustments. Wow, what a rip-off. The rep who signed me back up did not tell me that I had to do anything. And when I did call, it didn't get done the first time--even though it should have been done, and the second time I called, it got done, but 5 weeks later!! Finally, I am paying the $43 a month, but not until paying full price for 5 months!! Jerks!! The refused to credit me anything, even though they noted that I did call. Don't sign any contracts if you can help it. They make money off of you, even if you are not satisfied!
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #714149
Apr 05 2011
01:24 PM
Directv Directv - Bait, Switch, & Insult , Internet
I have been a DirecTV customer for close to 20 years, but will not remain one for longer than I must. I am extremely angry with the company, the practices, and their customer insult people. They advertise that with an HD DVR and high-speed internet connection, the customer will have access to many movies and shows at NO ADDITONAL CHARGE. Their web site indicates this in no uncertain terms. So, I purchased the DVR and wireless adapter only to learn that it is NOT at no additional charge. I have learned that these movies and shows are, in fact, pay channels' on-demand services. (HBO on-demand, Starz on demand, etc.), and that unless I subscribe to those pay channels I cannot access the movies and shows. This IS an extra charge. I contacted their customer insult people and was told that it is common sense that these movies and shows are actually pay channels on-demand. I wonder how I've made it through my 54 years of life with no common sense?? Time-Warner, here I come!! My request to return for refund the hardware that I had purchased to access Cinema was denied. I would not recommend DirecTV to anyone.
Entity: Internet, Internet
22, Report #922145
Aug 03 2012
04:16 PM
DirecTV DirecTV WILL wipe out your bank account. Greenwood Village, Colorado
So I had an account that was past due. (only two months). Due to certain circumstances it was out of my hands at the time, and I had no way to even get a payment out. Well I check my bank account and see that DirecTV wiped my account for 350.00 without authorization. I called them up and they said I authorized it with the paperwork I received when I signed up, and was put into contract. The thing is, -I- never signed up with DirecTV. The name on the account was switched almost 6 years ago, never a single late payment, etc. I never agreed to any terms or conditions that they set up. I was never informed of any of them either, verbal or written. I asked them how they could just go into my bank account and take my money without authorization and they said I agreed to that when -I- signed up. I told them I never agreed to any such thing, and I'd like to see proof of this as I never received ANYTHING except a monthly bill. I was told they do not have to provide proof of that. Since then I filed a charge back with my bank. They said it will take a full 10 days to investigate it. Until then they overdrew my bank account and I'm now getting hit with 35.00 overdraft fees every day. DirecTV is nothing more than a bunch of thieves. Due to this I have absolutely zero money, zero food, and my other bills are now on the verge of being late.
Entity: Greenwood Village, Colorado
23, Report #960221
Oct 25 2012
06:49 PM
DirecTV An Open Letter to DirecTV Internet, Florida
Dear DirecTV, I just want to say that you are unethical. No, not in a directway, but in a worst circuitous way, camouflaging unethical practices, robbing guiltless citizens in the most conning way. Let me begin with your sales associate, Steve, who knocked on my door and solicited your service with lies. Well be in the area tomorrow maam, installing services for five others in your neighborhood, was lie number one. When the tomorrow arrived, Mr. Steve, called to cancel the installation since the technician was not in the area (as he had said) and my appointment was to be rescheduled. So, what happened to the five of my other neighbors? Or was that just a sales lure to lie yourself into an unscrupulous contract?  Perhaps, this is something you include in your employee training and you build business on falsehood from the very beginning?             I need a credit card maam. It wont be charged, Ill just need it to keep on file, was lie number two.             It better not be, Steve, I said, it better not be! I dont want my card to be charged.             It wont be maam.             Steve, I dont want a contract. Im telling you this upfront.             Youre not signing anything today, maam. Im just gonna fill this paper to order service. Was his lie number three. A few days into the service, I receive a bill. Amazed how one could receive a bill so quickly, I reason Id fallen into an unusual billing cycle. Hence, I paid my bill early. A few days early, as a matter of fact. A few days later, upon checking my bank account, I realize that DirecTV, has charged my card, without my authorization, even though my monthly commitment was already paid. When I call to complain about the unauthorized charges and move my service, I miraculously discover that I am in a 24-month contract, which I dont have a recollection signing in the first place. Moreover, you will charge me $235.00 to move my services. At this point DirecTV, I am beyond words. But hold on, it gets even better. What I want to know is who gives you the authority to charge my card without my consent? What contract did I sign? And where is my copy? In fact, I demand a copy. And, if in truth, I did sign a copy, why arent you providing full disclosures upfront? Or perhaps, the email I never received and installation contract, in which the 24-month period was never mentioned, makes me responsible. If your policy is so severe, shouldnt that be an important disclosure? I mean, really! So, no, please dont move my services!  Another penny is too much for a corrupt company such as you! Hence, I call again. This time though, to cancel my services. I demand to speak to a supervisor. Ms. Lucita, who does not bother to listen to anything I have to say, refuses to transfer me to one and decides to take the matter on her hands. After clarifying my unheard reasons, she, with her scheming ways, persists to remind me of my contract. What contract? I inquire, what contract? The one that we emailed to you. She responds. I dont know what youre talking about, Lucita. I never received any emails from you. Better yet, I never even gave you an email address. Well, we sent it to you to the email address on file. Are you hearing me Lucita? I never gave you an email address. Well maam whats your email address? she asks. Why should I give it to you Lucita? You already have it on file, right? So, DirecTV when I refuse to give my email address, Ms. Lucita continues verifying it. So, is your email address dtvkosova@... What? What are you talking about? I never heard of that email address in my life. Are you telling me that you created an email address, without my knowledge, to send me an illicit contract, I never signed? DirecTV, what I want to know is how many such illegal accounts have you created to email contracts people never signed? But to make me happy Ms. Lucita erases my email on file, the email that I havent the clue about, nor do I have access to. WOW! Just WOW! I got to hand it to you DirecTV, youre clever! Very, very clever! Yet, not clever enough. At least, not for me. See, I worked in a call center before and I do know that all the phone calls are recorded. My call was yesterday, October 24, 2012 at 6:40-7:00 p.m. Eastern. Or by any chance, did you erase that phone call too? I wouldnt be surprised. After Lucita informed me that I will be loosing all the rebates that were claimed in the email address I never created, she also informed me that you would charge an Early Cancellation Fee of $440, which would be charged to the credit card on file, which I never authorized in the first place. So, I gave her to go ahead,because that card no longer exists, thanks to my bank, and instead youd have to bill me. How awful is that? At last, as the phone call ended, I proceeded to research online, only to find out that tens of thousands of complaints such as mine, pages upon pages, cases on top of cases, and including lawsuits on state and federal level had been filed for the very same unethical tricks you attempted on me. And, Im telling youyou picked the wrong person. See, Im going to tell you, just as I told Lucita last night, that this isnt a threat, it my promise to you. My voice will be heard, all the way to Attorney Generals Office, local and nationwide Better Business Bureau, States Trade Commission, including countless websites for your bad practice of ethics. See, what you dont understand is that it is not about being deceived into a contract, unauthorized charges, creating unapproved email accounts, or undisclosed $440 cancellation fee. It is about you, not abiding by your own code of ethics, building your business based on lies. It is about the myriad of innocent individuals with similar grievances against you I speak for them. My goal, is one alone, and is to stop you from being unethical. You, DirecTV, need to be boycotted until youre out of business. Period. 
Entity: Internet, Florida
24, Report #282650
Nov 02 2007
08:22 PM
DirecTV New DirecTV subscribers beware. Colorado
DirecTV had the racket. They lure you in a special pricing, but when you are not looking they automatically subscribe you to services you do not want. I had the unfortunate pleasure of experiencing this. DirecTV subscribed me to Sunday Ticket, which is football programming; I am not a sports fan so subscribing to a sports package is not something I would do. Here is where DirecTV ripped me off. I wanted to upgrade my system to HD, but I then realized DirecTV automatically subscribed me to Sunday Ticket. When I tried to cancel Sunday Ticket, DirecTV told me sorry but you have to pay for the whole season. Why would anyone want to pay for something they did not want to pay for in the first place. My recommendation to anyone who is looking at DirecTV is DON'T. They will rip you off at every opportunity. James Rio Rico, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: P.O. Box 6550, Colorado
25, Report #283629
Nov 07 2007
09:13 PM
Directv So many problems with directv since we ordered Nationwide
I did not receive the free gift rebate I sent in. Our bill changes every month, even though our programming stays the same, but we can not cancel due to contract. No help from customer service. Filed complaint with BBB, but they had an excuse for everything. Lied to about getting local channels. Laura Boissevain, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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