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51, Report #596631
Apr 25 2010
08:23 PM
DISH NETWORK Ignorant, abusive, ripoff Internet, California
Left country for a while, put my Dish Network account on hold. My only programming was an international language package. Dish charged me between $5 and $10 a month for almost a year to keep service on hold and supposedly avoid reconnection fees and new contract. Now I am back and trying to reactivate my programming.1st person reactivated the receiver to get basic English channels, then told me a technician would have to come out and I would be charged $100 ! He became very rude and told me that if I wanted to use their service I would have to pay, as though I were trying to get something for nothing or trying to scam the company. If I weren't entitled to receive programming why, then, were they taking $5 from me every month? 2nd person lied to me saying the $34.99 package advertised on their website (I was looking at it as we spoke) was no longer available and tried to sell me $49.99 package (BTW, the 1st person WAS willing to sign me up for the $34.99 package if I paid the bogus $100 fee). She then hung up on me. I called back, when I got the same service person she immediately hung up on me.I would like to second the remarks made by others concerning the rude, unprofessional, and maybe dishonest people working for Dish Network.
Entity: Internet, California
52, Report #656754
Oct 29 2010
11:04 PM
Dish Network Brain ded customer service Richmond, Virginia
Aside from maybe 5% down time from clouds or a tiny coating of snow I had to remove, the dish service was pretty good. Better than FIOS I have now, but that's another very long complaint. At least it doesn't drop signal every week and reboot every night.  I let DISH go after seven months, not really by choice 10 months ago. Our HOA, who told us we could only put the DISH in the back yard on a storage shed, took it down and left it hanging by the cables. We got a letter from the HOA afterward explaining they needed to take it down and wanted us to put it somewhere else. This was five days after the DISH technician had already put it back up where it was, bolted through the roof shingles. They (HOA) also wrote their standard waiver of all liability for whatever they damaged after they damaged it.  Here's where things went really south. DISH charged $99.00 for restoring service and terminated our promo rate on the same bill. I wouldn't and really couldn't at the time, pay the fee plus an almost tripled bill for services. I refused to pay $99 for customer service. I did nothing wrong, why should I pay the price? I continued paying for service but excluded the fee, which caused more fees. This became an obvious dead end after many calls and letters.  Dish's side, it wasn't our fault the DISH was taken down, so pay the $99 fee (and late pay fees that fee caused) or lose service. They would not waive the fee no matter who I talked to, who I wrote, they were set on getting that fee...period. I just said no. So DISH sent a bill for $765 to restore service and a return box we would be billed for later if we returned the equipment. I'm supposed to get up on the storage shed roof and take down their equipment. I switched to FIOS. It was a downgrade. I haven't touched the DISH equipment. They brought it out. If they want it, they know where it is.  All unfortunate. Had they waived the one fee they would have made about $1,000 in subscription service to date and I would have taken it with me and kept it for years if at all possible. But they can't go give in to a customer under any circumstances. They tried to take it out of my checking account by force. Didn't work out for them. So they've effectively banned a customer for life over a $99.00 fee they never collected and never will. But they know they were right!  As long as nothing goes wrong, they're fine. If only we lived in such a perfect world. I do miss the service, NOT their customer support.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
53, Report #904845
Jun 29 2012
06:39 PM
dish network misleading imformation englewood, Colorado
I just want to let all know that the information being given by dih is misleading. They will be dropping AMC networks from their lineup effective at midnight on 6/30. When you call to inquire they willl tell you, OH no, we are still in negotiations and hope to continue the programing! WRONG WRONG- they have know for a while they they would not ccontinue the programing. CAll them ask and state the truth.
Entity: englewood, Colorado
54, Report #174771
Feb 04 2006
03:41 PM
Dish Network Customer Service Rip-Off Gridley California
Please beware of dish network. Unfortunatly I signed up with them about 6 months ago and have had nothing but problems. If you want to see terrible customer service try contacting DISH with a problem. They do not gaurantee their equipment which they lease to you!! So if their is a problem you pay for their tecnician to come out and fix it. And belive me I have had pleanty of problems with their equipment!! I have sent back one box already and the tech. has been out twice to reconnect everything. The customer service agents are idiots when you call. The managers are not much better. SO PLEASE LOOK FOR SOMETHING BETTER THAN DISH NETWORK. Derrick Gridley, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Gridley, California
55, Report #199847
Jul 07 2006
10:42 AM
Dish Network ripoff fraudulent billing adult Palatine Illinois
My mother is a 75 year old widow who lives home alone. She was charged on her April bill twice for Hot Body Pants at 5 am in the morning. This was on the 14th and 16th. They were 2 days apart for the same movie at the same time (5 am). I called Dish network the first time about this and told them that she was a 75 year old woman that lived alone and was not doing this. I argued with this woman for about 15 minutes when she finally said that she would take off the charges and that she would only have to pay her usual bill. I told them to turn off the pay per view feature using the remote or any other way possible way of ordering. The next months bill (May) she was charged an additional charge for Hot Body Pants for the 28th of April at 5 am and that she also ordered Adult Showcase on the 29th at Noon . She just received her June bill and guess what. My mother was charged for another Adult Showcase at 3 pm on the 29th of April. I called again and talked to someone who said that the last log he had was about a receiver problem. I argued with him for awhile and he said OK I will send you to someone else He sent me to hold for Tech Support. I called back and talked to another billing person and asked what was in the logs. He said about the receiver problem. I was not a happy camper. Fifteen minutes later i was talking to a supervisor. You could tell that she was told that under no circumstances that Dish Network was to give back any refunds. I am trying to find other people with the same problems to get a class action suit against Dish Network. I know there has to be thousands of people out their with the same situation. By the way my Mother In Law was also charged for a wrestling Pay Per View that she didn't watch. My Mother In Law and Father In Law both hate wrestling. My Mother In Law tried to get the charges dropped but they wouldn't listen. I think Dish Network used to be the greatest thing. I think now that they have grown to big and don't listen to their customers. They remind me of a telephone company that got to big. Frank Salem, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Palatine, Illinois
56, Report #208115
Aug 27 2006
04:31 AM
Digital Dish Inc., AKA Dish Network ripoff Millersburg Ohio
In short... I went with the 30 day free trial at Dish Network. Within 22 days I contacted them and said thanks, but no thanks -BUT please do not disconnect me UNTIL the installer comes back and fixes the CUT in HALF Time Warner Coaxial Cable he demolished when installing Dish Network. This was at noon on Saturday. At 1 pm on Saturday, Dish was no longer able to be recieved by my Dish Network Receiver Box. They cut me off in under an hour!!! Now I have no satillite OR Time Warner Cable TV (and my Time Warner Cable Bill is PAID UP!!). I called Dish back. Basically, in a nutshell, they said sorry the earlier call I'd made must have been misunderstood, but... they would send someone out to repair the cut Time Warner coaxial Cable - when - they weren't sure. They said they could reconnect my signal for $25 and 2 months advanced service!!?? --- but she said - it was their mistake probably. I was not even able to talk to a supervisor. So, until I can get the coaxial cable line repaired (that DISH CUT) I am setting here with a paid Time Warner Subscription that I cannot watch - Thanks to DISH NETWORK. Take my advise -- DO NOT GO WITH DISH NETWORK, or more than likely - you'll be sorry, not to mention, extremely pissed!!! Steve zanesville, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Millersburg, Ohio
57, Report #304025
Jan 28 2008
11:24 AM
Dish Network reluctant to issue Legitimate Refund Nationwide
When I called to inquire about an upgrade to our high defination TV, the spokesman was trying very hard to rush me though. I had many questions. If it is free, why are they charging me $99? How do I get a refund? Where are the procedures to get this refund? The spokesman was annoyed with me, and said, This is what you want; let me play the verification tape. When I heard on the tape that hanging up would prevent me from getting the upgrade, I hung up. This was too slick of a push and promote, and I had questions. The upgrade package came from UPS; I refused it but took the tracking number so I could trace it. Dish received it according to the UPS tracking, so I called about a reversal of the $99 charge which had appeared on my credit card. I was hung up on once, so I went though the explanation again. Finally, he said the credit would appear in 7 to 10 days. I waited the 10 days, and called. After much explanation and checking their records, I was told the credit was disallowed because they couldn't be sure the equipment was the same equipment they sent. I was angry. I asked to speak to a manager. Another long wait. And then more record checking. I repeatedly said, I did not get the package or open it because I refused it from UPS. I did not order it, and I was charged, and now I want a refund. After approximately an hour of phone time, I was told I could not get a refund, but they would reduce my dish account by that amount, and after 2 months, it would be like a refund. They used my money for over 6 weeks by Stealing it. I don't know if I will get the refund, but my advice is to use a local retail dish retailer, and keep good records. I still don't know if I will get the refund. Mrs. john Bonners Ferry, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
58, Report #221344
Nov 19 2006
03:43 PM
Dish Network Fraudulent Billing Englewood Colorado
November 19, 2006 GM Card Attn: Dispute 088211 Sep 06 P.O. Box 80082 Salinas, CA 93912 DISH NETWORK CRITICAL DATA Following is additional information regarding Dish Network's fraudulent charge against my credit card. 1. I initiated Dish Network service in May 2001. 2. I discontinued Dish Network service early in 2004. My last bill of $55.89 was dated March 2, 2004. I paid that last bill on March 15, 2004. I had no outstanding charges with Dish Network. That was the total amount that I owed Dish Network. I received no further bills from Dish Network, because I owed Dish Network nothing more. 3. When I discontinued service, my mother initiated a Dish Network account with the equipment on site. Dish Network did not request that I return the equipment. They left the equipment on site at their option, not mine. I would have been happy to return the equipment to them. They chose to leave it on site, I assume because it was advantageous to Dish Network to leave the equipment rather than have me return it, then send an installer out with new equipment. 4. After a billing dispute with Dish Network (which I documented in my 11-10-06 correspondence), my mother discontinued service, after having paid for much more service than she had received. Dish Network asked for the equipment to be returned. My mother is 86 (85 then) and doesn't know a receiver from a breadbox. Finally, my brother found out about the equipment issue and returned it to Dish Network in August 2006. 5. Dish Network is not authorized to bill my credit card for my mother's account. Dish Network was not even authorized to bill my credit card for my account. I paid by check each month. I later learned that Dish Network requires that dish installation be paid by credit card so that it can make fraudulent billings at a later date. 6. If Dish Network wanted me to return the equipment, Dish Network should have notified me as such in March 2004, or April 2004, or even April 2006. Dish Network did not nor has not notified me to return equipment. Be that as it may, the equipment has been returned, so, even disregarding Dish Network's billing me for their convenience in leaving the equipment on site, the equipment is not an issue. Dish Network has it. 7. As for my mother's bill, I noted in the previous correspondence (11-10-06) that Dish Network would not, despite several phone calls, send her a paper bill, preferring to continue to billing her by direct debit, cutting off her service, and charging exorbitant re-connect and penalty fees each month. After having paid several atrocious over-charges, she had the service disconnected. She paid for a lot more service that she received, even if her service had not been cut off for extended periods in the last few months. 8. Be that as it may, Dish Network is not, has not been, nor will ever be authorized to bill my credit card for someone else's account. As previously mentioned, I did not even authorize Dish network to bill my credit card for my own account. You can verify this in your own records. My only payment to Dish Network by credit card was in March, 2004, and then only because Dish Network required me to pay for installation by credit card. Now I know why. 9. As noted in my previous correspondence (11-10-06), Dish Network lied to the Alabama Attorney General by stating that my credit card had not been debited by Dish Network. This was at the same time that the charge was in dispute and after several Dish Network representatives had already refused to remove the fraudulent charge. On one hand, Dish Network is telling the Attorney General that my credit card has not been debited; on the other hand, Dish Network is refusing to remove the bogus charge. (Please see the October 7, 2006 correspondence from Bryan Grant, Dish Network Dispute Resolution Specialist, to Ms. Rhonda Lee Barber, Office of the Attorney General [enclosed with my 11-10-06 correspondence]). 10. I still request a written report of your investigation of this case. I do not intend to drop this matter. Dish Network has apparently ripped off a lot of people besides me (Refer to: I am sure that the hundreds of cases documented at are just the tip of the iceberg. I am convinced that Dish Network has a de-facto corporate policy of deceit, coercion, and fraud to wrest unearned revenue from the innocent and unwary. I will use your findings, along with my own findings, the resources of, and the services of a local attorney who specializes in class action litigation to insure that Dish Network pays handsomely for the atrocities it has visited upon its customers, as well as its non-customers. When large corporations routinely and systematically prey upon average citizens, someone has to do something. Fortunately, the legal climate in Alabama is very favorable toward class action suits of this nature. Sincerely, Roger NOTE: If you would like to join in class action litigation against Dish Network, please let know and ask them to let me know how to contact you. Roger Fayette, AlabamaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Dish Network
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
59, Report #263916
Jul 28 2007
08:38 PM
Dish Network Liars and Cheets Tulsa Oklahoma
Same story as others with me. I signed up for a no commitment deal. I bet I ask 5 times when I originally called, 5 times to the installer and once two weeks before canceling service. Everyone promised I did not have a commitment. Well I canceled the other day and they claim I do have a commitment and owe them $120.00 to cancel? They even said that notes on my account claim that the call I made two weeks before canceling said the representative told me I had a contract. Bull! I would not have signed up for AT&T Uverse (that rocks) if they had told me that. Anyway, it has been about a month. I told them to send me a copy of my contract and if I owed them the $120.00 based on a signed contract I would be happy to pay them on the spot. Well, no contract yet. Some person with Echostar was supposed to send it. Now I am getting called wanting the $120.00 but they are apparently unable or unwilling to supply me with a copy of the contract. As I stated, if they do I will happily pay but I know there is not one. Crooks and liars! Mj tulsa, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
60, Report #259882
Jul 10 2007
11:50 AM
Dish Network has been charging me $5.00 monthly for not having one of my receivers (not in use) plugged into the phone line. This receiver is not being used yet I was told that if I attached it to a phone line I would have the fee waived as a way for me to save money regardless of use. I was also told that there is no reason Dish wanted it plugged in except to save me the $5.00 fee. When questioned why was I then being charged $5.00 for nothing, I was told it was for the capability of having more access. I have the same capability regardless if it is plugged in or not. So no answer except that it was policy and the individual on the customer service line did call me an idiot. I was not told of this when I purchased my Dish yet the customer service rep did indeed say it was the installers fault for not telling me even though the installer is not the one charging me the $5.00. Luke granbury, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: PALATINE, Illinois
61, Report #266702
Aug 10 2007
06:21 PM
Dish Network Echostar Contract Fraudulency Ripoff Englewood Colorado
Here is a copy of my Better Business Bureau Complaint against Dish Network. According to the Better Business Bureau Website, the national company receives, upon average, 245 new complaints per month. I hope you never make the mistake of subscribing to Dish Network, or its affiliate company Echostar. ********* To whom it may concern: I am writing this complaint because DishNetwork entered me into an 18 month contract despite making multiple representations that they would not do so. After four months, I would now like to cancel my service, as I made clear on multiple occasions to DishNetwork that I would, and they are insisting that I pay a multi-hundred dollar cancellation fee. When I first called to schedule an installation, I told the agent on the phone that I was not interested in an 18 month contract, and that I did not want to receive the discount on the activation fee that would require me to agree to an 18 month contract. In fact, I had a detailed conversation that the reason we were purchasing DishNetwork was for the German language channels since we would be moving to Germany in 4 months. She assured me that it would not be a problem to cancel service after just 4 months. When the installation technician came to set up service, he and my wife had a lengthy conversation about our planned trip to Europe in the fall, and she made it eminently clear to him that we only wanted service for 4 months. He made no written note of this, nor did he mention that we would be required to pay cancellation fees if we followed through with our plan. Since we had previously been assured that we would not be bound to an 18 month contract, and because the technician insisted that she didn't need to look at the papers, because he had already told her about everything, my wife did not read all of the very fine print on the installation papers she signed that, according to DishNetwork representatives, as I have yet to receive a copy of the signed papers from them, bound us to an 18-month service term. In addition, there is no mention anywhere on the website that an 18-month commitment is required, and it in fact discloses that service can be cancelled at anytime without disclosing any fees associated with cancellation. A phone representative I spoke with agreed that my complaint was reasonable and apologized for the misleading, even fraudulent, action by DishNetwork but she was unable to relieve me from the contract, though she offered to refund my payment for the period from August 7 to September 6 if I cancelled service immediately. I would like DishNetwork to cancel our service, free of charge, effective immediately, and refund me the $80.22 I paid for the August billing period above. Thank you for your assistance. Grreapsphos Somerville, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
62, Report #264545
Aug 01 2007
10:32 AM
Dish Network accounting needed Littleton, Colorado
In Feb. '07 I paid Dish $300 in advance to connect TV 3/5/07. I downgraded service once because they refused to identify all the channels they provided before connecting & there were too many. They have not ONCE provided a written line item accounting of charges and credits because we can't do that when there is a credit balance which there will be for another few months. They have received the money. They must be accountable. Val_a2go las cruces, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
63, Report #89867
May 02 2004
01:40 PM
Dish Network Ripoff, incompetent liars and swindlers Lewistown Nationwide
In March,2004, Dish Network informed me of a balance of $11.46 that I owed on my account with them that I had long since cancelled. When I attempted to resolve this, there was a bank misunderstanding and the payment did not go through. Dish Network informed me of this on April 11, 2004, and told me that my TOTAL amount due was now $19.99. So, I thought, no problem, and IMMEDIATELY paid the $19.99. During my conversation with the Dish representative on April 11, I asked her to make certain that $19.99 was my FULL BALANCE DUE. She assured me that it was. Now, on May 2, 2004, the same rep called to tell me that I STILL owe $31.45!! This is AFTER she told me that the $19.99 had been received! She could offer no explanation for these charges, absolutely none. Her exact reply was I don't know.. I could not reach anyone else to try to resolve the issue, either. Dish Network SUCKS. They are either incompetent morons, blatant THIEVES, or most likely, BOTH!! I will not pay these unwarranted ripoff charges. I see from other reports that Dish Network likes to play this dishonest money making game quite a bit. Let them report it to the credit bureau- Take a look at my payment records on EVERYTHING I've ever bought....A lot more than some bulls--t $31.45 that I do not owe and will not pay!! And, not a single delinquency on anything! Plus, check my bank references-NEVER a problem or bad check. T he only scumbag here is DISH NETWORK, and these thieves can kiss my @ss, because not only will I not pay the unwarranted $31.45 ripoff, but their next annoying, harassing collections call will be reported as HARASSMENT. Let them put that in their pipe and smoke it! AVOID THESE RIPOFFS, and if they tried to screw you like they did me, give them yet another RIPOFF REPORT!! James Lewistown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
64, Report #54194
Apr 23 2003
08:20 PM
Dish Network fraudulent ripoff scam Littleton Colorado
Dish Network Rip Off Fraudulent dish network dead Beat inconsiderate Mom ripped off and scammed Littleton Colorado ..... I thought I would get my mom a birthday present since she was purchasing a new home and she was not able to get cable because she live outside the city limits. I made a purchase from One Time Dishnetwork for only $49.99 and I gave them the approval to take it out of my checking account. About 3 months later I was checking my statement and they deducted $1185.00 from my account without my approval. This has really pissed me off. I would advise anyone and everyone not to go through this company from Littleton, Colorado because they are definitley a rip off for sure. Be careful of who you are dealing with because you will never know what will happen. Look into the situation first because the deal can be really too good to be true!! Kanesha APOJapan Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Dish Network
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
65, Report #120045
Nov 27 2004
05:44 PM
Dish Network Echostar ripoff Englewood Colorado
A month ago I signed up with dish network. They came and installed the equipment. I have now been out of service for 5 days. I have called over and over to ask if I can have someone come to fix it. Because this is a holiday weekend, Thanksgiving, they say that it can't be fixed until Monday. I now have to take off of work and sit here from 12-5. Last time, they didn't show until 8 p.m. at night. 5 days is unacceptable. I have been treated rudely by the employees and passed on and on to different people. The good news is they won't charge me to fix it since I have had so long to wait. I didn't know, but they charge to fix the equipment. Why should I have to wait 5 days, take off of work, be majorly inconvenienced, so they can finally come and fix my dish. Ripoff central here! They won't charge me for the time it has been out, how nice of them! Mary Westfield, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
66, Report #121247
Dec 04 2004
04:33 PM
DISH NETWORK ripoff Unknown Michigan
See text, below; To: DISH NETWORK (Michigan Affiliate) Fr: Re: DISH Scam! Having been dissatisfied with DirectTV and thereafter with the increasing of cable rates, several weeks ago I contacted you folks regarding your service. Four rooms of service with no equipment to buy! A free DVR! Sounded too good to be true. And it is! Your first installer was to be here between 0800-1200. He showed up, without calling, several hours late! He not only didn't have a bloody ladder, but was talking about significant hourly charges because he had to put one receiver on our main floor, and the other three on the 2nd floor. Further, since he had no ladder, he was going to put the dish in the middle of the back yard! In spite of the installers offer to come back NEXT WEEK with his buddy and a ladder, we sent him on his way after wasting the entire bloody day! Upon calling your office, we were assured that the next installer, one week hence, would be better. Your installer was to arrive today, between 1200-1700 hrs. At 1300 hrs. he was considerate enough to phone us and advise that he was running late. He finally arrived at 1700 hrs. with an assistant and several LADDERS! However, within the first two minutes he informed me that we needed a phone jack by each receiver, or there would be an additional $4.95 a month charge for each receiver that didn't have a jack! I'm sure there must be fine print somewhere that addresses this, but couldn't the first installer have mentioned this? Anyone of the several folks the wife talked to? The woman who called me last Wednesday to confirm the appointment? Hell, DirectTV worked with wireless transmitters which I still have somewhere, and could have had available if forewarned. So, the free DVR costs almost $5.00 a month extra.. just under $60.00 a year. Two of the four TV's are beyond 20 feet of a phone jackanother almost $120.00 a year. And for the $600.00 per year package we were looking at, you folks cannot get an installer here on time! Lastly, my two sons wasted their time configuring their rooms for your installer's ease of ingress, and the wife and I blew a day and a half during the holiday season. Time that could have been spent either working overtime or getting ready for Christmas. DirectTV lost our business due to lack of service after installation, but at least they were able to get their equipment installed ON TIME and for the STATED PRICE! Lastly, none of the several people I know who use your service were hit with all this hassle and extra charges. Why? A Dissatisfied Almost customer. Michael Battle Creek, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
67, Report #1176983
Sep 15 2014
04:23 PM
Dish Network substandard respection between parabolic dish and satelite Nationwide
My Dish service dosent have good communication with the satelite------------------my screan go blank and stays that way for 10 to 15 min.----------------And this happens 35% of the time
Entity: Nationwide
68, Report #1153361
Jun 09 2014
03:00 PM
dish network go dish look out don't sign Nationwide
If you have any concerns about the service, payment rate or for any reason DON'T SIGN THE CONTRACT. After your sign the contract you owe them $450.00 to get out of the contract. I was quote a price of $97.00 with the actual price being $137.00 of which i found out the day of installation and would not sign the contract (lucky lucky me)
Entity: Nationwide
69, Report #1285928
Feb 08 2016
09:01 AM
Dish Network No local Channel Newcastle  Wyoming
We have been customers for almost 15 years.  Now we can no lomger watch the local channels because you can not reach an agreement with them.  I understand you are teying to get it cheap as you can but how will you be doing if your customers leave.    Get the channels back on. Those of us that watch TV alot are really upset.  
Entity: Nationwide
70, Report #1291460
Mar 03 2016
01:18 PM
Dish Network Early termination fees deceptive business practices Nationwide
After owning our own equipment for 18 years, we were contacted by Dish and told our paid for equipment was obsolete and we would need to begin renting a receiver from them.Our equipment still worked fine but they were doing a security upgrade and our old receiver wouldn't work with the new card. We told them we would not rent equipment from them. We bought our receiver and it worked fine. They said they would no longer be able to provide service unless we rented equipment. We said we don't rent equipment. We will no longer use your service unless you replace our equipment free of charge. We have NEVER had a contract with Dish. Long story short, guy comes out to do the install for our replacement equipment, whips out his contract agreement. We refuse to sign. Tell him to take the equipment, we aren't signing. He gets Dish on the line and they apparently tell him to just get us to sign the acknowledgement of install paper because it says on that paper that we agree to the customer service contract. My husband and I own a small business. I am appalled at how we have been treated as customers. Do not believe what you are promised by Dish. And if you are contract averse and do not rent equipment, do not sign anything with Dish. So, over a $20.00 early termination fee, Dish treats us like *** after literally 20 years of being their customer. It isn't the $20.00 obviously. It is being lied to after we were adamant about what we were and weren't willing to do to have the service. FYI We have since upped our internet speed and subscribed to Hulu (month to month) we own our Roku box.And we get tons of stuff to watch free from the library.
Entity: Nationwide
71, Report #1220728
Apr 06 2015
06:12 PM
Dish Network Gift Card Promise Rip-Off Palatine Illinois
In December of 2014 I was out of contract with Direct Tv, and decided to take advantage of Dish Networks offer of a PRE-PAID $150.00 Visa gift card for switching to them. My service was installed on Dec.27 2014 and I questioned the installer where the card was and was told it would be mailed in 2 weeks. January passed and the middle of Feb 2015 I called to find out what was going on, and was told the request for the card was never processed and they would have to review the tape to be sure I was  on the gift card list. 2 weeks went by and I called again and was told that I would have to get a  $100.00 and a $50.00 card because they no longer offered that program and the tape showed I was supposed to get the card and they would mail it out that week. The middle of March 2015 I called to find out where the card was and again was told there was an error in the processing and they would expidite the process and I would have it is 4 days NO CARD AS OF March 27 2015, so I called again and told them that I was still waiting and that if I did not have the card by April 1 2015 I was turning it over to our states Atty. Generals office for Fraur and breech of contract On April 2 I got a call from the office of the president of Dish stating it would take 6 TO 8 Weeks to get the card I told them I was in the hands of the Atty Generals office now and you can deal with them.   The bottom line is... If the installer does not have the card in his pocket when you get installed tell them to leave. I subscribed 2 days after Christmas 2014 and now I have to wait until June 2015 to possibly get thw card!!!!   STAY TUNED!!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
72, Report #1303381
May 03 2016
01:09 PM
Dish Network fraud, atrocious service, deception, rip-off
I have been a dish customer for four years with no problems, However, after moving to anothe state, I included the internet package as well. I was sure this would be a good deal and receive great service, along with my TV programming. I was wrong... After 2 months and the highest upgrade possible for internet service, I have a crashed computer, exceeding my limits within the first 2 weeks, WITHOUT streaming movies or playing games on the internet, and now my programs for my laptop aren't working properly because the service keeps cutting in and out while trying to download critical updates. I called to complain and get it taken off, I was told that I will have an early termination fee of 385 dollars and an additonal 10 per piece of equipment for return. I asked to speak to a manager, was put on hold, then hung up on.. Second attempt, same song and dance, hung up on me.. Third time, i cancelled everything and now I am going with another provider with more reliable service. This is internet is  a joke and should never be purchased. I will not have anything good to say about Dish, and I will make it my mission in life to spread the word about the fraudulent services. If I know anyone who has Dish, I will suggest they get rid of them immediately and go with a better provider because Dish is the worst. 
Entity: Nationwide
73, Report #1211539
Feb 25 2015
08:57 AM
DISH Network Took money from removed account Bloomington IL
 A few months back my girlfriends roommate signed up for Dish Network, he didnt have the money in his bank account so she let him put her card on file which was told by the representative that it would be there until the new account was added and hers would be removed.  So she went through with it and later on he added his bank info to the account and removed hers.  Now fast forward a few months and her roommate stole money from her and ran, is being looked for by the police and such.  Now its been about 3 months since she moved out and all of this was put behind her, so she thought.  She went and checked her bank account and Dish took $420 out of her account.  She tried to contact customer service and they told her she needed to contact the account holder, however if she could do that he would be in jail for theft.  So they transfered her to the fraud department and to no avail the told her that he info wasnt removed and that they will not be refunding her anything and basically told her that it is what it is.  They are refusing to budge and Im currently in the process of speaking to the family attorney to see what route to take to correct this.  I would love for it to not go to this but they are forcing the hands here.  
74, Report #605966
May 21 2010
08:17 PM
All American Dish & Dish Network Be aware , Internet
I have recently discontinued my service with dish network. I have been their customer for 4 years. When I call to notify them of my intent to cancel the service, I was treated very rued. I was instructed to send all the equipment back and responsible for all the charges including for them to send me a fedex returned boxes. Dish Network charged $30to my account. On the other hand, the direct TV my roommate uses has a very happy ending.When she called Direct TV to cancel her service, they were very friendly, and hope we will use them again in the future. The returned boxes(for the equipment to be returned) are free of charges. Good relationship with customers. Definitely will use them again. I was lucky? because I was only being charged $30 by dish network. Expect to pay a lot more if you have more than two receiver. It was a rip-off when a 4 years royal customer no long want their service and has to pay all the fees Dish Network billed them for Dish network's equipment. BE AWARE !!!NO DISH NETWORK.
Entity: Internet, Internet
75, Report #906473
Jul 03 2012
05:58 PM
DISH - DISH Network FRAUD Internet
I signed up for DISH when I moved to a new residence a bout a month and a half ago. At that time I had read that AMC and DISH were having a dispute and DISH might drop the MC channels. I brought up this concern when I called to inquire about signing up and the DISH representative GUARANTEED me, repeatedly that I had nothing to worry about and that it would absolutely never happen. I told him that I would only sign up for DISH based upon his promise that the AMC channels would remain. (About half the shows I watch are on AMC). He again promised me that the AMC channels would absolutely not be dropped. Based on that (fraudulent) assertion I signed up. Now, only a little over a month later, learn that AMC has in fact been dropped. After two transfers, I spoke to Advanced customer service rep Erica Rivera and explained the situation to her and told her that I had been signed up under false pretenses and essentially the victim of FRAUD by DISH, and wanted to cancel my service but would not pay the $400 early termination fee. Her answer, in essence, was that the contract says we reserve the right to make programming changes, so tough darts. I attempted to explain that any contract based on false pretenses, as this one clearly was (which none of the 3 customer service reps I spoke to even attempted to deny) is null and void. Now apparently I will have to have a legal battle with DISH because they intentionally defrauded me when they signed me up and want to charge me 400 dollars to correct the situation THEY caused. What an appalling way to treat your customers. Wasn't a big fan of Direct TV due to their prices, but they never defrauded me...
Entity: , Internet

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