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1, Report #1275519
Dec 21 2015
11:21 AM
Donalds Yorkies pay for a yorkie and never got it or my money back from him Baltimore Maryland
i ordered a yorkie from donalds yorkies who has a internet site there with shipping the puppy about and flight insurancs he wanted me to send him 1,800.00 more for flight insurance i said i did not have it so he told me he would go to the air port get the puppy and refunnd my money now he does not respond to my phone calls my tex or emails.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1280193
Jan 15 2016
06:28 AM
YDonalds Yorkies said he only took money grams,I sent him the money gram never got my puppy.He then called the day he was to deliver and said oh I am sorry the courier service wants 1400 more or they won't deliver your puppy.They said they would give me all the money back at delirverly.I knew it was a scam but was too late I sent the money for the Yorkie and never received it.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1254402
Sep 11 2015
06:49 PM
Freddys yorkies Richies yorkies Yorkies Baltimore/maryland Internet
I purchased a yorkie from this piece of s*** rip off artist, and never got the dog he lied after taking my 500.00 dollars and then try to get me to send him 1400.00 more for air insurance for the dogs trip here. I have since found out that Fred Hampton has done this to numerous people that put good faith in this b******. He has no dogs other than his girlfriend and should know that his game is up and hopefully his number (443-226-6991).
Entity: Internet
4, Report #48482
Mar 08 2003
05:16 PM
Mc Donalds rip-off Hayward California
Went to Mc Donalds on 3/8/03 walked in and seen that their where 2 lines I got in the first line that was shorter than the second line. After the person got their food and left i moved forward. I waited waited waited no one ever took my order. I was ignored by employees who never said anything about the register being closed. The sign on the regester said OPEN. I told the cashier at the next register that we where next. She said that the register we where at was closed. Therefore i had to get to the back of the second line. Jack Hayward, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Hayward, California
5, Report #1331578
Oct 04 2016
12:56 PM
Frayercreek yorkies Puppy Mill Grand Ledge Michigan
Hello, Here is where it all started My daughter wanted a puppy so we started searching  for the perfect puppy, we saw an ad online by FrayerCreek yorkies about yorkie puppys we called the puppy she was selling had a hurt leg she also had a 6 year old Female yorkie Paris for sale she said she has people coming to look at them she called back to say the puppy was taken but paris the 6 year old yorkie was up for adoption, the day we planed to see paris the had a appointment so we had to hurry there upon arrival she let paris out to greet us she came out scared with her tail between her legs we went in and asked to see a yorkie puppy but instead she came out with a black and white Chinese Crested Powder Puff born September 18th 2015  saying that was her last puppy and last time breeding Chinese Crested Powder Puffs she never offered to let us see the puppys parents or where the puppy was staying the Pup was $400 non reg  we signed a 7 day heath gerentee   but with no contact number we took the puppy then she left to her appontment. Willow is now a healthy  happy Boy so thankful we adopted him from that place. PLEASE DO NOT GET A PUPPY FROM FRAYERCREEK YORKIES
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1206404
Feb 03 2015
11:53 AM
Donalds Donuts Unsanitary Conditions; Donut lady steals your money and rips you off Bryan Texas
Worst customer service I have ever experienced!! The lady is extremely rude and does not care about her customers. She gave me the incorrect change and cheated me out of $10. Her cash register did not work correctly and does not print reciepts so it was her word against my friend and I. The cops were called and she still refused to cooperate. 
Entity: Bryan, Texas
7, Report #1320439
Aug 11 2016
04:41 PM
bright yorkies Starland yorkies  Baltimore MRYLns Hagerstown maryland Internet
 my sister and I ordered yorkies from this person you get two for 800 dollars. we sent the deposit and we're told we will receive our dogs when the rest was paid. I sent all of my money and still no dog. when you call it's always my wife is sending it out today. today turns into tomorrow smh. ndikuf mackenzie is a rip off. I told this man that it was a birthday gift for my daughter he sent a video of the dog I wanted and everything. now when I call my number is blocked smh I pray god have mercy on his soul.ndikuf mackenzie in Baltimore is a scam artist stay away from his websites and
Entity: Internet
8, Report #388580
Nov 06 2008
12:33 PM
Faircall Pay Phones Aurora, Colorado @ Mc Donalds overcharge on payphone for two local calls using my credit card Internet
I was overcharged by $25.00 on my credit card for two local calls lasting a total of 2min. on a Faircall payphone that was clearly posted as 50 cents a local call. I called the Faircall Co. from the website number and they said there are separate charges for using credit cards. I told the lady, Terry that it didn't say that on the pay phone instructions, and she said there is nothing they could do for me. I was totally rippedoff. I believe that the FCC should be aware of this and I welcome any feedback... Coolroberto Centennial, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #228356
Jan 02 2007
05:15 PM
Mc Donalds will not honor their arch card that was given as a xmas gift Sunvalley Nevada
Last Sunday I went to my neighborhood Mcdonalds to cash a ten dollar arch card that was given to me by my boss. I had with the card the receipt that was used when my boss purchased this. Both worker and manager told me that the card was not activated. They would not honor the card and told me I had to drive 20 miles across town where the card was purchased .Very angry and upset I threw the manager the card and told them I would never visit another mc donalds again. I can not believe that a well known resturant treats it's customers this way and have never encountered such horrible business practices. Every Christmas I send walmart gift cards to other states and they are honored at any walmart store no questions asked. Mc donalds may have a sign that says over a billion sold but they just lost a devoted customer as I have visited their chain often. Shame on Mcdonald's/ I wonder how many parents gave their kids arch cards and how many were turned away as I was. Nick sunvalley, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Sunvalley, Nevada
10, Report #1057040
Jun 06 2013
03:48 PM
Mc Donalds he is looking for investers in his franchise, He takes your money and doesn't deliever on his promises. Houston, TX Texas
Samual Jimenez wants investers in his McDonalds franchise he takes your money and keeps it for himself. Don't invest in his scam.
Entity: Houston, Texas
11, Report #680665
Jan 09 2011
01:57 PM
Starlight Yorkies Kathryn Harrison Beware of this Yorkie Breeder! Venus, Texas
Do not buy from this breeder. Family member purchased puppy and breeder would not send him pictures. Breeder was very rude and said she did not have time for pictures. Buyer never knew what the pup looked like. You can't get a refund from this breeder. Once you give money - she will not refund OR even let you switch. She photoshops her pictures and the pups come looking nothing like you are getting. I personaly requested pics of a pup and again she would not send pics but wants a deposit of 500! Breeder is extremely rude and hard to work with. Puppies are prices at thousands of dollars and you dont get what you see on her website. Breeder wouldn NOT let us come to the Kennel to see the pups Buyerbeware!          
Entity: Venus, Texas
12, Report #1245532
Jul 31 2015
01:11 PM
Ronny Yorkies Selling nonexistent dogs on his website. Demands payment by Moneygram. Laurel Maryland
A person doing business on the internet as Ronny Yorkies is selling Yorkshire Terriers for cash using Moneygram. There are no dogs, this is a scam to get cash money. He used the name Alex Hanson when he ripped me off. This happened on 5/23/2015.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1308448
May 29 2016
07:55 PM
Classic Yorkies Home Danali Robinson scam artist rochester minnesota
 The classic yorkies home company pretended to be trusted, and honest yorkie dog breeders and they asked me questions, got me to fill out information, and then i wired them money (400.00) through western union, and i never heard from them again. They stold my money and i never got my dog.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1357043
Feb 19 2017
07:22 PM
Johnson's Teacup Yorkies Scammed me out of buying a yorkie puppy. Houston, Texas Internet
 I thought I was purchasing a yorkie puppy for $499. I was told it would be delivered to my home as soon as I made the payment through Western Union. After I made payment they asked my to take a picture of receipt and then it would be sent to my home. Later I get an email telling me I must insure puppy for $792 and that it would be refundable upon delivery. I knew then I had been scammed. I told them I didn't want the insurance and the lady said they no longer had the puppy.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1413132
Nov 22 2017
07:58 PM
Baby doll Yorkies Sheila Unprofessional and very disrespectful, she also harassed me. Milner Georgia
This pass weekend I was searching online to find a new puppy for my family. I reached out to a few breeders in Ga, and I came across Sheila website. I gave her a text and to let her know I was interested and to send pics of puppies she has. She sent over a picture of puppy that didn’t look healthy. I had concerns an asked her a question about the dog well being. She then became in a complete rage with me an start insulting me. I still was very polite , I told her I was interested. She then called me nuts, and waisted her time, and started harassing me with all types of ignorant texts. I then told her to stop before I reported her to police with harassment. She was was one crazy lady! I will never give business to that lady and people need to be aware Of this lady, don’t let this website fool you!
Entity: Milner, Georgia
16, Report #352886
Jul 18 2008
02:40 PM
Fancy Face Yorkies Nancy Robertson of Fancy Face Yorkies in Fontana, Ca. sells sick puppies!!! Fontana California
After months of searching for two Yorkies, I thought I found the right breeder when I stumbled upon breeder Nancy Robertson. She seemed very kind and helpful over the phone and appeared to be so in person. My parents and I met up with her on Saturday, July 5 (2008) to look at her two available puppies. After spending almost two hours talking with her and being introduced to the puppies' mother and father, I was convinced she was the upright breeder I'd been looking for and decided to buy the puppies. Papers were signed over to me that following Wednesday (July 9) and payment of $3300 for both was made. I'm disabled and had been waiting months to find two faithful companions. I left a very happy girl not knowing the two sweet puppies I was taking home were both sick. Per her request, both puppies were taken to the vet the very next day (July 10) to make sure they were healthy and had nothing seriously wrong with them. They had been scratching their ears like crazy and the vet discovered they both had severe ear mites. The following week the fecal test showed they also both had Giardia - a very contagious intestinal parasite (to pets and humans) that has the potential to be very damaging if not treated. I was so angry and upset. Here I paid $3300 for the puppies of my dreams, and I received two that were sick and needed immediate medical care. On top of that bad news, I received bad news about my own health the very same day. I was crushed. I called her the day I received the fecal results (July 15) to tell her about them having not only ear mites, but Giardia as well and that I wanted my money back. She flatly refused a refund saying she never gives refunds and then began yelling at me saying my vet is a liar - that none of her dogs over the years have ever had anything wrong with them - insisting these two were/are healthy. She then went on a rant about how they'd both have raunchy diarrhea if that was the case and I was probably in cahoots with my vet to give her a bad name just to get my money back. She was basically calling me a liar. If she did her research she'd know that other symptoms of Giardia are NO symptoms. My vet is not a liar, nor am I. I have test results that prove they both have the illnesses I stated above. I'm appalled that people do business this way. Any responsible, caring breeder with a conscience would've refunded the money without a second thought because it's the ethical thing to do. Now I'm stuck with two sick puppies who I can't bond with because they have contagious illnesses. I've shelled out $160 in vet bills after only having them for nine days. I've left several messages with her this week and she refuses to return my calls. All I want is my money back. I don't think it's an unreasonable request. I highly recommend against buying a Yorkie puppy from Nancy Robertson. She talks a good talk and has beautiful dogs, but you risk buying a sickly puppy!!! Pinku Inland Empire, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fontana, California
17, Report #1321601
Aug 09 2016
02:30 PM
My pretty yorkies Virgil Milner Tea cup yorkies to good to be true Abilene , Texas Internet
  I emailed with this man for three days also contacted through text messaging and physically spoke with him he asked for my money so that I could have the dog shipped to me I paid him $550 and never heard from him again
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1320085
Aug 01 2016
02:38 PM
My Pretty Yorkies Samuel Watters My Pretty Yorkies -- paid $750 for a tea cup yorkie Sonia from website and never heard back Abilene Texas
I purchased a tea cup Yorkie for $750 advertised on My Pretty Yorkies website.  I paid via a Money Gram Store as requested on the confirmation e-mail received after requesting to hold the puppy. I received a very quick response when I texted that the $750 had been sent and was promised at that time that arrangements would be made to ship Sonia to me in Pittsburgh from Sam Watter's My Pretty Yorkies breeders in Abilene, Texas.  I paid the money on Friday.  It is now Monday, and I get no response to my phone calls, e-mails, or texts.  The puppy, Sonia, was to be shipped to me sometime on Wednesday. No money and no Yorkie.  I am heartbroken and broke.
Entity: Abilene, Texas
19, Report #1264350
Oct 28 2015
09:19 PM
Natalie's Wee Yorkies Dishonest. Sick Dogs. Kennel Cough. Liver Shunt. Yorkies. Heart Break New York New York
I have been for a very long time looking to purchase a very tiny tiny male yorkie for companionship to my female yorkie, and as well, to eventually breed. Anyone who has been on this quest, will know that the tinier the yorkies, the more expensive they are. Natalie's yorkies have been around for a long time and advertised small yorkies, as well as champion lines. When she told me that she had a very tiny 5 month old male yorkie, that she was originally thinking of keeping for breeding, but was now available for purchase, I thought this was it. Although reluctant to have a puppy shipped, I did not find anything negative over the internet on Natalie's yorkies, and went ahead to have this puppy shipped.Well, when I received the puppy, of course at first, I was thrilled. But... after careful view I noticed how boney this dog was. I took him to the vet the next day, which confirmed that this puppy was indeed underweight for his size. It almost seemed that this dog was purposely starved in order to be able to honestly say that this dog was only 1.7 pounds at 5 months of age. To this day, the dog is very shy, a sign of it not being socialized - not playful at all, probably grew up in a cage. He came with kennel cough (where 3 weeks later is still coughing) and giardia (a parasite, which had not gone away with two rounds of medications) and to top it all off, the vet thinks that the puppy is much younger than said - only because he still has all of his puppy teeth. So in the end I will probably have a male dog that will grow much larger than my 4.5 lbs female yorkie. Needless to say, after one week in our home he has gained half a pound - in just one week!!! It has been 3 weeks now and I will bring him back to the vet tomorrow to see if he has gained any more weight - and to see if this parasite is finally gone, as well as to see what can be done to get rid of this cough.Anyway, I have never posted anything negative about anyone in my entire life. I have never ever complained about any purchase I have ever made - but I guess some things you just have to learn for yourself. When they tell you never buy anything over the internet - believe it. Go and see exactly what you are getting - and do not believe anyone about what a puppy weighs unless you weigh it for yourself. I obviously cannot post anything negative on Natalie's blog or on Youtube, because she can delete it. So here's hoping that anyone thinking of purchasing a puppy from Natalie, that they think about it very very carefully. If I had seen any negative post on Natalie when I was looking for a puppy, I surely would have looked elsewhere - better safe than sorry. I am surely sorry now - and want to spare anyone else this horrible experience.
Entity: New York
20, Report #1251968
Aug 31 2015
11:05 AM
World Wide Yorkies Deborah Nap, Debbie Nap, Artistically Bred Biewer Yorkies, Deb Nap Parquins Artistically Bred Yorkshire Terriers, Artistically bred Parquin Yorkies, 100% Parquin Artistically Bred Yorkshires,Parquin Atristiclly Bred Parquin Puppies, Atristically Bred biew Lies, No registration papers, Age different than quoted, Overpriced Hickory corners Michigan
I have had very bad issues with Deborah Nap at World Wide Yorkies. I purchased registered adult Yorkshire terrier breeders from her. What she promised and what I received was very different. I paid top dollar for these breeders with German Bloodline Biewer terriers. I hate to admit that I paid up to 4K for one of the dogs. That dog and one other I never received registration papers on. Another one I was told was 3-4 years old when I did finally receive its papers she was over 7 years old and too old to breed. One of the males she did tell me that he had bad teeth however she did not say he didn't have teeth except ones you can flip back and forth with your fingers all rotten. I have tried to resolve these issues with Debbie Nap and she only says I'm sorry. I asked her to reimburse me 1/2 of what I paid for the two dogs that does not have papers and she ignores me. So I have decided to take it into my own hands to warn everyone that wants to do business with her. I have started a web site where anyone that has been ripped off by her can go post their information. This site is already on page one on Google so it should warn a lot of potential buyers so they do not get taken like I was. Yes I should have done more homework but she does talk sweet and make you believe she has the best dogs in the world and that was what I was wanting good dogs.  If you can to postt on my site it is Thank you
Entity: Hickory corners, Michigan
21, Report #559495
Jan 24 2010
11:52 PM
Entity: Rio Linda, California
22, Report #1191552
Nov 26 2014
11:27 AM
Lorrains Yorkies, Patti West Bait and Switch!!! Sent sick puppy, NOT same puppy in pictures!! DISHONEST and SCAMMER!!! Meigs, Georgia
Do not buy from Patti West!!!  I was scammed out of $1700!!  Her website is  She is a dishonest person and sent me the wrong puppy that I paid A LOT of money for.  This dog was covered in feces has no hair and im not even sure what kind of breed it is.  I paid for a teacup Yorkie, and that is not what I received.  I have pictures she sent to me via email and the dog looks nothing like it. On her website it says they take paypal, but when I spoke to her she said she will only accept a money order.  Now i see why, because she scamms people out of their money.  I trusted her and over nighted her the money and now she is not picking up her cell phone or house phone.  I have my receipts for my money orders sent to her and will be reporting her to the BBB.  This scam she is running needs to be stopped!!! Her phone number is 229-941-5441 and 229-319-6881.  Do not buy a puppy from her, I completely trusted her and turns out she is a complete lie and had no intentions of sending me the puppy in the pictures she sent me.  I dont think she even had the puppy.
Entity: Meigs, Georgia
23, Report #1067769
Jul 17 2013
12:37 PM
LIL DARLING YORKIES Candace sanderford was promised ckc registration and has refused to give them on several occassions bronson Florida
we bought a yorkshier terrer on march 15th 2013 she gave fulsified paper work gave the mothers ckc number on it but no paperwork for the actual puppy we have contacted her on 8 diffrent occasions for the paperwork it has been excuse afer excuse of why she has not been able to get around to it we paid 1200 dollars for this puppy on the promise that he was ckc certified we wanted him for our female so they could grow up togather and eventually breed them togather that is the only reason i paid so much for this puppy .  
Entity: bronson, Florida
24, Report #1317424
Jul 17 2016
09:38 PM
My Pretty Yorkies I saw another report about a tea cup yorkie named Frank and got the same puppy offered to me. Baltimore Maryland
I wanted to purchase a yorkie puppy and found a website called My Pretty Yorkies.  They were on sale for $500.  I really wanted this puppy and had made the initial contact.  Before we sent any money, I wanted to see if it was a scam so I checked.  I was being offered the exact same tea cup Yorkie named Frank that is the subject of another one of your clients.Here is the email:Dear Client,Nice reading from you and to know that you would be interested in our puppy  Frank. The puppy is still available, presently 12 weeks old, vet checked, has  completed all basic obedience/behavioral training and ready for new home.  We ship them from our home in Baltimore MD. They are shipped via airplane  using a professional pet shipping agency. Usually we charge an additional  $250 for shipping per puppy, but right now we have coupons from our shipping agent to ship 3 puppies at no extra cost, so if you purchase your puppy while these coupons are still available and valid, we will be able to ship your puppy for free. Otherwise shipping will cost an additional $250.Can you please confirm with us exactly which day you wish to purchase? Equally feel free to let us know if you have any questions, concerns or need assistance.We always seek the best for our puppies, so we will also like to know a little about the family our baby will be going into. Could you please kindly tell us about your familyThanks again for your time.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
25, Report #1289546
Feb 23 2016
05:40 PM
Victory Yorkies Anthony Anthony Davis, Meggan Robert and Roger Scott Purchased a teacup yorkie once they receive the money we never heard from them again. Baltimore Maryland
Found a site on internet selling teacup yorkies, we found one we liked checked into it. We were told the puppy was available, they asked us to send the money western union the first time and money gram the second time. After they receive the money they told us they would make arrangements to ship the puppy. We have not heard from them since.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland

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