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1, Report #1395880
Aug 26 2017
07:59 PM
Dr. Bram Fridhandler Dr. Bram Fridhandler is a professional thug San Francisco California
Dr. Fridhandler was appointed by the court to do a child custody evaluation for me. He promised the court in 2011 that he would complete the evaluation in 3 months. He took $12,000 from me and has not submited a custody report till date. He did not talk to the children at all. He additionally took $6,440 from me to testify twice under sworn testimony in the court that that he did not do a child custody evaluation. I also paid $8,650 to another qualified expert to get an expert testimony for the court that Dr. Fridhandler never completed a child custody evaluation by any definition of a child custody evaluation.  I spent a total of $27,090 towards the evaluation, including another expert’s testimony that Dr. Fridhandler did not perform a custody evaluation. I sent Dr. Fridhandler 3 reminders in the last 2 years to refund me the money, which he did not respond to. He has not submitted a custody evaluation till date. He works for financial gains and does not do what he is ordered to do or as per his contract. He is a professional thug and an actual fraud, who also happens to be the chair, ethics committee, California Psychological Association. What a shame!
Entity: San Francisco, California
2, Report #1422498
Jan 11 2018
06:45 PM
Dr. Bram Fridhandler Child Custody Evaluation San Francisco California
Mr. Fridhandler runs a predatory and deceptive practice built on excessive hours/billings and referrals to friends for additional fees/costs!  He displayed a tremendous amount of bias and knew before he even started exactly how much the effort would cost.  He allows scope creep and oversteps his bounds and when questioned will attempt to intimidate clients.  EX: He spent a total of four (4) hours reading the instructions (which were extremely elementary) simply so he could charge.  He was inflexible when calling references and would include only what he chose to support his desired outcome.  He is biased, subjective and very quirky.  Many of my references referred to Mr. Fridhandler as being on a witch hunt and tried to lead them via his line of questioning.  He still employs tools that he himself said are outdated (i.e. extremely old and proven ineffective/inaccurate and inadmissible),yet he charged for the hours to do so. His recommendations were absurdly wild, over-reaching and a disservice to the profession and his colleagues.  I would emphatically not recommend this provider and I am inclined to report his practice to the governing body.   Apparently his almost $20,000 fee was what he planned on booking as the final bill ironically was just a few dollars over - how coincidental.  Please do your research and find someone who is genuinely in this business to be fair, just and equitable.  He is NOT RECOMMENDED on any level for any service.  If I could give zero stars I would.  I am not bitter as what is done is done; however, Mr. Fridhandler should be avoided for the sake of your family. Buyer beware.  
Entity: San Francisco, California
3, Report #572950
Mar 01 2010
09:46 AM
BRAM FRIDHANDLER, PH.D., DR. BRAM FRIDHANDLER Keeps people in treatment solely for financial gain. Not helpful after many months of therapy related to a child custody case. SAN FRANCISCO, California
We sought treatment and were kept in treatment with Dr. Fridhandler months after the therapy was clearly going nowhere. When we tried to talk to him about this he refused to discuss it. He has said things and then gone back on them when questioned. He is more interested in earning money than in honestly treating his clients.
Entity: SAN FRANCISCO, California
4, Report #288145
Nov 30 2007
10:31 PM
Bram Smith I paid him for 3 co-op shares. I got nothing and he won't respond to my emails. Internet
I paid him for 3 co-op shares. I got nothing and he won't respond to my emails. I paid $50.00 each but can't get in touch with him. It has been a year. Dr Bruce Lansing, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #699069
Feb 23 2011
03:50 PM
Texas Elite Marketing - Bram Smith 10YearsofTraffic.com, Bram Smith - Texas Elite Marketing takes money from you for Monster Coop Shares and 10 YearsOfTraffic and Runs!! Canyon Lake, Texas
I paid for shares and signed up as a JV Founder at Monster Coop which cost me about $50 and signed up at 10YearsOfTraffic (another site which he owns) which also cost another $50. After a very short while I couldn't change various settings in my back-offices and tried contacting support, but nobody ever got back to me. I even tried to contact their offices but nobody ever answers the phone....at times an answering machine, but that's as far as I got.  They NEVER reply to you queries, yet they still have the audacity to send you emails from their auto responders!! Things seem to go alright the first few weeks. They more than likely aware of Paypal's 45 day policy: You have 45 days from the date of the transaction to open a dispute in the Resolution Center. Have NOTHING to do with Texas Elite Marketing: Bram Smith. When you see them....RUN!!!
Entity: Canyon Lake, Texas
6, Report #674852
Jan 23 2011
01:13 PM
Texas Elite Marketing: Bram Smith Monster Co-op Adverting Rip-off artist Takes your money and runs!!! Canyon Lake, Texas
I have had problems from this company from day 1 and suspect it all might be a SCAM! Here are the details:I paid two amounts via PayPalTransaction #75E53552F42982814* -$50.00 USD + $9.95 per month subscription* 20/10/2010 06:25 AEST* Texas Elite Marketing: Bram Smithpayments@monstercooperative.comI then took up the founders program offer for US$49Transaction #2KJ03239P8814724U* -$49.00 USD* 27/10/2010 07:55 AEST* Texas Elite Marketing: Bram Smith* payments@monstercooperative.comI received details of one account in October and started receiving a few leads a day but then after a couple of weeks it stopped no more leads and none since and it is now the 24th December I received log in details of the second account but NEVER received a single lead. Furthermore when I tried to log into the account with the username and password I received it did not even contain my profile but rather, the profile of someone else. When I tried to change the profile to my details and hit save just it reverted back to the above person's details. Go figure and I had the username and password???I have sent several emails over the past month and a half to admin@monstercooperative.com but have NOT RECEIVED A SINGLE REPLY.When I lodged disputes with PayPal they refunded me the US$9.95 monthly subscription amount but here was there response to the two other amounts of US$50 and US$49:" We're unable to decide this claim in your favour at this time. PayPal's Buyer Complaint Policy applies to the delivery of goods but not to disputes about merchandise quality."What a JOKE! Are they serious? Does that mean PayPal support dodgy operators who do not delivery on their promises?This all could have been averted with a little communication from Bram Smith and his admin team at Monster Co-op but they did not have the decent courtesy to reply to my emails very disappointing.
Entity: Canyon Lake, Texas
7, Report #67491
Oct 27 2004
06:52 PM
Roos Films Bram Roos ripoff and crack head owes me $5,500 I have in bad checks for services recieved Beverly Hills Los Angeles California
Bram Roos of Film Roos is a scam.. He claims and write religious book and make religous Films meanwhile he tells me he has been hiring teenage hooker for over 9 years now to dance for him while he smokes his crack pipe. You should be in Jail ! I worked for him for 3 days and he wrote me bad checks too the tune of $5,500 and refuses to pay after the fact and service was done. He is a crack smoker and he claims that the crack makes him write bad checks. I didnt spend 3 days working with you for nothing. I am a Playboy centerfold and a Baywatch Actress that will not be taken advatage of. I will report this matter also to SAG,he BBB as well as the Distric Attorney's Office to have your company desolved. Your days are numberd if you keep writing bad checks. I am not the only one he has done this to. There are more models and actress that I hope will fill a compaint too. Bram Roos you will not get away with this. I will sue you for 3 times the amount of the checks. See you in court and by the way go to CA and clean up you crack head! Kara HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: 8899 Beverly Blvd., 6th Fl. Los Angeles, California
8, Report #569598
Apr 14 2010
04:54 PM
Bram Smith Texas Elite Marketing took $140 in payments for Coop advertising with zero results and no replies to my emails Canyon Lake, Texas
I paid Bram Smith $100 for an Advertising Co-op to advertise GVO and gainrecruits into GVO and have not received any recruits after 4 months.I also paid Bram Smith $39.95 for his Viral Co-op to advertise and gain recruitsfor the New Rich Report and have not received any recruits after 4 months.He has since ignored all my emails and not refunded me as I have requested.Full details can be found here http://bramscamsmith.ibusinessdot.com
Entity: Canyon Lake, Texas
9, Report #508752
Oct 14 2009
02:10 PM
Game Face Web Design Bram Moreinis Liars and Thieves. Will rip you off. Internet
This company operates under a couple names, PPC Tarmac, Fat Free Google (www.fatfreegoogle.com) and even Game Face Web Design.  No matter the company name, the reality is that they lie and distort what other companies do in order to gain your business.  They also try to play off that services that they include in their pricing are so valuable and that they don't have a large markup. Ha!!  A quick look on their website www.fatfreegoogle.com shows that for every $100 a client pays for Google marketing, only $25 goes to PPC or click charges.  They retain the rest!  Wow.  I don't know about you but 75% profit margin is pretty darn high! The leader of these thieves and scam artists is Bram Moreinis.  He concocts all the wild lies that he and his people tell potential clients and they even post some of these lies on their website.  They are such scam artists, they don't even list where their office is located!  It should be from a prison cell, as they are crooks and liars. Stay away from these guys.  There are many reputable companies who can help you market and don't need to lie about their competition in order to gain market share.  Bram Moreinis and his people at PPC Tarmac, Game Face Web Design, and Fat Free Google should be avoided at all costs.  Too bad I didn't know then what I know know or I would have saved myself a lot of money!
Entity: Internet, Internet
10, Report #564043
Feb 03 2010
01:23 PM
Dr. Chadry, Dr. Zuniga, Dr. Smith, Dr. GuilaniCVPH MHU Dr. Jeffrey Smith or Dlasanen@fuse.net, Nanny/Baby Sitter Needed, Internet
I noticed this same email has been sent before by someone using the same name AKA Dr. Jeffrey Smith.  I have stopped talking to this person after viewing the Rip Off Report.  The emails below consists of our conversations:   Hello, Thanks for the prompt response,I am glad you are interested in caring for my Kids. I want to assure you that money is not my problem as I will be making payment arrangement to you prior to my arrival.The Kids are potty trained and they are free eater. They are not allergy to food or pet of any kind .I will be staying in an apartment.I want you to get back to me so as to have you booked and secured prior to my arrival.I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks Dr Smith  --- On Tue, 2/2/10, Sandra Burns wrote: From: Sandra Burns Subject: Re: Nanny/Babysitter Needed To: Jeffrey Smith Date: Tuesday, February 2, 2010, 5:48 PM Hi Dr. Smith, They are precious. I have taken care of twins for two years, and I am very familiar with the double responsibilities that are sometimes required simoultaneously. :) They will be in loving care during your stay here. It will be $120 per week for both, therefore, the total six weeks will equal $720. You may give me a call at any time to discuss further, 225-445-8467. Regards, Sandra  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Jeffrey Smith To: Sandra Burns Sent: Tue, February 2, 2010 3:21:00 AM Subject: Re: Nanny/Babysitter Needed Hello, Thanks for your reply.I am a father of a twin baby girl, They are two years old. So that means you are caring for 2 girls (Eli and Pat) from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.Transportation would be in my vehicle as I want them totally in your care at the above time frame,hence include a reasonable cost of feeding for same time frame.What are your likes and dislikes in KIDS? the time frame is within Feb 15th.Get back so I can have you booked as I am rounding off plans and allotting money to issues that should be settled prior to my arrival.I have attached the KIDS picture for your viewing.What's the total price estimate for the time frame ?Get back to me ASAP Thanks Dr Smith --- On Mon, 2/1/10, Sandra Burns wrote: From: Sandra Burns Subject: Re: Nanny/Babysitter Needed To: Jeffrey Smith Date: Monday, February 1, 2010, 9:40 PM Yes. I can do that for you. What is your phone number? Regards, Sandra -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Jeffrey Smith To: Dlasanen@fuse.net Sent: Mon, February 1, 2010 11:44:21 AM Subject: Nanny/Babysitter Needed Hello, My name is Dr Jeffrey Smith,i need a babysitter for my twins, i live in Ontario but am coming down to your area in the state for six weeks seminar and am coming down with my set of twins,i lost my wife some months back and i cant leave my babies behind here in Canada.please get back to me if you are interested in babysitting for my twins.i need someone that will take care of them as her own baby.please get back to be on time so we can arrange how possible this will be.i look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks Dr Smith
Entity: Internet, Ontario
11, Report #1125424
Feb 21 2014
12:02 PM
Dr. Ravindran Palaniyandi Dr Palaniyandi Melbourne Florida
 Dr. Palaniyandi / Space coast cardology -) age : A  caution to all . Dr. Palaniyandi , has honesty issues. This Dr. has no problem telling you lies to your face. 4 strikes for this Dr. 1st strike , telling me I didn't need surgery when I did . I had the surgery within 72 hours , after surgeon reviewed my case in the same hospital stay. 2nd strike this Dr . stated I didn't need to be on a specific  drug that all other Docs and nurses say I need to be on for life . This Dr. is very dangerous. 3rd strike this Dr. telling me I had un needed test done at hospital . But his office partner Dr. wrote a script for very same test two weeks prior in his office. 4th strike I asked this Dr . to review this said test while in hospital .He did not until I made him come back into hospital room the next day . I asked him why he  didn't review the test ?? He stated it was another Dr . that was going to review it . Wow yet another un true statement . The Dr. he said was going to review would not see me in hospital or review the test in the hospital due to me Being Dr. Palaniyandi  case . This  Dr. didn't even blink when telling this lie . Please let me know who is a good Cardo Dr . that wont lie and look out for you
Entity: Melbourne, Florida
12, Report #412130
Jan 14 2009
04:38 PM
Dr. Miracle Wrong doing Online Internet
Dr.Miracle is not a good product to use. I have used this product for about a year. My hair is shedding tremendously and do not appreciate what thier products hve done. I have looked for a contact number to reach them at and failed to find it. They do not have a number to contact them. Every company should have a number. Ti ti Garland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #568200
Feb 11 2010
04:19 PM
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #574134
Feb 24 2010
05:40 AM
Dr. David Kleiman Fraud Texas, Texas
2. Respondent is certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties in ophthalmology.3. Respondent is forty-six (46) years of age.4. Respondent has been licensed to practice by the Board for approximately twenty (20) years.5. In 1988, Responded failed to obtain an x-ray in regard to patient N.Y. to detect the possibility of a foreign metal object. 6. Patient N.Y. had faint evidence of rust at the time Respondent performed the initial examination, but elected not to perform an x-ray given the quietness of the eye. Respondents index of suspicion was also low given the lapse of time between the injury and the time of his examination 5 days later after evaluation by a previous physician. 7. Patient R.B. was examined by Respondent for trauma associated with a pencil strike to the eye. 8. Respondent administered a retrobulbar anesthesia by injection on patient R.B. that resulted in orbital hemorrhage and severe damage to the eye.9. Respondent was aware at the time of examination that patient R.B. had a possible paternal history of Von Willebrands disease. Given his concern for the risk of infection however, and the fact that the patients father had two previous surgeries without complications, Respondent proceeded with the retrobulbar anesthesia prior to initiating clotting factor studies.10. Respondent failed to assemble properly the equipment to perform a laser keratotomy and the resulting procedure on patient M.M. resulted in a corneal laceration and visual damage.11. Respondent admits the improper assembly was the result of being tired and overworked.
Entity: Arlington, Texas
15, Report #924703
Aug 09 2012
06:43 AM
dr laveau fraud Internet
I sent dr laveau 350 dollars through money gram in somebody else name and he had me buy some stuff and when i tried calling back there was no answer so i waited about 2 months and called the excuse was he went out of town but he still did not help me he hung up and did not answer again
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #984103
Dec 18 2012
08:27 PM
Dr. Oogle Deceptive Trade Internet
The Dr. Oogle website is a site that solicits dentists for monthly or quarterly dues so that they will post reviews of your business. The site goes to great length to make it very difficult to contact anyone to ask for correction of a review. If you dig deep enough through the site, there is phone number that simply refers you back to the site. The site will rate a dentist based upon whether or not they pay the site. If you don't pay the site, they will not rate the dentist. In fact, if you are not paying them, they will downgrade your rating.  They will knowingly allow inaccurate information to remain on a review even after you have brought it to their attention. The will not discuss their method of validating a user's review. They will not explain how they authenticate a review. They will not tell you if a review has been authenticated. They will not tell you if a review was written by a competitor.  They will threaten legal action or public disclosure of your complaint...if you complain. If you pay their fee(s), they will respond to your requests or complaints immediately. If you pay their fee, you rating(s) will likely go up to accurately reflect your reviews.  If a person searches my practice and does not pay the fee to join Dr. Oogle, they will see only 2 of 13 reviews: One awful review that has not been authenticated and one good review. The other 11 (good) reviews will not show up unless you pay the fee. For the casual observer who does not want to pay the fee, my practice has 50% negative reviews!!! Ratings are manipulated depending on who pays and who doesn't. Yelp, Google, Yahoo do not have a conflict of interest because their reviews are shown regardless of any payments from dentists.
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #1169749
Aug 14 2014
06:39 AM
Dr. Chandler lies Dallas Texas
Dr. Chandler lies. He acts like he's going to help you then he doesn't.  He uses his colleagues even to act like he's going to help you and doesn't.  He takes your money for services he never provides and provides services you never paid him for or would even want.  He deceives you making you think you are paying for a service, the he lies and doesn't provide the service you paid him for.  
Entity: Dallas, Texas
18, Report #1277792
Jan 04 2016
06:35 AM
Dr. Mumlatibu Scam act like geniue caster Africa
 It is a long long story from August to Nov I find her blog and wanna get a try. The first time I paid: She charge me for US 200 for a love spell. She said she will send a spirit at night to my bf location and cast love spell on his soul and she gurantee for the succeed. In the next day , she said a evil spirit is found that is the why my boyfriend is not connected to me. She the evil spirit is being captured and she needs a spiritual bag to connect my boufriend soul. She is so generous telling me that she buy a spiritual bag for me, and ask me not to worry about it. after thirty minutes, she replys me that there is a problem about the bag, her spirits do not like that bag and need a more expansive one, so she ask me to send money to buy a spiritual bag for connection and a crystal to capture his soul so I can command him for US 600. The second time I paid: US 600 Of course , I am afraid of being fraud, so I dont send her money till after two weeks. She acts like a friend, asking my recently situation, texting with me, so friendly.(But sometime I think she is too free to text with me whole day??!)Finally with her encouragement, I sent her. At this stage I think everything is settled down, and she didnt ask for money. The crystal and bag She teach me and explain to me how to use the bag and the crystal. And seems helpful asking for my address to send the bag and crystal. After checking she said the place I live is surrounded by many evil spirits, it is not hard to understand as there is war in Hong Kong during the secord world war. So she refuse to send me the expansive bag but send me the crystal to throw it in flowing streaming. She even gives me detail instruction: 1)throw in sunny day & 2)throw in the evening I wait for the crystal sent to my home for 2weeks. Yes, she really sent and I feel that she is real. But something makes me confuse. For the expansive bag, I didnt send enough money to her, but she ask me to send her later. Finally I didnt send her and she didnt ask for.( Here is a warning, through modern communication like texting or email, it is hard for the caster to take back money after the successful spell as customer can go away without paying the money. She doesnt ask for after then.) So I am quite confusing about her relieability. After throwing the crystal, nothing got changes. But before I send her the money, so much she encourage me saying after you recieve the crystal, you can tell what you want him to do, she visualise how beautiful the picture, the future is to me. She then check for me and ask me to speak to the spirit and there is something wrong. Speaking to a spirit I am afraid to speak to spirit when requesting, but I finally be brave to try, his voice is like a talking skull, quite scary like a dead man voice. He said: Oh my son, bra bra...When hanging up the phone, I listen sharp voices, and big wind sound. The third time I paid: She ask me to buy a buffalo to cleanse as there is a third party casting black magic on me that is why my boyfriend is not connected to me which cost 1500 US. Then I reply I dont have such amount as it is too high, and she said paying half is fine, the rest can pay later. (Warning again, why paying half is still fine?) She said she has good connection with the hunters. And I said I dont have it, then she minimize the amount to half again, $350US. I prolong the process for a month and finally my heart is soften and I send her $350. She said her spirit ask her to borrow money from friends. Its fine. One day, she disappeared and cannot text her. I think she blocks me. Reflection Scammers act like a genuie , real helper. In all the ways to have your money. Actually she gains my trust in the begining. You can see that how scammers seems so geniue. I pay to her through Western Union. Although I see warning from website that ask us no to use WU, it is reasonable as there os no refund from WU. I did try to use paypal to pay for spell caster like ashra, but paypal doesnt means geniue caster, just it is easier to have refund. I have refund experience , I hope I can share with you in the future. She is the 6th spell caster I met. I am now meeting the 9th. And I find a caster seems geniue, but I am still testing her.As her service is not low at all but seems real and details in readings. Keep trying :) Will not easy give up till I get my bf
19, Report #1332568
Oct 11 2016
08:36 AM
Dr. Tattoff Scam Atlanta Nationwide
Dr. Tattoff closed their Atlanta branch with absolutely no notice. Every customer in there has signed a contract and paid at minimum several hundred dollars for expected treatment (tattoo removal). The corporate office hasn't responded to any calls or emails; they've just walked off with our money. Now, we're all out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, AND we're stuck with tattoos that we don't want.
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #1262766
Oct 21 2015
11:57 AM
Dr Scholls Never received $10 Rebate Nationwide
On 06/23/15 I purchased Dr Scholls Foot Inserts for my Husbands aching feet for $50 at Walmart with a promise of receiving a rebate of $10.   I thought the price was pretty steep but because I wanted to help my Husband and the promise of getting back $10 I thought this may be a good deal.   Today is 102115 and I have yet to get any notice from Dr. Scholls. There is a website where many consumers are also complaining that they never got the $10 rebate and there is no contact number or email address for Dr Scholls.   Some of the complaints state that Dr Scholls responded to them that they sent the wrong information i.e. not the original receipt etc., but I followed their instructions to a TEE. I am not the only one who's been ripped off by this offer. Beware!
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1328279
Sep 15 2016
07:54 AM
Dr. Tattoo off , Texas
 I have been going to Dr. Tattoo off for almost 2 yrs. I paid 1500 dollars up front and was told I needed 7 treatments of laser removal. I went for my 7 treatments and my tattoos are still visible then they told me that I would need at least three more treatments but that was covered in my $1,500 that I paid up front. I went to schedule an appointment and the Fort Worth location has closed down now the Dallas location has closed down and I can't get ahold of anybody. When the Fort Worth location closed down they sent out an email on Monday knowing that they are closed on Monday's stating the office would permanently be closed starting Tuesday. Now they have my money and I still have my tattoos. Not happy
Entity: Texas
22, Report #1354398
Feb 06 2017
03:28 PM
Dr. Tattoff Nationwide
 Prepaid for $3,000 worth of services, then they shut down all locations in the area with no refunds. Terrible people.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #560028
Jan 25 2010
08:26 PM
Dr LarrryGaum DR Larry Gaum< DR Sanford Gaum, Malpractice/Fraud/registered fellons ontario, Ontario
DR Larry Gaum The Doctor is a Registered Fellon !!! Look Under Gaum'S.THE three brothers are part of a money laundering scam....Headed By The CaliforniaFat One called Sanford Gaum !!!! Major Lawsuits,FBI,DEA>>>SELLS MEDS To Clients without SEEING THE PATIENTS !!!!!!THEY ALL DO FOR THE MONEY REAL SCUM DOCTORS.NOT SURPRISED EROL GAUM RAN FOR OFFICE IN CANADA>>>>>AND LOST (MONEYMOVEMENT<<<WAS BROUGHT TO PEOPLES ATTENTION  !!!!SCUM BAGS !!!!
Entity: ontario, Ontario
24, Report #701788
Mar 02 2011
02:11 PM
Dr Move Dr. Move **WARNING** Dr. Move delivers painful move process Irving, Texas
I contacted Maria at Dr. Move four weeks in advance for my recent move.  I requested Saturday morning- 8 a.m. February 26th and sent back to Dr. Move the completed Contract.  I did not hear back from them, so I sent an email to Maria requesting confirmation of the date/time.  No response.  A few days later I sent another email.  No response.  Then I called Dr. Move four days before my schedule moved.  Spoke to Amanda who told me “yes we have down for Saturday 8am”. Then the afternoon before my scheduled move, Maria called me to “confirm Saturday at 1pm”.  I said “No this is not what I requested; I need you here at 8am”.    Maria then informed me that because I didn’t put down a deposit they could not guarantee the first move of the day.  This was the first I was hearing about it!!   and I now had scheduling conflicts with DirecTV, the Cleaning Company, and the Internet provider’s scheduling. Then she proceeded to start arguing with me in a series of emails telling me that she did inform me about the deposit and that it was my responsibility to look over the documentation.    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  If I had known about this deposit requirement, I would have gladly paid it. Then the day of the move she called and told me that the movers would be here at 1pm, well the movers didn’t showed up until 4pm! I had to reschedule everything, including taking a day off work on Monday, which cost me $480 in lost wages. Neither of the owners of Dr. Move bothered to respond to my request to discuss their handling of my move.   
Entity: Irving, Texas
25, Report #1111416
Dec 29 2013
07:31 AM
allen manison dr Columbia advanced chiropractic, dr Jennifer hepps dr allen manison columbia Maryland
Dr allen manison .  Do not go there.  Total creep ?Dirty office. Wife is a certifiable whack job? Dr Jennifer hepps
Entity: columbia, Maryland

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