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1, Report #1378020
Jun 09 2017
08:16 AM
Dr. Joel Caldwell Defrauded our company out of the charges we were owed for his interstate move. Clermont Florida
  Back in July of 2015 Dr. Joel Caldwell contracted with our company to pack and move his household goods from Cazenovia , N.Y. to Clermont Florida. The total cost of the move was to be $ 12,336.04 terms were cash on delivery. One day prior to delivery Dr.Caldwell informed us that his new employer would be paying for his move . We asked him to provide a guarantee on the new employers letterhead that would guarantee their payment of the charges. He provided a guarantee on their letterhead, signed by the office manager that GFC Counseling service would pay the charges . Subsequent attempts to bill and collect the charges resulted in us being informed by GFC's CEO Dr. Joseph Wm. Nussbaumer that they never had any intention of paying it , that Dr. Caldwell had no authority to request such a written guarantee and the office manager had no authority to make the guarantee either . he also informed us that their were other honesty issues such as charging personal expenses to the company credit card and that When confronted with his illegal indescretions in mid September 2015 Dr. Caldwell decided to quit GFC counseling later that day. to ad insult to injury Dr. Nusbaumer informed us that Dr. Caldwell was issued a $ 2000.00 check prior to the move in deference to his moving charges . This check was cashed a week before his belongings were moved yet our Moving Company did not receive one red cent. A subsequent background check revealed that Dr. Caldwell was convicted of Medicaid Fraud in 2012. was sentenced to 60 days in jail 5 years probation and 400 hrs of community service. He made restitution of  $ 50,000.00 , but according to reports the state maintains he stole over              $ 100,000.00 and that a civil suit was pending.  See Syracuse.com April 2 2012.          I cannot speak to his abilities as a Psychologist, however , he purports himself to be a Christian uses his Christianity in his marketing and promotion website and facebook page quoting scripture and avails himself to a Christian clientele . Potential clients should be made aware of his relationship to the truth and his criminal activities and background.In my opinion the man is a fraud in the most vile and dispicable sense. In no way a Christian , a true wolf in sheeps clothing hiding behind christianity to get paying customers while in reality he is no more than a common theif !
Entity: Clermont, Florida
2, Report #1394684
Aug 22 2017
03:09 PM
Dr. Joel Caldwell Fraudulently billed his family's move from New York to Florida to our business, and made unauthorized credit card purchases Clermont Florida
Dr. Joel Caldwell began working at GFC Counseling of Groveland, Florida in February 2015.  On July 5th of that year, Dr. Caldwell became the new Administrator / CEO, as our founder and former Director, Dr. Joseph Nussbaumer, Jr., had developed leukemia a few years prior.  On July 22, 2015, Dr. Caldwell instructed the Office Manager to type up a letter on GFC's letterhead to Clinton Moving & Packaging, Inc., of Clinton, NY.  Dr. Caldwell personally dictated the letter.  When the Office Manager voiced his concern to Dr. Caldwell that the letter gave the impression that GFC Counseling would be paying for the entire cost of his family's move, Dr. Caldwell stated I know that the letter makes it sound that way, but the moving company just wants to verify that this is a legitimate move and that I am gainfully employed here. Dr. Nussbaumer did authorize the Office Manager to write a check to Dr. Caldwell for $2,000.00, as a gift to put towards the cost of his family's moving expense.  Our records indicate that Dr. Caldwell cashed that check the following week.  When the Office Manager received our credit card statements the following month, he noticed that there were many unauthorized charges made to grocery stores, pizza parlors, WalMart, and other places.  Knowing that these purchases were not made for the office, the Office Manager immediately notified Dr. Nussbaumer of the fraudulent activity.  The following day, GFC Counseling received a bill in the mail for $12,336.04, the entire cost of the Caldwell family's household move.  When confronted about the nearly $20,000.00 in outstanding bills (his personal purchases using GFC Counseling's business credit card, and his family's move billed to GFC Counseling), Dr. Caldwell stated that he had everything under control, even though he decided to quit later on that same day.  The amount of unauthorized spending at GFC Counseling that Dr. Caldwell is responsible for totals $7,209.50.  To date, Dr. Caldwell has not reimbursed GFC Counseling for any of these charges. The sad irony of this whole ordeal is that, just a few weeks after his sudden departure, GFC Counseling received an advertising email from Motivational Press, announcing the upcoming release of a new Christian book.  The name of the book?  Living Larger:  Discovering the True Riches of Life by Dr. Joel Caldwell.  If only he really understood what the true riches of life really are, and the value that the Lord places on Christian character, Joel Caldwell wouldn't feel compelled to live larger while manipulating and exploiting others for his own personal gain.   
Entity: Clermont, Florida
3, Report #1288871
Mar 10 2016
01:35 PM
Dr. Ralph Joel Sharow Dr. Joel Sharow Dr. Ralph Joel Sharow Plastic Surgeon SCAMMER FRAUD New York Internet
Dr Ralph Joel Sharow asked to be called Dr Sharow or Dr J when I met him to be on the same level as his patients. What a joke. He may seem relaxed and confident at his job with a plastic surgery certificate on the wall, but he is not good at his job!!! Noooo way. If anything his office should be shutdown. I completely trusted him because he seemed confident and reassured me that he has done this many times. I didn’t realize until half way that he was actually practicing on me. Reeaallly bad feeling came over me when he seemed surprised while he was working on me. You never want to want to feel like that - ever!!!!! O. I can’t describe it, but I knew something was wrong. Once he was done - it was a shock and greatly depressing to me what he had done. He even reassured me that its only temporary scar and will go away after a while. Well.... its didnt. Its still here to remind me of that day. Till this day I regret that day and would never go to this doctor again. I wanted to let others know because he is very very bad at his job. PLEASE DONT ever go to this guy. I am sooo angry its depressing.. He probably took my money and went on a vacation with it while I sat at home dreading the day I met him. Please be careful who you trust with your body. I don’t believe this guy is still working on people - the idea of that just give me the shivers.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #990873
Jan 03 2013
05:14 PM
Dr. Joel Aronowitz8635 Ethical Malpractice Los Angeles, California
Dr. Aronowitz did not perform most of the procedures I paid him $18,000 to perform.  Those few he did perform were done sloppily and carelessly.  Even more egregious than his failure to perform, however, was his Operating Room Report, which was a cover-up that he delayed releasing, filled with totally false statements in an effort to absolve himself of any responsibility. Dr. Aronowitz was recruited by an ophthalmic surgeon to join him in a dual surgery on me.  He was chosen specifically for his expertise in autologous stem cell fat injections.  Dr. Aronowitz's failure to do one of two major procedures left my opthalmic surgeon so empathetic at my disappointment, that he offered to perform it himself, even though it was not within his area of expertise. Other areas I had paid for were  not done at all, or done incompletely or carelessly. My ophthalmic surgeon even noticed that one earlobe was longer than the other, and I showed him how the ear deformity was still there because Dr. Aronowitz had not re-attached that ear to my face. Even though both the ophthalmic surgeon and Dr. Aronowitz's staff were aware of my disappointment and despair duringg the first few days following the surgeries, Dr. Aronowitz's final touch was to deny all accountability.  He witheld my Operating Room Report and I didn't get it until 3 months later, when my lawyer finally called.  In his Operating Room Report, listed under Procedures, half of it is devoted to false statements about my mental state.  Every sentence in it is an easily disprovable lie.  He even claimed he'd spoken to my psychologist. Aside from the Blame the victim defense, my mental state is totally irrelevant to the fact that he did not perform all the procedures I paid for and those few he did do, were incomplete or careless.  The other curious fact about my Operating Room Report from Dr. Aronowitz is that it listed the operation as concerned with Scar removal.  Scar removal was never discussed and except for one ear, all the charges I paid for were for autologoous stem cell fat addition to areas of my face.  Indeed, that is why he was invited to participate by my ophthalmic surgeont, and autologous stem cell fat addition is his claim to fame.  A lot of his PR is focused on the breast he created for Suzanne Somers using autologous stem cell fat.  I received my ophthalmic surgeon's Operating Room Report immediately.  Like all other Operating Room Reports, it begins with Procedures, and then simply lists the exact  procedures.  It is definitely a red flag that I made about 6 requests for my Operating Room Report to Dr. Aronowitz's office, but could not get it until my lawyer finally called.  I can only assume that it was witheld to give Dr. Aronowitz time to revise it in order to falsely discredit my emotional state and to re-write the very reason for my surgery.  Dr. Arronowitz is all about money and The Sell, not about the patient.  The only time he spent time with me was on the first appointment.  Even then, he did not touch or examine any areas of my face where he was going to inject fat.  The appointment was about explaining the procedure.  Follow-ups were generally with others or 5 minute Between surgery appointments with him.  On one, he even used the crazy-making act of trying to convince me that the surgery had been about scar revision, not autologous fat!  I can only conclude that Dr. Aronowitz does not really care about addressing the needs of a non-star patient --  nor does he care about performing all the procedures a patient pays for.  In addition, he lacks the integrity to be accountable or responsible and will intentionally attempt to cover-up his non-performance.   I  think very little of him as a plastic surgeon.  I think even less as a decent ethical human being.  
Entity: Los Angeles, California
5, Report #1284135
Feb 01 2016
06:49 PM
Dr. Joel Leib Waterford Medical Associates Very dishonest and unethical Dr's office Waterford Michigan
Make appointment for his office for just a routine annual physical.which is covered 100% by insurance.  Doctor takes it upon his own to do additional test to run a bill up that insurance doesn't cover without my consent..........totaling close to $1000 in cost over and above what insurance paid.Jjust to say your a healthy person. His office is for the best interest of business not patient! I value honesty, integrity and transparency, none of which I experienced from Dr. Leib and Waterford Medical Assoc. I feel if services are provided over and above what you ask for the patient should at the minimum understand the services are recommended and won't be covered.  You wouldn't take your car into a repair shop to have the muffler replaced and then go to pick it up and find out they replaced the engine and you now have to pay for it.  I was very very clear upon making the appointment and to the doctor at the time of physical that I was only wanting service covered for the physical. If you are looking for a doctor I would highly recommend trying someone else
6, Report #1049161
May 07 2013
04:22 PM
dr joel moore due to dr moores lack of attention to his pt, he caused my girlfriend, Diane Davis to have one of her toes die and amputated. bend Oregon
  my girlfriend Diane needed surgery on foot to correct toe positions. all went well on this particular Monday morn.  nurses thruout the days  kept having to give her pain pills..you shouldnt be hurting so much anymore by Wed morn.  mind you the Dr had yet to be seen since Monday.  A male nurse that had been on vacation came back Thurs morn and was told by Diane that she was in horrible pain. He took one look at her bandage and determined that it was wrapped too tight. He called Dr Moore...he came and looked at it . He scheduled her for a second surgery to remove her dead toe.  when she went to see him in office with her son he started apologizing and admitted he was at fault
Entity: bend, Oregon
7, Report #1426803
Feb 02 2018
09:20 AM
Dr. Joel F. Spatt Woundwear.com Sold me a leg brace for my dog that doesn't work, won't refund my money, did not send me a receipt, won't answer emails. Arizona
On January 17,2018 I ordered an A-trac leg brace for my Labrador's left rear leg. I was told it would be delivered in 3 days. I was also told I would get a receipt emailed to me. It took 7 days to get the brace and after 5 attempts, I still don't have a receipt. I tried 3 times to get Dr. Spatt to send me a reciept and his response was, he sent it. His attitude was very rude and he insinuated that it was my problem if I didn't get a receipt. I emailed an alternate address for him to send the receipt, but he still did not send it. My wife tried to get them to send the receipt to her work email account, but they never did. I don't even know what the total charge was to my credit card.  The brace is a joke. It's made with too many velcro straps that stick to everything but what it's supposed to. It won't stay in place on my dog unless you really snug it up and then when she sits or lies down, the brace chokes her because it's too tight around her neck. My dog won't walk with the brace on. She just stands there and shakes violently all over.  Dr. Spatt is very rude and arrogant on the phone. He doesn't care about you or your problems once he gets your money. Now I'm stuck with a 4 or 5 hundred dollar piece of canvas material with velcro straps tangled up on everything it touches. Customer service at Woundwear is non-existant. I highly reccommend that no one ever use Woundwear or Dr. Spatt. Woundwear will not contact me to try to fix any of these problems. I just want my money back. My dog has lost 2 weeks of recovery time due to this mess.
Entity: Arizona
8, Report #694370
Feb 11 2011
07:43 PM
caldwell trust and finance uk dr. bruce miller,director of international banking,andrew walker,lawyer these guys are fakes,clowns! tried to get $5,100 deposited to their account for legal fees not yet rendered in uk(fake!) Internet
if ,you recieve an email from these clowns,it might sound like this(honk,honk!!)my name is phoney lawyer.i am the sole attoney for mr.mark(your last name),he was a formal sub comptroller for chevron/texaco who died in an auto crash with his wife and only daughter on nov.5th 200uk.                                                                                                                                                            therefore leaving behind 9.8 million gbs uk (15 million us dollars)unclaimed.(here is where you come in)they will make a deal with you to claim the fortune and split it with you,depending on the clown that is appointed to you the deal will be in a percentage(not all clowns can agree on the same percentage).                                                                                                                                                                                                      next act,they will assure you that they have legal documentation naming you as the next of kin and making the funds accessible to only you.if you are interested in seeing some faked up documents,go along and they will produce these with your last name(hey,if you frame them and hang them,just think of he hours of conversation this will arise!)                                                                                                                                                                 then they will appoint another clown lawyer(from london),who will be wanting you to deposit $5,100 dollars in an account(the clown fund),to begin legal proceedings.dont do it,dont be another clown,the world needs less clowns!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #946027
Sep 24 2012
04:34 PM
Dr. Andrew Jacono Botched Eye Surgery by Incompetent Doctor Great Neck, New York
Going to Dr. Jacono is the biggest regret of my life.  He turned out to be a horrible plastic surgeon and an outrageous liar.  He cannot be trusted at all.  During my consultations he knew all the right things to say; I have learned he'll say anything you want to hear, just to get your money. I had surgery on my upper and lower eyelids.  Surgery, he says he has done hundreds of times.  He promised me that my almond shaped eyes would not change and that I would have no scarring.  After surgery, many, many months later, I couldn't bare to look in the mirror.  I despised the way I looked; my almond shaped eyes were huge and round like frying pans.  My one eye was pulled; there was no symmetry any longer. I was left with a lot of visible scarring above and below both eyes.  Again, one of my eyes was completely misshaped, it was pulled down at the corner.  It looked like such a sad eye. All I wanted was to feel refreshed.  Instead, I felt PAIN for a long, long time after surgery.  I had so much pressure over one eye from whatever he did to me. Every single one of my fears came true.  I couldn't believe this happened to me; he destroyed my face.  I must admit, I do blame myself...I found his advertisement, read it,  and believed he was a good plastic surgeon.  I read he was the Redo Doctor...this is true.  I had to get my eyes redone by another plastic surgeon.  There was NO way I would let him touch my face again.   Jacono and his staff are extremely unprofessional and terribly rude.  Don't get fooled by the 5th Avenue address.  Don't walk, run away from this doctor.   Now I must mention, Dr. Jacono is extremely CREEPY.  In his office he would touch my knee and would rub my back.  So inappropriate, so disgusting, so creepy!  Please don't say I didn't warn you. My mother and I had our consultations at the same time.  The best thing that came out of all this, is that I saved my mother from the hands of this man.  I tell her everyday, Mom, I saved you.
Entity: Great Neck, New York
10, Report #1066460
Jul 12 2013
10:13 AM
Joel Katz, MD Katz Joel MDAllergy & Asthma CenterKatz Allergy Allergist, MD He is an allergy doctor Las Vegas Nevada
DO NOT USE THIS DOCTOR unless you want your personal and private information shouted out in front of all the patients in their front office. DO NOT USE THIS DOCTOR unless you want to give out all of your personal and private financial information. Our provider network gave us new insurance cards that do not have our social security numbers on them any more because of identity theft and federal privacy laws. This office will NOT accept you unless you give them your social security numbers, copy of your driver's license, and unless you sign your life away to them in a nasty contract. I called the State Medical Examiner about this doctor and they said that privacy laws have changed and that when requesting sensitive personal information, the doctor's office must provide a private place to meet with you. This doctor's office does it in front of everyone in their waiting room. The State Board also said that a doctor's office cannot refuse service because you don't want to give them your social security number. This doctor threw us out because we didn't want to give it to them. EXTREMELY HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, rudeness, no respect for privacy. We asked to meet with the doctor and he wasn't even there. There was a nurse practitioner there but they wouldn't let us talk to that person. I'm not saying that this doctor is engaged in identity theft, but the laws have changed and I don't believe that they are allowed to keep peoples' social security numbers in their files any more.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
11, Report #1368424
Apr 19 2017
10:38 AM
Caldwell Stoneworks Blake Caldwell Countertops Bowdon Georgia
Blake Caldwell scammed my family for around $6000 for new countertops.  After many requests Blake admitted that he no longer has our money and will not do the job he promised to do.  Blake has scammed several people in the Carrollton Ga area over the past several months.  If you are a victim of Blake please file a report with Carroll County Sheriffs office.  
Entity: Bowdon, Georgia
12, Report #1416536
Dec 12 2017
02:44 PM
Wound wear Dr. Joel Spatt Product Ineffective & Replacement not provided in timely manner Cave Creek Arizona
 December 12, 2017I have an American Staffordshire Terrier aka a pitbull. He tore his right ACL on his back knee and the vet told me he would need a TPLO surgery costing $4500. In an effort to avoid such an invasive & expensive surgery, I sought out to find a medical device of some sort that could stabilize his leg enough to allow the ACL to heal. My partner found out about a company called “wound wear” that sold an “A-Trac brace”On October 30, 2017 I purchased an A-trac brace from Woundwear. I ordered with Dr. Spatt, who’s based in Arizona. He told me that he would email me a form of “Special Care” Instructions to my email as well as a receipt. I never received either. While I was still on the phone with Dr. Spatt placing the order, I told him that I didn’t see the items in my email; he told me that I didn’t need a receipt because I knew how much I paid for it.I paid for overnight shipping and received the A-trac brace on November 1, 2017. By November 27, 2017 it was already broken. The company has a no-refund policy, but will provide replacement braces for manufacturing defects. Considering that I paid $466.75 for the brace and shipping, I expected it to last longer than 3 ½ weeks .When I called Dr. Spat t on November 29, 2017 to request a refund, he very rudely reminded me that they didn’t offer refunds and asked me what I wanted him to do about it. I told him that the least he could do was to provide me a replacement. He asked me to send him photos of the broken brace and that he would get back to me.After hearing nothing back for days, I called Dr. Spatt back on December 4, 2017 to get an update on my replacement order. He told me that he never received the email. I double checked my email and confirmed that I sent the email with the photos to the correct email address. I told him how HIGHLY DISSAPOINTED I was WITH BOTH THE QUALITY OF THE BRACE AND THE LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE. If he didn’t receive the email, he should have called me back to let me know. Instead, he told me that I shouldn’t have expected a response because I spoke with him before a weekend. When I spoke with Dr. Spatt on November 29th IT WAS A WEDNESDAY!!!After a painfully rude and long 25-30 minute conversation, full of condescending remarks and evidence that Dr. Spatt isn’t the most technologically literate individuals (it took him 5 attempts to send me an email), he finally agreed to send me a brace replacement.  After seeing how UNCOMFORTABLE MY DOG WAS WEARING THE BRACE and how the BRACE CONSISTENTLY SLIPS OFF ONCE ITS FASTENED I honestly didn’t even want a replacement I just wanted my money back. I told him that:1)   the brace didn’t stay on when fastened2)   that the Velcro didn’t stick after 2 weeks AND3)   that a couple straps had completely fallen off! His response:1)   that maybe I didn’t put the brace on properly2)   that the Velcro wasn’t sticking because of the dog hair on it3)   that in 15 years straps had never broken off in a straight line and that it was impossible and that I just have an “abnormal” dog My rebuttal:1)   maybe if he had actually sent me the “Special Care” instructions, this would have ensured that I put it on correctly2)   that if a medical device is made for dogs, it should be made well enough to withstand dog hair and that my dog is short haired3)   that it’s not impossible because it happened in multiple places on my dog’s brace and that if it was from the dog chewing on it, chew marks would have been evidentA week later on Monday December 11, 2017 I still hadn’t received the replacement brace. If I paid for overnight shipping for the brace, Wound Wear could have done the same thing but they didn’t! When I called Dr. Spatt back, he told me that he didn’t know where my replacement brace was and that he didn’t even have a tracking number for it. I was shocked because I thought he was the one who actually sent the braces out. He told me that the Wound Wear headquarters is in Pennsylvania and that they are the ones who ship the braces and that he couldn’t log on to their website to see when the replacement brace was shipped. He told me he would get back to me.At this point, my frustration was beyond belief. THIS IS A COMPANY THAT DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS AND THE WELL BEING OF THEIR CUSTOMERS DOGS. Without a brace to wear, a week is more than enough time for a dog to re-injure and reverse and healing progress made on an ACL. Any dog professional, let alone a veterinarian knows this.I began doing some more research on the company and found NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS AND NEGATIVE REVIEWS ABOUT THE WOUND WEAR A-TRAC BRACE (see below): dogkneeinjury.com/conservative-management/experience-with-a-knee-brace/ripoffreport.com/reports/woundwear-inc/kennett-square-pennsylvania-19348/woundwear-inc-a-trac-dynamic-brace-ripoff-kennett-square-pennsylvania-1132625 ripoffreport.com/reports/woundwear/internet/woundwear-scam-internet-1345358ripoffreport.com/reports/woundwear-inc/kennett-square-pennsylvania/woundwear-inc-joel-f-spatt-a-trac-dynamic-brace-aka-a-trac-from-woundwear-kennett-s-1225080ripoffreport.com/reports/woundwear-inc/kennett-square-pennsylvania-19348/woundwear-inc-beware-of-this-company-for-the-sake-of-your-pets-and-your-wallet-kennett-s-1338224 At this point, I decided to call my credit card company and report fraud.  When my credit card company called Dr. Spatt to ask for the phone number for Wound wear’s headquarters, he refused to give it to them! My credit card company representative said that do to the “arrogant” nature of Dr. Spatt and the evidence that I provided regarding negative reviews of wound wear, that they would be happy to file a dispute for charge of the brace cost.Hours later, Dr. Spatt finally called me back and told me that THE REPLACEMENT BRACE WAS NEVER SENT OUT! He said that he would overnight it and was very apologetic, only after hearing from my credit card company. By this time, it was too little to late for apologies. My dog is very uncomfortable and struggling to even get up and relieve himself and THANKS TO WOUND WEAR, MY DOG’S HEALING TIME HAS BEEN SET BACK 6 WEEKS.WOUND WEAR A-TRAC BRACES DO NOT DO WHAT THEY CLAIM TO DO!!!THEY CAUSE IRRITATION BY RUBBING ON YOUR DOG’S LEGS!THEY FALL APART!THEY FALL OFF!THEY ARE COMPLETELY INNEFCTIVE IN STABILIZE A DOG KNEE!THEY WILL NOT HELP HEAL YOUR DOG’S ACL!In addition to this, Dr. Spatt is one of the most rude and miserable humans that I’ve every spoke in my life. He is very condescending. I tired to be patient and compassionate because he’s clearly an older gentleman. But at a certain point, customer service should prevail.I hope the review saves someone from spending $500+ for the Wound Wear A-trac brace and hopefully causes the company to at least begin thinking about improving their product design and customer service. Regards,Fee        
Entity: Cave Creek, Arizona
13, Report #1099393
Nov 14 2013
05:43 PM
Joel Peterson Joel peterson joel peterson scammer, joel peterson rip off, joel peterson fake seo leads, scam artist joel peterson Woodland Hills California
Joel Peterson is a scammerHe will threaten you He will try to sell fake leads If you do not buy them then he will tell you he will take a commission off the sale.  When you try to make the sales you realize that they are not warm leads at all (everyone will either hang up or say no thank you) He will then tell you that the leads were hot leads and you should of closed the lead and will threaten to report you on the rip off report or other websites. Do not deal with him- you will regret it 
Entity: Woodland Hills, California
14, Report #816152
Dec 30 2011
11:54 PM
Joel Miller ministryplacement.com Scam website, Internet
Joel Miller hired me for my services as a web developer and never paid after getting me to do as much work as he could without paying anything yet except one small payment to earn my trust. Also watch out for fake job postings and resumes on ministryplacement.com he hired people to make them up so he can get people to pay for his fake services.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #1388206
Jul 26 2017
12:24 PM
Pawn 1 - Caldwell Beware Caldwell Pawn 1 if your wanting your items to no be damaged! Caldwell Idaho
Went on my normal console run to buy the broken consoles as I do every week or other week. They had 3 consoles in which were broken because they dropped them (I know this because the store on 10 mile told me.) They had 2 marked for 15 and one marked for 20! Exact same consoles just different colors. They claimed it was an xbox 360 elite and that is why they were charging 20. I go in there are all the time and buy their broken consoles. I offered a fair price 15 for each console. They shot it down and began to get rude. I then offered to pay the marked price if they included the things listed on the tag. They refused.. And had the manager had the nerve to tell me I've worked here for 6 years and have never seen you. Interesting since I am there every week or so buying consoles. So I left. Do not go here if you are trying to get a quality product. They drop and abuse their stuff and sell it for the same price half the time the stores have it brand new! I will continue to share my horrible experiences with this company! After posting my experience on their facebook page they seemed to be legitimate they wanted to figure out the issue, but shortly after speaking with a manager they decided to change their minds. I have now included pictures so others can see their lack of ownership and how they try to act like they know more then the customer to sell above fair value.... Sounds like I may be needing to take this to the FTC and Attourney General! to show they are commiting consumer fraud! 
Entity: Caldwell, Idaho
16, Report #788116
Oct 12 2011
08:44 PM
 I ordered boneless BBQ wings, and wound up with bonein. So I called them to get them switched out, and even though there own recipts show that I ordered boneless they told me they wont correct errors if you order online. She was really snotty about it. Never use pizza huts online, because they can screw up your order and not have to fix it. Better yet go dominos
Entity: caldwell, Idaho
17, Report #1341091
Dec 02 2016
04:58 PM
Jon caldwell Corp sales division Scammed for money Hawaii Hawaii
 I bought tradelines. They were delayed. I had to call and ask. He did not call to tell of delay. Oct 19 paid Finaill line shows up nov29. Wrong line auto Did not purchase auto. Pirchased revolving 2 lines at 2900.00 No second line No refund No retirn calls He text an awful message. I also bought a corp and. Budiness lines. I cant do anything with I am out of 7,100
Entity: Hawaii
18, Report #1314282
Jun 29 2016
06:46 PM
Andy Caldwell MBVacation Stole security deposit, disgusting rental, Myrtle beach South Carolina
 Beware!!! Andy was so nice and polite in the beginning. I had to ask a lot of questions because I have a 14 year old in a wheelchair. I had to make sure everything was accessible! Andy seemed so nice. We are 4 families of mature adults ranging from 35-60 with our children. This was a HUGE party condo! People drinking all night to start. The elevator my husband and son had to take daily had urine, weed, and beer smell constantly! So besides that we arrived the furniture is old... The one fridge didn't work (ice maker) dryer was broke, floors were filthy and we had to buy a mop and do it ourselves! YES we called about all of these issues and obviously made him angry! Oh yea had to call back because a drain was clogged in bathroom and dryer still wasn't fixed 2 days later. So we decided enough was enough and left a day early. Cleaned everything as stated. The place was cleaner than when we arrived! So we had a feeling he was going to be upset about all of our calls and be worried about bad reviews and try to switch it up and blame us like he did to previous reviewers! You guessed it. The next day I get an email! Saying a door that looks like it was beat up by drunk teenage boys was done by us. He will not take my phone calls or emails. It's pathetic! We didn't do it and have no proof obviously. The cleaner had 2 little boys ages 5 and 8 ish with her ... Do you want them cleaning your place ? Also bullet holes in window rental next to us! Stay elsewhere!
19, Report #809365
Dec 14 2011
12:57 PM
NDAM JOEL Scammer'sknown email addresses: ndamjoelpuppies@yahoo.comLink: http://www.fraudwatchers.org/forums/...2458-p-10.htmlWestern Union / Moneygram information: Full names......................NDAM  JOELCountry..........................CAMEROONState.................................DOUALAZip code.............................000237Amount.................................$400Test question............................WHEN?Test answer..............................NOW. Scam link: http://www.fraudwatchers.org/forums/...2458-p-10.html Scamtext/format: **Victim's post**DON'T GET CAUGHT UP IN IT WITH ( NDAM JOEL ), IV'E BEEN DEALING WITH THESE PEOPLE FOR OVER A MONTH, THEY THINK THEY GOT ME BUT HAHAHAH:lol: THE JOKE IS ON THEM I'M PLAYING ALONG WITH THEM, SO THEY CAN FEEL JUST ALITTLE BIT OF WHAT WE FEEL WHEN THEY TRY TO SCAM US, THEY ARE RIGHT NOW SITTING PATIENTLY FOR MY E-MAIL WHICH WILL CONTAIN THE MTN FROM WESTERN UNION, WELL THEY WILL NOT RECEIVE A RED CENT FROM ME WHICH ON NO DOUBT IS THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE THAT HAS FELL INTO THERE SCAM, AND RECEIVED NO PET. HER IS THE MOST RECENT E-MAIL FROM OUR LAST CONVERSATION. ok i will be waiting for you mail as soon as you get back from the bank with the MTCN and the FULL SENDER'S NAME OK THANKS WAITING ASAP
Entity: North West, Nationwide
20, Report #716662
Apr 12 2011
09:18 AM
Joel Gordon Joel A. Gordon & Associates Joel A. Gordon, Scam Artist, Bad Attorney, Bad Lawyer Houston, Texas
Scam Attorney Joel Gordon in Huston at www.joelagordon.com is an Attorney from Hell First off, i'd like to say that it takes quite a bit to make a guy like me steamed. And this guy hit the WMD button plenty of times. It all started in early 2010 when I was searching for an attorney to take my case. Given the sheer convenience of the situation; chiropractor and his office, I figured what the heck, i'll hire this guy. Boy did that turn out to be the biggest mistake of my life. He was dragging my case and at the end I got nothing and still had to pay chiropractors bills. Please stay away from this so called Attorney
Entity: Houston, Texas
21, Report #445756
Apr 22 2009
09:01 AM
Charlotte Aircraft - Caldwell&jenks - d**k Caldwell - Jenks Caldwell this company is ran by deadbeats took my money and never sent parts. Charlotte North Carolina
this company is ran by deadbeat's and should not be allowed to do business.im not surprised they are already on here.take my word do not do business with these guys. Helen greensboro, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
22, Report #1360988
Mar 10 2017
12:49 PM
Blake Caldwell of Caldwell Stoneworks Took the money and ran... Carrollton Georgia
 Blake Caldwell of Caldwell Stoneworkd was paid $1,000.00 in advance for the installation of granite counter tops in our home. After months of lies and broken promises, we still have no countertops. Do not trust this guy, do not do business with his company.
Entity: Carrollton, Georgia
23, Report #1363671
May 16 2017
04:53 PM
Caldwell Stoneworks Blake Caldwell unsatisfactory work, incomplete work, failed to comply when states he would return Carrollton Georgia
I hired this company to redo my kitchen counter tops and tile backsplash.  He started the job in October.  He was almost finished and I had to leave him unattended. Since there was little work left to complete, I paid the other 1/2 of my installment. He tore out previous tiles and attached new ones to ....almost nothing. He did not replace the sheetrock, so a few weeks later they started to fall off and loosen up. Some places had no tile placed there at all. He messaged me THAT evening saying he would be back the next day to complete and seal the work. I patiently waited months listening to ridiculous excuses. I finally lost my patience and posted a negative review with pictures on his fb page. He promptly replied, apologized, and ask that it be removed, I told him that I would update upon receiving a satisfactory completion to the project. At that time, he set up a time to come in and re do. He did not show up. My review as well as the option to review his company has since been removed. After I posted a comment, a few friends commented that they have had similar issues.  3-4 others have confirmed  that they paid down payment and Never saw him again and received Nothing. People in the local community are losing money because of his dishonest practices.  
Entity: Carrollton , Georgia
24, Report #351847
Jul 16 2008
06:42 AM
Kiyoseki Fraudulant Caldwell New Jersey
On Tuesday July 15, 2008 at apporoximatley 9 am I was watching the infomerrcial for the Kiyoseki styler. It gave you 20 minutes to place the order. After doing this I decided to research the product on the internet and was disappointed to read All the bad reviews. I got back on the phone to cancel the order and was told I had to call back in 24 hours because it hadn't processed yet. At 9:00 am on the 16 th of July I was on the phone with customer service and was informed that my order had already shipped. How can someone ship something before the company even opens and I had gotten a computer generated e-mail at 6:25 am that my payment method hadn't even been processed yet. This company is very deceitful in it's practices and should be put out of business. Dawn Valdosta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Caldwell, New Jersey
25, Report #332816
May 15 2008
10:04 PM
The brightly lit board at every gas station is meant to inform potential consumers on that particular gas station's prices. As all automobile gas customers know: The first price on the board is for Regular gas, the second is for Plus and third price listed is for supreme. When I saw the first price listed as $3.58, I pulled into the Exxon station and asked the attendant to fill the tank with regular to be payed by credit card. As the tank started to fill, I noticed a discrepency between the price per gallon that was being charged on my card and what was on the board. I looked at the board again, and noticed that where the word 'Regular' should have been, was the word 'cash' next to $3.58 and underneath, instead of 'Plus', was the word credit next to $3.68, which is what I was being charged. I told the gas station attendant that the board was misleading. They should have a separate bigger sign for gas prices payed in cash as opposed to credit card, as other gas stations display. The attendant instead yelled at me something in his own language and turned away. I speak four other languages fluently besides English, and I stated a valid complaint in English, a language we both could understand, and I deserved a better reply than what his very rude manner indicated. We are informed every day that the rising cost of oil barrels are the catalysts for these outrageous gas prices...If that were the case, how is it that Exxon reported highest profits ever this last quarter?! Obviously the gas price hike is much higher in proportion to the price per barrel! DINA WEST ORANGE, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: CALDWELL, New Jersey

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