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51, Report #935084
Aug 30 2012
08:23 PM
Drive Financial/Santander Santander Consumer Misplaced maypents, Internet
We have a jeep cherokee leased through Drive Financial/Santander Consumer.  Back in May my jeep was reposessed for what they said was lack of payment for March and April. In order to gain posession of my vehicle back, I had to western union the company 1800 dollars, which supposibly would catch the payment up.  In the meantime, I knew I had not missed March and Aprils payment, it was just a matter of finding the money order recipts.  Thank goodness, I found them. I had the money orders traced and wow, they had actually cashed them.  When I called, they said yes, they did cash and they accidentally applied my payment to someone else's account.  ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!? I was charged a 370 dollar repo fee from Drive/ Santander, had to get a loan for the 1800 dollars that I had to pay before I could get my jeep back, and the tow company charged me 215 dollars..  So when I called to find out where my 1800 dollars had went they said to February March and April.  I told them that we had figured out the payment issue with March and April and they had falsly repoed my jeep.  They then went on to say that they didn't repo the jeep due to March and Aprils payment being misplaced it was repoed because January's payment wasn't made. So to make this long long long story short, they falsy reposessed my jeep. Which in the long run cost me awhole lot of money considering the interest on the 1800 dollar I had to get, the 370 dollar repo fee and the 215 dollar tow, they agree to credit my account the 370 dollars and the 215 dollars which would have brought my balance to a POSTIVIE 4 dollars...I said screw the 4 dollars send me my title.... Two weeks later after they agreed to credit my account and bring to a paid off status, they still hadn't processed anything and were saying my pay off was still 500 something dollars.  I told them, I give you 72 hours to get my title in the Mail.  So this is now Thursday night, the title was supposibly put in the mail Tuesday....I will give them til monday...I hate this company and am so ready to receive my title and be finished with the run arouns.
Entity: , Internet
52, Report #202851
Jul 25 2006
01:49 PM
DRIVE FINANCIAL ripoff, dishonest billing Dallas Texas
What a joke, if i would of know i had to put up with these idiots i would of never even though about getting another car. Having only dealt with these morons for four payments so far, every payment has been screwed up. The first payment was held, I had to for some reason make the payment through the dealer. During the time my information went from the dealer to drive financial, drive financial had lost ALL of my information, so again i had to make a payment through the dealer because drive had not set up the account. Then both payments were taken out...nice. Drive financial NEVER sent me any information... such as where to send the payment, I spoke to them by phone and they told me they will not send this information out again. Well of course the third payment was late, never mind the fact the due date had been changed from what was originally agreed in the contract, without me knowing of course. The fourth payment was made seven days early, and the next thing you know I'm getting calls saying the payment had not been made nine days after it was sent. I asked, are you telling me it takes nine days to get a payment sent by mail less than five hundred miles away? It appears yes if your from drive. My guess is that they count it as being late or not when they decide to get to it... is that it? Turns out they were calling me to let me know my payment was two days late... imagine that, nine days to send a payment five hundred miles away, what a joke. Having read all of the crap people are putting up with from this company I have been very careful to document everything. From now on I will send the payment certified. Why do I always have to deal with morons... where do i sign up for that class action lawsuit? Andy bentonville, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
53, Report #202108
Jul 20 2006
01:53 PM
Drive Financial ripoff rude Dallas Texas
Drive Financial is a rip off the customer service department is no help and all they do is lie to you about your account. I traded my car in 1 month ago and my car was paid off by the car dealership 5 days later the check was received by a person in the company. They are now saying the check is lost and the company is writing to me telling me to make a payment even though it is not my fault that someone in there company has lost the check! They threatened to debit my banking account. My car company has now issued a stop payment on that check and reissued another one lets see what happens now. Tonya Las vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
54, Report #203835
Jul 31 2006
06:13 PM
Drive Financial harassing collection practices Dallas Texas
This company made a loan to a deadbeat, but it seems that when they made the loan Drive Financial failed to collect enough information about this person to track them. Based solely on a telephone book search and a shared name, Drive Financial has decided that my wife is the person who took out this loan. We have never done business with Drive Financial, nor have we ever purchased or owned the vehicle they made the loan on. For over a year Drive Financial representatives have been leaving abusive and threatening messages on our voicemail, at all hours of the day and night. This is despite repeated efforts on our part to get Drive Financial to correct their mistake. Drive Financial representatives have admitted to sending investigators to our home in an attempt to find the vehicle. Drive Financial provided our contact information to the out-of-County sheriff's department which eventually located and impounded the vehicle. They way Drive Financial is run we fully expect to have some kneebreaking thug show up at our door. For my part, I'm taking the gloves off. Our attorney, the BBB, Ripoff report, our Congressional representatives - all are going to be involved in the next couple of days. I feel sorry for anyone who actually ends up doing business with Drive Financial. My advice is to avoid Drive Financial like the plague that it is. John Sonoma, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
55, Report #204824
Aug 06 2006
08:54 PM
Drive Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
I too have been ripped off by drive, my wife and I both have cars with drive and we sent both of our payments at the same time and they claimed they only got one, so they called us and we did a payment by phone and you know it our account went to the negatives. We are willing to do whatever it takes to get this company. Contact me through this site. Elvin Little Rock, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
56, Report #306970
Feb 07 2008
10:16 AM
Drive Financial big ole liers Dallas Texas
I was making all my payments on time and Drive Financial reported that I was late more then 120 days.This is Not true,I made all payments on time and they messed up my credit my their lies. Tye woodbridge, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
57, Report #306594
Feb 06 2008
07:32 AM
Drive Financial HELLIANS HARASSING Dallas Texas
This all started when Drive lost our paperwork. That may have been the sign to run fast. There is this thing called Life and there are many turns in life that we do not intend on taking in our wonderful over priced Drive cars. I totally agree pay your creditors on time. But with this little thing called layoffs, cut-backs, recession it may be difficult. I got behind on my car payments. The one thing that Drive did do is defer the payments in order to try to catch me up. Alright with that said it didn't work. You all right, Drive's loans are designed so we can never pay these cars off. Once you get behind you are in for a ride. Within the time frame I have dealt with Drive. I have dealt with loud jaded account managers. Ignorant Branch Managers. And customers service reps. that can't read. I read in another forum where Drive employees fight among themselves, if one employee tries to help the customer. I had that happen to me. I dealt with an account manager that acted like a bride left at the altar when she felt someone went behind her back to help me. I guess in retrospect it is funny, because she didn't get her $1200 dollar bonus. To add insult to injury Drive called references and tried to smear my name. They also called a person I have not dealt with in 10 years. FOOLISH! Here later they have threaten for the last 90 days to repo. the car. I have told them on more than one occasion please come and get the car you will be doing me a favor. I have learned from Drive that when you are threaten do not fear, look your enemy straight in the eye. I have tried to catch up my payments with Drive. It seems like it is impossible. The crazy thing is I have read other complaints about Drive, where the consumer did as agreed and Drive still repoed the car. I am at a point of peace with the understanding any whose intelligence is assualted by these loan sharks will receive better cars, with lower payments and with a company that understands this thing called life. I know officals from Drive read these postings. Please understand your greed will be your demise in 2008. All the money you have taken out of the consumers pockets with your lies and tricks will come back to you. Any lawyers, advocacy groups etc... that read this forum please research a class-action law suit against Drive. How long will we have to be treated like second class citizens because we are trying to live this thing called life? Oh please count me in for a class action suit. Toniee Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
58, Report #312991
Feb 28 2008
01:40 PM
Drive Financial added $1,507.79 to my note that they could not explain. I refuse to pay it and they can just repo the car and keep it. I will not pay them another dime. Buttxxxxxxagain Cumby, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
59, Report #312145
Feb 26 2008
10:20 AM
Drive Financial Harassment every other day Dallas Texas
I've purchased a 2006 Kia Sedona at Peak Kia in Colorado. I was told that the van could be refinanced it a year or so. The property I was working at sold the property, so naturally I lost my job. I was never been late or delinquent on payment. I tried my best to keep the van but I could not find a steady job for a few months. I called Drive Fiancial and asked if I could refinance because I had been paying for a year. At my surprise, they told me that they were not a finance company. I was shocked because the company name is after all Drive Financial. Is this legal? After hearing that I knew I had to give up the van. It wasn't possible to make the payment of over $700 with the money I was making. I begged them to take the van. At the time of phone call to them, my loan had not been delinquent. They kept asking me if I could go somewhere else to refinance the car. I told them the van is in front of my apartment so just take it. They began to call me every other day. I had to tell each person who calls the same thing every time. The van has been sitting there for over 3 months now. I am driving my son's car. I have not once driven the van since the first call was made to them. They somehow found my son's friend's number and called him. I have never given them my son's friend. They just wouldn't take the van back. I don't know what to do. This is affecting my ability to work with peace of mind. I am willing to pay the remainder of the loan after they auction it off. I want to know if it is legal to call them selves a finance company when they are not. I would like to say to them to take the van back and let me off the loan contract then charge me whatever I owe now. Stop the phone calls!! Ron Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
60, Report #328539
Apr 24 2008
07:55 AM
Drive Financial Let's get together Dallas Texas
I have a car loan with drive financial. When I called to ask about my payoff the rep was rude and told me I was late so many days. However, I told him I know that and that is why i'm calling about my payoff and I was hung up on and had to call back to get the information. I feel I am being charged with hidden fees that I had no knowledge of. They are telling me that my interest rate changes when i'm late to an additional $11.53 daily. What should I do? Nita chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
61, Report #218404
Oct 30 2006
11:43 PM
Drive Financial are vultures Dallas Texas
I have had the misfortune of dealing with Drive Financial for the past few months. They said that I am 4 months behind on my payments, and when I used Western Union to wire to months worth of payments until I can get proof of the payments that were made, they said they never recieved the Western Union. My employer is getting harassing phone calls from them being as I work graveyard shift, and they are calling 2 and 3 times a day. Isn't this illegal to be calling even when they were told not to. They have my home phone number as well as my cell phone, but they keep calling my employer. What kind of recourse do I have against Drive Financial if I am terminated by their calls, as I have already been for-warned. I have read in previous reports, when other SCREWED BY DRIVE FINANCIAL customers have either paid or proven their payments, their vehicles have still been repossessed. I am afraid of bringing my vehicle home. I am paying for a vehicle that I am afraid to drive. GO FIGURE....... Any insights from anybody I am at my very wits end. Cindy Puyallup, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
62, Report #178653
Feb 28 2006
08:36 PM
Drive Financial Services ripoff Dallas Texas
Drive Fainancial Services, I've been with them for about 3 years now and they lie, cheat, They did some bad things to me and my family so who ever whats to e-mail me or call me all sue them with you or help you because if someone doesnt sue them Im going to, Ive just paid the car off but THEY ADDED $ 4,000.00 to the balance they faxed me the payoff but when I went to call to ask about the payoff its different then want there telling on paper the money he said he can tell me what the extra money was for but he would'nt put it on paper and he hung up the phone with me.he could tell me what the charges are for over the phone but would not put it on paper, so I have lost alot of money invested in this because when we bought for 13,000.00 now its 16,000.00 after three years of paying for it . so Im all for it to ( sue) them , I have everything and all paper work to go. Orland, California Orland, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
63, Report #267073
Aug 13 2007
07:40 AM
Drive Financial RIPOFF Lumberton North Carolina
I have to been a victim of Drive Financial's harrasing phone calls, high interest rates and huge fees. I changed banks and informed them 30 days in advance like i was supposed to. They proceeded to try and withdrawl payments everyday more than once a day. Now we all know what happens when the funds are not there, your charged by both companies. I had to pay them and the bank over 400 dollars in fees to each. When i called drive financial to question them about this they denied i even sent them any informtion regarding the change of banks and got an attitude. I also got harrassing phone calls to my job, house, and cell. I have made payments and caught up on the fees they charge and they still persist you owe them more for the month prior. I have had my share of problems but aren't they suposed to helping and not causing more problems? I would like to be part of any lawsuit against them. Heater Lumberton, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
64, Report #258297
Jul 02 2007
04:14 PM
Drive Financial Rip Off, Rude, Harrassment TexasDallas Texas
This company not only ripped me off, but never sent me a contract, called me repeatedly on a daily basis, one person would tell me one thing, then someone else would call and say something else. I eventually surrendered my car, but it took them approximately 4 weeks to come pick it up. The dealership called me and said my contract had been cancelled by Drive Financial and I would have to bring my car to them; while Drive Financial said the contract was still good. I could never get a straight answer, and every time I spoke to someone, the amount I was behind would change. I couldn't get rid of the car fast enough, and I don't care what it did to my credit. Anythng is better than dealing with Drive Financal. Marla ontario, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
65, Report #258751
Jul 05 2007
06:20 AM
Drive Financial lie about a deferment ripoff Texas
lie to me as if they wsa going to give a deferment. Dorothy lagrange, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Texas
66, Report #256777
Jun 25 2007
02:45 PM
Drive Financial ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Dallas Texas
I was told by the dealer that they would cut a check for six months payments to drive financial and they did that I have a copy of the cashed check, I sent them a personal check as well. The deal was cut 4/28/07 and the check was cashed by drive financial 5/22/07 for 2268$, DFinancial is saying that they never received the check from the dealer and that I am late on my payment of 442$ which is really only supposed to be 425$. The dealer told me that I send a check to Drive finacial for 47$ + 20 for gap ins. 67$ total and that the 2268$ was my coverage of payments for 6 months. they got the $2268 cashed that, my 67$ and they say that I still owe 441 for the first month and that is late! I am talking to a lawyer to start a class action so if anyone wants to get on board Terry simpsonville, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
67, Report #270493
Aug 27 2007
10:00 AM
Drive Financial The worst ever Texas Nationwide
Drive Financial late fees are so expensive you will never be able to pay off the car. When I purchased the car, I was told it was less than 5O.OO per month, not per day. Lynette silver spring, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
68, Report #268282
Aug 17 2007
01:14 PM
Entity: Dallas, Texas
69, Report #278948
Oct 15 2007
11:08 PM
Drive Financial They took my car!! Dallas Texas
I had my car repoed because they screwed up the paperwork of my last payment. They then told me 110.00 would get my car back. They told me I was in the wrong but then said that they would eat the 400.00 repo fee. OK if i'm wrong then why aren't I responsible for that fee. They are so rude and misleading. All I want is my damn car back i'll finish paying it off as I planned to when I purchased the car. If anyone has had a similar experience, has any questions, or has filed suit(I would like to join you) contact me. Rose cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
70, Report #302806
Jan 23 2008
06:49 PM
Drive Financial Constant harrassment Dallas Texas
Drive is horrible in reference to collection tactics. Even if a military member is gone they harrass whoever they can in reference to payments. (whether you are late or not). They have left personal information w/ people we don't know, lied to our references about our loan, and called all hours of the day and night (we have had the every hour calls as well) They need to be stopped or fined and we are in with whatever help is needed. Jd oklahoma city, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
71, Report #88016
Apr 17 2004
10:25 AM
Drive Financial rip-off! Dishonest seedy criminials. Dallas Texas
I am currently in Chapter 13 Drive Financial knew about this they recieved paper work stating such, they also attented creditors meeting and still repossed my car. this is against the law for I am protected my Chapter 13. These people think they are over the laws. I contacted my attorrey they even stated they can not do this Iam protected. So beware they will do anything. I am fighting back. Lizabeth kenesaw, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas Texas, Texas
72, Report #47215
Feb 27 2003
01:00 PM
Drive Financial harassing calls misrepresentation Rip-off Dallas texas
i've read most of the reports that were filed here and i would like to offer some advice as these are the steps i am now taking. first you need to send a letter to them asking them to cease and desist calling you at your place of employment (get it notarized, keep a copy, and send it to them via certified mail. then file a complaint with the attorney general's office in your state as well as file a complaint in their state at the attorney general's office (512-463-2070). Then call the Dept of Banking and Finance for your state to report them as well. To call someone 10-15 times in one day is too much. After that to call and say you have won a sweepstakes is a bit too much--no i did not fall for it. So legally, this is what i'm told can be done. Valerie ocala, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Florida
73, Report #45234
Feb 12 2003
08:39 PM
Drive Financial ripoff deceptive company Dallas Texas
All the letters entered into this site about Drive Financial have been correct, every word these people are saying is so true. 1 week before my first payment in 2002 was due they called me and told me that the best way to send my payments so they were recieved on time was thru money gram or western union, she even told me that it was cheaper to use money gram. Again I didn't receive my payment book until sometime later and as stated if sent in, they are, no matter how long before payment is due, LATE! So I also have resorted to sending them money gram and paying the extra 8.95 so they stay off your back. Also if you ever have an accident while being with them, be prepared for them not to sign the check to the co. fixing the vehicle until they have thoroughly harrassed you about it. It took them 6 months to sign the check and send it back to the repair shop, they in return hassled me all the time. Then they would try to put it off on the repair shop and say they didn't follow procedure. WHAT A MESS!! But what are you to do when you have credit problems and they are the only ones out there to help finance a car for you, I cannot refinance and am stuck with them. I sure wish that if there is some other co. that is out there that will finance a person like me, that someone would let me know. I can't tell you how sorry I am that we as people who are already hurting because of whatever reason, have to be treated like dirty dogs, scum even by these people. SOMEONE HELP US!!! Sherry houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
74, Report #149705
Jul 14 2005
09:33 AM
DRIVE FINANCIAL Rip-off Dallas Texas
I had an account set up with Drive Financial. I was set up through allotment to pay them off but, somehow that didn't work. They set me bills, called my family and harrassed them for days. Recently i missed a few monthes payments and they called me at my home to collect so I payed them what I missed. a couple months later I recieved another phone call later thatr I was late and that they was going to contact my unit and take my car. While I was away at school they repoed my car and sent me a letter stating I woulkd have to pay 12,000 to get my car back. Their excuse was that i missed two payments which I paid them by allotment, and they CLAIM they never recieved my payments, but I'm going to fix this issue and get my money back. I wa a victim of their game and tired of playing it. I don't think anyone should go threough with this. Danielle LAWTON, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
75, Report #124722
Dec 28 2004
02:42 PM
Drive Financial Service ripoff Dallas Texas
Lost my job of 7 years February 2004. Fell behind 1 month in payments. Drive was not sympathetic to my unemployment situation. My bill got up to $678. for late charges and monthly payment combined. I payed the balance to get caught up and to this day Drive is still stating I still have $105.35 in late charges. When I contacted the company to let them know of this error. They simply stated don't worry your account is up to date. However, my monthly statement is still showing these late charges. Jacqueline Richmond, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas

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