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1, Report #1374613
May 22 2017
09:50 AM
 They sold me a lemon I got my car in May 13 2016 car broke down October 2016 I had to put a engine car was in the shop from October to the end of January now it's back in the shop again for the same reason. 
2, Report #991102
Jan 04 2013
07:08 AM
Drivetime Drivetime is screwing me Internet
I bought a Ford F-150 from Drivetime. I had the truck for a year and a half and then it caught fire while driving it. It burned so bad it was considered a total loss. I did not have gap so I was left owing over $6000. When I called to report the fire I was told that my truck was still under warranty. The warranty was 36k or three years. I had put 15k miles on the truck. Now Drivetime is telling me that because there is no collateral that they had to puta $6200 charge off on my credit. I had never been late on a payment. The truck was burned so badly that it was not possible to determine what started the fire. Since they couldn't determine what caused it to burn Drivetime will not honor the warranty. I don't know what to do. Drivetime said they will sell me another vehicle but after this experience I don't want to deal with them anymore. Any advice will be appreciated.
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #1292999
Jul 21 2016
03:45 PM
Drivetime Drivetime Lombard il Sales Lombard Nationwide
 Wow where do i staert. Avoid this company. They did not bother to you all who think u got a deal that,..yes! We will give u a car,only 20% interest rate,which is about 10$ a day,on top of your actual car note. They also wont tell you that they got the car from an auction less that half of what their sticker price is. They do not maintain their vehicles so mostly all of them have high miles and no warranty. For that much you can have a new car. Stop lying to people drivetime! Eventually someone is gonna find a way to sue u for taking advantage of good people who dont deserve this. Ive had to get my vehicle fixed 11 times on my own and only had it for 10 months from drivetime. Dont be fooled by their adds on tv. Now if u like paying 3times wat a vehicle is worth and u want to fix it too,then drivetime is the place for u. But otherwise,dont do it! Waste of time and money. Oh,a quick tip,paying your car off early,eats up the interest rate,but again,drivetime wont tell you that. Peace good people.
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #381647
Oct 15 2008
06:03 PM
DriveTime Corporation Drivetime Loans Morrow Georgia
I am currently into just over a year of payments on a loan through Drivetime for a 2001 Dodge Caravan SE. First of all when I priced the suggested retail value of the car on Kelly Bluebook it was around $5200 for the van. The retail price that DriveTime was selling the van for was $13, 623 which is way overpriced especially for a 2001 model. But I really needed a van. Then the interest rate I got was 21.5% (I have terrible credit) which tacted on another $6731 to the already overpriced car. So in all my loan amount was $20354 for a 2001 Dodge Caravan. I have made a total of 15 payments so far which pretty much I've only paid down the interest I have just tapped into paying on the van itself and my monthly payment is $433 a month which I have been paying faithfully I've never been late for missed a payment. My question is can I get my interest rate lower since I have been making my payments on time? Also how is it legal for a car dealership to charge so much money for a car? And is there any way I can get of this bad loan? Anonymous Jonesboro, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Morrow, Georgia
5, Report #289651
Dec 07 2007
09:50 AM
Drivetime Drivetime Representatives San Antonio Texas
I have just finished writing the corporate office of Drivetime to file a complaint with them about the treatment of their representatives in San Antonio, Texas. If the letter will get to anyone's hands that care, I am not sure, but for those out there who have ever had the opportunity to experience the Drivetime love, I hope it does. I have done business with Drivetime for several years and have never had any late payments or issues with them. I recently had to move for health reasons and entered into a verbal agreement with Drivetime to defer a month's payment. It seems they are wanting alot of information all of the sudden after the fact the month has passed and my payments have resumed. After a rather ugly conversation with the manager in San Antonio, I did some research and found that there are alot of Drivetime customers out there who have been treated like the lesser of the earth. I have refused to give them employment information and personal references that they are so adamant to get. I read numerous reports on line that they call your employer and friends, saying you are late or a low life. I contacted the Attorney's General office in the state that I now reside, in Texas and Arizona. All three told me it was not legal to contact employers other to verify employment and it certainly was not legal to contact friends for collection. In my situation it was not even a collection issue, but wanting information about employment and friends for contact. Has anyone out there had such requests for Drivetime only to be called daily and having messages left repeatedly?? This guy told me I could be in default with my loan if I did not respond with this information. Kennonsan Birch Run, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
6, Report #1248778
Aug 15 2015
04:17 PM
Drivetime STOP!!!! read before you buy a car from drivetime clearwater florida
Stop!!!! Read this before you buy from Drivetime the vehicle you purchase will be at least $11,000 at 25% interest and payments of at least $425 per month for 5 years The maintenance agreement is limited Your car will have a min milege of 100,000 miles and they purchase these high milege vehicles because you will not be able to get it re financed, to keep you paying them. You will be stuck with these payments
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1311602
Jun 15 2016
04:48 PM
DriveTime Bridgecrest formerly DriveTime Screwing the customer Houston, Texas Nationwide
 Where do I start? I purchased a vehicle with DT back in February 2016 while having a job that paid bi weekly. Upon starting my new job in April 2016, I mentioned to a man named Chris and to another man, named Jacob I believe, that my pay period would change. It would be semi monthly. I was told because I was in the DT (now Bridgecrest) leasing program that they were not able to change the pay frequency. From April to, now, June 2016, it was a constant battle and phone hopping parade from reps and managers at Bridgecrest to reps and managers at the DT location I purchased the vehicle from (Gulf Fwy). I even had one manager at Bridgecrest, Cynthia, tell me that other customers in similar situations have made their payments and there's no reason for my account to be so behind. I explained to her everyone's situation is different, so me having my being hit on days I'm not even getting paid?? I'm not sure how that became my fault in one sentence. So I'm stuck with a balance that is essentially a hole I cannot dig myself out of. Don't even get me started on the crappy jobs the partnering Meineke's did (thanks Avirex). The cars are supposedly already throughly inspected. They're not. Not even 14 days after having the car, I had to take it in and find out there were so many issues under the hood. The kicker is that you, the customer, have to get these issues (that supposedly aren't even suppose to be there) checked out and fixed within 30 days of purchase or your first few thousand miles. So if an ongoing problem finally rears its ugly head after either of those, you're screwed. I had faith in these people. The dealership team was amazing, but I feel as the consumer, I got the short end of the stick and am now having to give the car back.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1372881
May 12 2017
11:42 AM
Drivetime/Bridgecrest Drivetime Bridgecrest Sales Tax Fruad Dallas Nationwide
Beware and double check your sales tax and additional fees against what they charged you and what they actually paid. I have discovered, through my own purchase, that these ripoff artists are charging you more in sales tax fees than they are payig to the state. They charged me, just in tax alone, not counting registration and other fees, 1223.11 dollars and they only paid the state 943.44. I have verified this with the Texas Comptrollers office and they have opened an investigation. I am looking at gathering information from other buyers from Texas and other states that they may have done this to in hopes of filing a Class action lawsuit against them. If you have questions, or feel you were defrauded by them overcharging sales tax please contact me at  Remember that besides them overcharging in taxes , your paying that rediculaous interest on that overcharged amount. Take your purchase price and multiply it by the sales tax rate in your state, Texas is 6.25% and Oklahoma is 3.25%, if that price is lowered than what you paid you were screwed!!!! If there are any Class Action Law firms that would be interested in talking to me please contact me at the same email address Im going to try to get a facebook page started because I really think this is a huge issue. 
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #156307
Sep 07 2005
07:51 PM
Drivetime RIPOFF lied, false information Downey California
ok coming from a 20 year old girl, just trying to do something on her own without a co-signer this is just ridiculous. i have had my car for exactly 21 days and have had the car into the mechanics 3 times now. 2 times they told me nothing is wrong with it, that is how the car is suppose to run. 3rd time fixing the supposive problem and a day later acting up again. ok 1... if you do this 96 point inspection, being mechanics you should be aware of a problem in a car. granite i don't know a thing about cars, i know when i car is running correctly. They told me there was nothing to do because the car wasn't running that way when they had it. well screw you. do you think i am lying about it, just so i can waist my time getting the damn thing fixed, being without a car, a new car that i just bought and was so excited about. ok yeah it's a used car and i am aware that there is going to be problems, but when your paying them as much money as we are there should not be problems within the first month. and if there are, they need to fix it within that month. they fed me a storie about this 18 year old who bought my car before me and brought it back a day later, stating his grandma died and decided he couldn't afford the payments anymore. They also told me that if within 30 days i'm not satisfied or feel i can't make the payments that i could come back. now they are telling me this isn't true. and for those who are talking about people with bad credit, i don't have bad crefit i just have no points on my credit therefore a regular dealership wouldn't accept me without a co-signer and considering i didn't want to use a co-signer and wanted to be able to do this on my own this was my only choice. little did i know i was going to get screwed over. wow shows what happens to you when you actually do try to be responsible and take action. This has nothing to do with me not affording the payments, or complaining about the price, i was well aware of how high my interest rate was when i signed that contract. i would have never signed it though if they wouldn't have ranted and raved about how reliable this car is, how the engine last up 250,000 miles...blah blah blah. the car supposivly was checked out before selling and i was even givin paper work about the inspection. while driving home that very same day 10 mintues after i bought the d**n car the thing starts acting up. the rpm is idling to about 4-5. i can't get it to stop unless the brake is complete on the floor and when letting off the brakes the car takes off with no foot on the gas. the brakes are squeeking so loud i could barely hear anything. i call that night and leave them a message. no phone call back. so i go down there the next day and i get oh yeah will get it fixed for ya i have to wait a week for my appointment. finally i go down there..oh we have no record of you making an appointment your gonna have to wait all day in order for us to look at it. no i have work i can't do that. so i make another appointment that same week. waited 7 hours for them to fix my brakes and to tell me there is nothing wrong with it. i start driving off on the freeway, the car starts jumping, idling so high, going, then not going. by far the scariest drive i've ever had. oh yeah theres nothing wrong with it, MY A**. called back the second i got home and had to make another appointment, but once again had to wait a week. took it in and re-placed the idle speed motor. ran great till the next day when it started doing the same things again. all this in 21 days of having it. haven't even made my first payment yet. Someone has to know something i can do. or we can do. this is not fair. we are all agreeing to these high interest rates and they are stealing our money pretty much. i'll admit i should have looked more into it, but i was ignorant to it all. doing these things on your own you make risky choices, but i haven't even had the damn car for a month. telling me the reason their closed on sundays is because the have to go to CAR CHURCH what the h**l is that. this is ridiculous and is not fair, not to me and anyone else that is put in those shoes. we are all trying to make it in this world one way or another, but nobody deserves to be scammed like this. especially when buying cars one of the biggest investment we all do. public transportation man....screw cars Teri lakewood, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Drive Time, formally known as Ugly Duckling which is registered under the same ownership.
Entity: Downey, California
10, Report #120322
Nov 29 2004
03:31 PM
Drivetime ripoff Tucson Arizona
I have a 200 Kia Sportage that has not run since I purchased it from Drivetyme. The engine light comes on and then everything just shuts down on the car. I have replaced the mass airflow sensor, altenator 2 times and the Battery. I took the car into their shop and they had it for 2 weeks they told me that I could come and get it that it was fixed. I was driving out on the free way at 7:30 that night the same thing happened and I was almost hit by another truck. so I left the car on the freeway the next morning I called them and they went and got the car. This time they had the car for 2 1/2 weeks they put another altinator on and said they were going to drive it to make sure that it ran. It did the same thing they took it back to their shop and they replaced the fuse and the altinator again they called and said I could pick up the car. It ran good for about 1 month then while my son was driving at night the same thing happened and he and his girlfreind were almost hit. Drivetime is coming to get the car so they can fix it. I told them that I did not want the car back. This is the second car that I have had from them the first one I had was an Interpid that the engin went out on they said the only way that I could work with me was that I needed to pay another down payment and they would put me into a car that runs. I still do not have a car that runs this place is a ripp off they should not be allowed to sell cars. I am going to the local TV stations in my area and am in the process of getting a lawer. Belinda Safford, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
11, Report #146844
Jun 20 2005
04:42 PM
We purchased a car through drivetime in 2004. It is a 2003 Daewoo nubira- At the time the sales manager advised us that there was no kelly blue book value for it and that it would probably appear in a couple of months. Well we have waited and nothing has appeared. We called them back a few months after and they advised that we should base it on a 2002 Nubira yet we are paying for a 2003??? Well as it stands the car requires full coverage. The insurance company also will base it on a 2002. If tomorrow 6/21/05 the car is totaled it would only be worth about 4700. According to kelly blue book. Yet after financing we would be paying out about 20,000- If we take it to get an oil change the use 2002 parts because there are no 2003. If it had any mechanical problems (major ones) they would never be able to be fixed. We have called Drivetime numerous times and they have given us a run around. Some have hung up on us others just don't have an answer One guy from there called us and said that if the car is totaled and the insurance company left us owing 6000 they would waive it and only have us pay 500 towards it. but only if we got a new car through , you guessed it Drivetime. I have never missed a payment with them and just want this situation resolved. In closing I feel that the company has commited fraud by selling an automobile that is non-existant in the US. I would appeciate any assistance you can provide with this matter. If you are suing let me know I'm in. Isabel Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: ORLANDO, Florida
12, Report #162479
Oct 28 2005
03:55 PM
Drivetime ripoff Lithia Sprins Georgia
Customer over price cars that are ugly and worth less. will not fix any repairs on cars. attorney needed badly. Had a very bad experience with this car dealer. Jacqueline Lithia Springs, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Lithia Sprins, Georgia
13, Report #102462
Aug 06 2004
02:25 PM
DriveTime ripoff Gilbert Arizona
I bought a car from DriveTime in April. Before I was even able to make a payment I was hit in an accident that totaled out the car. My insurance of course paid what the car was worth but I was left with a $3348.23 debt for the remainder of the sticker price. The only loss prevention was that they wanted me to pay $600 and I could be in a new car. I had already put $1100 as a down payment. I had to see a chiropractor due to the accident and did not have $600. They wanted me to still pay $196 every 2 weeks for a car I did not have. They agreed to accept $100 every 2 weeks until October. I paid on time every 2 weeks like I had agreed. This was an attempt to rebuild my credit. They called me on 6-18-04, a week before my payment was due. They confirmed that some one had entered the wrong date and it would be fixed. On 6-19-04 I got a call for the same reason and when I told the person of the call on the 18th, the woman was rude with me. I work the graveyard shift so these calls woke me up. And on 6-21-04 I got another phone call for the same reason. I set them straight and filed a complaint on the Federal web site for unfair credit practices. I continued to make my payments as per the agreement. I even have notices DriveTime sent me as to when my next payment was due and how much. These notices confirm my agreement. I called On 8-5-04 to make my payment and was told my account was in charge off, but they did accept my payment. Now I have this charge off on my credit even though I upheld my end of the agreement. If I hadnt paid my account would have been a charge off. They wanted to hold me to the original agreement. I no longer had the car, however if I had paid them as much money as my insurance company did I would have been over 40 payments ahead of agreement. I did not want to buy another car with a company the did not offer GAP insurance. I did not know this or I would not have bought the car. I want to know what I can do to take care of this. I upheld my end of the dept repayment and they ruined my credit and gave me hours of phone argument. I tried to take care of a debt and the end result is the same as if I hadnt paid them a dime. I feel I was punished for being honest and now I want this debt removed from my credit since I upheld my end of the agreement and they breached the agreement when they called 3 times to collect a debt that wasnt due yet. Vickie Apache Junction, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Gilbert, Arizona
14, Report #103715
Aug 15 2004
08:22 AM
DriveTime ripoff Ocala Florida
August 15, 2004 Drive Time 2111 S. Pine Ave. Ocala, FL. 34474 To whom it may concern: As a current customer of your business I recently came into your dealership to purchase a second vehicle. I was helped by Mr. Marcus McCue, who was helpful and pleasant. However I must say I am rather distraught over a couple of factors: one being the price I was going to be charged for a 2001 Ford ZX2 w/ 60,000 miles. I would have to say that the retail price of $10,500 is beyond ridiculous! High Kelly blue book retail for this car was $8,500 and that's with accessories that did not come on this vehicle. Not to mention that Marcus told me and my co-buyer that the manager had cut the extra off the car. Obviously someone there must think I am a idiot! How could I have bought a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire Coupe with under 15,000 miles on it for less. Not to mention it also came w/ a lower interest rate, lower payment and factory warranty. Instead of being treated like a valued customer who pays there payments on time, has established a good record w/ your company, and who should have been treated fairly. Instead I was set up for a price gouge. I checked Kelly Blue Book on several cars on your lot, with there corresponding mileages, there were several vehicles that we could have chosen from to fit the max payment of $177.00 if we were treated right! I recommend that instead of trying to screw over your current customers, who by the way help build your business through recommendations to others, that you give them fair, honest deals! I can honestly say that I will not be back to purchase another car from your lot. I would like to mention that I feel I got a fair deal on my first purchase. Apparently the greed factor took over your salesman / lot manager when I came back to get my second. You can be assured that I will let everyone I can know NOT to visit your place of business to buy a car. As a manager of a business myself I talk to over 4000 people a week here in Ocala. Maybe next time you will think twice before you try to swindle someone into something shady such as the deal we were presented with! Sincerely, John Ocala, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Ocala, Florida
15, Report #108965
Sep 17 2004
09:59 PM
Drivetime ripoff Lawrenceville Georgia
I'm trying to get in touch with Shaneen. You said anyone needing to talk to you can reach you but you didnt give any contact info. You can reach me by using the rebuttal box below. I would appreciate it very much. Thank you in advance. I'm also in GA. And in need of some help. Only in this for 1 month now and am having the same things happening with my car. J Lawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Lawrenceville, Georgia
16, Report #68736
Oct 10 2003
10:37 AM
Drivetime ripoff poorly trained staff Phoenix Arizona
I am sorry too but not surprised to hear that people are having such a hard time with this company. They are staffed with nimrods and low budget people. John Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
17, Report #354781
Jul 23 2008
01:43 PM
DriveTime Over Charge Austin Texas
DriveTime is a company which I feel should be held accountable for thier actions. They prey on the raw needs of hard working people with struggling credit situations. I bought a 2005 Chevy Cavalier from them in 2007 for 15K (which was too much);after taxes and surcharges the car cost me 23K, I have tried several times this year to trade the car in, and each time I am told I owe a little more than 15k even though I over pay my payment every two weeks. I waited 8months to see if the pay off had decreased at all and it had not at all. They will not take any of their cars back in trade unless it is after 3 years and no one else wants to absorb your upside down debt leaving you to either go back to them in 3years or shove their car right up their wazoo! So now I am stuck in this car and desperately need a new one and I am caught in their web of bad business!!! Appy85 Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
18, Report #377791
Oct 01 2008
05:41 PM
DriveTime completey ripped me off Phoenix Arizona
I went to Drivetime because of one ding on my credit making it impossible to buy a car elsewhere. The salesman went through his whole speel making me feel like I was making the right decision. He went through the whole vehicle checklist insuring me I would be buying a great used car. I decided on a 2004 Kia Optima because it was bigger and seemed more reliable than my old car. I bought it that night and realized later it was the dumbest thing I've ever done. The first week I had it the fuel pump went out. My parents had just arrived in town to visit me for the week and we were planning on going to the Grand Canyon and other places for their trip. They towed my car to a auto repair shop and I didnt get it back for a week because it took them two days to look at it, three days to get the parts from DriveTime, and another two for them to fix it. I refused to pay the $40 fee because of all the hassle I went through not having a car that week. After that other things started going wrong with it. My passenger side door lock motor is going out so it makes this horrible sound when I lock the doors. The main hose for the powersteering is leaking and I have to keep putting fluid in it. I hadnt even reached 3,000 miles and the oil was almost gone. One of my other hoses is leaking and its causing a belt to wear down to nothing. I've only had it for six months and the warranty wont cover anything besides the fuel pump that went out. My payments are $400 a month, my interest rate is 24.117%, and I bought the car for $12,894. I will end up paying a total of $21,000 in four years when the loan ends. I just looked at Kelly Blue book and the car is only worth $7,000. I stopped making my payments because I lost my second job along with other issues going on in my life. I kept in contact with them and told them I wanted to volunteerily repo the car because I didnt want to pay that much for a piece of shit. I went to the dealership last night and tried to give it back and they talked me into thinking about it for another week. They told me I pretty much wouldnt have a life with a repossesion on my credit report and that I would still owe the remaining balance of whatever they couldnt sell it for at an auction. They told me to at least look into refinancing it... but how in the world is that going to help when I have a piece of shit car. I cant afford to pay $400+ a month plus repairs for the next four years!! I've never had this many issues with a car in my life and I've never been behind on a car payment. This is my only option and they've made me not give a crap about anything. I want this stress out of my life and I feel like there is nothing I can do. I'm stuck and feel completely stupid for putting myself into this mess.. I should've known better!!! As far as I'm concerned DriveTime has ruined my life for the time being and probably for the next seven years. Aimee Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
19, Report #793690
Oct 31 2011
05:46 AM
Drivetime High dollar junk Lewisville, Texas
I bought a car from these clowns two months ago, book value turns out to be about 12K. Total after finace is 25k so far I've had a problem with the car pulling to the left (off the lot) oil leak, electrical issues, 5 days of missed work, and now power steering fluid all over my driveway.  non covered by their bogus warranty.
Entity: Lewisville, Texas
20, Report #187852
Apr 21 2006
09:48 AM
Drivetime, uglyduckling ripoff Phoenix Arizona
Hey to all the people who bought cars from drivetime aka uglyduckling. I got caught up in their crappy cars. I was paying a 40% interest on a piece that broke down in 6 weeks after I bought it. Drivetime didn't live up to their warrenty and I also paid for part of the repairs. The car was towed up to Cornville the day it broke down and some else is driving my car that is still in my name. The employees that work for Drivetime are all liares, and conartist. They prey on people who will not be able to make payments after so many months. I was still paying for the car and full insurance coverage on the car for about 4 months after it broke down and some else is driving my car and I want it back. I have some information that a lawyergot for me and it shows alot of bad business for them. I also got proof about the car still being in my name. We got it from carfax and Motor vechiles won't release the title to me and said the car is still in my name. I the car or my money back and my credit cleared up, now it is on my credit as bad credit. I did go to the BetterBusinessBureau and the BBB stuck up for DriveTime so boo on the bbb. Nadine Cottonwood, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
21, Report #188076
Apr 22 2006
06:14 PM
Drivetime, Uglyduckling ripoff Phoenix Arizona
To the people at Drive Time, Thanks for ripping people off. I want my money back or my Suv back it is still in my name and you guys messed up my credit by saying it was a vontary repossion NOT TRUE. You did a doublesale and that is against the law. Nadine cottonwood, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
22, Report #194208
Jun 01 2006
05:40 AM
Drivetime ripoff, fraud, over financing Lewisville Texas
Drivetime is a rip off. We did not even have our car for a year before the transmission went out. And when we let them know within the 90 day time period they never came to pick the car up or fix it. So now we have a 7,000 repossesion on a car that the dealership could care less about. We were paying almost 400 dollars a month for a 2000 D lewisville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Lewisville, Texas
23, Report #312643
Feb 27 2008
03:15 PM
Drivetime Its all true!!!! Jacksonville Florida
As an ex employee and customer of Drivetime I gotta say that what people say on here about the company is all true. The cars are marked up way over what they are worth. And the interest rates are out of control. They will even sell a car to someone who is unaware of their credit score who can get traditional financing elsewhere. They won't show you your credit score if you ask for it.I've seen it with my own eyes as a sales person. They say the reason why the cars are listed high is because if the cost of dealing with high risk credit. Take for example a 2005 Ford Taurus. At a traditional car lot you can get one for about $8,000. At DT that same car would be $15,000. Once the high interest rate is tacked on one is looking at $25,000 grand to pay off. I'm currently looking at a 28.391% annual percentage rate on a car that is only worth $1200. Once I started working there I noticed all the dirty dealing that went on behind closed doors. They do not invest a lot of money in to refurb the car before they place it on a lot and so we would be get cars that for some reason or another had bad batteries,had steering issues and so forth. The collections practices of this company is horrible. I could go on and on but it will turn into a novel. If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to send a response. Anyone wanting to do a class action lawsuit...I'm all for it!!! Fighter2008 jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Florida
24, Report #172096
Jan 17 2006
04:28 PM
Drivetime ripoff Marietta Georgia
Called drive time about changing my payments to meet my son pay period which is every two weeks. Talked to 4 different people then was told the payment was late so two payments were all caught up. I thought, then I start getting phones call made one one week and then another one a week later. Then I start getting phones again not late they never changed the payments so here comes the other charges. I was talked to like I was a dog. Called corp. office twice. Now I am behind, told that I have to make three con payments before they can change the payment. First time I talked to corp I was told to fax the check stub to drivetime. Told her that his payment would be made on the 20 of Jaunary like it has been every two weeks. Told them that I did not want anybody from that office to call my house again two days later guess what happens the phone calls start again they want me to pay 236.00 for their mistake. Tammy acworth, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Marietta, Georgia
25, Report #186107
Apr 11 2006
02:56 PM
DriveTime ripoff just plain crap Fontana California
in sept. 05 i purchased a car at a local drivetime. in feb of 06 the timing belt broke and subsequently ruined the engine. i had the car towed to the dealer and they took it to their repair facility. i had 29 days left on the originl drivetime warranty. at first they were just going to reinstate that warranty. they were putting a used engine in a used car and giving me less then a month warranty. i was pi**ed. i complained to the BBB. angela powell, customer relations with drivetime responded to the complaint after my vehicle was repaired, saying they would give me the 6 month 6000 mile warranty, and had provided me with a rental car during the repair time. i had the rental for 23 days. i sent angela powell my rental receipts in early march. she phoned me to say they had not authorized the rental so they aren't obligated to pay for it. but, they would give me $100. i paid nearly $500. for the rental. i told her to go to hell. i again filed a complaint with the BBB regarding ms. powell and furthermore filed a small claims action against DriveTime in our local courts for the amount of $7500. i am just so frustrated with this company and their business practices. the company listed with the attorney general's office to receive service for drivetime sent me back the subpoena, they don't accept service for the company. i sent certified mail, subpoenas to ms. powell and ray fidel, ceo of the company. i have everything documented and in writing. we go to court in may. wish me luck and F DRIVETIME! Elisabeth fontana, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fontana, California

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