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51, Report #69651
Oct 20 2003
09:26 PM
Drivetime Formerly Ugly Duckling ripoff Clearwater Florida
my name is amy i got my 1995 maxima in 2002 never had a proplem until i got hurt on the jobs and i couldn't go to work for about two weeks so i coudn't make my payments on time and i expland what was the proplem they was fine until about to weeks ago when my husband went to my bank and took all of my money out of the bank so that ment that i had to work another week or two to get paid again so i can pay my payment and catch up with them is hard because once you get behide you can't catch up bacuse i still got a child at at home to take care of to and other bills thats also do to so what do i do i'm tring to catch up on every thing because my husband has taking all of my money when i needed it most . Amy clearwater, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
52, Report #49605
Mar 17 2003
09:25 PM
DRIVETIME ripoff takes advantage of the naive KISSIMMEE Florida
Entity: KISSIMMEE, Florida
53, Report #218096
Oct 28 2006
08:52 AM
DriveTime payment, car issues, prices Ripoff St. Petersburg Florida
I bought 2000 Station wagon I told them there was bad noise coming from front end and i wanted to get check it was already pass 1,000 miles and told me tha ti had to pay for repair and i couldnt do it because i was paying too much for payment. I told them i had 6 month or 6,000 miles warranties they told me not on axles or or drive trains. i wanted to take car back and my downpayment, I talk with manager he said sure no problem see what i can do. Manager never call me back in a week so i decide to take car back and they ask me to sign paper i told them no im not a satify person with this car. Do Not Buy Car from them at all. Joshua St. Petersburg, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: St. Petersburg, Florida
54, Report #390203
Nov 11 2008
02:48 PM
DriveTime Lemon Sold Charlotte North Carolina
We bought a 2003 Mustang GT from DriveTime auto on 09/15/2008. The car has been in and out of the shop 3times. Finally Drivetimes warranty Department let us take the car to Ford for diagnostics. We took it to them they stated that the car was basically a lemon. The transmission needs to be rebuilt. the hoses were leaking and need to be replacesd alighnment was off the gas cap that ws replaced by the company that was Drivetimes service vendor was the wrong one and needed to be replaced. And this is the same company that they want us to send the car back to to fix the transmission in the fisrt place. I have talked to Julia at Drivetimes warrenty department ,I have also taked to Angela Grueveski the warrenty manager and they cannot get it that why would we repair it from the same service place that didn't repair it in the first place. So after much haggling and fussing regarding this car. I have received the name of the companies President and will be writing himand o I am requesting the monies already put in the vehicle. DriveTimes cars are Lemons. William Charlotte, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
55, Report #445348
Apr 20 2009
09:12 PM
Drivetime brain dead 2005 pontiac g6 Phoenix Arizona
i purchased a 2005 pontiac g6 from drivetime in january of 2008. i first saw a problem the night that i purchased the car, it did not have a key fob. which the car had a factory alarm and had to be programed to one otherwise every time i tried to get into my car the alarm would go off, so i had to actually go down to the local pontiac dealer to get one because they were too lazy to drive 5 miles to get one and get it programmed or order one and they said that they were going to refund me for the $75 that i had just spend out of pocket for something that should have already came with the car. it took me 10 weeks of driving down there, emailing, and calling them to ask where my check was. after i finally received my check from them everything became fine and dandy, until in october of 2008. i thought that my key fobs battery had died. so i took it down to a batteries plus here in phoenix and they said it was fine and that it just might need to be reprogrammed to the car. so i took it back to the pontiac dealership and spent 30 minutes trying to re pair it to my car and they told me that there might be something wrong with my computer chip in my car and that the car should still be under warranty and to take it back to drivetime and they would be able to fix it for free. so i drove back over there and of course with being the company that they are gave me a number to call, and after being transfered to like 8 other departments they told me that i was out of luck because it was not covered under their warranty. Anonymous phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
56, Report #449947
Jul 17 2012
08:21 PM
Drivetime They knew what they were doing El Monte California
Drivetime knew what they were doing. I needed a car to drive back and forth to school. I was going to a technical school to became an automotive tech. When I walked on the lot I saw the car I wanted a 2002 Chevy S-10. They were trying to get me into a little yellow ford f***usaka focus. I told them that I would not be caught dead in a ford. So they tried again to get me in a car I was not going to be caught dead in. I told them the only car I was leaving with was the Chevy S-10. They agreed to sell it to me. I told them I wanted to test drive it and look under the hood, look at the under carriage they agreed.Well I get into the car, start it up and head off to take it for a test driveno gas. As soon as I drive off the lot the low gas light comes on. The guy tells me that they have been busy and have not been able to fill it up so I drive less than a mile. I ended up buy the car at two and half times its priceI needed a car! Well it is a great thing at I one-I have been working on cars for awhile. Two- that I was going to school to become a tech 3- that I could work on it while in school and get extra credit for it.So what is wrong with the car well, something is highly wrong with the transmission. I noticed it after I drive it (for more than a mile) I called them and told them, they said to take it to one of their tech. I did, and he said he could not hear the loud slap that it was making when you let the clutch out. Next, we have the fact that the hydraulic control unit for the brakes is bad. Another words if you hit the brakes and you are driving on a bumpy road and need to stopyou're not going to.yeah!! all I have to say is thank god the I can fix these things. My next gripe is with the fact they charge $7.50 to make a payment on line. They shut down the drivetime I usually make my payments at. I called to complain, no one cared. I wrote a letters again no one cared. The people at drivetime suck for ripping others off. Please don't go to drivetime to buy a car.Billzy Alhambra, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: El Monte, California
57, Report #477996
Aug 10 2009
06:25 AM
Drivetime sold wreck of a car to friend Dallas Texas
a friend of our bought a car from drivetime and within month it needed repairs. they could not believe it. she was aways on time with her payments and did not miss a one. we they got mad at all the complaints she made and they tryed to repo her car saying she was over three months behind in payments and she proved she was not and they they told her they would not get the car. then the same night they came and got the car saying she was not suppose to let anyone else drive the car.that was illegal. now she is fighting to get her car back. i have never heard that you can not let anyone borrow you car if you bought it and are paying it. Frustrated dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
58, Report #437703
Mar 25 2009
07:55 PM
DRIVETIME Another Victim Charlotte North Carolina
Well, I got suckered by this company too. Purchased a 2006 Chevy Impala in Feb. drove great....FOR A MONTH...then it started running hot. I called the warranty company, told them the car was running hot. I live about 30 mins away from their nearest repair they told me to take it to ANY ASE certified shop...I had it TOWED was diagnosed with a leaking water pump and leaking head gasket....called the warranty company back and all of a sudden they wanted the car taken to one of their repair shops....I told them fine, but they would have to come get it and pay for the towing. They finally agreed...after being on the phone with them LITERALLY ALL DAY, they tell me tonight that they are not going to fix the car(even though the water pump is the FIRST item listed under their warranty) because it was due to customer negligence. If there is a lawsuit anywhere against these guys, PLEASE CONTACT ME...I refuse to pay them 400.00 a month for a car that I don't even HAVE(it is still at their repair shop in NC) and could not drive if I did have it. I would love to just have my downpayment back. Michelle Rock Hill, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
59, Report #363398
Aug 15 2008
04:58 PM
Drivetime The Go to Guys for Credit Marietta Georgia
I was young when I purchased my car from Drivetime and the only thing I had on my credit were two credit cards that was using at the time. They still hit me with a ridiculously high interest rate, and not to mention the bi-weekly payments that suck. But they were the only people that approved me when I was 19 tryiny to get a car in my own name. But anyways, I was wondering why my pay off date kept being extended. My bank sends them my payments every two weeks, one day before its due. Drivetime decided to have the date my payments were made in their system as the day they cashed the checks, rather than the day they received it. Therfore, my pay off date was constantly getting extended because they had been counting my payments as late payments and kept charging more interest. I spoke with customer service about it and explaind that I have the bank statements to prove that I've NEVER been late making a payment. Now where is my refund for all this extra interest I've paid????? Clearly, they had no answer. And last but not least, if anyone has dealt with them before, then you're familiar with the DTRewards program. Well I waited until I paid off my car (July 08) to redeem my points for something nice. Well the website mysteriously dissapeared. Spoke with customer service AGAIN and they said the program was cancelled in March 08. OKAAAAY.....So were you gonna tell your customers this? Why wasn't there a flyer mailed out saying redeem your points before this date? The reason I'm really pissed about that is because I had enough points to get a tv or sound system for free. Besides the fact of that, it would have been proper customer service. Oh....last thing seriously this time, they told me they mailed me my title on July 29th and resent it on August 6th when I called and said I never received it. Well either way it goes, today is Aug 15th and I still don't have it! Don't get your car from Drivetime, unless it is truly your last resort! They are very unprofessional. Stacee Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Marietta, Georgia
60, Report #555987
Jan 17 2010
08:44 PM
DRIVETIME They want to take all. Dallas, Texas
I went in with my truck as a down payment. They gave me 900.00 and used it as a down payment. My payments were 200.00 every two weeks....making the payment on the newer truck 400.00 a month. The rep. stated that his friend (my ex) was a friend of his and had bought a vehicle from the dealership before, and that would save me money on the interest. I used my truck but was considered the co-owner, We have since broke up and my ex returned the newer truck to them. I asked about the buyback they claimed to offer. (That is when a buyer can back out within a month or so and the deal is, providing the payments were kept up to date) Their definition of a back out (buyback) is when they get their vehicle back, but keep the one that was used as a down payment. I questioned the way the sale went down and reminded them of what a backout is. They were rude, and hung up the phone after saying that the backout was expired, and that my truck is long gone. A year later...I found out that my truck (the one I used as a down payment) is still in my name. Drivetime never bothered to get it transferred out of my name when the sale was made. That would have made me responsible for anything that would have happened. That is very unprofessional, as well as dangerous for me if someone used my truck in an illegal manner, or if it was involved in a wreck, or worse. The rep. insured me at the time of the sale that my truck title would be out of my name the next day from the sale date.  Which it was not. His motto seemed to be....lie to make the sale! Drivetime kept my truck and theirs too. I made the two truck payments totaling 400.00. So in the end....they got their truck back, kept my Truck, and kept the 400.00 as well. I got absolutely nothing. Then I called to question the practices. I was told to come on in and they would sell me another vehicle with another down payment, I could get a great deal. Well I have experienced what they call a great deal....maybe for them but surely not for the buyer. They will take you for everything they can, then treat you with disrespect.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
61, Report #189677
May 02 2006
04:55 PM
Drivetime Credit Big Ripoff!! Huntington Beach California
I bought my vehicle in September of 2005. I do have bad credit that's why I went to Drivetime. I first contacted them online and they said to come on in because they wanted to help me out. To make a long story short they sold me a 1999 Ford Explorer with 73,000 miles for $13,000. I needed a car at the time and they told me that it was a good deal so believed them and I signed the papers. Now I have realized the mistake I made. Blue Book Value on this car is between $4,000.00 and $5,000.00 and they gave me a 29% interest rate on top of that for a grand total of $22,000.00. Furthermore, I tried sending in payments that were larger than what was due to try to pay money on the principal. Of course they said I couldn't do that because the interest is accrued daily. Drivetime targets people with bad credit and uses the opportunity to take advantage of their situation by making you think that you got a good deal. I think that this whole deal seems very unfair, does anyone else? D Orange County, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Huntington Beach, California
62, Report #284049
Nov 10 2007
07:05 AM
DriveTime Preys on Clients with Less Than Perfect Credit Ocala Florida
My husband and I had purchased from DriveTime in may of 2005. We knew that DriveTime handled clients with less than perfect credit. We also knew that our payments would be high (in order to repair our credit). What we did not know is that DriveTime does not stand behind their 90 day warranty. After buying our vehicle, we experienced air conditioning problems. We took the vehicle back and was told to see their mechanic. This mechanic was located off the lot where we bought the car. After complying, we were told by their mechanic that nothing was wrong with our car and airconditioner. We have constantly experienced problems and talked to numerous DriveTime employees. I say numerous, because we have been shuffled around from one person to the next. We we finally sent to our local Suzuki dealer and told that DriveTime would be responsible for the diagnostic fee. NOT SO. Upon arrival at the dealer, I was told that nobody had calle and had to fix the mess myself. Finally somebody called and the dealer did the diagnostics and found that it was the airconditioner condenser system. Cost to repair $1800.00 plus. DriveTime not only refused to deal with this, but they refused to pay the diagnostic fee. The dealership was nice enough to aborb the fee. We will continue to pay for the car and repair our credit, but here me loud: DO NOT PURCHASE FROM DRIVETIME. The are RipOff Artists K.t. Ocala, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
63, Report #307502
Feb 08 2008
11:25 PM
DriveTime, Janet They Smile in your Face Orlando Florida
Like everyone who probably filed a report, I too had bad credit and I was in need of a car. I went into the DriveTime dealership and everyone was so nice and tryin to help ne out. At least thats what I thought. Then this B*tch name Janet said she was gonna help me. they said that my credit was really bad and they made it seem as if no one in the world would be able to get me a car. Then they made it seem like they were doing me a favor by approving me for a car. At first I thought twice because I wasnt too happy about the idea then they gave me speech on how I should get the car and be able to trade it in with no problem. Damn lyers!!! Now they have me making these large bi-weekly payments to a car that has almost 100,000 miles. I had a friend that told me to just return the car to them but i dont know how bad my credit be with that repo on it. If there is anyway that I can get rid of this car I would do. I walking in the dealership to make a payment and I see people there tryin to buy a car. I just feel like telling them how F*cked up DriveTime is. Casanova16 Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
64, Report #310673
Feb 20 2008
08:51 PM
DRIVETIME They sell you a bunch of lemons OCALA Florida
I bought one of those lemon cars 6 months ago as soon as i bought it 2 weeks later i started the car in the rain, my windshield wipers didn't work and my air didn't blow needless to say i drove home in the rain with nothing. they did how ever get if fixed. then my brakes started make weird noises as soon as i bought it, i called while still in warranty and they said brakes are on me, so we got them fixed well it wasn't the brakes then my abs light came on and anti lock light stays on now they pulse sometimes and almost doesn't feel like it will stop i called them they said i was out of warranty i would have to fix it.. well my daughter while in her car seat decide to roll down the window it fell straight down in side the door..... then me and my husband went out to eat the other night, the car would not start so we waited a few minutes trying to figure out what to do we tryed it again the anti theft the light started blinking don't know what that was but hasn't happened since. i called still the run around i told them i want a new car they said fees would have to amount to lease of the vehicle $20,000 is alot of things to go wrong before i can have a safe car then when we bought the car there was a little messed up paint on the trunk from a accident well they touched it up well it faded off and the roof and hood as well have faded off i called them as soon as it started they said it was cosmetic i had to fix it... now i don't know what to do i want them to take it back but i don't want it against my credit and the those phone calls they start if i am one day late one day they call everyone..... Don't buy from those people even if you need a car walk or take a bus they will never stop! Brittany OCALA, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: OCALA, Florida
65, Report #172498
Jan 20 2006
08:01 AM
Drivetime, ugly Duckling ripoff, con artist, liers Clearwater Florida
I worked for this company before I new they were all liars. they pay $2,000 - $5,000 for a wore out vehical, through a few band aids on the problem and charge people $10,000 - $15,000 plus interest. knowing the vehical is in need of more repairs telling customers we will take care of it later knowing they have no intention of doing anything. Then when the poor customer brings the vehical back they stick it to them harder. Anyone looking to sue this company? I would gladly testify in your behalf. This company should be run out on a rail. they changed their name several times to try and deceive the public and avoid major lawsuits. just read the complaints! stay away from drivetime!!!! Dean Largo, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
66, Report #181292
Mar 15 2006
07:31 AM
Ugly Duckling, Drivetime ripoff Doraville Georgia
Several Years ago I bought a 94 Ford Probe from Ugly Duckling. Now first that wasn't the car I orginally was looking at, but after running my credit they told me that is the one I can get. So I end up getting that car, since my job required me to have one for my position. Well it wasn't even 60 days and the engine went out on the car. Well they replace the engin, but they wanted me to pay for it or go half. I stated that the car isn't even 90 days old and the engine is gone. Well after the engine was replace about another month went buy and the over drive light was coming on on the car. Well I was driving my room mate to work and all of a sudden tI heard a pop and the car wouldn't move. It was running, but I couldn't get it to move. So I got it towed to a mechanic and he told me that the transmission has wen t out and this car should have never been sold. So I called them back and told then what had happen to the car. they stated that I still had to pay my car not and they could refer me to get my transmission fixed, but they aren't goning to pay for it. So I got it replaced $1500 and maybe another monthe went buy and the car caught on fire. NOw I have them listed on my credit report and I amd stuck owing this debt for a car that shouldn't have been sold in the first place. Keith Baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Doraville, Georgia
67, Report #274020
Sep 11 2007
03:25 PM
Drivetime Ripped Off Daughter for Additional $2000.00 Bradenton Florida
My daughter wanted to leave Florida to return home, she had purchased a car through DriveTime. I told her to contact DriveTime and get the pay-off on the car and have them check it before we drove it back to Nebraska. When I reached Florida, she had been told she could not take the car out of state with out DriveTimes permission. I called DriveTime and ask for the pay-off on the vehicle. They told me they couldnt give me the pay-off and that the car had to remain in Florida. I told them I needed confirmation and that I was going to record the conversation for my lawyer. They said I was not authorized to record any conversation with them and hung the phone up. We drove the car back to Nebraska and I again contacted DriveTime, explained that I only needed the pay-off on the vehicle to get them all their money. They told me that they wouldnt give me the information. At this point were into the first two weeks and payments are due every two weeks. So I call again, and this time its send your payment and we will discuss giving you the pay-off. I hung the phone up. I then wrote a letter to DriveTime which was certified, that from now on any converstions with DriveTime will be recorded and or in the form of written documents. I explained what I wanted as far as the pay-off and received a very pleasant letter that DriveTime would work with me in anyway. I attached a digital recorder that picks up on any conversation and called drive time. The conversation was less than pleasant and the bottom line was that they were not going to give me any information to pay-off the loan unless I paid the balance that shouldnt have existed anyway. I explained that If they would send the pay-off and where it could be paid the current payment would be included. They refused, and the gentlemen became very shall we say negative when he found out that he was being recorded. He immediately hung up. This continued for nearly a month and a half, until I finally got my banker involved and he found the titles are held at DriveTime in Arizona. He sent a letter requesting the pay-off and we sent a check for the full amount. The Florida office called and wanted payment, I told them the payment for the full amount was sent to their main office. To my surprise that very evening a gentleman from a local collection agency shows up and tells me hes there to pick the car up for DriveTime. I told him it was in the garage and was staying there; he became belligerent and said hed get a court order. I informed him to please do that. He and DriveTime in Florida called to tell me I was violating the law and they were going to take me to court. I decided to play along, I called my attorney informed him and surprise he called General Collections and DriveTime and informed them he had a copy of the draft for the pay-off of the car which had been Fed-Exed. He then told General Collections and DriveTime to come and get the car, and when the title arrived he would file charges in federal court for transportation of a stolen vehicle. The final out come, we got the car, but had to pay for two months of payments at there interest rate which cost me $2000 more than was necessary. And I still have all the letters, documents and recorded efforts to get the vehicle paid-off. Hg Grand Island, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Bradenton, Florida
68, Report #287958
Nov 30 2007
10:52 AM
Drivetime Harrasment and repo threats Virginia Beach Virginia
I bought a car from Drivetime two months ago. I'm in the Navy so I set up and allotment with the company. First month went fine but the secound one they have called and said the have recived no allotment for my payment. the car note is about 380.00 a mounth so I informed them that the money was not in my check and they should have gotten paid. The next week a woman calls and says that they lost all the allotment paper work and they can't find it. I called the allotment company and they say they never go the paper work so I set my own up with them to get the money. But 400.00 is still missing. I gave the 200.00 hopeing that this would stop the calls but know they call me daily and call my family and freinds. a Repo lady called and wants the car even thought my allotment is paided today and i only owe them 180.00. They lost the paper work and says its my fault and if I don't pay they will repo the car for less than 200.00. They call you four and five time a day and whan I tried to call corparate to complain they transfered me right back to the dealer ship I was complaining about. I'm upset and plan to report them to the Navy Stay away list so other sailors don't get caught up in the same mess. Telma VA Beach, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Virginia Beach, Virginia
69, Report #101325
Jul 30 2004
07:54 AM
DriveTime ripoff, nasty, not customer friendly Leesburg Florida
On 12-28-02 I purchased a Black 2000 Ford Taurus Se from the DriveTime in Leesburg, FL. The reason I went to DriveTime is because I had less than $1000 and I needed a second car and good dependable car to get back and forth to work. The car was nice clean, 75,000+ miles, rides good, very cold AC, no dents a few scratches thou. He said that it had been inspected by their mechanic, I was given the history report of the car, and I was told after two years from the purchase of the car that I could trade it in. I agreed to the terms and I drove off the lot. A big mistake because the car have been given me problem. I have told them about it but they don't car On Saturday in 9-03 I was out of town and I was driving the car I heard a loud boom and then the car started running hot, it stalled out and shut off, the ac quit working and it started ticking. Well I had to get it towed home. Well, I took it back to them to see what the problem was; they told me that they had to send my car to Sanford, FL to head servicing center. Once there they would us what the problem is then we will let you know. So I agreed. After a couple of days I was told that the alternator, air conditioner condenser and water pump had to be replaced. All these parts went out at the same time it was very expensive to get fixed. I told them that I could afford to get all that stuff fixed and I told them to keep the car. They kept my car for a week. They called themselves given me a deal by cutting the cost in half they also offered me a repair repayment plan and I agreed. I got the car back and it was making a chirping sound like birds were underneath the hood. I took the car back and the repair manger Mike along with his the mechanic said that it was the alternator adjusting and for me to get some WD40 and spray on it. I tried it and it didn't work. I continued to drive the car for about one week and the noise was getting louder. After that week I took the car by one of my friend's house who is also a mechanic he looked under the hood and told me it was the serpentine belt. The serpentine belt was about to break. I had to replace the serpentine belt and it wasn't cheap. One Sunday after church I was driving down the highway and I heard a loud noise under the hood and I almost lost control the car thank GOD I was the only one on the road at that time. I had little control of the car. It scared me to death. I managed to get the car off the road. I pop the hood and anti freeze was everywhere come to find out the idle pulley tenser broke. That Monday I went into DriveTime and I showed the part to the manager Chuck. He said what do you expect, it normal wear and tear beside Ford makes cheap parts now and days. They don't make cars like they use too. I told him what if I would have wreck and one of my kids got hurt or killed then what. His respond was you didn't wreck and don't worry about it. I was furious. Since I have had this piece of junk I have replaced brakes, 3 sets of rotors, brakes, bulbs, wheel cylinder, spark plugs, I have had some work done on the transmission, valves, 3 Serpentine belts one broke about three months ago while I was coming home from work during rush hour; radiator reservoir busted replaced on 7-26-04, tires, gaskets, you name it I have replaced it. Parts aren't cheap. Top it off it's burning too much gas. Had a tune up and it's still burning gas. I am constantly being harassed about payments. My payments are current. When I make repairs it's kind of hard to make a full payment. However; I do try to pay something. However if you are a day late they are calling you. Even if you called them to make arrangement they constantly will call you Breakfast, lunch, dinner time, four, five and six times a day they don't care. They will even call your references and harass them. They even will use their cell phones to call my house and job. They even have DriveTime from Orlando, FL calling me. On 7-19-04 at 6:01 I received a call on my answering machine from Dan/Leesburg, FL; DriveTime. When I got home I called returned Dan's phone call it was 6:30pm on 7-19-04. Dan wanted to know when I was coming in to make my payment. He said that I had made an arrangement for the 7-17-04 which was not true. I told him that I had not mad any arrangements with any one. When you make arrangement in person or verbally on the phone they still call claim that they don't have any information in the system. I said to Dan how stupid can you be I don't get paid until the day before my car payment is due. Why would I make arrangements when I didn't have any money? My car payment wasn't due until 7-24-04 and I was behind only $62.35. They harassed me one time for less than $20 one time and late fees. Late fees are another story. They don't give you a grace period like a real dealership. For everyday that you are late they charge you a late fee. After I talked to Dan on the 7/19/04 I went out of town for a few days and when I got home I checked my Caller-ID and answering machine I had a total of 8 messages. Dan called from 7-21-04 thru 7-24-04 saying that it was very important that I call him. He even left several messages on my voice mail at work. It pissed me off I didn't even make my payment on 7-24. I waited Monday 7-26-04. I took my house phone with me to show them my caller ID and I was heated. I showed my phone caller ID to Jeanna/CSR in the finance department. I was pissed. She said I didn't call you that Idiot Dan called me. Dan was sitting in there when I walked in he turned his back to me. I told them not to call my house or my job anymore because I know my obligation. I pay my bills. I asked Jeanna about my balance which was $7000+ and what's the requirement for a trade-in. Jeanna (Finance dept) told me that I had to get a balance of $2500 or less before they would consider a trade. I told her that I didn't want to trade-in the car with them. She said that I could take the car some where else if they would accept the trade. She said that the other company's probably wouldn't accept it because I owe too much on it. Another thing she said that DriveTime wouldn't release the loan or titles until after two-three years. I told her that was nonsense. I am tired of making repairs and payment at the same time. I am a single parent living from paycheck to paycheck. I advise anyone if you need a car do not go to DriveTime in Leesburg, FL. Save your money and go to a real dealership. Look in your local shopping guide to purchase your vehicle. Some time a private owner is better. I have an 88 Pontiac 6000 that I bought in 11/99. I am the second owner of that car and it's still drivable it's in better condition than my 2000 Taurus SE. FORD stands for Fix On Repair Daily or Find On Road Dead. Theresa Eustis, FloridaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Drive Time, formally known as Ugly Duckling which is registered under the same ownership.
Entity: Leesburg, Florida
70, Report #1113168
Jan 05 2014
10:02 PM
Drivetime sold me a salvaged car Montclair California
I bought my 2012 Hyundai Sonata 9/19/13 for an outrageous percentage rate. I was told tonight by another dealer they could get me into a new car at a much better rate but the car fax report came back saying that I had a branded title, AKA salvage title when I was going to use my car as trade. WHAT!!!!!  I was told the car had been a rental but was NEVER told it was a salvaged car.  I will be calling the DMV to see if I can figure things out or get this resolved but if I can't, I will be contacting a lawyer to sue for fraud!!!!
Entity: Montclair, California
71, Report #1278906
Jul 21 2016
09:05 PM
Entity: Nationwide
72, Report #1339219
Nov 21 2016
01:34 PM
Drivetime Bridgecrest Upside Down Rip Off Lexington, Ky Nationwide
 Drivetime sold me car, monthly payments $400/month. I lost job, now making 50% of previous salary. Asked them if I could lower payments they refused. I owe $10,000, other finance company said car blue books for $2000. No one will refinance upside down car. Drivetime said only solution is to repossess.
Entity: Nationwide
73, Report #1299729
Apr 14 2016
11:02 AM
DriveTime not care Charlotte North Carolina
i purchased a vehicle from Drivetime and withgin the first 2 weeks of having the vehicle there were so many issues so they had me bring it in to pep boys and first the battery was bad then one mount was cracked and there was a rattling noise coming from the engine when told about it the mechanis said sometimes we have to wait for it to get worse in order to fix it now it is much worse and i still have to pay and the help throughout this whole process has been a complete nightmare now i am regretting dealing with a company that just cares  about the sale and not the customer.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
74, Report #1245365
Jul 30 2015
05:13 PM
DriveTime Company is a JOKE Fayettville North Carolina
I had leased out a vehicle from them back in February 2015, it ended up in the shop 2 weeks ago and has been there with a blown motor, they refuse to fix it. They want to charge me $2000 for the mileage before they give me another vehicle. After they told me when I first got it that if I am going to keep it then I can drive it like I own it. I don't believe anyone should go through them. They are a joke. I made payments on it while it was sitting at the shop waiting for someone to make a decision about it.
Entity: Nationwide
75, Report #1237932
Jun 25 2015
10:44 AM
Drivetime Auto pay ripped me off Union City Georgia
 DRIVETIME AUTO PAY TOOK MY MONEY!!! I Purchased a car from Drivetime less than 30 days ago and signed up for autopay. I also referred someone to purchase from them and received a $200 credit. When I checked to confirm my credit has been applied, it was there. On the due date autopay deducted the whole amount regardless of the credit, which causesd my bank account to be overdrawn. So I called Drivetime to get things straightened out, so I thought. After talking to three reps and a supervisior, they basically told me that I would have to pay a $15 for non-sufficient funds then pay my bank $36 overdraft fee and then call back to pay them!!! WTF. SO... You mean because your company's autopay don't recognize credits and took out the whole amount instead of only what my account say I owe .. I have to be penalized??!!! Not only by your company but by my bank as well. They all said the same things... Sorry there is nothing we can do. Autopay is autopay... So pay up!!! Fuck me .. Right??? STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! I also had a problem with the warranty they offer when they failed to disclose all the info to me. I can't wait to pay them off and get them out of my pocket!!!!
Entity: Internet

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