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1, Report #982287
Dec 14 2012
06:03 PM
Entity: Austin, Texas
2, Report #519042
Nov 03 2009
02:17 PM
Kosta Hadgelias Neibourhood Drug Dealer Brisbane, Internet
kosta is our local neighbourhood drug dealer he just got released from prison and he is at it again some people just never learn kosta has been selling ecstasy (mephamphetamine) pills some of the ingredients he uses in his pills to cut costs that i know of are cement and chalk you can find kosta most friday and saturday nights pushing drugs at one of the local night clubs
Entity: Brisbane, Internet
3, Report #516593
Oct 28 2009
11:34 PM
Thomas Hadgelias DRUG DEALER Brisbane, Australia Internet
thomas is currently out on supreme court bail for a home invasion he held his victim hostage at gun point for 3 hours over a $7000.00 drug debt then stole his washing machine, stereo, television and held the goods for a $7000.00 ransom
Entity: Brisbane, Internet
4, Report #1100710
Nov 19 2013
02:33 PM
Tito Maysonet drug dealer Arizona
He is a total loser....Stay away is right...i left him days after my son was born (yes he is the sperm donor) and the stories i see here don't come close to how bad he really is
Entity: Select State/Province
5, Report #1065378
Jul 08 2013
05:56 PM
Sue Wineland Drug Dealer, Liar And Thief Tucson Arizona
 Beware of Sue Wineland. She is a liar and a thief, and a big time drug dealer. She lives at 3514 N. Stone Ave., Tucson Arizona 85705. She abuse her cats by torturing them when she gets board. She has absolutely no friends, and her two sisters and one brother don't give a damn about her, even when she was in the hospital recently, no body came to see her or even called her when she got out. She has stolen from all her roommates, and extorts money from them for rent when in fact she is not allowed to charge rent for a section 8 address. She used to have four cats, but one of them she stuck in a large paper bag and exhaled hits of speed into the bag which killed the poor thing after only a few minutes. She has a prior felony conviction for dealing drugs. Please beware of her and never let her near any if you pets,
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
6, Report #1369812
May 14 2017
03:44 PM
My Online Drug Dealer myonlinedrugdealer, myonlinedrugdealer.com, My Online Drug Dealerstacksamillistacks a millistacksstacks@stacksamilli.com Con Artist Internet
An elaberate show of suspence and mystery, adorned with propes and showman of all ages conducted behind the vailes of the  world wide web. But just like all the trurly great Magical Proformances, theres always a catch, and in the case of My Online Drug Dealer, the only thing that these guys are capable of doing is making your hard earned money disappear. Hate to have to admit that I was suckered in by numerous Online Reviews that I didnt realize at the time were all from the same individual. Thier was a cast of voices and faces all diferent in each video that would quickly get one to belive that these were all individual videos when if fact they were all from the same individual. The P.T. Barnum of this suraide is noneother then stacksamilli, stacks to his cast. I wasnt very inquisitive becuase I had gathered most of the information i would have asked him from the review videos and responces to questions from the videos. All staged reviews and this [I cant even put into words what to call this person] used a child for one of his reviews. My guess, to target the 11 to 14 year old customers. The promise of putting illegal drugs in the hands of a minor, only to end up taking there money as well.  I have been a sufferer of PTSD and Depresion for most of my life. Medical Marijuana is the only way for me to coup with the day to day stresses without having what I call an episode. If it werent due to my being boarderline agoraphobic, I would have moved to another state that was legalized. Unfortunatley, my condition keeps me here. I made the online purchase becuase they honestly had me belive that there was finally an alternative to dealling with shady people in even shadier places. I knew the risk, but after hearing from all his satisfied customers, I wanted it to be true. So much so that I never stoped to read between the lines. I was focused so much on the good that I never stopped to research the bad.    
Entity: Internet
7, Report #176462
Feb 15 2006
10:36 PM
Joseph Bowlin drug Dealer confidential Informant drug dealer and confidential informant for police ripoff Roseville Michigan
Joseph Bowlin, a 40 year old white male lives in his mother's house on Nagel Street in Roseville, Michigan. His mother supports him. He sells drugs from her home in Roseville and always has young girls for his girlfriends. He is also a confidential informant for Roseville and Fraser Police and has turned in several of his friends. One of the people he turned in is now in prison. The worst part is that he is falsely pointing the finger at a VERY YOUNG girl for turning these people in...this is to take the focus/attention off him. He is a drug dealer while working with the police. What a joke! Joseph Bowlin needs to be taken off the streets so he cannot give drugs to anymore young girls. Connie Warren, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Roseville, Michigan
8, Report #982286
Dec 14 2012
05:56 PM
Kyle Prall Drug Dealer, Drug Dealer bustedmugshots.com career criminal Austin, Texas
Kyle Prall is an admitted drug dealer and drug user.  He has been arrested it appears about 6 times.  He is owner of bustedmugshots.com.  A class action lawsuit has been filed against him.  sign up.  Let's run this drug dealer out of town. http://counselor.pro/articles/class-action-against-mugshot-websites Above is link to class action lawsuit against drug dealer and drug user Kyle Prall of Bustedmugshots.com
Entity: Austin, Texas
9, Report #520872
Nov 07 2009
04:44 AM
Ray White Paddington Brisbane Samuel Hadgelias George Hadgelias Drug Dealers, Brisbane Australia
I trusted george to take care of my investment properties instead he rented them out to known drug dealers who used them as drug labs to produce mephamphetamines george and his son samuel the property manager never checked the tenants references and failed to do the 6 monthly inspections they told me would be done as a result of their negligence i was not covered by the tenants insurance policy i took out when the police raided my properties and shut the drug labs down the houses were trashed and littered with chemicals as a result i am more than $50.000 out of pocket for repairs
Entity: Brisbane, Internet
10, Report #710438
Mar 26 2011
06:28 AM
Kevin Nordeen is a seller on a website called ioffer.  He (and others) claim to be selling bonzai fertilizers as a front for synthetic legal drugs. These substances are legal only because the government moves slowly on the illegalization of research chemicals. There are many who take advantage of this fact to make themselves wealthy at the expense of others. By the time that JWH-018 (a well-known synthetic cannibinoid) was banned by the DEA, there were already 10 or more synthetic cannibinoids to replace it out on the market. Little research has been done on the long-term side effects of these chemicals, and sadly your children and loved ones will be the guinea pigs as these unscrupulous people get wealthy. Get on the ball, America!
Entity: Huntington, West Virginia
11, Report #892317
Jun 03 2012
06:10 AM
BEWARE OF DANIEL KILLION FROM SANTA ROSA CALIFORNIA HE IS A REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER WIFE BEATER AND DRUG DEALER, ADDICT AND ALCOHOLIC BEWARE HE IS STAYING AT MARIBELLE apartments in santa rosa California. Daniel beats up his wife and deals drugs here at these apartments he is a bad man avoid him at all costs 
Entity: Santa Rosa, California
12, Report #836935
Feb 10 2012
04:34 AM
herbsmix.info AllLegalHerbal,LLC Scammer Karaganda, Kazakhstan Internet
This is a scam company that does not deliver goods promised. They also steal the images of the products that they pretend to service. Stay away from them!
Entity: Karaganda, Internet
13, Report #861006
Mar 29 2012
12:46 PM
www.jwhcorporation.com Never got product. Internet
I bought a small order from this site. They said that their credit card processing system wasn't working and that I needed to get a MoneyPak and send them the number after I put money on the card. I never got any product or email after this. COmpelte rip off. TAKE NOTICE OF THE FACT THAT VERISIGN LOGO IS NOT LINKED TO THE VERISIGN WEBSITE. Don't give this guy your money.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #981231
Dec 12 2012
05:29 PM
Morpoppy Ripoff, No Response, Weak, Do Not Buy, Internet
Definitely no alkaloids in these pods.  If that's what you're buying them for, then steer clear!
Entity: Internet, Internet
15, Report #1092244
Oct 16 2013
04:36 AM
eurostarhigh eurostarhigh scam london United Kingdom
eurostarhigh looks and puts its self across as proper business online, but its not it is a scam,they will steal your money. 
Entity: Select State/Province
16, Report #1180985
Oct 04 2014
08:07 PM
Salvia Dragon Fraudulent site Internet
I ordered from this site and waited 10 days before contacting them. I emailed and no reply. I tried calling and I got a voice message saying that the person I am calling has reached its maximum voice message limit.   This site is a scam! stay away!
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1269729
Nov 30 2015
03:02 PM
autoflower.net Marijuana, cannabis, autoflower Internet
**Parental Warning** autoflower.netI'm father one toddler and a 15 year old male teen. Today saw a light from under our cellars utility door. We do not use and normally locked.Found three marijuana plants with floresent lights along with fan. lots of odor cans and hanging scent deal like use in cars. even had a light timer along with many types of fertilizers. Marijuana is fine for adults. Son is lucky  my wife and his mom didn't find.First thing pointed out to son is fire threat. As a volunteer fireman in college I was livid about potential fire hazard. Did'nt discipline my son he is a good boy think this internet website influenced him. He said autoflower is a special type of marijuana and is good for people like a super vitamin. Researching found it is just a breed of marijuana--same thing as regular just easy to hide. He said the seeds were called Dragons and were being give away.A new friend on the site sent to our home seeds. He also bought some from one of the US seed sellers on their list. All delivered to my home. Everything else he got at hardware and garden store.The site seems to be US and appeals to kids. Laughted when noticed areas called Live Stoner Chat. too me those on this site are very young for they talk about gaming and young appeal music etc. Very strange place.So, watch out for your kids on this site. Surprised my state NY has not shut them down. Maybe DEA is watching or homeland people.this site needs to verify age. Isn't all this against the law.   
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1369520
Apr 25 2017
09:19 AM
Chemstore Med1nc.org Scam fraud med1nc med1nc.org chemstore Internet
I recently made a test purchase from this site. I have read the reviews and decided to give it a try anyways. Long story short, not only did I not get any further response since the initial Thank you email, they have a support system that has the option to put in a help ticket, but doesn't allow it to actually send. I have tried on multiple browsers/at different times. All posts on the built-in message board need moderator approval, and will not see the light of day if they are in any way negative. The owner of this site has a Russian name even though it is an Indian Pharmacy. I realize there will be people that disregard this warning and I will update if circumstances change, but do NOT trust this site.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1159874
Jul 07 2014
09:17 AM
Collin Bradley Thayer, Collin Thayer, Collin B Thayer drug dealers, meth dealers, meth addicts, convicts, methanphetamines Laguna Hills California
Collin ThayerArrested for drugs on July 3, 2014: http://mugshots-directory.com/booking/6572503/COLLIN-THAYERCollin Bradley ThayerPart of a drug/theft ring with Matt D and Dan BDrugs, meth dealing
Entity: Laguna Hills, California
20, Report #92107
May 19 2004
09:45 AM
LTK Research Products rip-off! Criminals! Drug addicts! Federal indictment! Minot North Dakota
Warning: LTK Research Products, which was doing business in Minot, North Dakota, is closed. Former owners Lee Badrak and Melissa K. Ashley (common-law wife) have been under state and federal investigation for drug-related activities. Mr. Badrak, a drug addict,is currently facing a federal indictment. Buy nothing from this company, which now shows an Arizona address. Hoghead Butte, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Minot, North Dakota
21, Report #532812
Dec 03 2009
07:23 AM
Ethan Schlemer EJ drug abuser criminal Fort Collins, Colorado
Ethan Schlemer has been in jail more than once for lengthy periods of time because of drugs.  Do yourself a favor:  Don't let your daughter or your friends associate with this criminal.  Drug abuse usually leads to other types of crimes and oftentimes leads to violence.  And of course people who are druggies will tell all sorts of lies and even steal sometimes to get their drugs.Do yourself a favor and avoid any contact with Ethan Schlemer.  Scum like this should be in prison.
Entity: Fort Collins, Colorado
22, Report #494638
Sep 14 2009
12:44 PM
Kevin Rolston DRUG DEALER, STEROID USER, CHEATER. west palm beach, Florida Internet
Kevin Rolston is and has been selling drugs to members at the gym I go to. He sells steriods, weed and coke to alot of the members here. He has also been cheating on his wife for sometime now. I would love to see him get in trouble for this being he claims to be such a good guy on his morning show wild 95.5. it is sad to see this kinda disgust. i hope the right person reads this and stops this drug dealing cheater...God Bless up all..
Entity: west palm beach, Florida
23, Report #636149
Aug 31 2010
03:29 PM
YOR Health Yor Health - Members are Drug users and Drug Dealers , Internet
This company is a scam.  They claim that their product helps you loose weight and promots a healthy Body.  What they do not tell you is that some of the newly acquired members are drug users and drug dealers of e.  This scam specifically points to the Las Vegas, North Las vegas and henderson Nevada areas.  It's no wonder they loose weight, they take drugs on a daily basis.  If I took these types of drugs I would loose weight too. I left your program because yor health products did not work on me.  But now I see why.  How many more individuals take illegal drugs and pretend to loose weight with yor health products in the Las Vegas Area.  Maybe you should consider having all your Las Vegas members take drug tests.
Entity: Internet, Internet
24, Report #772815
Sep 03 2011
06:59 PM
Christina Marie Mesrobian is a SCAM ARTIST and DRUG DEALER Los Angeles, California
Christina Marie Mesrobian is a 22 year old Scam Artist, Drug addict and Drug Dealer. She claims she is a medical assistanct student and will give you a sob story of how she was in a foster home... even though she talks to her Father all the time and he helps pay her bills. She is NOT a student. Instead, she spends her days getting high off of marijuana, popping extasy, snorting cocaine and smoking meth. This goes on 7 days a week while she finds time to sell and deliver cocaine for a local drug dealer.  Christina can pull it together long enough to look like a 22 year old student to scam other ppl for money or whatever else she is trying to get out of you. Once she finds she can't get what she wants, you see the real dope addict and drug dealer she really is, who is also psychopathic from years of smoking meth and doing other drugs, even though she's only 22.  Even her own father is fooled, but not for long. Christina Mesrobian should be in jail or rehab as she is contributing nothing to this society except being another con artist that society has to beware of. She is a predator who will smile in your face while stealing from you. If she can't get her way, she goes into a drug hazed, psychopathic rage for not letting her use you.  Christina lives in and hangs around the Hollywood area since this is the area she does most of her dealing and  deliveries. She only leaves her aprtment to get high with others or make deliveries that she walsk to.  Every word out of her mouth is a LIE. She will steal and do whatever it takes to make sure her studio apartment remains a crack den for her and the rest of her druggie friends to smoke meth, do coke and whatever else she feels like doing.  She thinks life is a free ride for her to con ppl whenever she likes.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
25, Report #726675
May 06 2011
09:45 PM
Pete Benevides Drug dealer Biggest thief in Florida and drug dealer Orlando, Florida
Don't go next to Pete (Padro) Benevides he's a big time drug dealer, mortgage fraud , scammer, robs any one that has a buck also big time insurance fraud and ponsey schemes Pete thinks he is free from the drug case because he got to the families of the witness but one thing he doesnt remember is some one he robed knows all about him and will work with the department of justice and DEA to put him where he belongs I will post more on as I gather information from all involved
Entity: Orlando, Florida

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