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51, Report #1215921
Mar 19 2015
04:27 PM
EBAY $30.00 promotional credit fraud towards a new ebay mastercard. Nationwide
The message said if I chose to pay by the EBAY card, i'd be credited $30.00 towards this purchase. I appl EBAY $30.00 MASTERCARD CREDIT OFFER SCAM UNKNOWNEBAY offered me a mastercard with a $30.00 credit towards any purchase through March 30th 2015, while I was shopping on EBAY for a dog collar. I applied and I was approved instantly online. Then when I asked to make my purchase o this new card, i was asked to wait till the card arrived. The card arrived weeks later, leaving me just two weeks to see about my purchase. so when I tried to purchase the said dog collar, i was declined, not once or twice but constantly. I called PAYPAL that the card was linked to with a phone number, than I got transferred to EBAY, which bounced me back on PAYPAL again, saying the card may not've been good for that particular purchase, but it is good.At last i found out the said EBAY MASTERCARD was not good toward any purchase!I wonder if the card would be good after March the 30th, when the $30.00 promotion is ended, but do I realy want to use that card again! 
Entity: Nationwide
52, Report #1212324
Feb 28 2015
06:23 AM
EBAY fruad lie steal lies money ebay members scammers Internet
Attached to this post will be two documents I have uploaded.  Both these documents will show you just how far EBAY is willing to go to make some of that Green Paper & there favorite piece of art the $ sign.  If you buy or sale on EBAY you need to read this.  EBAY members after a sale or purchase can leave Feedback about there experience.  EBAY has three catagories: Positive symbol which is a green circle with a plus sign +Nuetral symbol which is a gray circle with a black dotNegative symbol is a red circle with a minus - sign When I reported this Scammer he, she or it had a perfect score for Positive Feedback from 32 EBAY members with the star. When I found out in the third email that this was a Scammer I called EBAY by that time this he, she or it had 39 a perfect score for Positive Feedback. So I called EBAY again & reported he, she or it. The next time I went to see if EBAY had suspened this scammer he, she or it was at 44 a perfect score for Positive Feedback.  That is when I emailed EBAY. I received a reply stating they would take care of it.  So just out of curiosity I checked out this Scammers feedback score again.  Guess what he, she or it was up to 46 a perfect score for Positive Feedback that is when I called up & asked them what was going on with the scammer & why was he, she or it still buying on EBAY & still an member they stated they would take care of it. These Negative Feedbacks go back as far as Janaury 25, 2015 I told EBAY that an IC3 was going to be filed against them for allowing & knowing this member was a Scammer & defrauding EBAY's sellers & buyers by posting Positive Feedback Scores when all Feedbacks were Negative.  So the next day I go into my emails & I have six (6) messages all the same from EBAY about this scammer.  When I went to find out if he, she or it was still a member he, she or it was no longer registered.  I have no idea how long this would have gone on if I had not stated that these two documents were posted on Pissed Consumers website & the fact that an IC3 was going to be filed.  When I called EBAY again & wanted to know how this happened & why did it take so long the woman named Holly in the Philipines stated they have to protect their sellers & this is the way they do it. Every single time I call EBAY or Pay Pal along with all the other crooks listed here I always get some Bizzare excuses. I told her this type of deceptive fruadulant behavior is not acceptable & for her to even say that to me blew me away & I told her I was going to file a complaint about what she just told me.  EBAY along with Pay Pal, Ge Capital Retail Money Bank, GE Money Bank, GE Capital Retail Bank & now the new name Sychrony Bank make up there own rules to follow & FuK everybody else.  Remember they come from the seventh planet in our solar system from the sun.  This is how desperate they are to make money by allowing this Scammer to continue on EBAY totally totally outragious! I think the reason this type of Illegal Business Practices continues is that our state & federal agencies that are suppose to protect us do not protect us.  This is quite evident by all the complaints about the same thing.   
Entity: Internet
53, Report #1269964
Nov 23 2015
11:01 PM
ebay .com electronic grand theft ebay ca Internet
Entity: Internet
54, Report #1370254
Apr 28 2017
04:17 PM
eBay and FedEx Ground - Overcharged for shipping, eBay won't do anything Internet
The summary of my problem is that FedEx is attempting to charge me almost double their published cost, after the fact, for an item I sold on eBay and shipped via FedEx Ground. FedEx’s shipping system shows the amount paid by my buyer is the published rate for a package of the size mine was, and eBay is refusing to help after I complained through the customary seller protection channel.The details are as follows: On March 2, 2017, I sold an item on eBay to a buyer in Dacula, GA. Upon the end of the auction, and because the item in question is an irreplaceable collector’s item, I had the item professionally packaged by a packaging shop in Alexandria, VA. On the receipt, it says the dimensions for the item are 46.50 x 20.50 x 11.00. When the packaging store weighed the item, it came in at 22 pounds, 15 ounces. After they packaged the item, they gave me the measurements for the packed and ready-to-ship box as 52 x 21 x 11, and when they weighed the box it came in at 28 pounds even. My buyer requested that I use FedEx Ground shipping to send it to him, so using the eBay invoicing system I entered the dimensions and weight of the package and specified FedEx Ground. eBay’s system invoiced $71.55 shipping and handling, which the buyer promptly paid, eBay’s system generated a FedEx shipping label for the box, and FedEx Ground picked up the box with the bass from the packaging store a day later. The box was delivered on March 9th, and the buyer wrote me on March 11th to say everything arrived fine and he was happy with the purchase. Upon the completion of the sale, I immediately paid my eBay seller fees for this auction, which totaled $99.79 and included the final value fees for the bass and the shipment. About a week and a half later I received an invoice from eBay showing that FedEx Ground had assessed $62.60 in additional shipping charges, claiming the box weighed 73 pounds and assessing additional freight and handling amounts. Given that I saw the bass weighed before and after packaging, and both times the weight was not even close to 73 pounds, this clearly was not true.I contacted eBay Customer Service on March 19th at 4:28PM and protested the extra charge. I spoke on the phone to a representative named Abraham, to whom I explained the situation and the fact that the box was professionally packed and professionally weighed. He said he would have to talk to his supervisor and call me back. At 6:51PM that same day, Abraham did call me back and said that they were escalating the matter to FedEx. After that call, I heard nothing from eBay for an entire week.On March 21, during the week I was awaiting a response from eBay, I went to the packaging store and told them what had happened, and told them eBay might be contacting them with questions about the packaging. My contact there said that they videotaped the packing of the box and anyone who wanted to see it could. I showed him what FedEx had assessed, and he was mystified to say the least at how FedEx could have arrived at these charges. Apparently the dimensions of the box determine the pricing for FedEx Ground shipments, not the weight. As they can access the FedEx ordering system from their computer, my contact at the packaging store entered the dimensions of the box to see what rate it would quote, and he found that for a box of those dimensions, it was the same price my buyer paid, for any weight up to 83 pounds.On March 24th, I received an e-mail reply from Abraham at eBay that said they had submitted my request “for the credit of $22 for the difference for the FedEx shipping cost in the invoice and the actual cost you paid for the estimated shipping postage.” I hit the roof after reading that sentence alone, because that is not even CLOSE to what I had requested them to do. I asked them to dispute the entire invoice, and apparently Abraham thought the original weight of the bass and case was the amount of money I wanted back, when this was definitely not the case. I don’t know whether this miscommunication was due to either Abraham just not listening, or to some other factor, but the bottom line is they wasted a FedEx appeal request on wrong information. They further said in their e-mail that FedEx had denied the appeal and that extra charges would apply if any of five conditions existed, none of which apply to the package I sent.Here is why the conditions they listed don’t apply to my package: The item was enclosed in a hard-shell case, which is what the packaging store then packaged. The hard-shell case has a thick plastic body and four latches, all of which were locked before the item was packed for shipment, and the case key was sent to the buyer separately by Priority Mail. No sections of the case were exposed when the packaging store finished packing it; no metal, cloth or wood was used in any way in the packaging of the instrument; the box was rectangular and not a cylindrical shape; and the box was securely taped in such a way that it would be extremely unlikely that it would jam in FedEx’s conveyor systems, unless a driver damaged the box before it was put on the conveyor; and even if that happened, that is neither my nor the packaging store's fault. Given that my buyer said the item arrived intact and undamaged, it seems that this doesn’t apply either. (On another note, this last stipulation on the list seems to be very vaguely written, and thus a prime candidate for abuse.)I wrote back to eBay and made clear that they had gotten the information completely wrong, that this result was not acceptable and that the matter needed to be resubmitted to FedEx. A representative named Arlene responded and, under the pretense of wanting to help, said that there was nothing they could do to help.I find both eBay and FedEx’s conduct in this case totally unacceptable and legally questionable. Given the fact that the FedEx rate schedule shows the price for shipping a 52x21x11 box up to 83 pounds is the same price my buyer paid, I think this is clearly an attempt by FedEx Ground to charge double for the same shipment.Likewise, there are still things eBay could do to re-investigate this case fairly, but have made clear they won’t do. They could have re-submitted a dispute to FedEx with the correct information, to correct Abraham’s mistake, but refused to do so. They could have contacted the packaging store to verify the package’s dimensions, but did not bother to do so. They could have asked the packaging store to see their video of the packaging process, for proof that those extra conditions stated by FedEx did not apply, but again did not do so. It seems that eBay would rather protect their business relationship with FedEx. Despite their claims of offering seller protection, they just can’t be bothered. Meanwhile, eBay is attempting to re-bill me for this extra shipping charge, and I recently received an e-mail from PayPal collections about it. I have written back to say that this matter is under dispute and have asked them to cease and desist all collection action until the dispute is concluded. As of this writing, I haven’t heard anything back yet.
Entity: Internet
55, Report #1403918
Oct 03 2017
12:28 PM
EBAY--MIGHTYGALAXY miss.kitty.kat steal, thief, nasty, ebay, mightygalaxy, miss.kitty.kat Internet
First, I bought a conair steamer on Ebay from MightyGalaxy. He is a thief. He shipped it through Amazon as a gift to avoid paying them anything and get shipping FREE. The tracking on Ebay was fraudulent. It said it would be delivered Friday. I had a stalker. So I received A GIFT from someone I didnt know on Wednesday. Tracking on Ebay still said Friday. After 3 days of calling Amazon and being told for security they couldnt tell me who sent me a gift, I just happen to check the Ebay tracking.It was now changed to the correct tracking and it said Delivered. I wrote to this jerk--MIGHTYGALAXY and he wrote back So your upset I delivered it early.Both Amazon and Ebay security said this was against their policy and they made a full report. Now I try the steamer and it doesnt work!I open a return and the seller doesnt make any arrangement for it to be picked up. The label provided requires he set a pickup date. Otherwise I have to open a UPS account and pay for pickup. I contact him and he refuses to do anything else.Meanwhile I post to Ebay community to make people aware, he has a bunch of negatives and I want feedback myself and two Mods--either stupid as heck or they are his friends take my post down. I reported them to EBAY and EBAY reps say using the User name to report this is NOT AGAINST COMMUNITY POLICY and this DOES NOT fall under shame and blame posts.Miss.Kitty.Kat and another idiot named  li-ornesh  have harassed me and made me post this on over 100 websites and blogs trying to be the NAZIS who hold their hands over my mouth against EBAYS policy.   
Entity: Internet
56, Report #155995
Sep 04 2005
10:02 PM
Ebay, screw you over bay ripoff Internet
I had an auction removed tonight to help benefit the victims of hurricane katrina. It was a DOONEY & BOURKE HANDBAG going for approx $120. EBAY removed the auction stating that I violated their policy. I violated their policy by not using 'their personal charity' (who just so happens to get a cut). WTH ? I am so fed up with ebay for not donating what they should of donated. That is $50 less dollars to help cloth and feed ppl in the south who have lost everything. I am so livid right now. EBAY, YOU SUCK ! Dana baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
57, Report #129461
Jan 30 2005
11:28 AM
EBay ripoff San Jose California
I had been a member on eBay since October 2001 when suddenly, I get a suspension notice, which made no sense. I had over 1100 positive feedbacks as mainly a buyer. When I enquired, I was told that they had suspected that someone had hijacked my account, even though they were unable to tell me why they thought so, and there was no suspcious bids on my account. In fact, buy suspending my account, they cancelled bids already placed and had sellers wondering what happened. The latter result had me having to explain the situation umpteen times, just as I had written umpteen e-mails to them trying to revive the account. Finally, after the 12th e-mail explaining that the suggestions they gave were only good if one was able to sign on (my ID was also not recognized when I tried to change my password as suggested by them), even though their own e-mails to me with a reminder about the password were the exact same one that I had tried, unsuccessfully to enter. I pleaded for a number to call, but was told they did not have a CSR telephone number (HOOEY). Only when I threated to sue them and file this report did they contact me by phone (the number captured by my caller ID) and said that they had finally located the problem and would receive yet ANOTHER e-mail telling e=me what steps to take. Needless to say the steps were the EXACT same ones I had attempted without success. Thinking that I leterally anf figuratively had their number I tried to call back (604) 297-7311 and got a residence. Information for Vabcouver supplied (604) 291-7311 (sounds alot like the number my phone captured) NOT IN SERVICE. Ebay is taouts itself as the largest online marketplace in the world, they have revenues greater than most thirdworld countries- COMBINED! hey can't afford to hire some CSR's. The irony is that the e-mails following the so called instructions requested I give feedback on their CSR. You can imagine what I had to say Stacy Lutherville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
58, Report #107089
Sep 05 2004
08:17 PM
EBay Ripoff the unfriendly ghost Internet
I have been a buying member of eBay for about 5 months, in that time I have spent about $2000 on 75 individual sales, and have lost only two in the post. I have 99% positive feedback and never sold anything. Recently I sent a complaint regarding no contact with a seller, you wouldn't believe it, but the next day I am suspended from eBay due to security breechs of their section 9. The breech was, we do not have your correct email address, this was sent to me at my email address, the one they didn't have ?? Reason for the Rip-Off report, I have lost a couple of won items due to this suspension, as I can't pay or do anything and I need to warn others of potential no valid reason suspensions. The follow up :: Responded to their email system three times, got three different people (or electronic nerds) telling me different scenarios, non of which makes any sense. Finally I get one that tells me to fax confidential information so that they can confirm who I am. Problem is, they do not respond, so who knows where my confidential info has gone. Positive side : I belong to a large mining group (USA based), with thousands of people on the network. I casually mentioned this problem, and have had 40 people telling me that this has given them the motivation not to get involved with eBay. Hey...why take them to courts etc. we can stuff them up by advertising these problems worldwide. My 40 people only have to spread the word and if they get 40 each not to join, and at an average of $2000 each...my head is spinning. Don't get mad..get even.. See ya. Ray PerthAustralia Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on ebay
Entity: Internet
59, Report #107783
Sep 10 2004
08:52 AM
EBAY RIP-OFF! Over-inflated prices! Bad policies! Internet
Ebay used to be a good auction site but it is now terrible. A seller has to pay more fees to Ebay than ever before. They even now charge for the background that you choose. Obviously they are going to lose a lot of their clients who are going to move to other Auction sites including me. Another bad thing about Ebay is you can only contact them by Email. A company of that size should have a customer service department phone number and helpline manned by several staff. I think people should avoid Ebay, there is nothing good about their site any more, with over inflated prices, including seller fees, and all sorts of little extras you have to pay for to list an item. I think a phone number should be posted on the web for people who have got ripped off to get in touch. EBay... rethink your policies and your fees, there is the Greedy and the Needy and at the moment you are the Greedy. David Abergele. WalesUnited Kingdom Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on ebay
Entity: Internet
60, Report #85304
Mar 25 2004
05:30 AM
EBay inconsistent practice Internet
I have been a user of eBay for years and have overall been very satisfied with their service. I do want to point out what I consider to be an inconsistent practice of theirs. I sell items through eBay that are very regulated by eBay, i.e. they have specific policies on when and if these types of items can be listed. Recently, I had a situation where someone objected to my listing and really did not have any legal right to do so. Ebay claimed that my listing violated their policies even though they do not SPECIFICALLY state this item cannot be listed. It appears to fall into a gray area. While eBay cancelled my auction and sent my account for suspension review, there were about 7600, of the same type of item listed at the time. It appears that eBay would rather listen to a non-user who has taken the time to complain rather than a customer of years, on whom they are making money. Ebay did not suspend me, but the whole thing is frustrating. Either ban an item completely, or stand up for your customers. Thanks for the opportunity to gripe. Kevin Grangeville, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
61, Report #116930
Nov 09 2004
03:15 PM
Ebay ripoff, no real contact people Internet
i sold an item on ebay and they sent me a report of what they will be taking out of my acct. the amount was $40.00 more than what they told me in the beginning. i tried several ways to contact them but the contact us page does not work and the phone number that i found put me on hold two times for over an hour. i dont know how to get ahold of anyone in this company without leaving messages on answering machines and noone calling back. this company is a RIPOFF! Misty lancaster, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
62, Report #40519
Jan 07 2003
07:54 PM
Ebay ripoff Internet Worldwide
suspended account proved them wrong ..... i had a perfect record on ebay 389 positives no negatives ebay suspended my account and took off all the items i had listed not only did i prove them wrong that the 3 people who complained 2 of them i had records to prove that ebay statement was false ebay said i could go back online with them I told e-bay that they charged me all of the fees on my listing that they once removed and never reinstated so the auctions could not continue. I wanted to be reinburse and am now refusing to pay now they suspended me because i did not pay for their mistake and the costly time which i paid an employee for all the listings...... mary federal way, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
63, Report #10101
Dec 28 2001
12:00 AM
commandocomputing ebay fraud
bid on memory at ebay got response payat secure server, brinksster.com, did so, got a thank you, after 10 days I asked where my goods were, got an excusedeath in the family so I waited 3 more days. after 3 days I got nothing, no reply to emails. I started asking questions of other ebay bidders, all who replied said no memory, no reply, he got my money., orI backed out, this guy is a flake. so one of the users said his credit card report said lessthanebay.com so I did a whois and found out the connection, since then I have been contacting other bidders looking for info, trying to get this guy. I got an email today from a lady who had been ripped for 820$ she is the one who referred me to this site. Tim Williams Click here to read other Rip-off Reports that happen on ebay
Entity: buffalo, New York
64, Report #2989
Aug 20 2000
12:00 AM
EBAY #1-BAD CONSUMER RELATIONS-SAFEHARBOR NOT SAFE! We have sold and bought many items on Ebay & came into multiple problems which Ebay gave us NO resolution. 'Safeharbor', which is SUPPOSED to protect Ebay members is a JOKE! First-we had a nonpaying bidder, bid on our item & won it, said they sent payment 3 times, but never really did. We sent her a letter stating that we would leave negative feedback, but we eventually dropped the whole situation. Then, one of her friends bid on one our auction to 'get back' at us the same night we contact with the nonpayer! This 'friend' paid us, then received the item in great condition. She immediately emailed us & said this infant walker was 'scuffed...', 'broken...', etc. She accused us of fraud, she said the 2 back wheels on the walker were busted (the Graco entertainer walker, however, is manufactured with 1 roller wheel on the back & 2 wheels on the front-we have another one exactly like the first one!) It wasn't damaged at all, there is not 2 back wheels on this model! She accused us of breaking them. In any case, I was getting harassed by this woman, she left multiple negatives in my record just to get revenge on me for her nonpaying bidder friend. THEN-after this woman threatened to file fraud against me-she turned around and relisted the EXACT SAME walker on ebay, siting GOOD CONDITION, not that it was broken or anything! What a scam! She claims it was not our walker that she relisted-that it was her friend's (if her friend had the same walker as I did, why didn't she buy her friend's-she wouldn't have had to pay shipping then! We contacted Ebay on this, they never bothered even looking into it. We were left with permanent negatives on our record with them due to this little revenge scheme-Ebay didn't even care!... EBAY #2-PROFITS FROM COMPUTER GLITCHES! We list our items through auctionwatch manager pro to get them on Ebay, so we can list multiple items at one time... Well, there is a computer glitch in the software somewhere. It bumped 4 of our auctions to a Super Featured Listing, which costs $99.95! We have never sold anything over $100, we would NEVER willingly list something under this listing option for a $99.95 fee! We explained this to Ebay, they said it was our problem, that auctionwatch is not supported by Ebay in any shape or form. So Ebay profited $99.95 off me due to a computer glitch! I told them I would take my business elsewhere & they didn't even care! They claim safeharbor is supposed to protect it's members, I have received no resolution from them on either of these matters. What a joke. They advertise that they are so friendly & there 'for the people' so to speak. It's too bad they have to take advantage of us & rip off our money due to a computer glitch! Any consumer-oriented company would have resolved this dispute to save a relationship with their members.
Entity: Nationwide
65, Report #216247
Oct 17 2006
12:05 PM
Ebay ripoff San Jose California
Unauthorized deduction from my checking account in the amount of $98.59 on September 5, 2006 payable to OEM/PARTSBIN which lists ebay as this domain owner. David Kingsland, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, California
66, Report #452624
May 17 2009
12:38 AM
EBay Misleading, Lies, False, Dishonest, Internet
My eBay account has been blocked for a year now for reasons I did not understand and still question today. In the past two weeks I have received two emails (a week apart) from eBay saying my account would be reinstated and I would be getting a follow-up email saying when my account was not blocked and I could sell again. I did not get that follow-up letter so, I wrote them again and finally, eBay told me that I used a forgery name in the past to attempt to get back on and my account would stay suspended. Why did eBay tell me I would get unblocked twice and later decline the offer?Why did eBay decline the offer with an accusation of a forgery that l did not do? The truth is eBay is a corrupt company with no intention of keeping it's word. A word to the wise is to never trust eBay, anything they tell you. They can suspend you for any reason at any time and you lose everything. eBay, a once proud and reputable company, has turned to inadequate service, dishonesty and not keeping their word. I have trusted eBay in the past, have been taken and have learned my lesson. I am doing business with another more reputable company. J&S Associates Evansville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
67, Report #477049
Aug 06 2009
11:33 AM
EBay Abuses and Punishes Honest Sellers Internet
I am an honest seller on eBay; however, recently my authentic products that I was selling on eBay were unjustly removed because of a false accusation from freeze 24/7. They did not like the fact that I was selling them for a better price; so they decided to make a fraudulent report to eBay. eBay won't help sellers when this happens, in fact, they don't even try to find out if these are honest reports! I sent several emails to ebay and received this response: As you know, eBay does not actually handle the merchandise offered for sale on eBay. We are unable to make any judgments regarding copyrights and trademarks on items offered for sale on eBay. However, we are committed to removing listings that infringe on the rights of an individual or company when we are notified of the infringement. We developed the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program to help the owners of intellectual property remove listings that infringe on their rights. When we receive a request from a VeRO member to remove infringing items, we are required by federal law to end the listings. When VeRO participants ask to have a listing removed, they are *not* required to tell us in what ways the listing infringes on their rights. We urge you to contact the rights owner directly with your questions and concerns regarding the removal of your listings. Well, gee that would be helpful, HOWEVER, I sent over 10 emails to the company and NEVER received a reply! Whatever you do, please please please Do NOT buy from freeze 24 7! Christy Allen, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
68, Report #368814
Sep 01 2008
04:27 PM
Ebay trademark Unknown california
Ebay is scamming alot of us. They have all the technology and expertise. They know what is going on, They who is selling what and they know what is going to happen. But first they collect all your seller fees, have you to think you are doing good, so you order more items and then they bust you for trademark violations. I was just suspended for 7 days for selling DG sunglasses. I have been selling these glasses for several months and had 19 pair more that would sell at auction ending. When i turned on my computer Sunday morning and went to the Ebay site , thats when i found out I was suspended. Ebay new this would happen but instead of an email to warn me thats when they wait and collect all your fees. My last look there was over 12,000 of the same sunglasses i was selling still listed. Only about 55 were mine . so alot more people will also be suspended after they get all their fees. they say they are to similar to dolce g. This same thing happens to thousands of people trying to make some extra money. They are all quilty of this. They know exactly what and when you are selling and what is going to be a violation. I purchased all my sunglasses from 2 american companies. HB sunglass company and Olimpyic eyewear. Their disclaimer says all sunglasses offered by their site are ABSOLUTELY LEGAL TO SELL AND TO OWN. They do not violate any copyrights or registered trademarks. You should try to tell Ebay this. It would be easier to talk to the man in the moon than someone from Ebay. All emails and explanitations just go round and round in circles with no answers. By now i know their stupid feedback system has ruined my chance of ever being able to sell again. Here the buyer has all the leverage and believe me they use it. Anyway i know im not the 1st and i want be the last to be suspended for something they know is going to happen. I thought i was legal but they knew it would happen . Any warning from them. NO. Thanks ebay for nothing. I hope you are sued , you deserve it. Learned hard way 2 maiden, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
69, Report #590225
Apr 06 2010
05:52 PM
Ebay PAYPAL consumer protection ripoff! Internet, California
Entity: Internet, California
70, Report #772170
Sep 01 2011
10:39 PM
ebay Buyer Protection Is a Fraud!!! Internet
Baught a Item On Ebay and got ripped off. I baught Computer software(Microsoft) Installed it and thought everything was ok. Exactly 3 months later it popped up that it was not authentic. Well make a long story short I called ebay to file a dispute and they told me since its past the 45 days there is nothing I can do.Now this is the debate I have with this stupid and idiotic policy that ebay has ! With software there is really no true way of knowing it authentic untill 90 days is up as a software will give you a 90 day evoluation period before it will alert you that its not authentic. Second of all isnt it against the digital law to even be selling non authentic software. In my eyes ebay is just as responsible for this as the actual seller is. Ebay is the one that allowed this to be sold on their market which is technically considered a retail internet store. Also They suspended this seller a month ago for selling non authentic software they told me ,so why didnt they notify all buys that could have been affected. O I know why!! Its cause ebay buyer protection knew they would have to dish out bundles of cash on claims!!!! I am so discusted in ebay and paypal right now that I personally am thinking of canceling my accounts!! There is absolutely no buyer Protection here and personally In my eyes Is a big advertising Fraud!! This Is to Ebay and Paypal if you are reading this YOU S*K BIG BALLS! and if you dont suck balls Then You can S*K MY BALLS!!
Entity: , Internet
71, Report #831304
Jan 30 2012
02:56 PM
Ebay International Shipping, Internet
    Ebay International shipping policy is to have you take all the responsibility for the shipment arriving and they will take your money back by automatically taking it out of your Paypal account or Checking account!  We sent a package with The Bed Desk overseas with USPS and it arrived at the last post office just before being delivered to the customer and then nothing.  No delivery!   Ebay did not help to find the package, USPS could not find the package or try to with the overseas customs department and the destination country's post office was not contacted yet is was at the second to last destination!  Ebay and USPS would not call or email for an inquiry & USPS would not release any notes to help and yet they had in-house tracking that went well beyound what is listed on USPS website!      Your product and your money just get taken!  In addition the customer verbally abused, threatened, and ultimately used extortion to where ebay removed his wack-job attempt!  Ebay had to remove his crazy negative feedback as a result!   Beware and just don't ship internationally with EBay or USPS.com and avoid as often as possible! 
Entity: , Internet
72, Report #650400
Oct 13 2010
08:45 AM
ebay and paypal are scammers, Internet
Ebay and paypal steal peoples money. They allow scammers to steal peoples money and product. They help the scammers.
Entity: , Internet
73, Report #640821
Sep 15 2010
10:47 AM
Ebay Poor Customer Service, Internet
Anyone contemplating using EBay must consider the very poor customer service.  If you call for help, you will be on the phone for a consider amount of time.  When the phone message says The wait will be longer than 5 minutes, they mean it!  I finally hung up and canceled my account.  Good customer service drives a good company.  This company has the money to hire more customer service people.  They choose instead to lose business.  I would avoid EBay particularly if you are a new seller and want some help setting up your account.  
Entity: , Internet
74, Report #911183
Jul 12 2012
03:37 PM
eBay Fradrlent and misleading statements , Internet
On April 28, 2012, Michael Jones of eBay made an announcement about a free buy-it-now listing sale.  You could list items for sale for 3 days, 5, 7, 10, 30 days, or good until cancelled all for free http://announcements.ebay.com/2012/04/three-days-only-all-sellers-can-list-fixed-price-for-free-april-26-28/.  I listed over 200 small items, many at the good until cancelled duration.  eBay is a hobby for me, and as the only wage earner in a single-income family of five, I use any income to provide special things for my children like summer activities, etc. It turns out that the text of this announcement was not completely true.  In May, I received a huge bill for fees from eBay.  I assumed all was well and it was seller fees for items I sold just like always.  When this happened again in June, I called eBay customer service to find out that the 3, 5, 7, 10 and 30 day listings were free, but good until cancelled was in fact not free, only the first 30 days of it.  I further checked the link for full details and it said nothing about one of the durations not being free as stated.  I raised an objection about being charged $150 in hidden fees (exceeding my sales income for the last few months) and was told I would hear back, but nothing.  They've got my money and it seems to be all that matters. Be careful--statements eBay makes may contain half-truths or false statements to defraud you out of your money.
Entity: Internet, Internet
75, Report #200503
Jul 11 2006
03:28 PM
Ebay fake game Internet
Don,t buy Pokemon Diamond for Game Boy Color on ebay! It is a fake Game boy Color game the real Pokemon Diamond is for the Nintendo DS system, plus it's not state side yet. I even wrote an email to nintendo asking about it and it's a DS game only in Japan now! so please don't buy the game on ebay. Robert Columbia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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