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1, Report #1354762
Feb 07 2017
11:06 PM
license instruction schools, inc. license instruction schools, inc.Contractor school This is a rip off company
license instruction schools This is a rip off company. Don't go with them. They promise me my money back but when I asked the money they didn't want give me my money
2, Report #1222109
Apr 13 2015
08:31 AM
Motorcycle Rider Education - MRE Corp , rude, boy's club, Simi Valley California
Let me first start off with the owner; arrogant, not a people person AT ALL and all he cares about is making sure he is covered liability-wise. He should stick to owning the business and NOT being out on the course as a teacher. When he tries to help you it's more telling you to do it a different way without you really understanding what on earth he is talking about.I was paired on a bike that was a HORRIBLE fit for me from the beginning, it was physically painful to even sit on the bike. When I notified them that I could not sit properly on the bike because it didn't fit me they dismissed me and told me to scoot up more, etc. The entire class was even commenting that their bikes were a bad fit for them as well. A 6'4 man should NOT be on a small bike where every time he turns his feet hit the floor.You're sitting out in the hot sun for over 4 hours on a bike, so if you have any physical limitations you are just out of luck. There will be absolutely no way you will be able to pass.The classroom portion was as to be expected, boring and slow but even if you pay attention and take notes there will be questions on the test that they didn't even cover! The first instructor told us to do one thing in a situation, then during the last classroom instruction we were told by a different instructor that that was NOT the appropriate move and not to do that. So then we were left to decide which instructor wE thought was more credible to listen to. Talk about confusing.During the second day, the first hour of course training a person walked out and refused to come back.If you don't pass they tell you that you can come back within 30 days IF there is an open spot. If you read previous reviews before they re-vamped there was NEVER an open spot, ever! The other option is to pay a partial fee and they will cover the rest. Not sure how that one works.The ONLY reason I am giving them 2 stars is because they do have a FEW really great instructors. Blade and chris actually try to help you, they coach you. If you need extra help they will give you constructive criticism that you will actually understand.I seriously hope if you are considering this company, to look at ALL of the other options available.
Entity: Simi Valley, California
3, Report #339771
Jun 12 2008
04:53 PM
Huron Valley Ambulance Worst Instructor/Instruction ever Ann Arbor Michigan
I recently attended a Paramedic class taught at HVA. The Instructor constantly seemed disinterested and ill prepared. This is a class that costs more than five thousand dollars for a nearly a year. Every single class is a powerpoint lecture, provided by the textbook publisher, that the teacher merely reads aloud. Any additional instruction he gave was merely anecdotal. Over half the class dropped out a few flunked out, and on a few occasions a classmate had a legitimate reason to miss quiz/exam, e.g. family emergency or illness, they were penalized in the form of decreased exam scores. This instructor is rumoured to be underqualified, supposedly he does not hold an IC, and the only reason he is allowed to teach the class is because an IC is present somewhere in the building. The instructor previews audio material during quizes/exams. The students are expected to show up to class in uniform and turn off pagers/cell phones yet this instructor wears whatever he wants and on several occasions his cellphone has gone off mid lecture. I have a college degree, yes a four year degree, and have attended my share of emergency medical classes, I also have several years experience in this field and this is by far and away the worst instruction I have ever received on any topic and I have had my fair share of bad teachers. If anyone thinking of becoming a medic reads this do not take this class from HVA. from what I can tell students who took their basic here felt similarly about their instructor. And on top off all these other complaints when the class started dwindling there was talk of canceling the class with no refunds for the students who were passing the class. I have never in my entire career been so ashamed to be part of this service as I am now. This company turns out mediocre professionals and I am sure blame the student instead of evaluating their poor training Anonymous ann arbor, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Ann Arbor, Michigan
4, Report #421371
Feb 07 2009
10:32 AM
Private Equity Institute & Matthew Murray Garbage instruction, no use in landing a private equity internship or job, charlatans New York New York
I wasted $1000 for this course. I wanted to break into private equity and was assured by the owner, Matthew Murray, that private equity institute had great contacts and after I finished the course I should be able to land a PE internship. The course instruction was complete garbage. A total joke. They bring in guest instructors who are hacks that work at unknown chop shops. Think JT Marlin type firms (from the movie Boiler Room). No legitimate private equity professional was an instructor. By legitimate I mean Blackstone, KKR, etc. No one from a reputable investment bank was an instructor either. YOU CAN LEARN EVERYTHING THEY TEACH YOU BY READING ARTICLES ON INVESTOPEDIA! The teaching was at such a basic and elementary level. If a professor tried to teach this in a college finance course he would be laughed at and shown the door. In short, the teaching was a sham. The internship that you'll get offered is a chance to debug Matt Murray's website. That's it. You'll be out a $1000, wasted your time, and be NO BETTER OFF IN TERMS OF LANDING AN INTERNSHIP OR JOB. Matt Murray was fired from his last job. He can't get a legit job on Wall St. so he started the private equity institute. PEI is his main source of income. Would you want to be taught by this charlatan? He's not a nice guy and will try to bully and threaten you if you ask for a refund. Do this: ask him for the names and contact info of 10 former students who have taken the course and have landed a job or internship in private equity. He won't give this to you because he can't, i.e., not even 10 students will vouch for him! All the testimonials on the website are from former employees of PEI. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! Tony New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
5, Report #917318
Jul 25 2012
12:40 PM
BCTI Business Computer Training Institute BCTI withheld information, failed to deliver real useable instruction beyond typing and powerpoint, nearly ten thousand dollars for learning how to type? Apparently, you could leave unpaid at the 1/2 Everett , Washington
I am disappointed that a company can sell itself as an extended learning facility without any oversight by the lenders,(our government). They were held to no standard, they lied, they constantly reminded us of delivering GOOD attendance BECAUSE if a student missed a certain number of days they would lose their part (a ludicrous amount of money for the services provided) of the money. I was trapped, and after starting with twenty three students only four of us finished. I am still receiving bills to pay for this as is natural, BUT, I was lied to. If I had known about leaving before the half way point, I'd have done it. How can I fix this, it is a travesty. nearly ten thousand dollars to learn typing, and, how to navigate (kind of) Microsoft office programs, using old operating systems. If anyone can provide information about how a person can find recourse for such blatant thievery please contact me. It would sure help eliminating this from my debt. Prison is where these Con-Men and Women belong. White collar crime is still stealing. Before this my credit was fine, and, their job placement promises were bunk. Not one viable lead. Also, apparently the rules differed from school to school. Geez I feel dumb for falling for this. I would LOVE to attend just local college and unfortunately no aid is available for those with delinquent student loans, (not that I blame the lender) but where was the oversight? Can you tell that I am still angry?
Entity: Everett, Washington
6, Report #973777
Nov 26 2012
11:34 AM
Art Instruction Schools Art Instruction Schools Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hello, My name is B. and I'm here to warn others about Art Instruction Schools. In my exprience with the school I was drawn in by their commercial, which I did call and recieved an art test. To shock I received a call within 2-3 weeks stating that I was one of the highest scoring people and that I would eligible for a scholarship; but when the recruiter came to see me it quickly changed into I was 1 point off from being able to get the scholarship. Me being an artist I was still interested in the program, and due to the misunderstanding the recruiter offered me a deal. The agreement, (The contract we signed), stated I was only to pay 130.00$ a month for 23 months. I started with the school, and at first had no problems. Assignments came and they were easy to me. One day they called me and said I was missing assignments. So I had to do 3 assignments all over again, and thats when the issuses started. The school is supose to provide the supplies, which was one of the main reasons I signed up. But everytime I need something it was like pulling teeth to get. The customer service people were rude everytime I called in. The time has finally come for them to honor the contract for 23months for 130.00$ and they refuse to honor it. They wont contact the gentlemen ( their recruiter) who I signed the contract with even thou he stated if I had any problems call the school and they'll contact him, nor will they admit their fault in the situation. Good thing I'm great with paper work and I still have the contract I signed. Finally after a lengthy process they agreed to honor their contract, while still being rude.  I never exprience such rude customer service, nor such a battle to honor a contract that was given to me by rep. from their school. In closing I would not recommend this school to anyone.Everything that was promised was a battle to receive, from getting my supplies, to speaking to my instructors, down to honoring a simple contract in black & white. To be honest the only problem I didn't have was the instructors who graded my assignments, in which I fear now because of the hassle I had to go throught to make them honor the contract, (Which they agreed to honor but have not done so yet) they will become a problem also, them and the fact  I didnt want to waste months of work is the only reason I stayed enrolled with the school. And NO, I am not just some angry person who wants to put out a bad report just for kicks. I'm a hard working student who even received awards from the school for my art works. I have all the proof, my contract and I know they record the calls so you can listen to the conversations where they were rude to my mother and I. I have my bank statements to prove I pay on time everytime. It is just a horrible program if you'd like to be treated with respect, or want them to honor a contract. ITS A RIPOFF!
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
7, Report #1152069
Jun 04 2014
09:59 AM
Art Instruction Schools Art Institute The Art Institute would not allow me to cancel my child's enrollment. Minneapolis Nationwide
My husband and I recieved a call from a representative of the Art Instruction Schools wanting to set up an appointment to speak to us about our son earning college credits by way of the Art Instruction Schools. Since our son is a high school we were such into this scam. Initially we were told that we could cancel at any time, but now we were told that our cancellation priveleges are no longer available since he has completed over half the program, meaning we owe over $2,000 that we really can't afford to pay! I don't know what will become of this, but to other parents out there that are considering this for their child, be mindful of these unethical policies put in place by these companies. It's purely not worth it.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1331
Oct 13 2003
11:43 AM
New Horizons Computer Learning Centers using misrepresentation.
Having borrowed several thousands of dollars to attend adult education classes at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, I purchased six classes of computer based training classes on CD-ROM as part of my package and contract, but have only gotten four of these. After waiting for over two months and complaining to not only my account executive several times, but also others at the corporate offices in Denver that I needed these to study for my certification tests, I was handed four of these CD-ROM's. Mentioning this to the corporate offices in Denver, I was told they would contact me and never did. In addition, when I did get hold of someone, they acted as if I was a bother to them. I did find out that even after paying my complete bill that they had not authorized to get them to me, even after two months after paying my complete bill. Would like the get the other two classes or a refund of the missing classes.
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
9, Report #267856
Aug 15 2007
08:38 PM Promised free instruction to make and sell ads, the only fee to be charged to my Debit card was to be $3.67 for shipping and handling of an instructional CD to be sent in the Post Office Regular mail. I then checked my checking account on-line and saw I was billed $49.95 and I do not know why or what that charge represents. Las Vegas, Nevada Oregon
I signed up on-line with to receive instruction on how I could make and write ads like those that appear on Google and learn how to market and place those ads. This is a total scam, I was told my Debit card would only be charged $3.67 for Shipping and handling of an instructional CD. There were no other charges to be taken from my account. I checked my Checking account and the company charged $49.95 on my Debit card. I want this money credited back to my accout and remove me from their marketing scheme. Jim Beaverton, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada, Nationwide
10, Report #1304869
May 10 2016
09:34 PM
Maric College Kaplan College The finance department would interrupt class by taking me out of class room instruction and off-site clinicals to demand tuition payments. They refused to provide documentation of my graduation and my transcripts. Therefore, I could not continue my education. After graduation, I was unemployed and harassed twice weekly by finance department Vista California
I was removed from classroom instruction by the finance department to discuss when they would receive payments.  They wanted the money and were willing to interupt my education to get it. (could that conversation wait until the class instruction was completed)  On one occasion, I missed 45 minutes and was unable to take notes on information I was required to know and prove it on examination.  Am paying for something I am not receiving?Additionally, I was removed from Clinical Training.  I was told that I would not be allowed back into the instruction until I physically meet with a finance officer at the main campus located in Vista, CA Immediately!  This event occured 4-5 weeks before graduation.  I remember feeling rangeled because they were holding my education / ability to support myself as a dangeling carrot. I was told any missed instruction could only be made-up at the same time next year as the opportunity for clinical training was limited.I was required to make a partial payment although I was unemployed and trying to support myself and two children on Unemployment Insurance.I was ride-sharing to the Clinical Training to save money and the instructor knew it.  Still, I was removed and my colleague had to miss instruction as well.  She was trying to obtain a perfect attendance  and missing the instruction disqualify her.I was not allowed to particpate in the graducation cereomy because I had a balance with the finance department.  My transcripts have been withheld due to a open balance with the finance department.  This still prevents me from continuing my education to become a Registered Nurse which crippled my earning potential.I was told the degree I earned at Maric (Kaplan) was transferable.  I made sure of it because I wanted to continue edcuation and become a Registered Nurse.  When I applied at a different college, I learned the courses and credit earned at Maric (Kaplan) was non-transferable, and I would receive no credit for the work and money spent at Maric (Kaplan). *not withstanding I was unable to obtain transcrips.*Maric (Kaplan) college imbarrised me and called in question by reputation with my classmates.  Also, the finance department harrised me to collect $1,500.  Yes, the open balance was 1500.00.  Maric (Kaplan) received funding from Federal and State sources for a total of $37,000.00.  Yes, I paid 37000. to receive a AA in Vocational Nursing.
Entity: Vista, California
11, Report #1413185
Nov 23 2017
11:15 AM
Facebook Google I'm currently unemployed & doing online apps so, I have had multiple job offers working from home that I have had to research before calling or submitting my info due to their claims. One was $2,340 per month plus commissions another was facebook or google making $550 per day. Washington Missouri
I have had numerous online fraud attempts made to me. One was for Speedy Cash for 4K at 5.99% interest. I am in need of supplemental funding to get by while looking for work and I'm aware of most of these loaning companies charging high interest rate loans so this looked too good to be true. There address is not one of the Speedy Cash locations listed on their website but, the number provided would have a person answer.  He went by the name Sam Fletcher at 914 area code and the location of the so called office was in Kansas.  They got my bank routing and account number and then placed a deposit which I did not have to sign any loan docs to have this occur but, it was a neccessary step before the $4,000 was to be deposited. My bank notified me via online notice that a deposit attempt for $946 was coming in but, they rejected it because the deposit endorsement did not match my signature and was coming from a unfamiliar address.  So, I called this Sam Fletcher back and he then said I would have to go purchase a credit card from walgreens to pay for a processing fee in order for the funds to be transfered.  Nothing of this was in their loan agreement and I knew then that it was a scam. The call I recevied form the Facebook and Google job offers were from 844-383-0476.  The voice mail of a younger lady said to go to to fill out an online app to earn 550 a dau working from home.  I immediately went to look up careerapply on google and below the .org listing was your notice of this potential scam so I loogged into this site to report it and did not call the number yet. Looking for a job is now detremental to your own existance !! Can someone please help me ?      
Entity: Washington, Missouri
12, Report #786944
Oct 10 2011
01:46 PM
MedVance Institute Student taken advantage of Nashville, Tennessee
I was a student of MedVance as well. Upon entrance , I was assured that upon completion of the program that I would have assistance with job placement. Before I began classes, I had a legal issue to come up. I called my admissions person and explained to them what had happened and asked if there was any reason to report for classes a week later. The admissions person stated that after completion of the program, during interviews to explain the situation to the interviewer. But also stated that the legal issue should not prevent me from gaining employment in the field. After completion of the program during externship, myself and a few other studnets were sent to an externship site that was morally inappropriate. We were evenually pulled from the site an had to find our own externship site. After graduation, I sent out many resumes within a 50 mile radius and was never called for an interview. I am agreeing to any class ation lawsuit that is filed on the school for refund of any funds that a student wasted to attend that school.
Entity: Nashville, Tennessee
13, Report #1230323
May 19 2015
10:36 PM
True Market Stratigies Options for wealth anthony landolfi This is an internet trading education....the fee is excessive as what he teaches does not help to be a profitable trader....lots of interesting knowledge of how the institutions manipulate the markets but knowing this does not make you a profitable trader....I am sure someone will strike lightning in a bottle but I doubt that is the norm...he sells an indicator that he developed ...the indicator is another lagging indicator in my opion....he leadsyou to believe that with his instruction as to how institutions trade, you than have a huge advantage...of coarse that is false not fall for this sales my opion ...taking his schooling...though interesting...will not improve your trading....lots of useless information..... Internet
Do not fall for his instruction , information on trading....although information is interesting, in my opion it will not help in your trading....fee is excessive...initally , I thought that what he teaches would help predict the markets...nothing could be further from the truth...guess if he was making money he would not be hawking his useless information...His indicator that he sells is a great Lagging indicator....they are a dime a dozen....nothing special here...except the price of the education...extremely excessive.....a big rip off
Entity: Internet
14, Report #238314
Mar 06 2007
05:00 AM
Art Instruction Schools contempt for students, failure to grade lessons in good time, sends lessons of other student to me Minneapolis Minnesota
I received another student's lesson with mine. When I notified the school the instructor told me not to worry, just return the other student's lesson when next I sent my lesson. My current lesson states, Stop drawing. Submit this drawing for grading before you draw more. I have two previous lessons not graded and returned. I am waiting five weeks for the first of those three lessons to be returned. I am eager to continue but frustrated by the school's inaction. Payments are made by withdrawals from my checking account. They get my money. I get contempt. John San Marcos, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
15, Report #27436
Aug 22 2002
12:00 AM
Ameritrain Inc. I Would like to say my part, Former IT director. Charlotte North Carolina
I would like to start by saying that I appologize to all of my former students for the situation that has occured. I have sat by for the last four months and have kept reading this site watching the actions of my former employer come full circle. I will start by saying that the Team in charlotte was doing everything WE could to provide the best training for our students. Say what you will, but that was our intent. The corporate office however was only concerned with one thing, the amount of money we could charge and the amount of seats we could fill. Every idea that could improve the quality of the courses we were delivering was looked at. Those which could be implemented locally without need for additional resources were, and any idea that took away from the pure profitiability of the courses was declined by the corporate office. For those of you who are angry about the level of service at ameritrain, I understand completeley and you should be. The way the buisness was run was flawed from the begining. I would also like to say a few things to various people who wrote in on this site. Mack, Obviously you have know idea what happened when I left. I was not fired for not being certified. I was fired because I taught an extremly poor course and management deemed it easier to fire me than refund the 45,000 tuition payed by all of the students in that class. For the record I am certified in the following areas. MCP 2-99 NT4.0 WS NT4.0 Srvr NT4.0 SIE NT4.0 Net ess CCNA 3-01 A+ 2-01 I also started in this industry in 1995, when I enlisted in the Navy. I planned a corporate wide deployment of windows 2000 in febuary of 2000 and rolled it out in may when the final code was released. So I do know a thing or two about windows 2000 as well. I didn't finish the MCSE because I was too busy working. My fault, but my job came first. Chad, I am obviously the instructor you were meaning. I guess all of the time I tried to help you and David doesn't matter. Nor does the fact I was juggling 2 classes in addition to yours. I imagine that doesn't come to mind when your bashing someone who isn't arguing back. You said you really enjoyed Steven, but I was horrible. I'll let you in on a secret, I trained steven. I recall helping quite a bit as you and david were gearing up for your A+ tests. It doesn't matter anyway, beacuse you had the drive and the focus to take and pass the test, no matter what I said to you or showed you. That is when you learn the most. Kevin and Angela, I was there when you were not... It was in the neighborhood of 7 or 8 classes which you missed. I also never recived any indication from you Steven was not up to your expectations. I also recall polling you several times to see if you were having any problems. Your reply was always no. The reason I remeber this very well is because I was paying extremly close attenetion to your course beacuse it was the first time steven had taught for me. The training curriculium at Ameritrain really wasn't that bad compared to the rest of the schools in the area. That is where the problem lies, it was good enough to get by. Ameritrain is no worse than any of the other schools in the area, they just had greedier mangement at the corporate level. This has been coming for about a year now. Ameritrain is notorious for not paying its bills. They at one time owed Time Warner Cable over 4 months of unpaid cable modem service. The Atlanta campus has also closed in the same way Charlotte did. Pack up and get out of town before any one notices. I think any of you who feel wronged by this company should sue them. Channel 9 showed up in atlanta about 20 minutes after eveything had been cleared out. Bottom line, they are a bunch of liars. All of them. I hope that everyone who has dealt with ameritrain will come away with what is owed to them. I still feel a professional responisbility to my students, even though I am no longer employed with ameritrain. Because of this I have set up a mailbox at hotmail for you to contact me by. Please feel free to send any questions or problems you may have to that address. I am doing this to help my students complete their goals of becoming certified. I will not be teaching any classes but will be glad to offer technical explanations to questions. Scott Franklin, North Carolina Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Ameritrain, Inc.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
16, Report #422650
Feb 10 2009
05:43 PM online diversion course Scottsdale Arizona seems to be adept at finding numerous methods of misleading their customers. 1. The site claims to give a discount for students but when I inquired what the discount was they said they didn't have one but they could offer me a free certificate or expedited shipping when I completed the course. Both were worthless offers to me. 2. The site tells you the price is $7 per credit hour. What does that mean. There are alot of fees they don't tell you about. 3. The environmental course is ridicuolusly difficult to pass. I can understand if you were required to remember some course material or some pictures but they expect you to remember in what portion of the exam the hints were located in. They tell you to take notes of the sections but of course the test isn't open book so what good does it do? 4. The website makes signing up sound quick and easy. They don't inform you until after you've entered your credit card information that you must wait until they supposedly find out if you are eligible from the court system. I doubt they even check because when I called the court the day after I was confirmed eligible the court still hadn't received my citation from the police agency yet. Dont' waste your valuable time or your money! Cheated in arizona Glendale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
17, Report #403842
Dec 22 2008
06:54 AM Active active website,, active Internet
I registered on this website so that I could participate in a charity run in memory of a high school classmate who was killed in a dorm fire in college. There was a fee associated with donating to the charity but had no problem paying that. One month after paying the registration fee and the donation amount I was charged $59.95 for an annual membership. I never agreed to any membership that required an annual fee and only joined the website because it was the only way to donate to the event. I have been trying to contact their team to recieve a refund but have not been answered. None noneU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #461472
Jun 13 2009
05:30 PM
Active.Com Charged $59.95 for unauthorized membership Internet
I was charged $59.95 for an unauthorized membership from The only thing is, is that I signed up to do the Iron Girl Marathon in Del Mar,CA. I did the necessary sign up to be registered for the walk and then they went ahead and charged me for the membership. I shut down my debit card and now my checking funds are frozen until I get my new card and my bank is now disputing it. Shame on you I will NEVER sign up to do a marathon for EVER. Ladybuggsd San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #395265
Nov 26 2008
10:00 AM They Stole My Article Not Listed Nationwide
I write sports articles on a few internet sites. I did a search for one of them and found that had stolen it word for word and claimed that they were the authors. Stole my article Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #829353
Jan 26 2012
08:27 PM 40dollarsyou', Internet
I did a little bit of research on and I even emailed them before I signed up and it seemed like a great way to make money! Advertise someone's company and get paid to do so. I know that it sounds too good to be true but when you're a struggling college student you'll do anything. So I paid the $40 membership fee emailed back and forth with the ripoffs and never received a car and the email that was provided no longer works and neither does the website! The sad thing is i found it in our school news paper!
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #963211
Nov 01 2012
11:55 AM
LA Boxing Mike Searls Crooks littleton, Colorado
These guys first off ripped me off by telling me it was only $80 a month. So i payed that. then they said it was a $200 startup fee. fine, whatever. I told them i only had 6 months then i would leave for college. they told me i could cancel anytime, anywhere as long as i was moving to an area without an LA boxing location. I moved to wyoming 3 months ago and canceledmy membership. problem is... they didnt cancel it, and have charged me an extra $1800 in late fees because i didnt pay. Ive called probably 4 different people today, talked to different organizations that help LA boxing and cant get anywhere. So im $2000 in debt to a place that i havent been to in months, and im a college student. where do they expect me to get this money?
Entity: littleton, Colorado
22, Report #1180153
Sep 30 2014
07:17 PM music instruction saxophone Internet is the worst company in the music business, they flood your computer with unwanted ads for worthless saxophone lessons by lousy players ....
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1054783
May 29 2013
03:57 PM
Medicus Ripped off like many others Internet
I got ripped off from Medicus and after googling my issue I found lots of people in my same boat. I seen this Power Meter ad on TV for 19.95. I went to the website and it said the same thing 19.95 with a 30 day money back guarantee, plus a couple free gifts just for trying this gizmo including a movie which I later got charge 10bucks for. Turns out it was 3 payments of 19.95 which is what it says now but not in February when I bought it... Also didnt say this on TV ad... No way would I buy this crappy device for 60bucks...the kicker is apparently you unknowingly sign up for a yearly subscription for 100 bucks...  I told them I never order a subscription nor received any magazines but apparently they send u a log in via email. By the time you realize your credit card is being messed with your 30 day guarante is gone... All customer service said is sorry if we deceived you...  This happens all the time apparently... I made an impulse buy on this crappy gizmo thinking its only 20bucks and now I'm in for about 200 bucks. I don't use this device, I use swingtip... Check out (((competitor's name redacted))) for a better product and customer service
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1128754
Mar 06 2014
12:25 PM
puretick trading instruction FL
Puretick is a total scam. Their track record is a pure fabrication. The only thing this company is interested in is getting in your pocket. It is very difficult to cancel your subscription and your CC will be charged without your permission. Please stay far away!!!!!!   The VP of marketing got caught trying to post a fake positive review for the company. Read the review at BIG MIKE'S trading forum. Former members post their experiences and the adminstrator shows the proof of the company's misrepresentation.
Entity: Select State/Province
25, Report #1294168
Mar 16 2016
05:51 PM
NCSA Telescam Chicago Illinois
I posted a profile for my daughter and it was a HUGE mistake.  Immediately my phone started ringing with a $1400 pitch to help her get a NLI with a D1 school.  These scouts would make claims like they have seen her video and can see great potential.  Sound to good to be true right?  It was.  All I had to do was check them out online through sites like Ripoff Report and Glassdoor and it became obvious that these are all guys that can't get full-time jobs and have taken a 100% commission job as a free lancer for NCSA.  THe pitch is hard and heavy and I have told at least three different scouts that we were not interested and to quit calling me.  They continue to call about every 3-6 months.  Even after my child committed and I told them I did not need them anymore, they still continue to call.  I am not sure how to get off their call list but it was a big mistake taking advantage of the free listing.  
Entity: Chicago, Illinois

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