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26, Report #1345286
Dec 23 2016
01:01 PM
purchasing power atlanta georgia
 purchased 4 mototec scooters and all 4 missing parts 2 days before Christmas and they cant get ne parts.Was going to send 4 replacements and bill me again so I canceled and we r stuck with crap for almost 1800.00 Sure do know how to disappoint kids at Christmas and last year was the same So no more purchasing power plus when u return items they screw that up .Also get people you cant understand on the phonepissed 4 scooters all missing parts 2 days before christmas and cant get their help
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
27, Report #1380209
Jun 20 2017
03:42 PM
Baseball factory Columbia Maryland
 Ripped off. It's not about the kids it's about the money. That's, why they have the no refund ever policy.
Entity: Columbia, Maryland
28, Report #858952
Sep 30 2012
05:28 PM
DeVry Inc Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Wrongfully Dismissed, Filed a Lawsuit Downers Grove, Illinois
I was wrongfully dismissed from Ross University's vet school (a subsidiary of DeVry).  I filed a lawsuit.Want to know more?  Check out my website:(((ROR redacted)))CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Downers Grove, Illinois
29, Report #562226
Feb 10 2010
02:35 PM
Universal Class, Inc. Online learning, they taught me not to expect education. Internet
This company offers a vast number of online classes, and some may offer value, but the math class I took was worthless.  It was advertised as a math refresher class, which I thought would be helpful in my teaching career.  Since I'm a credentialed teacher I expected some explanations, examples,  and practice problems.  What the website instructor offered was definitions, one example of each type of problem and a test.   Some chapters offered websites for additional information, but some of the sites presented did not even pertain to the topic being studied in that chapter.I wouldn't say this is necessarily a ripoff, but the class I took was certainly a total waste of my $45.00 tuition.  And then of course I bought one of the books recommended at the beginning of the course, which was not helpful either.
Entity: , Internet
30, Report #1215548
Mar 13 2015
01:41 PM
Hello my name is kristen c, my self and my husband bought a 1998 honda crv from a gentle man who lives in wilksbarre pennsylvannia last night and he said nothing was wrong with the ar and i got home to discover the drive shaft is missing and the differentials were taped up to hide it. i called the seller and his wife answered and hung up on me. they wont reply to my emails, messages ect. iam a law student and i bought this crv for $2000 for commuting back and forth to college. they scammed me. please help.
Entity: Bridgeton, New Jersey
31, Report #726090
Mar 02 2016
04:38 PM
Rue Education  RIPOFF!!!!  Internet
I signed up with Rue Education to go from being a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) to being an RN. I started in September. There program sends you books to read and study and then you test out of classes to earn your degree. There books are not easy to study and it is very hard to get to the point to test out of a course. I was accepted into a local LPN to RN transition program last January. I am currently in it now. I contacted Rue to let them know that I would not need any more of the books to be sent and would not need their program anymore. They told me that I must pay the $4000.00 even though I will not be getting anymore of the books. They take 125.00 out of my checking account every month and they have said that if I stop them from doing that, they will report it on my credit and do whatever they have to do to collect. For books that I will pay for but never use or get!!! Really???? They are a rip off!! I have talked to several of my nursing friends who have also been ripped off by this company!! Paid rediculous amounts for nothing!! Someone needs to start a class action suit against them! I bet if it was advertized you would find many many people in this same situation!
Entity: , Internet
32, Report #982724
Mar 02 2016
06:18 PM
RUE EDUCATION Clearwater Florida
To read other reports about this company, please click the link below:
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
33, Report #62379
Jun 30 2003
05:58 PM
Credit Education Group ripoff Nevada USA
Why am I not surprised to find out that others have been nailed by this company. Luckily I can file a dispute with my bank and get my money back. Unluckily without knowing an address I cannot sue them for fraud. My story is much like the other stories here, but occured in June of '03. Andrew Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Unknown, Nevada
34, Report #632865
Mar 02 2016
04:55 PM
Rue Education  RUE Education is a SCAM , Internet
I have had my own difficulties with RUE eucuation.  I signed up with their program and a few days after signing up, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I immediately called the recruiter and told them I could not participate in the program and was told flat out that I still owed the $4500 for the entire tuition regardless if I went or not.  I told them I was a stage 3 cancer and would be undergoing surgery the next week followed by chemotherapy and radiation.  I didn't know when I could enter school and start the program.  She continued to tell me how sorry she was but that I signed a contract and that my payments would be due regardless of my situation or whether or not I went to school or not.  I never received any books, literature to enroll or help what so ever.  I did however receive nasty phone calls, nasty letters and its on my credit report that I own $4600 to them for an unpaid loan!  I never received ONE PENNY from this company.  I filed a report with the credit bureau a few weeks ago stating I didn't owe the money... and guess what!!! a received a letter from a collection agency yesterday stating that they had purchased my loan and intended to collect to the fullest extent of the law... And once again.. I have not received any books, any literature, any calls, or assistance from this company.. WHAT A SCAM and nothing but problems at a time I DO NOT NEED IT!  Stay away from this company...  They are not interested in your educational needs, only money.
Entity: Internet, Internet
35, Report #786511
Mar 02 2016
04:14 PM
Rue Education Rue Education Publishers Is the biggest ripout I have ever encountered Clearwater , Florida
Let the buyer beware! Rue is a publishing company not an education provider. This company should be viewed the same way as someone selling magazines door-to-door. I also believe they should be driven out of business. If Rue were truly an education provider/college/university, those enrolled would be able to drop out after a quarter or semester if it is not working out, and the financial obligation would be for that quarter or semester. With this scam company, you are bound by the entire term of the contract, regardless of usage. My account with this farce company is current, but with the additional testing fees, work schedule, and life in general, I am unable to move forward with this. According to them, I am obligated for the full terms of the contract. Therefore, I am paying for something and receiving nothing in return. I would like to file suit against them, either personal or class action. A company should not be permitted to take someones hard-earned money the way they do. The employees of the company should be ashamed of themselves. I was fooled by there sales pitch. Don't make the same mistake I did, because you will regret it!
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
36, Report #1274380
Dec 15 2015
02:23 PM
Rich Dad Education Legacy Education Lame RE Education Cape Coral Florida
I paid $524 to Legacy Education aka Rich Dad Education for promised 3 days of RE training. James Smith (speaker at event that sold me on this RE class) promised I would learn: exactly where I can find other people's money, 14 Sources of Money to Fund my RE Investments, short sale & RE Deals in the Hidden Market, etc. He never said only 20% of that class will be spent talking about basic RE concepts. If he did, they know few people buy their 3-day sales pitch, so I don't appreciate being lied to & ripped off.   If they spent 3 days teaching me more about RE as promised, I'd be happy, even though there's always more to learn. Instead, 80+% of the time was spent telling emotional stories that I did not care for and selling themselves and telling us to spend $30,000+ of additional training, so I'm very unhappy.   Most people at the event knew nothing about RE, commodities & stock market, so the basic ideas the coaches shared may have sounded intriguing to them. I've dealt in all of these areas for years, and expected to learn more as I was promised. I got to hear untrue (or exaggerated) statements by coaches on number of occasions: it felt like sitting in a church, where the speaker says what he wants, even though some of it is not true, you have to hear those lame stories, pretend to like it & try not to fall asleep. I drive an hour to the event just to hear a sales pitch, and like many attendees, left disappointed. What's interesting, the coaches insist we don't talk to each other during lunch, as we're not rich yet, so we don't think like the eagles do; the fact is they want everyone to believe their stories and make an emotional decision to spend $25K-45,000.   Legacy Education doesn't deliver on their promises, at least in the 3 day RE training class. If you like pushy sales presentation, you might as well go to a timeshare presentation, it's quicker. I should've spent $524 on my hobby instead of donating to this group, I would've enjoyed it a lot more, not have the deal with stressful sales presentation.    
Entity: Cape Coral, Florida
37, Report #510464
Nov 17 2009
07:58 AM
Ashworth College - Ashworth University - PCDI PCDI Does not have degrees, ONLY DIPLOMAS Norcross, Georgia
I just want people to know that Ashworth College/PCDI does not have degrees, ONLY DIPLOMAS. I am currently in their Medical Transcription program and am not getting satisfactory service from them.
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
38, Report #78454
Jan 28 2004
08:24 PM
Risetotherim ripoff Philadelphia Pennsylvania
My son ordered the rise to the rim program 11/18/04 and had $20.85 removed from his paypal account the same day. After waiting 2-3 weeks for the product to arrive he tried to contact them several times via email. I tried calling many times only to get an answering machine. When I finally spoke to a person, he promised to call back immediately and after waiting several hours, he never returned the call but he knew we did not receive the item. A couple of days later I spoke to this person again, recognized his voice and when i asked him why no return phone call, he apologized profusely. I then found out his son is the one running this website and I told him our predicament, he told me his son was very neglectful and that my son should get his money back plus a free program. He promised to get a hold of his son and take care of this. He asked me for my phone number and again promised me a call, but I never got one. On 1/20/04 @10:35 pm I finally got through again and spoke to a girl named Linda Cole. She said she was the website owner's sister. I told her the story again and she told me she would refund my son's money immediatly and he should receive it in 5-7 days. It had now been almost 10 days and no refund to him. I tried calling several times tonite, all long distance but there was no answer. Diane kenmore, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
39, Report #475872
Aug 02 2009
08:52 PM Rali Todd is a crook! Internet
We signed up for Rali's free trial offer and cancelled before the deadline. Then we found 16 charges for the free trial ($29.99) on our credit card, and only 11 were reimbursed. We talked to Rali and he promised to credit the additional overcharges, but he never did. He actually continued to put a charge on our credit card every month for $29.99 until we finally had to cancel the credit card to stop the charges. I believe this was his way of going out of business with a nice little stockpile of fraudulently obtained money. If he ever shows up again with another business, I will immediately contact his local Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's office of his state to report him. Gloria Delphi, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
40, Report #552273
Jan 11 2010
05:38 AM
Qualitas training Not contactable. dissappeared Internet, Nationwide
I have also had a similar issue with Qualitas training. I paid 2000 up front for training on both Category C and C+E hgvs. I started my training for C class, and got to my test, however the test center cancelled due to Ice, and then the company broke up for the christmas holidays. I was informed the office re-opened on the 4th of January. I have been trying to phone and e-mail them since, and have had no response. There is no information on their website, and their parent company, Sterling training, is also un-contactable! I had sent a re-booking letter to them over christmas, and this has also not been replied to by post or email, as it should have been. I had major concerns that I would have 10 weks out the truck, before my test got re-booked. Now I Don't even know if the company is trading still! It seems that they have fallen off the face of the earth!
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
41, Report #699403
Feb 24 2011
11:34 AM
skim x skim x= idiots roseville, California
Skim x are idiots that don't know how to run anything they expect to get top quality workers by making them go thru 8 hour interview sessions while you get to hear the so called owner/bullsh*t artist stroke his ego, drop names, and basically ramble on about nothing that has to do with skim x or how to help you get a job at their stupid f**king bro breh next biggest faliure of a sport. here is a little help your research team didn't figure out. No one wants to pay to f**king skim board or at least not enough to generate revenue to pay for construction and running of said facility. I feel bad for people who actually believe in you. I am sure its only a few cause most people can smell bulls*it. I hope you dipsh*ts go ahead and make this place so I can watch your demise. 
Entity: roseville, California
42, Report #641902
Sep 18 2010
12:53 PM
C1 Truck Driver Training SCAM Internet
I went to this school and it was like a cattle herd of students. They recruit too many students and then find any way to get rid of them once you sign the contract to pay the tuition. I was told that I would not have to sign any contract. This is the biggest driver training school SCAM out there people. Please tell all your friends and family to avoid this dirt bag school!
Entity: , Internet
43, Report #812375
Dec 21 2011
11:45 AM
Roberto Torralbas Mr. Robert Torralbas stole my money Internet
Got the hard sell to join. Quit training there but the gym continued to deduct money from my account after repeated requests to discontinue. I think Mr. Torralbas was funding some of his trips with other people's money this way because I know of two others who had to close their accounts. 
Entity: , Internet
44, Report #866713
Apr 10 2012
08:10 PM
Patricia Toyoda Patti Toyoda Fraud, Prostitution Internet
Alias, Patricia Toyoda, alias, 'Patti' Toyoda, a.k.a., Patricia Kotsias, originally from Illinois, - pretends to have her Masters in Business Administration from 'The University of Chicago.'  The University confirmed that she does not have an 'MBA' or any degree from 'The University of Chicago.' Sources confirm she attended several colleges unsuccessfully but certainly not 'The University of Chicago,' in Illinois.  Her career in prostitution dates from her youth in Illinois where she sold her virginity for California wine and marijuana to a complete stranger in the parking lot of the county fair, to offering herself to elderly gentlemen in Chicago, Illinois for cash, apartments and expensive holidays. Sources confirm, Patricia's partner in the escort service she operated, a young woman from Indiana was mysteriously found dead in the Chicago office the company leased.  *Apparently, Patricia's partner in the escort service was found dead from sudden acute coronary arrest.  **Medical Information Bureau reports indicate the young woman had neither a history of coronary disease nor any serious prior health problems.  Sources confirm, she is widowed.  Her former husband, Fumio Toyoda, prior to his mysterious death retained a law firm to investigate her finances and her difficulty with promiscuity and bi-sexuality.  *Law enforcement agencies confirm, she is a predator who actively searches for wealthy victims male or female. Sources confirm, the mysterious death of her wealthy husband Fumio Toyoda is still being investigated by INTERPOL. *Apparently, Patricia's husband Fumio Toyoda was found dead from sudden acute coronary arrest. **Medical Information Bureau reports indicate he had neither a history of coronary disease nor any serious prior health problems. Sources confirm, her husband Fumio Toyoda had planned to divorce her for infidelity.  Sources confirm that prior to Fumio Toyoda's mysterious death in Asia, Patricia had changed his life insurance policy to solely benefit her and not his children.  Sources confirm, a.k.a., Patrica Kotsias, alias, Patti Toyoda, insisted prior to eloping with her husband that he change his will to solely benefit her.  Sources confirm, Patricia Toyoda, continues to prey on wealthy men & women.
Entity: , Internet
45, Report #901318
Jun 22 2012
10:37 AM
Living Social Misinterpretation of promotional voucher , Internet
I purchased a living social voucher which did not include in the Fine Print the cost of the extras that need to be purchased from diving school.  The amount is outrageous as I can get my equipement over the internet for 1/3 of the price.   I tried to reason with living sociall but there is no budging on their part.  I am very dissappointed and I will never by another living social coupon again.  I just want to you all to head the fine print before purchasing your vouchers. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
46, Report #305934
Feb 04 2008
10:47 AM Money is gone, no licence Barcelona Internet
I ordered the full package, 600 euro's. Then I got some mail and they even tried to phone me from a hotel in Greece or Cyprus. Here in the media it was reported on a big news website as if you could buy the licence at, but only a politician who was not well informed asked about the site, appeared in later. The money is gone, no respond for 3 weeks now, no licence. Niek_neem ArnhemNetherlands
Entity: Barcelona, Internet
47, Report #182100
Mar 19 2006
05:09 PM
Driver Examination Centres ripoff Chatham, Ontario
I went in on the march 17 to wright my final licensr my G. i paid a toall of 75 dollars and was told to go wait in my car so i did, then this guy opens my door from the work place and tells me to put my brake and blinkers on alright i can do that then he slams my door i let that slide wasnt to pissed off. then he gets in my car tells me i got low pressure in my tire he never even checked it he looked at. so then were driving hes telling me to do stuff couldnt under stand a thing the paki was saying i told him i couldnt understand a word he was saying a soon as i said that he started to fail me on everything. so we went back to the Driver Examination Center and i asked him to explaing to me what i did wrong you know what he said i dont have time to explain that. so i look at him told him to get the F@#$ out of my car and i took of. i should of went inside but i problly would of got aressted so im going home and the cop that i know pulled me over and said that al called the cops saying i was harrasing him bullshit.. word to everyone else refuse the paki named al i hurd from a friend his wife aint no better but i cant say anything about that i have no idea what hes like.. all i got to say is i probly wont get my full lisence now do to the fact he didnt like me telling him to get out of my car after i he told me HE DID NOT HAVE TIME TO EXPLAIN WHAT I DID WRONG ON THE TEST, Kevin chatham, OntarioCanada
Entity: Chatham,, Ontario
48, Report #300629
Jan 16 2008
02:53 PM
Liutenant X major overcharge Orange New Jersey
I believed I was getting CD's and a T-Shirt for $14.95. Those did arrive in 6 or so weeks. Then my credit card billing showed a $297.00 charge. I did not authorize that. I have called the company to dispute the charge and have been on hold in several phone calls for probably 1 1/2 hours total. Noone ever picks up beyond the automated voice. I have disputed the charge with my credit card company. These people seem to be fraudulent. Jac mansfield, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: New Jersey
49, Report #343529
Jun 24 2008
08:04 AM
American Magazine Services - AMS not legitimate California
We received a subscriber complaint on June 19, 2008. They paid for a subscription to Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine through American Magazine Services on April 22nd. This is not an authorized agent for our magazine. The magazine has not received the order from the company. Attempts to reach the company have failed. Deborah Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: California
50, Report #1109059
Dec 22 2013
02:01 PM
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