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1, Report #1402461
Sep 26 2017
11:40 AM
Edward parkin LAWSUIT COURT CASE FILE NO : DS - 3009LD17 CASE FILE TRANSFER - SEPTEMBER-2017 FDCP ACT-811 (15 USC1692I) Court House Address- -United States Distric lawsuit court case new york Internet
LAWSUIT COURT CASE FILE NO : DS - 3009LD17 CASE FILE TRANSFER - SEPTEMBER-2017 FDCP ACT-811 (15 USC1692I) Court House Address- -United States District Court 500 Pearl Street, New York, NY 10007. Lawsuit Cost - $4526.65 (Including Attorney Fee/Court Fee/All Taxes) Last Date to File Lawsuit - September 30th 2017. Attorney Name- Edward Parker (Sr. Attorney in New York Courthouse). Case Type- Fraudulent Case (FC/SC) Total Amount - $835.76. Signed Agreement - Yes. Dear Debtor, We are going to file a lawsuit in next 24 hours at United States District Court 500 Pearl Street, New York, NY 10007 against your Name and SSN. After giving several notifications we did not received any response from your side. We will consider that you are ignoring this matter and you want to dispute. NOTE- We are in a process to inform the Social Security Administration & Major Credit Bureaus as well. NOTE : The Legal Charges Section 19(A), Clause 21(US) is against you and if you ignore this case then our legal department will take immediate action you. AS YOU ARE A DEFAULTER ON THIS CREDIT UNITED LEGAL INVESTIGATION BUREAU HAS STATED 3 SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS AGAINST YOU AND THEY ARE: (1) VIOLATION OF FEDERAL BANKING REGULATION (2) COLLATERAL CHECK FRAUD (3) THEFT BY DECEPTION If Court action is taken and Judgment / Decree obtained against you to recover the sum due, we may need to ask the court to make one of the following orders should the debt remain unpaid:- · Warrant of Execution (Exceptional Attachment Order). Seizure and sale of movable non-essential assets / property by a County Court Bailiff or Sheriff Officer · Attachment of Earnings Base (Earnings Arrestment). Deduction from your wages by your employer or Arrestment of part of your salary to satisfy the debt The Factual Basis for the complaints is as follows:- You agreed to return the funds from the aforementioned income advancement as per contract. And as per the agreement the funds have yet to be returned and the collateral has proven to be null that is to say of no value. At present, ACS INC is seeking either of the following remedies:- All funds to be returned as per terms of initial contract NOTE 1: If we don't receive any response from your side today, your case file will be downloaded automatically against you. After that we are unable to help you and you will receive court summons at your door steps with the cost of lawsuit around $4526.65. NOTE 2: IF YOU IGNORED THIS EMAIL AND FAILED TO TAKE CARE OF THIS DEBT THAN ALL OF YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS WILL BE SEIZED THRU MAJOR CREDIT BUREAUS WITHIN NEXT SEVEN BUSINESS DAYS THAT’S WHY YOUR CO-OPERATION WOULD BE REALLY APPRECIATED. NOTE 3: Once the payment made in full then you will get an electronically generated payment receipt stating that your account has been paid off in full with zero balance and the your case file is closed. This is our last warning to you; kindly update us ASAP so that we can proceed. Do update us with your intention that you want to resolve this case or you want to dispute. If you don't take this matter seriously then we will have no options rather than filling case against you for the lawsuit cost of $4526.65 in the courthouse. Kindly Co-operate with us so that we can close this case file outside the courthouse ASAP. Once this case file is downloaded we won't able to help you out. Dear debtor, as we were investigating your profile credit bureau & social security administration we need some right answers from your side. Also we would like to know when you can pay the requested $835.76 to settle this case. NOTE: THIS CASE IS UNDER INVESTIGATION UNDER MAJOR CREDIT BUREAUS. Yours Sincerely, (Collections & Legal Department) ACS INCORPORATION ACS Inc © 2017 | | Terms of Use | Careers | Complaints | Privacy Policy -----Confidentiality Statement & Notice: This email is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. 2510-2521 and intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed. Any review, re transmission, dissemination to unauthorized persons or other use of the original message and any attachments is strictly prohibited. If you received this electronic transmission in error, please reply to the above-referenced sender about the error and permanently delete this message. Thank you for your co-operation.  
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1051716
May 17 2013
12:37 PM
Tamara parkin deceptive law practices, thief! Stole the only dollars she collected for us. Showed to represent us with blue hair and tatoos!! copley Ohio
 This attorney practices in Cuyahoga Falls Summit county Ohio. I do not recommend her! We hired her to represent us for a lease/option matter on our home. We had two seperate issues going on. 1)  all the repairs and money spent on the home that the landlord was supposed to reimburse us for  should have been a personal complaint. Tammy Parkin  filed this complaint all bulked together under our business name which leads to number... 2)We own a storm restoration company, when we looked at the home to consider purchase,  realized it had storm damage to the roof. We were advised by the owner of the home to deal with her insurance company and meet with them to see if her adjuster agreed with our company to replace the roof. They did in fact give the home owner 26k to replace the roof and gutters. The home owner diecided to pocket the insurance money. Since we were buying the home and moving in, the home owner (Tracy Begue) waited for us to move in, make several repairs to the home and then told us if we wanted a new roof she would only spend 14k for the roof replacement. (this means she was trying to pocket over 10k) of insurance proceeds. Tammy filed the whole suit under our business name and come to find out should have been filed under us personally. We gave her a $1500 retainer and she never gave us a bill to show where any of that money was spent. When we went to court to get reimbursed for the repairs made to the house Tammy showed up empty handed. She did not submit any of the receipts I had given her. Now claims she never received them. And, she kept the little bit of money that was refunded to us (under $300) without our knowledge. I had to contact the court to see why we never received it. Did I mention she showeed up to court with a blue hair dye job, and open toe shoes displaying all her tatoos on her feet/ankles?????????? unreal!!!!! I represent a contracting company and have the better judgement to be a proffesional at court.
Entity: akron, Ohio
3, Report #317932
Mar 14 2008
12:18 PM
MTA Parkin Authority I got a tickect were is stated the my car was ILlegally parked in parking lot and there is no sign of no parking or red/ yellow lines marked Denver Colorado
I got a parking ticket in MTA Fillmore station on 03/13/2008 and my violation said that Vehicle illegally parked in parking lot but there is no signs of No Parking; no red or yellow lines where I was parked. This is not the first time that I parked my car in the same place and not only me was parking there. I am not agree with this violation and I dont see any reason for the ticket. I ask to send a supervisor to the place and verify the signs. I was not parked in any paid parking. Please help me in this issue Monica Pasadena, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
4, Report #535546
Dec 07 2009
09:33 PM
CREDIT ONE BANK Total Rip-off with 9.95 internet fees and fraudulent payment scams Internet
i make payments online every month. Then, even though they have excepted several payments online before, and with printed payment referral numbers they say no payments were recieved, hit me month after month with late fees and all with no kind of notification. You try to call customer service and all they are are debt collection. Yes sir, yes sir we hear you, all you need to do is make a good faith payment. These people know nothing about good faith. The sad part is, if this is what they do to good customers, im glad im not delinguent. If only someone would stop businesses like them, yet it seems our current administration, with bailouts and federal support, are for them, not us. I am so tired of companies like this that do nothing for their customers, make nothing, and it seems their only objective is to make money off nothing but fees and charges that are unfair, unjust and immoral. Customer service told me they couldn't look up my payment or referral number but could I make another payment. They couldn't refer to my payment with a referral number, which they gave me! If you trust that, then there is a nigerian prince who wants to give you a million dollars if you would just give him your bank account number!
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #1128965
Mar 07 2014
09:32 AM
parker belcheff Towed my truck and I have a parkin pass dallas Texas
My truck was towed unlawfully. I parked where I usually park and came out o go to work and my truck was gone. I have a parking pass so I can park there and someone had my truck towed illegally. Now I can't go to work or take care of things that need to be done because of that. I need my truck back. This is unconstitutional. 
Entity: dallas, Texas
6, Report #1191773
Nov 28 2014
07:41 AM
edward beiner , mary brickell village, edward beiner aventura, edward beiner boca raton, edward beiner brickell, edward beiner coconut grove ,edward beiner dadeland, edward beiner naples, edward beiner orlando, edward beiner palm beach gardens ,edward beiner sarsota ,edward beiner scam edward beiner ripoff miami Florida
Edward Beiner Purveyor of Fine Eyewear Scam Edward Beiner Purveyor of Fine Eyewear Ripoff Edward Beiner Purveyor of Fine Eyewear Report I was at Merrick Park with my mom and planned on visiting this store to check out some Oliver Peoples frames. I changed my mind when she told me she was treated very poorly by a sales assistant a couple of years ago. She asked for help finding a pair of glasses for herself, and the assistant looked her up and down and said, I don't think we have anything for you. Now, this was after a pair of Cartier glasses were stolen from her car, so I can assure you she could have afforded to buy anything in that store.If a store is going to make assumptions based on people's appearances, they don't need any of my disposable income (and I certainly don't want them to have it). I took my business elsewhere, and I bought a nice pair of vintage Oliver Peoples at a store in the design district post-brunch at Michael's Genuine Food and Drink.
Entity: miami, Florida
7, Report #686152
Jan 24 2011
10:36 AM
edward perkins edward chestertown, Maryland
ordered this electronic cig and was only for a 14 day trial they charged my credit card twice for 99.00 which was 198.oo total plus another 96.oo for refills i canceled this product and sent it back they would not get in contact with me nor answer my emails i had to cancel the credit card for them to stop charging it and reported them to the credit card company nothing has been dodne was ripped off almost 300 dollars this company is a crook how do i get my money back
Entity: chestertown, Maryland
8, Report #1269412
Nov 21 2015
06:43 AM
Edward Greening TD Edward Greening TD Is Liar and Fraud
Edward Greening TD Is Liar and Fraud - I tried calling Edward Greening at TD bank several times and he never returned my calls. Edward Greening at TD bank is one of the worst IT Managers around. He lies, tells you he is going to fix something and it never gets done. Edward Greening at TD bank is unreliable and untrustworty. TD bank customers beweare. Edward Greening at TD bank will not only make empty promises, but will never get around to getting it fixed on time. Edward Greening at TD bank is not only nasty when he does call, but is great example of the kind of TD manager you would not want.
9, Report #563317
Feb 01 2010
09:11 PM
Edward Jones stolen money Oskaloosa, Iowa
I invested with Edward Jones and I tried to close my account three weeks ago. I've emailed them, spoken to them on the phone, written them and filled out their forms. They refuse to close my account and send me my money. I've lost over $3000.00 because of their refusal.
Entity: Oskaloosa, Iowa
10, Report #1268432
Nov 19 2015
04:39 PM
2259934446 Media distribution Tried ripping me off selling projectors and screens for cheap Seen them twice lowes parkin lot 646 and 45 League city Texas
 Two white males one kind of stocky read head seen them twice . Once in a gold colored 4door dodge 1500 second time a in a white chevy extended cab. Tried selling me projectors really convincing but didn't buy any. Seen them at lowes parkin lot 646 and 45 and by the walmart in texas city watch out for these guys seen they already got a bunch of people glad I didn't buy anything.
11, Report #480786
Aug 16 2009
05:53 PM
Edward Maldonado; Law Office of Edward Maldonado BEWARE! Phoenix Attorney - INCOMPETENT, DISHONEST and UNETHICAL!! Avoid at all costs!!! , Phoenix Arizona
Had a horrible experience several months ago when I hired former-prosecutor, now private practice Phoenix attorney Edward Maldonado to represent me on a criminal matter after seeing his ad on the website of CCV, a Phoenix mega-church I use to attend (till they refused to remove his ad or reprimand him).  When I met Ed to interview him he said he was a Christian and a member of CCV so I felt safer, trusted him and gave him the job. We spent time doing a complete conflicts check, and, no conflicts. Ed demanded I pay him in clear funds, so I gave him the full clear funds (money orders) he demanded and we signed a detailed retainer agreement that outined the scope of work: and my added addendums which required Ed begin working on my case immediately due to fast approaching deadlines and he also agreed SPECIFICALLY IN WRITING to ONLY COMMUNICATE with me via ONLY email, never telephone, as I wanted an easy to review, time-and-date stamped paper trail for all his work and all of our back and forth communication, since I was out of state.  To make this story shorter: over the course of the next week, a week in which my case had a critical deadline, I email for updates-status, three times, and never received a response. Finally, ED emailed back that he thought he emailed me back. He hadn't. And then he called me in violation of our agreement and harassed me as I expressed my upset with him for missing the deadline and not maintaining our  email only communication. Then he emailed me and said he had a conflict, hadnt done anything for two weeks, has never recorded his change of attorney status with the court as agreed, and that he had unilaterally sent my retainer refund to an out of state address he had without any seeking my advance approval, which I would have rejected because I was here in Phoenix where I would need the funds, as he clearly knew, to hire another attorney. It cost me over $1400 in expenses alone to make two trips out of state to check for his refund letter, it hadnt arrive my first trip and then arrived on my second. Unfortunately when I went to cash it at B of A it was a BAD check, NSF, on two consecutive days. I notified Ed by certified letter and he has refused to respond or make it good now over several months time. Writing a bad check in Maricopa county is a felony. Now I plan to file a lawsuit agianst Ed and include this in my AZ Bar complaint against him. Please, tell everyone who may need a criminal defense attorney: don't be lured in by a low fee!   You will pay in the end. rateturn my retainer in full clear funds, just the way I paid him. Please email me if you've had any bad experience with Edward Maldonado and I will include it with my AZ Bar complaint, if possible.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
12, Report #354041
Jul 22 2008
04:04 AM
Edward Steele Fraud!! Scammer!! Brooklyn New York
I had contracted Mr. Edward Steele to renovate my bathroom and kitchen. We had given him an advance and he started his work. At first i was pleased with the work in progress. Three days later he asked me to pay off the balance amount. I thought i could trust him in getting the work completed and i paid him the balance. The next day he showed up late and did not do much work. He did not show up the day after that and my bathroom was left as it was. I had to hire another plumber to get the work completed. Please be aware of this. Mr. Steele is a rip-off. DO NOT HIRE HIM.... he is going to abscond with your money. Vini New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
13, Report #595929
Apr 23 2010
02:45 PM
Edward Livshits stole my money denver Colorado
Edvad Livshits stole my money. After few month he sent me a check that was not accepted by the bank. He only promise to return my 5000 but nothing happened. I think i gong to file a report to the court
Entity: denver, Colorado
14, Report #855808
Mar 18 2012
08:48 PM
Edward Jones Excessive Fees St. Louis, Missouri
In 2002 I invested 500 dollars in a SEP with Edward Jones.  Each year Edward Jones charges a minimum fee of $45.  Unfortunately my financial position has not been good and finally this year 2012 I decided to cash the proceeds in and pay the penalty to the IRS.   The value of the fund was $515.  Edward Jones sends me a check for $336.  They deducted the 10% penalty but added additional charges of roughly $135.  To put this in perspective Edward Jones made 45 times 10 in fees plus added and additional fee of another$90. They made $540 in fees from my investment and the IRS will most likely take even more than the their 10% penalty already taken and I am still apparently liable for even more taxes.  I lost roughly 40% of my investment while Edward Jones made more than a 100% of that small investment.  I've had several representatives over those years and my spouses 401K is still with Edward Jones but really why take advantage of someone already on the brink.
Entity: St. Louis, Missouri
15, Report #893590
Jun 06 2012
07:20 AM
Edward Jones USC-Shipping Company Shipping/Escrow Scammer Internet
Purported seller of used Can-Am Spyder roadster (trike) was advertising on www.adsinusa.site with a price that was well under what I would consider fair market value.  Price also supposedly included shipping to my location (from Laguna Beach, CA to Vancouver, WA). I asked the seller, Edward Jones, a number of questions about the trike, including whether or not he had a sales inspection/condition report.  That particular question went unanswered through an entire chain of e-mails. He did indicate that he was in the U.K. on business currently, but provided an international telephone number.  I never bothered to verify whether it is even a functional phone number.  One of the other questions I asked was why he was selling the trike in the first place.  He claims that his family is moving and joining him in the U.K., as his company is transferring him there. The deal was supposed to use the escrow services of a third-party shipper, USC-Shipping.  The Web site Ed provided to me, www.usc-shipping.com, appears to be legitimate when you first look at it, and I can't say for certain that it isn't.  However, information Ed provided to me about how their services work conflicted with what was stated on the Web site. At this point I was becoming more suspicious, especially since escrow/shipping companies seems to be a big fraud issue right now.  I tried to find a legitimate business registration for USC-Shipping in the U.S. and only came up with an inactive business filing in the State of California, and it linked to only one individual with no known corporate officers. Now I was really skeptical.  So, in a final e-mail I suggested to Mr. Jones that if the trike truly was in Laguna Beach, CA, then he certainly would have no objection to me making the trip to California to inspect the trike personally, negotiate a deal there, and then arrange for transportation of it on my own.  Being the trusted businessman that he is, Mr. Jones chose not to respond to this request! I must say that I am equally concerned about the screening practices of www.adsinusa.com, too.  There are a number of other listings on their site for similar Can-Ams located throughout the U.S.  I used the same contact info for at least four others, and used essentially the same text in all of the requests, yet Mr. Jones is the only one to have replied...yet.  I suspect all of these ads may be related to the same scammer(s).
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #315705
Mar 07 2008
12:31 PM
Juliet Edward HOW DARE YOU Nigeria Internet
You should be ashamed of yourself. How dare you use our God to try to fraud us out of money. I never thought someone would go to that level just to get a few dollars. This is the worst thing I have ever seen. First of all, you can't even spell or speak properly. I suggest you go back to school and learn how to speak and write. Kristin Sarasota, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1407222
Oct 19 2017
07:00 AM
Edward Wolff & Associates Egotistical thief Plano Texas
I have had the displeasure of having to contact this company. Funny thing is that I am also an employee of a Collection agency and am in contact with him(Mark Wolff) for the very reason people are afraid to use such agencies. They collected monies from a debtor and did not remit payment to client. The client has since cancelled with Edward Wolff and turned over the account thinking there were no payments made. I have verified payments made and endorsed by Edward Wolff and our client cancelled the contract with them. They are trying to offer her a pittance of the funds collected. not even following his own contract. Then pulls a typical (Debtor Move) and tells us to cease and desist.  Funny  At least I know my agency is honest.  I would not come on here if there wasnt documentation for all of this including his outright trying to steal email.         
Entity: Plano, Texas
18, Report #598618
Apr 30 2010
11:04 AM
Edward Copeland Company: Medsecure [Free Member] Scam artist and con man Sujit Kumar JHA as Edward Copeland Internet
Sujit Kumar JHA of India aka Edward Copeland ripped me off for a couple hundred dollars online and can be found on B2B websites. He is a scam artist and will take your money without sending the products you order.Do not send this guy any money, he is a con man so we should stop him in his tracks. I do not want anyone else taken advantage of.
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #342245
Jun 20 2008
04:21 AM
Edward Norman Financial Hi for a persomal loan online to Edward Norman Toronto Ontario Canada
I apply for a persomal loan online to Edward Norman Financial after viewing there wb page It seem soo real Then I recieved a Email from the low life Alex Turner saying that he could help me Then came back and advided me that due to my credit history that I would have to make a downpayment of 500.00 it would be held for three months at that time I would have this downpayment returned to me He would never return my calls and played the waiting gane then when he knew that I was getting excited about it he bounced like a hawk Told me to send alll my personal information my fax to him and he would have the paper work drawn up WOWOWOWOWOW I gave him SIN number Two cheques stubs and a copy of my Driver lic Oh here is the good part The low life scumb bag ALEX TURNER told me he had asign an security officer to my case ,her name was Sheila Parker , Then advise me on how to make the downpayment all was going well Till I was told to go to Shoppers Drug mart and depoist the money with a compant calll Money mart AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THe red flags when up cause why would you make a downpayment to a indivual rather than the company that is securing the loan The botton line is this LOW LIfe piece of crap ALEX TURNER has alll my personal INFO and may have set me up for ID theafth SOME DAY SOME WHERE that person will get what is comimg to him Hopefully he will end up in jail Robert alexander Dartmouth, Nova ScotiaCanada
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
20, Report #1153985
Jun 11 2014
01:48 PM
Edward Jones Edward Jones, Woodstock office in Georgia Waste of Time; Waste of Money...Incompetence Abounds... Woodstock Georgia
I knew up front that Edward Jones’ fees were way too high.  For instance, I paid over $200 to do an AAPL trade that I could have done on my own for $4 through my online brokerage account.  I made this decision for two reasons.  One, my friend’s brother was trying to start his own EJ office, and two, I bought into the sales job that I would have someone looking at my account and advising me at least once a quarter.  Well, since I’m really good with other peoples’ money (I am a CPA, licensed attorney, and former CFO), but my own account seems to be the last thing that I look at, I decided to go for it.  Long story short, two years later, I never received any additional input or advice from my broker, and when I decided that I was better off managing my own money, I requested that they send a wire transfer to my online brokerage house and close my account.  This was on a Friday.  HOURS of phone calls, faxes, and emails later, by TUESDAY, I was informed that the wire transfer was rejected and I would have to pay a $40 rejection fee and another $25 resubmission fee.  THE INFORMATION THAT THEY USED TO SEND THE CORRECTED WIRE WAS EXACTLY THE SAME INFORMATION AS IN THE FIRST REQUEST.  They just filled out the form wrong, and are requiring me to pay for it.  Basically, this “financial manager” or his office staff didn’t know how to send a wire transfer, and instead of admitting that, they blame me for the fact that they filled out the form wrong (my mistake, I did sign the authorization without double checking their work…) and refuse to refund my $65.  So after HUNDREDS of dollars in fees, two years of little to no financial advice, and three business days of waiting (opportunity costs?), I finally got my wire transfer submitted for a total of $90 in fees.  Some customer service that is! Unless you are someone who has never used a computer, and knows NOTHING (I mean literally nothing) about investments, EJ is a complete rip-off.  Their brokers are licensed yes, but they know very little about even the basics of running their own offices.  They are definitely better sales people than financial advisors.  The two brokers who I know both have a background in sales, not finance.  One was in retail and the other was in real estate.  They were both recruited by EJ for their history of success in sales, and then given the training to pass their Series 7 Exam.  One has a decent head for finance, from what I can tell, and the other is 100% a sales guy.  
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1057136
Jun 07 2013
06:00 AM
edward jones using or looking to use... EDWARD JONES ... look what happened to me mississauga Ontario
To start when i first opened my account way back approximatly 2006/2007 my account started out a apple tree ripe for the picking and being uneducated in the fanancial industry i decided to get educated and start reading because some how all my accounts became all dsc holdings and after reading found out that you should try and avoid these becuse you cannot move out of them and into anything else until the term is over or you have to pay a penalty. well i had a word with my advisor back then about putting me in these types of accounts and said no more dsc and his response back then was these are what edward jones has for us to sell and he would no longer buy any of these types of holdings for me. an i proceeded to read more so i would not get stung again by not knowing anything about fanancal dealings .shortly after this your fanancial advisor left your company and you sent my account to ben moore the fanancial advisor i am currently dealing with. the account ben got consisted of all dsc holdings with 2 dividend paying stock holdings. my account has not been touched in 2 years. last year i talked to ben only for the first time trying to get my head around account and what i wanted to do. ben came up with a bunch of scenarios of what he was going to do with my accounts and after leaving was more confused so spent another year studing books on fanacial planing for the idiot.       about a year passed and i decided to give this another go i was up north and made a appointment over the internet with ben and told him to have ready what i would loose if i got out of my dsc holdings as discussed the previous year before the maturity dates. i arrived for our meeting and he procceded to tell me do not use the internet to get ahold of him use his email only? and then he gave me the information i asked for on the dsc holdings. after seeing them was not willing to loose that much money. i told ben my wife had just recently got a job at td bank and i was going to have a girl there to check out this account as well to see what she might do with this account and what would he do to keep me there. he said he would like to change positions inside dsc holdings and  fortis and precious metals i said i would like to see what he was proposing and decide for myself if i like what he was picking and what the costs were going to be. his answer was he was the fanacial advisor and i should not micro manage him. i told him i have done some reading and all the books i read say i should like the choices someone else is making for you and if you do not like his/her choices find a new advisor. so he said he would get some stuff together and would call me the next day when it was ready to pick it up because the next day i told him i woud be back up north for my 7 day rotation. he did not call next day so i decided it could wait till i got back because i still had to see tdbank.       well 2days after i left i think its on my caller id he phoned and talked to my wife. he asked was i there my wife said i was up north working he told her to tell me he has the stuff ready and come see him when back. i was a day late getting back because of a avalanche and the next morning when got up and read the mail my blood pressure  shot up because ben sold my 2 dividend paying stocks without my permission. so i phoned him immediatly and asked him why and who gave him the permission to do this. ben said i told him to do this. i argued with him and was pretty pissed at him and he said come down to the office the next day and we could talk about this. i tried to cool down over night and go see him the next day but i could not trust myself in the same room with him so i phoned the next day instead.  we argued for a while longer and than he said the first smart thing in 2 days. what would you like me to do i said to him just put everything back the way it was before i came to see you and package it all up and send it to my account at td. he said no that i told him to sell the stocks. i than told him i would be taking this over his head to his head office and i will be leaving to the td bank .he said that i should just go now to the td bank. at that point i slammed down the phone and phoned head office and got amy in compliance. i also forwarded a copy to obsi ombudsman because if ben has done this to me. how many uneducated people have been taken advantage by him. if someone with an fanacial education explains the choices and what choice would they have made and do they know what there cost are .i did thats why we are here.here is a summary of what has happened since being with edward jones 1--started with cash than accounts with lots of stocks and mutuals no dsc that i knew about  2---then my account turned into all dsc holdings with 2 dividend paying stocks  3---than my account turned into all dsc holdings with no dividend paying stocks they were sold for intrest paying cash??    WOULD NOT A FANANCIALADVISOR: advise on the following?   1-dsc holdings will lock you in until 2014 not a good idea or at least give you a choice that you want to be there?   2--selling dividend paying stocks for cash at todays interest would be stupid compared to what you have been getting holding these socks   3--this looks like i came into edward jones with a bountiful apple tree and all the apples on my tree were picked clean then i was asked to go elsewhere and plant my tree and get it to bear fruit again now that you are learning to micro manage your account.?       i have a tdwaterhouse account if i wanted to sell my dividend paying stocks would i not move it over there and sell i myself and reap the rewards of a reduced commission and any costs would be negotiated with td if i moved my edwardjones account to them or do i like ben that much that i want him to have my money?   also i micro manage my sunlife and TD accounts and i am learning more and more every year and they want my input so i think its okay to micro manage   what do you think is it okay to pick your pickle?       i have a Edward Jones account that i am not suppose to micro manage is this right? so far i feel anyone who sees this account can see my apples in my apple tree has been picked clean and me and my apple tree are no longer of any use for the apple farmers who would now like to cut me down and use me for firewood but i decided to stand tall and replant and take the apple farmers to task.       all along this is what i gave both my adviser's of what i wanted when they were doing risk assessments and have kept all these documents since day one in there hand writing because i am a pack rat       this was given to Ben at our visit so he could show me what he was going to do with my account if i decided to stay with Edward Jones  TD was also going to get the same   Canadian equity 20%   u.s. equity 20%   international equity 20%   Canadian bonds 40%   (medium to low risk)       if i was not locked in by dsc holdings this is what i would have done in my TD account but can not do this until 2014   20%-TD Canadian index e-(tdb900)   20%-TD u.s. index e-(tdb902)   20%-TD international index e-(tdb911)   40%-TD Canadian bond index e-(tdb909)       Edward Jones has only ever done one thing for me. it was to get me to get a little financial education and manage my money to the best of my ability and trust only me with my money because if you put full trust in someone this could happen to you. desperate financial adviser's looking to prey on uneducated people for there pay cheques .sorry Amy still need time to cool down. i am sure all your financial adviser's are not the same only the 2 i had to deal with with .your company that as you can clearly well see looked after themselves and had no concern for me fanancial advisers should not be able to sell dsc and then sell them off before maturity and sell you another dsc to line there pockets. watch out i feel sorry for the uneducated. go see td waterhouse they will explain whats being done to you. if you are dealing with any edward jones and make sure what has happen to me is not happening to you . the poor little old ladies that have trusting hearts are you gettint what you want its good to check with another fanancial institution. the reason i like td waterhouse the fanancial advisors are not on commisssion and tell the truth about your investments. please all that read check yours out and let others know if you find out what i have about edward jones and there buisness     
Entity: mississauga, Ontario
22, Report #1073486
Aug 06 2013
10:56 AM
Entity: COTTONPORT, Louisiana
23, Report #1125999
Feb 24 2014
08:47 AM
Edward Bialack Edward M Bialack TERRIBLE ATTORNEY Woodland Hills California
DON'T, I repeat DO NOT for any reason use Edward Bialack, the absolute WORST attorney in Woodland Hills. I had the worst experience and representation. I could have gone into the courtroom and defended myself and saved A LOT of money. He missed an important court date and did not even know some of the laws of California and was incorrect regarding the statutes.He should be disbarred. He is that bad!!! I got the worst possible outcome. I have never taken the time to write a bad review, but no one should have this bad of representation or waste money on this horrible attorney. He's terrible! I would give zero stars, but you can't. This sick and evil monster should be deported. So you or your fraudulent boss Anthony Gordon or his wife, Linda Gordon, can’t even return client phone calls? Lame excuse after lame excuse.But, hey, when it was time to send the legal bills, they just kept coming and coming and coming and getting higher and higher and higher until I finally fired him and hired someone else. The next attorney charged me half the amount and we negotiated a settlement in a week. Gordon, however, kept dragging and dragging the case through the mud in order to keep the legal fee clock running.PLEASE FOR YOUR MENTAL AND FINANCIAL WELLBEING – STAY AWAY FROM THIS CROOK!!!!!!
Entity: Woodland Hills, California
24, Report #1277351
Dec 31 2015
08:38 PM
Edward Kostovski Edward Electrical Contracting Car sale fraud Clark New Jersey
Edward Kostovski sold me a car which was total faulty. Car had so much problems with the engine and broken parts. I have been quoted 2.500 $ to fix the car. Yet, This cost is not include the body works needs to be done to car.Since I have own the car, I have hardly drive. Car is not driveable at all. Its been in garage last 3 weeks.When its rain, Car leaks from the back of trunk and upper trunk. Trunks get full of water. When I have asked him about the wet when I was buying. He has mentioned that car was washed. That was a total lie as well.Car has leaking problem as well. He is a total lier. He sells faulty cars.
Entity: Clark, New Jersey
25, Report #1358183
Mar 03 2017
02:36 PM
Edward parker Edward Parker email me stating that ACS inc will be taking me to court.Internet
 The email didn't use my name but it said I owe money for a payday loan that I never had.It also said my bank accounts will be seized by the credit buereas.in the email it said if I pay 500 dollars to them today I won't have to go to court
Entity: Internet

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