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1, Report #1233041
Jun 02 2015
02:53 PM
Entertainment Weekly Entertainment Weekly Florida
I  recieved a collection letter stated that I owe 249.10 for magazine, for Entertainment Weekly. I have never applied nor purchase any magazine. This is not me or this a a fraud in my name. Again I never recieved or subscribed any magazine. Please correct this and take my name off this collection department, which in fact does not give you the opportunity toeven speak to a live person. This collection came from Collect Pros . I really would like to get this corrected. Thank you
2, Report #603064
May 13 2010
04:32 PM
NSJS Entertainment NSJS ENTERTAINMENT SCAM!!!! Internet
NSJS Entertainment is the biggest scam on the planet!!!! They insist on telling their performers that A&R reps from Def Jam Records will be attending the show. Def Jam doesn't even know who these guys are!!!  What they really are is a scam company that misrepresents musicians and convinces musicians to perform at their shows when no real music industry is even at the event. I was promised a consultation with an A&R rep from the record label and they introduce me to this no-body!! All he did was drop famous names, said nothing about the actual record label which made me believe that this FRAUD was paid to act like a A&R rep. They are completely un-organized, my CDs were mixed up and the sound was horrible!!! AND The cash prize is given in installments!! PLEASE!!! dont waste your time with this company!! SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
3, Report #288560
Dec 03 2007
10:51 AM
Entertainment Rewards Scam by Ticketmaster/Entertainment Rewards Troy Michigan
In March of 2007 I purchased tickets to the Houston Rodeo using Ticketmaster. I was given a link to click on towards the end of my transaction, which was offering a discount. Since I entered my email address, I was immediately enrolled in an Entertainment Rewards account. At the time of this 'purchase' I was not aware that I had enrolled in anything. Note that this link comes up before Ticketmaster tells you that your purchase (for tickets) has been completed, so it seems that clicking on the link is just a step in the purchasing process. A few busy months later and I finally sat down to review my last few credit card statements. Entertainment Rewards had been charging my $9 a month for the last 9 months. The $9 a month was not a large enough amount for me to notice something was wrong right away. I called my bank, they told me their policy is to have customers try to resolve issues first with the vendor, then my bank transferred me to Entertainment Rewards. The first person I spoke to told me she could cancel my subscription but only refund me for 3 months of my subscription. I insisted to be refunded for the full 9 months, since I had never intended to subscribe to Entertainment Rewards and had never used the subscription (they can check your account to see if you've ever printed off their coupons). She again told me she could only refund me for 3 months. I demanded to speak to someone else. I was forwarded to the escalations department. The man I spoke to told me that they could only refund me for 3 months, and that it was clear to me when I signed up for this subscription that I was purchasing their services. I told him that this is a scam and is starting to show up on web forums and scam alerts, and that tricking internet consumers into purchasing a subscription this way was very poor business practice. Again, he told me he could only refund me for 3 months. (I was asking to be refunded $9/month for 9 months, or $81, is that such a big deal?) Then, I lied. I told him that I was a principal and that my school sells Entertainment books for fundraisers (I remembered selling those things as a kid), and told him that I would make sure that no schools in my district ever sold those things again. Eventually he agreed to refund me for the full amount. I would have threatened with legal action, if I had to. Since they have no receipt of your purchase, they would probably lose if I had contested the charges with my credit card company. I'm pretty upset by this - not that I really needed the $81, but that a company would conduct their business in such a manner. I hope that someone takes this to court and that Entertainment Rewards and Ticketmaster stop this practice of sharing customers credit card information. For people that live on tight budgets, $9 a month can make a dent in their living expenses. I am also pretty upset with myself for taking so long to notice I was being charged. I shop online all the time and have never run into a problem like this before. It just shows what poor practice Ticketmaster and Entertainment Rewards are using. I will never purchase anything from either company again. Jennifer Yuma, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Troy, Michigan
4, Report #281050
Oct 26 2007
10:10 AM
Entertainment Rewards Unauthorized $9 charge from Entertainment Rewards Internet
While checking my bank account online, I noticed a charge for $9 that I had not authorized. It was from Entertainment Rewards. I remember seeing multiple emails from E-rewards. However, I never opened them because I didn't know the sender. BTW, that's a good way to avoid computer viruses; don't open emails from unknown senders. Anyway... I called the 866-364-1333 number, which was listed next to the transaction on my online statement. After listening to a long spiel about how wonderful entertainment rewards is, I was prompted to cancel my account. I pressed the appropriate button (#2). Then I was prompted to enter my credit card number. I refused and just pressed the # key. Customer service responded. She said that my account was opened because I accepted an offer after using ticketmaster to buy some concert tickets. I did buy museum tickets from ticketmaster, but I never accepted a piggy-back offer from any other retailer - especially not Entertainment Rewards. I expressed this to the customer service rep. and stated that I not only want the acct. cancelled but I want my $9 back. She agreed, set it up and finished by giving me a confirmation number. She said that my money would be refunded in two to three billing cycles, which I think is ridiculous since they didn't take that long to make the unauthorized transaction. I didn't feel like arguing. I think the customer service rep. could sense my irritation. So, we peacefully ended the call. It probably took about 10 minutes of my time. I am definitely not using ticketmaster again. There are other means. Definitely stay away from Entertainment Rewards!!! Dre da gr8 New Castle, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1066412
Jul 12 2013
07:53 AM
Metro Entertainment/ Localtickets.com/Ticketsplus.com Worse Entertainment Scammers Internet
 I order a ticket online for Cirque Du Soleil in Raleigh and was taken advantage of my Metro Entertainment and the compays that work for them ( Localtickets.com / TicketPlus.com) I paid $123.66 for 1 tickets valued at $52.50.  Not even CLOSE to the section of the theater for which I paid. These companies need to stop ripping people off greedy SOB's. I hope the public be comes more aware of this type of crap and run them out of business the are nothing but Wall Street Brookers selling tickets.  When will we learn not to turst these people they will steal the hair off your body if the could.  
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1032392
Oct 29 2008
01:40 PM
Entertainment Book Entertainment Book Ripoff Agreement Seattle Nationwide
My husband and I own a restaurant in Seattle and we have just hit the one year mark on being here. When we took over the restaurant we were told there were Entertainment Book coupons out there for 2008. We said ok but didn't like them and weren't planning on starting them again for 2009. ALl of a sudden the 2009 coupons come out. Not only did they not get the name change we did of the restaurant but they did the same coupon as the year before without consulting us. I spent six months trying to get ahold of them to see if we could change the coupon to suit everyone, and got no responce back. Do Not buy their book, and if you're a company don't sign up with them once you do theyll never contact you back to let you change it, Crownhillbistro Seattle, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #159379
Oct 04 2005
06:59 AM
Entertainment Rewards ripoff Troy Michigan
I too was scammed by this company. I realized this in the 3rd month of direct withdrawls from my account for 9.00. I had purchased concert tickets through TICKET MASTER and never authorized this transaction. I remeber they offered a 25.00 coupon towards my next ticket purchased and checked that out. I never completed the transaction because I suspected it was not on the up and up. I never received a $25.00 coupon nor did I ever receive any type of confirmation that I had signed up for any such thing. I never gave it another thought. I am furious because this extremely misleading, unlawful and unethical! I am also very disappointed in TICKET MASTER as I have bought most all my concert tickets through them. I do want to say that ENTERTAINMENT REWARDS did stop all billing but did not want to refund my money. When I told the customer service rep that I was going to join the many others on this website and file a complaint as well as push for a class action suit, the Supervisor DID APPROVE the return of my money. I will wait and see if this takes place as they have promised within 5-7 business days. Glenda Acworth, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Troy, Michigan
8, Report #104866
Aug 22 2004
02:02 PM
Entertainment Weekly Deceptive renewal Nationwide
Hi, I just took a closer look at the renewal cover page to the Entertainment Weekly magazine. Shaded letters on the cover said This is not a bill. No reply necessary. That struck me as strange since every magazine I have ever subscribed to would have a similar cover sheet which would say that time was running out to renew the subscription. They automatically renew your subscription each year by billing your credit card. I find this a bit deceptive because other magazines which really care about the customer require that the person make a postive action to renew. EW requires that you make a positive action to NOT renew. I know... I know... read all the fine print... Caveat emptor, let the buyer beware. Life has enough challenges as it is... to continually have to read everything to protect yourself from deceptive companies and individuals is just getting to be to much. It seems that they are always finding ways to sneak in a few extra dollars at the expense of the unaware or distracted. Luckily I noticed this. When I first saw the renewal cover I thought, Hmmm, no, I don't think that I will keep this subscription. Just let it lapse. It was a couple of days later that I noticed that it required me to call an #800 or go online to stop the automatic renewal. Some may say to get with the program. These are designed to actually make your life simpler by ensuring that you always get the quality magazine that you want. It protects you from having to worry about missing out on their great product because you forgot to renew. Uh-huh, right. I would suspect that if anything, they found that most people would renew but they forgot... so if they made it automatic they could take care of those subscriptions they would have lost and they can snare in those that are used to having to take an action if the didn't want to renew. After all... read the print. It just gets tiring to have to swim with the sharks in daily life. There are those looking to take advantage of you, and those waiting to come on here and attack reporters and make snide remarks about the reporter being stupid or some such nonsense. How anyone could defend companies that use their marketing skills and lawyers disclaimers to deceive people is beyond me. That isn't capitalism, it isn't family values and it isn't integrety. Life shouldn't be about having to limit youself for your own protection from those that try to take advantage. I have tried these conveniences before... I let Verizon have access to my credit card so I didn't have to worry about writing a check each month. They didn't enter my phone plan code correctly and they charged me peak minutes for EVERY single minute used... weekends and evenings. They charged me $499 for the first month! Plus, I was double billed and it came out to $998! This was for less than 100 peak minutes used on a 400 minute nationwide plan. They wanted to prorate my future bills! Needless to say, I stopped that and pay monthly by check. I guess the moral here is that if someone is trying to do something to make your life easier... run. Forget about the fine print. Life no longer means taking for granted those things that you have always known... it now means Cover your @$$ Darren Neenah, WisconsinU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #31317
Sep 27 2002
04:54 PM
Jarvis Entertainment Group ripoff Texas
Jarvis Entertainment Group has completely copied the design I made for the website of HomeLAN Xtreme. The site I designed is at http://www.homelanxtreme.com and their copy is at http://lab1.jarvisgroup.net/. As you can see they are practically identical, and if you searched the source code there used to be my nickname (Neurowave) in the code, they have now removed it. Its disgusting that they would ever even think of doing something like this, especially since months of dedication and hard work were put into developing the HomeLAN Xtreme website. Obviously I have all timestamped sourcefiles proving my design came way before theirs, and you can check my website at http://www.realityslip.com where you can find more proof that I actually designed HomeLAN Xtreme. Guido Rome, Italy, Other
10, Report #523293
Nov 13 2009
05:17 AM
Nyla Entertainment scam artist Internet, Internet
I entered in a agreement with Fabiola of nyla entertainment to promote an upcoming music release. The services that she SUPPOSEDLY provided were, submit a press release for my upcoming release, Send music to djs and dj pools , secure dj drops , and give me a bi weekly progress report She did neither one of those things . I called her to get an update to see what was going on and she was very short with me and she ended the conversation abruptly .  but at first before she recieved payment she was pretty much available all the the time  but once she recieved payment she was a total different person. its been two months and not one phone call or email from her. Nyla is a rip off so buyers beware . If you are a musician and you need a honest promotion company nyla is not the place for you to go.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #356659
Jul 28 2008
04:24 PM
Entertainment Rewards continues to scam Internet
Ticketmaster continues to unlawfully allow this company access to customer information so that they can unlawfully charge 9 dollars monthly for absolutely nothing. This is a crime. Luckily we caught this after 2 months and reported it to our credit card that refunded us. I strongly recommend not wasting time contacting this company but reporting the unauthorized charges to your credit card to get them reversed. Also, please report them to 1-800-visa-911. if enough reports come through maybe they will get their visa priviliges revoked. Ruthie chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #376237
Sep 26 2008
11:11 AM
Entertainment Book Fraudulent Restaurant Coupons Internet
The Entertainment Book has never contacted our business about being listed in it's coupon book or offering online coupons for our restaurant/lounge, Rudy's in Grayson, GA. We still get them occasionally, however, WE WILL NOT HONOR THEIR COUPONS AT OUR VENUE! The Owners Debi Grayson, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #437749
Mar 25 2009
10:45 PM
BLIZZRD ENTERTAINMENT Slanderous statements Nationwide
Slandized by this company. Blizzard Sent me email some how I broke some rule. Which was a slanderous statement. I ask them for this proof.. They ignore people they do not respond. I email these idiots that some one hacked into my account before this incident. Like two weeks. before I advised them of incident This company already has numerous complaint and more to come along. I am sure Jdj1965 Reseda, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #863401
Apr 03 2012
02:52 PM
Earth Entertainment unprofessional, Internet
An artist was invited by Earth Entertainment (EE) to perform at their showcase on a week night. The staff was extremely nice and accommodating over the phone, however when the artist got to the venue (which stunk, had grime on the walls and no functioning toilets in the ladies' room) he/she realized that something was up. Time slots were chosen based on amount of tickets sold, which is fine. Tickets had written on them that the show begins at 6, so that's when the artist told all his/her guests to come -- only to later tell them that the show was moved to 7. When the artist spoke to Jocelyn (EE rep) on the phone before the show, she told the artist it would end at 9. The artist's time slot was 3 hours later than that. Upon discovering this, the artist had to refund most of his/her guests' ticket money. The owner of EE was alright with the artist giving him back the tickets of those who couldn't stay, which was nice of him. The not so nice part was when the artist approached him near performance time to be told that he/she will go on a half hour later. This might not seem like a big deal, but it was 12 AM on a weeknight and this performer's team had been there since 5PM. Not to mention that the guests had to endure 5 hours of excruciatingly horrible raps from some unkempt, sloppy, unprofessional, and completely intoxicated rappers (one was so drunk, or so inexperienced, that she didn't know where to put the mic at the end of her performance, so she just bent down and left it on the floor). The EE rep was hammered as well. By the end of the night he was slurring his words and was not capable of defending his decision which was to further delay this artist's performance by letting a group that wasn't even on the list perform before him/her. At that point, the artist was so furious with his behavior that he/she demanded the ticket money back. The EE rep kept on telling him/her that the place will fill up because the party was going on till 2AM. Bogus! No one was there except for a handful of wasted groupies. The artist explained to the EE rep that he/she was told the event was supposed to end at 9PM and he called him/her a liar and replied, You expect 20 artists to perform in 3 hours?! No one told the artist there were going to be 20 other performers at the showcase. Had someone informed him/her about the quality of the other performers, the artist said he/she would not have bothered wasting his/her fans' time! This artist ended up not performing that night. It was by far the most horrifying and embarrassing experience of his/her career. He/she had people standing up for 6 hours waiting to see a performance, only to receive an apology at the end of the night. Because this artist was misinformed on so many levels about this show, he/she ended up misinforming a whole bunch of other people, which in turn made the artist look unprofessional. He/she was so disgusted with the way this show was organized. Next time EE invite artists to showcase at their events, they should let all of the performers know who else is performing, and let all the artists know the exact hours of the show so they don't have their invitees and crew waiting around for 7 hours for a 9 minute performance (that might not end up happening). If you get invited by EE to perform at their shows and you are a serious artist who has invested a lot of time, effort, and money into your image, then steer clear from these guys. Sure, they may boast with the band they are managing (iPhonic-- who are in fact a great band),  but it's not worth it.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio 44114, Internet
15, Report #190371
May 07 2006
03:25 PM
A Rip-Off that I accidentally discovered. These idiots have ben billing our Visa since 10/2005, $9.00 each month. We have received NOTHING from them. No emails, no snail mails, no phonecalls, NOTHING!!! It is now May 2006 and a Saturday. Their company page will not allow any contact...I keep getting this error message. After some brief research, and thanks to this GREAT webpage, I found they are a sister company of TicketMaster. I do remember ordering tickets to a concert for my Wife and Daughter around October of last year. I will get even with them, they have ripped off the wrong guy. Randy SHELBY, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #320864
Mar 25 2008
09:30 AM
Ultrastar Entertainment Membership charges Internet
If you have paid to become a member of Jonas Brothers Fan club, you have just wasted your money. I paid for membership and went to the fan club this morning 3/25, shortly before 10:00am my local time, in order to buy presale tickets for an upcoming show. When I got there, it took over 30 minutes to log in as a member, then I went to retrieve my code to buy the tickets with and it told me that I had exceeded the amount of codes. It instructed me to go to my ticket area in my account and when I tried to do that (50 minutes into the deal) the system crashed. I was unable to access my account. 2 hours later, I am still unable to access my account. I decided to go to ticketmaster to buy the tickets, once I was on their web sitre, I had the chance to buy presale tickets only if I purchased the fan club membership a second time. I did that and got my tickets. Now I am a memeber twice. When I contacted Ultrastar Entertainment to address my problem and request a refund for my initial memberhsip, Dave, a customer service rep, sent me an email apologized for my difficulty, gave me my code and told me to buy my tickets. I already have my tickets. I want a refund for my 1st membership! They will not acknowledge my request (Incident: 080325-001258). Mel Leominster, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #221655
Nov 21 2006
11:32 AM
Entertainment Rewards monthly charges Internet
Beware of using TicketMaster to purchase anything. Their web site leads you through a form as part of your purchase which also enrolls you in an Entertainment Rewards program. Once your product is purchases, your credit card will be then charged ($7.00) per month forever. Until, of course, you cancel!!! All that said, the cancellation process is straight forward and the agent at Entertainment Rewards, who cancelled the monthly charge and account, was very courteous. Just BEWARE of Ticketmaster!!! kjr portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #291053
Dec 12 2007
04:13 PM
Entertainment Rewards Resposibility Ilinois
I order several tickets through ticketmaster every year. This is the first time I have been so irritated! There are charges on my credit card from Entertainment Rewards. I could not figure it out until I recently ordered tics again. It is very deceiving that you feel like ticketmaster has something to do with this. At first it seems like it is part of the process...until you get the bill. Be very careful when purchasing tickets thru ticketmaster. NOW...they have a seperate page that comes up to sign up...but is it legal for ticketmaster to pass on our credit card info....who else has it? We do have a right to privacy when ordering tickets, so shouldn't they pay the fee? Lisa Wauconda, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #919268
Jul 29 2012
02:37 PM
Metro Entertainment tickets Vernon Rockville, Maryland
Metro sold us tickets that looked funny from the time we printed them out. There was type over one of the barcodes on the MLB tickets. We called before we left to inquire about this and to whether it was going to prevent us from getting into the venue. We were assured that there wouldn't be a problem, but they emailed us the same flawed tickets again, just in case. When we got to the ball field, the people scanning tickets scanned ours and then sent us to customer service. At customer service, the lady asked for our IDs. She said that our names were not on the tickets so they couldn't let us in. In the meantime, I had called Metro and was speaking to a representative who assured me that nothing like this had ever happened before and we would definitely not have to pay for these tickets. He looked at the tickets we had been sent remotely and saw there were issues, which had had brought up before we even left. We ended up having to buy tickets from someone selling extras at the park. When I called to inquire about the guaranteed refund the following day, the woman on the phone was not apologetic, but rude and nasty. I was told that we would need documentation from the stadium proving that we were not admitted. I understand the reasoning for this, but why didn't the guy I was on the phone with while this was happening tell me I would need this as I stood at the venue being denied. The entire issue is still unresolved and I am appalled at the customer service and indignant attitude of the person who took my call. We tried to prevent this from happening before we even left and were late because of being on the phone with the first joker. Hoping that the ballpark will issue us this letter, but I'm not even sure who we would talk to in order to get such a thing. It's not even about the $35 at this point. We weren't the ones who sold a faulty product, but now we have to jump through hoops, even after trying to correct the problem before it happened. Quite a disgrace. Be warned.
Entity: , Maryland
20, Report #1136075
Apr 03 2014
03:22 PM
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1410112
Nov 02 2017
07:18 PM
KingsIsle Entertainment Invasion of privacy
Kingsisle Entertainment publishes something called WIZARD 101, it's spyware masquerading as a childish, obnoxious, obtrusive game.  They somehow got this thing into my computer without my knowledge or permission.   I've been all over the Internet, nobody seems to be able to get rid of the goddam thing, I can't even find it in my computer.                         
Entity: Internet
22, Report #342280
Jun 20 2008
07:21 AM
Last year, I protested the charges and cancelled the credit card that the charges were on. Bank of America handled the protest, however, I got busy and could not respond in time....ok...my fault and Bank of America let the charge go through on the new card....now the book has my new card number and just gave a test $1.00 transaction to see if the card was valid, so that it could hit it again. Entertainment does not offer a way to stop their services. I wanted it only for one time and have been hounded since. This is the third year. This time, if I cannot stop them, I will let my attorney handle it in small claims court... Yes, that is stupid, however, how else do I stop the stupid service? Wf cowan Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: TROY, Michigan
23, Report #282691
Nov 03 2007
07:51 AM
Clarkes Roadshow - Clarkes Entertainment - claires Entertainment Childrens entertainment possibly the worse service encountred Birmingham United Kingdom
Everything! The Dj you sent was appalling! He had no interaction with the children. He couldn't work the Karaoke, he had no bubble machine and the whole event was a complete embarrassment. He had no chart music and played the same 4 songs the entire evening. He never once mentioned my daughter's Birthday. The games he did do were poor and again there was no interaction with the children. He was just awful. DJ said he was just that and he didn't do any entertainment! Also stated most children can't sing anyway so the karaoke is a waste of time! The tax disc in his car was dated 2001!! This was the one and only time that I have used a company to do the entertainment for me and my 160.00 was completely wasted. I have had to send letters of apology to all my daughter's guests because they got none of the things they had been promised by me on your company's behalf. I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am and how upset my daughter is. Everyone tried to have a good time, but even the music played was dreadful. There was absolutely no party atmosphere created by your entertainer, no words of welcome, no encouragement to the children, absolutely nothing! Catherine -----------------United Kingdom
24, Report #303315
Jan 25 2008
12:03 PM
Entertainment Rewards / Entertainment Online Inc My AmExp card was charge $9 without my approval by Entertainment Rewards / Ticketmaster Troy Michigan
When reviewing my current charges on my AmExp credit card, I noticed a $9 charge debited by Entertainment Rewards that I did not recognize; I then began to review my previous statements and found I've been charged $9 each month since August 2007; I still didn't know what the service charge was for so I decided to Google the company Entertainment Rewards; to my dismay, I found on the Ripoff Report numerous other patrons that were charged for the same bogus entertainment membership without anyone's approval or authorization as a result of purchasing online tickets with Ticketmaster. I looked back at my records and remembered purchasing online tickets for the Hollywood Bowl back in August 2007 with Ticketmaster. The $9 charge was initiated just a few days after this ticket purchase. I immediately called Entertainment Rewards at 1-866-364-1333; a customer rep by the name of Vanessa handled my call; I told her to cancel my membership that I never authorized; I also told her I wanted credit for the 6 months I was charged; she said she could only credit me up to 3 months; i said if she couldn't credit for the additional 3 months then i need to talk to a supervisor; she put me on hold to get a supervisor; she returned a few minutes later and said she spoke to her supervisor and he gave her approval to credit my account the entire 6 months; looking back at this issue, i'm very disappointed with Ticketmaster and can't believe a respectful company as they have business practices such as this scam. this incident only proves i need to be more careful in analyzing my charge account. Mark Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Troy, Michigan
25, Report #155830
Sep 02 2005
02:57 PM
Entertainment Publications Operating Company -Entertainment Rewards - Ticketmaster RIPOFF, DODGY, UNSCRUPULOUS, UNETHICAL, SCAM Troy Michigan
OK - so this has now happened to me twice! When purchasing tickets online at ticketmaster.com, there is a trap where you are signed up for the Entertainment Rewards service that can only be described as a scam. The first time I noticed a $7 transaction on my credit card, I thought it was something to do with a purchase at a Blockbuster or something. Then it occurred again the next month so I investigated. I was assured that I opted in to this scam when I purchased tickets online - something I am convinced I didn't do. Anyway, I escalated the issue to a supervisor at Entertainment Rewards and got my money refunded. Just last month, I again noticed a charge from Entertainment Rewards on my credit card statement. This time it was $9 and it was my wife who purchased tickets online at ticketmaster.com. Despite knowing what had happened with my ticket purchase, she magically opted in for this scam. By the time I noticed it this time, there were again two transactions on my card. I called Entertainment Rewards and again had to escalate my call to a supervisor because the initial person could reportedly only refund one month's charges. When I mentioned that I had seen much activity about their scam to the customer service representative (who was actually most helpful), they gave a knowing chuckle in agreement - who would want to work there? Poor bastards! Anyway, I have been assured that my charges will be refunded but was told by the supervisor that she would note on my file that this has now happened twice and that they may not be so lenient if it happens again. I requested that they also note on my file that both times I was adamant that I did not opt in for this service. Regardless, even if we did opt in, isn't it amazing how two people - who I would say are of reasonable intelligence - fell for the same trap? Dodgy or what!? Murray Santa Monica, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Troy, Michigan

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