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1, Report #1362906
Mar 20 2017
02:24 PM
Entrepreneurs Sales Gregg Petersen Books/Magazine Sales - Total Rip-Off...Never received Memphis TN
ON 11/4/16, I was in a gas station and was approached by Mr. Peterson.  I listened to his tale of how he wanted to better himself, make a living, and not go to jail like all his friends.  He didn't want to become a knucklehead.  He had a brochure and receipt book - I bought one book - Treasruy of Bible Stories for $50 plus $15 Process & Handling.  I called on multiple occasions - and actually got an email response once.  Now - nothing!  And, no book.  This group is a total rip-off.  It's sad, because legitimate causes (schools, etc.) are impacted by people not trusting them because of groups like this.
Entity: Michigan City, Michigan
2, Report #1223644
Apr 20 2015
02:47 PM
Entrepreneurs Sales Gregg Peterson pleasant friendly convincing Michigan City Indiana
Young man came to my home right before Christmas.  Very pleasant and friendly. Claimed he was trying to improve life for his family, he was trying to give them a Christmas and was doing what he could. He was selling magazine subscriptions.  I ordered Taste of Home magazine.  I gave the young man $50.00 cash. He left and was never heard from again. This was December 2, 2014, today is April 20, 2015. 
Entity: Michigan City, Indiana
3, Report #1379306
Jun 15 2017
11:38 AM
Entrepreneurs Sales Selling books and magazines Michigan City Indiana
On January 7, 1017 a very nicely dressed young man rang my doorbell.  He said he was from a poorer neighborhood and working hard to better himself.  He was selling books and magazines.  I ordered two books from him to be sent to a church as a memorial from a friend that had just passed away. Thirty-six hours later I was at the most office mailing a Notice of Cancellation with a receipt from the post office.  My check was cashed 2 days later and my Notice of Cancellation was delivered the next day.  I waited 4 months for my refund check.  It never came.  I then started calling.  I called 7 times and left a message but never got a return call.  On May 19, I sent another registered letter and asked when I was going to receive my refund.  That was 4 weeks ago.  I have heard nothing from them and it has been over 5 months.
Entity: Michigan City, Indiana
4, Report #1307049
May 21 2016
09:11 PM
Entrepreneurs Sales Magazine Michigan City Indiana
Entrepreneurs Sales, a salesman came to my door. I orderd 8 issues of a magazine  and wrote a check for $85 dollars. He was very friendly and I thought I'd help him make a pay check. I ordered my magazines in November 2015 and it is now May 2016 and I have gotten nothing from this company. I had contacted then twice and gotten an email back from a women named Jennifer saying that they would be sent soon. All I wanted was a FULL refund and it doens't look like I will get it. They are VERY unhelpful and just take your money. They give you nothing in return. It's a crap company and I'm very angry/frustrated with them. DO NOT BUY A MAGAZINE FROM THIS COMPANY EVER!!!!!! You're better off giving your money to charity so that it goes towards something good instead of some low life company who just takes your money and doesn't give you anything in return. 
Entity: Michigan City, Indiana
5, Report #134879
Mar 14 2005
07:50 AM
Entrepreneurs Across America ripoff Aubrey Texas
I have also purchased HOT ROD Magazine Subscription for my 5 year old as a 'good boy' gift. He has been anxiously going to the mail box EVERY day looking for his HOT ROD magazine. He was all excited because they were actually coming in his name as well. When they STILL haven't arrived, I started looking into it. Now I have to go home and tell my little boy he won't be getting them at all... he will be devistated. Karla San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Aubrey, Texas
6, Report #133491
Mar 02 2005
06:28 PM
Entrepreneurs Across America ripoff Aubury Texas
A young white female came up to me asked if I would like to make a donation or buy some magazine. I said yes and purchased shape magazine...the check had cleared I never once recieved my subscription I lost my reciept but I had my cancel check. Sharon Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Aubury, Texas
7, Report #188610
Apr 25 2006
07:31 PM
Entrepreneurs Across America ripoff Denton Texas
Don't trust these people. They ruined it for all the 'real' school kids looking to raise money for their schools. n the spirt of Christmas (2 days after) I felt I would help out these college kids... YEAH RIGHT. They helped themselves to $40. We got ripped off but what comes around goes around, it isn't the money, its the principle of it, in the end karma always preveils. I hope you read this before you get scammed too, they are making there way across the country. Jeff Ventura, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Denton, Texas
8, Report #171767
Jan 14 2006
01:21 PM
Entrepreneurs Across America ripoff Denton Texas
Entrepreneurs Across America is a joke and I want everyone to know that we need to fight this company from scamming us the way they have. I have found a place that I thought you might like to know of where you can also file a complaint on this company. So I thought that you all would like this website it is www.Ftc.GOV Or you can e-mail them at Complaint@FTC.Gov. Something needs to be done to this company so that they cannot go around and think that they can scam everyone. If everyone complains to the Ftc Gov maybe we can fight against this company and have something done about the issues we are all having with Entrepreneurs across America because we shouldn't have to stand up for what they have done by pulling fast ones on us. This company needs to know we aren't putting up or standing for anymore of their scams,stealing. Rebecca South Easton, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Denton, Texas
9, Report #179303
Mar 04 2006
01:04 PM
Entrepreneurs Across America ripoff Denton Texas
I ordered a magazine on July 12, 2005 from this guy doing door to door in Dayton, Ohio called Turtle for my grandson in Wisconsin. When my grandson's address changed I called this palce and informed them and they said no problem. I had then totally forgotten about it until today. I called my son to see if they were getting the magazine for my grandson and they said no. I cannot find the paper they gave me when I ordered it so I went back to my check book and found the carbon copy of the check. I am going to try to call them next week to see if I can get a refund for the $67.00 I paid them Sue Kettering, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Texas
10, Report #1258120
Sep 30 2015
07:53 AM
Entrepreneurs Sales Book/Magazine Sales Door to Door Never Fulfilled Michigan City Indiana
Two young individuals came to my door on 8/7/15 selling magazines and books in an effort to earn money for college.  They stated that they travel throughout the U.S. conducting sales and are put up in hotels by their employer.  Upon further questioning both youth were from the Chicagoland area.  They both had ID badges.  After asking many questions about what they were selling, I purchased sets of chrisitian based children's books, which I anticipated to donate to a charity for Christmas gifts.  I paid $160.00 for the books.  The check was cashed at Wood Forest National Bank on 8/18/15.  Since placing this order, I have not received any books.  I want a full refund for failure to fulfill my order.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #129590
Jan 31 2005
02:33 PM
Threedom Sales, Entrepreneurs Across America ripoff never received magazines Aubrey Texas
I have purchased 4 magazines ($162.00) from Entrepreneurs Across America / Threedom Sales, Inc thru 2 college students that came door to door selling magazines to win a trip.I have not received any of the subscriptions and neither have the magazine companies for the magazines that I bought. I checked up on the internet to see if they were legitimate and Better Business Bureau shows nothing about them. I had called Entrepreneurs Across America in October to do a change of address and a customer service rep changed my info. When I tried to call back in December to change 2 of the subscriptions their phone number was disconnected. I tried a couple times since then even contacting another sales company (? All-Star Promotions) who said they would contact Threedom Sales, Inc and have them contact me. They would not give me a customer service number for Threedom Sales they just had a personal phone number. I have also sent several emails to several of the companies for the magazines I purchased but the only responses I have gotten are that they have no information to help me because they never received the order. Michelle Florence, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Aubrey, Texas
12, Report #188312
Apr 24 2006
01:15 PM
Threedom Sales - Entrepreneurs Across America ripoff deceptive fake Denton Texas
A seemingly nice guy came to my door selling magazines. I didn't really want or need one, but I know how hard it is to do door-to-door sales and how awful and discouraging it is when no one buys from you. He focused on the fact that I said that I was a Christian, talked nice with me for quite a while, saying all kinds of things that I know now had to have been lies. I ended up ordering Guidepost magazine. I didn't really want to spend the money but I figured that it wouldn't hurt to add some quality reading material to our coffee table. Well, 5 months went by and I never received an issue. I called numerous times, not even to find an answering machine. I went to the physical location only to find that they had moved. I tried the email address but knew that that would be pointless. I decided that I had been screwed and was angry at myself for being so naive, and angry at them for being so deceptive and evil to take college students' hard earned money. Someone posted on this website (Ripoffreport.com) the phone number for Kelly Zoppi (903 429-3497). The first few times I called, there was no answer, but eventually I was successful, and they issued me a full refund within a matter of a week or so. I was curious what the deal had been with Threedom Sales, and the girl on the phone (at Kelly's number) said that before they had allowed their individual contracted companies to handle their own customer service, which made for a lot of dead ends for those of us who were cheated. She said they now handle all customer service and are working to rebuild their reputation. I am grateful that I was given my money back, but I will forever be hesitant to buy anything from someone I don't know personally, and I will forever be disgusted at the deceitfulness of the scumbag who came to my door to sell me that magazine, and had the nerve to ask me for my phone number(for HIM to call me)!! Thank God I didn't give it to him! Kelley Denton, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Denton, Texas
13, Report #183751
Mar 28 2006
02:39 PM
Entrepreneurs Across America, Buckeye Sales ripoff Denton Texas
I purchased 2 magazines from a David Banda on November 26, 2005, when he came to the door selling magazines and trying to earn points for a trip. I was told to wait 90-120 days. It has been over 120 days. I have tried to contact Buckeye Sales and EAA (Entrepreneurs Across America) to no avail. There phone number just rings and rings for 50 rings and then hangs up automatically. Their fax number has been disconnected. I have contacted both the magazine companies and have heard back from one. They tell me they have no record of a subscription for me. Diane Scottsdale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Denton, Texas
14, Report #179337
Mar 04 2006
05:55 PM
Entrepreneurs Across America - Threedom Sales RIPOFF SCAM Denton, Texas
On October 13, 2005 I reluctantly ordered and paid for three different magazine subscriptions from a young girl going door-to-door, totalling $118. After not having received any of these magazines, I tried contacting the company from which I purchased them (EAA/Threedom Sales), to no avail. I called everyday, sometimes twice a day, for over three months. I left message after message, not one was ever returned. The last week that I tried calling, all I got was a busy signal. So I thought I'd go right to the source(s). I called the magazine companies directly and spoke with them. Not only did none of them have record of ever having received my order(or my $$), but said that I had WAY OVER PAID. Exmp: I had paid EAA $40 for 12 issues for one mag.subscription, and they told me that if I had bought it directly from them, that they only charge $15 for 12 issuses. One of the companies told me that (EAA/Threedom Sales)were not even authorized to sale their magazines. Of course my check was cashed by EAA the day after I wrote it. I sent them a certified letter explaining the situation and requesting a full refund. STILL NO RESPONSE FROM THEM!!(& NO $$$) Anita Weatherford, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1037744
Mar 25 2013
08:44 AM
Entrepreneurs Sales Sold magazines which I never received. Michigan City, Indiana
Young man came to door stating that he worked selling magazines to raise money to go to college.  Didn't really need any magazines but wanted to help him further his education so I bought one.  The cost was $50 for 1 year.  Made transaction in February 2013.  Realized that I have never received the magazine.  Thank you
Entity: Michigan City, Indiana
16, Report #1257941
Sep 29 2015
01:50 PM
Entrepreneurs Sales Fraud, Scam, Bogus, Illegitimate Michigan City Indiana
We ordered 3 books for $130 over a year ago and never received them.  Company will not refund our money. A representative from Entrepreneurs Sales knocked on my front door on July 29, 2014.  He explained that his company gives young people who have made mistakes an opportunity to get their life back on track and earn some income.  They sell magazine subscriptions and books.  While the prices seemed expensive, we felt bad for the young man and agreed to purchase 3 books totaling $130 and wrote him a check payable to Entrepreneurs Sales.  Over a year later, we still have not received the books.  I called and emailed the company 5 times in June 2015 any they have not taken any action.  The person answering the phone said she took my information (receipt number, date of sale, and books ordered) and gave it to the owner to decide if she would like to give us a refund.  We also filed complaints with the Indiana Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau.  Both organizations contacted Enterpreneurs Sales.  On July 10, 2015 the owner, Lameeltra Wheeler, sent them an apology, stated that our order would be cancelled, and promised to send us a refund check.  NONE OF THIS HAS HAPPENED. I have called Entrepreneurs Sales almost every week since August and, if anyone picks up the phone, I am told that no one has the authority to issue a refund check except for Lameeltra Wheeler and that she is on the road with the sales team.  Clearly, she has no intention of ever refunding our money nor the countless other families who have been victimized by her scam.
Entity: Michigan City, Indiana
17, Report #1278852
Jul 22 2016
08:11 AM
Entrepreneurs Sales - door to door magazine sales, magazines never arrived - Michigan City Indiana
On July 15, 2015, we fell prey to a con artist who arrived at our door.  His name was Gregg Peterson and he had what seemed to be valid identification and licenses for his sales job.  He spent much time telling us about his background and how he was trying to not end up in jail like other family members.  He just wanted to get himself out of poverty and make something of himself.  He even spent time talking with our kids who were outside playing at the time he walked up our driveway.  We ended up purchasing 3 magazines for a total of $110 (which ended up at a total of $125 since they tacked on a $15 service fee).  We felt good about this costly purchase since he said 40% of the money goes directly to him to help him learn job skills and prepare for the work world.   It is now almost 6 months later and the magazines have never arrived.  The receipt we received looked legitimate...printed up with all the usual disclaimers and in triplicate.  It did indicate it could take up to 4 months to receive the magazines, which seems awfully long since for my son's school magazine drive it took just a few weeks to receive them. I have called the only phone number I have several times.  One time I did actually get through to a real person, who informed me that December would be the first issue we receive.  December came and went without magazines.  I've left several messages with no return calls.   We have definitely learned our lesson and will never fall prey for this again, no matter what kind of sob story the salesman gives us.  And unfortunately this means any well-meaning person (including kids selling for trips) will have to take No for an answer from our house.
Entity: Michigan City, Indiana
18, Report #201726
Jul 18 2006
02:46 PM
Threedom Sales - Entrepreneurs Of America ripoff of magazines Denton Texas
Ordered Teen Vogue for my daughters not just 1 year, but 2. Also ordered Hot Rod for my husband for 3 years, so that the salesperson could get more points. It's been over the 90-120 days and still nothing. Tried to call disconnected phone number. When I looked up online and saw the other rip-off reports realized this was one big scam. Karen Marysville, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Denton, Texas
19, Report #1333341
Oct 15 2016
08:52 PM
Entrepreneurs Sales Never received the magazines I paid for! Michigan City Indiana
I don't remember the name of the guy who was selling magazines, but I bought two overpriced magazines so the guy could better himself after hearing his long sob story. I did not want to buy magazines, but I decided I should try and help this guy.I never received the magazines. The company does not return phone calls. I will never make that mistake again! This company is a total ripoff!
Entity: Michigan City, Indiana
20, Report #1312966
Jun 22 2016
07:08 PM
entrepreneurs sales i was ripped off student was m locklear or lockbar indiana Internet
I thought i purchased 2 magazines from a student  that was to start in March.  It is June and I have called and faxed to no avail.  I see by the reports I am not the only one who spent $95.00.  I want to follow through on this company and put them out of business.  I am going to file fraud charges with my bank and have them see if they can track these people do
Entity: Internet
21, Report #159737
Oct 06 2005
09:18 AM
Entrepreneurs Across America ripoff Door to door young sales people Denton Texas
I to have became a victim to young door to door sales people. I did not have alot of money but it was a friends birthday shortley coming up and the two young boys selling the magazins I purchased claimed they were out going door to door selling magazins for a club they are in, and they recieved a percentage of the earnings. I figured I need to get something anyways and its for a good cause, why not? Well that was over six months ago and my friend never got his two year subscription to Maxim Magazine and i am out $56.00. I will never again buy anything from a door to door sales person. Jessica Lakewood, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Denton, Texas
22, Report #233092
Jan 27 2007
09:43 PM
Entrepreneurs Across America fake door to door magazine sales RIPOFF! Denton Texas
A girl claiming to be a part of Entrepreneuers Across America and selling magazine subscriptions came to our door in October of 2005. We had just moved in 2 months prior! She was extremely nice and somehow convinced us to let her into our home. We proceeded to pick 2 magazines to purchase and to earn her double points we paid one with a check and the other with our credit card for an amount totalling $99! Needless to say, along with the rest of you, we have still NEVER seen a single issue of either magazine. I still have my reciepts from the transactions but according to company policy refunds are only given within 3 business days. I have not personally tried to contact anyone, but after reading about people in similar situations, have accepted the fact that I got taken that day. I still cannot believe we actually fell for this scam!! I hope the word gets out and this organization is shut down and they are forced to stop ripping off innocent, trusting people!! Here is the information listed at the bottom of my invoice just in case it may help someone: PMA, Inc. 401 S. Locust St. #104 Denton, TX 76201 #940-565-1000 www.thanksforthepoints.com Michelle Olathe, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Denton, Texas
23, Report #291936
Dec 16 2007
12:04 AM
Entrepreneurs Across America ripoff sales people selling magazines Denton Texas
A ypung man by the name of Rob Young came to my door selling magazines and I purchased a two year subscription for my daughter for Nick Jr. I never received the first copy. I have spent 18 months trying to recoup my losses or the magazine. I wrote a check for $50 and have cancelled check I have tried emailing with no response and every time i try calling I get a recording saying the number is no longer working. Christi roanoke, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Denton, Texas
24, Report #599718
May 03 2010
06:16 PM
H.H. Gregg High Pressure Warranty Sales, HDMI Cables Are a Ripoff Huntsville, Alabama
Went to the local HH Gregg yesterday to purchase a new TV and got a Blu Ray player (Samsung BDC6500) while I was there.  The TV was a pretty good deal (about $1039), it was a 40'' LCD (Sharp Aquos LC-40LE810UN).   The Blu Ray player from Samsung is total garbage.  It has all manner of network issues and is way overpriced for what it does.  I was reading some reviews on Amazon today and saw many others with the same problems who wasted alot of time trying to work the issues out unsuccessfully.  I bought this thing in order to provide the capability of playing disks; but mostly for the net access, so I could stream netflix and other such services over Wi-Fi.   I will be taking the Blu Ray player back at my next opportunity and opting instead for a PS3. I also bought an HDMI cable for around $95 dollars (Acoustic Research PR185.  I was looking around at other prices on the internet and saw the same exact cable for $50 dollars; that's definitely going back too.  They can sell that one to some other sucker; I should have known better than to trust their prices on accessories. I was grilled about 5 times on purchasing their service plans.  When the TV salesman heard me say that I didn't want the plan (which was 400 dollars for a 1000 dollar TV), I could see that he was frustrated when I indicated I wasn't interested; that tells you that they must have a big rake off of the service plans. If that wasn't enough, the manager got out this sheet of paper and explained what I was giving up for 15 or so minutes.  At one point I was being grilled by two salesmen and a manager about getting the stupid plan.   I certainly didn't figure there was a 40% chance of the TV failing within five years, so I went ahead and passed on that, for the 6th time. I realized that if they want me to get the service plans that bad, it must be a major ripoff.  Any time a salesman or manager is going to be bummed out that you don't get a service plan, you know they are making the real money there.  I'm guessing that the markup on accessories and service plans is how they are able to offer some of the TV's for so cheap. So a word of advice to future HH Gregg customers: have a good idea of what model you want before you go in and don't buy accessories on impulse.  I did well on the first part; but now I'm going to have to go back and deal with them again because I failed miserably on the second part.   Hopefully they don't give me too much trouble for not wanting to be ripped off.  I'll be polite and cordial and expect the same from them; nonetheless, I do expect to have pressure applied to me to keep the unwanted, overpriced, junk accessories.
Entity: Huntsville, Alabama
25, Report #181545
Mar 16 2006
11:30 AM
HH Gregg Ripoff Bait and Switch tactics Lied about manager and sales rep not being there Buford Georgia
I purchased Several appliances for my new home and with the sales rep set up delivery. He verified that everything was in stock and would be delivered on the set date. The morning that the apppliances were supposed to arrive I received a call stating that only some of the items were in stock the rest was on back order. This was at 8:00 am I told them not to deliver any thing untill they had my complete order the man said he would have his supervisor call me. Well still havent received a call. Waited until ten am to call the store and asked for my sales rep. The receptionist replied he wasnt there. Asked to speak with a manager. The receptionist said he was to busy to take my call. So I went up to the store and demanded that my money be refunded. Guess who was there my original sales rep who looked at me and walked away and the Sales manager wanted to know what was wrong. Knowing the scam of the bait and switch tatics these companies use I told him the time for talking was over and I would like my money refunded NOW! Because I am a single woman do these companies think that they can prey upon us thinking we are going to fall for their shabby and deceitful tatics. SHAME ON YOU! I will make sure to tell all my friends and business associates how you do business. Sabine Buford, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Buford, Georgia

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