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1, Report #18919
Apr 16 2002
08:07 AM
envision ripoff internet
I bought an Envision EN-710e monitor from Fry's Electronics. It had a $50.00 rebate with a 15.00 bonus rebate. I sent in both forms with the UPC's. After four months I inquired on the status and was told I was inelible because the UPC was not original. I disputed this because I have a hole in my box where I cut the UPC label and I know I sent it. After disputing the claim they refuse to honor the rebate. However, last week I received a check for the $15.00 bonus rebate. That is strange since they are claiming my request is invalid on the $50.00 rebate. To date I have received no real answer, just the standard form BS letter stating the same old reason again. William Sacramento, California a href=http://www.ripoffreport.com/advertising-deceptive/-editortial-rebate-r/-editorial-the-marketing-reba-j75fb.htm>Click here to read The *EDitorial: The Marketing Rebate Rip Off ...Manufactures invent reasons why not to pay the consumer
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #115372
Oct 30 2004
02:20 PM
Envision rebate ripoff Niagara Falls New York Internet
ABC warehouse told me that envison was really backed up with there rebate, Man is that it, or have I been truely ripped off. I mailed copy's of my rebate to Envision on 7-22-04. Can anyone tell me if small claims court will hear such cases? Let me know by using the rebuttal box below Thanks CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. David holland, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #893725
Jun 06 2012
11:54 AM
Envision Beauty Misleading offer, Internet
As reported by others, Envision misleads you with a trial, conceals fine print and charges you for an $80 lotion, which is awful anyway.  They would not refund my shipping back the product to them.  
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #51999
Apr 08 2003
01:17 AM
Envision rebate ripoff Nationwide
On Oct 11, 2001 I purchased a Sony vio desktop PC from Fry's Electronics. I received a $100 rebate form to fill out and mail in with a copy of my receipt and the UPC code. Supposedly about 8 to 10 weeks I should get my rebate. About 2 months later I tried to call the toll free number given to me, but I was put on hold for 30 mins. I tried to call back a week later and got tranferd to a message center. I was to leave a message and someone would get back to me. One month later still no call. I tried to call back on the toll free number but it was disconnected. Lynn San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A. About a week after purchasing my PC I went back to Fry's Electronics and puchased a Envision monitor. I then again received a mail-in rebate for $50. I filled it out and sent in a copy or the receipt and the bar code. About 7 weeks later I tried to call for the status but all I got was an answering machine. Left a message even called back a few times, but never got a respose. The website given to me was www.rebatestatus.com Lynn San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #60550
Jun 13 2003
01:59 AM
Envision Monitors rebate ripoff Fremont California
$90 rebate on an Envision monitor bought at CompUSA never received. CompUSA gave me two $20 rebate forms and one $50 rebate form to cover their advertised rebate. Envision refuses to honor more than one rebate form per purchase. Kurt Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Fremont, California
6, Report #893005
Jun 04 2012
09:08 PM
Envision Beauty 5-in-1 Facial Moisturizer Lexington, Kentucky
I was scammed by a company called Envision Beauty.  They offered a free sample online if you covered the postage by charging your credit card $1.99.  I ordered the sample and charged my M/C the $1.99.  Two weeks later, I noticed another charge on my credit card for $79.95!  When I called my bank to dispute this charge, I was told that it happens often and that somewhere in tiny fine print, I agreed to the additional charge (if I didn't return the sample).  When I tried to reach the company, a recorded message asked that I leave my number.  When my bank got them on the phone, they answered and gave me a return authorization number and agreed to remove the charge the following Friday after they receive that tiny bottle of moisturizer. I'm usually not gullible and I carefully check for the catch.  However, this one pulled the wool over my eyes.  I'm sure that most will decide to bypass the grief that they put them through with the return.  However, I have the M/C charge disputed and I'm making sure that I ask the PO for tracking confirmation when I return the package. Don't be fooled!  This outfit is a scam!
Entity: Lexington, Kentucky
7, Report #879627
May 08 2012
09:56 AM
Envision Beauty FREE SAMPLE costs $80! Internet
Envision Beauty offers a SAMPLE (note: they use the words risk free sample, when you order the free sample they ask for your debit card number and a $1.99 handling free, which does not seem unreasonable for a sample.  BUT, when you click to agree to terms and conditions  you are agreeing to pay $79.95 for the risk-free sample. After you receive the sample you are notified via email that your account will be charged nearly $80.  When you call to stop this, you are given complicated return instructions which include sending back the sample with the original packing slip and a form that you must receive, print out, fill out and mail back via US post with delivery confirmation.   The attachment with the email containing the return instructions, which is the return form you must print out does not open.   The web site page is set up so that you believe you are getting a free sample, for which you pay $1.99 handling. The fact is that it's set up to steal $80 out of your account in hopes you won't return the item because you cannot or do not have time or ability to follow the complicated and time consuming return instructions.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #99309
Jul 17 2004
09:02 AM
Envision rebate ripoff Niagara Falls New York
In March I bought an envision monitor that supposedly had a $50 rebate and a $20 additional rebate. I submitted the rebates (in the same envelope as instructed) in Mid-April. I received an email confirmation that one rebate had been received. I checked the status and there was no mention of the $20 rebate. After emailing customer service, I was told to fax copies of the claim to them. I did the next day (end of April). I checked the status later (on May 5) it stated that the claim was received after the due date (May 15). I emailed them again and was told they would correct it. They never did. After many more emails they are now processing a $20 rebate for me. The $50 rebate check still has not been received. When I called to check the status on June 25, I was told it was already mailed. I received an email confirmation on July 8 stating that it was mailed on July 6. Eleven days later, I still have not received it. Customer service wants me to wait 30 days and then they will reissue the check (and I'll have to wait another 3 months to get the same runaround again). THIS IS FRAUD! I will NEVER buy another envision product. Teresa Muskegon, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Niagara Falls, New York
9, Report #57604
May 19 2003
08:47 PM
Envision Fails to pay rebates on monitor Ft. Worth Texas
I purchased an Envison EN-770e monitor from Fry's in Nov. 2002. I sent in the upc and two rebate forms for $25 and $40. In Feb. of this year 2003 I called Envison and was told the rebates were mailed on January 30th. They have never been received. Danny Carrollton, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Worth, Texas
10, Report #1114760
Jun 09 2014
04:27 PM
Envision Software Ennoview, Inc. COMPUTER SOFTWARE SCAM Orlando Florida
Beware of this company!!! If you go online to look at their reviews, you will see that they are very known for nickel and diming its customers to death. You start out with a $3000.00 plus computer software scheduling program for Spa,s medical, hair, nails, salons, massage therapists. Then they charge you a monthly fee of $50 to $75 automatically for 1 year for customer support. You sit on the phone forever waiting for someone to help you. The initial monthly fee was acceptable as you need time to learn how to use their software. Once you have caught on and learned what is takes to manage this software, it is a rip off to continue their service program. You pay big dollars and are treated just like any one calling in that needs help.I decided to cancel the monthly service program as truly I was wasting money for not using it. I am a firm believer to pay for what you get and to pay to learn. I do not feel it is right to pay for a flawed software program. I experienced a glitch in their software program which left me unable to schedule appointments. First time in over 3 years i had a major problem that needed their help. When I explained the problem, they immediately required a credit card payment of $75. i explained that it was due to their software and was told that once the tech people check it out, they would revisit the charge. it took the tech over 1 1/2 hours to find the problem. Here they say it was a change in a daily setting that showed the business closed, so i could not enter the schedule. This has never happened before and I explained that my company hasn't been open on Wednesdays in 10 years. They went and checked Wednesdays as open from 8am to 8pm. The system then was capable of being entered to schedule. I explained this has never been an issue over the years until now, and this was not something that I did to make the system not work. This is not the first time that something weird has happened to their program. I have licenses for multiple computers and every so often, the computer will not log into their software stating i do not have permission to use the program without contacting the help desk. This has happened 3 times. I was locked out until they were able to send me the registration code to unlock the program. i find that the registration code they send is not the same as the one they previously sent for that computer, making it impossible to use their software until they respond.I really believe that if a company pays over $3000 initially for their software, it should be able to be used without all these problems. The down time and agrevation to myself and the inablility to function as a company dealing with scheduling until they chose to help.I made it very clear, that I had no problem paying to learn, or paying for something that was due to me. But clearly escilated my concern upward to address this issue.The individual who they put me in touch weth, said he would review the problem and get back with me. I got a call back a few hours later and he informed me that since I was not under a service contract, that i would have to pay for the tech to help me. I stated my case and explained that this was a glitch with their software and that i shouldn't be made to pay to get their program to function. Chris gave me all the prerecorded reasons as to why i had to pay. He even made the comment that this was the first time they heard of this type of problem. i returned comment by saying, this is a great tool for you to be on top of this problem and be able to help people in the future should it happen to someone else. He continues to tell me that if I had a malware problem, locked myself out because I messed up my password, or the system was corrupted by a virus, i would have to pay for them to help fix the problem. I told him this wasn't due to any of the problems that someone has no control over. This was a computer software problem that made it impossible for me to use the program until they found the glitch. I asked him if this is the way he treats all customers this way for customer service?I gave up, it was a prerecording answer and he wasn't going to help with great customer service. Remember all the reviews. I should have known as per all the negative reviews. PAY PAY PAYI explained that I was unhappy and that I would be contacting the Rip Off Report to share my experience to everyone. He was fair warned and I recieved no response from anyone else and still got the $75 charge on my credit card.This is a FAIR WARNING to anyone, company, etc, that are looking for a scheduling software to help their business, that ENVISION has a bad reputation of putting money overtop great customer service, with a useable software program. If you want to pay Big Dollars for a program that from time to time has glitches, and if you are not paying them up to $900 a year to have a technical support contract, YOU will be SCREWED!!!!!! Bad company policies and all they want is your money. I have dealt with a lot of companies who have service contracts, and you have to pay as you go if you don't have a contract with them. But everytime I have gone to major companies with issues related to their software, they research and if it is a problem with there software, they have NEVER chanrged me for those issues.Remember, I stated up front, I am happy to pay for something that I need to learn, or did wrong on my part. They have a defective software program that could not be used due to a glitch, that they themselves stated they have never dealt with before. The original tech couldn't even find the problem and had to escilate the issue upward.I am totally disgusted with Envision, ennoview company for such bad customer service for their product.I will be telling everyone in my industry about them and doing what I can to make sure they do not make the same mistake I made with going with Envision.
Entity: Orlando , Florida
11, Report #93436
Jun 02 2004
10:04 PM
Envision bought envision montior 17' at fry's no rebate money over 2 months Fremont California
got rip-off. bought 17' envision montior on the month of march. paid alot of money. now waiting for rebate 60.00 dallors. need my money ! Jose west covina, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fremont, California
12, Report #69866
Oct 22 2003
05:48 PM
ENVISION MONITORS - Envision Peripherals ripoff REBATE FRAUD from FRY'S ELECTRONICS Canoga Park California
No matter if the rebate form is followed exactly, you will get a card in the mail from Envision (Envision Peripheral, Inc.) and Dept.40980 Envision Rebates, PO Box 15800, Scottsdale, Arizona 85267, telling you that they could not honor your request. I bought my monitor with a $50.00 rebate within the sale period, completed and mailed the form a full 2 weeks before the request must be POSTMARKED by date. I'm thinking that a postmark date is the day I mailed the enevlope and it is stamped and postmarked by the United States Postal Service. Not so according to Customer Services at Rebatestatus.com. I was told that my rebate arrived a day late and the postmark date is the day that THEY receive and open my letter. So what they are saying is that it took 16 days to be received by them and that date is their postmark date. Apparently U.S. Postal Service postmarks on the envelope have no meaning to them, especially if they are intent on Consumer Fraud. Randy North Hills, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fremont, California
13, Report #117139
Nov 10 2004
03:16 PM
Envision Envision monitor bought at Fry's Scam Fraud No rebate money after seven months Niagara Falls Houston Texas
In March, I bought an Envision EN-985 monitor at Fry's in Houston, TX. I mailed rebate in a certified envelope, to be sure that I could prove that they received it. They ackowledged receiving it, but kept saying that the rebate was coming. Now they say that they mailed it, but don't know why I still haven't received it. I am to get another check after another 8 to 12 weeks wait. I was trying to report them to the BBB in the city of the main office, but Fry's has been no help in giving me the correct phone number. They said they didn't have the address. I worked retail for 20 yrs. I know that they have ALL of the necessary information. And to make matters worse, the monitor is defective! Kay Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Niagara Falls, Texas
14, Report #1291994
Mar 20 2016
02:50 PM
After coming back from my second year in a row going to Envision Festival, I am now confident that this will also be my final year. I’m in love with festivals and it takes a lot for me to give up on one; However, after the conversations I had with all my friends, and the comments I read online, I know that am not alone. I know dozens and dozens of people who all have said they would never come back.I also want to say that both years, I had an amazing time at the festival and it was life-transforming. But here is the thing. You can enjoy something and also critique it at the same time. The fact that I enjoyed it so much only validates my critique even more, because I’m not writing this article from a bitter place. I had an amazing time at the festival. However, it is the PEOPLE that makes the festival experience what it is. It is the magical connections and the beautiful souls that come together to build something. With that said, this experience can be had at any festival­, and there are 1000’s of them around the world. As a community, if we’re going to invest our hard-earned dollars, I think we owe it to each other to look out for each other and inform each other when something is lacking integrity.  I will break down the reasons why you shouldn’t go to Envision and instead invest your money elsewhere.The weather.I know we see pictures of beautiful beaches and Costa Rica drone shots. Envision has their marketing down. It’s hypnotizing and paints this image of paradise. The truth is, it is a humid hell-hole.  For the 1000’s of people who camped, the tents turned into ovens. And during the daytime? Forget it.  You can barely breathe. One of the only real ways to be able to do Envision is to get an air-conditioned hotel room and avoid the festival from morning to late afternoon. But then you end up missing out on the workshops. And also the friendly conversations. (It’s harder to meet people at night when you can’t see and everyone’s dancing).  The heat destroys the whole festival experience. The best part of Envision is that it’s near a beach, but consider this.  1. The water is warm and won’t cool you off. You’ll also get sunburnt without even realizing it 2. The undertow is so strong that it’s not swimmable. With that said, dozens of people tried and over a 100 people had to get rescued, including a few that almost drowned.  They had to close the beach this year and there was no sunrise or sunset rituals, which was the best part of Envision. The whole environment is unpredictable.You will likely get robbed.A response to this fact is one of the biggest cop-out lines you’ll hear: “Tourism robbery can happen anywhere”. True. But it happens at a much higher rate in Costa Rica, and even a higher rate at Envision Festival.  Both years in a row, there were 100’s of reported cases of theft. My hunch is the ‘tico security’ that they hire are in on it. I personally know about a dozen people who had their cell phones and laptops stolen. Some were snatched from their tents. Others were pickpocketed or a grab-and-run. I personally got robbed both years.  It’s an epidemic and you can’t trust anyone there! They’re very very skilled. Even if you’re extra cautious. It sucks that you have to be super paranoid and think about your stuff every minute of your time in Costa Rica, because it happens when you least expect it.You have a high chance of getting very, very sickThis year was absolutely brutal for this. Envision has a major hygiene and safety problem. Literally, 1000’s of people got utterly sick this year. A week later, and people are still feeling it. For some, it was sharp, agonizing stomach pains. For others, it was non-stop vomiting and diarrhea. People believe the water that we were drinking was contaminated. I know many people who were hospitalized this year. And the same thing happened last year. It’s a cesspool of germs and the whole festival is not sanitary at all. From the food vendors to the water supply. I would say you’re more likely to get sick at Envision than you are to not get sick, so if you choose to go, prepare for the worst, and know that even if you prepare, you will likely still get sick.Throw in all the mosquito viruses like Dengue, and it’s just not worth the risk. You’ll be absolutely miserable, throwing up, in hot crappy porto-potties with the sun beaming on you.  Why put yourself through this when there are tons of amazing festivals nearby without all these crazy challenges?Cost keeps going upWhen it’s all said and done, it would almost cost the same amount to go to Burning Man, and it’s a lot cheaper to go to other local festivals.  The average person spends around $1500 between rising ticket prices and round-trip tickets and all the other miscellaneous costs. It’s a very expensive experience with little reward.  Simply not worth it.The line-up and workshops sucked this yearI thought it was just me…..but once again, I got into so many conversations with people and everybody said they felt something was different this year. That the festival shifted.  I believe Envision Festival peaked in 2015, and I believe 2016 is the beginning of its fall. While they’ll probably use their well-edited videos to continuously market their ‘paradise’, and it’ll keep selling out during the next few years to naïve new-comers….I believe that eventually word will get around the festival community. Envision Festival has the lowest level of repeat ticket purchasers than any other festival and it’s with good reason. This is a one-time experience.  The workshops this year were terrible and there were barely any recognizable names. What makes this so strange is that I know at least 3 people that applied that are very, very successful at what they do, and neither of them got in. People with huge followings! This tells me that Envision is a big circle-jerk. It’s one of those things that you have to know the right person. They’d rather choose crappy low-level people because they don’t have to pay them. This is pure greed. Which gets me to my next point..The people running the festival don’t give a f*** about you.This is hard for me to say because I’m sure in their eyes, they’re well-intentioned. But from everything I know and have seen, they’re a bunch of lazy narcissistic hipsters. Out of all the festivals I’ve tracked, they not only have the slowest response time, but also the lowest response rate.  They will literally just ignore your email and never get back to you. Ever. What makes it messed up is that they intentionally rob our community of money.  People will apply to lead a workshop or to volunteer….early in the process….and they won’t get any confirmation. Nobody will reply to their email in months.  What ends up happening is that not only does the ticket price go up, but the air-fare goes up as well.  These people are set on going to Envision festival, but are struggling financially already, which is why they offer to volunteer.  So to wait that long, and to not get selected, means your overall price is now doubled. Now here’s what bugs me. It’s not that they don’t have the man-power, or the time to reply to everyone. It’s that they simply don’t give a fuck about you. I know this because I remember seeing many of the organizers the week before the festival, and they’re just partying and surfing. Now, I’ve ran a festival before, and I know that the few weeks leading up to the festival, you have a duty to be busting your a**. There is a lot of work required and many emails to get to. I worked with a staff of people who chose to sacrifice their time (because hey, they signed up for this….plus, most of them are getting paid to do this)….If I was responsible for 7000 people’s lives and festival experiences, I wouldn’t be chilling on the beach all day, while there are hundreds of emails of people needing help.  They may call it ‘pura vida’ – I call it a lazy-hippie who only cares about himself. These are people’s lives! And it’s their hard-earned money that these greedy bastards are messing with.  I simply can’t support these people. They’re a disgrace to the festival community, especially Justin Brothers, who’s just a leech who feeds off of people and uses them to feel validated. Pretty boy is on a power ego-trip.The local hate us.Imagine a music festival in the USA where only 5% of the attendees were from the USA…That would make you question why?  Why don’t people who live in Central America go to Envision? Because they think we’re loud, obnoxious Americans who come into their land and destroy it.  Envision paints itself as this eco-experience.  It’s a cute effort and mostly an image. Did you know that the locals were protesting this year outside the festival grounds?  We come in once a year, suck up all the local’s water supply, and introduce our ways to a culture that doesn’t live the same way. The young teenagers and college locals who come to Envision are often introduced to their first drug-experience in an unsafe party environment. Now I know that everyone is responsible for their own path, but we can still pay homage to the fact that the younger locals can sometime idolize us and want to party with us, and we introduce them to a lifestyle they’re not usually living.Speaking of,  Envision festival presents itself as a ‘conscious’ festival, and this is once again, complete bulls***. 3 out of 4 people are high out of their minds. I guess you can do a yoga class in the morning….lol… but let’s keep it real. People come here to take drugs and party. And speaking of, the drugs are way over-priced and are often laced with dangerous ‘unknown’ elements.So out of all the festivals in the world,Why would you spend over a $1,000 to go into a humid hell-hole full of germs, diseases, and local perverts who disrespect females, and rob from tourists? Why would you support a festival that cares very little about it’s attendees, that has terrible customer service, non-stop technical issues, and a s****y line-up? Friends don’t let friends go to Envision.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #145471
Jun 08 2005
10:42 AM
Envision Peripherals $60 Rebate ripoff Niagara Falls New York
I purchased an Envision EN7410 LCD monitor at Frys on Dec 26, 2004. Within a few days I sent in the required rebate paperwork. And then I waited - maybe too long. By April 26th '05 I attempted to check the status through their website - NOTHING. So, I called the 877 number and was told to fax all paperwork to them. I did and again waited. May 20, 2005 I called again and spoke to Norma. She assured me that I would receive my rebate, BUT it will be another 10-12 weeks. Curious to see the status of my reabte, I tried the website on June 6th. No Record Found! So, I emailed and got a reply requesting information. I replied and in less than 30 minutes I get a reply stating that Unfortunately, we are not in a position to assist you further with an EXPIRED PROMOTION. BS! I sent the paperwork in at least two weeks before the Jan 15, 2005 deadline. I took all the paperwork (emails included) to Frys here in Sacramento. They called and after a few minutes on hold get an answer, we will re-instate the rebate. Then I'm told in 10 -12 weeks! #@$%@#! I'm certain that in twelve weeks I will returning to Frys for further ulcers. If I indeed get the rebate, I'll be back with the news, BUT I won't hold my breath! Rick North Highlands, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Niagara Falls, New York
16, Report #159030
Sep 30 2005
04:17 PM
Envision Monitor Rebates RIPOFF Scam Cheating consumers Niagra Falls New York
Buy an Envision 17 monitor and send within a certain time period and receive your 50 dollar rebate,sounds simple doesn't it? These clowns have you jumping thru all the hoops including telling you that it takes 10-12 weeks just to process a rebate. Idon't see where ANYTHING takes 10-12 weeks to make. Maybe an atomic reactor or drilling an oil well in the North Sea...maybe. They will send an e-mail to tell you they are sorry BUT YOUR UPC SYMBOL OR PROOF OF PURCHASE WAS NOT VALID FOR THAT PROMOTION.In our case the upc that took me 15 minutes to cut out just so I wouldn't give them a chance to say it wasn't valid.....did not come off the BOTTOM of the box,mine came from the SIDE of the box therefore rendering mine invalid,nothing was said on the rebate form about it coming from the bottom of the box,it just said the upc symbol from the box.I can't believe that Fry's continues to use these people as does CompUSA. Never Again !!! Thomas Greenville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Niagra Falls, New York
17, Report #71415
Nov 09 2003
11:46 AM
Envision Fry's $80 Monitor Rebate Ripoff Grand Opening Renton Washington Fremont California
I purchased a Envision EN-7100e/s Monitor at Fry's Electronics on Aug 29th at the Renton WA Grand Opening. I sent all required rebate info out the following day only to receive a postcard yesterday stating that the receipt I submitted was dated after the qualifying period. This was an ad special that 100's of people spent hours on line to take advantage of. This is a major scam. There cetainly seems to be a pattern here. David Puyallup, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Fremont, California
18, Report #69745
Oct 21 2003
02:40 PM
Envision monitor ripoff rebate, will not return emails. No phone number available to contact them. Internet
Envision rebate for En-710E Monitor purchased in June 2003. Called in August to see where rebate was. Said we were not in their system. Faxed everything to them at 905-734-9955 and 480-606-4313. Received email confirmation that rebate and all required documentation was received on August 28. Requested update on rebate October 2003, received email that we were not in their system. Send email attaching their response that all documentation was received and being processed. Received a postcard in mail that stated that we failed to provide proper UPC code. Still have copies of UPC and all rebate information. Envision will not return emails. No phone number available to contact them. Rebate was denied. RIP OFF!! Nancy Highland Village, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Niagara Falls, New York
19, Report #84924
Mar 22 2004
06:12 PM
Envision Monitors ripoff on rebate BEWARE, they have a good scam going. Niagara Falls New York
They had a 60.00 rebate on a 19 monitor. I mailed in all paperwork to be told they didn't get the upc seal. Well the upc seal was stapled to the copy of the receipt. They got the receipt. I call them and it's always a different story. I have been told the last two times that it would take 10 to 12 weeks to process. I just told them to keep their dang 60.00 . I wouldnt buy from them again if they were the only ones making monitors. BEWARE, they have a good scam going. Richard carrollton, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Niagara Falls, New York
20, Report #85459
Mar 26 2004
02:00 AM
Envision Monitor Rebates How to Avoid the Rebate Ripoff Fremont California
I had a difficult time receiving my rebate from Envision. I see many more have had similar problems. I was persistent and it paid off. There are a few simple steps to take to be sure whatever reason they come up with, you have a back-up paper trail to resend info. First, make a copy of ALL papers and the UPC codes on the box that you must cut out to send as proof of purchase. After waiting the allotted time, I went to the rebate status website and found they had no record of my original request. I was told to fax or re-mail copys of all my information again. I chose to fax it, I had copies of my sales reciept, rebate form, and the required UPC. I soon got an e-mail telling me my claim was denied because I did not send in the original UPC, a physical impossibility since I submitted by fax as Envion instucted. We went back and forth for a few days, each email coming from a differnt customer service team department. Finally one assured me my claim was being processed. I still received a reject postcard at the end of the next processing time, but with another email I found out my check was in the mail and sure enough, 3 days later it arrived in my mailbox. My point is, keep copies of EVERYTHING you submit. Be persistent, check on the status of your order, and don't give up. Eventually you will win the battle. John New Orleans, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Fremont, California
21, Report #47611
Mar 02 2003
05:21 PM
Envision Monitors Failure to approve my $50 rebate on a monitor purchase Fremont California
I mailed in a $50 and a $20 rebate on a monitor that I purchased from Comp USA. I received my $20 rebate and a postcard stating that my $50 rebate was rejected. I phoned cust. service on 1/29/03 and the rep. said that I was entitled to both rebates and said that she had to re-submit it to another department. I have e-mailed twice and phoned once since then. No response on the e-mails and the same runaround on the phone call. Very interesting marketing practice on behalf of this company. I like the quality of the monitor but certainly would not refer them to anyone that I know. Mike Grand Rapids, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Fremont, California
22, Report #663106
Nov 17 2010
01:22 PM
Envision Technology Services, Inc envisiondevelopment.net Theft of Product/Services Sacramento, California
Be advised that ENVISION DEVELOPMENT SERVICES, INC. is operating their company much like a Ponzi Scheme, using revenue to pay employees and operate while leaving vendors and suppliers in a state of non-payment. This company feels it is their right to pay invoices at their discretion if at all. Be wary that if you do business with this company their is a good chance that you are purchasing product that has not been paid for and enabling this behavior.
Entity: Sacramento, California
23, Report #178610
Feb 28 2006
04:13 PM
Envision Peripherals rebate ripoff Didn't honor its rebate Fremont California
I bought an Envision monitor because it offered an $80.00 rebate. Instead of a simple $80.00 rebate form, the Envision form required submitting two rebate forms for $40.00 each. I sent in all receipts and UPC symbols together. After two months, Envision stated that they would pay the first of the $40.00 rebates but not the second because the UPC symbols were not received. Again, this was advertised as an $80.00 rebate. Envision's required thye customer to submit two $40.00 rebate forms. Envision requested that I send in the UPC symbols again, which I did. A month later, Envision had still not honored either rebates. I called and a representative said they would honor one $40.00 rebate but not the other. They now had a new reason for not sending the checks: they cannot send two checks to the same address. I mentioned that the rebate offer was for $80.00, not $40.00, and it was the company's decision to split the rebate into two $40.00 portions. This appears to be rebate fraud. Gerry Foster City, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fremont, California
24, Report #55512
May 03 2003
07:32 AM
Envision Electonics ripoff of rebate offer for 17 monitor false promises Fremont California
I bought an Envision, 17 color monito from Fry's Electronics on 10/13/02 that came with a $65.00 mail-in rebate. I called Fry's about 9 weeks later to find why I hadn't received the rebate, was tol to wait at least 10-12 weeks for the supplier to process the paperwork (and the credit card co. can't cancel the sale after 90 days). amonth later I called the credit card co I used to make the purchase and the rep. got ahold of a lady at Fry's, Cust. Service and told her the story on my behalf. she promised to call me back in 24 hours with a response, that never happened. So after several attempts to contact her again I called envision and the rude woman there told me she would have Kevin Kwan call me back, that never happened. Taht was over a month ago. Now, I am considering a trip to pick-up small claims paers to file on Monday. Maybe they'll let me file against Fry's and Envision. Never again. Chuck Gilroy, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fremont, California
25, Report #101063
Jul 28 2004
06:19 PM
Envision demand for a street address refusing to give a company phone number Niagara Falls New York Internet
I sent in the rebate form and everything that was reuested in May 2004. On 07-28-04, I received a post card that told me that a street address was required. I went on to the web stite and got a toll free number to call, when I called I was told that they needed a street address only. I informed the person I was talking to that I only receive mail at my post office box and had been doing so for over 20 years. I asked him for Envisions company phone number and was told that he din't have it. Peter Santa Fe, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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