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1, Report #1326744
Sep 07 2016
06:30 AM
2, Report #160022
Oct 08 2005
12:47 PM
Epson America Printer Ripoff Long Beach California
6 Months ago I purchased an Epson CX4600 printer from Office Max. I was told by the salesman that I would get approx. 500 pages of printing including some pictures out of the ink cartridges supplied with the machine. Each cartridge was full when we inserted them into the machine. At this point every cartridge is nearly depleted, 11% or less. I have only printed 50 pages and 2 pictures with it so far and it needs all new cartridges. After doing some checking around I discovered that with some epson printers, for example, a page that is printed in ALL BLACK will in fact use every color to create the page. Who in their right mind would make a printer that did that? I'll tell you why, So you will have to buy ink more often. So I check at Office Max and Walmart for replacement ink cartridges. The price for them would be approx. $80 bucks, or roughly 80% of the original cost of the printer. This is a rip off not only because you do not get the 500 pages, or even close to it. And because the cartridges cost as much as a new printer does. On a side note: If you go a significant period of time without using the printer (literature says 1 month) then you are supposed to put the printer through a HEAD cleaning, to keep the ink heads from drying out. I have discovered that the real time frame is closer to 8 days. Every 8 days whether you print something or not you must clean the heads, which using up ink. The amount of ink used in a cleaning is outrageous. At around 3% for cleaning, this process can easily deplete the cartridge fairly quickly. Epson printers and the company who makes them are a RIP OFF. Thank you for reading. Casey columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California
3, Report #381659
Oct 15 2008
06:32 PM
EPSON I live in remote location, Pacifc, I need to get printer serviced, Epson will not give service manual Internet
I live in a remote location, Cook Islands, South Pacific Ocean. I have Epson printers. I have one faulty printer that I have sent to a local repair man. This repair man is requesting a service manual for my particular printer. I have asked Epson for service manual online. They are refusing, and suggesting that I send to an authorised Epson Service Agent. I have done locally, so they want me to send this printer overseas so I can get it serviced. This is extremely adsurd!! I will pass around the word in the cook islands to boycott Epson products, as Epson do not support local servicing of their products. please help me boycott this company - who are profit driven and do not care about the little customer in a remote corner of the world. Thank you for allowing me this space to express my dis-satisfaction. regards, Raro RarotongaCook Islands
Entity: Internet
4, Report #366181
Aug 23 2008
03:27 PM
Epson epson printer is design to force ink out Long Beach California
In July 2008, I bought in Mexico epson all-in-one printer CX7300. After printing a few pages, I had to clean the heads, which surprised me since I could not find any reason why the heads needed to be cleaned. I suspect, it is also part of the epson design to force a clean up. One cleaning used up 1/3 of the ink level!!!! I printed no more than 50 pages of text on the most economical setting. and my ink level is about 5%. epson, prints gray on this setting, perhaps, again to force more ink usage by a better quality setting. How could the printer use up so much ink? In comparison with my old printer, this one prints at least 50 times comparable pages less. With this rate of ink usage, the lowest quality printed text 1 page costs about $1 ! I know that it is designed by epson to create a printer that forces consumer to buy ink often. Also, the scanner doesn't produce a document that can be saved to the computer, only to be printed. Another design plan to use more ink. I am mad. I hope there is someone who will stop epson from this practice. Epson's deign creates products that exploits a consumer while pollutes the environment. since I will not use this printer after I ran out of ink, this particular printer I just bought 2 weeks ago is already a garbage! Do not buy Epson! Basia colorado springs, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California
5, Report #177915
Feb 24 2006
03:47 PM
Epson Epson failed to honor $30 mail-in Rebate ripoff for R340 inkjet Printer Web-Based Purchase Internet
After purchasing an Epson Stylus Photo R340 printer, and after completing the rebate form that came wih the printer, Epson has yet to deliver the rebate. The rebate was promised as a $30.00 American Express gift card. According to Espon, there is no record of me ever having submitted the rebate, even though I spent an hour cutting out the bar code from the shipping box, enclosing the packing slip, enclosing the copy of the credit card statement to prove the purchase, and jumping through various other hoops before the deadling. Side Note: The serial number on the packing slip did not match the serial number written on the printer itself. Is that a deliberate trick to force me to send in the wrong serial number? I wonder. Victor New Hope, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #241361
Mar 29 2007
10:51 AM
Epson Printers Div Epson Computers rebate ripoff never sent $30 rebate on printer after 3 submissions Strongsville Ohio
purchased epson stylus cx3810 printer 0n 9/1/06. machine had $30 mail-in rebate offer. mailed 1st submission on 9/2/06,waited 8 wks,called,no record. resubmitted on 11/9/06,waited 8 wks,no rebate,contacted bbb in cleveland,they said to call jen davis. i did,no record. she said to fax her the info. i did on 2/21/07. no rebate. i called on 3/22/07,but she will not return my phone call. bbb said they can't do anymore. the only conclusion is: these people are rip-off artists. i give up. i don't know what else to do. Ralph mebane, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Strongsville, Ohio
7, Report #238655
Mar 09 2007
10:03 AM
Epson Printer ripoff will not print even with $60.00 worth of new ink! Long Beach California
Epson all-in-one cx5400 printer won't print one drop of ink even after buying $60.00 worth of new ink cartridges! This printer worked a little over a year, and then I started having problems with it not printing. First it started printing with white lines through the text, and then the next thing I know is it won't print at all - even with new ink cartridges. Called the tech support at Epson (562) 276-4367 and talked to some guy that I can't even pronounce his name and couldn't understand a dang word he said except the part that I would have to pay money for tech support and that the printer had a 1 year warranty! - imagine that! My first printer was a HP 660c that lasted for years (about 9) and still worked when I replaced it with this Epson all-in-one cx5400. Only reason I replaced the HP was because I wanted a printer that did it all. Well, the Epson worked great for the 1st year or so, but then it quit printing all together - not even a drop! Foreign dude at Epson said it would cost me money to troubleshoot it and that it had a 1 year warranty and a bunch of gibberish I couldn't understand. I told the foreign dude what I thought and hung up - not sure if he understood the descriptive words that I laid out or not. I emailed their tech-support and then filed this rip-off report. I don't care about loosing the money; I just want people to know what a crappy company Epson is. If I lived near the Epson Company, I'd drive there and bash the friggin' thing (cx5400 piece o' crap) in their corporate lobby! I think I will take a baseball bat to it out in my back yard like on the movie Office Space! At least I will get some satisfaction out of beating it to no end! DON'T BUY EPSON PRINTERS - They are CRAP!!! SteveO Knoxville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California
8, Report #319657
Mar 20 2008
11:09 AM
Epson Seiko Europe Or Epson UK , Epson UK sold me an extended warrantee, when all-in-one printer died they would not honor it. Hemel Hempstead England
I purchased an Epson RX620 All-in-One printer, scanner, copier from an internet-based reseller of new factory sealed office products. I received it unopenned with all the warranty documentation and original inks, etc. When I called to register the product Epson sold me a 3 year extended warranty and some backup inks. The machine began to die (no more power - won't boot-up every time) about a month before the 1st year (implied warranty) was up. Support setup a time to come out to service the printer. Then for some reason they had to change the date and it went beyond the 1 year date of purchase. The company then asked me for proof of ownership of the machine to use the extended warranty. I supplied them with the original sales receipt - first from my paypal account, then the receipt I got from the reseller. I still have original box and even cartridges that came with the printer. A Ms Kerrie Sund in customer service first told me they knew nothing about the seller and therefore would have to send me my money back for the warranty. I explained that wasn't what I wanted and I could provide proof of the company and wanted my product serviced. I then received an email from Kerrie stating that the company could not insure that the product was not refurbished and she still claimed she was going to send my warranty payment back, actually that they had already . Of course I haven't received their reimbursement nor do I want it. I just want a working product. I own 4 other high end Epson products including a projector and an Epson 2200, a scanner and this all-in-one. I want to trust this company - but in the UK they seem to have no regard for customer satisfaction. Ellen p Carsluith, Newton StewartUnited Kingdom
Entity: Hemel Hempstead, Other
9, Report #744887
Jun 24 2011
01:13 PM
Epson Seiko Epson Corporation Epson printer requires $60.00 of ink cartridges which are depleted after cleaning the heads three times and after not printing one page Nagano, Other
Epson gave away a free printer with the purchase of a computer and now I know why.  I have spent $120.00 on ink and been unable to print a page.  I installed new cartridges a while back and it wouldn't print.  I tried new cartridges again yesterday and performed a head cleaning operation since it wasn't printing and was told that the cartridges are now empty because I cleaned the heads three times.  They refuse to reimburse me for the ink and said I could pay to have the printer repaired so I can spend another $60.00 to try to print something.  If you are looking to buy a computer printer I would stay as far away from Epson Printers as you can get...low quality printers designed to drain the  ink when you clean the heads, ridiculously expensive ink and useless customer service.  They will never see another dime of my money. 
Entity: Nagano, Select State/Province
10, Report #483004
Aug 20 2009
01:32 PM
Epson Printers One of 4 depleted ink cartridge will disable the printer requiring purchasing a new one. Camarillo, California
When one of four ink cartridges is depleted, it disables the printer requiring the puyrchase of the cartridge. I have it set on black ink only yet the depleted cartridge is the color cayan! I called their customer service and was informed that is the way it is designed. The cost at Staples office supply is $18.00 for a small cartridge. I just ordered a remanufactured cayan and two black cartridges from (((competitor's name redacted))) for $7.00 each! However, they are out of cayan because Epson has filed a lawsuit against them from refilling their cartridges! I wonder why? They are getting a very limited amount from China because the suit has them embargoed at the port. However, they do get small releases but the next release is in about two weeks. The price of this very small ink cartridge at $18.00 is a pure rip off. I do believe this has come to the attention of consumer advocates and probably legal action will be taken. <font color=red><a href=/whyedited.asp target=why>  sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company,, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitors name </a></font>  
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
11, Report #322028
Mar 28 2008
04:49 PM
EPSON Printer C67EPSON SEIKO Printers C67 Model Epson is forcing users to Buy Ink cartridges you don't really need to let the printer keep working. Mexico
I own an EPSON Printer model C67, it forced me to Buy Color Ink cartridges you don't really need to let the printer keep working, I usually only print in Black ink and I bought a new Black $10 cart but after I installed the new Black cart and I configured the printer to use ONLY BLACK ink it didnt let me print and forced me to buy the other 3 color ink carts but I did not want to print in colors only Black. It won't matter if you already bought a new Black cart, it will Force you to buy unnecesary Color carts (3 of them) even if you don't want to print in color, it will refuse to work unless you buy all 4 ink carts, that's over $45 instead of $10, just to let you print with regular Black ink!!! I think its a Rip Off!! Wake Up guys Don't Let EPSON do this to their innocent customers! Shame on you EPSON !!! Computeruser SouthMtMexico
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #68576
Oct 08 2003
07:27 PM
Staples REBATE Epson Printer-Copier ripoff New York New York
I never trusted rebates, but since Staples boasts a special rebate website I thought it was reputable. I purchased an Epson color printer/ color copier. It Makes PERFECT color copies. So I printed out the forms from the web on my new Epson. Colored copied ALL the receipts and placed the box right on the scanner for a EXACT Sharp copy of the UPC bar code. I stapled all documents together so nothing would get lost. I mailed and waited. In 3 weeks I received a pre-printed post card claiming that the UPC bar code was missing. I have a printed copy of the form that states Original or Copy of Bar Code is acceptable. I will resubmit with certified letter and duplicates. But I know they are stalling because I received a deadline. I will post results. All mail-in REBATES should be banned as false advertising, I have never gotten one. Virginia New York City, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
13, Report #1176350
Sep 12 2014
10:37 AM
Epson Epson printer lies about ink levels---avoid Epson printers long beach ca
I have an Epson xp400 printer and it reports that my ink levels are diminishing even though nothing is printing. For example, I just installed a new Espon 200 black ink cartridge yet it only prints blank pages. I checked the ink levels after 10 head cleanings and it shows my black ink levels are down! How is that possible if no ink is even coming out??? The printer will not let you print if the cartridge is reported to be empty. Whenever I take a cartridge out to replace it with a new one, I shake it and still hear ink inside. 
Entity: Internet
14, Report #780811
Sep 24 2011
10:51 AM
OrderDate Paid for and recieved confirmation number for Epson printer. Status always shows as pending. No responses to e-mail queries internet
Having paid through PayPal for an Epson 1400 Photo stylus printer, I hqave received only a confirmation number at this point. In fairness it has been but 8 days But when I check to find out its status it always states that it is pending. When I wrote several times for an explanation of pending or when I can expect the printer, I have received no response.When I sometimes go to the site, it says it is busy, try again later. I have done this several times and fear that I have been scammed. If it should prove otherwise I will print a correction.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #241920
Apr 04 2007
05:51 PM
Epson , failed to replace a defective All-In-One printer, with a new one, as promised. Long Beach California
We purchased a an Epson Stylus RX580 printer in Dec. 2006. It was a Christmas present, so it wasn't put into use until sometime in January. After less than 3 months of usage, it was printing with black lines on the photographs. After speaking with tech support, and doing everything I was told to do, I was told I would be getting a NEW printer. I specifically asked if it would be new. After the man put me on hold to check, he came back & told me yes, it would be new. I was required to give my credit card number to hold $179.99, until they reveived the original unit, in return. The printer I recieved was a refurbished one. I called tech support (they would not connect me to customer service). After trying to tell me I had not tried printing on Epson paper (which I had), and being put on hold twice, the lady came back and told me I would receive a new unit. I had to fax a copy of my original receipt, then it would be taken care of. After they received the fax, a man called and spoke to my husband. He started giving excuses why a refurbished printer was sent, when my husband told him we were promised a new printer, and that was what we wanted. The man proceeded to tell my husband, that no one had told us we would get a new printer. My husband insisted we were, and that's what we wanted. At that point the man said, I was going to send you a new one, but now you can just keep the one you have, and then he hung up on my husband. We returned the refurbished one, so my credit card would not be charged. I called customer service. I explained the whole situation. I was told that they have no new units available for replacements. All their new ones are manufactured for retailers. He also stated that the warrenty clearly states that refurbished units would be sent as replacements. This is what the warrenty states in my user guide: The replacement printer or part may be new or refurbished to the Epson standard of quality.... That tells me, that there are new units available for replacements. That's where it stands at this point. They will send us another refurbished printer, but I wanted to exaust all my options, before I make a decision. Sadie Bel Air, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California
16, Report #439389
Mar 31 2009
08:00 PM They sold me printer ink cartridges that do not work with my Epson printer City Of Industry California
This company sold me 4 ink cartridges for my Epson printer. They did not work AT all with my printer. When I tried to go thru their website to get a returned merchandise order number to return the merchandise when I pressed the enter button it says to go back to previous browser and doesn't work. They do not answer their phones or faxes and the faxes come up busy. In other words there is no real way to return anything. I may just send their merchandise back postage due. Jeni Mechanicsburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: City Of Industry, California
17, Report #2117
Apr 20 2000
12:00 AM
Epson doesn't care!
I had a problem with an Epson printer while it was still under the one year warranty. I tried all the Windows troubleshooters and then went to the Epson site and tried their troubleshooters. Nothing helped so I tried sending an e-mail to Epson. They state that they respond within two business days, well it took three for the first response. The genius who answered my e-mail told me to try their troubleshooters! I told them in the first e-mail that my business depended on my printer and I needed immediate help or a replacement. I also tried calling their long distance tech number and got hung up on three times while they tried to transfer my call. Over the course of the next month I sent six e-mails to Epson. They were all answered out of order and without any useful info. I demanded a refund due to the fact that I had to purchase another printer. Finally I was sent an e-mail stating that a customer service rep would call no later than April 4, 2000. That call came on April 6! When I asked the woman who called what the delay was she said, It's not like this is a priority to us!' I asked her how to return the defective printer and obtain my refund. Her reply was that Epson doesn't refund money they will only repair the product. I informed her that I had contacted the BBB about this and her reply was, Good, Bitch, handle it that way! Then she hung up on me! I wrote to the company relaying all this and again asking for a refund. As of today April 20, 2000, there has been no further reply from Epson at all. Please help me get my money ($249.00 plus tax) back! I can't afford to lose this money.
Entity: Torrance, California
18, Report #178006
Feb 24 2006
09:47 PM
Epson ripoff Strongville Ohio
Bought a printer and the sales person gave us a form to fill out for the rebate, saying that we would get a $20 dollar rebate. Sent all the papers off and after about a month we received a letter back saying we did not spend enough money to warrant a rebate. I feel like we were mislead because there wasn't any mention of how much you had to spend, or else why did the salesman give us the rebate form. Gary Eagle, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Strongville, Ohio
19, Report #404711
Dec 25 2008
10:52 AM
Ritz Camera Deceptive Advertising on Sales Flyer Tampa Florida
Sales Flyer Says Free All-in-one-printer with purchase of any digital camera. Photo on Flyer shows a printer that looks exactly like the Epson Stylus NX300 with the lid slightly opened showing a photo on the copy tray. When you go to the website and click on Weekly Sale Ad, there is a link to purchase the all in one printer (it's free after the mail in rebate). When you click on the link, the actual printer that comes up is the Epson Stylus Photo R280 Printer, which only prints photos and is NOT an all-in-one printer as advertised. Customer service says the R280 printer is the only printer they carry? The picture for hte R280 shows clearly that it is a completely different printer and not an all-in-one as advertised. I'm sure the R280 is also not the only printer they carry. False advertising. Michelle tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
20, Report #677979
Jan 03 2011
06:40 AM
Easygroup LLC They gave me an RMA number to return ink cartridges that did not recognize my Epson printer, then they refused return items from the Post Office with a signature confirmation receipt Irwindale, California
I tried to return ink cartridges that would not recognize my Epson printer in spite of their assurances that it would, and they refused it as per the tracking report from the USPS even though they gave me an RMA number. I have only now read on the Ripoff report that they have done this to others as well.
Entity: Irwindale, California
21, Report #1272714
Dec 07 2015
10:53 PM
Fake Dell Tech Support Scam Dell Tech Support, Epson Printer support, antivirus support, Microsoft! India or middle east scammers, Fake Dell tech support, cold caller scammers, Fake microsoft support, Huge Scam, Computer help desk scam! Nationwide
rep. Chuck from Fake Dell Tech Support is the most recent one they are using!   Scammers claiming they detect errors and viruses on your pc and they need to connect to your pc to resolve the issue!!! This Chuck is from india or the middle east of course not hard to figure that out!   When you tell them your a scam they threaten you and your families lives by bodily harm!!!          
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #243821
Apr 13 2007
09:38 AM
Epson America - Sieko Epson Corp ripoff Epson orders Office Max and other retailers NOT TO REFIL Epson ink cartridges Long Beach California
Epson America Inc, has ordered Office Max NOT to refill any of their printer ink cartridges because it is cutting into their profits. They say that their ink cartridges can not be refilled nor can anyone at Office Max even attempt to refill them. These are strict orders. However, I have been refilling their cartridges for years using the syringe and ink supplied by on-line ink carriers. Epson also states that if Office Max uses their equipment to refill Epson cartridges, that they will pull their products from distribution. This is pure greed by Epson. Don't buy Epson printers and support their greedy habits. No one should have to pay over $25.00 for a little tiny ounce of ink. They sell their printers dirt cheap and then come back and rip you off with high extortion rate ink cartridges when you need to replace them. We are paying $250.00 per ounce to them, that's $4,000. 00 a pound for black ink. Color is even more. They also build a sensor into their printer that stops you from printing if the ink gets too low. I have bought a device that resets this and have found that there is still enough ink to print over 250 pages when Epson says it is empty. STOP this greedy corporation NOW. by not buying their products. K. San Anselmo, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California
23, Report #137742
Apr 06 2005
08:47 AM
Epson refuses to honor their Advertising Committment Rebate Ripoff Miami Florida
Epson had a promotion. $50 Rebate When You Purchase Select Epson Stylus Printer WITH any Digital Camera We made the purchase on 2/25/05 at Office Max. We were required to send in UPC bar codes - which we did. We were careful to tape the bar codes to the rebate form. (We do have photocopies of this form with the barcodes attached.) We also sent the rebate forms by Certified Mail and have a return receipt. Epson now refuses to honor the refund as they claim that the bar codes were not included. Epson either lied in their promotion or were careless at their rebate center and misplaced or lost our UPC Barcodes. A copy of the photocopy can be provided upon request Robert Aurora, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
24, Report #506583
Oct 08 2009
06:34 PM
Epson Printers Ink Ripoff Costs & Unreliable Performance Long Beach California
I have an Epson Stylus CX8400 copier and printer that has been unreliable from the beginning. Worse though, is the cost of an ink cartridge at $18.00 in Staples or Office Depot. There are several reliable firms that provide remanufactured cartridges for $7.95 each. Epson apparently has installed software that precludes any but their cartridges from being operational. From my viewpoint, this is restriction of trade and most likely some other legal violations. I have the printer set on Black Ink Only yet the three other colored cartridges deplete almost at the same rate! Customer service stated, It uses some colored ink for each printing to insure print quality. If that isn't the most insulting reply which defies logic. Also, the printer currently won't print even though it sounds as though it is as the paper slowly makes it's way through. But, out comes a blank page! I spoke with customer service yesterday, Wed. Oct. 7, 2009, and the CS Rep was the most arrogant and condescending person I have ever encountered with tech services. The problems were not resolved. Needless to say, he was in a foreign country. Further, I also own a Epson Stylus 9400 fax and copier. It is down also and is intentially disabled since a Magenta cartride is purportedly empty. I installed a remanufactured cartriddge which again it would not recognize stating Cartridge not recognized. I wanted to send a fax today which uses NO INK but it would allow me to use the fax function! Incredible! Additionally, both of these units get very little use since they are located in my home, especially the fax/copier. At most there has only been perhaps 20 faxes since new and maybe 50 copies made. If anyone can tell me how the colored cartridges get depleted when it is set to Black Ink Only would be appreciated. I am going to file a compaint with the CDalifornia Attorney General's office within the next thirty days. Dishonest and deciteful companies need to be reported for the benefit of society.  Dick
Entity: Long Beach, California
25, Report #573215
Feb 22 2010
01:53 PM
Epson America Deceptive Business Practices (web) Long Beach, California
I purchased a printer at during a sale. The price was favorable and they offered free shipping. I was pleased to be purchasing directly from the manufacturer as I thought this was safe. I placed my order and thought the printer would be shipped as expected.Three days later I had a voicemail from epsonstore claiming that my credit card was declined due to a wrong address. I knew I had given them the correct information, so I called the 800 number and the representative said the credit card had been declined, but he could try again. He ran the order again and said it had been declined again. At this point I was very perplexed because I had given them a good card, good address, etc.I logged into my credit card account and was horrified to discover two charges from One charge was for the (original) correct amount. The second charge was for a much higher amount, one that I did not authorize. Both charges had been given approval codes. I went back to and looked at my account. Now there were two orders showing, even though I had only ordered once. Both showed declined so I called my bank. Sure enough, they had debited my account for two orders, which would not have happened if the order was declined as alleged.I am in the process of disputing both charges and I indicated to that I would never do business with them again. The rep was clearly located in a foreign country and gave me all sorts of wrong information. I think this was an attempt by to deliberately induce me into calling them and authorizing them to charge my account a second time for a higher price after the sale price had expired.I am considering filing a complaint with the DA & AG but will wait to see the outcome of my disputes. Moral of the story: Just because you see that the seller is the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) unfortunately does not mean you won't be scammed. I jumped through all the hoops to get this right, but I was still ripped off. In the future I will buy from as I have never had any issue with their service or resolving problems.P.S. Epson is owned by the Japanese, who also own Toyota Motors. Seems they are all following the same deceptive practices.
Entity: Long Beach, California

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