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1, Report #1403574
Oct 02 2017
08:23 AM
Equity Risk Services They are affiliated with Commercial Services Corporation and American Cosigners. ERS and CSC have NO WEBSITE, NO PHONE NUMBERS! Equity Risk Services Stole My Money! Ladera Ranch ,although they say Phoenix CA California ,Arizona
Equity Risk Services is affiliated with American Cosigners and Commercial Services Corporation. ERS has a mailing address of 11201 North Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ, 85028. I looked up the address online, called the address, and it's a company that forwards mail for virtual offices. Anybody can look this stuff up. ERS doesn't have a website or phone number of their own. This must mean they are part of American Cosigners and not their own entity. I've also never spoken on the phone with anyone from ERS, only Julia from American Cosigners. Commercial Services Corporation is affiliated with Equity Risk Services and American Cosigners. This is who I sent my wire to at : 999 Corporate Drive ste100, Ladera Ranch, Ca, 92694. They do not have a phone number, no email, and NO CONTACT PERSON. That is very strange for a national, professional company. But, this address, is near the 4 other addresses listed on this site Ripoff Report for the companies We Rent For You. These reports reveal that Julia Daniels also has gone by the names of Wendy Miles, Randi Natashi, and Randi Dorante! And all these companies use the same basic names also: Terry and Tony and Duo and Kim Nguyen, Lisa and Summer and Summer Rain Rossi, Kim and Jonathan Bailey.  The speech patterns, misspellings, grammar, punctuation, and phrases are identical in all of the rebuttals written from American Cosigners employees, supporters, and Julia. Read all the Ripoff Reports. You will even see some court documents served to Randi Natashi. So, I am politely asking all three companies to return my refund that you already promised to return in 4 emails, 2 phone calls with Julia, and THE CONTRACT WE SIGNED! Thank you! Melinda, Washington
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1404019
Oct 03 2017
10:00 PM
Commercial Services Corporation Afiliated with American Cosigners and Equity Risk Services Commercial Services Corp stole my money! Ladera Ranch California
 Commercial Services Corporation is a fraudulent company with no phone number, no contact people, and no email. They are affiliated with American Cosigners and can only be reached through American Cosigners , 866-311-2130, 866-311-2130 ext702, 856-214-6309, www.americancosigners.com. I wired 2296.00 to their address (listed in this report) to the Ladera Ranch Bank of America. Julia Daniels aka Wendy Miles, Randi Natashi, and Randi Dorante is the only person you can get a hold of. I managed to talk to a Lisa Rossi aka Summer Rain Rossi,Summer Rain, and Summer Rossi at 856-214-6309, but she wouldn't help me. Be careful. These people lie, deflect questions, threaten you, and have no remorse for taking people's money for services that were NEVER provided.
Entity: Ladera Ranch , California
3, Report #209468
Sep 04 2006
08:33 PM
Equity Services Administration ripoff Scarborough Ontario Canada
They ask you to send $20.00 you don't get any money back they are a ripoff telling me i won $792,000,000 if i won they should send it instead of asking for money. I hope there company goes under. Mary Caldwell, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Scarborough, Ontario
4, Report #765460
Aug 15 2011
02:48 PM
Equity Trust Company blackmail Elyria , Ohio
All the IRA investments I put into an account at Equity Trust went broke (NOT their fault, mine).  When I tried to close the account, to stop their high fees, they requested proof that the investments were indeed gone.  Fair enough, except they wouldn't accept anything I submitted.  I tried to explain that when an investment goes south, there's nobody left around to verify anything.  I did get statements from the principals, but that wasn't enough somehow.  They kept charging me fees while this was going on, which I refused to pay.  They threatened if I didn't pay they would declare to the IRS that the investments were distributed back to me at full value; and they did.  I hope the IRS is more understanding.
Entity: Elyria, Ohio
5, Report #1189408
Nov 17 2014
09:15 AM
Equity Institutional Sterling Trust, Evantage Roth IRA custodian Nationwide
Equity Institutional has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I have been trying to setup a recurring transfer into my ROTH IRA for over 6 months and I still have no idea what they are doing with my paperwork. Everytime I inquire about it, they have no record and request new paperwork to be submitted. Of course this sensitive information is all through unsecure email. I am fed up with their worthless service. Stay far away from them.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1180312
Oct 01 2014
12:37 PM
equity institutional IRA Custodian westlake Ohio
Keep far away from this company.  Nothing but fees and fines with no discernible value provided. My 401k was transferred here and they have drained it with annual fees, late fees and now hefty termination fees. Good riddance Equity Trust Co.
Entity: westlake , Ohio
7, Report #968866
Mar 14 2016
11:36 AM
Celtic Equity Partners Phoenix Arizona
To read other reports about this company, please click the link below:http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/specific_search/Celtic%20equity
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
8, Report #1286754
Feb 10 2016
05:24 PM
Equity Institutional $0 Westlake Ohio
My account, I thought, was closed from this shady group (gold IRA being kept).  Two years later, I get a notice that they had kept a few cents in there so they could say I owed them 40 dollars for. . .are you ready?...a paper statement!  Who knew anyone could be so venal!  A very bad, bad firm.
Entity: Westlake, Ohio
9, Report #893020
Jun 04 2012
09:43 PM
hard equity finance hard Equity Finanacing took money aunthirze gstole stole my my miami, Tennessee
I visited several websites checking FHA OR VA RATES I input my info to get the rates emailed to me. A woman called the next day want my credit carrd number to check identity.  I gave them my bank account number thinking its more secure than credit card.  I was surprise to find 625.00  deducted from my account April 26th,  the investigation pointed to www.hardequitfinancing.com Phone: 8887593828     261 NE 1st Street suite 500  miami Fl they ignored calls and emails. finally they say they do not have an account with my name, and would be glad to refund me, was a mistake. I waited and called but no one retured my calls. then I google this company and found they have been ripping people off since 2009.  http://www.ripoffreport.com/loans/david-erante-jr/david-erante-jr-hard-equity-f-b89d2.htm DAVID ERANTE JR
Entity: miami, Tennessee
10, Report #948805
Sep 30 2012
04:28 PM
Hard Equity Financing David Erantes Jr Hard Equity Financing are Scammers! Miami, Florida
David Erantes told us we were approved for a refinance, they charges $900 for processing and $950 for rush. Neither happened and after 3 months, that they said they did, no phone calls, no mail, no emails, no money. They supposedly did an appraisal which came back lower value for which was false because property was worth more 3 weeks prior which is why were refinancing. The entire group is crooked!  Still months later, no refund!
Entity: Miami, Florida
11, Report #842239
Feb 20 2012
02:02 PM
New Castle Equity Newcastleequity.com new castle equity michigan commercial lenders Internet, Internet
I almost dealt with these people and I am so glad that I read this report. I found these people on Linkedin just as the first complainant stated. I was contacted by a Robert McCoy who told me to apply on his website. I did and they wrote me once asking questions about the loan but never returned my calls again or emails. Finally after three weeks Robert McCoy left a message that he was returning my call. Really? What took you so long??????? I'm not surprised to read the review from this woman. She isn't lying. I believe her. I'm going to go call my client and tell him that he dodged a bullet with this company.   I am so glad I did not waste my time or worse yet give these people any money. Horrible way to treat people. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
12, Report #314590
Mar 04 2008
11:53 AM
First Equity First Equity Credit Protection Program 30 day trial - YOU CANNOT REACH By PHONE Jacksonville Florida
I am writing for my senior citizen Japenese friend. She accepted a phone offer for the First Credit Protection Program and by accepting, she would receive a flight voucher anywhere in the U.S. for only $359. She accepted and later found out that the Spirit Incentive company that offers the voucher has a bad name (look at ripoff report), so she wanted to cancel the First Credit Protection progam and...could not reach them by phone. The 2 phone numbers listed did not forward you to a customer service representative. We spent over 1 hour trying to locate a phone number and somebody that could help us. Do not agree to accept this offer! If so, be prepared to have problems cancelling and then after 30 days, you will be charged $39 to cancel. Also checked out First Equity for ripoff reports and, you may want to check them out too? Not so good! Janet Marilyn Delaware, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
13, Report #1186960
Nov 05 2014
10:57 AM
Equity Process Management Equity Process Management Shady Missoula montana
Equity Process Management Missoula   Called to find out what was going on with a account. The woman that answered the phone was so rude talking down to me. Please I am not stupid because I have a medical bill. This place levied bank account I got a letter in the mail a week later. I had not idea until I went to buy food. No money. They also garnished wages . Now they have been overpaid and I have to call them 2 times a day to get a refund. Something is not right with this.
14, Report #1139522
Apr 17 2014
12:30 AM
Commerical Equity Partners Beware of Commerical Equity Partners Washington District of Columbia
I am an investor in Commerical Equity Partners which is, at this point, guilty of misrepresentation and breach of contract.  I have $70,000 invested in the company and gave them notice on 2/28/14 that I wanted to withdraw my funds after learning they were being investigated by the Securities Exchange Commission.  By contract, they had 45 days to return my money.  Mr. Schmidt promised it on 4/8 and when it didn't appear in my account, I contacted him and on 4/9 he said it would look into it.  No money and no further contact with Mr. Schmidt.  Also, when I signed my original contract in 2010, it stated that no officer of the company had done anything illegal in the last 10 years.  In fact the President, Lawrence Schmidt had two Cease and Desist orders filled against him in 2003 and 2004 for illegal selling of securities.  Mr. Schmidt is now also associated with Future Gen and has a similar Ripoff Report.  I set up a web site - CEPbeware - if you are also an investor with either CEP or Future Gen and would like to protect your investment.
Entity: Washington, Dist of Columbia
15, Report #1358472
Feb 26 2017
12:01 PM
Equity Group Equity Group Property Management Unprofessional, Scam on Deposit Money Visalia California
This company will always take advantage of your wallet and the side of the landlord. This company took my entire deposit (1500) when there was very little clean up to be done. They charged me for items missing that weren't and repairs for things that were already at the property. Considering that in one year the landlord made $18,000 this seems very unprofessional conduct on the part of Equity Group. We had a difficult time getting responses back from the company when we needed help and today we receive a letter that basically gave us the finger on our deposit. Stay Away from this Property Management Group!!!
Entity: Visalia, California
16, Report #319264
Mar 19 2008
07:45 AM
Equity Financial Trust Services Sweepstakes Scam from Readers Digest as Sponser Windsor Ontario
I got this letter from Equity Financial Trust Services stating that I had won a sweepstakes from Reader's Digest. Enclosed was a check for $3950.00 from Southland Pipe & Supply Co. I was told to deposit the check and then withdraw and Moneygram it to a Catherene Cortez to cover my processing fee's. I did what I was told to but felt skeptical so I made phone calls to Southland pipe because I made a copy of the original check and they stated that I was not the first one to call and they were very sorry. They told me they had calls all over the country, California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and so on. So now this fake company has $3950.00 and I am out, because my bank is holding me liable. So please beware of any mail with these companies names on them... Jenn Allentown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Windsor, Ontario
17, Report #1386109
Jul 17 2017
10:46 AM
Equity acquisitions services Fort Lauderdale Florida
 We purchased a timeshare recently and had to deal with equity acquisitions services. After we returned home from our vacation. I became suspicious about their authenticity when they offered to sell me back my own time shares for the same price as if they were to take them on and resell them We did initial off on an agreement that we would pay transfer fees of $600 for each timeshare but the amount that they want for this transaction is double. They have contacted me from several phone numbers and I recently was told that they have an office in Cancun but the original address that I was given is in Fort Lauderdale I am very suspicious of this company I do not want to give them any money. We did pay for our new timeshare, it is only the sale of our own timeshares that they are selling back to us and I feel that this Is a real rip off since I could just transfer them over myself. I don't need this company. As far as the money that they valued the properties at, when we purchased our new timeshare I know that this is just like buying an automobile and there was really no real money exchanged, just smoke and mirrors.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale , Florida
18, Report #378659
Oct 06 2008
09:30 AM
Equity Financial Services Rip Off Sweepstakes Winner Quebec Nationwide
I just received a scam letter and check saying I just won 100,000.00 U.S Dollers From a total of 2 million split between 20 other peoplefor a North American Sweepstakes.I was randomly selected a by computer ballot system. The check was for 2,500.00 to cover fees and taxes on this money, supposedly. It said to call within 5 business days but every time I call I get a answering machine saying that there is no more room to leave a message. I guess from reading all these stories I am glad nobody answered my call. Thank You for saving me. Effie Hudson Falls, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, Quebec
19, Report #705447
Mar 13 2011
12:43 PM
Equity Financial Services, LLC Timeshare Sale Scam, Internet
I received a call from Michelle Allen with Equity Financial Services, LLC inquiring about selling my timeshare because she stated they had a buyer and closing costs would be deducted at the end of the sale.  Since December, I have spoken to or corresponded via email with Ron Carlyle, Sophia Kirkland, Ashley James, Brad Marshman, Collen Wilson, and Angelica Bernard.  Ron Carlyle commented that they had other sellers they could contact which I now realize was a pressure tactic.  He also seemed upset that Michelle Allen stated there would not be any upfront fee as they wanted $2190 for closing costs upfront. The last call from her requested I send my signed contract to her at a gmail email address which I thought was strange.  Of course this information seemed to be of a concern to Angelica Bernard when I informed her. After 30 days, I contacted EFS because I had heard nothing from them. The welcome letter email from Brad Marshman who is the claimed president of the company, stated it would take 60 to 90 days to complete the transaction and they would communicate completion of steps on a regular basis.  When I was informed that the title report was complete and the Estoppel letter had been received but could not get a copy from EFS, I finally realized something was wrong. Weekly and sometimes multiple daily calls went unreturned as well as voice mails not returned.  All of their emails either go to customerservice or admin.  Brad Marshman has an email that I am sure is ficticous as well. After researching the internet regarding this company and finding nothing negative - actually finding very little should have been my first clue - I signed their contract and overnighted a bank check for $2190.  I failed to call the Delaware Attorney General's office (who was rude to me when I did call) and they suggested I call the State Bank Commissioner's office.  After talking with the Bank Commissioner's office a few minutes, they did inform me they have received inquiries and about Equity Financial Services and the upfront fee of $2,190 to sell timeshare property to a buyer.  Well, I'm not alone.  This will not happen again.  I am so furious that I did not check them out more extensively.  Obviously, Equity Financial Services, LLC is a ripoff/scam.  Anyone else get ripped off by them?  I will be using my timeshare and deal with the loss.
Entity: Wilimington, DE, Internet
20, Report #710309
Mar 25 2011
05:28 PM
Equity Financial Services LLC time share broker scam Wilmington, Delaware
We were contacted in mid-November by an Ann Lebow of Equity Financial Services asking if we were still interested in selling out timeshare.  We were.  She gave us a pitch about EFS being a loan broker to help with the financing for people wanting to purchase timeshares.  She knew about our Wyndham property (she said that was public information since we'd listed it previously through another company) and already had a buyer, an anesthesiologist from New York.  We agreed and they emailed us a contract.  It wasn't until then we saw that they wanted $2190 from us up front.  When I questioned it, the topic was danced around all the while giving the impression that it was a standard practice and time was of the essence.  We signed the contract and mailed them a check.Within a few days we received a welcome email from Brad Marshman, the supposed president of the company, and a phone call by Ron Carlyle, one of their VPs.  Ron told me the selling process would take between 50 and 60 days.  He explained they would send Wyndham an Estoppel Letter giving them the right of first refusal, then they would do a title search, and everything would proceed.  I called after the first of the year to check the status and was told Wyndham had still not responded to them.  This was blamed on a delay because of the holidays.  A second letter would be sent out if necessary.  In February, when it seemed like the process had stalled, we kept calling EFS, mostly only to get their voicemail.  Eventually, Ashley James returned my call and told me all the paperwork was in order and it would be sent to the purchaser for their signatures the following week.  When I expressed concern that the 50-60 day time frame had now reached the 100th day, she calmly stated it wasn't unusual for these timeshare sales to take up to 120 days or more.  I asked Ashley to send me an email documenting our conversation which she never did.  Repeated phone calls to them have gone unanswered.  Ron Carlyle's direct phone line only goes to a voicemail and messages are never returned.We filed complaints with the BBB in Delaware and in Indiana, since the DE Dept. of Justice informed us the EFS address is a mail drop site and the actual company is located in Indiana.  We have also filed complaints on Yelp.com, the Online Business Bureau, and the Office of the Attorney General in both Delaware and Indiana.  This is simple theft by deception and we want our money back!
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
21, Report #657396
Nov 01 2010
03:29 PM
Equity Warehouse ,Warehouse Stole $5500.. for services not provided Cheyenne, Wyoming
We entered into an aggreement with Equity Warehouse , located at 2710 Thomas Ave Cheyenne, WY 82001 to secure a loan for a real estate project in the amount $3,000,000. We received a pre approval letter stating that they would be willing to fund the project. They then requested that we pay $5500 as a due diligence fee for their services. The due diligence contract stated that once all fees were paid and due diligence research was complete, we would close within 10 to 15 business days.  On the 27th of September, we submitted the full payment which was requested in the amount of $5500 and supplied all documents which were requested.  From that date to now, we have not heard from Equity Warehouse or any of their representatives.  Several attempts have been made by us and the broker via telephone to contact Equity Warehouse.  No contact has been made. We have not received any activity on this project. This is clearly a scam which is being operated by Equity Warehouse.  Our representative who worked with us on this project is Anthony Chote,Fund Manager. The local broker connected to this project is Gerald W. Grimes of Grimes Consulting Group, Dallas, TX.
Entity: Cheyenne, Wyoming
22, Report #224882
Dec 12 2006
12:21 AM
NCO Financial Systems NCO Financial Systems,INC, etc. have changed their company name to ONE EQUITY PARTNERS. A previous name for NCO Financial Systems was: RISK MANAGEMENT ALTERNATIVES,INC. Horsham Pennsylvania
NCO Financial Systems,INC, and other companies in the same group, whose name begins with NCO, have changed their name. The new name is: ONE EQUITY PARTNERS. A previous name for NCO Financial Systems was: RISK MANAGEMENT ALTERNATIVES,INC. I have read on another website that the reason they had a name change is because the authorities were bearing down on them. According to what I read,the management will not change. Virginia Raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Horsham, Pennsylvania
23, Report #1407842
Oct 22 2017
12:20 PM
Cosigner Finder American Cosigners, Multi-Family Cosigners, Equity Risk Services, Commercial Services Corporation, Trust Alliance Apartment Cosigners, We Rent For You Nationwide Cosigners, We Rent For You Leasing Solutions, Zharie Petroleum, Chocolate Twist Productions, COSIGNER FINDER IS AMERICAN COSIGNERS! SCAM! Towson Maryland
 Cosigner Finder is a SCAM! They have 13 complaints on the Better Business Bureau and 2 on Ripoff Report. I have spoken to 3 other women who were scammed (ROBBED) by them of thousands of dollars! Their phone number asked me to leave a voice message and it didn't sound professional at all. Their website address came up to Towson, Maryland not Baltimore, MD. It's also a members only network which is very suspicious. One man wrote he was banned from the site. One lady said the woman she worked with was RANDI VAUGH! It looks like Cosigner Finder is afiliated with Randi Vaughn, the scam artist of American Cosigners. The lady who was scammed has seen the Empress Havana biography besides identifying that her scammer is Randi Vaughn. This lady was also scammed the summer of 2017 like I was! Credit cards, phone, and thousands of dollars were stolen from this honest customer! Randi Vaughn is aka Randi Vaughn Capetian, Randi Capetian, Dr Randi Vaughn, Wendy Miles, Randi Natashi, Randi Dorante, Julia Daniels, and Empress Havana Queen of Nations. Her scam network of fake companies includes Cosigner Finder, American Cosigners, Multi-Family Cosigners, Trust Alliance Apartment Cosigners, Equity Risk Services, Commercial Services Corporation, We Rent For You Nationwide Cosigners, We Rent For You Leasing Solutions, Zharie Petroleum, Chocolate Twist Productions, Capetian Ministries, and Medical Products LDP INC. This woman is believed to live in Southern California, Orange County area. Please contact authorities and add report this website if you have any information! Melinda, Richland, Washington
Entity: Towson, Maryland
24, Report #1405642
Oct 11 2017
01:32 PM
Zharie Petroleum. Zharie Petroleum, Chocolate Twist Productions, Capetian Ministries, Medical Products LDP INC, American Cosigners, Equity Risk Services, Commercial Services Corporation, Trust Alliance Apartment Cosigners, Multi-Family Cosigners, and We Rent For You are Zharie Petroleum is part of SCAM NETWORK! Houston Texas
 Zharie Petroleum's website is set up like all of the other companies in its scam network. It has no contact phone number. The following companies are all run by the same person: Chocolate Twist Productions, Capetian Ministries, Medical Products LDP INC, American Cosigners, Equity Risk Services, Commercial Services Corporation, Trust Alliance Apartment Cosigners, Multi-Family Cosigners, and We Rent For You. The lady who runs all these companies with a fake staff is Randi Vaughn, Randi Vaughn Capetian, Dr Randi Vaughn, Julia Daniels, Wendy Miles, Randi Natashi, Randi Dorante, and Empress Havana. Just check the internet, do research, and you'll discover the same results I did. Randi Vaughn is a criminal. She stole 2296.00 from me, has cyberbullied me, defamed me publicly, posted my private info online publicly, sexually harassed me and sent me death threats in texts and phone. She is a criminal, thief, liar, and very abusive. She will play every mind game with you to throw you off. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE SCAM COMPANIES OR WITH THIS SCAM LADY! Melinda, Richland, WA
Entity: Houston, Texas
25, Report #1404026
Oct 03 2017
10:16 PM
Trust Alliance Cosigners Multi-Family Cosigners, American Cosigners, We Rent For You Nationwide Cosigners, Equity Risk Services, Commercial Services Corporation, Wrfu, and more versions of these names. Trust Alliance is American Cosigners =SCAM Fargo North Dakota
 Trust Alliance Cosigners is part of American Cosigners, Equity Risk Services, Commercial Services Corporation, We Rent For You Leasing Solutions, Wrfu Cosigners, Multi-Family Cosigners, etc. The contact person is Julia Daniels aka Wendy Miles, Randi Natashi, and Randi Dorante. Another employee /accomplice is Lisa Rossi aka Summer Rain Rossi, Summer Rain, Summer Rossi in New Jersey at 856-214-6309 or 866-311-3130 ext702. All of these companies have almost identical websites, pictures on their pages, the same reviewers, no contact person, only email contact, and no Facebook followers. They steal your money, lie, deflect questions, threaten you, post your personal information online, and I even received sexual harassment and 3 death threats from American Cosigners. I have the texts and so do the police. Please help bring this fraudulent company to justice! Thank you!
Entity: Fargo, North Dakota

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