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1, Report #1392816
Nov 15 2017
12:37 PM
Ernest Jacquet, his son Alexander Jacquet and Kari Kohen-Leasure are Con Artists. There is an active suit filed with The Superior Court of California, County of Orange for FRAUD, CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT FRAUD, GRAND THEFT, EMBEZZLEMENT and UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES. Case #30-2017 00935903. Beware of these three thieves. They work together as a team to scam people out of their money and businesses. Kari Kohen-Leasure is found elsewhere on the Internet as a Theif and a Lier. Do Not Trust! Obviously, someone else was scammed by this Con Artist.  
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1400883
Sep 23 2017
12:40 PM
Alexander Jacquet Alexander Jacquet CON-ARTIST, FRAUDSTER, CONSPIRATOR, THIEF , BEWARE, Los Angeles, Nationwide Los Angeles California
Alexander Jacquet, his father Ernest Jacquet, and Kari Kohen-Leasure are Con-Artists. There is an Active Lawsuit filed against these individuals with The Superior Court of California, County of Orange, for FRAUD, CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT FRAUD, GRAND THEFT, EMBEZZLEMENT AND UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES. CASE #30-2017 00935903. BEWARE of these three thieves. They work together as a team to scam people out of their money and businesses. Alexander Jacquet is COO of Smiletime, 8298 Ellis Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034. Ernest Jacquet is Managing Partner of Mentor Capital Partners, LLC., 20 Park Plaza, Suite 430, Boston, MA 02116. Kari Kohen-Leasure is of 2332 Felspar St., San Diego, CA 92109. In a Google search, Kari is found elswhere on as a Thief and a Lier. Beware! Do not trust Kari Leasure aka Kari Cournoyer, Kari Kohen. This site is provided as a public service to anyone that has any contact with Kari Leasure, aka Kari Cournoyer, aka Kari Kohen. This individual is a lier and a thief. Do not do business with her. She starts businesses such as The Drill Floor, Sweet Peach Productions, Buzz Entertainment, Big Inc, and tries to take your money. She has no product. She has no connections in any industry. Obviously, somone else was scammed by these CON-ARTISTS.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
3, Report #10458
Jan 02 2002
12:00 AM
Entity: Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas
4, Report #1169431
Aug 12 2014
10:16 PM
Ernest Gallagher Con-man Waco Texas
Do not hire this man to do any work. He is very deceptive, does crappy work, and will go behind your back trying to steal your work if you are a contractor. Was hired to work as an hourly rate employee, yet talked a customer into paying him an additional $200 for work he claimed was needed although it wasn't.  He claimed he was going to build a frame to support concrete board put around a mobile home. The 2x4's he put up were uneven, and not sturdy at all.  He also spends more time talking on the phone than he works. It took him 7 hours to put up 5 2x4's that ran from the bottom of the mobile home to the ground. This would have taken any professional about an hour to do. He was more interested in talking on the phone and expecting to get paid for it.
Entity: Waco, Texas
5, Report #1262918
Oct 22 2015
08:18 AM
Ernest Wilson / Ernest Wilson's & Co Ltd Unscrupulous business transfer agent exploiting small businesses Leeds West Yorkshire
Ernest Wilson is one of a number of business transfer agents who claim to be experts at selling businesses but often end up taking their customers to court for thousands of pounds in disputed fees for unsold businesses. Their agents routinely give misleading information that a business can be sold quickly, cheaply and easily. The advertising materials they use are cheap (but not for the customer!) and very poor quality.  Ernest Wilson alone makes around 150 court claims a year against its customers. Other similar companies include Vendor Direct, Advent, Meridian, RTA, Turner Butler, Sovereign and Hilton Smythe.
Entity: Leeds, Other
6, Report #131968
Feb 19 2005
10:37 AM
Ernest Vega, Multiaxiom Inc. Cybershaman Complaints Worldwide Orangeburg New York
Greetings! On December 20, 2004, I was promised a refund for Cybershaman. As of today, February 18, 2005, I have yet to receive that refund. Here is the e-mail in which the promise was made: From: Ernie Vega To: Subject: You do as you will Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 18:39:19 -0500 > Notice that he thinks that a request for a refund AFTER A YEAR is a threat. Somehow, he ignored the fact that he'd promised to actually refund my money. I asked for refunds beginning in March, calling his house, writing him letters, e-mailing him constantly, but to no avail. Yet when I faked sending in an order, he answered. Here's a site for those who have complaints against him and his product: This man MUST be stopped from scamming people. He makes threats, but yet is a coward when someone else threatens him. I repeat, HE MUST BE STOPPED. He'll probably think that this is a threat and run away with his tail between his legs..... Sunday Jennings, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Orangeburg, New York
7, Report #215502
Oct 12 2006
07:04 PM
Ernest Soloian late deposit refund and bogus charges Las Vegas Nevada
I rented a home in southwest las vegas and it was a nightmare from day one. Things would go wrong from time to time with the home which happens, but let me tell you.....getting things fixed took longer than a trip to the moon! Once the water heater broke, we were left without hot water for 3 days. This was during the colder months in vegas so you can imagine how bad it sucked. The soloians never answer their phone once they are told about a problem with the home, which makes it harder te get things done. Finally they got someone to come and replace the water heater. when that was done with it was time to pay the repairman, and guess what they said that they had no way of paying it! they said they could not get ahold of a credit card. So we had to pay the $427 bill. It would be deducted from the rent but dont surprise someone with a bill all of a sudden , especially when it was not our responsibility. We told them of a leak with the water sprinkler system which was ignored so we just turned the system off and occasionally watered the yard with a garden hose.We were constantly told that we were not keeping up the garden and that they were getting violations from the HOA about plants dying. well we do its kinda impossible to water plants when you r not home ......especially with the water sprinklers broken! dumb a**. The problem was fixed a year later. There were other problems which were fixed sooo sloowww!We were fed up with their slowness so we decided to buy our own home. We were once again dodged when it came to our rental deposit refund. By law we were to get it back within 30 days ,if not we were to get the entire amount back even if there were damages to the home. Well, they did it again folks! they were told of this law and said so what if I am late. We sent certified letters stating what they owe to us. We finally get a check for $305 , when we were supposed to recieve a full $1095. Well we are about to sue them for the cash that they owe. They were late and charged us for normal wear and tear to the home. We were charged for stuff like toilet paper holders , cleaning the washer/dryer, holes in the wall from curtain rods( costs less than $10 to patch). We were charged $300 for trash( a few pieces of wood left in the yard) They are so bogus I want to let everyone know about how they lie and decieve. They will get what is coming to them . They even screwed the people they hired to paint the home. They suck! C and C las vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
8, Report #387605
Nov 03 2008
04:30 PM
Ernest Earl Brewer DEAD BEAT DAD TO THE 25TH POWER! Memphis Tennessee
Ernest Earl Brewer dob 8/19/67 lives in and out of TN MS and MN he has about ten children when asked he was not exactly sure. Two out of the ten he is currently ordered to pay child support for which he is not doing!(my son is one of the two) he is what I like to call a gypsy he moves from state to state woman to woman making babies abusing women and then simply vanishes off to another state to do it again! my son is nine years old and saw him recently for the first time since he was about four! this past summer we bumped into ernest who did not even call his son to tell him that he was in town, he also promised to take my son down to MS to get to know his maternal grandmother and then lied about when his bus was departing and then he left my son without so much as a c-ya later and to this date has not called to apologize of even check on him! LADIES PLEASE if you see this man and I will give you a complete description of him in a moment do not conversate,invite over,establish a relationship with,date,or even have him as a one night stand! and for god's sake do not make a baby with this looser! do not let your children go thru what my baby is going thru! my son is my life and it hurts me to hear him say that he misses his dad! a man who has seen him maybe ten times in nine years!!! Mr Brewer is 41 yrs old -completely bald-african-american-180-195lbs with a possible beard-mustache or goatee- you can't miss him he always has some sort of bag with him since he is a gypsy and all! Hadenuff minneapolis, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
9, Report #656860
Oct 30 2010
11:59 AM
Ernest Hernandez con artist ripoff elderly people Cedar Creek, Texas
This person was paided for a job that was never done.
Entity: Cedar Creek, Texas
10, Report #200267
Jul 10 2006
02:57 PM
Ernest Freeman Real Estate Rip Off Tustin California
Seller Beware. If you are selling your home and are contacting by Mr. Freeman--- hang up or close the door. Mr. Freeman is a manipulating con artist and if you're not careful and don't read between the lines, you and your family are the ones who will pay the price. Mr. Freeman and his wife, Brenda, pose as legitimate real estate investors and supply pre-approval letters that are photocopied and appear to be altered. Rest assured that a contract on a home is not an actual binding legality for an out of state buyer and the long arm of the law is not as long as you think it might be once he starts to screw you. Start smart, don't talk to Mr. Freeman or his wife and save yourself the time, money and headache of dealing with this moron. Jon Charlotte, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Tustin, California
11, Report #1035183
Mar 16 2013
12:03 AM
ernest scott dave palmer tried to scam by me pay shipper fees up front Internet
 i was trying to sell my dads bobcat on craigs list, when i got a text if it was still avail? yep and right away he was ok with cond and price....wanted a few more pics to different email wanted to know if paypal was ok?send address for payment. i asked him to call me to discuss details...nothing for two days said he didnt like the way i was inquizative. then accepted apology and moved on to transaction he told me he added 950.00 to price for me to western union shipper fee to secure trans? what!!! im not shelling out any monies to sell you this bobcat!
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #1249844
Aug 20 2015
02:17 PM
Ernest Johnson. and Martin Cardenas Salt Lake Utah
 I attended a 3day workshop for real estate flipping which was basic info,not worth the $2,000,00 the charged you. These people were so cocky and full of it, by stating we don't need everyone here only a few selected will be accepted into our program. We don't need your money and if you can't flip a house in six months we will refund the money spent for this training. We only want successful people to represent all name. So when I tried to get my refund I was given the run around for three weeks. Then they finally said no you're not eligible for a refund, you had three days in the training to get one and hung up
Entity: Salt Lake , Utah
13, Report #1372323
May 09 2017
10:12 PM
Ernest Freeman Salazar Crane and Associates Lazy Loan Broker Santa Cruz California
Ernest Freeman from Salazar Crane and Associates is a conartist that needs to lose his license to do business. He will run your credit over and over lowering your score. He will lie to you and tell you that your in good hands and not be doing a d*** thing with your loan. He will disappear when you need him most and ignore emails and texts. Disorganized and loses all the paperwork submitted and doesn't send the files over to the underwriter. His stories make absolutely no sense. He will ruin your life and smile while he's doing it. Zero empathy or sympathy . Pretty sure he is possessed by the devil.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #370352
Sep 06 2008
09:22 AM
Ernest Atkins; http://2days-tnt. express. london. depot. overseas. transactions/ Ernest Atkins; Fraud Alert re: Craigslist New Sharp LCD TV Purchase Opportunity England UK London United Kingdom
An ad in Craigslist offered a new Sharp Aquos 52 LCD HDTV for $800 USD. I posted a query as to the availability of the set; and was told in a response that the TV was still available; but was located in the UK. Seller advised that he would pay for shipping the TV to the USA (first alarm bell rang mentally) I responded to seller asking for details of his fin. institution so I could have a confirmed letter of credit prepared by my bank and sent to his. Seller responded by advising of HIS choice of financial and shipping handler (second alarm bell rang mentally). I began web search for info re: seller's proposed shipper/financial handler and found that TNT IS a legitimate int'l shipping company; but its address is slightly different from the one provided by seller. Further web search found Ripoff Report website; and reports of the scam. Thanks to the internet (and mental alarm bells), no money has changed hands. Craigslist has been informed of the ad, as have South Carolina State law enforcement authorities. Robert Columbia, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: London, Other
15, Report #196982
Jun 18 2006
11:58 AM
Macos Morisio Macos Morisio, Toh Ernest Fomujang hyacinth macaw ripoff Victoria Island CAmeroon
Toh Ernest Fomujang Victoria Island,CAmeroon claimed to have a Hyacinth macaw for sale . for sale after I sent the money he would come up with another excuse to ask for more money and he never sent the bird . I still have all the emails from him and the emails of proof money was sent through westeren union and also a pic of him and the bird . And will be willing to share info Franklin w michigan city, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Victoria Island, CAmeroon
16, Report #277768
Oct 08 2007
02:22 PM
Exact Movers- Michael Ingram - Ernest Hudges ITS A SCAM! Toronto Ontario
I purchased an atv through the buy n sell. the website and 3rd party payment made it all sound legit. After sending the money to what I thought was an escrow service, I did not receive any of my emails back as well as the atv. I am out the money so I would like to protect other people from the same scam. before making a purchase online, make sure you research the name of the company, people involved, email address and anything else that might be related as ppl do post thier complaints online. Nicole st. albert, AlbertaCanada
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
17, Report #1035887
Mar 18 2013
07:55 PM
Ernest Ryan Private investigation Thomas Rudlph Lied and Took My Money Without Providing Any Services Rensselaer, New York
        I sent a bank check of $1,500.00 to Thomas Rudolph on June 15, 2012.  He lied to me when he said  he would look for evidence that a sexual pedafile was abusing his three daughters.  He didn't provide me with any work.  Ernest Ryan Investigators is a front for Thomas Rudolph to collect money for free.          I would be interested in hearing from the lawyer who complained in 2010 from Hudson County. (((ROR redacted))) CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Once lawyers are willing to take on a case against a business, those lawyers will make arrangements with Rip-off Report to put alleged victims in touch with them. Read this link to see why this is for your own protection.
Entity: Rensselaer, New York
18, Report #1398305
Sep 06 2017
04:56 PM
Ernest P. Stokien Pete Stokien GAI Credit Rebuild America Funding He's BAAACK! Pete Stokien is still ripping people off! Independence Ohio
Ernest Pete Stokien is back!! He was already on RipoffReport, but he talked me in to trusting him so I did.  He charged $1,100 for Credit Repair - and all his people did was send 1 single Certified Letter to 1 credit bureau, and kept saying my file was unique and might take 6 months to fix!!! Said he was going to sue the credit bureau's. That's after he promised me it would be no longer than 60 days up-front.THEN he conned me into a CPN/SCN program for $600- GUARANTEED to pay out by August 15, 2017. Here it is almost a month later and he disappeared!!He was begging for credit card funding clients for about a month, saying he had best rates and could get anyone funded etc - i submitted 3 deals and got ZERO response.He works under rebuildamericafunding and GAI funding and and Digital Capital Systems FXEC.NINJA etc. Was even pushing a Lottery Ticket Program!He was also promoting a Forex program: FXEC.NINJA and and and are a few more of this scammers email addresses.He even has (or had) a channelBeware this scammer- he's great at making excuses for his past sins, saying he's refoemd, etc - but now has disappeared with ZERO funding done.
Entity: Independence, Ohio
19, Report #1205376
Jan 29 2015
04:37 PM
ESCartwright LLC Ernest Cartwright Don't loan Ernest money. He has no intention of paying it back. Los Angeles Internet
If you are dumb enought, (I was) to do business with Ernest Cartwright do not loan Ernest any money for any reason. His debts are too many and the line is long with prior customers that fell for his con game. Ernest is delinquent on an almost $7,000 loan. Not a dime has been seen and our only recourse is filling here on Rip Off Report. The effort of small claims would not justify the effort the liimits would not cover the debt.  I spoke to one of Ernest's victims that is owed $40,000 plus years of interest. Sadly, Ernest labeled this person an idiot at one point. We are currently at 15 months since first payment was due. Ernest's response, Take down your complaints and I will pay the debt My response to him, Pay down the loan and all reports are wipped clean. Yes, Ernest will still communicate and make promises, but never delivers and it's always someone elses fault. Meaning all of his alluring deals never produce funds enough to pay his debt. The premise of the loan, was to help him recover a Red Camera from a pawn shop and in return we would own the camera. I knew I had been conned when Ernest would not even send a picture of him standing next to the camera. Good faith proof of camera in his possesion. Ernest, having knowledge of his industry, chooses to use that knowledge to con hopeful newbies in the entertainment industry. Ernest puts up a great facade, but when you get to see behind the curtain it is just a scam. Stay tuned another report will be filed soon detailing how Ernest comes on strong to take your money and slowly turns into a pitiful waste of your time and money. All the while Ernest will maintain he is doing you some good. I wouldn't be writing this report if he came even remotely close to all of his spin game. I call it fraud. 
Entity: Internet
20, Report #586026
Mar 26 2010
10:22 PM
SEA BAY Ernest Walker Bey Do Not do business with this company nor Ernest Walker Bey Irvine, California
This guy pretends to be an investment manager, a CIA agent, a securities trader and  is a convicted felon. STAY FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN.  What CIA  person brags about being ? .......One who isn't .
Entity: Irvine, California
21, Report #1139611
Apr 17 2014
10:41 AM
ES Cartwright LLC Ernest Cartwright Ernest promises the moon and delivers nothing but debt. Los Angeles California
I believe Goomby had it right and was placated with half truths to let go of their complaint and possibly spooked by a straw pony Attorney.  Ernest Cartwright promised the moon, took our money and delivered nothing except debt. HIs web site is just a lure to people seeking his type of skills needed to market a TV product. Ernest is a master at grooming his victims. In the end promises remain unfulfilled as well as unpaid loans he lied to us in order to secure. It would be a relief to be paid back or receive the goods Ernest used as means to acquire loans. If you are an up and coming producer with a new show for TV do not use this mans services or associations, Ed Baruch, Richard Larson, Arden Garver, David Saline, Thomas Kuhn. Ernest projects a wonderful online package. Many aspects are just outright lies. No Scottsdale office, no Hawaii office. It seems every aspect of Ernest is just an embelished fabrication of half truths to extract money from hardworking creative people trying to break into the entertainment industry. We are considering the expense of a lawsuit, however chasing after $20,000.00 from another state would be an easy judgement to get, but hard to collect. I am sure Ernest has experience dancing around those problems. Do not seek this persons services, you will regret it. Ernest utilized my Attorney without as much as a word about it. Convienent conflict of interest manipulation. Ernest manipulates all things he gets his hands on to extract fees for faux services and is associated with like minded people. Ernest comes on strong in the beginning with documents, wild monetary projections and such and if you research his current products on his website you cant find them outside of his postings. And at this time 2 of the 8 products on his site are filling complaints against Ernest. This guy needs to be exposed.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
22, Report #1330757
Sep 29 2016
10:35 AM
West Atlantic Transport Ernest Keith Jr West Atlanic Transpot Dont Trust them there only intent is to scam you (Ernest Keith Jr) Concord North Carolina
 The owner Ernest Keith Jr Has been scaming The public and Uship along with fedex,UPS With his Company West Atlantic TransPort since 2110. What this Logistics company does is it will Give you a price after paying them your They will ship your Load By Via Fedex Or UPS frieght once the get the bill from the freight company. When this happens the freight company will Forward you the bill. Stay Far away from West Atlantic Transport Erenest Keith JR Cell phone number# 908-205-0886 feel free to call him 24 hours a day
Entity: Concord, North Carolina
23, Report #1271561
Jul 15 2016
05:27 PM
JUPITER AUTO EXCHANGE Ernest Ernest sold me a car which had a radiator issue and refuses to have anymore to do with me Lake Park Florida
I purchased a Jaguar S type 2005 from Ernest in November 2015. After a few days of driving the car developed a leak from the radiator.    I now face a bill of $1200 to repair this car and Ernest is refusing to speak to me-DO NOT BUY ANY VEHICLE FROM THIS GUY HE IS A TOTAL LOW LIFE.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #754075
Jul 17 2011
09:41 AM
Centex Homes Pulte Homes ernest money theft Austin, Texas
Me and my husband went to buy a new home from Centex homes a division of Pulte homes at the Sunfield community of Buda Tx.We were told that if we went with Pulte Mortgage that we would be offered a whole group of incentives and , closing costs would be paid.The total price of the house being $143,000We ordered a Jacuzzi as part of the incentives.later we learned from the realitor at Centex we would have to pay an additional $350.00 dollar deposit.We told the realitor we didn,t want to pay the $350.00 and to cancel the loan. He said in that case just sign off on the letter indicating you didn,t agree with the $350.00We learned from the loan processor at Pulte mortgage that there was a discrepancy on our credit report.It involved a late payment. The payment to a mortgage company was posted to another payee on our bill pay on line by mistake.However we corrected the mistake with the mortgage company and they erased the late payment.The late payment was put on a credit report and never deleted .We called the lloan processor at Pulte mortgage and expained we were going to call the credit report agency and correct the mistake.The loan processor said don,t do this it would ruin our chances of getting the loan.Later terms changed with and we learned an origination fee was to be charged which I think should have been brought out..Had we had known ,we could have told the realitor to take the origination fee from the incentive package.The point is Pulte Mortgage uses a devious preapproval process to quickly appove a loan regardless of any financial statements based only on salary information . So consquently they use minimal finacial information to authorize the construction of a house.nyone wanting to buy a house from Centex and using Pulte mortgage should research this comapny on line to learn about the complaints files against this company.Pulte mortgage does all there loan bussiness on line and over the ph. They neverf have to tell you anything you have to read the fine print or get screwed.Consquently we canceled our loan due to there devious business practices and out ernest money was not returned
Entity: Austin, Texas
25, Report #141010
Apr 30 2005
07:48 AM
Panteon, EZLink, MegaPath, New Edge Technologies, Cliff Robertson, Ernest Bourgnine ripoff Miami, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Saginaw, Michigan
I live in Strongsville OH. and I am yet another victim of Pantheon in Miami FL. I have been unable to connect with a law suit group, and I am hoping someone will be able to direct me to another resource to regain any of my lost money. I first heard about Pantheon on Television when it was endorsed by Cliff Robertson and also Ernest Bourgnine. I finally called Pantheon after the 4th advertisement. Pantheon told me I would have my machine in 4-6 weeks. That was August 4, 2004. I received my machine on November 30, 2004 after numerous calls and letters to Pantheon. Pantheon directed me to MegaPath DSL for my internet service. Now, MegaPath has told me I must pay them $350 to disconnect my service to this machine that does not function in other capacities. Due to this recent report, I have attempted to disconnect my service again today. The voice mail said they will call me back. The installer Neil Demo (shortened from a longer Greek name, as he put it) operating as New Edge Technology, in Saginaw Michigan, appeared to be very sympathetic to my situation and informed me there were many other victims out there and New Edge Technologies was in the process of taking over Pantheon's net link for the machines. Neil Demo explained to me he had a booster which would broaden the receiving distance up to 3 miles for internet accessibility. On November 30, 2004 I gave him a check for $2,500 in Medina Ohio. He cashed my check on December 17, 2004 in Saginaw Michigan. Early January 2005 I requested a refund because I simply didn't need his equipment. He told me he couldn't do that. To this date April 30, 2005 I have not received this booster, nor have I received a refund, nor have I been able to reach Neil Demo, or anyone associated with New Edge Technology. Another name this company works under is Skyway Technologies in Saginaw Michigan. Linda Strongsville, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Saginaw,, Michigan

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