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1, Report #1343252
Dec 14 2016
03:36 PM
ESN Direct ESN Direct Bank Fraud Scottsdale Arizona
I purchased a rare' silver eagle set from ESN DIRECT FOR $5,000.00 in July, 2016. They have refused to ship set or refund my money. They stopped taking my calls and as far as I am concerned, thet are knowingLY trying to steal my money. It's bank fraud, nothing less.
Entity: scottsdale, Arizona
2, Report #1375544
May 26 2017
11:49 AM
ESN Direct, Scott Singer Bank Wire Fraud Scottsdale Arizona
Thie owner, Scott Singer, took two bank wire transfers from me for over $65,000.00. He was supposed to deliver my gold and silver coins within one week. It has now been over 16 months and they still owe me over $15,000.00 in coins. They ignore my calls and send one or two coins every three months. They tried to get away with stealing the entire amount but I filed a report with the Arizona Attorney General. Because they are still dragging their feet I had to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. They are going to be exposed and hopefully charged with bank wire fraud and fraudulent business practises using FCC airwaves.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
3, Report #1309434
Jun 04 2016
10:37 AM
ESN Direct ESN Direct Took My Money and Never Shipped me the Coins Scottsdale Arizona
In september, 2015 ESN Direct advertised a very rare silver eagle coin set that they had exclusive access to. For $6,000.00 I could purchase perfectly graded silver eagle coins graded by a company called IGS. The Show host told the viewers that by purchasing coins in September for $6,000.00, you would guarantee receiving 1 of 10 sets in October. It is now June 3, 2016 and I have not received any of the coins. The customer service girl, Stacy, keeps telling me that they are still looking for the coins. ESN Direct claimed on their television show to have already purchased these coins. I have asked for a refund several times and now they are ignoring my calls completely. It has been 9 months and I feel that they think I am a fool.  ESN Direct also owes me an additional $28,050.00 for (17) 1 ounce gold buffalo coins in the grade of mint state 69. I paid $1,650.00 for each coin. I wired the money to ESN Direct in January and now it has been five months. They constantly lie to me about shipping dates and continue to ignore my phone calls on this order as well.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
4, Report #1365737
Apr 04 2017
10:39 AM
esn direct esn Big Time Scam scottsdale Arizona
Ordered coins fron esn diect in January of 2017,takes forver to recieve and then recieved wrong item in 8 weeks,sent it back ,through the uspc then got a patial 6weeks later,but not the full items I ordered in which I paid $ I canceled on one item 1 item and demanded a refund of $599.....still have'nt recieved it after numerous calls and e-mails to them.....esn sales and staff personel are in my opinion big time scammers.I have filed a claim through my credit card and plan on filing through thier state's law agencies.
Entity: scottsdale, Arizona
5, Report #1255337
Sep 16 2015
04:01 PM
ESN Direct Coins Never received coins ordered, contacted at least four times. Scottsdale Arizona
On June 25th, 2015, I ordered one March of Dimes coin set. I waited a month and did not receive them. I called and was told the coins were not returned from NGC (coin grading company). Have repeated calls every month since then, and got nowhere. Same story--coins not returned yet from NGC. Called today, told the same story, so I asked for a refund. We will see if I receive it or not. I had been watching this coin show on television for quite some time, and Mr. Parsons claimed on his show, on the air, that coins would be sent in a timely fashion. I am very disappointed and disheartened because I cannot buy these coins anywhere else for the price I was promised. In my view, this is fraud. Stephen Phelan California  
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1383083
Jul 04 2017
12:27 PM
ESN Direct ,Scott Singer and Robert Parsons Stealing Customers Money, Fraudulent Business Practices Scottsdale Arizona
 The owner, Scott Singer and the television show host, Robert Parsons have owed me over $65,000.00 in gold and silver coins for over 17 months. They use their television show to lie to customers, take their money and never ship coins. They belong in jail. Don't buy from them. They also sell fake graded coins from IGS.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
7, Report #1387895
Jul 24 2017
06:11 PM
ESN Direct Paid for coin by check, item not received Nationwide
 On June 19, 2017 I ordered a coin through ESN Direct , spoke with employer AJ. Advised I did not want to use a credit or debit card and he advised a check would be acceptable. A check in the amount of $1571.55 made payable to ESN Direct was sent that day. According to our Bank ( Poca Valley Bank, Clendenin WV) the check was cashed by ESN Direct and deposited into Bank of America on June 23, 2017. Since then multiple calls, conversations voicemails and ignored calls later no product has been received.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1385428
Jul 13 2017
11:54 PM
ESN Direct ESN Direct Scam Artists have moved to 7655 E. Redfield Road, Suite #4, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Scottsdale Arizona
ESN Direct sold me fake coins and never shipped several other gold coins to me. They recently moved out of their building and listed a p.o. box on their website as the new address. I hired a private investigator and it turns out the new physical address of ESN Direct is what I have listed below. If you need to serve them a legal summons, you can find the owner, Scott Singer and the show host, Robert Parsons, at this new address. I have also listed their new phone number. ESN Direct Does not have a sign or logo at this new location but you'll find Scott Singer and Robert Parsons working there. I want them to pay me back from the fraud they committed against me. ESN Direct 7655 East Redfield Road, Suit # 4 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 phone: (480) 220-7530
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
9, Report #1373994
May 18 2017
01:33 PM
ESN DIRECT They don't give all refunds but they do mark your account as being refuned,even if you have proof Scottsdale/AZUSA Arizona/California
Did not give refund on order not delivered but they did mark my account as being refunded, even when I gave proof with a copy of my account they will not answer any e-mails anymore they hang up on you if you call its for an order at a cost of $1,307.90. buyers beware
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
10, Report #1382308
Jun 30 2017
11:18 AM
ESN Direct Mail fraud freekin RIP-OFF steal ur money then not send ur coins Scottsdale AZ. Nationwide
 ESNdirect is a total rip off . They took over a thousand dollars from my debit card. Then tell u it takes 4-6 wks for delivery. So I kept ordering thinking they that my orders will arrive in bulk. Then because I was such a good customer they (one customer service representative) A.J. gave me discounts. OUT OF THIRTEEN ITEMS I RECEIVED THE FIRST ONE. Things started to get one coin was way too late. Do I cancelled it. Took a while to get back my money. Then I ran into A.J. order after order..... Yet nothing..... After more than four months I kept calling AJ where Are my coins..... He stated it should have not taken this long....... So they added coin Caddies to soften the SCREW.n I was get.n....... Talked to a MGR. Stacy raise hell they sent me one Cheep coin (shut me up). Then more time lapse FK.n Nothing..... Talked to Stacy and sed I want a complete an total refund of everything that was ordered. Gave one cheep 47.95 refund Woop-de-doo. I want my FK.n money. AJ told me I would have my order my or before 6th of June....good thing I didn't hold my breath........ THATS MY STORY........
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1385149
Jul 13 2017
12:41 AM
ESN Direct Fraudulent Business Practices, No longer answer Phones and Moved out of Building Scottsdale Arizona
The owner of ESN Direct, Scott Singer, sold me a fake set of perfectly graded silver eagles (the Seattle hoard) for $15,000.00. They coins were faudulently graded by IGS and shipped to me by Lewis Revels at the Chattanooga coin company. I have DVR recordings of all of the television shows featuring their host, Robert Parsons, lying to the audience about how he bought unopened monster boxes of silver eagles in Seattle, WA for all 30 years of the set. And according to Robert Parsons, ESN Direct was using IGS to grade the coins in an effort to make the set affordable. If that were true (it isn't) why would the set of coins be sent to me from Lewis Revels at Chattanooga Coin Company in Roseville, Georgia? I have all the documents proving wahat I just wrote. It is a federal offense to use FCC airwaves to commit fraudulent business practices. I have contacted the FBI and they are investigating ESN Direct under RICO statutes. I have also discovered that MR. Scott Singer's othe coin company, American Collectors Mint, filed chapter 7 bankruptcy in March 2016. ESN Direct refuses to refund my money and the owner, Scott Singer, is now running from me. ESN Direct has recently moved out of their 17255 North 82nd Street, suite #100 Scottsdale Arizona address. Their new address is 16211 North Scottsdale Road, suite # 247, Scottsdale, Arizona 85254 (this is the old address of American Collectors Mint.)   Do not get ripped off by this ponzi scheme.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
12, Report #1380825
Jun 23 2017
10:19 AM
ESN Direct Took my money without sending my product. SCAM ARTISTS! BEWARE: they may be changing their company name Scottsdale Nationwide. Arizona
In the March of 2017 I purchased a coin set from ESN Direct that I saw on TV. After taking the money out of my account, immediately, I recieved nothing and heard nothing. After waiting for what seemed like eternity, I finally called them. They said it was back ordered and I would be getting it in the mail soon. Well after 3 months and about 10 phone calls later, they finally stopped picking up my calls. I had to use someone elses phone just to get in contact with the company. And after several attempts to get my money back, I am still waiting. And now they stopped airing the show on TV and that is very suspicious to me. I am currently in the middle of contacting the Better Business Bureau in both Arizona, and Pennsylvania, to file a complaint against ESN Direct. Please beware of buying anything from this company, if you even can anymore. The coins that they sell are graded through IGS and they have been known to polish the coins before securing them into a case. And their autographs are also suspect to scrutiny if they are actually authentic or not. I've seen online that they are possibly changing their company name so make sure to do a full background check on the company before you buy anything in the future.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #1380729
Jun 22 2017
10:25 PM
 ESN COIN....Company took my Money and promised delivery within 2-3 weeks. Began 3/15/2017, After 3rd week, I called and was told my order was on backorder and it would take another 2 or 3 weeks. Time now is: April 20th, 2017, I called again only to be told how sorry they were and order was still not in and I would need to wait another 2 or 3 weeks. I expressed how dissatisfied I was and no longer want the order. Please Cancle. Cancelation was done on 5/19/2017 and I was told I would receive my refund within 2-3 weeks. I expressed that my refund should not take that long and expect to receive it in 4-5 days. After a week, I called company again and spoke with a man calling himself; AJ. AJ stated I should receive my refund by Friday of this week (5/31/17)... Never happened... on June 2nd, 2017, which was that following Friday, I did not receive my refund, YET. I called again and AJ stated that I needed to speak to accounting - Jeff Peterson, who said he processed the refund and I would receive by the following wensday - 06/07/17....I called again on -06/09/17, and still no refund. I have reported this company to my Bank as FRAUD and reported to BBB, and to thr Attorney General's office. I have filled here on this website as well ( and I have only just begun... I will be filing every under method I can thick of and know how of... To all of those or there...DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!They're FAKE!FRAUDULENT!!! & I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE MY REFUND!!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1398002
Sep 05 2017
02:12 PM
esn direct AJ customer serviceStacy supervisor My husband bought a $999.00 coin.and it arrived after he died. I called and asked if I could return the coin and get a refund. Was told yes. So I did Scottsdale Arizona
My husband bought a $999.00 coin from ESN Direct in 2016.  He died  November 17,2016, before he got the coin .  When I received the coin I called esn and asked if I could return it. They told me how and I did as told.  I also did extra and sent the coin back signature needed for return.  They have the coin but I never got the money or coin back.  I called many times and talked to AJ in customer service and Stacy a supervisor.  Both said the same I would get the money back.  The final time I called and talked to AJ he told me he couldn't make them pay me.  That is when I decided to get in touch with the AG ofNebraska.  they got the same answer I got from ESN. They would pay the refund.  As of yet still no refund. 
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
15, Report #1403029
Sep 28 2017
06:09 PM
ESN Direct Bank Wire Fraud: The owner, Scott Singer, has changed name and address of company. They are doing business under the name of By Dominic. The website is The new address is two miles away from previous address. The new address is 7655 Bank Wire Fraud, Took Money and Never Sent Coins! Scottsdale Arizona
Wired $20,000.00 to the owner, Scott Singer for gold coins and they never shipped and now they have changed name an address and are running with stolen money. Class action lawsuit time! If you have been ripped off by ESN Direct, you can inquire about your coins at their new address... 7655 East Redfield Road, Suite # 4, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
16, Report #1393239
Aug 16 2017
03:40 PM
esn the coin store customer service 1-877-948-5711 names: AJ,Stacy,Laura,Patty I purchased approximately $1000.00 worth of coins from esn coin store from Feb. to May 2017,all customer service all mail boxes are full Internet
I Daniel Carlson puchased approximately $1000.00 worth of coins on-line at the ESN Coin Store. I purchased the coins on my credit card. At first I called customer service they said they contacted  shipping Dept. and they say that so many orders to fill, it will take time to fill all the orders they would get my orders shipped next week.I call next week same  answer, This went on from Feb. to May 2017. This is August no coins, customer service will not answer the phone. So I don't know what to  do now.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1395623
Aug 25 2017
04:03 PM
ESN direct Electronic shopping network, Inc. 1 name I know is AJ in customer service. on June 1, 2017 I ordered a 2008 1/10 ounce gold buffalo coin. My account was debited $609.90 as was visible looking at my account activity for June. I had ordered some other stuff and AJ who is in customer service had called and said one of my items was shipping and he wanted to let me know. I asked him about the coin I ordered and he said it would be a while yet. The coin was supposed to be NGC certified a perfect MS-70 uncirculated. This was probably a month or so after I ordered. Every time I called back after that I could not get anyone to pick up the phone and the message always is the same that everyone is busy helping other customers. I found out there were problems by findiing out online. Many other people have had problems apparently. This buffalo 1/10 oundce gold coin was only made in 2008 and I have been really wanting one for a long time and then this happens. They have cleaned up the website so there is no contact information anywhere. I found the phone number from the order history page after loggiing in to their website. I just want my coin or my money that was without a doubt, stolen from me by internet predators. Hope they get what they deserve. Scottsdale Arizona
On June 1, 2017 I ordered a 2008 1/10 ounce gold buffalo coin certified MS-70 by third party indepent grading company NGC. MS-70 means the coin is uncirculated in a perfect mint state of 70. NGC stands for Numismatic Guarantee Corporation.  My checking account had been debited for $609.90 for the coin by looking at June account history. About a month after ordering the coin, I received a call from AJ who I think worked in customer service telling me one of my items had shipped. I had some other items as well seperate from the buffalo coin. I asked him at that time about the coin and he said it would be a liitle longer. After that I could no longer get a hold of anyone. The message was always the same that everyone was helping customers. Aj's phone extension is always busy. I foud out there were problems through the internet. I was shocked to see all the people who had made compaints against this company. The 1/10 ounce version of this gold buffalo coin was only minted in 2008 at the West Point mint in New York and I have been wanting one really bad then had this opportunity and had 609 dollars stolen from some internet predators. I hope they get what they deserve and I'm not talking about second chances.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
18, Report #998947
Jan 18 2013
12:14 PM
us cellular stole money chicago, Illinois
bought 2 new phones from us cellular outright a note II and a motorola M,  before purchasing bill reflected a 0 balance after purchasing bill was due 313.00 within 2 weeks.  now part of that was my next billing cycle  but 118 of it was apparently a missing payment from october, that wasnt missing before.  after they investigated the payment in house  i was told it was found and would be credited on my account.  this never happened.   i called back asked why this never happen and what do you know it was never noted on my account. i have had this note problem several time's told one thing and that it would be noted only to have to fight with them the next day or weeks later because it was not.   customer service rep suggest's i get my c.c statement and take into local office to show i made the payment assures me that he will note this on the account and my phone will not be turned off over the missing payment. fast forward to last monday jan 14th 2013, phones off i call and once again no notes on the account. i explain the missing payment  and the lie's begin.   first lady i spoke with explained that the oct payment was there  165.00  and that the inflated bill was because of a credit that was taken from me leaving a balance of 118.00 owed.   several people later  customer relations rep  told me that my december bill was double the normal amount  even though she couldnt make the math add up. and was clearly describing my january bill.    fast forward to thursday the 17th.  i receive my c.c statement reflecting us cellular received the oct 12 payment.  i call customer service  using a land line as  my phone takes me directly to the bill collection office  in what must be another country.   i ask them once again if i can take my c.c statement into my local store  and have this amount credited to my account. i was told yes  i then ask if i can blot out using a black magic marker  all non us cellular transaction information. again i was told yes.  i did this in front of the rep at the store who made no concern's reguarding it. i then handed her the c.c statement which showed  the payment was made and the remaining balance on my card after the payment was made.    then i was told this was not sufficient and i needed the entire statement including the balances of my card and other transactions before and after it.  this information being of no concern to them and none of their business i feel is only being used as an excuse to deny responsibility based on my own comfort level of revealing said information.    essentially they stole this payment from me  they then lied to me with 3 different story's reguarding this money. and now they refuse to accept responsibility.  and on top of that the phones that i purchased out right from them will be useless because they refuse to release the esn. or make the phone available to be used with a different service.  in total i am out 1000 dollars because of this theiving company.     i will be looking to file suit against them. and i encourage anyone with similar problems to email me and see if we can get a class action lawsuit against them. (((email redacted)))CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: chicago, Illinois
19, Report #1194284
Dec 09 2014
08:41 PM
David Han Jimmy Phan David Han iPhone 6 Scam Swappa Paypal Claims Activation Lock Bad ESN Refund Dispute Smartphone Anaheim California
David Han AKA Jimmy Phan is a scammer who appears several times on Rip-Off Report conducting the same or similar scam each time. He purchases a smartphone through eBay, or in my case, on Swappa, recieves the phone in the working condition described, then files a dispute with Paypal stating that the ESN is blacklisted (it's not) AND OR in the case of mine, he states that it is activation Locked (iPHone) and it's not. He also claims internal damage which is absurd as well. In my case, he purchased a brand new unused Unlocked Verizon iPhone 6 Plus 16Gb in Space Grey for $800 on Swappa. His Paypal payment is initially flagged for reviews. 24 hours later, Paypal released the funds making it OK to ship with seller protection. I purchased this iPhone 6 NEW at retail from Best Buy on November 11th, and listed it for sale on the same day on Swappa. He purchased it on Nov. 12th, and it was shipped to him in Anaheim, CA on Nov. 13th where it was delivered to David Han 9852 Katella Ave 230/433 Anaheim, CA 92804 on November 17th and signed for by K. Ibrahim. This address is a Mailbox Express location. Up until December 5th, I heard nothing from this buyer, a full 18 days after delivery. On Dec. 5, Paypal notified me that this buyer filed a dispute. He Wrote: I tried activating the phone and it's lock. This phone that you just sent me was reported as lost or stolen and I am unable to activate it without the original owner's Apple ID login. I would like to return this in the same condition for a full refund since I cannot activate this phone for use. Can't write English to save his life. Uses multiple reasons, none of which are true, as to why he needs a full refund. An ESN check at and Swappa reveals the ESN as clean. A check of the Apple Activation Lock for the ESN shipped reveals activation UNLOCKED. So this is further proof of this scammer's attempt to defraud yet another seller. I've found at least EIGHT other sellers who had similar experiences with this individual. How Paypal allows this user to remain on thier system is beyond me. Swappa has banned him as another Swappa Seller experienced the same scam from this seller. Luckily he apparently won his dispute.  I am now 5 days into waiting for Paypal to provide an decision. I've sent them all the proof in the world that this David Han is nothing but a con-artist, scammer, and low life. I also hear that when Paypal does not decide in his favor, he files another dispute with his credit card company for a second attempt to complete his scam. In another case, he is supposedly instructed by his credit card company to RETURN the merchandise to the seller before they can issue a dispute refund. Instead of returning the alleged defective product, he sends the the ususpecting seller an EMPTY or a weighted garbage tracable packet signature required to provide proof to the credit card company that he supposedly returned the alleged defective item. The credit card company then issues him a refund and debits Paypal who ultimately debits the legitimate seller's account, thus completing the scam. It's not know what this seller is doing with these phones, most likely selling them to unsuspecting third parties or shipping them overseas where ESN or IMEI blocks won't prevent buyers there from using them. I will be contacting the US Postal Inspector, Detectives in Anaheim, and any governmental agency which has jurisdiction to have this individual apprehended and brought to justice. He will NOT under any circumstances get away with this as far as I'm concerned. Mr. Han, if you're reading this, be aware I have many friends and close relatives that live in Anaheim that will be none to happy to track you down and make sure the authorities find you. 
Entity: Internet
20, Report #226489
Jun 29 2010
06:56 AM
Virgin Mobile USA Sells Phones doesn't activate them, calls me a terrorist! ripoff Warren New Jersey
Originally bought my pay to use Monthly phone in 1999 at a Electronics Store. Always kept it activated July of 2006 phone kept redirecting me to a pay toll service even with a balance of over $40.00 on it. Virgin Mobile stated I needed to buy a new phone, and the best deal would be through them. They would even give me an additional $20.00 to cover costs of the new phone. Phone came Fed Ex Yippie! I unpacked it charged it up and called the activation number. Was told that they had no record of the serial number, mind you this was shipped from their warehouse? Go figure, I kept trying to activate This phone before my minutes run out. They finally told me they couldn't activate it called me a terrorist and that I would use this phone unlawfully. Strange Business practices, Something is cookin? WOW Mark normandy beach, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Warren, New Jersey
21, Report #201793
Dec 27 2006
01:46 PM
Sirius Radio Refusal to supply information ripoff New York New York
My friends car was broken into and his Sirius radio was stolen. When he filed a police report they asked for a serial # and when my friend called Sirius they refused to give him the serial #'. I called this police officer and he said that he has spoken to numerous victims reporting the same issue. Tom said it's possibly because they don't want to lose the monthly fees. This is insane and if you do buy Sirius make sure you know the serial #'s of your new radio because Sirius will not help you if it's stolen. Jane New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
22, Report #1125382
Feb 21 2014
10:49 AM
Please BEWARE of a Facebook add offering products of Pure Carcinoma Cambogia and Complete Coffee Cleanse!! I never received a confirmation email and the Packaging comes from Shipping Department 12399 S. Belcher Road, Unit 140 Largo FL 33773. There is no address on your packaging slip but it will say COMPLETE COFFEE CLEANSE at the top. Nowhere do they divulge the actual price (they will charge a $4.95 shipping and handling) for the products and your only given 10 ACTUAL days (if that) to try the product out. It states 14, however, four of those days are for shippment. Nowhere on your paper do they say that. They hit my card a few days before the 14 were even up. You know none of this until you call to cancel and they then explain. They will offer you more time to use it at a 30% discount or you can keep the pills for a 50% discount with no more charges or disbursements. However, they do NOT explain that you must cancel the Coffee Cleanse as a separate order. They are charging $90 for ONE bottle of Coffee Cleanse and $160 for the Cambogia bottles. This is ludicrous. It is the same number you will have to call for both products and is VERY deceiving. I want to warn others out there who can't read between lines they do NOT divulge. I wish I could give more information but they didn't provide that at the time of my ordering.
Entity: Largo, Florida
23, Report #41271
Oct 10 2003
11:52 PM
Young America rebate rip-off that asked for ssn # but did not include directions to cut off boxtop consumer fraud rip-off minneapolis Minnesota
rebate ripoff that asked for esn # but did not include directions to cut off boxtop consumer fraud ripoff Cam argyle, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
24, Report #99639
Aug 13 2004
11:35 PM
Cricket Communications rip off got new phone charged $15.00 for the transfer that I DID Mesa Arizona
EVeryone knows cricket has the WORST customer service EVER but this one takes the cake I have cricket because of my high minutes used per month and as such I used up my nokia phone so I had to go to the cricket store and pay $150.00 for a new phone and when i called to get it activated they charged me $15.00 what a bunch of B.S and I pity anyone that needs to talk to a real live person on the 800 number it just wont happen if you can afford it or dont need all the minutes go somewhere else for your phone service J.D. apache junction, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
25, Report #1337655
Dec 18 2016
10:06 AM
Entity: Nationwide

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