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51, Report #40119
Jan 04 2003
09:24 PM
Fairbanks Capital group ripoff deceptive company Jacksonville Florida
they discrimenate age, call before bill is due,charge you late fees when your not late. are will not send statement out for months then send you a letter telling you owe many thousands dollars to get out of forecloser. when my dad told me to whatch out for white collar criminals he failed to tell me thay where bankers Steve Evansville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
52, Report #40517
Jan 07 2003
07:43 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff victimized many consumers Jacksonville Florida
We had a 15 yr mortgage loan which was bought by fairbanks capital.We searched the internet to find their web site and came upon the rip off report.After reading all the trouble people were having with fairbanks we could not pay our money to this company.We were so afraid of what they would do to our loan that we took out a new loan thru another company and had to go to a 30 year loan which was a very hard desision to make. We kept our payments up and on time to the mortgage company that sold our loan to fairbanks.This has caused us much stress not to mention that we are in more debt than we have ever been in our life because we do not trust fairbanks after all we have read about them.We are a hard working couple in our 50's and won't be able to retire now thanks to fairbanks.We are planning to join in a lawsuit with you if you will e-mail me the info.This co must be stopped now. Bill Springfield, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: jacksonville, Florida
53, Report #42736
Jan 24 2003
05:44 PM
Fairbanks capital corp rip-off Jacksonville Florida
We took out a 2nd mortgage and that company sold it to Fairbanks and we have nothing but promblems with them. The add on payments which have nothing to do with the mortagae, then they went and brought insurance for our account which we all ready had home owners insurance form our 1st mortgage. So I told them off about that and they canceled the insurance they brought. Now they are taking us to court and saying we are not paying our mortgage mean while they are cashing the checks we are sending.We have a lawyer and we are going to court on Feb.19,2003. They are using another name they say it is Residental money centers.If someone could back to me on what esle to do with this company please do. Thank You Joyce Glendale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
54, Report #41662
Jan 15 2003
08:07 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff dirty SOBs Jacksonville Florida
I have been going through the complaints about Fairbanks Capital. I too lost my job and fell behind. I was finally able to catch it up. But, have recently fell behind again due to lack of employment. I agree the Reps are rude and talk to you any way they want. It has gotten so, I hate to even answer my phone. With EquiCredit, you could request payments be put to the back of your loan. But NOT with Fairbanks. I have been paying, but can't seem to catch up the one month I am in the rears. You would think they would work with homeowners with the way the economy is today, and try to help. I did get a lot of comfort knowing that most of us are NOT going to take losing our home. If there is a way for us to join together in this fight with Fairbanks, please include me in. Bette Decatur, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonfille, Florida
55, Report #43088
Jan 28 2003
10:11 AM
Fairbanks Capital Corp ripoff ripoff swindlers Jacksonville Florida
Our mortgage was taken over by these thieves Jan 02. Since then we have had a late charge added to our acct since they keep saying they didn't get our first payment. We made the first payment to our prior mortgage co (Ocwen - another rip off scam business). Ocwen assures us that they credited Fairbanks that payment. However, its still showing as outstanding with almost double late fee charge as the payment itself! Then we receive a notice of Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statement. Says we owe them over $1600.00. When I called to find out how they got that amount I get told that they don't know and their research dept will get back to me within 30-60 days! When I faxed them our last statement from Ocwen showing a $0 escrow amount before we were sold but they have no explanation. They said it was for taxes once. I said that we pay our taxes ourselves since its not included in our mortgage and show them proof from our tax office that our taxes were paid ONCE - by us. No additional payments made by them. Then they said it was for insurance. I again (for the fifth time) send them proof of us paying our own insurance on the house - again not included in our mortgage. They can't explain this $1600.00 they want off us nor will they take the amount off. At this point I want to start a lawsuit against them because they are trying to swindle money out of us - money we don't owe. Dee Ocean Co., New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
56, Report #88755
Apr 23 2004
06:03 PM
Fairbanks Capital Corporation ripoff Jackson Michigan
My Family is also a victim of poor mortgage handling from these people that being Fairbanks Capital corporation. This needs to be on 60 minutes and the news all across the nation. These Pimps and thugs must be stopped they are destroying peoples lives by the seconds and where is our good old government when we the tax payers need them. They have treated me extremely poor and they are after my home like the other 400,000 people across this great nation. Fairbanks one thing I know is that God will deal with you all regarding this mistreatment of people. How do you people even sleep at night? They have misplaced payments, scent payments back so that you are behind then they foreclose on you. This must be a crime but maybe even the cops are being paid. What can we all do? lETS SUE THEM . Lets get together across the nation and lets sue these people they are pigs and terrorist as well. B.C William Jackson, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Jackson, Michigan
57, Report #89009
Apr 26 2004
12:27 PM
Help Help ! Fairbanks wants to take our home. I was sent a letter. to forbearance agreement in order to keep our home. I was giving 5 day to respond to them. also the loan servicing center is in on this as well. thanks Rebecca for your help Rebecca Mechanicsburg, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: JACKSONVILLE, Florida
58, Report #33161
Oct 22 2002
03:34 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff consumer fraud Jacksonville Florida
Fairbanks lies!!!!! I called one month before payment was due and made payment arrangements ahead of time for july payment. Mailed correct amount off in aguust according to agreement. They then called and informed me that most of the money was ate up in fees, and send more money. Did so. Every month now this has been the case. For the 20th time I was promised the fees would be refunded if I send a certain amount in. Never worked in the past, but what can I do. They are destroying my credit, and taking my money. The funny thing is this, I called and made arrangements before I was even considered late to make sure that my bill got paid. And when you talk with them they for some reason lost your payment agreement. So, first thing is first they can not tell the truth, even if their lives depended on it. Keep your records for they have none. And even if you do they will say you made it up and promise you anything to get money out of you. David Grand Rapids, Nebraska
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
59, Report #32307
Oct 11 2002
08:30 AM
Fairbanks Capitol bought my loan, I did not choose them. Regardless of many attempts to straighten out a fraudulant escrow account they have refused to acknowledge my payments on a homeowner's policy. Additional money I had sent marked specifically to principle only has gone into this eroneous escrow account. I tried to refinance with another company and was given a payoff figure higher than my original mortgage even though I had been paying my mortgage on time for a year and also had paid over $1000. additionally to be applied to the princple. Their customer service is insulting at best. Their employees are either just plain stupid or have been instructed to do whatever it takes to wear down the consumer. If there is a class action suit out there, please contact me to join in. Maggie Pompton Lakes, New Jersey
Entity: JACKSONVILLE, Florida
60, Report #33650
Oct 28 2002
06:14 PM
Fairbanks Capital Corporation ripoff Jacksonville Florida
I have been speaking to fairbanks corp month after month getting nowhere. Told them my brother was terminate from his job and now is retiring 6 months before he recive a pension check. I borrow money to pay the mortage charged me major late fees told them i just want to pay the mortage before i go in forclouse. I could never speak to anyone beside loan counselor or supervisor got nowhere I want to speak to a manager. if you can call me i could expalain better thank you theresa bronx, New York
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
61, Report #33654
Oct 28 2002
06:59 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff GOOD NEWS Jacksonville Florida
Good news I recieved an email back from Gov. Jeb Bush and he said he has forwarded my complaint to Financial Investigations. Lets all make our voices heard so the government moves on this. Explain you personal situation and email it to Jeb Bush and he will forward it to the proper unit! Jeb.Bush@MyFlorida.com ALSO Florida Financial Investigations 101 East Gaines st. Suite #516 Tallahassee, Fla. 32399-0350 Tel - 850-410-9603 We all have to move on it as soon as possible so we can stop this mess we are in. The investagations unit was very comforting and seemed truly concerned. David Honolulu, Hawaii
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
62, Report #33999
Nov 01 2002
03:38 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff consumer fraud Jacksonville Florida
I had several loans on the same home in Florida as well as a home in New york with Equicredit. This past year I get notified that it is now Fairbanks Capital, however my agreement changes which I should have been given a 'Right to Notice'. Now each time I contact Fairbanks for a pay off figure they add a $50.00 fee to the balance of my loan which of course they charge interest on, the late fees are out of this world. Unlike Equicredit they are sending notices out almost at once about losing the home if you are late, I never received any prior to them.They took forever to send my refund on my over payment when my home was paid in full back in April. I currently have the home in Florida on the market. Where is the Feds, and the Florida State Attorney General. george Newburgh, New York
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
63, Report #47287
Feb 27 2003
07:21 PM
FAIRBANKS Capital fraudulent ripoff business Jacksonville Nationwide
EMBEZZLING DECEPTIVE PRACTICES ..... To all of you on this website with problems about FairBanks Capital.I would like to hear from all of you. Reason being I'm starting a federal court case on many charges. Some of the very same problems you all have had with them. Just so you understand I'm not a lawyer. I'm a person they did the same things to as they did to you.I'v been in contact with many federal commisions including the FBI who has asked me to put package together for them. The funny part is that I'v gotten FairBanks to provide some of the evidence to take their own company down.Just so you all realize what type of person I am.They embezzled my checking account to minus. 500.00. And they had no intenions of returning the money. But I forced them to return the money to me and I did get it. So I hope you all realize I'm not playing games with them and my goal is SHUT THEM DOWN!!!! AND I'v never lost a battle yet Including challenging the IRS.I'm not sure how my court case will affect all of you but if all of you respond to me. It will show they have a history to the courts and FBI. John Morrisville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Nationwide
64, Report #45193
Feb 12 2003
03:45 PM
Fairbanks Capital rip-off Pasadena California
My story is not unlike the one that brought me to this page. However, it goes pretty deep. My house was hit by the devastating tornado in 1998. I had an estimated damage of approximately $80,000. to $100,000. After fighting the abusive insurance company Lloyd's of London (go figure) offering me a mere $30,000. and cheating contractors that ravaged our neighborhood and took advantage of the unfortunate victims of an act of God. I had to deal with the ruins of my credit due to the lengthy law suits and mental and physical toll on my life. I than got my loan sold to Fairbanks Capital Corp. I am in the mortgage business and understand the importance of making my mortgage payment so I immediately contacted the customer service # and requested the address to send my mortgage payment. I was told that the company was not set up to receive and process the payments and for me to wait at least 60 days before they could start accepting my payments. I quickly reminded this customer service rep that I did not want one blemish on my already challenged credit. She assured me that I would not have any derogatory experience and said she would note my file. Finally they started harrassing me for payments not made and I told them I had previous phone confirmation the all of my over the phone payments would be applied to my mortgage as soon as the company was set up to process and that I would not suffer any derogatory credit from this situation. This new customer service rep accused me of lying and said there was never any conversation with any of their employees notated on my record. I was furious and concerned so I ran my credit and lo and behold they are showing me as being 90 days down on my mortgage and going into foreclosure. I like the previous author called and told them I would turn this over to my attorney and that I would sell my home before they get another dime from me. To tell you the truth I have been totally abused by every corporation involved in my situation since the day of the 1998 tornado. I am willing to use my story to effect any positive change I can make in our totally abusive system of abusive Insurance, Finance and Construction Companies and the government that continues to allow it!!! Due to the natural disasters that occuring at a phenomenal rate we need to make drastic changes so the victims do not continue to be victimzed through the process of recovery and healing. Joanne NASHVILLE, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Pasadena, California
65, Report #45543
Feb 15 2003
01:05 PM
Fairbanks Capital rip-off Jacksonville Florida
I have two peices of income property. The mortgages to both have been sold to Fairbanks. It has been a horible situation. My escrow accounts are so screwed up That my homeowners insurance will be cancelled in a week on one of the properties even though I have thousands in my escrow acct. I had to send a personal check for it. On my other property I am late with my real estate taxes and they will not pay it. On that mortgage the two payments I have made they put in a suspense acct claiming my payments were not made in the full amount. I sent countless faxes to their escrow department of all my HUD paperwork detailing how much my payments should be they ignore all paperwork They have just sent a demand letter on one of my properties I am at my wits end. Even though It will cost thousands of dollars I am refinancing both Properties with another lender ASAp. Cheryl Desperate in Massachussetts Southborough, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
66, Report #45590
Feb 15 2003
09:09 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Jacksonville Florida
I am having a problem receiving my monthly statements. I received my Febuary statement on Febuary 15th. I did not think much of it until I was looking up the website. Hopefully someone will stop this company deceptive practices. Maurice riverdale, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
67, Report #53849
Apr 21 2003
07:56 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff Nationwoide USA
I have had 3 late fees in the last 6 months. I do not receive the monthly statements, only the late notices. I have finally caught on and am mailing payments without statements. We will see how that works out. They charge a $15 fee to take payments on the phone or online. Also, if you pay online, there is an additional charge. What is up with that? Cindy Decatur, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
68, Report #55506
May 03 2003
06:08 AM
Fairbanks Capital Scum ripoff Pick One Utah
this thurs. the 8th of may will be one of the best days of my life. i too am a fairbanks kicking toy and ive had more than i can take to this point. now its my turn as i said the 8th will be a great day for me and my family. on this day i will be with my lawyers filing and signing all and any paperwork they need to get me my day in court!!!!!!!!!! my lawyers are filing a federal suit with a kicker and the kicker is gonna be a fun one . i would love to see the faces of the pmi and fairbanks scum when they are notified that a rico suit has been filed and the need to respond asap! i think i would drop the case just to have a picture of thier faces when they are told but im not feeling that nice this week so they better get out thier respective check books its gonna be a long yr. well all i just came one here to tell you all the good news and without all of you i would have given up. i hope all of you are getting some where with your lives and fairbanks . thank you all again for the support and peice of mind you all have given wether you knew it or not you all did. one last thing i have to say to all of you out there........... this is a good and ritous fight and if your not fighting yet get started . i will try to post updates to ya all as things happen. and i promise this if i do get things solved in my own case dont think for a minute im done i will try to help as many of you all as i can even after my own if solved . we all need to stand together and take this fight to a whole new level! i have a quote from a rather famous general i want to share with all of you and it goes like this.........the object of war is not to die for your country..... it's to make the other sorry bastards die for thiers! Bill rdg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Utah
69, Report #24980
Jul 20 2002
07:54 AM
Fairbanks Capital Corp. ripoff JACKSONVILLE florida
My home was reposessed by NationsCredit on 12/4/02. Fairbanks Capitol Corp. acquired my cancelled NationsCredit Mortgage. Fairbanks Capitol Corp. is sending me Loan Statements, with my NationCredit account number. The statement always displays the same payment amount and the due date of 02/01/01. But, does not state that a payment is due. I have tried to contact Fairbanks, they do not respond to my letters. Fairbanks has never given me an explanation of why I am receiving Mortgage Statements on a cancelled Loan. I cannot find a web address for Fairbanks. The phone number is an automated system. I am scared that this is some sort of statue of limitations thing or that they are setting up a false liability on a closed account. Aletta Davis, California
Entity: JACKSONVILLE, Florida
70, Report #121221
Dec 04 2004
12:35 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff Provo Utah
I recently read a article stating Fairbanks Capital has issued refunds to customers it ripped off. I tried to get more information but, was unable to get anything further than a auto reply e-mail. Does anyone out there have any info on the lawsuit or how I can go about joining. Isaac winston-salem, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Provo, Utah
71, Report #1034342
Oct 25 2002
02:57 PM
Fairbanks Capital Corporation ripoff Jacksonville Florida
Fairbanks Capital Corp. is ripping me off. I have tried to call, I have sent certified mail and told there is no person to go talk to. They are in the process of trying to foreclose on my home. All I really want is my home and my payments recorded when I send them. Nobody can seem to make any decisions concerning my house I NEED HELP TO RESOLVE THIS. IM TIRED OF BEING STOLE FROM. They are also all liars and to verify this I will tell you a woman told me there was no office in Jacksonville, FL-nobody to speak to, well, if that is true then why does Fairbanks have job-postings on the internet for Jacksonville FL if there is no office there?? Gibbs Titusville, Florida
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
72, Report #1033058
Mar 19 2003
09:54 AM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff ripoff business from hell Jacksonville Florida
My STORY IS LIKE SO MANY OTHERS , our morgage was sold to fairbanks about two years ago and we have had so many problems that it seemed so unreal untill i found this site. I have read these letters and almost everyone has stated a problem that I have had with fair banks ,the force insurance , late charges , s so called house inspectors fees . I get the harrassing phone calls ,I try to make payment arrangements and they refuse them wanting payment in full or they will fore close which now will be 4-18-03 these people are rude when i call or they call me,they want me to sell my car or anything i have to pay their so called company fees, even asking me if i have children that are of working age. I called to ask who has the insurance they purchased for me and they didnt know I asked for the inspectors name and they didnt know they gave me a phone number and would you beleive it was for state to state long distance We can not refinance do to their credit reporting to major credit companies they say they cannot except partial payment and at this point that is all I can afford to try to resolve this Im at least trying this company needs to be shut down thanks Terry fairveiw, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
73, Report #87841
Apr 15 2004
08:35 PM
Fairbanks Capital Corp fairbanks capital is us citizens terriorist ripoff Salt Lake City Utah
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
74, Report #63514
Jul 13 2003
09:29 AM
Fairbanks Capital Class Action Lawsuit Filled Against Fairbanks Capital Salt Lake City Utah
I too have fallen to Fairbanks Capital's game of ripping of the consumer. Just about every thing posted in this web site has happened to me. A couple of class action lawsuit have filled against Fairbanks Capital. (Links below) http://www.jameshoyer.com/problem_fairbanks.html?showmenu=topfraud http://www.lieffcabraser.com/fairbanks.htm I think this company needs to start paying back that money. Don't you? Do some thing before it's to late. It was to late for some of these people. (link below) Troy Flint, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
75, Report #56268
May 08 2003
07:51 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff scam Nationwide Worldwide
Fairbanks Capitol ripoff, Try to ruin credit of customers so they have no where else to go. Can't refinance, because they post lates that don't really happen. outlandish ripoff l Austin, TX, Phoenix AZ, Salt Lake City, UT Texas, Arizona, Utah ..... I work in the mortgage industry. So I see everyday how Fairbanks Capitol messes up people's credit reports. What they do is post lates and missed payments that don't ever happen. This way the customer has a bad mortgage credit history and is unable to refinance to get out of the loan with Fairbanks. Once the credit is bad enough they make it almost impossible to get any customer service. I am a victum and a witness for many other victums. I look at credit reports all day everyday. Fairbanks has far too many unhappy and helpless customers. If you know any lawsuits against them or if anyone needs help for a Dateline style story , I am not only a witness to many false credit claims I am also a victum myself. I even knew about there history and did everything in my power to make certain they had no late payments. Bank of America is also a witness for me. I use them to pay all my bills and they have the sent , received, and posting dates of all my payments. I still receive letters telling me that money has been added to my loan balance because I was late. Please don't sit and let this happen. Someone Help me and all the others. Jonny Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas

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