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1, Report #855501
Mar 18 2012
05:20 AM
SAVEMORE.COM Fast Food Rip Off, Internet
I purchased the following deal for $5 $10 BK Crown Card Purchase Date: 12/28/2011 Expiration Date: 12/29/2015 Voucher: 5361510600122811100. Redeemed on 1/31/2012 This was supposed to be mailed to me.....never was  - Now the entire transaction is missing from my account history.  I have sent 3 emails & 2 thru their Facebook page.  They never answer....trying to reach by phone is a joke.  Stay away from these people!!
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #811400
Jun 29 2012
02:57 PM
Subway Restaurants Subway Franchise everywhere, Nationwide
Good Morning.  This is a write-up I did soon after I sold this disaster.  I lost alot of cash, a lot of earning potential and worked my Dear wife into the ground.  I promised God that if I could sell this disaster that I would attempt to spread the word to any and all potential victims.  The person that bought our store sold it to us 5 years earlier.  We did a remodel and sold it back to him for $50,000 less than we bought it from him for.  The remodel was $60,000. Why did he buy it?  He was arrogant.  He ripped me off and then believed he could drain this store (unrecognized transactions) then sell it to another unsuspecting buyer.  Well....guess what?  2 things happened since we bought the store from him in 2005.  1.  The $5 dollar sandwich   2.  The economy is devastated.  I got the last laugh..... Here is a letter I received 12/12/2011 in reply to my letter explaining our experiences that  I sent them via Craigslist:  Thank you so much for your input. I am actually in the process of purchasing one here in Katy Texas by means of owner finance with a significant down payment ofcourse, 75% of the asking price. However I base a lot of my decisions on the people involved and how they carry themselves. Example throughout the entire deal process you know coming to the place talking with owner I got to know the store manager very well, and am fortunate she is a talker as well not being to bright. I would come and check on the store when the owner was not there and the manager Hymeni would tell me all the owner would complain about is how subway treated the owners by charging a penalty fee for small infractions all the time it felt like being an over worked employee instead of a business owner, and how stressed the owner was all the time. I still proceeded with the decision to buy. Then I asked myself a few days all I need is a sign gearing me not to buy getting in to bed with subway. Reading your email is my sign that I would of got f***** by these dirtbags. So I'm pulling out meaning backing out of deal.  Thank you so much for this!   I know of NO success stories with these things.  The Franchise will work you into the ground and leave you with nothing as it did me.  DO NOT TRUST THEM! They will tell you what they know you want to hear...they need your cash and your credit to expand...they will not work with you...they will dominate you. Here is some of what they did to us....a very bad experience that we have only begun to emotionally recover from....we will NEVER financially recover however....   None of this is exaggerated.  This is very accurate of our experience. When wife and I got rid of this curse we promised that for the rest of our lives we would attempt to spread the word of what happened to us.  Before we bought a store I talked with a Subway owner who begged us not to buy...I thought she was just a disgruntled trouble make and that I would do better....I wish to God I had listened to her.  Chances are you will proceed with a purchase, just as I did.  If you do, please keep my writing as a reference to what you can expect as these things will happen to you...I promise.  Good luck to you with your decision. I can't blame you for trying Subway...I did and this is some of what we exaggerations objective is not to hurt Subway recruiting efforts but to prevent them from hurting you...  Our story began in 2005 when we bought our first Subway.  We were in love with the product and thought the company was excellent.  Subway started to change in 2006.  This is not just my experience but many Subway owners felt the same way.  They started to get greedy and tough.  They would penalize us for the slightest infraction ($500 penalty).  We were told by many customers that would visit our Subway from across the country that ours was the best, cleanest Subway they ever encountered.  HOWEVER, we continued to get threatening letters from Subway headquarters that they were going to shut us down....this was very disheartening. The whole experience became a sad one for us and we decided to sell rather than fight them....especially considering they were taking, along with the state and Federal Government almost ALL of our profits.  Our tax returns for 2009 show a net loss for the year.  This thing was a disaster for us and I promised God, myself and my wife that I would try to warn as many people as possible.  Should you choose to buy one of these disasters, please keep my writing so that you can see this disaster coming before it will experience what this write-up is some of our experiences: My advice is to NOT do it. I bought in 2005 and wasn't computer savy so I did not know how to investigate this company. Now, with the advent of Google search you can. Investigate this opportunity before you put your credit and your future on the line. I am NOT trying to sell you anything. I just want to prevent honest, hardworking individuals to fall for this scam. I only know about 1 Franchise and that is Subway. Subway has an outstanding reputation with the American public....I can only imagine what less funded Franchises are like...investigate for yourself. Should you choose to invest, please keep this write-up so that you will know what is coming your way and can, perhaps pre-empt some of the disasters that we had. Make no mistake, if you begin to loose money Subway will have ABSOLUTELY no pity on you and will in fact accelerate your demise as they will assume you are incapable of towing the company line. This is a heartless, ambitious company that will do ANYTHING to move to the top....don't do it!!! Here is some of our experiences...NONE of this is exaggerated or dramatized... So you think you are an entrepreneur??? Subway will tell you that you are and sell you one of these things. When you begin to loose money they will tell you to work smarter and harder. You will put at least 12 hours/day 6 days a week and will be lucky to NET 12K per year. You will work it for 5 years and make no money and attempt to sell it to the next Entrepreneur....Email me for the real story on one of these things...I just sold my disaster and might just be able to talk you out of making the biggest mistake you will ever make in your business career....these things are disasters......  Don't ruin your this first....learn from experience before you do something that you will regret for decades. So you think you are an entrepreneur??? Subway will tell you that you are and sell you I am not trying to sell you anything, I am just trying to talk sense into you before you drink the kool-aid  I have sent this info to 50-60 people. I have heard back from 3 of them. This info is from the heart, honest experiences we paid a lot of money for. Should you proceed with the purchase please keep this info so you will have an idea of what is coming your way. Please feel free to contact me via this Email from CL.  I intend to remain anonymous as Subway can be a dangerous (litigious) operation Before you buy a Subway please investigate thoroughly....Google did not effectively exist before I bought so investigation was it is easer....below read our story and please, if you purchase one of these disasters, keep this info so you can see what is coming your way before it hits you. Good luck and feel free to contact me regarding Subway in the future....below is a vivid description of our pain.  My advice is to not do it!!!!  Google Subway and see the many article on this disaster.  When I bought mine 5 years ago Google was not the powerful tool it is today, hence I did not have access to all the info that you as a potential buyer does.  I quit a high paying corporate job for this is one of my life regrets.  I talked, when thinking of buying, with an owner of as Chevron that had incorporated a Subway into her station. She hated Subway and I just wrote her off as a trouble maker and I could do better....I bought the Subway and never forgot what she told me....she said, Don't do it.  I, however a cocky young man, though I could do it better.  I couldn't, no one can.  You are working to make Fred DeLucca a VERY rich man.  MOST of your store profits, if there are any, will go to him with the 12.5% franchise/advertising fees.  This doesn't sound like much and Subway will tell you that their brand brings in so much cash you won't feel it. Really...when you go to the interview ask them how much you can expect to make/store and watch them evade the buy this store you will be a slave to these people....please read my and my wife's write up below...we have nothing to gain by telling you the truth or a lie for that matter....Chances are...if you have the cash and credit to go forth with will.  Subway will make you feel as if you are an entrepreneur....this is one of their favorite words.  You will proceed and you will work your butt off and you will wonder, at the end of the month, where all the money went.  Yes, you will feel rich during the month as you will gross 25 to 30K....but you will keep NONE of it.  This thing is a trap and I swore I would warn as many good people about it as would listen.  In the course of the last year probably 40 people have inquired,as you, and received our write-up.  Probably 3 people responded with a thank-you, and I assume the majority proceeded.   I would love to talk with them they are in Subway Hell....good luck to you and I hope you make the right the way...if your store grosses less than $350,000 per annum and your store lease/rent (by the way you are renting this store property from Subway...check out your contract) is over 2K per are loosing money.  Now for our experience: After you read about our experiences below, I implore you to talk with Subway owners THAT ARE NOT TRYING TO SELL YOU THEIR SUBWAY!!!  If they have numerous Subways they have been in the system a long time.  They bought them cheap and hence are probably making money just due to the multiple ownership.  You, buying late into the system WILL NOT make any money...I assure you.  I was lucky, I bought into this nonsense after already making money and hence was not ruined.if you are investing all you own, at this point in time and in this economy, you will be ruined.  Good Morning.  I wrote the below paragraphs as a result of owning one of these disasters and losing a lot of money, time and effort. I promised God, and myself that when I extracted myself from this mess I would attempt to warn as many people that would listen, that were on the verge of investing.  I wasted/loss over 100K and 4.5 years of my life and I implore you not to do the same.  You probably will not listen, I didnt when I was in your shoes.  I listened to people on both sides, but finally I went with the Subway hype as I figured the disgruntled were simply incompetents and I was sure that I didnt fall in that category.  These Franchises/Subway bank on the fact that there is a continuous new wave of fresh meat, fresh investors that anxiously watched their videos at their introductory meetings and have a few $100k and think they will be the next to build a franchise empire.  I warn isnt going to happen, particularly in this business climate.  My store grossed $330K/year.  My rent was only $1500/mo with no CAM charges and I still couldnt make any money.  Please, please stay away from these, and all Franchisesthey will break you yes, my wife and I owned and operated a Subway Restaurant in Calaveras County in California.  The Development Agent is Marty Page.  If you decide to buy a Subway you will become very familiar with the acronym known as refers to the Development Agent.  As you interview with Subway they will act like they are very picky who they chose.  Actually they are looking at not your abilities as much as your net worth as their ONLY concern is that the restaurant you buy or develop will be profitable enough to maintain their exorbitant Franchise fees that they will sweep out of you bank account (they require you to maintain a Bank of America account listing them to have access for AUTOMATIC withdrawals) on a weekly basis...every Monday morning. Subway pulls 12.5% of your prior weeks GROSS SALES!!  Should you come up short you will pull out of your own savings in order to make up the difference.   There is just no way to make money in this business, especially with the $5 sandwich.  This $5 sandwich benefits ONLY Subway because while it may drive your sales volume up, slightly, the accompanying costs are driven up even more....sandwich costs, utilities, labor and taxes. Please never assume you can run this nightmare from a distance.  You will be on site at least 12-14 hours a day.  You will make significantly under minimum wage and there are NO personal benefits like medical, 401k involved.  I vowed when I sold this disaster that I would warn as many people as would listen about Franchises and Subway in particular.  I do not know you personally, but if you are considering a Franchise then you are an entrepreneurial type.  They will play on this trait to sell you on the concept.  Actually you are controlled by them much more than when you are an employee of a company.  After you buy, if you disagree with them in any way they will threaten to take your Franchise.  If that doesn't scare you, their next technique is to find problems with your restaurant on their monthly inspections.  These problems will begin to cost you $500 per occurrence until you resolve them....and then, they, of course will find more problems until they can drive you to sell your business to someone else with the dream of entrepreneurship. Please listen these things are disasters...they WILL wreck you peace of mind....they will wreck your life... I don't know you, but I implore you to give this move a lot of thought and a lot of time before you do it....get yourself in a financial state where you don't need a job for the health benefits and you have a lot of free cash...because you are going to spend it to keep these disasters afloat.  I know I sound disgruntled.  I am being realistic.  As I attempted to sell this disaster I interacted with a number of Business brokers who understood the nightmare I was in....they told me these problems were common with Franchises and Subway in particular.  If you want a business...start your own....the Franchise concept is a GREAT business concept for the FRANCHISOR not you, the will be broken!   The following is my wifes perceptions:  I don't have the time to tell you the entire history...and my husband has a file that I'm sure he'll be happy to send to you.  I can tell you this.....   Our Subway was in a mountain town/ resort area, therefore your biz is seasonal. will work an avg of 12hrs/ will dance to the tune of the DA (development agent) Field consultant (Subway police) will work to pay out more money in taxes to the Fed gov...& State comp insurance....unemployment insurance... equipment failure/maintenance....warranties....remodels.(which will cost you a very minimum of $50K)...endless promotions.  You will have to baby-sit a caliber of workforce such that this country has NEVER seen before.  I guarantee you they will ALL have cell phones & use them multiple times on a daily basis no matter WHAT your policy is.  They WILL call in sick (if you're lucky they call)  They will come in late, they do smoke pot,  theywill (I guarantee it) go on unemployment.  You cannot easily fire them.  The state is on THEIR side..not yours.  I PROMISE you they will steal from you.  We had a $5K state-of-the-art security camera.   As if working there 12 hrs isn't get to monitor the little thieves from the comfort of your own home.  They will ask for time off & then apply to the State for food stamps cuz they aren't working enough hrs. They will also use that  excuse for unemployment (that comes from YOUR pocket)  They won't follow directions, they will be careless & wasteful (costing you $)  They cannot figure out how toring up w/ a coupon. (that WILL cost you $)  They will give food to their friends...etc.     We haven't even addressed the issue of working w/ the public in food service!  That really speaks for itself.     You WILL follow what Subway requires or you will be fined!  Example...You have a lightbulb out on the day your field consulants have to be written up.  You must have it fixed when he returns on next visit (1 month)   NOW>>>IF it is fixed...but a different bulb is out (and by the way we had nearly 100 in a 900 sqft store) you are then written up again....AND THIS TIME it's your LAST warning!!!  If by chance he comes the 3rd time & yet another bulb is out...they threaten to CLOSE YOUR STORE DOWN.   Do you think that it's possible to make certain that ALL 100 bulbs on his visit will shine brightly...I tell you I prayed they would.  He will make sure that your bathroom is NOT w/out a lid on the trash can, your tomatoes are lined up correctly...all cookies are on the correct shelf...all breads are baked every 4 hrs & on the correct shelf, you will disgard all remaining bread ( $ cost to you)make certain you don't put the cheese on the bread backwards...that's right..the cheese must go on  long side facing the hinge.   He will tell you to heat the meat in the microwave even if it's gonna be toasted...then on the next visit he will tell you the opposite.  His job is to find as much wrong w/ the place as possible...or he's out of a job.   You MUST have all required product for sale in your store...EVEN IF it's not a popular item in your area...therefore the shelf life must discard it ($waste) and you WILL be required to stock up again on the very item you just threw away.     I could type endlessly here.  Seriously...and I truly mean this.....I feel like I would had I just survived a terrible plane crash!  Can you imagine how lucky you would feel to walk away from a burning plane?  I do.  All the money I worked for my entire life was being wasted on the likes of Subway & everyone involved form Fred DeLuca to the employees....public ...and Government.  I worked all my life to make a future for myself & my family.  I regret the day I chose the Subway route, however I learned from it & I will share what I have learned to maybe help direct someone away from the path I took.  I wish someone had shared with me before I made the WORST mistake of my life.  But I survived!!  Good luck to you, whatever you decide.   PS  There's so much more to write, I just don't have the time.  But on a son worked along side us.  He decided to join the US Army.  He'd rather be shot at than work at this biz & NEVER would consider trying to become a franchise owner.  The Army was a better choice for him.  I have no reason to sell other than I have high standards of morality and expectation from my associates, in this case Doctor's Associate Inc (DAI). DAI has been less than honest and reasonable in dealings with me, and others, over the past few years. Subway used to be a great place where there was a family atmosphere. We did not always agree but we worked together to achieve a good working environment, to be benefit of all. Now, if you have a disagreement with DAI you will receive a termination notice in the mail. You don't get any contact or discussion on any topic but just, to paraphrase; we are not happy with you and want you to give the store to some other poor soul who will be more compliant. There is no sit down to determine any solution to any perceived problems. There is no appeal to any independent third party. All decisions for termination originates with a field consultant who works for DAI. The reports which are sent to DAI, based on monthly visits, are inaccurate and full of errors and exaggerations. There is little consistency between store evaluations as most of the data is subject to personal opinions. I'm tired of working as a serf for a king who is not accountable to anyone except his own court. Money is not the 'be all and end all' as there is a life outside Subway.  Here is a story from another Franchisee.   I have been thinking about letting people know how horrible an experience this Subway franchise has been and will be until I die. My husband and I have seriously considered suicide but we love our kids (adults) too much to do that to them. My husband wanted this store so badly that I couldn't say no to him. I'm 59 and have had fibromyalgia since I was 35. My doctor's nurse offered to help me get a full disability at that time. I decided to tough it out so that my kids-I was raising them alone after their father died, wouldn't think that's how to live. I made it through to retirement at U/Mass and was working part-time close to home. I was so happy and wanted my husband to be happy. I signed the papers putting our home up as security-stupidity! 3 months after he started running the store-happily and well I might add-his back went out and we found out he has several ruptured discs as well as other back problems. One operation and several procedures later he is in more pain than when he started and I had to quit my job and try to run the Subway. The day he was going to be operated on I let the corporate office that we deal with know and they told me it would be best if I was at the store that morning to meet with them anyway! I went-because at that time they frightened me-listened to their complaints--which is really all you ever get-even though you will here about the Subway Family and how they are there to help you. They couldn't have cared less if my husband lived or died and have not offered one bit of help. I have cried myself into a stupor over the stupidity of signing over the home that I love and have worked so hard to keep to people who couldn't care less and would kick us out onto the street without a 2nd thought. They nickel and dime you every time you turn around and guess what-everyone in our town is down in business because of the drastic weather change this winter. Has anyone from corporate offered any help or suggestions other than give away more free grinders and you'll have more customers. Which is true. There's an old saying that if you give everything away, you'll have more customers than you could imagine! Well, live and learn and remember that the hell that is Subway school-oh, yeah, I'm serious, is just the beginning. wondering when it will and how much it will hurt, Name withheld by me so that the sender will not be harassed by Subway legal department.  I, however, have no fear of the Subway legal department.  If they want to sue me come on.I can prove everything I have stated.bunch of chickens*** p*****.  Here is an interesting hyperlink so that you can access info from people with a lot more experience than I:   11/25/2011 Update:   Here is a reply to my Craiglists postings from a Subway owner.  EVERYTHING this owner states is TRUE.Please read  I read your post about Subway. I to have been now disenfranchised. we just do all the decor over once again. we have had this franchise for 24 years and they just take it from us. I want to pull down the signage and put up a sign that says NOT/ Subway, just to get media coverage. i'm so pissed with Subway, for years they have harassed us. they made us put things up, only to take them down.Otherwise as you know, they intentionally put you out of complianceand do this for 3 months straight to make you go to arbitration. thing is, some of the ex inspectors came back to our stores only to tell us, they where told to write us out of compliance on a regular basis.  I was wondering how things were for you. I would love to have a class action suit against Subway world headquarters or just get someone like Diane Sawyer or 20/20 expose what Subway does to its franchisee's. We got disenfranchised over them wanting us to put in a bush, at the front door entrance, and you know, it will have to be removed. its crazy. we do everything to a tee. It really has ruined my health, my marriage and made a mess of family life and taken the best years of my life as Fred Deluca lives now in Fort Lauderdale I guess to pick up the college girls on spring break. I'm pissed as you can tell from my email, but i just wanted to see what you did and if you wanted to talk about it and if you know other franchisees that wrote to you or you know of that went through the same thing. They have a very bad reputation as the #1 Franchise that is hated by its franchisees once your in. That's a fact.  Please write back.  Would love to hear feed back. Debra....  Another letter  Hi Wil, we have been in the Subway business for 24 years. no kidding and it has ruined my life, my health, my marriage and quality time i should had been spending with my children instead of being dead exhausted. all you said, we've had all these things happen to us also and btw, fred deluca is no prince. you should read what he thinks of the franchisee's problems. that it is tough luck, and this is America, so to bad he is cruel. i they disenfranchised us months ago but we are still open and paying the 12.5 until someone, takes the stores off our hands. i keep telling my husband, take the subway sign down and put up no-way subs or anything. we own the equipment. the people know us and they still have to eat. i know the food cost will go up, but without the 12.5% we send to subway i think it would work.  our problem is a bit different, 2 building we own, well, with this economy, the bank owns us too. Subway has been a nightmare. i finally stopped working on hands at the stores because it was literally killing me. i was doing 18 hours a day 7 days a week. i lived in then a very small town with people that would not show up for work, so guess who had to work all shifts? Me. Now i suffer, thyroid disease, diabetes,chronic migraines and body aches and the list goes on, all thanks to subway sandwiches and salads. i put my heart and soul into the stores. and the truth is when those inspectors who quit, the ones writing us out of compliance. well,they stopped by and told us, how sorry they were, but that they were told by our DA that they were told to write us out of compliance. then it would be the 3 months in a row, then the letters, the Lenny Axelrod threats and we would have to pay. You know how that is. you were smart to leave after 5 years. My husband insisted we just weren't trying hard enough. I never had a vacation, i worked, our stores were number #1 in sales and the people were out the door waiting in line to get in. infact i had to buy the building and open the other side because there was no enough seating, but that other side had nothing to do with subway, they were very angry, but they couldn't do a thing about it. i put TV's in there for my lunch crowd, mostly people interested in CNN, reading their newspaper and sitting near the fireplace that was already there. it was really so nice, that my sale went up even more, i had an archway to enter that area. they couldn't write me out for that, so they would write something like this: fingerprints on the front door glass.... (during lunch rush) i'm sure you've had that. the inspectors love to show up at lunch. i would not let them sit in the dining room, but stand in the kitchen, because i knew they were going to write me out of compliance anyway. they just seemed to they to upset the franchisee, telling us all great job, store looks need a plant, or some odd thing that once you put it in, 6 months later, they tell us to remove it, because we are now out of compliance because the rules once again have changed. i don't understand the game, but they are truly slavedrivers and we are all their pawns. i have this other store now, that also has included a satellite store in walmart. i said to my husband, take all the equipment out and if they don't want to sell the stores for us just keep it open and the other store, lets open something else or sell the equipment. i looked on ebay and see there is a lot of subway equipment for sale almost as the same price we all have paid for it. what you probably don't know is this, back when we got into subway, there were 22 subway stores that brought a lawsuit against subway to use the subway name, they won and broke away from subway. they use to give out these disclosure books. i can't find it on the internet, but i remember reading that one over and over and wanting to do the same thing. i was fair. i never cheated them. never. i mean that. but now that i'm sick, no retirement benefits from subway, where and what should i do? i'm over 50 but feel like i'm over 99. they totally pushed me to an almost death bed. no one in my whole family ever had thyroid disease or diabetes. my mom had occasional migraines, but i have them daily. Anyway, i have not proof read my email here back to you. i've had a headache and body aches so bad. so sorry if there are eras. i really would love to start a class action suit and get this out there whether on tv or facebook or whatever it takes to totally do to subway what they have done to all of us.  maybe karma, what goes around comes around. i can only hope. debra thomson of subways anderson sc ps. when we took over the 2 closed and banqrupt subway stores, we were promised that no one would open another subway in the whole county except for us....  then one day a guy, named gary horton opens one in belton sc..... he went togeorgia out of our market and opened a store. you know why, because our DA, Ali Saifi is a liar. He of Market 37 tried to cover his lie and say, oh, i didn't know what was going on in my market area BS! he mad over 43 million last year alone on market 37 and is rich as roosevelt.... i'm not afraid to put my name out there. they already put the nails in the coffin.    From: Wil Carolan <> To: God <>  Sent: Friday, November 25, 2011 1:47 PM Subject: Re: subway sandwiches and fred jacka** deluca Hi Debra. Are you saying they have taken your Franchise from you and when did this happen?   We owned a Subway in the mountains in California from 2005 until 2010.  It started off well.  We were very proud of it as we always wanted to own our on business and Subway is a very good product.  About 1 year into the ownership my mother broke her neck in a fall.  She languishedfor 6 months.  During that time Subway continued to harass me for a remodel...they could not care less about my personal situation with my Mom.  It was during this time that my attitude began to sour toward them.  We continued to run a top notch store for the next 2 years.  Nocompliance issues and we were told we were the best store in California by many customers that traveled the west coast.  In, I think, 2008 Subway came out with the $5 sandwich.  We did this for 9 months but it became clear this was not a special but was to become regular and mandatory pricing.  Finally, as we continued to loose money we stopped  the $5 sandwich.  This was when the threatening letters started coming.  They always found an issue to harass us over.  Our store grossed $330K and the rent was only $1500/mo but we couldn't make money because our profit margin was just too thin.  Subway couldn't care less and they offered NO advice how how to improve profits. They just continually harassed us with stupid compliance issues.  Finally, after 5 years we had enough.  We sold the store back to the gentleman we bought it from.  We sold it back for $50,000 less than we paid for it AND we footed the ENTIRE bill for the remodel.    These things are disasters and what I would consider pure slavery.  They are EVIL.  Yes it is a good product.  DeLuca was a good man but something happened to his  organization.  My wish is to get the message out.  While we may have been financially ruined my hope is to prevent people from buying into this thing...this Franchise without know what they are getting in to.   I don't really see any way to sue these people as they hold all the cards and have near infinite resources to fight.  The only thing we can do, as I see it, is to spread the word....spread the word to buyers of what they are gettingf in to.  I tell them to hold on to my writing and use it as a reference source of what is coming at them...and it will.  If I had it to do over I would strongly consider tearing the store out of the slot.  We had a store in a small mountain town and NOBODY would have rebuilt a store there because nobody has the money.  This would have cost Subway 12.5% of $300,000 forever.  They would have lost $40K a year forever.  I chiose to sell the store and got a fraction of my money back.  The buyer has suffered continuing loss of sales while, as you know, having to continually put new money into it.  2 weeks after we sold it back to him, the area experienced a power surge and burnt up a he borrowed another $5K to intall a walk-in freezer.  These things are just a non-ending source of money drain.  The only hope an owner has of recovering any money is to work 14 hours/day 6 to 7 days a week.  Pay the thing off, doctor the books (unethical), and try to sell it to the next unsuspecting fool that wants his own business.   These things are disasters and we must spread the word...Craigslist is a good start.  Please let me know if you have any other ideas.   Name withheld due to Subway  You have been warned!!! Good Luck to you.  
Entity: everywhere, Nationwide
3, Report #90418
May 06 2004
08:49 AM
Wendy's Restaurants UNdercooked food food poisoning no apology nothing! Cleveland Heights Ohio
In January of 2003 I ate my usual lunch of a chicken sandwich at Wendy's. The next day I became violently ill and was admitted to the hospital. I was there for an entire week. After numerous tests were performed, it was determined that I had contracted Salmonella poisoning from some chicken I had consumed. Considering that the only chicken I ate had come from Wendy's I wrote the headquarters a letter stating what had happened to me so that they could check out the restaurant that had given me the bad food. I didnt ask for anything other than to have them investigate this restaurant. I received a letter asking for clarification of events, such as the exact date, time, and order. I provided them with these details in writing and since then, I have heard absolutely NOTHING from them. I dont know if they actually checked the restaurant out, if any other people sufferedfrom poisoning like I did, ZIP. I havent eaten at any of their restaurants since then, being too afraid to eat there, since there was no follow up. The restaurant in question is in not such a great area and is usually not the cleanest inside, which is why I always had gone thru the drive thru or got my food to go. I cant imagine that it is any cleaner or that the morons that work there give a flying flute about how they cook the food, or if it's cooked at all. I wouldn't recommend anyone eating at this particular Wendy's establishment. Actually, since the headquarters didnt even apologize for causing me a week of agony and pain, I wouldnt recomment eating at ANY Wendy's establishment. Marcie Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland Heights, Ohio
4, Report #1101017
Nov 20 2013
04:00 PM
King Kong Restaurants Great Food- HORRENDOUS GIFT CARD REDEMPTION POLICY Omaha Nebraska
 I want to begin by saying, I have no grudge against the quality of food at King Kong restaurants, it's actually quite delicious in my opinion. My gripe, and reason I was ripped off is due to their horrible gift certificate redemption policy. My mother was kind enough to purchase for me a $40 gift certificate to King Kong and one day I decided to use SOME of the credit for a meal. When I walked into the restaurant and placed an order, then presented the gift cert., the clerk informed me I HAD TO ORDER $40 WORTH OF FOOD!!! I was flabergasted at this, and when I asked if he could just write a new gift cert. for the balance of just one meals worth of food, I was told they couldn't do that!!! WHAT A RIP OFF. Who goes into a restaurant with a gift cert or gift card expecting they will have to use the ENTIRE balance IN ONE VIST??? I asked to speak to the manager and he said the same thing, I had to buy $40 worth of food in one visit. I was so upset, I left the restaurant. I went to 72nd and Q location a time later AND WAS TOLD THE SAME THING AT THAT LOCATION AS WELL. So, I ended up taking home a ton of food that I didn't want to buy, and have not given them my business again since... What a ridiculous and unfair policy.
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
5, Report #974003
Nov 26 2012
04:40 PM
Mcdonalds Restaurants Mcdonalds Restaurants London Ontario TERRIBLE DISGUSTING RUDE ABUSIVE IGNORANT BAD London, Ontario
We visited London Mcdonalds and ordred a combo meal. Paying over $8 dollars at Mcdonalds is bad enough but when the food comes and it downright disgusting. What was wrong you ask? The Big Macs bun was covered in oil fat a grease, as if someone with dirty hands dropped the bun on the floor picked it up and put it back on the sandwich. The food temperature was garbage warm. and if Health Canada was in there, they would shut them down. The coffee was colder than sidewalk urine to be polite. Were lost for words how you can serve cold coffee. We might understand the food, sitting around but the coffee? sorry no excuses here especially when they spent millions of dollars telling people how great they are. But the icing on the cake is dealing with the OBESE manager their, typical fat grumpy attitude who never took the time to show any kindness or compassion, let alone explanation. No she was just ready to replace the order with her grumpy attitude which left us feeling like she might even alter the food before packaging so we just left. We were going to call head office she pissed us off so much but we dont need a free big mac and apology letter, we just know this post will reach head office and GOOGLE. Turns our this grumpy fat person after we asked gave us a receipt saying Youll want to talk to Craig who must the owner making and raking $$ owning this franchise. He was too busy to be there. We called back today, you guessed it. Not there.  Hey were not expecting a lot here. You stop on the side of a highway you pay $8 bucks give us a warm cup of coffee let alone a hot meal. But both were easily overlooked. And its more than obvious this obese manager is either his fat wife or a family member because she had the people skills of a walmart employee. Mind you that would be exaggerating. If you reading this post in your face. We hope your restaurant gets shut down and visited by head office. Were not stopping here, this one of 400 coming or more. Your food was a dogs breakfast and the worst garbage ever seen. Were confident most would not take the time to post but we are and we will make this available on GPS and mobile to warn people from stopping there. Oh and by the way. Have a nice day!
Entity: London, Ontario
6, Report #9340
Dec 15 2001
12:00 AM
KFC bad case of food poisoning
Guess what it was last thurs night and we decided to get take out Kfc of course. What a mistake we are now suffering from a bad case of food poisoning. Im from the uk but i will be doing all I can to cause havoc because my whole family are really suffering now and think its because they keep cooked food continually heated, I mean how fresh is it? Anyone else had this problem? Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on KFC
Entity: Hounslow West - Middx, UK
7, Report #613553
Jun 12 2010
04:04 PM
Whataburger Restaurants LP Attempted Identity Theft Las Cruces, New Mexico
One night I attempted to purchase a total of five combination meals, as I was buying food for the group I was with.  The transaction seemed to go along normal until I was informed that because my transaction was over $30.00, I had to give them my drivers-license number, or my social security number.  Never before have I ever had to supply such sensitive information for a cheeseburger.I refused placing such information on my receipt (which was already signed) and decided that I would not continue this transaction, and would instead go somewhere else. The employees became aggressive and would not return my card until I gave them my signed copy of the receipt, even though I was not going to get my order.  Eventually I had to return a ripped copy of the receipt to retrieve my debit card, and the employees said that they would refund my money.As of now, my money has not been returned nor the charge canceled, and my bank records show a pending charge for food that was never received.Never have I had to supply papers comrade! to an untrusted insecure party in order purchase fast food.  Just a fair warning to those who might find that their meal cost a whole lot more than what was on the drive-thru in the future.
Entity: Las Cruces, New Mexico
8, Report #1411700
Nov 13 2017
04:34 PM
Mc Donald's Restaurants Micki D's Deceptive Promotions Nationwide
McDonald's Restaurant Corporation, a world-wide corporation makes it difficult to cash-in on their 2 for 1 sandwich or meal promotion. Here's what McDonald's does: You buy a sandwich. On your receipt is printed: COMPLETE A VOICE SURVEY. Give US HIGHLY SATISFIED AND GET BUY ONE SANDWICH AND GET ONE FREE. Go to within 7 days and tell us about your visit. (Get validation Code, put on your receipt, take to ? McDonald's to cash in on their offer.  Now, my complaint: I took two receipts each with validation code numbers on each of them. Oh, No! You can't use both validated receipts, only one of them. I would have to wait 2 hours then come back to cash-in on the 2nd. 2 for 1 validated receipt. Or, I could bring someone with me on the first visit to use the second validated 2 for 1 receipt. I was told, 'It is corporate policy...' McDonald's Corporate Customer Complaint Dept. 1-800-244-6227 told me: 'It is up to the franchise owner whether it will allow 2 validated receipts to be used at one time.' The franchise owner/manager told me: 'It is corporate policy not to allow 2 2 for 1 validated recipts to be cashed-in at one time.' McDonald's Headquarters told me: 'It is up to the restaurant owner/manager to allow nor not allow 2 validated receipts to be used at one time.' They can't get their facts straight. The bottom line is that McDonald's really doesn't want any customer presenting 2 validated 2 for 1 receipts at trhe same time. They force a customer to either wait 2 hours or come back another day to cash-in the second 2 for 1 validated receipt. The Terms and Coniditions of McDonald's policy is not printed on the receipt. So what that the customer is forced to come back to cash-in the second validated receipt. We are just chump customers. Get out of the way. The Franchise Owner isn't making any money on the 2 for 1 promotion offer. It is obvious that McDonald's Corporation forces the Franchise owner to give the customer a receipt with the 2 for 1 offer printed on it. But, it doesn't state the restrictions as to when a customer can cash-in a second or third or fourth validated 2 for 1 receipt. McDonald's and the Franchisee both could care less if you or I are inconvenienced requiring you or me to come back 2 hours later or the next day to cash-in a 2 for 1 validated receipt. They could be accommodating and allow 2 validated receipts to be cashed at the same time. On several occasions I was allowed to cash-in 2 2 for 1 validated receipts. But, not today. So, I spent a half an hour on the phone talking to McDonald's Customer Complaint Dept and suprervisor, to no avail. We have to remember, we are just one among millions of customers. McDonald's really doesn't give a damn if you or anyone else is inconvenienced by their We Don't Give a Damn about true customer service. 'Move on pal, you are cosing the franchisee time and money expecting that you can cash-in 2 2 for 1 validated receipts on one trip to the restaurant. We are just chumps. If you or I don't like their 'Get lost, pal' we don't give a damn about you' attitude, tough luck, MOVE ON!!  So, I hope several million people will learn about McDonald's corporate 'Don't Give a Damn' attitude about whether you or anyone else is told to shove it, move on! attitude. It would be a shame if you used up a hundred paper napkins next time you visit a McDonald's restaurant.
9, Report #396832
Dec 02 2008
03:03 AM
Wendys Fast Food Restaurant Bad Customer Service, Bad Food, Bad Company Ontario California
I have had many bad experiences with this company in the past few years. I live very close to this particular location so i use to frequent this rest. often. It seems that everytime that you are there, you are there bugging the employees. I have many stories about this location, but I will only write about my last experience, which was about two months ago. I was getting off from work and decided to get some lunch for myself and my mom, before having to go to my other job. I only had one hour before i had to be there, so i wanted to get something quick and just relax at home. I Was heading home and since this location is right down the street from where I live, I decided to go through the drive-thru. When I was greeted by the employee, he was being rude. His tone of voce was pushy. I immediately responded to his tone by saying, I need a mimute. He asked me again right away if I was ready and I repeated, NO! Can i think about what im going to order? He didnt respond. When I was finally ready to order I had to repeat my order to the guy THREE Times!!!! HE was not paying attention to anything that i was saying. I ordered, 2 spicy chicken sandwiches with tomatoes(extra fee) with baked potatoes instead of fries, and to drink i ordered a coke and an iced tea. When i pulled up to the window, i wasnt even greeted by the person. When i get to the other window,, i was told that they didnt have any coke. That they had ran out because they were really busy that day, but that they would have some the next day delivered. I asked for the manager on duty and the guy said, are you serious? Man! He was obviously lying. when she got there she said she wasnt aware that they had no more coke in the store, when she asked the employee about it he yelled at me saying that they were busy but that did have some in the back, but that it would take a while to hook up. He even had the nerve to tell me to get a different drink. I just looked at the lady and said, i Want my coke. I have worked at restaurants before and i know that it doesnt take A while to hook up a a bag of soda. They are very ride and careless. When i got home to enjoy my meal, i was shocked at the kind of food i had received. Both Chicken sandwiches did not have any tomatoes and when i was about to eat the baked potato it had a long blonde hair in it. I was disgusted and did not bother to go back to the place because I was very mad! I called their 800 number and when i was explaining to the phone rep what had happened she thought it was funny, she took my information and was chuckling the whole time. I told her I wanted a call back from somebody in the company and she said i would get a call back within 48 hours. once i got off the phone with the phone rep, i called the restaurant to speak with the store manager. The phone line was busy and when i finally got through, i was told by the same lady, who solved the soda issue, that the manager was not in. When i asked when i could reach them, she said she didnt know. i kept questioning her until she got upset and said i had to call back to catch the manager. To this day, I have not received a call back about this incident. I even wrote an e-mail to the company. Apperantly they dont care about their customers. I have not been to a Wendys ever since and I will never return again. I will spend my money elswhere. I think the food is disgusting and very low quality products are served here. They need to get new employees that dont look like gansters and that have atleast some sort of education. They need to stop hiring all of the druggies from the community and start hiring people that dont give off negativities. Josh Ontario, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Ontario, California
10, Report #69127
Oct 14 2003
09:14 PM
McDonalds ripoff Talequah Oklahoma
On 10-14-03 at 8:30 p.m. we bought 5 value meals with the monolopy game pieces on it. We had 2 instant winners and when we went to redeem them, we were told that we had to wait for 2 hours after purchase fo redeem . I would like to know what instant winner means if it doesn't mean right now. The manager's name was Terry and she was very rude. Shiela Oaks, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Talequah, Oklahoma
11, Report #59187
Jun 01 2003
01:43 PM
McDonalds Blech Freeport New York
Want to try one of their new salds? Yummmmmmmmmmm??? Nope. I had one and it went straight into the garbage. If you know the difference fresh lettuce and bagged pre-packaged lettuce, then dont get one of the new salads. It was obviously past its prime also. Well, I wont trust McDonalds again. Unfortunately it was to go, but I did email them. Their response was that they are sorry that I was disappointed. They did not deny nor confirm that they are using packaged lettuce. Valerie Baldwin, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Baldwin, New York
12, Report #2384
Jun 04 2000
12:00 AM
Wendy's in Seattle
The Wendy's restaurant in downtown Seattle is brutal. It may be the worst segment in the whole Wendy's chain. The restrooms are filthy. If you peed on the floor it would only improve their appearance. The dining area is filthy. The employees are on a work release program. They mill around fruitlessly behind the counter. Don't even bother for a special order. If you say burger, no pickles the ordertaker will holler it into the kitchen where numerous faceless voices will repeat it, like the echo in the Grand Canyon. You still get pickles on your burgers. If you send a letter to the regional office in Oregon, you will get no reply. Don't go to Wendy's in Seattle.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
13, Report #2618
Jul 06 2000
12:00 AM
burgerking alamogordo, nm
On 7-6-00, my wife, my twelve year old daughter and myself drove to the drive through at around 7:30 pm. we ordered six whoppers with heavy may-o and onions. The girl informed us that they were out of onions. We ordered anyway. When we got to the window, i asked are you really out of onions? yep. My wife asked for the store number and if the manager (whose name was on the window) was in. He came to the window and when i asked him again about being out of onions, he laughed and said yea we ran out of whoppers too, we have really big orders. My wife told them that she would be getting on the net and writing to the company. They again all laughed and as we left, they shouted, hey if you forget the store #, it is printed on the ticket. My wife and I got home and after looking up burgerking, we realized why they laughed. There is no where to type a complaint and the only number is a toll number. That's ok, we called. Talk about service, our dog groomer phone after hours has more options. This is burgerking, our hours are...thank you. What's up with that? We were however thankful for the bright smile he gave us---the brightness was from the tonque ring reflecting from the sun. If you know of a better way to contact someone, your assistance would be appreciated. Have it your way! (if we got it!)
Entity: ALAMOGORDO, New Mexico
14, Report #11458
Jan 14 2002
12:00 AM
I normally eat lunch at the Subway down the street from my work off of Alexander in Baytown TX. Over the past year a new manager has taken over and it is just not the same. Most every time I eat there the manager is there. She has no concept of proffesional appearance. Her hair looks like she never brushes it, her shirt is always filthy, and whenever she makes a sandwhich for someone she throws the food on it, barely putting anything on it, and if your not sure what you want on it she'll stand there and roll her eyes at you. I only have a 30 min. lunch break, so believe me, if I had time to drive across town to the other Subway I definatly would. If only the owner would hire an experienced manager, he could probably get some of his customers back. Tabitha Texas
Entity: baytown, texas
15, Report #5421
Jun 13 2001
12:00 AM
Whimpy's warning, danger!
I have lived in the small town of Vernal,Utah for a number of years.One of the best little burger joints was Whimpy's,up in Maeser. I knew the establishment had gone through a couple of owners in twelve years,and the whimpy(a collossal burger,that was HUGE, and came with fries)got a little smaller as time went on,but it was still very tasty.Well,the business was sold to, I dont know, some India people? We recently ate there and my husband had toothpicks in his hamburger meat! He bit into one and was like What the Hell? All our burgers were burn't and the meat looked like it was just pressed between two hands like a seive and then thrown on the grill.It was horrible! We called and complained and they were very ignorant. People in Vernal don't know what good food is! (Because this place is still in business as I write!) Another place thats bad in Vernal is Frankie Fries. What kind of food is this for the price I am paying? If you guys want to compete in Vernals very commercial fast food market, then make good food!If I pay three dollars for a kids meal, dont give them a half-burned corn dog, burned fries and a dum-dum sucker for a prize!People obviously are going to choose Burger King or McDonalds where at least they won't bite into their burger and have toothpicks sticking into their throat,or black curly fries!
Entity: vernal, Utah
16, Report #216309
Oct 17 2006
07:07 PM
Mcdonalds employee cruelty Lawton oklahoma
Employee was locked or held inside of walk-in refrigerator. She was told that she should be fired because she could not learn after being employed for two years. This was done by a manager while another manager and employees watched. The employee is afraid to report what happened. She was also made to help the janitor person to do his work. Then she was accused of her register of being short. She is a slow and diasabled worker. She was humiliated in front of other workers. She wants to work so she can support her five children. She is willing to work. I thought this was awful. Thais is why I am repoting this. She is so afraeid of being fired. Merelyn Lawton, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Lawton, Nationwide
17, Report #422716
Feb 10 2009
08:03 PM
Quiznos Deceptive Coupon Tacoma Washington
A minor thing but it is deceptive: $2 off on ANY [emphasis added] regular or large sub. I've seen Quiznos coupons before that list exceptions so I'm careful to read the fine print. No exceptions listed here until I get to the counter and the manager politely but firmly insists the type of sub I'm getting is not covered by the coupon. Any means Any. Thought I'd share the deception with you. So, even if you do read the fine print, it might not matter. It's at the discretion of the manager. She was willling to accept other coupons but not that one. I guess Quiznos will have to do with one unhappy customer - and those that follow this warning. Pat229 Fircrest, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Tacoma, Washington
18, Report #374540
Sep 19 2008
08:07 PM
McDonalds Discusting Daleville Pennsylvania
I am writing a report about McDonalds In Daleville PA and also about the main manager there, whos name is Michelle. This place is the most dirtiest McDonalds that I have ever walked in. I am one of the employees that used to work there and I never got treated so badly in all my life. I did more work then the manager herself did. All she does is sit around. McDonalds has failed inspection I dont know how many times, and the owner whos name is Tom Brown does not do anything about it. Now I just heard from one of the employees that still work there, that the manager Michelle has dropped everyones pay, which according to the labor bored is elegal. Also I have caught her taking money out of the register and blaming it on the employees taking money out of there pay. She also sexually herrasses every man or boy that walks in there and my husband was one of them. I do not understand how she is still working there and that that place is still open. I could not handle the fact that she continued getting away with what she has. I think it is very unfair to not only the employees but also the customers as well for haven to eat in such a dump. Something has to be done about this and fast, and I hope that something is. I just do not think that it is right that the owner knows about all of this and still will not do anything about it. Please if there is anyone who is around from here reading this, do yourself a favor and stay away from that place before you get sick from food poisoning or something. Thank you Anonymous Gouldsboro, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Daleville, Pennsylvania
19, Report #406816
Dec 31 2008
06:31 PM
KFC bait & switched Lebanon Pennsylvania
K F C {H730-046} Actually it was 12/31/2008 at 5:48 PM , drive-up window @ Candi 3931 17:48 #5 Dec.31,08 Reg0001 , The the order was for a 30pc. bucket of Honey-BBQ wings , the charge was $15.99 & $.96 TXTL total $16.95 . After a round trip of 5 miles when I got Home , to my SURPRISE instead of HONEY-BBQ there was a 30 pc. bucket of HOT-WINGS , Consequently I called the Manager of your Lebanon , PA . store , {GARY GOODMAN} @ {717-272-4770} and enlightened HIM as to the MISTAKE , HE than came up with all kinds of excuses for the ERROR and then told ME if I return He would throw BBQ sauce over the HOT-WINGS and I told HIM I don't want HOT-WINGS I want what I ordered Honey BBQ wings and that He could put the BBQ sauce where the SUN-DON'T SHINE. I will not PATRONIZE your Leb., Pa. store in the FUTURE . Thankyou , Frank E. S(((Redacted))) Frank Cleona, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Lebanon, Pennsylvania
20, Report #437115
Mar 24 2009
11:08 AM
McDonalds WRONG ORDERS Mustang Oklahoma
The workers act like they cannot understand a word of English at the McDonald's in Mustang. The worst service in town. Comsumer MUSTANG, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Mustang, Oklahoma
21, Report #367984
Aug 28 2008
05:02 PM
McDonald's Never visit Crestline Ohio
Well, the other day, I entered a McDonald's in Crestline, Ohio. It seemed like a well kept place at first, but I didn't know at all what was about to happen. I was at the register getting ready to order, and there was a person taking my order that seemed like a nice young gentleman, with glasses, but he seemed to have a beard both on the left, and the right. As I was placing my order, a burger flew through from the back into the front. And I saw a guy, probably about 18 that threw it (average height with dark brown hair) yell You want me to throw some cheese on that b****?! To the one he threw it at (another average height guy with glasses and short light brown hair). Another employee asked the worker that threw the burger (whom's name tag said BRET on it) to calm down and go home to cool off. This rouge worker then got a cup, fillied it with M&M's at the McFlurry machine, and began to eat them all as he ran out the door cursing. I must say, this was the worst experience i've ever had at a McDonald's restraunt, and I hope that they can keep their staff under control for the sake of their customers. Steven Crestline, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Crestline, Ohio
22, Report #622134
Jul 10 2010
09:39 PM
Whataburger rude collge station, Texas
the youn man cole took my order so rudely i dont think i ever want to come back i ask him to please repeat my order i told me to hld on he was textin right in front of my face he never read my order back to me i heard sara tell him read about what i said about readin my order back he was like o well she have two eyes she can read the screen im never been treated like that before in my life and aint no tellin who else he have done
Entity: collge station, Texas
23, Report #824684
Jan 18 2012
02:31 PM Gift card purcased, never received. Internet
Ordered a Subway gift card for $10 on 11/10/2011 and never received it. Site says it was redeemed on 11/23/2011 and the only time that I got any response of any sort was a Customer Service Rep that told me via chat that the cards were being sent out the week before Christmas. This was a bold faced lie as I am still waiting to get the card as of 1/18/2012. Thinking the first card would arrive as promised, I ordered a $10 Burger King gift card on 12/26/2012 the web page says that the card voucher will be available on 1/20/2012; I am anxious to see what will happen and will update report at that time.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #835414
Feb 07 2012
01:51 PM
Save More rip off, Internet
I purchased a gift card from this company called save more over two weeks ago and I still haven't received anything as of yet. I also purchased a set of nail designs over a month ago from this company that says they have great deals on their websites, not true at all. I think that the Better Business Bureau needs to shut this business down because they are a no good company at all and all they are to me is a big giant scam company. You try to call the 1-800 number and they tell you to leave your information and they will call you back this is no where near true at all.
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #670827
Dec 12 2010
06:52 PM
Goodcents goodcents rip-off Peoria, Arizona
Have you ever went to goodcents? Will if you haven't don't go. It's a bunch of bogus. My dad went there to pick me up a sandwich & for him too, When he asked for his ideal sandwich, he saw the teen put the meat on, the meat what so thin he couldn't tell what color it was. & that was only 3 pieces. My dad right that second stormed out of the sandwich shop. He got me subway instead, it was cheaper, faster, and better tasting. If you have gone to Goodcents and loveed it, guess what? Their sandwiches are rip-offs. You could get cheaper ones at Subway. G.C. (goodcents) -'s sodas were flat. No taste at all. I don't like the fact they always mess up on me, my familys', & my friends' order whenever we come. don't go there. it's a waste of money.
Entity: Peoria, Arizona

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