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1, Report #1392546
Aug 14 2017
06:08 AM
fc&a medical publishing they keep sending me bills for books i have not ordered or even want Peachtree city Nationwide georgia
on two ocasions i ordered a book and paid for both of them. after that they kept sending me order forms for more books and i have not ordered any more. then i started getting bills to pay for books that i did not order or receive. they keep sending me order forms and bills.                                                                                                                                                                                                         these forms and bills keep piling up.right now i have about 10 to 15 of each form and they keep coming.i wrote them a letter and asked them to stop and to send me a phone number so i could speak to someone, but i have not received any response other than getting more order forms and bills.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1292794
Jul 21 2016
12:04 AM
FC&A Medical Publishing FC&A Publishing FC&A continues to send my 84 year old aunt letters, bills and books that she never requested. Peachtree Georgia
I have told them to stop and desist but they continue after they promised to remove her from their mailing list. It was explained that she has dementia and they needed to remove her from ALL their lists but the books and bills continue! This company preys on the elderly with fixed income. FC&A Publishing send my 84 year old aunt many letters and books by mail she doesnt order.  She has dementia and I have called FC&A told them this and requested that they take her off their mailing list and phone lists.  They told me that they would do that but the crap still keeps coming in the mail.  FC&A then send her repeated bills for books she has never ordered.  I am watching this closely and will report to the Colorado Attorney Generals Office consumer protection this week.I suspect that FC&A is preying on the elderly that are on fixed incomes.  They ought to be run out of town on a rail. 
Entity: Peachtree, Georgia
3, Report #1322715
Aug 15 2016
11:17 PM
FC&A Publishing Sends unordered books to senior citizens Peachtree City Georgia
My wife, 81 years old & nearly computer illiterate & with no smart phone received a book in the mail. At first we questioned each other about why it was ordered. Then we realized neither of us had ordered it.  I did a search & found that the company does this with books from many different areas of interest. I checked with the post office & they told me that I was under no obligation to send money or pay to return the book. So, it's into the recycle bin with it & any other correspondence we may receive from them.
Entity: Peachtree City, Georgia
4, Report #1293374
Mar 13 2016
12:38 PM
FC&A Publishing I didn't order this book: Title: What Every Senior Should Know I know it's a rip-off. Peachtree City Georgia
Yesterday there was a book in my mail box, which I thought was curious since I haven't ordered any books recently. When I do order items, I make a copy of the order until the merchandise is sent. I checked by orders. Right. No book entitled: What Every Senior Should Know - 1,267 Secrets to Living Well on a Fixed Income was ordered. It came with an invoice for $39.99 and an offer for 4 installments. Well, I'm a senior, live on a fixed income, and don't need advice from some company that used whatever means they can to send me this book. What I DO KNOW is that they were fishing and I didn't take the bait. I'm returning the book tomorrow,(Monday, 3/14/16). Sent them an e-mail and told them they should send me $5.00 to reimburse the cost of sending back their un-ordered book.  
Entity: Peachtree City, Georgia
5, Report #1302711
Apr 29 2016
05:56 PM
FC&A Publishing Sent Un-Ordered Items, then billed, threatened with further bills to include Late Fees Peachtree Georgia
I have received a book, that I did not order. With the un-ordered package; it contained a letter and invoice threatening to charge late fees in the event that I didn't send their payment within 2 weeks! The package was wrapped, so that I had to open it partially to determine what is was, who it was for, and who sent it. I am trying to rewrap it so that I can return to sender without incurring a fee. The language of the letter sent with was threatening in relation to paying their bill. How can they DEMAND payment on time from someone who didn't order it? I am returning their product, via RETURN TO SENDER, but anticipate difficulties as they are PROLIFIC as the subject of many people such as myself, who DID NOT order either.
Entity: Peachtree, Georgia
6, Report #1285996
Feb 08 2016
12:34 PM
FC&A FC&A PUBLISHING Gayle K. Wood, publisher Georgia Cracker Ripp-off Artist PEACHTREE CITY Georgia
This outfit islocated in Peachtree City, GA sends out bogus bills to elderly people for books and skin cream they did not order.I have personal experience with FC&A (the only name printed on there envelope). The first event was a book I did not order, and like a chump I returned the book at my expense.The second event was a bill for Age-away Skin Cream. I am a guy and don't give a flying **** about skin.I have received two notices for a $40. payment. The latest notice was listed as an overdue account.Bottom line: I am sending copies of the latest bill to the Georgia State Attorney General's Office, division of consumer affairs. And I am filing a fromal complaint against FC&A. I have no intention of responding to FC&A's overdue statement.End Report 2/8/2016  
Entity: PEACHTREE CITY, Georgia
7, Report #1389494
Jul 31 2017
02:28 PM
FC&A Publishing, Frank K Wood Publisher Sent bill for book COUNTRY DOCTORS KITCHEN wich was not orderd by anyone in this family. peachtree city Georgia
Today I recieved a bill for $37.96 for a book titled Country Doctors Kitchen from FC&A publishing. The bill included a late fee of $3.00. This book for not ordered my either myself or my wife. When I called the 800 number listed and informed the woman who answered my concern for this bill she hung up on me.  
Entity: peachtree city, Georgia
8, Report #508495
Oct 13 2009
09:30 AM
Natlist Directory Publishing Seattle Medical Directory, Scam Vendor Bogus Publishing Seattle, Washington
Natlist has been calling my company in regards to some outstanding late fees from 2005 and 2006.  I asked the caller Sylvia what the payment terms on the invoice are.  She refused to answer the question.  She wanted to know how and when I was going to pay the $147.30 in late fees.  When she first called she stated she was with Seattle Medical Directory.  My company did pay two invoice's one in 05 and another in 06.  Both invoice's got paid at 30 days.  After doing more research I found out that she is with Natlist Directory Publishing which my company has identified as a Scam Vendor.  When Sylvia first called she left me a voice mail.  My caller ID had the phone number of 780-472-6397 out of Edmonton Alberta Canada.  Natlist publishes these so called directory's out of every state.  The company has a rating of F on the BBB web site.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
9, Report #1293265
Mar 12 2016
07:19 PM
FC&A defrauding elderly Peachtree City Georgia
This company sends out past due invoices to elderly people in nursing homes and assisted living homes for unspecified product.  My 86 year old mother living on Medicaid does not have any money and all but $14 of her Social Security goes toward her room & board in a nursing home.  However, she is very independent and has always paid all her bills on time.  When she did not have the $40.96 to pay this Past Due bill, she was very upset.  I found out that she did not know what it was for and did not have anything to show for it but she did not want to have anything past due. I discovered that this billing was sent in the hope that she will forgo medications for her congestive heart failure to pay for something she did not get.  She has cataracts and cannot read well anymore and she is going deaf and cannot hear below a loud shout so any mailings, books, brochures, phone calls, etc. are not understood by her. She does not have the money for cataract surgery or hearing aids and needs to see a dentist, also beyond her means.  If FC&A wants to help her, send money - don't ask for it!!  She says that severak of her friends at this same facility also receive Past Due invoices and even though they were not sure what it was for, they paid it because it was only $40.96  Companies should not be allowed to prey on the elderly who are not computer literale and do not have the means or knowledge to pursue this type of fraud.
Entity: Peachtree City, Georgia
10, Report #1414110
Dec 20 2017
04:15 PM
FC@A FC@A Sent a book titled Every Senior Should Know Peachtree City Georgia
I received a book titled Every Senior Should know several months ago-I have no recollection of ordering this item. I have been receiving bills for $42.99 for several months for something I didn't request.
Entity: Peachtree City, Georgia
11, Report #1405827
Oct 12 2017
11:43 AM
Permier Men,s medical center.Dr.Strol/assitians Patrice & Devin I went to the center to seek advice about the treatment. thinking that the treatment were only $149.00 but ended up with a $ 50000.bill to pay Orlando Florida
Just a warning to all mens about Premier men,s medical center.what they says they offer is not true,and they leave you with a outstanding $5000. bill to pay. and the treatment not what they say it is suppose to be.they give you a injection in the penius which is very unconforent,and truly it did not give a full hard wich suppose to last up to 4 hours,what it give you is a very unconforent feeling for 4 hours.While adevan is messing around with your penius  , Patrich is asking for your credit card for payment.explaining what he has wrote on paper.it seem to me like it a kind of in trapment or husler.see you can,t fully unstand what patrich are telling you when they have you in this kind of sisation,after you has spent four to five hours in a unconforant state as it is, you go home and later you check over the paper that were giving to you, then you discover all of the hiden clauses that are in the papers.such as there is absolutely no refunds of ant kind under any circumstandes for the doctor examination or medications.you are stuck with a five thousan dollars bill to pay with no good results.when i call to ask question about the medication not working,some one says they are busy and would call me back, and i,m still wating for the call backs weeks later. sadsack ripoff
Entity: Orlando, Florida
12, Report #1424818
Jan 23 2018
04:29 PM
FC&A They sent me a book i did not order, and a bill Peachtree City Georgia
They sent me a book i did not order, and a bill for $39.99. The book is What every senior should eat This company seems to have a long history of doing this exact type of thing. I called them, they said they will send me a return slip. This is clearly a scam.
Entity: Peachtree City, Georgia
13, Report #22050
Jun 03 2002
05:34 PM
Communications Publishing is a ripoff. NY, New York
Before finding this site, I searched and searched for a phone number for Communications Publishing. As with everyone else who sent a check for America's Secret Cash Giveaways, three months later I still have not received a book and have received additional mailing peddling this book. Is there anyway to get our money back? How about a class action lawsuit or something like that? Susan Bloomfield, Indiana
Entity: NY, New York
14, Report #6204
Aug 17 2001
12:00 AM
Entity: SUMAS, Washington
15, Report #14327
Feb 17 2002
12:00 AM
Communications Publishing NY is a scam
I received a letter from a representitive saying that I can receive FREE MONEY FROM UNCLE SAM. It sounded real interesting and my wife is out of work right now and she would try anything to help me with our bills and stay home with our three children. I just mailed off my reply letter from them that states that I can receive an Ironclad No-Risk Guarantee to keep the book for 1 full year and receive 18 bonus reports free for only $23.90. I just mailed out my reply form along with a personal check. I was looking online just now and something told me to to look and see if their company had a website I typed in their company and the Rip-Off Report came up with the same exact address and everything. My heart stopped. I don't know if I should put a stop payment on the check or what? Please help me! Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Communications Publishing
Entity: New York, New York
16, Report #464204
Jun 23 2009
03:20 PM
Jireh Publishing Over charged on a order Birmingham Alabama
I ordered a print from Jireh Publishing on the day of the Alabama A day game, when i ordered it i was asked if i wanted it framed and i said no. Two weeks later i noticed i was charged over 260.00 from my bank from Jireh Publishing and a couple days later i got a signed framed picture. I called and was told they would refund my difference and send the correct order out. After several days nothing so again i called and was the same thing and again after several more days i called again. To this day i still have not been sent what i ordered nor have i been credited the over charge back to my account.This is the first step i am taking to correct this. Gene Vance, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Birmingham, Alabama
17, Report #293101
Dec 19 2007
08:45 PM
Target Publishing Almost a Sucker Poway California
I had previously delt with Jacob Larson, who was a pleasure to work with. He ran counts and submitted them in a timely mannar. I have most recently dealt with a John Garcia (district manager), who after running 2 counts for my clients got pissy and refused to run any more with out a purchase! When I did some reseach on the net and found all the complaints against Target Publishing and confronted him, he had this to say: Yeah you are pathetic. Please do yourself a favor and move out of your moms basement and get a life. Short story: If you are a list or mortgage broker, avoid this company like the PLAUGE! And if you have worked with them in the past, I'd encorage you to write a report. PS: Knowing John, I wouldn't be suprised in the least if he tries to counter or rebutt this posting. Bring it on John, it's time the world knows what your up to! Listbroker Poway, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #1033224
Jul 16 2001
12:00 AM
Castlebridge Publishing a rip off company liars
Castlebridge Publishing/they haven't even sent me any of the information they said they was going to send me to get started. I want my money back. I sent them 37.00 dollars cause they said I would make extra money like I wanted to, for myself to pay some of my bills off. someone please help me get my money back. cause I really do need it back. now I know that they are just RIP-OFF just to get people money. How can they do this to people and get away with it? :::::Editor's note: Click here to read another Castlebridge Rip-off Report
Entity: Denver, Colorado
19, Report #94217
Jun 09 2004
07:07 AM
Go to http://www.usps.com/postalinspectors/fraud/MailFraudComplaint.htm to fill out an online mail fraud complaint against these people if you have also been ripped off. Cheryl brooklyn, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
20, Report #782735
Sep 28 2011
11:10 PM
Xlibris Publishing Company Xlibris Publishing is a scamming company Bloomington, Indiana
my complaint has also been filed with the following: Indiana Better Business Bureau ID 7983707  09/15/2009  Arizona Attorney General consumer complaints RE: CIC-16764 Apx. Sept 2009,Indiana Attorney General RE: File No. 09-cp-60726  Sept. 26, 2009 ABC-15 ivestigator Joe Ducey Apx June 2010. The BBB accomplished nothing and I am assuming that it is still being investigated by the others.I've sense read other complaints regarding Xlibris through Writer Beware Blogs, facebook, and Ripoff Report and they all sound pretty much like my complaint.     Originally I contacted Xlibris for publishing information. They sent me the information in packet form through the US mail. From that point on they called me from one to three times a month checking to see if I was ready to publish. Eventually I sent them my manuscript and I made another book over the next few weeks. After a few weeks they called me,we discussed publishing packages and I agreed to go with one of their packages and sent them the manuscript for my other new book to examine. They seemed to know what they were doing and to be concerned about my books progress through their process. When my books were nearly through the publishing/printing process I began getting phone calls from their marketing people. I didn't want any additional maraketing packages but Miguel Guzeman kept calling and encouraging and influencing and promissing large book sales. He asssured me that he had people who were interested in my books and that he would have them in major book stores before the Christmas Hollidays 2008. He promissed that he would sale copies of my books to atleast three percent of the recipiants of a 3 million email marketaing campaign ad encouraged me to purch the returnability package as it would increase the chances of my books being in Book Stores. t this date Xlibris reports that Amazon sold 3 copies of one of my books. There were also some quality issues. When my books did not show up in book stores and there were no reports of sales Miguel Guzman of their marketing Dept kept calling and calling trying to get me to spend even more money.That went on for a lon time and finally I put my foot down hard to him eventually getting him to stop calling. However others in that company called frequently continueing to try to get more money out of me. Those calls slowed down but did not completyely stop untill I changed my phone a few months ago. Xlibris has 12,716 dollars of my money and it literely destroyed my plans for a somewhat better life style than what I have today. Their scamming has hurt me severely.    If you would like, I can put together a copy of my original complaint with my complete explanataion, and evidence to support my complaint and send it to you via US Mail.     
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
21, Report #701270
Mar 01 2011
11:53 AM
Authorhouse publishing Company Athorhouse publishing Company is a Big RIP- OFF Bloomington , Indiana
In 2007-2008 I had books published with this company. I have only received 1 Royalty payment of $9.00. I was thinking that my books was not selling until people started tell me how they had ordered them. I have not received the rest of my Royalty payments! Authorhouse is a BIG, BIG disgrace to people that have worked so hard to make a dream(book)s come true. I'm calling them today and having my books removed from their hands. They are a RIP-OFF!
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
22, Report #903064
Jun 26 2012
11:03 AM
authorhouse publishing authorhouse publishing well the company ripped me off as a client bloomington, Indiana
contracting with authorhouse  to self publish was the biggest mistake i ever made in my 59 years. they insisted i change the city location of my book i complied. they subtly kept on trying to extract more and more money out of me ,they sold me a fantasy an  sadly i bought into that. i lost  10.000 dollars publishing my book with authorhouse , in return i got some 50 dollars in royalties, and to this day  no accounting of any royalties or checks, authorhouse is an assemblyline scam and the federal trade commission should look into this.  they sold me a subcontracted valet service called cevado  technologies to create a website for me at an additional 3,600 dollars which did not generate one book sale. simply stated i want to join in on any class action law suit against authorhouse. tere grand scam here is to   tell their authors well it can take years and years for royalties or possible movie or tv contracts to come in, thats their shield of invisibility  from liability. authorhouse  is an illegal scam , the business should be shut down. after what hapened to me as one of there disgruntled client i am willing to testify in court against them.  dealing with the staff at authorhouse over the phone was very problematic indeed ,  sadly i was abused and re abused oer and over again by the author house staff there only concern is client numbers, not representing the interests of the clients. they were uncaring when my book had a viscous attack  on amazon.com and barnes and nobles.com  that hurt book sales too, they would not address that issue , i was never pre warned by authorhouse that  once my book hit the internet that there was a possibility that one bad book review could cripple my book sales forever , no author house never discloses that . simply stated the federal trade commission should investigate and shut down www.authorhouse.com  its a criminally corrupt and morally banctrupt business there in indianna,fact
Entity: bloomington, Indiana
23, Report #1330171
Sep 26 2016
11:59 AM
University Sports Publications School District Publishing, Medical Publishing, Municipal Publishing SCAM COMPANY WITH UNETHICAL PRACTICES NAPLES Nationwide
I receive a call from this company on a daily basis at my place of business. I have told them repeatedly that we are not interested, and each time I am met with threats and verbal abuse by their representatives. Their caller ID used to say Anonymous, but now it shows the name of University Sports Publications. Here's how each telephone call goes: The rep asks to speak with the business owner. When I ask where they are calling from they reply, The University of Florida, (one of our clients). I ask again just to confirm, You are an employee at the Univeristy of Florida? Their answer is always yes. When I ask what the nautre of the call is...this is when they begin to get nasty, We're your client, so just put the owner on the phone now. When I refuse, the namecalling begins.  The next call I received, I changed my tactic. I said that I had spoken to the Owner about the prior calls and he indicated that he is not interested in your service and asked that you place our telephone number on their Do Not Call list. More verbal abuse ensues. The calls continue each day and now I just hang up when I see University Sports Publications on the display. The sales tactics of the University Sports Publications representatives are horrendous. They lie about who they represent. I spoke to my contact at the University of Florida and they tell me that they have absolutely no affiliation with University Sports Publications and suggest I report them...so, that's what I'm doing.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #6169
Apr 18 2002
07:06 PM
Castelbridge Publishing & Kwic-Claim Medical Billing rip off No thanks to BBB *Thank you Rip-off Report!
Hi I received the work at home package for Castelbridge Publishing today in the mail and immediately went to ripoffreports. Thank you for what you do. I was ripped off by Kwic-Claim Medical Billing at home. I sent $377.00 for software and after downloading it I found out I would need an accountant, lawyer, etc. so I told them I did not want to do this. They told me since I downloaded the software I could not get my money back. I was furious. I called them several time with no luck, so I e-mailed the Better Business Bureau in Las Vagas with no help. I contaced the local newspaper in our town (I did not know about your web site at the time. It took some time, but Kwic-Claim finally called me and told me if I sent the software back to a certain address I would get my $337. back. I did. I just feel if the Better Business Bureau can let consumers know in their area that they can contact the ripoffreport.com more people can get justice like I did. They need to contact anyone that will listen, fight back. There are too many scams out there for hard working people, including the BBB! Thank heaven for your web site. Sandy L Kalamazoo, Michigan
Entity: Denver Co, San Diego CA, CO, CA
25, Report #958399
Oct 22 2012
02:25 PM
FC&A Frank Cawood & Associates Did not ask for, did not recieve.... but recieved a bill for the book! Peachtree City , Georgia
I received a bill for a book I did not order, and did not receive.  The bill was sent to my dad's home, where I have not lived for over 25 years.  Strangely, there was also a separately mailed form note signed by Dale Collins which said: I know how troubled times can weigh a person down and make even small tasks more difficult. We sincerely care about you and hope that you're not having any serious problems. Please contact us and let us know what we can do to help work this matter out. Imagine the phone call I received from my concerned dad.  Would another elderly parent simply forward money to these jokers, hoping to help their adult child, but instead become a victim of a scam? After reassuring my (very) concerned dad that I am ok, that I am not having any problems, and this is likley a scam.  I immediately contacted FC&A.  They have agreed to cancel the charges, so will see what happens.  Parents and Children- BEWARE!
Entity: Peachtree City, Georgia

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