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1, Report #1403165
Sep 29 2017
12:26 PM
Femora (Fresh Beauty) Femora refuse to credit my card for charges I did not make. Internet
The company Femora  advertise their products in a way that tricks and traps their new customers. You are made to think that you are only paying for shipping cost for the free trial. They do not disclose IN A MANNER THAT IS EASY FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS TO SEE that you must contact them in 14 days or else...  I was charged $89.71 on 8/2/2017 and 94.66 on 8/31/2017 for a small jar of cream that I did not order and there is no way you will get any refund back!!! THE BIGGEST MISTAKE YOU CAN MAKE --- DEALING WITH A VERY DISHONEST and criminal COMPANY!!! BEWARE!!! THIS COMPANY DESERVES ZERO STARS!!! I DON'T KNOW HOW THEY ARE ALLOWED TO DO BUSINESS IF THEIR SALES PRACTICES ARE DECEITFUL.” 
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1411376
Nov 11 2017
10:08 AM
Femora Charge my credit card for unauthorized products. Internet
After seeing an online infomercial about these beauty products , advertised by Ellen Degeneres, I decided to go ahead an place an order. The advertisement stated that the products cost $4.95 and $1.99 plus 3.95 for shipping. NO WHERE DID I AGREE TO CONTINUE RECEIVING THESE PRODUCTS CHARGING THEN TO MY CREDIT CARD. Surprise, next month I receive the same two products. When I check my credit card I have two charges for $89.77 and $89.71. I reported this to my cc company and it is under investigation. There has to be a way of stopping this company of making false statements and luring people on buying there products without disclosing that they will continue to charge your credit card.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1413824
Nov 28 2017
09:10 AM
Beaneyeserum Maddyin*miskincream Amabelle allure Femora Unauthorized transaction Florida
I was on you tube , saw a Sally field on talk show about how she stay looking so young. I read that she has a anti wrinkle cream with no harsh chemicals called femora. IT show photos of her with women actresses that use her product. I was offered a free sample for 4.95 shipping and if I ordered right away I would receive an eye serum absolutely free while supplies last . I received two small jars of cream with the name amabelle allure on both bottles . Was charged 4.95 for each .one charge was from Maddyin *miskincream , the other was from Beaneyesetum. A week later I got a email from PayPal telling me that two more transactions from the same two but this time was charged 89.95 and 89.92 . I did not order any other product or join any membership . I called number but could not get thru . Lucky for me , PayPal got my money back . So I’m happy about that . These companies are ripping so many people off , they change the name of the cream they falsely advertise the cream . How do they get away with this ??? They need to be stopped!!!
Entity: Florida
4, Report #1394659
Aug 22 2017
01:07 PM
Femora Anti-Aginig Cream Try-It-For-Free Scam Internet
LADIES - FEMORA ANTI-AGING CREAM IS A SCAM!!! They say you only have to pay shipping, but in the fine print which is so fine it isn't there, and you only learn about later, they say they will charge you for the full product unless you cancel within 14 days. I discovered this on my credit card and called in a dispute to my bank. They are familiar with this company and their scam and had no problem deleting these charges from my card and flagging my account so the company can't make further charges as they have done to others. The bank contacted Femora and the refunded the money. You can read some of the many complaints about this company at http://skinproductsreviews.com/free-trial-scam/femora/.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1408263
Oct 24 2017
11:49 AM
Femora cream Said free trail and charged 178.99 Internet
 The ad says free trial and charges your account twice !!!
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1406142
Oct 13 2017
03:55 PM
Femora Free 14-Day Trial of Face Cream & Eye Serum Nevada
I saw an ad on Facebook for a Free 14-Day Trial of the Femora Eye Serum & unfortunately, my vanity got the best of me. I only had to pay shipping, so I thought it was worth a try. When I started to place the order, they offered the face cream for the same deal (pay shipping only) which I didn't want, but somehow ended up being ordered & I couldn't go back to correct it so I let it go. What the heck, it's only going to cost me shipping. The package came a week later with no packing list, billing statement, no info on the products, nothing, just the 2 creams in their own pretty boxes. I didn't start using them for about a week & after a couple of weeks realized there was no difference to my face. I have no wrinkles but i do have dark circles under my eyes which is why I only wanted the eye serum. Anyway, since they didn't send any information with a phone number to call to cancel, I waited until I got my credit card statement. I was surprised to be charged $89.71 for the face cream & $89.77 for the eye serum!  I called the phone number on the credit card statement & spoke to Torrey (a male) asking to cancel the subscription & refund the money that was charged me because it didn't work. He said the 14-day trial was over & he could not refund anything but he did cancel so I should not have any more charges made to my credit card. I then asked to speak to a supervisor & he said one was not available. I then asked for an address & he refused to give me one stating they could not accept any returns (which is not why I wanted the address). I also called my credit card company to ensure no future charges would be added to my card, but since they did not require that I return the products I couldn't dispute the charges. I have dealt with companies likes this before & even though the 14-day trial or 21-day trial has passed, they will usually cancel my subscription AND refund my money. This is not a consumer friendly company whatsoever, so buyer beware! Also, Torrey told me they start the 14-day trial on the day you place the order and I didn't get the product until a week after I ordered, so you're really getting a 7-day trial! This company is very sketchy and should be removed from Facebook!
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1408614
Oct 25 2017
06:45 PM
Femora Aging Cream Femora Aging Cream is a SCAM Internet
Femora Aging Cream (Bell Skin Cream) is a SCAM! i want everyone to know!  You are supposed to just pay for the shipping charges only, but they set your card to charge you a monthly service charge of $89.71!!!! I never received any receipts or confirmation of the shipping but then I was charged $89.71.  I was told that this was a product charge concluding my 2 week trial period.  DO  NOT  PURCHASE  ANYTHING  FROM  FEMORA !!!!!! 
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1407942
Oct 23 2017
08:29 AM
Femora Skin Cream Femora GLUE, not facial cream Santa Ana California
The ads claimed it's Joanna Gaine's beauty product. Supposedly to be a free trial with $4.95 shipping. Nothing else is mentioned about a continuing subscription and other additional products going with the facial cream. No direct physical address, no working telephone number to reach them. Phone numbers obtained from other websites either unmanned or eventually cancelled. I had to cancel my credit card to stop subsequent charges from this fraudulent company. The product smelled like a glue and caused skin allergy. Not worth all the troubles. I worry what is in this product!
Entity: Santa Ana, California
9, Report #1405394
Oct 10 2017
01:01 PM
femora did not specify when trial period began, charged me for more product before i could cancel Internet
Shark Tank name and photo accompanied Femora ads for face cream and eye serum. Took a chance to pay shipping for 'free' samples. Found them through search query through Publishers Clearing House. Femora was not clear when 2 week trial period began. i started counting days from when i received order. Now Femora says counting began day i placed order on a debit card. Company then charged me nearly $200 for another order. Bank would not help because i used debit card. Called to cancel future orders, but Femora would not refund the near $200 charge, even though i tried every way i could. A stupid mistake has proved very costly. It may be too late for me, but i want to warn others of the scam. If Shark Tank people really are involved do i have any recouese through them? Or are they being used without their knowledge to sell questionable products. i am heartsick over this. Please do not fall for this scam.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1405772
Oct 12 2017
07:06 AM
FEMORA Completely ripped me off! Started trial period before I received product charged me over 160$ Internet
I ordered 2 skin creams from Femora for the price of shipping which should have been $4.95 for each item. Upon returning from vacation I saw 2 charges from the company, one for 89.77 and the other was 89.71. I'm so angry! I've called several times, always asking for a supervisor who never seems available. Do I have no recourse? The 2 following lines are what is showing one my bank statement. RESHAPEEYE 800-678-1495 IMPROVE  FACE CARE  800-743-1542   The phone number on the product is 888-7487543. These people need to be punished! I don't have 160$ for face cream!
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1410945
Nov 08 2017
08:59 AM
Femora Face Cream Care Auto withdraw of funds from my bank account. other other
Signed up for a trial sample for paying the S&H ot $6.00+ for a .5 oz jar.  Evidently it was for 14 days trial and I didn't opt out unknown to me.  Charges to my bank account for $89.71 on 10/10/17 and $94.66 on 11/6/17 automatically withdrawn.  I have not received ANYTHING else from this company.  Contacted the phone number of 877-740-9028 associated with the withdrawl to request the funds be returned to my bank account.  Spoke with Sally.  Requested to talk to a supervisor; no supervisor available.  
Entity: other, other
12, Report #1413924
Nov 28 2017
04:10 PM
Femora Skin Care Products Premium Eye Premium Face RTM*VitaminCRNWX Made SCAM!! a trail offer for small amt. then made a small print requirement that is not seen on this site. Gave a 14 day trial then locked you into this very high priced product that you have no idea you even want. They ship everything at once. No trial at all, it bogus! I found out by my bank alerting me that an unusual charge was made for 89.77 & 89.71 as well as the initial sample charges of 3.95 & 4.95 & 34.71!!!=$223.09 Florida
Scammed with fine print making the trial offer of 3.95 & 4.95 into an automatic order before you even get the product to try. When confronted all they say is sorry  I insisted on a full refund but they were unwilling After insisting I get a refund due to shady business scam & threat I would report them, they did give me 25% No supervisor available to speak wtih due to high volume of calls!  Most likely disgruntled customers. There is absolutely NO TRIAL time with product, trial days listed (14day),  is the whole time it takes for product to arrive. They even have a cancelation fee! They are from the DEVIL! I want my $ back, willing to send all products back.  Please help!  
Entity: Florida
13, Report #1398271
Sep 06 2017
02:16 PM
Hello Everyone,  Femora Aging Cream is a SCAM! i want everyone to be aware and prevent things like this happing to them.  9/6/17 I just can't believe that there are people like this out there that take advantage of innocent people and their hard working money. First off all, NEVER fall for anything that is free and you just pay for the shipping charges.... This famous Femora cream doesn't send you any receipts of confirmation of the shipping but does go ahead and charge your account the 89.71 for the cream itself and continues to do this in a monthly service. I got a hold of someone and she said that they can only refund me a 75% credit back to my account. After i received this credit back to my account that's where the freaking NIGHTMARE STARTED. i just can't believe that they overdraft my account and i'm short $1,000 dollars. I learned my lesson to not provide my credit card number online or to someone over the phone. i now have to dispute this with my bank. Just think twice about making any kind of purchases online. 
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1401243
Sep 20 2017
09:02 AM
FEMORA - SCAM - CHARGE YOU NO MATTER WHAT charge you s/h for trial then extra fees then loose your cancellation so they charge you full price Nationwide
They offer a free trial;  charge you shipping;  then xharge you additional unknown charges;  then loose your cancellation and say you never called so they can charge you full price for something you dont want. Will not listen when you offer proof you called just take your money.. BEWARE!!
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1417881
Dec 19 2017
09:53 AM
Femora Wonder mediain Face cream redefined AglessGTBM They sent items i did not order and charge me $188.38 for these products Santa Ana California
I ordered a one month trial of their product with only having to pay shipping and handling. They do not let me know that i would recive them once a month at a charge of $188.38. Then when sent back i did not receive a refund for it they kept my $188.38.
Entity: Santa Ana, California
16, Report #1405575
Oct 11 2017
10:46 AM
 I called to cancel my trial. The rep offered a free bottle of femora and to do another extension at no charge. I never received the free bottle so I called to cancel. Of course no record of cancellation and my card had a pending charged 89.00. When i called to get the pending transaction canceled i was met with a rude unhelpful rep who proceeded to say i didn't cancel and they couldn't help. I've worked in finance you can cancel a pending transaction. They lure you with false promises to get your card info then charge you even after you cancel. They will lie and say they never talked to you.
Entity: FOUNTAIN VALLEY, California
17, Report #1410658
Nov 06 2017
03:23 PM
Femora RLYAICN*APEXEYE FACECREAMDEEPEX Under the two (AKA) names on bank statement I was charged $89.77 and $89.71 on my debit card Conway Arkansas
From an ad on facebook, I signed up for a Free trail offer of Femora anti-aging cream with a Free Femora Anti-Aging Eye Serum included. I received the 2 products. Then Femora, under the two (AKA) names on bank statement I was charged $89.77 and $89.71 on my debit card. I cannot find their web address. However, there is a phone number 888-749-8211.
Entity: Conway, Arkansas
18, Report #1409629
Oct 31 2017
08:08 AM
Femora anti aging cream trial is a ripoff, charge full retail in a few days Nationwide
I ordered this thinking what a great product. No problems I may like it. I have done this before with other products and have canceled if I didn't like the product.  This time, they don't even give you a chance to cancel, no reciept and no warning they will just start charging your account without notice...I went to cancel as  soon as I saw they had charged my account, and they told me I was being charged for the trial order full retail..this was unexceptable. They were totally missleading in their ad.
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
19, Report #1409481
Oct 30 2017
01:20 PM
Femora Skin Care Used fraudulent unscrupulous practices misrepresenting the cost of product until they got my card #. Then no recourse for refund Fountain Valley, California Internet
 Ordered 14 day free trial advertised for 4.95 and after giving card no. For billing the next screen shows up with a 35.00 charge for vitamins I did not ask for and another additional 7.95 dollar shipping charge. The webpage would not allow me to agree or disagree with these charges and could not go back to take off or cancel. Order was complete. Website showed no prior terms or conditions until you completed order then allowed you to go to a link at bottom of page to read the terms. It then got even got worse. They were automatically charging my card $90 a month for another order starting within 10 days of receipt of free trial unless you cancel. Well I figured no problem, I will call and cancel. When I called them they could not help me because they had no record of my order said to call back tomorrow. That maybe it will show up in system then. When I called back the next day they said it was too late to cancel shipment went out! They said I would have to wait until I received package to cancel. It was a Saturday so I could not talk with my bank until Monday, but I saw on online banking that charges had already cleared bank. Called Femora support on Monday, also sent them email over the weekend asking them to cancel, but talked with customer service on Monday and they told me I can not cancel recurring amount until November 10th because I need to try it first! I told her that is when the next shipment goes out for you to charge me $90 more. I told her I see how you all operate like a scam. I said I was calling my bank and hung up on her. Before I could call my bank she called me back and said supervisor would allow her to cancel it now and she would send me a confirmation email. I called my bank anyway and they are blocking my account and sending me a new debit card. Good thing I did because I never got a confirmation email back customer service at Femora as promised! I emailed them back and told them since they did not confirm my cancellation by email as promised, consider this my cancellation. I told them how unscrupulous their business practices are and if their product is good like they say, they shouldn’t have to resort to these low down tactics to sell it. I am not one to get scammed like this and am usually careful about buying on-line. They use movie stars like Sally Field to testify as to how this skin product is the fountain of youth. I would not advise anyone to buy this product unless you have tried it, like it and don’t mind being billed over 90 dollars recurrently month for it. It is really fraudulent the way they sell it by misrepresentation having a website set up in such a way to scam consumers.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1428812
Feb 12 2018
02:43 PM
Femora ABC Skin Cream/ Aural Eye Serum/Aurora Continue taking money out of my bank account after canceling acct Santa Ana California
We placed a sample trial order Sept. 21, 17; canceled but they continue to charge the bank account. Have dealt with numerous people to refund my money which totaled $556.24. I was told their system charges and cancels when it wants. I was told even though the package never left my post office to deliver order (Apartment no. was missing) that I wouldn't receive a full refund because i have to be charged a restocking fee. No one there has any clear answer to where is my full refund. Now after 7 weeks i'm told they just canceled my refund request and will resubmit another request that can take maybe 3 weeks or 4 weeks or maybe up to 6 weeks. This place is a Fraud/Scam. 
Entity: Santa Ana, California
21, Report #1421744
Jan 08 2018
07:38 AM
Femora. Aging Cream They keep sending product but I having been try to cancel fr om the ever first jar but no answerThey send me a sample Belen New Mexico
They charge me for this items but would answer phone call to cancel n the product is not working to the standards they put themselves in
Entity: Belen, New Mexico
22, Report #1423696
Jan 17 2018
08:20 PM
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
23, Report #1408690
Oct 26 2017
07:31 AM
femora cream they charged me for free 30 day trial after fourteen days and i did not submit an order, it was supposed to be a free 30 day trial with shipping charges only.
there was an online advertisement for Femora skin cream, free trial with 4.95 shipping. I received the product in a small box with nothing but a shipping slip indicating the 4.95 charge on the two weeks after they took 89.95 from my bank. I called them. a rep said i was supposed  to call them and go online to rate the product. i reread the agreement and it is misleading, ambigous, and does not clearly state what you must doafter two weeks they automatically considered me a subscriber and charged me tthe 89.95, altho the initial statement said 30 day free trial. when i called they said they can only give me 35% of my money back only if i agreed to not take legal action against them, they offered me more free cream i said NO i did not want anything else to do with them, that i didn't trust them, they assured me they would not charge me for anything else and they would dissolve my bank information. I am seeing other complaints about their practices and how they still took money from peoples account anyway after the fact. I made it quite clear that it wanted to cancel my so called subscription which i did not subscribe and they assured me my bank info would be dissolved from their records but i am not so sure now after reading other complaints. Please investigate their practices and i am sure the way they mislead people by omitting info and wording that is not clear they will get away with this after making millions. I am on social security and a cancer survivor with health isssues and could not afford what they took.  Please ghet them for they are cheating people out of money and it isn't right.  Thank you. if you need more from me my e mail is (((REDACTED))).  Sincerely and thank you.  mary c. d  gainesville, fl 32641. 
Entity: San Jose, California
24, Report #1386523
Jul 18 2017
06:02 PM
Fresh Beauty Care ideasaboutmakeuptips.comNova Skin Sciences a slimy scam St. Petersburg Florida
Watch out for Trial Offer...Pay only $4.95 S&H.  ...Because if you don't catch that fine print, you will be surprised when your next credit card statement arrives and there are charges of $109. & $103. for 2 little jars of anti-ageing cream, plus you will find you have now subscribed to monthly deliveries. I did my best to undo this but ended up about $40. poorer: $5.95 x 2 for S&H to receive, about $10.00 in postage to return the 2 unused products, plus $10. each to re-shelf the products in the warehouse.  The balance is to be refunded to me.  We'll see.
Entity: St. Petersburg, Florida
25, Report #1420963
Jan 04 2018
06:35 AM
Fresh Beauty Care unauthorized charges St. Petersburg Florida
Watch out for Trial Offer...Pay only $4.95 S&H.  ...Because if you don't catch that fine print, you will be surprised when your next credit card statement arrives and there are charges of $95. fwhen no where can I find that there are automated charges monthly.
Entity: St. Petersburg, Florida

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