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1, Report #1410362
Nov 04 2017
11:55 AM
Doug Lattin - Omega Event Services Stole $1000 from me Minneapolis Minnesota
I pre-paid Omega Event Services $1030.27 for a “Pop Up Camper 2011 Flagstaff w/Air” with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 2,200 pounds. On Friday, August 5th, 2016, Doug Lattin, owner of Omega Event Services delivered a “2013 forest River patriot 26bh” with a GVW of 4,500 pounds, well in excess of what my vehicle could tow and therefor I had no use for. I notified Mr. Lattin that my vehicle could not tow a trailer with this GVW. He replied that this was the only trailer that he had available. On Saturday, August 13th, 2016, I sent a written request to Mr. Lattin for a refund in full. He declined my request.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
2, Report #1410428
Nov 05 2017
09:51 AM
Omega Event Services - Doug Lattin Omega Event Services - Doug Lattin Scam, ruined event, liar Saint Paul Minnesota
If I was able, Doug and his shoddy company, if you can even call it that, would get a negative million rating. Months ago, I contacted him to arrange a graduation package. No problem, paid for it up front. The week comes, I contact them to confirm, and am asked if it is ok if they deliver on Sunday AM vs the originally planned Saturday evening, I agree as our event starts at noon on Sunday and as long as it is there in the morning. Then Saturday afternoon, I get a call saying they will deliver and set up that day instead, great, no problem. 30 minutes later, Doug emails me to inform me that we were back to Sunday morning, again no problem.. Then, Sunday, the day of the graduation party, at 9:15 they are not there and no communication from Doug. I call and email asking what the status is and am told 10 am is what they are shooting for.and to ask for my address.. I reply stating that I am now not happy as time is running short and express my annoyance at the fact they had to ask my address?? A few min later I get another email saying...Sorry, I will cancel the order and refund your money. WHAT?? Are you kidding me? Ten emails and Ten Phone calls back to him and no response.. Grad party in two hours... No tables, no chairs, no tent... Doug, I hope you read this, as I am seriously considering filing a suit for breach of contract.. Also, both my wife and I are in the hospitality business, with enough contacts and business partners to make sure that every catering company, event planner, and foodservice pro in a 50 mile radius knows not to EVER contact you for anything EVER.. Good luck staying in business, you screwed over the wrong people.
Entity: Saint Paul, Minnesota
3, Report #556379
Jan 18 2010
05:35 PM
Miami 7 Event KIS Media, Promotion Investment Scheme Chesapeake, Virginia
Mr. Clarence Khalil Neely took investment in the name of Miami 7 or Miami Seven event promotions for a concert to be held in Iowa by me and other investors.  The money was paid to him directly and the concert did not take place.  He did not return money to me or my investors.  Instead he blemed the event lost or a larger promotion company for taking the date.  I am now being sued and he is no where to be found.  I am looking to serve him papers as a party to the suit.  Don't do business with him.  He also goes by the name Khalil Neely. Another company that he uses is KIS Media.  Also beware of his Myspace scam that he was brewing when started the KIS Media Marketing Company.
Entity: Chesapeake, Virginia
4, Report #1173
May 14 2014
10:24 AM
DJ Connections rip-off
Incompetent DJ Service DJ Connections made a complete mess of our event. They did not follow through with our group when we attempted to make a complaint. They lied about what happened. They did not do what they promised. They attempted to blame us for the mistakes they made. THEY WOULD NEVER RETURN PHONE CALLS!!!!
Entity: Sacramento, California
5, Report #383622
Oct 22 2008
04:49 AM
Tickets4venues First Class Vanishing Act! Internet
magicians can saw you in half, predict your card, even find a coin behind your ear! but that is nothing compared to this clever artist. they will dazzle you with bright lights and music, seduce you with the promise of your hearts desire, they will even leave you feeling safe and secure. then as they take a bow (and your hard earned money) the light above your head gets brighter when you send e-mail after e-mail, with no reply! and you realise it's just an allusion. The only real thing is money being withdrawn out of your bank and you being left with nothing!, nothing but the empty feeling in the pit of your stomach as you watch your family leave without you to watch the long awaited 2008 coldplay concert. elvis has left the building? tickets4venues have dropped off the planet and taken the cash with them. i sincerely hope you enjoy the money, you must need it badly. Amanda ShropshireUnited Kingdom
Entity: Internet
6, Report #423271
Feb 12 2009
08:22 AM
Ticketmaster Sprinsteen Fraud Chicago Illinois
AS everybody knows by now,Ticketmaster used deceptive practices when people attempted to purchase Bruce Springsteen tickets over the phone.They re-routed ticket requests to Ticket Now,adding service charges up 50% over face value of tickets[my tic were $65.00 for 4.....Ticket Now charged me $428.00] Unbelievable.Ticketmaster CEO issued a apology,saying they won,t do it again.Right!!!.I filed a complaint to Illnois Attorney Governor[illnoisattorneygovernor.gov].Ticketmaster is ripping people off with their regular outrageous service charges ,nowthis. Hopefully,more people will complain about this!! Mcp chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
7, Report #957293
Oct 19 2012
01:46 PM
Groupon groupon.com, www.groupon.com Bait and Switch Internet
Groupon has a part of it's site that has a video claiming that they give great customer service. http://www.groupon.com/groupon-promise This is complete bull shit!  I bought a groupon for a friend.  They were unable to use it.  They called Groupon who told them they could not get a refund.  I called Groupon and told them I wanted a refund and asked for a supervisor.  The supervisor told me he could not give me a refund because it was policy and in the fine print.  This is a complete bait and switch.  I will tell all my friends and anyone who will listen that these guys are crocks.  I have already filed with my credit card for a refund.  I will never use them again, they have horrible customer service and the people you deal with are completely rude.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #1157238
Jun 24 2014
07:19 PM
Gigmasters User Agreement paradox Nationwide
I find the user agreement at Gigmasters to be a paradox.First they tell you that you have'' Accountability of the highest standard of professionalism.'' Then in the user agreement it says We do not control information . It can be offensive , harmful, inaccurate or deceptive.  In fact they do not no if the people you hire have a business license or has even a record. They say they have the people sign a paper saying they are living the laws.  Guess what half that I looked up were not licensed. These statements seem to be a variance of common sense.They seem to contradict the truth.So which one is it?Then there is the release from all damages so you can not hold them responsible. Then there is the booking fee of 5%  20$ minimum. Now I am not a math major but but 20% on a 120.00 job is a lot more then 5% Booking fee.I believe the standard is 12% or less. So why do they say it is 5% if they never charge 5%? Guess it sounds good.  I believe it is better to hire local in your city were you can call the city business license. Pay at the door and not give deposits to companies that may or not be legal companies. But what do I no I am a parent not an attorney.What bothers me the most is that I looked up 10 locations and over 5 did not have a business license. They sub contract out jobs so you can get anyone and also do Trademark infrigement.  So how is this DE corporation with just a foreign corporation in CT able to advertise on the net in every state? It is my understanding that they are required to have a foreign for each state. Also if they book people for 150 miles and the cities laws are that the companies have a license in each city they work in how does that work??? That would mean they don't ahear to city laws usually also.   These are our kids we are talking about. We are trusting there Accountability and they are giving a mixed message. We as parents have the right to no who is coming into our homes, not Mr.Bubbles that tells us nothing. Also most all of the towns the people say they come from are not true. Guess they don't want you to book them yourself, or they would lose money if you call direct.  I do not welcome in your words harmful,inaccurate or deceptive  in my home. So lets be clear about this before you agree on it Read the user agreement what you are signing up for. All of these are my personal opinions  said in good faith.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1001465
Jan 22 2013
05:37 PM
TicketWeb Stole $260 , Internet
I never recieved my New Years Eve event ticket in the mail so contacted TicketWeb as was directed to. My ticket was supposed to be at Will Call. I arrived at the event with my boyfriend whose ticket had arrived and was turned away by the extremely rude manager. He told me it was a TicketWeb issue and there was nothing he could do. He took my boyfriends ticket away and left us with no options.  I called TicketWeb the next day to get a refund for both tickets and they seemed upset and concerned. They accepted a simple no refunds given from the bar. They did not require any reason nor contact the bar. I tried again and spoke with a supervisor and manager on two separate occasions but they did not do more than email the bar and did not care to understand the reason why the bar would not refund the money.   Their managers and supervisors sound oblivious to how to handle customer service issues and are likely poorly educated.  The bar told me it was an issue with TicketWeb and TicketWeb didn't seem to care, they had their money and all was fine. Makes sense that such a terrible company would work and aasociate with such a rotten manager and bar such as the one I dealt with on New Year's Eve.
Entity: Internet, Internet
10, Report #1045782
Apr 24 2013
08:26 AM
Gigmasters.com 30,000 Hits daily Internet
The Ftc said, Google has not manipulated its web search to hurt rivales . Yet Gigmasters as of 2012 said they got 170,000 gigs 102 million in revenue for the customers, and 30,000 daily hits.  Now lets see I get maybe 2 calls a day as a rivale. You are asking your self why I do not join them. Do you think it is right that I should pay them 5 to 10 percent to get jobs in my home town in Ca to a CT company? Do you think it is right that entertainers are fighting each other like 10 people for the jobs in their home town, when most of these people are not licensed to be there. It would be like everyone fishing in their towns and getting fish for free , suddenly a guy with a big net comes and takes them all and says pay me for the fish. These people are working all the towns for 100 miles. The cities should care that they work with no license.Each town is required to have a license. They also use each other as employees to make sure they get all the work. So if i go in and I bid one legal person or they bid 6, guess who gets the jobs!!!! Then there is the search engine how they put 4 to 6 of their people at the top of google ads to draw all the traffic to them. Ftc you need to look at this again.  These are my personal opinions granted under free speech. Laws are being broken and I refuse to be part of  that. Under ground economy, trademark infrigement, and city license just to name a few.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #1032960
Sep 10 2000
12:00 AM
CAMMY TV rip-off
http://www.cammytv.com....paid 15.00 per month via visa and they are not online to fulfill thier commitment. paid for a service and nothing...
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1050694
May 13 2013
07:10 PM
VIP Nation runaround, ripoff California
My wife and I purchased two of the special packages from VIP Nation for the Virginia Beach Rush concert on May 5, 2013.  This package was supposed to come with seats in the front 15 rows as well as a package of merchandise including t-shirts, programs, posters, etc. I was originally told we would get word as to how to get our tickets the day of the show about five days prior to the concert.  When I e-mailed VIP Nation I was assured I would receive that information by a certian time.  The timely arrival of this information was vital to us as Virginia Beach was a two day drive and part of an overall vacation for us.  When VIP Nation failed to send the information as promised, I e-mailed them to assertively inquire about the delay.  I received an e-mail that told me the information was on its way (as well as the merchandise) in a rather abrupt and defensive e-mail assuring me that VIP Nation were not amateurs.  As a frustrated paying customer getting the runaround, this type of response appears to fall on closer to the amateur end of the amateur-professional spectrum.  That information did come in the nick of time and we did at least get to see the show. As for the merchandise--it was supposed to be here right after the concert (so they told us right before the show as it should have arrived before the show).  It has been over a week since the show and I still await the merchandise.  I have e-mailed VIP Nation with an ultimatum for getting the merchandise to me or I will follow through with a credit card dispute with them.  They have yet to respond to that e-mail. If VIP Nation were as expeditious at providing goods and services as they are charging customers' credit cards, I wouldn't be writing this. As much as I love Rush, I won't be going to any more of their shows as long as they're using VIP Nation.  Ticketmaster may have gouged concert-goers but at least they got the tickets to us promptly.  
Entity: unknown, California
13, Report #1231290
May 24 2015
05:24 PM
Blacklight Run Money Scam Berea Ohio
This event is a huge money pit. Firstly, it purports to support charities (such as the Children's Hospital). However, once we arrived, there was no sign, no banner, no mention of any charity it was contributing to. Every single charity event I have ever been to (and even some that weren't) always spent time verbally promoting the charity. There would be banners and signs, and the charity itself would usually have a table set up to answer questsions and give people free pens and whatnot. There was nothing like that here. Blacklight Run was all about themselves. Their registration process alone is a scam as well. They charge an additional $5 for people to register online. They call it a convenience fee. So people are saving them time and effort and have to pay -more-. Keep that in mind for later. I suppose this might make sense if someone was processing a large group of people--oh wait, you can't do that. You have to register each and every person individually. That means they hit you for a $5 fee extra for every single person you register online. For our group of six, that was $30 additional dollars just for us registering online. Do you believe it's a ripoff yet? During the time between registering and the event itself, our coordinator got repeatedly spammed with mail on their blacklight gear, trying to convince all of us to spend more money on their site. We saved all emails sent, which comes into play later. But all that spam surely was annoying. The day of the event comes. We all gather--our member who lives the farthest traveled an hour and a half. We parked off-site and walked in. Thankfully, this saved us the very high $10 parking fee. Once there, we find the registration tent and go to pick up our bib with our ID numbers so we can enter the course. What Blacklight Run failed to tell us during all those spam emails was that someone had to pick up the bibs the previous day--otherwise Blacklight Run would charge another $5 fee per person to pick up their bibs to enter the walk/run that they had already paid for. Of course, all six of us were baffled by this. The lady we were attempting to register with was curt and cold and repeatedly insisted that we had received one email three weeks ago that explained all this (compared to dozens of spam emails). She flagged her manager over who repeated the same thing. One member of our group pulled out her smart phone and started checking every single email she had received--there was no mention of needing to pick up the entry pack the day before or pay a fee. In addition, as I wrote previously, we live well over an hour away with one member living over an hour and a half from the event. Even if one member of our group were able to drive an hour there and back (despite full time jobs and school) to pick up everyone's pack, the cost in gas to drive a total of two hours would add up. The manager said we could have asked someone in the area to pick up the entry packets for us--we don't know anyone in the area (she had an inhuman lack of empathy). Do you believe this is a ripoff yet? So our group of six is standing there, very baffled, and the registar looked like she wanted to turn us all away. We had driven a long way to enjoy this event. We had already paid the price to enter, plus the convenience fee for registering online. Now the lady wanted to charge us another $30 ($5 per person) to pick up our entry packet--it was an inconvenience fee since they had to process us with the crowd right there. That's right! They charge you for making things easy on them as well as making things hard on them! It didn't help that we only had our drivers' licenses and had walked 15 minutes to get to the fairgrounds. None of us wanted to carry a lot on the course, and no one was thrilled to go all the way back to the car to get our wallets. So we had no money to pay for the fee after all that travel. Do you believe this is a ripoff yet? Our one member finally showed the manager our email communications on her smart phone, so the manager coldly, begrudgingly agreed to let us on the course and walked off. The registar got very waspish at this point--to the point of being nasty. She said we had to sign waivers--we pointed out we already had and that she was holding them in her hand. She smacked them down on the table and started going through them. She then said that she only had two waivers and that three people had signed online (only two had signed online), and that I needed to sign a waiver and she flung the clipboard at me. I pointed out that she again had my waiver in her left hand. So she snatched the clipboard back and proceeded to throw our entry packets at us. In addition to the bib, every entry packet contained a t-shirt. None of us really wanted the t-shirts. However, there is no way to register for this event without buying a t-shirt. Blacklight Run is charging people for products they don't even want! Do you believe it's a ripoff yet? We milled around the concert stage for a while. I will compliment them, the music was good. But again, there was no mention of any charity despite their frequent commercials for their own gear. At last, the event starts, and we're all ushers to the starting line. That was sheer chaos. They let VIPs through first--I know that makes sense, but it is still ridiculous to even have the concept of VIPs at all for a walk like this. No other walk that anyone in our group has ever done has ever had VIPs. Of course, being a VIP costs money, so this is just another way to scam walkers. It wasn't even well organized at the start. They made no attempt to separate runners and walkers, which made things incredibly frustrating for anyone trying to run, especially for time. They didn't even attempt any traffic organization, such as runners stay to the left. They started people in waves--but no one once even tried to check to make sure we had our bibs. That's right! After all that headache about getting our entry packets and stuff, no one even checked to see if we were properly registered when we entered the course! We could have just been passersby for all they cared.  The course itself was decent, but it had a lot of asphalt and gravel without the transitions being marked, which caused a lot of stumbles and trips. They also had color stations periodically where people would throw colored dust as you walked by. These were places people liked to linger to get more dust on themselves, take pictures under the blacklights, and just catch their breaths--which was dangerous as those who were running didn't want to stop. It all felt disorganized. I suppose I can't complain too much about this as the dust did wash easily out of our bags and hair. We were walkers, and by the time we had finished, we had plenty of time to discuss all I've typed here. We didn't even stay for the afterparty (and again, no attempt was made to check if people actually had paid to get in or not). We were very disappointed as all Blacklight Run seemed to care about was lining their own pockets. They tried to slam us with $60 in additional fees just to walk a course at a public fairground (so it's not like they had any location overhead to worry about). These fees happened whether you made things easier for them or if you made things harder for them (you know, because checking someone's name off of a list the day of an event is so strenuous). Their entry fee was way too steep for three color stations of cheap powder. And even more disappointing was the lack of promoting for the charities they came to support. We will not be going back. And I hope none of you do either--do you believe it's a ripoff yet?
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1163350
Jul 19 2014
08:59 AM
Juggle Bubbles Buyer Beware Internet
Please DO NOT buy. This product does not work. When you call to request refund, they do not give you full refund. They give you either the postage and handling or the $10 for product. Very misleading as the site states that they dont give postage and handling refunds. You will do better using dish soap for bubbles!!!!!
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1163370
Jul 19 2014
10:54 AM
Clown.com Adolph Rodriguez False advertisment Nationwide
This NY Domestic corporation  says ''Imagine your kids face when his favorite TV star comes to the birthday?'' The music for the character is used also. All are people are employees that work only for our company. We are insured and bonded. We require a 100 deposit on your credit card pay the rest cash at the door.  Now lets look at all this  First of all you can not  get incorporated to do trademark characters. So how did they get there corporation.? Maybe thats why it says Clown in the name and not trademark characters.  These characters belong to others. Second of all the music is copyrighted.This means there is an exclusive privilege for its use. And they don't own it. Then they say all entertainers are 21 to 29. Wow, talk about age discrimination . I believe this is illegal also.  Then they say that all the people are Employees. They do not use any one that is not working just for them.  What about insured and bonded? How do you blanket insure every one? So why is there listing in CA under clown? Why does companies like Johnston Amusement in Stockton have the same logo picture up on her Map? It looks to me like Clown.com is working more then NY were they have the safety of there corporation.So all that stuff about them being all employees is false.  Then after all that they want you to give them your credit card for 100 dollars and you pay the entertainer the balance at the door cash.  So does this look like some one you want to give your credit card to? Not me!! These are my personal opinions. 
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1219891
Apr 02 2015
07:26 AM
Talent Call Same Scam! Internet
This is the same old scam. It took me a short Google search (talent call review) to figure it out, but I did unfortunately reply to the initial email. I replied to an ad on Craigslist saying they were casting for the CBS show Scorpian. First they sent me an email from performer@stage.gp-studios.com, with:Thank you for your interest in the casting call for the CBS series Scorpion!  We have received your email and we're now replying back to you.This hit drama show from the producer of Hawaii Five-0 is now casting nine roles for an upcoming episode which begins filming in Mid-April.We need to ask you a few quick questions to determine if you might be right for any of the roles being cast.1) What decade were you born?2) What age range would you be best able to play?3) What's your gender?4) Briefly describe any previous acting experience you've had, such as student films, online videos, television acting, or live theater.5) What is a daytime cell phone number where you can be reached?Please reply back as soon as possible with the answers to the above questions.We will read over your response and determine if any roles might be suitable for you.We look forward to hearing back from you today.Sincerely,Megan HoffmanTalent CallI responded, foolishly. Then I got from a different email address (castcalls@hushmail.com) saying I would be right for a certain role, along with a link to their site. I got suspicious there because the layout was terrible, but mostly because they were asking for $18.95. Rule number one of signing up with a casting agent is that you never pay them any money up front. So I stopped from there.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1213980
Mar 06 2015
11:52 PM
Vividseats.com outrageous and hidden service fees Internet
I purchased 2 tickets to Tim McGraw concert for Aug. 2, 2015 at DTE in Clarkson, MI.     I picked seats that were priced at $161 as I did not want to spend over $350 including taxes and any small fees.   I selected the 2 tickets and then I had to click a box that said I agree that the face value of the tickets (no mention of a service fee) could be more than the value of the tickets.  I wasn't sure what this meant but thought it must mean they could possibly cost less somewhere else which I clicked Agree as I wanted to be sure I got them. I figured I would find out later if I did a search on another website if the price was more or not.   I had to click Agree or I would not have been able to purchase the tickets.  I also had no choice but to choose Email Deliver even though I wanted them mailed to me.   So after clicking agree I see my receipt that I was charged $409.37!! for 2 tickets that only totaled $322.00.   It said After I  agree and it was already charged to my credit card; that there is an $87.37 Service Fee! (for what?) and also $6.95 charge for email delivery which was my only choice and I have to provide the paper and ink!!  I could see if they had to actually mail them and what is the $87.37 fee?  There was no page that said what the total would be, no page that showed the service fee and total Before you hit submit not even a submit button just a box where you have to click i agree well  I did not agree to paying a $87.37 service fee and I am having some legal advise to see if this is legal or not. This is trickery!!!
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1257516
Sep 27 2015
10:19 PM
Iconn Tour Reach Out Entertainment Scams Kids Scam, Took Money for bogus Event Chicago Event Internet
What a scam...first event cancelled..no refunds...a bunch of BOYS meeting underage girls at The Bean ...with no liability ...no permits...no security in a forum not described in ticket sales. They say the Boys met up on their own yet the company tweets the pictures of this unsupervised event supporting and worse yet endorsing it ! First show rescheduled...16more ( or so ) scheduled with no real venues. Also contacted the so called Chicago Venue and found out a totally different story then what was tweeted. Dont Scam Kids out of money !! Hold the event you promised ! Most unprofessional tour racket yet lol      
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1410700
Nov 06 2017
08:37 PM
Omega Event Services Doug Lattin Dirty glasses, no responses, ruined our otherwise wonderful day Saint Paul Minnesota
Hiring Omega Event Services to do the tent set-up, tables, chairs and some provide glasses was the only regret from an otherwise wonderful wedding. When we were looking at vendors, Doug Lattin was good at returning our calls. Unfortunately, his communication close to the wedding was terrible. He refused to return my wife's calls. She kept asking him to call her, and he never did. On the day of the wedding he sent an email to remind us to have the water turned on at the event site so he could fill the barrels to stake the tent. That reminder should have been sent days earlier because it caused way to much stress on the wedding day. The final straw was he brought over DIRTY champagne glasses. They had wine still in a large number of the glasses. We had to wash them and there was very little time to do that. It was disgusting and should never have happened. I strongly recommend you do not use this vendor!
Entity: Saint Paul, Minnesota
20, Report #757209
Jul 27 2011
02:22 PM
Metro Entertainment Misrepresentation of services Vernon, Connecticut
In March, 2011 I contacted Metro Entertainment via e-mail and ordered 2 tickets to a concert to be held in Orlando, FL on July 29, 2011. My reason for ordering so early was that  these tickets were a special 16th birthday gift for my grandson. My credit card was immediately charged, I called the company the end of May and was told the tickets would be delivered the first of July. That was not in time for my grandson's birthday but was ok since I was assured they would be delivered the first of July. The first week of July I e-mailed AND called again and was again reassured the tickets would be delivered on or before July 22, 2011. I called again on July 18, 2011 and was told the tickets weren't there yet but reassured again they would be coming. On Friday, July22, 2011 I called and was told the tickets were there  and I asked that they overnight them to me and was charged an additional $10.00 for that service and was assured they would send them. They did not come by the evening of July 25, 2011 so I expected them by the next day. On the following day, July 26, 2011 I recieved a call at approximately 4:00 PM from a representative of the company saying they regretted to tell me that the tickets would not be coming. Needless to say I was really upset as this was the ONE gift my grandson wanted most of all and I had promised him. I feel that I entered into a legal contract with Metro Entertainment and they defaulted. Had they not kept on reassuring  me that the tickets would come I would have gone elsewhere but now it is too late. The venue is sold out. I won't even go into how dissapointed my grandson is but that IS a huge factor in my complaint. What reputable company handles business like this? Certainly not one I will ever recommend or use again. I want to warn other possible purchasers about this company.
Entity: Vernon, Connecticut
21, Report #1410349
Nov 04 2017
10:26 AM
Doug Lattin - Omega Event Sevices Ruined our event. Late. Tables and chairs muddy. Threats Minneapolis Minnesota
Avoid Doug Lattin and Omega Event Services like the plague. All of our items were a disaster. They were late. All of the chairs and tables were filthy. Dishes filthy. Half the items missing. Found out he is basically a middleman. When confronted I've gotten hate texts and threats. Absolute worst ever. Do not use. Ruined beyond repair or entire event.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
22, Report #1408876
Oct 26 2017
07:49 PM
Doug Lattin Omega Event Services Ripoff, scam, do not use, worst ever. Many negative reviews Woodbury Minnesota
 Absolutely horrible company. The items we ordered and paid for were not delivered. Not only did we not receive what we paid for, they failed to show up or call when they were supposed to. Upon tracking them down, they told us their truck broke down, but didn't have the decency to call and let us know. The tables they delivered were not the ones we ordered and the chairs that were delivered were caked in mud and dirt. Our delivery was nearly 24 hours late and to date, our request for any amount of refund has been met with zero response. I would stay away from this company at all costs. The only value they will add to your event will be heartache and the cost of a bottle of aspirin.
Entity: Woodbury, Minnesota
23, Report #1413977
Nov 28 2017
07:05 PM
Omega Event Services celticblue7@yahoo.com Doug Lattin Stole $4000 deposit. Ruined wedding. Scam artist. Saint Paul Minnesota
Hired Doug Lattin and Omega Event Services to handle reception. Paid $4000 deposit well in advance. Morning of setup no one showed. Called and called. Finally reached Doug who claimed truck broke down.  Finally showed up with maybe 20 percent of items. I said forget it and just give me my money.  Five months later and still no money.  Similar complaints on The Knot and Google.  Anyone looking to band together to sue please comment or contact.  TOTAL SCAM ARTIST. DO NOT USE. 
Entity: Saint Paul, Minnesota
24, Report #900456
Jun 20 2012
02:11 PM
CEAVCO Audio Visual Johnathan Pinks, Eric Newkirk Event Video Services Negative Experiences Internet
At first you would think that CEAVCO is the best option for audio and visual services in Denver, Colorado but think again.  We have (unfortunately) worked with CEAVCO for years and just recently decided that we've had enough.  We need to share our experience about this company and what they've done to the non-profit and corporate events in Denver, Colorado.  CEAVCO made an agreement to provide a service to a childhood cancer non-profit in Denver, Colorado and showed up with a delivery truck loaded with 2 cameras (they were supposed to provide 3) and only two camera cables (100ft) for an ENTIRE thousands sq feet Grand Ballroom.  They also failed to deliver a compatible recording deck with their visual mixer.  Their contact technician (who doesn't work for CEAVCO) felt bad and stayed as long as he could helping to setup with what little equipment he was provided.  When contacted, Jonathan Pinks (who works directly for CEAVCO as an account manager) said It's not our job to engineer a show and was absolutely upset with us for bringing these issues to him.  He said that he would charge us or a technician to come back out to our event (Keep in mind, NOTHING in their video system is working at this point) and he would charge for a new recording deck that was compatible with their system. CEAVCO did not get our video system working and we had to use the in-house visual company at the hotel to get the system turned on. We had a conference call with the owner Matt and he apologized and told us to use another account manager.  His name was Eric Newkrik.  We decided to try one more time on an event with the Government.  He sent us a quote that was within budget (but over, they will always go over budget) and 1 1/2 weeks prior to the event he sent a separate quote that was double the first one and said that he couldn't do what he originally mentioned for the price and said that he didn't design the right system.  We went to another A/V company in Denver (GOOGLE search for them) and they worked AMAZING UNDER budget.  Please, I beg you, don't work with CEAVCO and choose a better company who has a much better system of doing business.  For professional events, we can't have people like this in business and we have to work hard to teach these companies that they cannot rip off people.  If it was their event, they would be right where we are. Please avoid CEAVCO at all cost. 
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Oct 12 2017
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Maryland Productions Maryland Event Services Shorted Entire Crew's Paycheck Gwynn Oak Baltimore Maryland
    Maryland Productions AKA Maryland Event Services, hired a crew freelancers including myself to travel to Orlando, FL to set-up, run & strike a dance competition. All techs performed exceptionally, and delived a stellar product to our client.. however, soon after returning home to Maryland after this grueling weeklong job, the owner decided to cut every freelancer's check by $500.      I would suggest freelancers stay away from this company unless you're ready for a struggle getting paid what was agreed upon. To this day, I have not been fairly compensated due to the owner/resident agent David Levin avoiding anyone who could possibly be trying to serve a summons. He is the most paranoid person I've ever met (which is why he always carries a piece), probably because of a long history of screwing over friends, business partners, and freelancers. He is also in the habit of secretly recording personal conversations in the office and shop to hear what workers say about him. Worker beware - he's a next level creep!
Entity: Gwynn Oak, Maryland

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