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51, Report #80483
Feb 14 2004
09:40 PM
Fifth Third Bank ripoff late charges & amounts owed Cincinnati ohio
I have a lease with Fifth Third bank of Cincinnati. I do not advise anyone to use this bank. I have been charged late fees for the last year without knowing. I have paid numerous times over the phone each time requesting the amount owed. I have paid this amt assuming this is the correct amt. Somehow my payments have not been posted in a timely manner. In November of 2003 David called my house demanding 242$ & some odd change, now that should've been a tip off, saying that that was what I owed in late fees and if it were paid that day I would be caught up and owe nothing until my next payment. Like a fool I did this. By the way did you know they charge late fees on the late fees? That was a new one to me. If you can not guess let me tell you what has happened. The money I paid to bring supposed late fees up to date was not credited to late fees. Now does this not surprise you? Anyway, for all the supposed late charges I have I was turned over to Client Services, Inc. Now there is a company to behold. They are not only rude, mean and threatening like Fifth Third but also in volation of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, Section 805(a). I have turned this matter over to my attorney so I will see just what will happen. My guess is that if I can get out of my lease it will be the best thing that could happen to me. My words to anyone thinking of leasing a vehicle, DO NOT USE FIFTH THRID BANK OF CINCINNATTI, OHIO. If any sales man even suggests you use them, do now walk but run to your nearest exit. Leah Buchtel, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
52, Report #85918
Mar 30 2004
09:46 AM
Fifth Third Bank ripoff Paid off Chapter 13 Cincinnati Ohio
I co signed for a truck loanin 1996. Total of loan was 13,066.58. It was put through a chapter 13(repayment bankruptcy)balance of 8,621.87 and paid off in Sept 1999. Title of the truck was received less than a month later. On March 18 2004 I recieved a call from Fifth third bank telling me Nastly that I needed to pay the loan balance of 8,387.81 today. The following Saturday I recieved a call from their lawyer telling me that I have a balance of 13,066.58 that I need to pay. Talk about STUPID. That was the total of the original loan! This Bank if thats what you can call them are the most dishonest people around. Not one of the people that I tried to talk to have a nice attitude. They all want THIER money. Patricia New Marshfield, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
53, Report #117061
Nov 10 2004
09:57 AM
Fifth Third Bank Rental Real Estate Rip-off! Dayton Ohio
Back in 1992 I had acquired 5 rental properties and wanted to either refinance them (to pay off the credit cards I'd used in doing total rehabs to them (I did ALL the work myself turning NASTY places into the nicest houses around)) or to finally put an end to the buying/rehabbing spree I was in and finding other ways to make money. Most banks sell their mortgages to Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, but at the time neither would buy loans made on people with 5 mortgages already. I knew this going in and wanted to refinance mine ONLY if I could get future financing on future projects. I informed them of same, the Vice President actuall came into the office and told me that they surely would do any future refinancings of any new properties and that they loved my kind of people because they housed their own loans. On his insistance that they would co-operate with future property refinancings I then refinanced the 5 properties I owned and in the course of the next 2 years bought and did rehabs on 3 more properties. I went in for refinancings, they stonewalled me! I wasn't allowed to talk with Mr. Sadler at all! I hired an Attorney to try and help... he couldn't get in either. It eventually bankrupted me. They participated in a business decision and legally that is grounds for a suit. I persued the suit... no attorneys would take the case without $10,000 upfront fees. I spent weeks trying to find legal help... they all wanted $10,000 up front before they'd even look at it. I spent hundreds of hours at the local Law library and finally put together a web site with all the pertinent information, precidents, scanned documents...everythihng I could think of make it easy for thte attorneys... 6 months of 60 hours a week work. I then got a copy of every lawyer in Montgomery Co.'s email address and sent them a link. The only answer I got was from 5th 3rds attorney's saying they couldn't represent me. Then I had to file bankruptcy. 7 years later... I've finally got 5th 3rd (I think) to properly represent on my credit report that I don't presently owe them any mortgages. At one point they said (on my credit report) that I owed them $6,000,000.00... 1.2 on each of 4 seperate loans on lhouses located in neighborhoods where $40,000 is TOPS for a house. They also collected double judgements on me for every property and they bought all the houses from the public auctions. Also, in the process of getting the original loans they tried using appraisals from their apraisers that were 20% below actual Market Value. other appraisers have told me that was standard policy because they don't like the risk. In my opinion.....they have proven to me (I lost over $500,000 to them) that they're just rip-offs. What else can I say or do? They got the money....I don' I can't fight! John dayton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dayton, Ohio
54, Report #94498
Jun 11 2004
08:04 AM
Fifth Third Bank ripoff - fraudulent billing; abusive and inept customer service; sheer harassment Cincinnati Ohio
I too have been an auto lease customer of Fifth Third Bank. On several occasions they have billed me late fees. I use online banking and sent them proof of when they received the money; but they refused to waive the late fee, because they didn't process it until 11 days later (how convenient, 1 day AFTER the grace period). They told me that I have to account for slow mail....hell, the Pony Express ain't that slow! Recently I decided to purchase my vehicle. They payment was sent in on time. Then I began receiving phone calls that my payment wasn't received. I sent them the information from my online banking to prove that they received the money. Their stupid and inept customer service people were of no help at all. I continued to get daily phones calls from their collections dept, as well as nasty letters from some so-called Vice President for over 6 weeks. The phone calls kept getting worse and worse.....more threatening and abusive with each one. They threatened my credit report, lawsuits, reposession, etc. I finally found someone in Customer Service to speak with me and she was able to track down the problem.....they posted the payment to the wrong account. DUH!!! that's what I've been telling them for 6 weeks!!!! I am contacting my attorney to see what can legally be done. I also intend to contact the Missouri Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau. I will NEVER, EVER do business with Fifth Third Bank again. Philip Lee's Summit, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
55, Report #216493
Oct 18 2006
04:21 PM
Fifth Third Bank Dihonest business practice to collect excessive fees on inactive account Camby Indiana
In Sept of 2004 I left the city of Indianapolis do to a lay-off by one of the major employers there. I had a checking account with 53rd Bank. In approximately Dec 2005 I stopped using my checking account and left a Balance of $25.00 in the account. I never used or accessed this account again. On Oct 16th 2006 I received a notification from 53rd bank that my account had been over drawn and the account had been closed with an amount of -$185.36 and had been turnover to collections. I contacted the bank at the 800 number listed on the website. (Their was no phone number on the letter) and I spoke to Eric who indicated that after talking to the branch that an auto debit of $29.00 had been presented in August, and had over drafted the account by approx $4.00 and had accumulated fees of $181.35. I asked him why this had been turned over to collections and no one had notified me. He said that written correspondence had been returned and the phone had been disconnected. (Yet the bank and the collection agency had a my current and correct address and were able to find me) I find this practice and the fees to ridiculous. I now risk a negative comment on my credit report and I believe this to be a violation of the Fair Credit and Reporting Act, in addition to what amounts to nothing more than poor business practices and customer service. It is apparent that this Financial institutions primary goal is to exploit it customers with astronomical fees and strong-arm collections tactics. This incident occurred in August and in less than 60 days has been turned over to a Collection agency (Nationwide Credit, Inc sent me a that I letter received on 17th Oct) and I have not received any correspondence other than the collection notice. I have spoken to them about reducing the fees but was told that since it was turned over to collections I had to pay it. I strongly urge anyone who is planning on opening a new account to consider any other financial institutions besides 53RD Bank. Their customer service, and business practices are poor at the least and border on extortion at the worst. For a $4.00 overdraft I incurred penalties and fees of 4550%. Wow who needs loan sharks when you have banks that do this! I am disputing these charges with the credit bureau's, reporting this to the BBB (but don't expect to much) and notifying other government agencies. Again, if you are looking for a new financial institution, I would strongly urge you to consider anyone (but recommend Credit Unions) than 53rd Bank. Dennis Chesapeake, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
56, Report #421808
Feb 08 2009
11:08 PM
Fifth Third Bank truth in lending... not when greed is involved Daly City California
I have been dealing with this bank since October. Thinking I was going to be receiveing my title to my truck I instead got a repo man. Customer service has been rude and will not answers any questions stating that they don't have the orginal contract in front of them to answer my questions and then give me another number to call, and they gives me the same answer, although they have some parts of my loan info since they quote me numbers. When I received my history I called and finally got it put on the disputes review. I talked to a lady there and once again got the run around of not having the orginal contract in front of her so she couldn't tell me the reason why my fixed rate had become a variable rate. Instead of doing her job and looking into why I was ? the loan, which would of been just a matter of getting my orginal agreement, she instead sends it to collections again, and to be repossed again...isn't customer service suppose to be service for the customers?? How would you all like it if someone treated your mother that way. I would hope you have enough respect for her to care, cause you sure have none for anybody else. Well I have my orginal loan agreement it states that on Dec 19,2002 I financed 35386.52 at an apr of 6% fixed rate with finance charge of 6741.28, for total of 42127.80e, monthly payments of 638.30, for number of payments 6(e). I am assuming this is six years. And through all my conversations with cutomer service I have argued that my loan was to be paid off in 66mos and they have told me no it was 72 mos. Yes that is correct but what happens with the extra 70.04 i make a month. which would make the loan paid off in march 2008. And according to my loan history they sent it has the term at 72 months with a interest of 4.9% and now the interest is 11.9% Reason being that they state my account has been late since 12/06, after I called in Jan 07 twice to make sure my acount was up to date and paid 811.73 to do this. It clearly shows that i would pay the extra amt of money if I was a month late for the late fees t/o my loan history. Which i really don't believe was necessary since i was alreeady paying extra.. So to date I have paid 43536.86 and fifth third wants 3506.43+ to pay off this loan. Can they possibly expect this when it seems to me that they are just changing the loan #'s as they go. If they can't explain things to me by simply getting out the original loan agreement, then I simply can not bring myself to give them one more dime of my hard earned money. Jj daly city, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Daly City, California
57, Report #335221
May 28 2008
04:16 PM
Fifth Third Bank Excessive interest rates after joining a debt consolidation co Cincinnati Ohio
Wow, I've been reading all of these reports and it is hard to believe this bank gets away with it. First of all I went through a divorce, and I was drowning in payments to creditors. I called a consolidation co, as I didn't want my credit ruined with bankruptcy. The company nogotiated my interest with four debtors, and Fifth Third was one. It was a credit card account with a balance of $990.00. My interest was nogotiated a little different for each debtor but averaged around 8%. the payment for Fifth Third was only a small portion of the actual monthly payment ($32.00). After about 3 months into it, I missed one payment. I called the consolidation co, they said I can make it up the next month. So I did, and continued to make the payments as scheduled thereafter. When finances were better, I began paying $70 a month to Fifth Third (instead of $32) because I noticed the balances were all going down except for Fifth Third. This past week I received a paper statement from Fifth Third showing my balance at $1,011.90. I cannot fathom how it is possible when the original balance (over a year ago) was $990. There has been absolutely no charges made on the account whatsoever. I see on the statement that the interest rate is 24.99%. It all resulted from one missed payment (that I more than made up for) so they raised my interest rate to the max allowable. Talking with the consolidation co, they have no authority with the Fifth Third policies. So I am stuck with this bill that will never get paid off unless I cough up the entire balance. I am not done with them yet though. I may be at fault for missing a payment 9 months ago, but their business ethics are very poor. To top it off, I received a phone call from my ex husband who I gave our house in the divorce. He has not refinanced it yet to get my name off the mortgage (which is another story)--But, in all of the years we lived there, our payments were always on time. During the divorce my ex got behind two payments, and they allowed him to make the regular payments until he got his taxes back and he paid it all up to date if Feb (I saw proof of this). This past week he received a letter from Fifth Third which informed him that the mortgage loan was modified apparently extened to 37 years (from 25) and that he would SAVE $18 a month?? They told him that we signed for this! We in no way signed for anything of this nature. We are divorced, I haven't darkened Fifth Third's doorway for over a year. My ex is flabberghasted, and I can't believe it either. He has all of our paperwork from the original loan, and all of the payment recipts to take in and dispute it. When my ex asked the Fifth Third representative how this could happen without our consent, they said they have our signatures on the papers. He argued it is impossible, neither of us signed for anything! Beside all of modify the loan from 25 to 37 years (which I have never heard of before) would only drop his payment $18?? They must have figured in a hefty interest rate without consent too!! They were supposed to get back to him today after saying they would check into it further, and he heard nothing. So, he is going to call back tomorrow. What a nightmare! Beth Grand Rapids, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
58, Report #358644
Aug 03 2008
07:43 AM
Fifth Third Bank Ten dollars over cost over $300! Kentwood Michigan
Going $10 over my account balance caused an overdraft of $33. The next day I then deposited $200 to bring my account to over $160, and then used my card later that same day, but they insist on having debits post before credits, so they raped me for another $99 in overdraft charges. Then I didn't see this and used my card the next day and got another $99. By the time I went online and realized how this corporation really likes to stick it to the little guys and has no moral values whatsoever I had another $66 in fees. Then I finally dropped $500 into my account to leave me with a balance of $150. There goes my rent. Thanks Fifth Third. You lost another customer. To be honest I was warned about this bank by a friend, but little did I see how they would treat me. I've been a customer for over five years and never had a problem with my accounts. How did they help me? I called on a Saturday and the representative said he would refund $66. But my phone cut out and when I called back there was no record that I called and all they could refund was $33. So they charge me almost $300 and will refund $33. I want to say this clear to everyone who can read: NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS BANK. FIFTH THIRD BANK POLICIES ARE PURELY SET OUT TO CAUSE PAIN TO THOSE WHO HAVE THE LEAST. Michael Kentwood, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Kentwood, Michigan
59, Report #358952
Aug 04 2008
10:51 AM
Fifth Third Bank. sole my home Thompson Station Tennessee
i was late with my mortgage with fifth third bank. i asked for a stay of a few days. the loan officer said yes and then sent me a mailgram and give me one and half hours to come up with the money. i went to her and asked for a reinstatement of the loan and she said you have 30 days to refi. no reinstatement. i had the money and she said you can pay the money but you will have to get refied anyway. (3 months) the fifth third bank gave me the number where i could get refied. that turn out to be a fraud. and so my notes go on. the bank forced me into bankruptcy to save my home. and the bank still harrassed me through the bankruptcy to get my home. . as it has turned out. i had a clause that is in my deed of trust that says i have the right to reinstate. back forth when i had the noney and i was unawares. of that right. until a lawyer pointed that out to me only 10 days ago. now the lawyer that represents the banks says yes you have the right , but the allthe expensifes is now up to 92,000.00! in the beginning, it was only 14,000.00 and we had the noney but they would not let us reinsate. then. i'm sueing this nasty place of condemnation. even if i loose i know i have fought for my rights. the right to reinstate. this bank should be tarred and feathered and hung by it's pitiful neck for all to enjoy. so i have out 80,000.00 dallars that i paid to the bankruptcy court. and the do believe that the bankd hires jerk that know nothing about financies. and know nothing about what their doing their. they just need to get paid and that is what i get from this. they will tell you anything and give you nothing. on a scale from 1 to 10 i will give this bank ..000000000000. Jj thompson station, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Thompson Station, Tennessee
60, Report #468199
Jul 10 2009
08:17 AM
Fifth Third Bank Fraudulent Overdraft Fees Cincinnati Ohio
On Monday July 6th, my husband paid our mortgage using the online payment option, unaware that an automatic debit was scheduled. he advised me of the payment, I immediately contacted the Fifth Third customer service department, advised them that we had made the mortgage payment, and wanted to ensure that the automatic debit would not take the funds as well. The representative placed me on hold for approximately 10 minutes, and upon returning to the line, advised me that she had contacted the Bill Payer 2000 Service, and the funds would not be deducted a second time. On Tuesday July 7th, the funds were deducted again by Bill Payer 2000 and my account was hit with a $99 and $37 overdraft fee. I immediately contacted Fifth Third, and spoke to another representative; once again I was placed on hold while they contacted Bill Payer 2000. Upon returning to the line, they said that the additional deduction would be reversed and they could reverse one of the $37 overdraft fees, but that I would need to contact Bill Payer 2000 for reversal of the $99 fee. They also advised me that Bill Payer 2000 would not attempt to draw funds a second time. On Wednesday July 8th, the payment was presented again by Bill Payer 2000 and my account was hit with a daily $35 over limit and $37 overdraft fee. Again I contacted Fifth Third, at which point they finally provided me with the contact information for Bill Payer 2000. When I contacted the Bill Payer 2000 service, I spoke with a supervisor (Jacob Hendrix) who advised me that they did not have any record of intervention by Fifth Third until July 8th, and that they did not assess any fees on my account, only Fifth Third did. Today I was able to have a Fifth Third Customer Service Supervisor credit my account for of the fees that were charged to my account, in the amount of $102.50, but she did not return the entire amount, since it was against the company policy. They acknowledged wrongdoing, but still kept over $100 of my money. Beth Tarpon Springs, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
61, Report #402825
Dec 18 2008
02:48 PM
Fifth Third Bank Fraud, and Overdraft Fees Cincinnati Ohio
I opened a checking account with Fifth Third Bank August 2008. My experience banking with them was fine until November 2008 when I noticed that my account was overdrawn and I was puzzled. I check on my online checking account statement and realized a few companies I never held of was taking my out my account . I called fifth third bank the tell them about the charges. Their reply was that they was going place a dispute on those items. It been weeks since they placed those disputes and never been resolved. I called them several times and they said that they have replace another dispute. My overdraft fee keep on increasing by the day. I noticed when I put a deposit in my checking account they hold the deposit until my account overdraws and they charge overdrafts fees. Anonymous Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
62, Report #402826
Dec 18 2008
02:51 PM
Fifth Third Bank Holding deposits, overdraft fees, allowing internet companies fraud Cincinnati Ohio
I opened a checking account with Fifth Third Bank August 2008. My experience banking with them was fine until November 2008 when I noticed that my account was overdrawn and I was puzzled. I check on my online checking account statement and realized a few companies I never held of was taking my out my account . I called fifth third bank the tell them about the charges. Their reply was that they was going place a dispute on those items. It been weeks since they placed those disputes and never been resolved. I called them several times and they said that they have replace another dispute. My overdraft fee keep on increasing by the day. I noticed when I put a deposit in my checking account they hold the deposit until my account overdraws and they charge overdrafts fees. Anonymous Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
63, Report #400759
Dec 12 2008
02:47 PM
Fifth Third Bank Identity theft done by their own workers!! Cicero Illinois
I had receieved a phone call from one of the girls who worked there trying to get me to get a credit card. I told her I did not want. After that conversation a month or two later another girl called me once again i advised I did not want a credit card. She tried telling me how good it was. I told her agian not interested. She then continues to tell mte well if i get it in the mail just to cancel it. I told her again very stern and now upset i did not want it. I then hung up. Several days later I got that credit card i did not want. With a 20,000 limit. SO i called their manger was useless not wanting to help. Called their 800 number spoke with loss prevention who advised me when that girl called in my credit app she said how excited i was which was marked down. At that point i was livid. SO I filed a police report and the manager told the police that he believed his worker over me no matter what proof i provided including witness's. Needless to say I was told by one of their other workers that no one there likes her except the manager casue she gets all these application. BUT she is doing it illgally. Illinois state law says what she had done by getting my credit report and filing the false application to get me a credit card and her a bonus at work is illegal and a class a misdemeanor. To me i see it as Identity theft since i never gave her approval to run my creidt report or file an application I never approved nor did i sign!!! There management even seeing how much money i took out did not wish to do anything including firing her. I had to file a compliant with LISA Madigans office which i was thrown form state to state. At some point the fifth third bank finally contacted me and took that off my credit report and apologized. To me that was not enough the cicero branch where this occured still has never contacted me to tell me what happend after their investigation nor did they ever apoligize. Be ware of their identity stealing employess!!! Rag-k144 cicero, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Cicero, Illinois
64, Report #456527
May 29 2009
09:49 AM
Fifth Third Bank predatory foreclosure release lein contractor felony florida Cincinatti Ohio
Royal Crown Bank, now bought out by Fifth Third (with Fifth Third handling the account now and making decisions influencing the account) loaned us money to have a house built in July of 2005. In March and April of 2007, with the house still unfinished, our contractor made three withdrawals from the account and spent none of it on the house itself. He was ultimately caught, and convicted, but the $80,000 he stole left the project in a red tape nightmare. He was convicted of Grand Theft in August of 2008. He left only the last draw money (about $25,000) in the account, in effect emptying it. The house was unfinished, and between the liens, criminal investigation of the contractor, and the emptied account, we were left more or less unable to ever move into the home. We'd have to pay out of pocket to finish off the house, and were not allowed to explore using the remaining money to put towards the completion of the house. Fifth Third rejected that. They agreed however, to put the home up for Short Sale, which we did. The property attracted attention, a lot of it, but they rejected every offer made (most by simply not responding to them). The worst of it was the bank not responding to a $220K cash offer on the property shortly after it hit the market. All told, they rejected or ignored almost twenty offers and declined helping us wash our hands of a property marred by contractor fraud and get some money for themselves. The aftermath turned up an interesting bit of particpation in the thievery by Fifth Third/Royal Crown. The last three draws made by the crooked contractor resulted in his convictions. The second and third felonious draws were made without Fifth Third/Royal Crown getting a relase of lien from the workers who had been on the property, as they are required to do. Had they done it, the contractor would have never tied the house up with red tape. He'd have been caught before the major damage was done to the account and to the property. Fifth Third/Royal Crown for their part, have simply ignored the information which includes verifiable proof that they failed to do their required parts in working with a contractor. Taking a loan from this institution would be ridiculously stupid, and if anyone knows what agency to report them to, I'd gladly do it. It's been a pain in trying to find the appropriate agency who could investigate them, which is at this point what I'd like to see happen. Their actions coupled with their refusal to do anything about their blatant disregard for the policies related to construction loan add up to predatory foreclousures in my book, which is what they are threatening to do at this point. We want this off our records, but have found that without their acceptance of a short sale, we've got only bankruptcy to explore. Seems to be a bitter fate to suffer, considering they allowed the blatant theft of $80K from our account. Benjamin Port St. Lucie, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
65, Report #396933
Dec 02 2008
10:12 AM
Fifth Third Bank Stealing money from our accounts - unfair fees Nashville Tennessee
I realize all banks charge fees, but 5/3 has topped the charts for unfair banking practices. They have enacted policies that virtually guarantee overdrafts. If it was just me I would feel more guilty, but literally every person I have ever talked to who has banked with 5/3 has stopped banking with them because of their miraculous ability to force our accounts into overdraft. The most recent story in my case is $296 in fees for what is legitimately an ending balance (on the web page!!!) of $-4.64. $4 in the hole and they managed to charge $296. When I disputed this they have a very elaborate way of explaining why the money I deposited actually was not ready to be used and why they took out money against my bottom line for funds that actually hadn't been used yet, but were GOING to be used in 3 days. Then, as if that alone wasn't deceptive, they have a policy of paying the largest transaction first. Then all of the smaller transactions, thus insuring the highest possible amount of fees. In my case, the ultimate irony is the largest amount which they paid ($400), they then proceeded to return. Thus - they charged me $296 in fees for funds that were not available, THEN, they returned the funds they took out to make them available again. I CAN NOT get anyone to work with me on this issue and I'm pissed. 5/3 must go under. I suppose I should have known not to bank with a bank who can not write fractions properly, but still, this is rediculous. Pissed @ 5/3 Nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Nashville, Tennessee
66, Report #429998
Mar 02 2009
03:11 PM
Fifth Third Bank Unfairly reduced line of credit Grand Rapids Michigan
I've had a Home Equity Line of Credit with Fifth Third Bank for approximately 3 years now. I recently re-financed my main mortgage (held by BOA) for rate of 5%. (I have excellent credit). During the process i had to pay $350 to have my home appraised. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the value had increased significantly based on some improvements and the general home values in the area. Pittsburgh has not been as hard hit as other areas of the country and we've actually seen home prices actually rise by 1% in 2008. This is why i was pretty surprised to see that Fifth Third had arbitrarily revoked my line of credit. (I had approximately $17k available of a possible $48k. According to my appraisal I should actually be able to increase my Home Equity Line another $20k.) On February 9th 2009 I received a letter from them dated January 30th, 2009 that effective immediately my LOC was reduced by $17k.. (again i received this letter 10 days later) I was actually pretty upset that they would lower my LOC without some kind of notice. They told me that if I had wrote checks out they would be returned. Luckily I hadn't . I contacted them and their very incompetent customer service reps told me that because the price had come down nationally that my value had been reduced as well. I explained to him that I had just had a home appraisal done because of a refinance and my value had increased and he told me that every case was different. This really set me off! I asked if each case was different then why was my house specifically targeted? He didn't know. He told me to fill out another app and include a check for $300 so that they could do another appraisal and resubmit the loan. I called back another time and basically got the same answer. I then decided to go directly to their Wexford PA office where I spoke to an asst Loan officer named Eric. I explained to him the problem and showed him my new appraisal. He was sympathetic but didn't think there was much he could do. He said he would contact his regional supervisor and get back to me. Its been approx 2 weeks and I still haven't heard anything. I also learned from Eric that the group that did my recent appraisal was one of their approved appraisers but if I wanted to re-apply I would have to pay another $300 appraisal fee. I've applied for a Home Equity LOC with another bank but now I was notified that Fifth Third is charging me a $175 early termination fee because I did not leave the loan open long enough. If they change the terms of the loan why should I be responsible for this fee? The fee is stated in my loan terms but there is no mention of them being able to aribitrarily decrease my loan amount without an appraisal. I strongly reccomend that noone ever do business with this bank for any reason. Hopefully the government will let them fail and not bail them out! Pghjonny Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Grand Rapids, Michigan
67, Report #426108
Feb 19 2009
12:57 PM
Fifth Third Bank Banks are Ripping Customers Off Daily With Unrealistic Fees Louisville Kentucky
Fifth Third Bank is not the only bank that is practicing this scam and fradulent activity. In 2008 I have been hit with nsf fees totalling close to $5000.00. I will have money in the account, and it is usually sufficient enough to cover all of the transactions that post to my account, however, the bank will still take out nsf fees on every single transaction that occured. How is this possible? If there is money in the account it should be treated as if it were a simple debit/credit such as actually balancing a check book. The banks do not use this method. They find every reason to make your account go negative and will only remove one fee per year. Do not be fooled and think they are removing the fee out of the kindness of their hearts. I work with several people who also bank with 5/3 and they actually closed her checking account because it had been negative for 6 days, and instead of telling her it was closed they allowed her to deposit money into a closed account, and no one can tell her where her deposit went. The banks are set up to keep stealing and stealing from the poor. DO NOT EVER BANK WITH FIFTH THIRD. I am planning to remove my money soon and try my luck with a smaller community bank, at least they wont enjoy robbing me blind. Ihknanj Louisville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
68, Report #414946
Jan 22 2009
02:03 PM
Fifth Third Bank Shocked, Frustrated, Exhausted customer/shareholder Columbus Ohio
Anyone know how to get this to a 53 Executive who cares about their company? Dear David Call, I have been a 53 customer since 1992, and a Private Banking client since 1998. 53 has been my primary bank for aprox. 16 years. It has generally been a pleasant experience. In March of 2007 my identity was compromised, and a expensive fraud occurred. I am fairly comfortable that I was made whole after this horrible experience. Life went on and slowly my 53 life regained normalcy. Then my Private banker (who I had established a good business relationship and subsequently a strong friendship) was ask to retire . I was then assigned to his assistant . After that point I always felt a feeling of neglect to the point of being a burden on the 53 private banking sector. I was patient and assumed it was communication frustration resulting from new procedures. I had previously become comfortable with the protocol in which my activities were handled by my Private Banker. I am being expelled from the bank effective 1/30/2009. My current Private Banker has been unwilling to give me a contact email, name, or number of a/the customer relations executive at 53 bank. During my 16 year relationship with 53 I have always been a simple checking depositor earning aprox.1.3% interest with average balances in the 300K to 500K range. My questions/ comments to you: 1) Did deposits become so unimportant that I was not worthy of being assigned a new private banker after mine was retired . 2) Could my expulsion demand have also been motivated by the fraud I experienced. I leave the bank as demanded 1/30/09. As a shareholder ,My concern now is from an experienced customer perspective. Please, please contact me email I came upon this site , and thought you might be helpful. Before my transition, I have many unresolved issues; which my current 53 contact has made it nearly impossible to resolve. I can share numerous correspondence which will support my frustrated /exhaustion. I thank you in advance Cc landers columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
69, Report #415451
Jan 23 2009
06:18 PM
Fifth Third Bank Outragious overdraft fees accrued from adding on finance charges!! Cincinnati Ohio
I closed my account with 5/3 bank mainly because they are CROOKS! THIEFS! They don't give a damn about their customers, adding OUTRAGIOUSLY high overdraft fees to credit cards that only go over limit because THEY add on the the finance charges that put you over the limit. And when you think it will only get better, it gets worse. They charge you for cash finance charges even if you dont use the option on your account. OH, and when I told them I was closing my account I was informed that I would be charged 2.50 for something random. I HATE 5/3 and everyone who works for them. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Ihate53 Lexington, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
70, Report #411069
Jan 12 2009
12:07 PM
Third Fifth Bank over draft fees and policies Cincinnati Ohio
Bank account from First Charter was set up with overdraft protection, Third Fifth told me I would have the same account and overdraft, however I found out that I wasn't covered when I had a check bounce. I still don't understand why the check bounced, some charges that I didn't take into consideration, Not only did they not have my overdraft, but they claim that the check was redeposited 4 times with fees for each time, and no payments made. I was out of town when the first issue occurred and called immediately and was told the check was paid, it wasn't, and I within an hour went to the bank to cover the check. Called the people to whom the check was made and no they did not redeposit it, and their policy would only allow it to be redeposited 2 times, so all these fees but a daily fee it unique to Third Fifth. I can not get them to send me copies of any notification that they would not carry my overdraft protection with my account, they refused to let me escalate the issue, and they refuse to do anything about the fees. I also would like to mention that I never agreed to an account with those kinds of fees, I thought I was getting the same account I had with First Charter. The bottom line here is --- are there any class action suits that I can get involved with, this bank is really doing things badly and really needs to be held to some standard of banking as well as customer service. Lynda Kannapolis, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
71, Report #371127
Sep 09 2008
06:44 AM
Fifth Third Bank Customers beware of overdraft fee's Clinton Twp Michigan
I am doing this to warn any future customers of 5/3 banks that if you have a checking account with them they will find a way to charge you fee's. I can email any person who wants to see what type of buisness that 5/3 bank does. My complaint is simple at then end of the day my account showed a posative balance and the next day I had a $99.00 over draft fee and when i called the bank they told me that because of pending balance that I can't see that they were going to charge me for items that havn't even hit my account yet. As well as they automatyic take the money without giving me any time to be notifyed. And on top of that they set of chain of events that made my account continiously over draw to soke me for a grand total of $436.00 for charges that totaled to around a hundred. Future customers beware. Jason Clinton Township, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Clinton Twp, Michigan
72, Report #369589
Sep 04 2008
04:10 AM
Fifth Third Bank ruins credit of innocent consumers Cincinnati Ohio
I have always been critical of people who get deep into debt, blaming their own negligence in making payments on time. Now I understand these people if they are victims of Fifth Third Bank. After reluctantly taking out a car loan from Fifth Third Bank, I used my usual practice of paying at least the amount due on or before the due date. Fifth Third has repeatedly delayed processing these payments. I, a respectable citizen with good credit, will soon have a blemished credit due to Fifth Third Bank. Wisconsumer Kenosha, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
73, Report #417252
Jan 28 2009
11:12 AM
FIFTH THIRD BANK Worst Customer Service Imaginable Mount Holly Nationwide
I have maintained a 5 year auto loan through Fifth Third for over 4 1/2 years with no missed payments and no late payments. The vehicle for which the loan was taken out was recently totaled via rear-end collision. I have gap coverage on the vehicle and fully expected any issues through this transaction to come from the parties who are issuing checks. However, to my amazement and dismay all struggles have come via the lack of effort/follow-up on the part of Fifth Third. Anything I've asked of them through this process has taken just short of an act of Congress to come to fruition. Any time I've asked for any form of documentation I've been hassled and treated as if I'm somehow the enemy. The total loss came at a time when a payment is due. The remaining balance on the account is a little over $3,000. The check coming from the at fault driver's insurance company is almost $10,000 (which by the way they are having a difficult time getting to 5/3 due to a lack of follow-up on requested paperwork). I asked a representative of 5/3 to delay any late fees to allow time for the check from the primary insurance company and the company holding my gap coverage to be processed (about a week). 5/3 has refused. Keep in mind I have never missed a payment or sent one in late. I have literally been yelled at and had 5/3 employees take a belittling tone with me. I understand the legal and moral obligations I have to fullfilling what I agreed to when signing for the loan and have no problem following through. 5/3 is only concerned with collecting as much money as possible through the transaction and has 0.0 percent interest in their customer of almost 5 years best interest. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS LACK LUSTER DISRESPECTFUL POOR EXCUSE OF AN ORGANIZATION AGAIN AND I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU AVOID THEM AT ALL COST. Frustrated/dumbfounded Mount Holly, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Mount Holly, Nationwide
74, Report #866220
Apr 10 2012
06:43 AM
Fifth Third Bank Terrible HSA, DO NOT OPEN AN HSA ACCOUNT Internet
Here is the body of a letter sent to Fifth Third Bank describing my unfortunate and frustrating experiences with Fifth Third Bank HSA. The most recent is the institution's mistakenly designating my account as a FAMILY account rather than an INDIVIDUAL account. This is totally absurd because I have never been married and I have no children, so there is absolutely no possible way that I would have designated myself as a family account. Because of Fifth Third Bank's error, I ended up over contributing to my account in 2011, and now face possible penalties from the IRS. I am ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS! Fifth Third Bank's poorly constructed website makes absolutely NO INDICATION WHATSOEVER as to whether an account is a family account or an individual account. NO INDICATION! If Fifth Third Bank had internal checks in place, it would have noticed that I am SINGLE with NO DEPENDENTS and NO BENEFICIARIES. Why would someone SINGLE with NO DEPENDENTS and NO BENEFICIARIES have a FAMILY plan??! Because of the website's poorly constructed user interface, Fifth Third Bank's lack of internal checks, and the insufficient training of Fifth Third Bank's representatives, there was no way for me to catch Fifth Third Bank's error. However, a Fifth Third Bank representative had the perfect opportunity to inform me of Fifth Third Bank's mistake in early 2011 when I called up to verify the maximum contribution allowed. My understanding was that an individual's maximum was about $3,000 but your website was showing that I had a maximum nearly twice that amount. When I told the representative that I thought the maximum contribution was about $3,000, she should have told me that the lower level was for INDIVIDUALS and the maximum appearing on my profile was for a FAMILY. But she did not, even though my profile clearly shows that I am SINGLE WITH NO DEPENDENTS AND NO BENEFICIARIES. I guess she wasn't trained to put two and two together. She just told me what was showing in my account profile was the correct maximum amount. And again, there is NOWHERE on the website that indicates what the family/individual status of the account is SO THERE IS NO WAY I WOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT FIFTH THIRD BANK MISTAKENLY DESIGNATED MY ACCOUNT AS A FAMILY ACCOUNT. It was not until AFTER I made a $6,000 contribution for 2011 that I found out my legal contribution limit was only $4,050. When I called up to find out why my maximum was listed as over $6,000 on Fifth Third Bank's website, I was finally told that I had a family account. The representative has since corrected it, but still, THERE IS NOWHERE ON THE WEBSITE THAT SHOWS WHAT MY ACCOUNT STATUS IS. Furthermore, the damage has been done and it will cost me in IRS penalties even though it was Fifth Third Bank's negligence. This experience was on the heels of another bad experience with Fifth Third Bank's customer service a year earlier when I made a deposit into my Fifth Third Bank HSA. After the ~$3,000 deposit was transferred from my bank account to my Fifth Third Bank HSA, I noticed about a third of the amount was not showing up on the website. Ultimately, it turned out that my maximum transfer setting, or something like, was set below $3,000 so part of the money went into another deposit category. It took many months and much back and forth with Fifth Third Bank before an HSA representative figured out what happened and how to get the funds back in my account and available to me. It was actually a very simple fix, but more than one of Fifth Third Bank's customer service representatives couldn't figure it out so it dragged on for MONTHS. Then there are other minor ways that Fifth Third Bank's customer interface is frustrating. For example, the Contribution Correction form that I now have to fill out to correct the Fifth Third Bank error I described at the beginning of this letter, asks for the account number. I looked on the website for my account number, but it is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND (sound familiar?). Turns out your website presents the account number as the Employer Employee ID but Fifth Third Bank's forms ask for an Account number. Please tell me how a Fifth Third Bank HSA customer is supposed to know that the Employer Employee ID is the same as the Account number? I didn't want to make an assumption and put an incorrect number on the form and then fall into yet another Fifth Third Bank morass. Then, of course, I had the displeasure, ONCE AGAIN, of sitting through Fifth Third Bank's phone systems LONG list of automated choices before I could speak to a representative and then give every single bit of personal ID information under the sun before I can actually ask where to find my account number on the profile.
Entity: , Internet
75, Report #926722
Aug 13 2012
04:58 PM
Fifth Third Bank Don't get lured like I did cincinnati, Ohio
 Fifth third bank sent me a letter stating that as an introductory offer 0 percent interest for 12 months. I signed up for the offer. Remember that if you default on a payment that they can start charging you interest. I transferred a small loan I had which cost be about 100.00 for the transfer. I figured I would save that in interest. I sent my first payment in and everything was fine. I sent my second payment on 8-1-2012. They did not receive it. I also never received the check or letter back.  Now on 8-13-2012 I started to panic about the payment that was never taken out of my checking account. I called and asked if they misplaced the payment. They could not find it. I asked If I could make a payment over the internet. No can do!! I asked if I could make a payment over the phone? No can do. Their only suggestion was for me to go to one of their local banks and make a payment at the window. The closest branch is an hour or more away. I would also have to take a day off work. Is Fifth Third running a scam? Do they need money that bad?  I will never deal with any company that is affiliated with this bank and I suggest you do the same. I just signed up for a new card and had everything that I owed to Fift Third transferred to the new card. I paid twice in a month for the transferr, but I will not give Fifth Third another dime!! They are cheats!!
Entity: cincinnati, Ohio

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