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1, Report #1404166
Oct 04 2017
02:38 PM
Finacial report services awards Sweepstakes financial report services Took the 12 .00 fee several times and no award Kansas City Kansas
 Keep sending me letters of an award I sent the processing fee several times and nothing back in which the letter clearly states money back guarantee , rip off , and If there is a lawsuit please include me . Thank you
Entity: Kansas City , Kansas
2, Report #113017
Oct 14 2004
04:28 PM
Seawest Finacial ripoff Dublin Ohio
I think that seawest financial is one of the worst companies around. They bought out my loan from paydays, and harrassed me to the point of craziness. They would call me at work, on my cell phone, at home, and call my mom at work and at home and call my boyfriend and my ex husband just to make me aware that i had a payment due that day. They said that their office was open until nine p.m. and i would drive an hour and a half to make a payment, and they would be closed. Then they would harrass me and my family members the next day. No matter how many payments that i made, the buyout price never decreased. Two and a half years of getting payments, and the price never decreased. Then they repossessed my car, never auctioned it, and are expecting me to still pay full price that i started with three years ago. The real kicker is that they were trying to charge me for three cars to begin with when i only had one. supposedly someone else had the same name as i did. its been a horrible nightmare, and i wish that there was something that i could do. Sara Kenton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dublin, Ohio
3, Report #474533
Jul 29 2009
10:09 AM
ATP Finacial Services & Consultants/ Horizon Finacial scam Morton Grove Illinois
Ok. dont know who these fools think they were fooling, but I got a similar letter saying i won money and came along with a check, I know its a scam but I went ahead and played thier game. I went and opened a new account and told the women to hold the check for an extra 10 day. if the funds do end up going through, then guess what i have an xta 3475.00 lol. I know its not going to happen but hey I have nothing to lose, I explained to the bank and called attorney gen office just to cover my ass. Now i keep calling the number on the letter and keep harrrasing the guy lol. be careful all if it seems to good to be true it probably is. Fred studio city, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Morton Grove, Illinois
4, Report #364086
Aug 18 2008
11:17 AM
Finacial Agencies Is BoGUS North York, Ontario Canada
3500.00 WOW to good to be tru.Right now i am having finacial difficulties and i know that i am not that lucky, when i recieved this check i was like what the hell, is this check real, it looks real, I had to sit down I read the letter of this sweepstake and they could not get a hold of me i called the number no one answer so i said to myself i will call monday i could not stop thinking about this check ..... i google the company that when i seen the warning, i called monday morning i called Den Toko and no one answered, i also googled Ace-Tex and they confrim that Financial Agencies are using their name to do fraud. Yomi Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: North York, Ontario
5, Report #197792
Jun 23 2006
10:33 AM
Capital Finacial ripoff Largo Florida
I fell into this stupid promise of help to rebuild my credit and that I would receive a credit card with a 200 dollar limit Shawn camp lejeune, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Largo, Florida
6, Report #100749
Jul 27 2004
09:07 AM
Primerica Finacial Services rip-off! Religious undertones. Rude employees! Columbus Ohio*UPDATE: Primerica recognized by Rip-off Report a business opportunity well worth considering - it's not for everyone but many representatives make solid commission incomes. Primerica takes appropriate action against representatives conducting themselves improperly, pledges 100% commitment to customer service.
I went to Primerica's informational meeting on a Thursday afternoon. Twenty people packed into the office and were then split up into groups and we mingled. Then we filled into another and watched a vide and listend to two individuals speek. Litte red flags went up real quick, because all they were talking about was how financing works, and how much money we could make. Not once did they talk about the company; they made reference to other companies and said, we do that too, but better. It was so strange. One hour and fourty minutes later I was done and I signed up for a an actual interview to get more info. Upon leaving the office I noticed more strange things, one was that the office was dect out in artwork containing eagles, everything was eagles. Two posters in the office contained hymnals from the bible as wel as actual passages from the good book, I was uncomfortable with that, because profesional environments do not display such material. After reading the reports that my girlfiend sent me I felt like I was in the same boat as others. I callled to cancel my next meeting and they were very upset. The next day when I was suppose to meet with them they called back and were very rude to me. They had a poor attitude and kept questioning me, needless to say I was very angry and hung up on them. Please do not waste your time! Christian columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
7, Report #688622
Jan 30 2011
07:25 AM
Dell Finacial Services DFS Unethical Business Practices Round Rock, Texas
Stay Away. Dells finance company DFS is a rip off. They have turned me into collections for an amount that I am not sure what it is for. I opened a loan with them in 2005, the total for my loan including interest was $1300. I have bank statements proving I paid $1800, and the amount turned into collections is $1100. They will not show me documentation of what I was billed for, said I will have to pay them to pull the records. I opened a case through the BBB and was told I have to call the collection agency and make payment arrangements? Serious ???? With all the negative reviews, and complaints with the BBB I can not believe they are still in business. The business practices they use are unlawful and pretty pathetic. Tell everyone you know to STAY FAR FAR AWAY, so they do not become the next victim. They have over 2200 complaints with the BBB in 36 months !  
Entity: Round Rock, Texas
8, Report #210337
Sep 10 2006
06:32 PM
National Awards Advisory Center ripoff fraudulent prize report winnings Levittown New York
NAAC mailed a fraudulent prize report of guaranteed winnings of 1,900,000.00 in cash and awards. Just pay a one time fee of $19.99. I paid the fee and never received anything. I wrote 2 different letters asking for a full refund. I've never received that either. Ronnette lapeer, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Levittown, New York
9, Report #239445
Mar 17 2007
12:17 PM
Nationa Awards Advisory Center Asking for $19.95 for Report fee to recive 1,900,000.00 prize..FRAUD ! RIPOFF Uniondale New York
This company is asking for a fee of 19.95 to report to another co. that supposedly is holding a prize of $1,900,000.00 in my name. They ar so stupid,they even got my last name wrong!! I saved a lot of time and money by finding this site on line that exposed them to me. Being it is Sat. I will wait till monday to call the Atty. General of the State of New York and inform them as well. I see their PO box to send the money is on Long Island,so they must be making plenty of dough on this scam! Clyde Woodstock, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Uniondale,, New York
10, Report #160339
Oct 11 2005
12:27 PM
Atlantic One Finacial Services ripoff Milford Delaware
I got a phone call after I was declined a credit card from Atlantic One from Jane. She told me that the last credit card company sent them my information so they could help me. I wasn't sure so I told her to talk to my husband and so she called him and convinced him to send the 319.00 to get a 5,000 dollar credit card to help pay off debt without having to pay anymore intrest for the next 20 years. I sent the money and some of my information that I felt comfortable sending by mail. Then I called a week later to give them the information I didn't give them and they said the credit card would be here in 7 to 10 days. Two weeks later I am calling to get a hold of someone to see where my card is and now the phone line has been busy for two days. Frances Bedford, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Milford, Delaware
11, Report #13463
Feb 06 2002
12:00 AM
Axin finacial Services on-line rip-off
In November of 2001 I was looking for a job and came across an add in the employment section of the paper. I considered it to be a legitimate business to be offered in the employment section instead of the business opportunities section. I phoned and realized that it was an organization that did not offer immediate employment but instead was selling loans to set up an internet business an according to them would be very profitable.The first time I spoke with this company I spoke with Steve Barber early in Nov. I was very skeptical and was not interested Steve Barber said he would send out a package and let me look over the material and he would call me in a week. it seemed a very non committal approach and I agreed to look at it. The package came I looked at it I was not interested and did not call them instead Steve Barber called me and asked if I was interested and I said no. End of story. Later that evening another salesman from the same company phoned, I can't remember his name Al thou I believe it was Jon I never wrote it down. He seemed a bit higher up on the chain of command and had his own office. He continued on about how I was not locked in to anything and that the business was completely transferable and that if I sent in the paper work It would just be a credit check and that I would not have anything set up until I was ready. I was still very skeptical and just wanted to get off the phone with him I had considered doing the business because I was out of work and needed income they promised training and help all the way along. The man on the phone was persistent about me filling out the paperwork and sending it in so that I could get through the credit check. well they never did a credit check they just went ahead and set up an alleged web site company with my last name . And started sending me bills and even after I told them I was not interested in there company and did not want to do any business with them, they insisted that I signed a Nontransferable contract with them and that I owed them this money and that they were not the web site company so they did not care if I was actually in business or not but since I signed the contract I was responsible for the business. I asked him for a copy of this contract and it took over a month till they sent me a contract for equipment and software. I never signed the document. And they have continued to harass me for the money since Nov. of last year, Threatening to put it on my credit report. I have recorded conversations with three different people from the same company calling my answering machine 2-3 a week and my cell phone and every time telling me to call them to work it out and then I call and they just keep saying pay us this money you owe us this money. I have contacted the better business bureau and more recently the Attorney Generals office. I am looking for a resolve any where I can get it. I think this company is part of sophisticated scam of lease type swindlers. I looked for this company on the internet Axin financial and I saw there name associated with on more than one occasion Leasecomm. This internet company has a very similar scam getting people locked in long term noncancellable contracts. I think they may be leasecomm just operating under a different name. At the very LEAST I think Axin financial should be investigated if not Indicted for fraud and forgery. These people are criminals operating just under the radar of the law. I feel this company has grossely misrepresented itself, and should pay for this type of criminal activity. Jeanine California
Entity: Irvine, California
12, Report #714235
Apr 05 2011
04:07 PM
United Finacial Educatio & Services They stole $500.00 from me. Deerfield Beach, Florida
On nov 17/2010 I talked to a man named John , I'm don't know his last name. John told me that they work with loan companies to help people get loans with bad credit He set up a time to talk to me the next day Nov 18th and said he found 2 loan companies that would loan me $7500.00 each a total of 15000.00 and said I would have the money in 2 weeks. The next man that I spoke with said It could take up to 2 months and that they would fix my credit and get me the loan. He said I needed to pay them for there services. I can't get into everything he said but I will say it was a snow job!!. I paid and never got anything done except 1 repair on my credit and I don't think they had anything to do with that. To this day I have recieved nothing as of yet I have talked to them faxed them call them and there is no return. At first John Richards the man who said it could be up 2 months keep giving all kind of excuses, it was Christmas time ect:. Now when you call any of there numbers it says that the mail box is full you email no answer. I very upset!! I have been Ripped Off for a $1000.00 and another time $500.00 and now another $500.00. I hope this never happens to anyone else!. I hope I can some how recover my money!!. You can't trust anyone!.Tamela M
Entity: Deerfield Beach, Florida
13, Report #205516
Aug 10 2006
04:34 PM
DRive Finacial Services ripoff Carol Stream Illinois
WE mailed our car note to Drive Finacial, in the provided envelope with the payment stub and the account# on the money order. A month late they informed us they did not recieve payment and wanted two notes plus late fees. We informed them of the cercomsances, and they called us liars. Thank goodness we had sent a money order instead of a check. We reported this to the bank who tracked the m.o. It had been altered and cashed in miami. We informed Drive that the m.o. must have been stolen from their payment center (of course they denided). Three months later they sent a letter stating they did delay payment pending investigation, which they did not do. This was only after the FICA and Postmaster General had intervened on our behalf. We continue to have to speak to the rudest people I have ever had the opportunity to speak with. They have reduced me to tears more than once. Now they mailed us a bill stating our next payment is due in October(we believe this is a typo) but again they were rude and uncooperative. We are presently trying to refinance but they are making it difficult. Stating we are late on payments etc. Any help would be appriciated. Vicki houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Carol Stream, Illinois
14, Report #270181
Aug 25 2007
07:53 AM
Links Finacial Services Check Fraud & Lottery Fraud Winnipeg Manitoba
I received a letter in the mail stating that this was my final notice (I never had any notice to begin with) to claim my lottery winnings from the Canadian Lottery and I won $450k, enclosed with the letter was a check made out to me for $4700.00. But once I deposit the check I must pay $2900 to the Canadian Non Resident Gov't Service Tax by money gram or western union. Probably so when you deposit the check the check will bounce and then you will be out of $2900, which I don't even have. The letter told me to call my claim agent Anna Peters between the hours of 9am-6pm, I called her at 6:45pm and someone actually answered. I said my name and immediately after I said my name she said you won, congradualtions. I was like don't you need my claim number, which was listed on the letter, and she said don't worry about that I've been waiting for your call. I asked her how I won this and she explained (quietly might I add) that I was entered through a credit card company that I was with or a debit purchase that I had made, she didn't know all she knew is that I won and I should go deposit my check immediately. I told her I didn't want to deposit it because I wanted to know more details. SHe said there are no more details, what else is there to know?! All you need to know is that you won and you should go deposit that check. I stated that I was entitled to ask as many questions as I wanted and any other company would answer them with pleasure to make me feel as comfortable with the situaion as possible and with so much fraud going on now-a-days you can never be too careful. She stated that I had nothing to worry about just deposit the check and then call her back and she will give me a schedule of when I will be receiving the remainder of my checks. I just said thank you and hung up. I then google the companys name hoping to find some type of scam report or even a website for them. They don't have a website and then I found this site was the only site with that companys name listed. I shredded the info. Something needs to happen because I sure there are a lot of naieve people who are falling for this crap or people who are in desperate need of money and see this and immediately jump on the opportunity. I don't know, all I know is that I should get what I was entitled to from this company, $450k. And they need to get caught. Stephanie West Palm Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Winnipeg, Manitoba
15, Report #250797
May 28 2007
10:10 AM
Drive Finacial Services harassment, fraudulent, rippoff. Dallas Texas
Drive financial has been a bad experience for me since the initial installment payment note. They begin phone callls after you're only one day late. they even call my parent's number when unable to reach me, and that I totally resent. They are not a consumer friendly company at all. They will not cooperate for the best interest of the customer-instead always working to take financial advantage. In order to obtain good credit standing with Drive, I have requested a deferred payment on several occasions, only tobe told that they would not be able to complete my request at that time. I have requested refinancing for a much lower payment, which was denied as a service the company doesn't provide. Yet ther is a clause in the contract which collects for early payoff. This company's practices actually is a ripoff in every way. It places the customer between a rock and a hard place. If payments are a little late they call excessively, using multiple unrecognizable phone numbers. If the payment is mailed you risk late payment penalties. If you pay by phone they collect service excessive fees. They win one way or the other at earning more money from the customer whose, payments are exorbitant from the start. Sarah Jackson, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
16, Report #276729
Oct 02 2007
12:32 PM
R.B.M. Finacial Services Sweepstakes Scam - Bob Miller Claims Agent St John New Foundland
Recieved letter stating I am a winner in the Compensation Draw held for Onetime sweepstakes participants in last five years. Letter stated entry slip serial number and winning numbers and stated that I am entitled to $250,000,000. Letter stated to contact Bob Miller, my claims agent. Letter included check for $4500 which i am supposed to use to pay Non Goverment Service Tax payable to my agent, Michelle Johnson via Moneygram. Letter stated not to act on letter untill speak with claims agent, Bob Miller. and signed John Garfiels (promotions manager) and stamped approved and final notice. The 4500 check was supposed to be from Capital One Bank out of Baton Rouge, LA. Upon some research I discovered the check was a fake, and when i called the number on the letter and told Mr Miller what i have discovered, he argued w/ me stating I was not supposed to act on the letter until I called him and then after further discussion, told me to f**k off. Kris Belpre, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Saint John, New Foundland
17, Report #302933
Jan 24 2008
08:13 AM
Drive Finacial Services Drive is UNPROFESSIONAL, & RUDE!! Dallas Texas
Drive Finance Services are very unprofessional! They call my mother-in-laws house and yell at her. They leave nasty messages on her answering machine for us stating we better call them, and if we don't they will get the local athourities to come to our house and we need to think about what we are doing before we lay our heads down. They have our number. They claim they don't! They are liars and are a bad company to work with! C.S. New Bern, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
18, Report #144200
May 27 2005
10:30 AM
Arrowhead Finacial Services Harsh Tactics, Verbally Degrades, Cannot Provide Accurate Information. Ripoff Niles Illinois
This report details more of the harsh tactics of a corrupted representative and the agency of a Collection Service. I must start by saying I am taking care of my financial problems and have obtained a lawyer to do so. I changed my home phone number about 5 months ago to stop the collectors from calling night and day, and being I haven't heard from any of the collectors I had to start calling them with the info I needed to put on my bankruptcy papers. Of course me calling them showed them my new phone number via Caller ID. OK, no big deal ... I'm going bankrupt, many are with the new law coming in effect in Oct. This all starts when I recently placed a call to Arrowhead Financial Services with regards to what they placed on my credit report. Yes I called them. I wanted the address to the original creditor. I spoke to a gentleman that was assigned to my account. I asked him for the original creditors phone number, and he said I dont have it, and I said ok thank you very much, and I hung up. Simple enough? Today, three days after I made that call I received a telephone call from that very same gentleman acting as if he was my long lost best friend and I have to assume thats one of their tactics to catch the debtor on the phone. Well, I knew it wasn't anyone I knew so I assumed it was the collector I called the other day, and yes I was correct. He went ahead and acted as if he got me. The truth is I got him three days prior, and I am the one that called him. Well, he went on to tell me I have to pay this bill. I began to tell him I am going bankrupt. He wanted the name of my attorney. I told him it was a group practice and I can give him that information. He wanted my attorneys phone number immediately, and I explained to him I didn't have it in front of me, but here is their complete agency name, address, and also the lawyers full name. NOT good enough ... he wanted a phone number! He kept talking over me and would not let me get a word in, so I had to yell over him. I guess that got him mad as he then told me You can't afford to go bankrupt, ha ha ha your crazy to think you can afford it your too poor to even pay your bills! Well, of course that got me fired up! Who is this person to tell what I can and cannot do? Who is he to judge me on our current financial crisis? He's right that I cannot afford to pay my bills at this time, but that is no way to speak to someone down on their luck. Its not proper and as far as I am concerned I would never treat anyone like that. So, I said to him How would you know he said you don't pay your bills your to poor to go and hire an attorney to go bankrupt. That was fireball #3 he whipped at me. Now, I am really mad at this point. He keeps asking for the phone number to my attorney I am so upset at this point I can't think straight, I'm trying to go through a pile of papers to get this information to this rude person, and all while he kept talking over me and laughing at me. He didn't stop talking at all so I just read my attorneys complete name and address to him. He then said its all lies. At this point I said I am hanging up on you and don't you ever call my home again. He said Yes I will call, I will call you several times a day if I have to. I then said No, you cannot! Once I tell you to stop calling you cannot call me anymore, especially when I told you I'm in the process of bankruptcy. Once you read more of this you'll see this collector surely wasn't looking to work with me and I feel they simply live for abusing people in financial crisis, rather then working out a realistic payment plan. At this point, I'm starting to realize something. This guy is doing this on purpose! Why is he doing this? Its an aweful way to get someone to work with you on paying a bill... I was thinking to myself... something strange going on here. I then started to think to myself Is he recording this conversation so that he can use it against me in bankruptcy court? I really have no idea, but it sure was the only think I could come up with. By this time I called him a few choice names... and trust me I am very upset with myself for doing that. I lost my temper... but only due to their tactics! I was MORE then willing to work with them, but yet they were abusing me. I asked the man to shut up so I can give him the information. He said you should have your attorneys phone number. I said I do, but you got me so upset I can't find it, and I wasn't prepared for your call today so give me a moment and you'll have all the information you need. Well, I told them I am getting the number hold on. I come back to the phone to start reading off the phone number and he says something to the fact about the call being recorded and hung up before I was even done with reading off the phone number he wanted so badly. He didn't even get the entire number! So, why did Arrowhead Financial Services call me today? I was more then willing to give them the information they wanted, but for some reason I don't think they wanted to hear Lawyer, Bankruptcy and that's what started all this. At this point I was shaking so bad, and crying! How dare someone tell me I'm to poor to even go bankrupt? Whether its true or not I don't think at the moment it's not a nice way to work with someone. This persons tactics are better left for garbage collecting. I have to admitt I was so freaked out that I got very foul mouthed with this person but AFTER they told me I was to poor to go bankrupt, and a liar. I now wonder this Why would they call me and ask for money when they have already judged me as to poor to even go bankrupt? I decided this was not good because I was all upset, crying, my heart rate went well over 200 bpm (already have heart troubles and only in my thirties). I figured I better call this mans supervisor. I think they were waiting for my call. I kept getting disconnected. At this point I was even more upset and finally for some strange reason was connected to an answering machine. I left a silly message (sound like a cry baby, but hey I was upset) I decided I better call back and be mature about this. I finally spoke to a supervisor. She said she would listen to the tapes. I said what tapes? she said the tapes that you agreed to when the conversation first started. AHHHH, right there that is a outright lie! I asked to hear these tapes and she refused, but insisted I agreed to it. I know I didn't agree to any recordings because I always say NO. She said she listend to the tapes and she said the collector didn't do anything wrong with considerations to the things I called him. This supervisor feels it was EVEN Well of course they will say that cause they don't want to be held responsible. Well, first off I never agreed to be recorded from the beginning of that phone call, and secondly they only mentioned recordings in the last 2 seconds of the phone call at thats when the man hung up on me. I think what hurt me was me losing my temper and calling the gentleman a few choice words. However, I lost my temper after they verbally attacked me first. Why did I write all this today? Well, if anyone else has had troubles with Arrowhead Financial Services I would very much like to hear from you. I have also contacted the creditor that contracted the Arrowhead agency, and the creditor is requesting a copy of these tapes. They did say that under any circumstances they do not support that type of collection tactics, and as far as they are concerned I could tell the collector to drop dead, and it still wouldn't matter, it doesn't give them the right to talk to me that way because their a business. The creditor will be contacting Arrowhead financial's headquarters. At this point I am also speaking to my lawyer about this and hopeful I can get a copy of the tapes. All's I wanted was an apology from this man. PERIOD! Michele Waretown, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Niles, Illinois
19, Report #333523
May 19 2008
03:23 PM
Pinnacle Finacial Collections fraud report on my credit Hopkins Minnesota
This company is to much I am trying to buy a home and had a credit check done only to find out that I had a report on it that i owed for something I did not Called the company listed on my credit report 952 939-8100 only to be told that I owe $55000 to nations star but they did not have a number for them. Well I found Nations stars number and they said I dont owe them anything and would send a letter to the credit agencies to have it removed. 30 days great was to close on my house on the 9th of June and now I cant do that because this company pinnacle is bottom scum feeders yep I said that Id say more but you know the kiddies might read it! Do the credit companies have a grip if they allow companies to screw up your credit like this?Whats up with them as well?I filed a complaint with the Florida attorney General I hope they do something companies like this need to be dealt with they mess up peoples lives and get a way with it If any one wants to sue them let me know I am all for that! David h Pompano Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Hopkins, Minnesota
20, Report #127114
Jan 12 2005
05:40 PM
Emerge Mastercard - Pinnacle Finacial Services Pinnacle Finacial Services deceptive collection activities, possibly illegal Minneapolis Minnesota
Hello, I would like to share my story with anyone and everyone who is thinking about or who has an Emerge Mastercard. Three years ago, I received a Providian Visa and loved the card. I had a great payment history and received credit line increases due to good payment history. Then one day, an Emerge Mastercard shows up in the mail and the letter attached advised Providian was now Emerge. My interest rate shot up to almost 30%. Within 3 months I was over the limit and my card was cancelled. I tried to make the payments, but because of the interest rate, my payments were increasing every month and almost nothing was applied to the balance. There were late fees and over the limit fees. To top it all off, my husband lost his job and I couldn't make the payments. I know this is my fault, but I just gave up. Then I deceided to contact a credit counseling agency, which was the best thing I have ever done. The company advised I contact all of my creditors. So I did. When it came the Emerge, I was redirected to Pinnacle Finacial Services. Here is where the fun started. First off, the rep wouldn't give me her name. I asked at least 5 times, then she finally gave it up. Then it took another 10 minutes to get my account information from her. She kept offering settlements (which never, ever settle with a credit card company), I kept declining telling her all I wanted was my balance, and a correspondence address. Finally she gave me the information. I passed the information along to my credit counseling agency. My agency asked for my most recent statement. I didn't have one, come to think of it, Emerge stopped sending statements 1 year prior. Pinnacle told me if I didn't settle my account I would be sued and my wages would be garnished. No creditor can theaten this unless they intend to carry it out. Pinnacle is now sending letters and calling my house trying to offer more settlements. I have told them repeatedly to call my credit counseling agency. They refuse. They keep telling me my agency hasn't contacted them, but my agency has assured me they have. Who would you believe??? The credit counseling agency is not for profit. Pinnalce Finacial reps are paid based on their collections. By the way, if any of your creditors agree to a credit counseling agencies terms, they cannot contact you. It is illegal and the creditor can face charges and you can possibly have your debt reduced or voided. Read the fair collections act at the FCC website to find out more information. Kelly Wheeling, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
21, Report #410817
Jan 11 2009
05:22 PM
Dgic Finacial Services & Consultants Cynthia Jacob Dgic Finacial Services & Consultants - Cynthia Jacob Cynthia Jacob is ripping people off. Nashville Tennessee
I got a letter in the mail with a check for $3,988.35. The letter said that I won $57,000 through a computerized ballot system as a winner for the Second Quarter of 2008 Sweepstakes draw. All participants were selected through a computerized ballot system drawn from Readers Digest, Publishers Clearing House, Online Sweepstakes, Inernet Games etc. The check for the $3,988.35 is to cover both the administrative taxes and Clearance fees of your winnings. For Authorization and activation of this check please contact Cynthia Jacob to claim my winnings no later than January 7th of 2009. I got a claim number US/SA/ZRS49-00G. Now I have deposited the check in my account but not have spent any of that money. It's just sitting in there until I contact my bank which will be on Monday January 12th. A friend of mine found out that this is a fraud from this site. So now I just have to wait and talk to my bank about getting that money out of my account. I'm just pissed. Lilpammy76 oshkosh, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Nashville, Tennessee
22, Report #76990
Jan 13 2004
10:28 PM
Prime One Finacial Inc. ripoff New York New York
I'm reporting the Prime One Finacial Inc., company.I want to start my story by saying I am truly thankful for this site because If It were not for such a site I would have found myself inthe same case scenario as the others that have got gotten by this company. So I say thanks because of the site I might be able from losing my money. First IT started with a call from the company the person told me that I was approved for a credit card with the limit of $1,000 and a free cell phone. To me this sounded great because me only being 19 yrs old I gound that it was kind of hard getting approved for a credit card. So he told me the great offer and then came to say that I would be charged a one time fee of $187.00 but not today they said I had to Jan.26,04 and they did not need my social security number or card number they just needed my account number. I got a little hesitant about just giving my account number so I asked why they needed the number, he did not give me a answer he just persistantly asked for the account number. So, I hung up on him. Then I called the number he gave me back and I was connected to customer service person and asked him the same question. He then told me that it was solely for sercurity reason and said that someone else will contact me and they did right away. I gave in like a big dummy and told him (ALEX) my account number. I really regret doing this I should have been smarter and found out more about the company before I called them back and sold my soul to the devil. I did not even know that they had this great website. but I THINK I FOUND THIS OUT BEFORE GETTING RIPPED OFF AND WILL BE CALLING THE BANK AS SOON AS IT OPENS AND CLOSE THE ACCOUNT BEFORE THEY CHARGE ANYTHING TO MY ACCOUNT. ----------------THANKS FOR THIS TERRIFIC WEBSITE Shelley New Orleans, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
23, Report #158209
Sep 24 2005
05:04 PM
NEW INFO On Simple Choice Finacial Benefits ripoff Champlain New York
I received a call on June 3, 2005 from an operator of Simple Choice Finacial Benefits offering a credit card with a guaranteed limit of $2,000. The only catch was an up front activation/processing fee of $249. I authorized the charges through a recorded conversation, and the $249 was taken out of my bank account on June 6, 2005 in the form of a paper check. The operator informed me that I would be receiving a package in the mail in 40 days. After the 40 days had expired, I did not receive a package. I started to get suspicious of this whole thing, and began to wonder if I had been ripped off ? So I called the customer service center for Simple Choice Finacial Benefits, and finally got through after calling about 5 times. The operator asked for my name and telephone number, and confirmed my address in the computer. He then gave an excuse for why my package had been delayed, and said that the 40 days delivery time actually meant up to 40 BUSINESS days ! He then apologized to me for the delay, but then re-assured me that he would key in another request for shipment, and that my package was definitely on the way. So I waited another 2 weeks, and still no sign of a package from this company. At this time, I became very angry, and sick to my stomach, because I knew that I had somehow been ripped off. This is when I began to do some research online of this company. I was shocked when I could not find an actual website that was solely dedicated to Simple Choice Finacial Benefits. It was almost like this company did not even exist ! But then, I found this website, and read all of the negative reports of all the other victims who have been scammed by this very same company! I then immediately called my bank, to see if there was any way to get my money back. They had informed me that since the 60 days had already passed, there was NOTHING they could do to get my money back. I then called back to Simple Choice Finacial Benefits and DEMANDED a refund ! The phone operator then informed me that the number I had reached was just a customer service center for 18 different companies, Simple Choice being one of those. I asked the operator if I could have a direct phone number or address to Simple Choice, and he said No. He then tells me that he would be able to assist me in any way I needed. So I tell the guy that I demand a refund of my $249, and that I was aware of the numerous scams that this company had participated in. I also informed him that if I did not get a refund immediately that I would contact the New York Police and the FBI and also the Better Business Bureau. He then changed his tone and said my refund was on the way, and that it would be in the form of a paper check, and that it would be here by September 21 guaranteed ! I assured him that if I did not receive full refund by 9/21/2005 that I would take actions. Well, I never received the refund. And I am mad as hell ! So, I have come to the realization that I will never get my $249 back. But, I refuse to let these criminals get away with this ! So this is what I found out. I went to my bank and asked for a copy of the actual paper check that was taken from my account by Simple Choice Finacial Benefits in the amount of $249. After investigating every single word and letter on this paper, I noticed something very strange! On the front of the check it says: Pay To: Simple Choice Finacial Benefits $249 And then right below, it says: EZ Pay Financial Services #445-597 #23918 I am not sure what this EZ Pay Financial Services company is ? And what are these two seperate sets of number sequences that follow it ? And then, on the BACK of the check, if you look closely, you can see that it has been stamped three seperate times ! This is what I can make out of the stampings on the back: (1) First Citizens Bank 100 East Tryon Road Raleigh, NC 27603 #62622618 (2) Bank of America,NA. CAR #6600248317 (3) Bank of America #9330004823 As you can see, with the first stamp I was able to make out a complete address plus a number. The second and third stampings did not have addresses, but I could plainly see the name of the bank plus the number that followed it. What these numbers mean, Im not sure, maybe the transaction number or something ? But, the FIRST CITIZENS BANK address is what is very CONFUSING and PUZZLING to me ! If Simple Choice Finacial Benefits is based out of Champlain, New York, then WHY would this check be stamped with a RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA ADDRESS ?!??!??!??!?!? Raleigh, NC is 850 MILES from Champlain, NY ! ! ! ! ! I am very baffled ! Maybe there is a simple explanation for all of this ?? But as of right now, I dont understand ? If ANYONE has information or ideas that can help me, Travis Sweetwater, TexasU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Champlain, New York
24, Report #154818
Aug 24 2005
10:21 AM
Oxsford Finacial Master Card rip off credit card scam Missouri
This company called my cell phone spoke to me about a no intrest no finanace charge master card with a 2000.00 limit. said i would have the card in one week then on a automated confirmation states 40 days now it 40 business days they have had my money for 2 months, already and i havent received my card call they are rude and un cooperative this company is making money on our money for a basic loan that they fail to answer to.. if you need a credit card please dont deal with this company they are a rip off Carmen Sterling Heights, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Missouri
25, Report #126161
Jan 06 2005
03:50 PM
Platinum Finacial Solutions ripoff Las Vegas Nevada
My husband applied for a loan and was told he would recieve it in 90 days. They told him because he was a United States Marine he would have a better chance of recieving it and he believed they really wanted to help since he was just out of the military. Well, just after Thanksgiving after not beening able to reach them for about a month he decided to call the corporate office and was informed that they just packed up and left. $999.00 gone like that, and my husbands dreams of owning his own business. Brooke Rockford, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada

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