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1, Report #1444829
May 27 2018
09:58 AM
Fitoru Fitness for You Did not offer a RMA or refund as stated on website Casper Wyoming
First Email to them: I purchased your product on 5/11/18 and I can't take it.  It makes me sick to my stomach with vomiting and diarrhea.  I would like to return it for a full refund.  Please advise how I go about getting this refund. I had gotten a special off of their website Fitoru Ultimate Weight Loss Combo 75% Off Special Offer + Free 90 Day Challenge Workbook (eBook) for $44.99 less discount 4.49 shipping was $3.66 totaling $44.16. Their products were bottles of 60 capsules of 3 supplements, Green Coffee Extract, Garcinia, Acai Cleanse.  Directions were to take 2 of each of them (total 6) 30 min. before breakfast or lunch.          I couldn't take them, don't know why but I have IBS and like Maggie Q, stomach issues. I saw her advertise this on TV so wanted to give it a try.Email from them:I am sorry to hear about your situation. The supplements are made of 100% natural ingredients and we rarely receive such feedback from customers.    According to our refund policy, you can return the product within 30 days of your original purchase date with an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number issued by our customer service department. Shipping costs are non-refundable and you are responsible for return postage fees.    May I know if you already opened the bottles?  If you want, I can just give you a 25% off refund and you won't have to return any item to us. That would be for the amount of $10.12.   According to our terms and conditions on the website, we collect a $9.95 returns fee for used products. As a reminder, we do not refund the shipping fee as stated in our Terms and Conditions.   Now to me I knew about the $9.95 return fee & shipping.  So I was expecting to get back around $30 and knew I would have to pay return shipping.  The thing that really got to me was the rep asking me if I had opened the bottles! How was I able to tell her that they made me sick IF I didn't open the bottles to take them?   Now in my defense, I was confused with the wording that she could give me a 25% refund and I wouldn't have to return the open bottles.  So I thought she meant that she would reduce the refund by 25% excl. shipping, restocking, etc. and it would save me the shipping fee for the return.  BUT no... what she meant was that she would only give me $10.12 out of my payment of $44.16. Again she is telling me in another email that they won't refund for products that had been in the world am I suppose to know that the supplements wouldn't work for me if I didn't open the bottle.  And who in their right mind would accept only a refund of $10.12 when if I returned them I would get around $30 back?  This person is an idiot because if I had purchased more than ONE month, I could see returning unopened bottles but wouldn't she be able to see that I only ordered the one month supply on my order that she had on her computer?   I finally notified Paypal of the situation and asked them to resolve it.  That is why I usually always use Paypal for payments.   These advertisements for weight loss pills, protein powders, etc. are very deceiving so watch and read everything really close.  If you have any questions, either find out or don't buy them.  This is how they prey on people that might not know or understand what you are being told.  Read the terms and conditions so you are caught up in a cycle of rebilling your credit card account or checking account.        
Entity: Casper, Wyoming
2, Report #1453835
Jul 28 2018
05:45 PM
Fitoru Fitoru Family Fitoru Family on Facebook deleted my honest review and blocked me after I simply and calmly questioned them of their refund policy. Internet
I purchased their product, spending close to 200.00 Canadian (also for a water bottle) Their return policy did state 30 days from purchase date...they do not say however that it will take over two weeks for the product to arrive and they will not issue a refund until the date they say they received the product back, providing it is processed before the 30 days from purchase price is up. This also did not give me more than 3 days to try their product. When i posted this on their Fitoru Family facebook site where I was a member, they contacted me via text and told me they were within their promise then abruptly blocked any further texts and deleted my review off facebook and banned me from there as well, not even allowing for any comment or further questioning...beause i noticed instructions on the bottle said to take all 6 pills an hour before breakfast or lunch yet on site they were saying...3 in the morning and 3 at lunch. There was no chance at all to even ask any questions. I have noticed since I went to their main fitoru site and posted there that they deleted my review and blocked me and deleting an honest review is actually illegal, that their main facebook page deleted this also.  I was not harrassing them, I was not being rude and above was all I stated, it took over two weeks to receive the order..and this did not give me any time to honestly try their product. 
3, Report #1273564
Jul 20 2016
08:32 AM
Club Fitness BEWARE!!! They make it hard for you to cancel!!! St Peters Missouri
I was in a bad car accident.... unable to work for 6 months. I called to cancel my membership in JULY since I couldnt even ride in a car longer than 10 min. I was told to cancel online. I went online and emailed them asking to cancel my membership explaining my situation.... it is now Dec and still trying to get membership cancelled. Now they say they received my email and the request even the day and time they received it ( they had it under my account information.) but said they had three other people with my name in their system.... Really?! then why was the information stating that I requested to cancel in MY account with them? I am know sending snail mail because that is the only way they will except a cancellation. Dont bother going in person.... email wont work either..... Not to mention they are going to charge me an additional month after I cancel..... NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO TO CLUB FITNESS!!!!
Entity: St Peters , Missouri
4, Report #1315148
Jul 14 2016
03:06 PM
LA Fitness Uptown Dallas, Texas Why LA Fitness isn't what you signed up for. Dallas Texas
In 2012 I was a happy member of Bally’s Total Fitness; they told me because of a merger they were closing the location close to my home, so I set out to find a new gym to try to abate the poundage that I know I am prone to add on due to a ton of factors. I tried a week here, a week there, and i found that the LA Fitness close to my home was the most convenient and seemed to be the best priced. I paid a couple hundred dollar initiation fee, and my first month there. Then I was told that before I could start working out there, I must have a session with one of their personal trainers. I said sure, sounds good, maybe I can learn a thing or two from this guy. He took me around had me do some crazy strenuous arm workouts, still excited I thought it was pretty cool. Then he said he wanted to test my fitness level, he had me plank for 3 minutes and told me that why I was shaking was that my core was out of shape. I thought that was a bit fishy, especially since I just spent the last 45 minutes working out my arms, which were currently holding me up. He took me back to his cubicle, and showed me a laminated picture of a woman that was a bodybuilder, and he told me that “this is what I did for her, I can do that for you too”. It clicked, The reason the monthly fee was cheaper was that they would spend plenty of the time I was trying to improve my body selling me on tens of thousands of dollars worth of personal training sessions. He suggested that I should sign up for 3 sessions a week, but I had to purchase them in a bundle and had to pay for them whether I used them or not. What!? So I just declined and showered up, then he met me outside the locker room to tell me that they had a special, only after I declined the price changed? After working out there for a few months, I talk with some other members and find out that some paid more than me, and some paid drastically less, and hadn’t paid a huge initiation fee. It turns out if I had paid only $20 more on that first day that I could have prepaid for 2 years, and had no initiation fee?!? So I asked to speak to the general manager of the gym. He told me that yes, I could purchase those 2 years for much less than I was paying, but whatever I had already paid was theirs and I would never get that back. I stopped going there for a few months, still paying every single month. I went to another gym, and another gym, just trying to find something that would fit in my schedule. I decided to go back, I was paying for it anyway, might as well go, it wasn’t worth losing my initiation fee to go to another gym. I had a friend come in to town, and I told him that my membership comes with “guest privileges” , so i signed him up, and we decided to go over and have a work out, I haven’t worked out with him in years anyway. We merrily drive over, and go to the front desk to sign in, and “since he doesn’t live within 25 miles of this location, he will have to purchase a day pass for $20”, but there is a LA fitness just down the street from his house, if he likes this gym, he might want to sign up there, ugh, another $20 I have now paid for a “privilege” that I already pay for. Over the years, dealing with some filthy showers, locker rooms, broken saunas, and equipment constantly waiting for maintenance. All of a sudden I notice that there are these barricades going up in the areas where you stretch before you workout, and gradually they consumed mats, weights, and pieces of equipment that I use regularly. I ask the person at the front desk why these areas are no longer accessible. I’m told that those areas are only for people who pay for personal training sessions. Great, another thing I have to pay for just to get access to equipment I have been using for years. However, the straw that broke the camel’s back is that they changed my membership. When I signed up and paid that giant fee, I was told that I have a membership that would let me work out at any LA fitness, anywhere, any time they were open. When I looked at my account, it was an all club account, giving me access to literally every LA fitness that existed. I recently moved, and another gym was closer now, and was a little part of my decision to move to the area I did. When I went to check in to this gym, I was told that my session today would be free, but if I ever come to that gym again, that they will automatically bill me an extra $5 for every time I check in there. What? I thought I had access to every single gym with LA fitness on the outside? No sir, you only have a multi-gym membership now, and you will have to pay an extra $150 a year to have the all gym membership. Wasn’t what I paid for an all gym membership? Enraged I called customer service, which never ends well with LA fitness, I had already asked them to move my “home gym” to that location anyway, which still seemed to have never happened. I spoke with representative after representative, supervisor after supervisor, and finally I thought I had someone on the line that could help with the situation, I calmed myself to rationally explain the situation and ask for help. When I was told the only way I would ever get to use the gym close to my home was to shell out even more money, I informed the gentleman that the terms of our contract state that I will have access to every single LA fitness gym that exists, and he should honor the terms of our contractual agreement, if he didn’t I would be forced to cancel my account with them. All of a sudden they were offering a special again. If I just signed a contract with them, I would only have to pay $10 more per month, and would be able to access that gym, my math may not be great, but that does sound like $120 more per year. “That’s okay I’ll just cancel” I informed him, when he hung up the phone on me. He hung up, what great customer service from a multinational corporation that I have spent thousands on, and wasted years of my life trying to get to work out all because I paid a massive upfront fee and didn’t want to just throw that money away. Well I am proud to tell you that as of today that fee is thrown out, and I’m off to find my next gym.Was it easy to quit, no. I called and called more, trying to cancel, I was told that if I wanted to cancel, I would have go to the gym where I had originally signed up, and cancel there. Now I have to drive across town to an area that I haven’t lived in in years, and hunt down someone that can help me. Aish, signing up for this gym may have been the most expensive and disappointing experience I have had to deal with just to keep a few pounds off.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #690700
Feb 04 2011
08:46 AM
Club Fitness GOLDS GYM The gym is a ripoff they sign you up for a trial then try to charge you for 2 years CARROLLTON, Georgia
I went to there gym under doctors orders for waterthearpy.I thought that I was signing up for a trial membership.The guy that was signing me up lied.Now I am being threated by some collection company,after I have doctors orders to stop.They are saying that I owe for 2 years.
Entity: CARROLLTON, Georgia
6, Report #348277
Jul 07 2008
12:20 PM
La Fitness to freeze the acct for one month they charge you for that month and a freeze fee Wellington Florida
I needed to freeze my and my girlfreind's account for one month to put money toward my dog's hospital bills and upcoming MRI and tests. To freeze the accts they charged me $37 for that month for each acct and a freeze fee of $25 for each act. they also want a 30 day notice on freezing it. it reactivates itself automatically and starts billing you after 90 days, because the freeze is only available for 3 months.... So, it will cost me $125 and take 60 days to freeze the accts. Who would bother freezing an acct when you save hardly any money, and, by the time it freezez and stops billing you, it starts billing you soon after anyway.... what a scam!!!!! customer service at LA fitness is well versed on this and will simply tell you sorry, that's all I can there anything else I can help you with at this time? the word help should not come out of there mouths....they no nothing about actually helping a customer. Andrew Loxahatchee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Wellington, Florida
7, Report #347846
Jul 05 2008
09:52 PM
Paramount Acceptance Group (health Club Billing For Riviera Fitness) Paramount Acceptance charges YOU for their own Incompetence! Holladay Utah
BEWARE Paramount Acceptance Group and AVOID this company at all costs! If you are looking for a gym membership, verify who handles their billing before signing any contracts. Avoiding this company will save you not only money, but months worth of aggravation and headaches! I'm sorry for the long story, but there's a LOT to complain about! My horrible experience started in May 2007, in Birmingham, AL where I was living at the time. I work 3rd shift with the company Im with. So I was looking for a gym with long hours where I could go to during hours that I was awake. I found Riviera Fitness. I did a couple of feeler sessions at the gym to see how I liked it. The staff there was wonderful, and I was more than happy to sign a contract for a membership. The only problem for me was that I knew ahead of time that there was a good possibility that I would be moving out of the state within a few months. So I asked up front, before signing any contracts, what my options were, and if I would be able to transfer my membership if I did leave. I was told that it was easy to transfer my membership to an associated gym if there was one in the area I would be moving. Unfortunately, upon looking at the list of available locations, there were no gyms in the areas where I believed I would be moving. The manager of the gym even called to verify this information, as well as the clause in the contract which states: If the member moves out of town and is unable to transfer the contract to a comparable facility within 15 miles or if the health studio goes out of business and fails to provide facilities within 5 miles, Buyer may cancel by proof of verifiable address change and receive a pro-rata refund of any prepayments. Since I did not know for certain at the time if I would actually be moving, I felt confident that signing a 24 month contract would be no problem. I was able to receive the discounted rate, and there was no risk of losing my money should I be transferred., because I could either transfer my membership, or cancel without penalty. I moved to Fort Myers, Florida in August. I called at the time that I was moving to verify that there were (as verified before even signing the contract) no locations in the area to which I could transfer my membership. A week or two after arriving in Florida, I faxed all of my information, along with my membership number, to the number I was given. As I mentioned previously, I work 3rd shift. And as such, the time zone difference means that Paramount Acceptance is only open during hours when I am asleep. I never managed to call and speak to a person to verify the receipt of my fax. But since I didnt hear anything at all from them, by phone or by mail, requesting money from me, I figured that everything went fine, and that my membership had been cancelled. I was wrong. In MARCH of 2008, 7 FULL MONTHS AFTER I HAD MOVED, I received a phone call waking me up in regards to my Riviera Fitness Membership. I thought that they were trying to offer me a promotion to join again, and replied I dont have a membership. I cancelled when I moved from Alabama in August of last year. I was told that my fax was never received, and that I owed them money. I replied that my contract states that the contract could be cancelled if I could not transfer my membership. I was told that all I had to do was re-send the fax, and send proof of the date I moved, and that it would be taken care of. I resent the fax. Again, I sent my fax in the middle of the night during my work hours. This time I kept my confirmation sheet showing that the fax had successfully been transmitted. I tried unsuccessfully for a few days to stay awake and call the company to confirm receipt of the fax. But, days turned into weeks, and I heard nothing from them Again (and this is where I am REALLY kicking myself), I assumed that surely NOW everything was taken care of, as I wasnt being harassed for money. Until the end of MAY, when I received yet another phone call. But this time stating that I would be sent to collections for my delinquency of payment. I refuted, saying that I had sent the information multiple times, and that I even had proof that the second fax was successfully transmitted. I was told that I needed to send the information AGAIN. They also claimed that I would be held responsible for the charges up until the time that they received the information, regardless of the date of my move. I was outraged. I sent the information AGAIN, as requested, along with the second fax I sent (complete with the confirmation page showing a successful transmission), a copy of my drivers license showing my Florida address, AND I went to my storage shed to dig out the dated address verification form that the post office sends to you when you move. It was about a week or so before I was actually able to speak to a person at Paramount Acceptance to confirm that my fax had indeed been received. But they were still insisting that I owed money. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to another line where I left a message explaining the issue at hand. I was called back later, by a woman who explained to me that their faxes are processed online, and that they receive the faxes like e-mails. She actually said the words to me sometimes the server drops them. She also said that it was my responsibility to make sure that the information was received, even though they arent available to speak with during hours when I can talk to anyone. I was trying to figure out why I was being held responsible for the charges, when it was clearly not my fault that the information was never received or processed. She hung up on me during the phone call. I didn't have a phone number for this supervisor, because I was transfered, and was unable to call her back directly. I was getting nowhere. So I decided that I would try to obtain the phone records for the time when I sent the original fax, to prove that it was sent. Unfortunately, a few days ago, after a couple of weeks of asking questions, I was told that due to the complexity of finding that information (the fax was sent from a FedEx Kinkos), they would only produce that information upon receiving a court order. Since then, Ive been talking with friends, trying to find out what I can do about the situation. But imagine my surprise when I received a letter from Federal Recovery Services, Inc. stating that I had 30 days from the date on the letter to provide payment in full, or I would be held liable for all collection costs in addition to my outstanding debt. The date on the letter was 06/03/2008. THE POSTMARK ON THE ENVELOPE IS 06/25/2008!! THREE FULL WEEKS AFTER THE DATE ON THE LETTER!!! Of course, coming to South Florida from Utah, the letter did not arrive until 07/03/2008, which means I didnt even see it until 07/04/2008 after I got home from work! AFTER the 30 days had already passed! On a National Holiday no less, so I wasnt unable to contact Anyone to speak to regarding the matter!! I will probably have to resort to obtaining a court order for the phone records after all. THESE PEOPLE ARE BULLIES. THEY FEEL THAT THEY CAN PRESSURE YOU INTO PAYING THEM MORE MONEY THAN THEY ARE ENTITLED TO BY RESORTING TO SHADY TACTICS. I am NOT going to allow them to scare me into paying them anything. I have documentation PROVING that they are untrustworthy, and they Still have the nerve to place the blame on me! STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS! Nina Fort Myers, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Holladay, Utah
8, Report #336734
Jun 03 2008
12:09 PM
The Firm fitness Videos - Firmdirect - Gaiam Americas Tricks you into contracts and charges for videos not received Internet
I ordered some fitness videos from the Firm and paid in full for the first shipment. I give them a credit card that they kept on file. I received a next shipment in December, which was charged on my card. The videos they sent was of very poor quality and look like products that they were trying to off -load on customers because they were not being ordered. I got an invoice in February with a Zero balance and a reminder that to receive the next shipment call 1800-516-7108 or do nothing and my card will be charged. I cancelled the card because I did not want a next shipment and later call them and cancelled the membership. Three months later I received another invoice stating that I have a balance owing of $71.60. I called the company and requested a statement explaining how I owe the $71.60. I never received the statement of explaination and they keep sending me letters stating I owe them the $71.60. How could I have a zero balance in February received no videos (which they do not send unless your card is charged) and end up owing in May? I am of the belief that this firm (parent company Gaiam Americas) overstates its receivables in order to appear profitable to its shareholders. If anyone have had this problem please contact me and we will find out who their Auditors are and bring this out in the open. Meanwhile be careful of companies like The Firm. Elesia Jamaica, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #478498
Aug 11 2009
12:49 PM
Bally Total Fitness, Bally's Employees are all going to DECEIVE & CHEAT You for Your Money Orlando Florida
When I had gone to Bally's to check out their prices and deals I was very hesitant because the most affordable memberships were those with long term contracts and I made it clear to the representative that I could not and would not sign a contract of any sort. I made it crystal clear that I needed a gym that I could be a member on a month to month basis in case I had to cancel the membership. The rep. tried all sorts of ways to get me to sign a contract but I kept refusing. When I was ready to walk he said he could make me a deal, as long as I paid the first and last month plus the processing fee I would be paying the 3 year contract price for a month to month, no contract membership. I told him from the beginning that I didn't have much time and he took awhile to come up with a deal that worked for me. After we had talked about it, he had assured me three times specifically that I would not be on any kind of contract and that in order to cancel my membership all I had to do was give a thirty days notice and pay out the last month, in addition to the first and last month I was going to pay that day. He told me just sign here and we're all set, no contract. Welcome to Bally's. After I had lost my job I called my gym to give my thirty days notice of cancellation because I could no longer afford my membership. They said they didn't have the authority to cancel so they gave me the phone number of the people who did. The lady I spoke to on the cancellation number on June 16, 2009 asked if instead of completely cancelling my membership if I were to be charged only $9/mo after taxes would that be affordable. I said yes fine, but nothing more than that. She promised that my credit card would no longer be charged anything more than $9/mo, gave me a confirmation number of 1646 and said everything was final. A month later I was looking over my credit card statement and noticed that Bally's had still charged the full amount instead of the $9 the woman had promised I would be charged. So once again I called the cancellation line to straighten out the over charge. The first and second person I spoke to said they did see the $9/mo agreement under my account and was not sure why I was being charged the full amount, so I was put on hold once again to try to talk to someone who might know what was going on like a manager or supervisor, so I was transferred to a manager. The manager gave no reason as to why I had been over charged but said that the $9/mo was not available. Without a job I told them I could not afford the full amount of the original membership and that I was only keeping the membership because I had been promised the price of $9/mo so I was going to have to cancel the membership right away. The same manager said that cancelling over the phone could not be done like I had been told it could. I would have to send a fax to that same office she was talking to me from so they could have a written document stating I wanted my membership cancelled, so I agreed and sent a fax with my situation typed out for them so I could get my membership cancelled and hopefully a refund of the money the woman had promised I would not be charged. A week later got a voicemail back from a Nancy saying that I had a 3 year contract and not only that I would not be receiving my money back that they had over charged on their mistake but also that there was no way they could lower my payments to $9 nor could I cancel my membership like I had been promised and there was nothing they could do. Nancy left a number if I had questions. Of course I had lots of questions at this point so I called the number to be told to call a different number, the second number finally told me to call the first number again after pressing digits for 30 mins to try talk to a human, then after calling the first number back they had then given me a third number to call and after calling the third number and being transferred and put on hold for another 30 or 45 mins. I was finally connected to a man named Joe (employee number 858) that said he could help me solve these issues and saw on my account all the times I had called, and faxed, he also told me he did see that on 6/16 a woman put that I would only be charged $9/mo. He told me that even though it was on the record she had told me this, it was not possible. So as a result he assured me that he would be able to just cancel my membership if I still wished to do so for a $75 cancellation fee I was never told about when I had originally signed up at Bally's, but I said that was fine go ahead and cancel it, I was completely fed up with all the games these people had played with me by then and just wanted it to be over like I was told it could be. He asked if he could charge the same card, I said yes, he puts me on hold for another 20 mins. comes back on the line and says he cannot cancel my membership at all, that I have a three year contract with them and they would not be able to lower my payments or honor any of the promises the Bally employees had given to me such as the no contract membership, lowered monthly payment when I lost my job, or the $75 cancellation that five mins. before he assured me was my only option. They completely disregarded the fact that is was their employees that had made false promises (even given out confirmation numbers to backup these false promises) and refused to honor any of them, that they would do nothing to compensate for their mistakes and that I was stuck with the three year contract (I was told was not at all what my signature was needeed for in the beginning) with the full payments for the full term of these three years. Sara Orlando, FloridaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Bally Total Fitness
Entity: Orlando, Florida
10, Report #958485
Oct 22 2012
05:21 PM
Lifetime Fitness We make you pay for life - the only thing we workout is your wallet, Internet
Life Crime fitness, we make you pay for life As a previous employee I can tell you this place is all about money. This gym is the most vindictive, money-grubbing company in the fitness industry. The logic at the personal training department is show me your credit card and I might help you use that machine. Money first: No money, no help.95% of staff meeting content was all about who hit sales goals and who sold what product. Rarely were client health results discussed. Contracts are designed to hold customers in a red-tape limbo where leaving contracts is all but impossible; often requiring a certified letter or in-person visit to cancel memberships.Employees are rewarded for sales only. Education is embellished on biography boards. This company hires UNCERTIFIED trainers (illegal) and allows them to train clients before they obtain their credentials. Again, it is all about getting that money! Front line workers are told not to fraternize and managers are allowed to knock boots all day long without career ramifications. At one club, it was understood that a manager illegally ran payments at a higher commission percentage only to be demoted, and promoted again for sales! $$$$ first. u n e t h i c a l managers are promoted for screwing the customers! Workers are terminated at will. This company is a glorified pyramid scheme. BUYER BEWARE.
Entity: Internet, Internet
11, Report #319073
Mar 18 2008
03:00 PM
Fitness USA = Nation Credit Credit Company Scam They ask for proof but deny it when you send it Lies! Taylor Michigan
Just like many other Rip off Reports on here about Fitness USA and National Credit my story is similar. I joined Fitness USA around Sept. of 2004 in Taylor,MI. I was attending college then and knew within a year would be relocating. I brought this up to the guy who signed me up, he replied dont worry as long as you send proof they can and will cancel the membership. Also like many other this was thought to be a month to month membership. When the time came to move after I graduated I stopped by the gym to pick up the cancellation form. Once I moved I made 2 more payments just because I hadnt sent in the form. I then mailed in the form with a copy of my leasing agreement from the apartment complex I was living at, I got a letter back about 2 months later. During this time National Credit was harassing me multiple times a day. I stated to them the situation and they didn't care, all they wanted was a payment. I made another payment to them while I was waiting for them to respond. When I received their letters it stated that I was denied because this seemed to be a temporary move. My lease was for one year by the time my lease was up even if I planned on moving back my contract with them would be over. Doesn't make sense further more I had a roommate living with me and the utility bills were all under his name. So I couldnt send them that, BUT when I sent them a copy of the lease his name was also on the lease as well. I tried to explain that to Nation Credit with no luck. After many months of fighting this and National Credit harassing me at all time of the day and night multiple times a day from many different employee's I gave in and paid the remaining balance off. I am now looking to purchase a home but due to my credit problems with National Credit only few banks with accept with insane interest rates. I make $50,000 a year but had a credit problem for about $350 bucks. National Credit ran me in a circle for months and months destroying my credit while doing so. They got their money plus all the late fee's in full, but still chose to destroy my credit over a minimal amount of money. I plan to fight this somehow or someway now that I see I'm not the only person Fitness USA or National Credit has done this to. I believe we deserve some sort of agreement. I'm not asking for money just simply repair my credit and let me move on. Brent Florence, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Taylor, Michigan
12, Report #338225
Jun 08 2008
11:35 AM
Mademoiselle Women's Fitness I fought mademoiselle and I won..Here's some tips for you to get out of paying London Ontario
I signed up for a one year membership with mademioselle and paid in full with a money order (I work for a bank and have seen the horrors of using pre authorized payments, or your own personal chqs to pay) They still insisted that I provide them with a void chq before they would honour my membership. I gave them a chq on an account that I closed many years ago so they couldn't take out any money. I used the gym for 1 year then stopped going assuming my membership was over. 1 year after that I reveived a phone call saying I owed them a year worth of membership dues. They told me that my membership automatically renewed since I didn't cancel. Why they wait one year before trying to collect money..I don't know. Most businesses start trying to contact you after 30 days. I went on the Consumer Provision Act website and found that their contract violates many laws, whether you signed it or not. I sent a copy of this to their head office in Mississuaga, On and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Within days I received an email saying my membership was cancelled and the outstanding balance on my account was waives. Please DO NOT sign any contracts or pay Mademoiselle any money until you have read the info on the website above. Mademoiselle sucks london, OntarioCanada
Entity: London, Ontario
13, Report #1281322
Jan 20 2016
05:48 PM
Lifetime Fitness Cancelation scam. If you want free try out time, don't agree to open membership for 14 days cancelation. Commerce Michigan
On 01/09/2016 I came to Lifetime fitness Commerce Twnp, MI and had appointment with Zainab Charara. First of all I asked her to allow me to check this club out for few hours this club (try out time) to understand how clean this place, pool, saunas, equipment etc. She said that I can do it, even I can open new membership and cancel it in 14 days with full refund. She asked me if I was here before. I said may be, I remember I was here as guest. She checked on the computer and she stated that she can't find me in the system. And system considering me as new member. So she stated again that I can cancel this membership in 14 days with full refund. After that she was talking about start up fee and membership fee, but I had no idea that two fee are will be together in first payment. I singled the papers ( and she said that I will receive all this agreements on my email, but I didn't receive any, exempt commercials). She asked me: how do you want to pay today? ( and she didn't state an amount of charge) I was sure the will be only start up fee $69. She took my credit card and went from the room (that is weird). After I received a message from my bank about $127.61 charge. I asked to Zainab about it, and she said these are membership fee and start up fee. I said you didn't tell me about it, she said - no, I told you. But she said, anyway you can cancel it in 14 days if don't like it.  I was in the club  two times. I was disappointed when I found dirty stretching equipment and I saw how people go to the pool from the dry sauna without any shower.  Next day I got back pain and decided not to go to the club, after one week I still have back pain and I decided to cancel my membership.  On January 20th I called Zainab and asked to cancel my membership, she answered right away that I am a former from 2009 client and can't have a refund. I said, I would not be open membership just for check this club out. I asked to her - why did you tell me I am a new client in first place? She said that she has to speak with her manager and she will call me at the end of the day. Since then I did not receive any calls from her or from her manager.
Entity: Commerce, Michigan
14, Report #311393
Feb 23 2008
01:40 PM
Extreme Fitness total disregard for law Toronto Ontario
Extreme Fitness presents like a legitimate business, all is fine until your annual contract is done and then.... they'll never let you go, or at least not your credit card. The consumer act in Ontario says that gym memberships are limited to one year, Extreme Fitness claims that their never ending contract is legit. After signing a new contract a consumer has 10 days to cancel, Extreme Fitness says that you can only cancel in person, never mind that pesky registered letter you sent. And so its endless calls to the credit card company, having charges reversed. Will it ever end? Better that people know not to be deceived by the pretty facade, because this business is really a confidence game disguised as a gym. Tai Toronto, OntarioCanada
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
15, Report #996732
Jan 18 2013
06:16 PM
24 hr fitness there is no such thing as first month free and no membership/contract only 22.00 a month as advertised Norman, Oklahoma
Alright, here's the deal. I went into 24 hr fitness with my husband just before Christmas because my gym was closing. All I wanted is to try the gym out for a month to see if I liked it. They had a huge sign outside that caught my attention. It read, No Contracts or Fees Month to Month only 22.00. Great, I thought. We go in and this lady sets me down in front of her desk and is talking so rapidly I can't understand what she is saying. She's talking about waving this and that and for 2 years I will have a contract. 24.00 pulled from our checking a mo. I thought whoa, whoa wait a minute. your sign says, no contracts. That's what I want and came in here for. She says if you do that you will have to pay 255.00 today and a 45.00 fee. Yet, she would be more than glad to wave all that. Just pay 65.00 today and we will get you all fixed up and you will meet with our Personal Trainer. I thought well, those are expensive maybe it will be worth the money. My husband signes some papers. We receive no copies. The next thing I know I'm getting my picture taken and a door key. I meet up with the personal Trainer. We go through what she called the Boot Camp about killed me for the next several days. After we were finished she asked when would you like to come in next? I will put you on the scheadule. I told her. I would let her know. As soon As I was fixing to leave she handed me a sheet of paper. It was a price list and fees of her services. Very expensive ones. I feel I have been mislead and that no contract means no contract or fees means no fees yet in fact with the way these people twist the wording of sales and your attention to this and that and the other your head is spinning in them. 
Entity: Norman, Oklahoma
16, Report #934365
Aug 29 2012
01:50 PM
LA Fitness - California LA fitness personal training contract is a scam to generate commission for the personal trainer; they will not let you out of your contract, so you are locked in and have to pay for a service you do n Hawthorne, California
LA Fitness refuses to cancel my personal training contract because I did not cancel the contact within the five-day window. I explained to them that the amount of money per month would be a financial hardship for me; they still refused to cancel this service. I believe I was coerced into purchasing this contract because I was initially talking to one personal trainer, tellimg him how I would have to see if this payment would fit into my budget, when another guy intervenes and tells me how important it is to sign up today. I felt a bit pressured to sign the contract. I feel like I am being penalized for early contract termination. This scenario reminds of the the class-action law suit against one of the wireless carriers for charging customers early termination fees. Guess what, the consumer won.
Entity: Hawthorne, California
17, Report #423406
Feb 12 2009
05:55 PM
LA Fitness LA Fitness and their contracts Lacey Washington
I signed a contract with LA Fitness not knowing that it was a yearlong term. I was told that it was only a month-to-month contract and I could terminate at anytime without being charge any additional fees. How wrong I was! The contract could only be terminated within three days of signing. The only way out was a buy-out which means paying half of what I would have been paying for the full year. Man what a racket! I never used the training sessions! I was only with the program for on month you would think that they would offer some help? No! Sorry you signed a full year contract' was the only thing I heard! Oh, and if you decide not to pay we'll send the contract to collections and they take care of it! What ever you do, DON'T trust the kids having you sign on the doted line! I made a four hundred dollar mistake; one I wish someone else doesn't have to go through. Butsudo Olympia, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Lacey, Washington
18, Report #428184
Feb 25 2009
01:16 AM
LA Fitness I work for them. They work you until you die. They rip off people so bad by personal training. I WOULD NOT TRUST THEM AT ALL. I work for them and dont trust them Tacoma, South Washington
I work for them. I work 7 days a week and get no time off. Im so tried of my V.P Brent. He treats me like crap. I work and work and everyone looks down on me. I make more than my manger when it comes to invoice. I also sell personal training, when I get them I tell them there on a contract. most of the people that work for them dont. they just dont care. They all know they will get moved. No one works at the same place for more than 5 months its pretty sad. when I started there people complained cause they get didnt people every day. its prettty said when people cant get the same old people. I would not trust them at all. people dont even see results. thats the sad part. People think the trainier are good cuz they sweat but half the people dont see results. Its sad. they always complain about that too. I must say that L.A Fitness sucks. Dont but training any where else except Tacoma South because I will go thur the whole contract. I wont miss anything. So if you wanna get help Come to me. And Dont trust L.A Fitness Sokkerboi17 Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Tacoma, South, Washington
19, Report #1300385
Apr 18 2016
02:51 PM
24 Hour Fitness 24 Hour Fitness Taylorsville Cheat, Lied for comission. Salt Lake City Utah
I walked into the gym after work wanting a visitors pass to TRY out their basketball court specifically as I didn't have money to pay for a gym pass. Being that it was November and snowing outside I coudn't play basketball outside. The sales lady JOANN ALVARADO spoke with me. She told me verbatim. We have a plan that's 29.99 a month and you can cancel at any time. Because I had told her I don't want to join because as soon as the weather is better I'll play basketball outside. I again told her That I didn't want to committ to anything because I only needed to use the basketball court because of the snow right now. You can cancel at any time and you'll get a month for free when you cancel, it's just 29.99 a month.  I made it clear that I wasn't wanting to use the equipment and was specifically wanting to play basketball. I paid the 29.99 with the knowledge that I can cancel it at anytime. The next time I go in to play basketball, there is no court available.... They are doing a blood drive in the court. So I leave. Throughout the month I play on the court five or six times. They continue to charge me 29.99 a month over a period of 3 months. Having not used their court in over two months. I call to cancel...... The customer service agent tells me I need to pay 395.00 for an early termination fee. I state what the sales rep stated to me. That I could cancel anytime and I would get a month for free after I cancel. The agent tells me sorry. I walk back into 24 hour fitness. The sales rep that sold it me is busy with other customers. She looks at me and her face goes white. She can clearly see that I'm heated. She walks back into the back area to avoid me. There is no manager available. Customer service is unhelpful being that they have no tools nor desire to right a situation. It has been 3 more months now and they continue to charge my card. Why are the sales agents straight up lying to make comissions off sales? If I had done this at my job I would be fired.
20, Report #481256
Aug 17 2009
03:01 PM
Fitness 4 Ten Fitness for 10 This company falsely advertises that you don't have a contract when they say you do. They also add unseen fees. Their customer service is very poor and unhelpful. Carson City, Nevada
My daughter signed up online with this company to access their fitness facility.  She has never signed anything and there is no existing contract to be found.  They access my bank account for a $20 monthly fee that they said gives her VIP access.  I was charged $50 on my account.  When I called to ask why I was told it was a $30 fee charged every August 16th.  When I asked why it was $20 and not $10 as advertised I was told that she had unlimited access to tanning.  Next I checked their website which states $10 monthly no contract.  No where on their website does it say there is a contract, no where does it state what other levels you can access. It is very misleading and designed to trap you into letting them have access to your money.  I have contact the Better Business Bureau who contacted me and stated they would look into the false advertising. 
Entity: Sparks, Nevada
21, Report #921884
Aug 06 2012
01:53 PM
24 Hour Fitness Bait and switch , Internet
First of all, I'd like to say I was a long time member with 24 hour fitness, however, I don't think I will spend another penny at the club. My experience today was at the City of Industry club, I had a new born child a while back, thus I suspended my membership to take care of the new born.  Today I felt I want to check out the club again, perhaps getting myself in shape again.  I printed out the 3 days pass, I also invited my church friend to join me to check out the club, he never had membership at any club, so I thought maybe I can introduce him to gym. After arrival at the club, the trainer started by seating us down, after he saw our ID, he said he wouldn't honor the guest pass to my friend, because he lives about 15 minutes away in Brea, CA.   I am very puzzled, the guest pass clearly stated Pass good at multiple locations., but the trainer insists he cannot let us in, because my friend lives in Brea.  The trainer then want us to pay $25 deposite so he can extend our guest pass for a week.  To be honest, at that moment, I feel we are being cheated to a bait and switch tactic.  Not sure if this is 24 hours fitness's standard process to have customers extend their 3 days pass to 7 days by paying $25. What make things worse is when I expressed my dislike the trainer's reason not honor our guest pass, and going thru this embarassment for inviting my friend and have to have him feel not welcomed; then the subsquent bait and switch tactic.  (Again, the guest pass clearly stated Pass good at multiple locations.)  The trainer said this:  24 Hours Fitness won't go bankrupt if it doesn't have our business.  The trainer is probably right, two less memberships won't hurt 24Hour Fitness when it has millions of members. We got up and walked away immediately after hearing that statement, and we probably will never give a penny to this business entity ever again.  We probably won't have very nice things to say about the club either ,after knowing how much they value their customer.  The translation of that statement to us is if you don't like it, you can leave, since we have so many customers. I feel others need to beware of the business practice and ethics of a business before they shell out their hard earn dollars. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
22, Report #231124
Jan 17 2007
05:59 PM
Bally Total Fitness Employee's lie to get you to sign. They should be held liable for their deceptive ways. Bally's Total Fitness is a Total Loss. Ripoff Miami Florida
I went to Bally's to try their gym because I saw an advertisement for a $19 dollar month-to-month membership. When I got there an employee, Luis Lasso, took me to his office. I told him of the ad and he said yea sure and that would be fine. So he told me he would need to take the payment out of my account as normal procedure. I let him know that I knew someone who might be interested in signing up with me. He said that I would be discounted for the first month if I could get him to sign up. So together we paid about $13 bucks for the first month and signed the contract. Luis Lasso said that the second month would cost around 30 dollars. I understood that this was a month to month contract as we discussed in his office so I was not worried about the second payment...thought I'd cross that bridge when I got to it-if I ended up liking the gym and working out there. Unfortunately, Luis's intentions were somewhere else. He was aware that the contract he had me sign did NOT coincide with what he had explained to me. He was aware of how many people had signed contracts with Bally's before-probably with him- that were deceived and enraged that they had signed over $2,000 dollars away over the course of 36 months. When I got an overdraft charge on my checking account one day (a month after signing my month to month contract) I inquired to the bank as to whom had withdrew the money...Bally's! I quickly went to my records and saw that the contract I had signed was for 36 months!! I immediately called the Bally's to which I joined and asked for Luis Lasso. Apparently, he didn't work there anymore according to the employee on the phone. I think that guy on the phone (Renaldo or something) told me that Luis had relocated to another Bally's. Probably a promotion from all of the bogus commission he's been making ripping off customers. I asked the employee on the phone after telling him of my situation, What so you guys just trick people into signing a contract. As to which he replied, Not all of the employees here do that, just some of them. I was tricked, plain and simple. Even though I did sign the contract saying 36 months, I feel that this Bally's employee is liable as he knew my wishes, yet it was his interests in his personal gain to DECIEVE me into signing something we never even talked about. The contract I thought I was signing, the month-to-month one, was not the same one I signed. I want out, didn't even know I was in- but after reading all of these reviews about how Bally's scams people left and right-even people who never signed up at all have found Bally's hitting up their checking accounts-I'm pretty sure it's not going to be so easy to get out of this one even if my reasons are legit and within the contract. I would rather pay a lawyer. Please contact me if anyone has dealt with these cases or this company before. To anybody else Bally's Total Fitness is a total loss!! Don't make the same mistake. Kristen North Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
23, Report #1451111
Jul 10 2018
02:29 PM
Usa fitness 360 health club Usa fitness You have been warned: Never ever go to this gyms, they are absolutely the worst!!! Ca
Run!!! Worst gym ever, they rip you of and treat you horribly. The gyms is hands down by far the worst when it comes to customer service. I had an issue which I kindly informed the mean/ rude overweight short girl at the front desk. She was extremely rude and disrespectful to me. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said she is the supervisor, I asked for her name and she refused to give it to me. I said I need who ever is in charge because I want to file a complaint on her. She said that I have to leave and I'm not allowed back on the premises, she said my membership was terminated and when I asked for a refund for the remainder he said no to bad, your also getting charged for next month. I said this isn't fair, all because I wa nted to inform them of an issue they have with their premises, she not only ripped me off for the remainder of what I paid but also I'm getting ripped off each month now. They are the worst!!! You have been warned go elsewhere of expect to have issues with them in the future, they are also very shady when it comes to how they handle the finances by lying and deceiving. Once again it's the short far girl at the front however none of the other staff were interested in being fair when I politely asked them if this is how they want to portrait themselves as a business they were all in cohoots. Adriana Gino Brooke These were the names I was able to get minus the short/ fat /rude /mean one who antagonized and escalated the situation which fortunately now others can beware of how they operate.
Entity: Ca
24, Report #616342
Feb 17 2011
11:08 PM
RUSH Fitness, The RUSH Fitness Complex 247 RIP OFF hubney fitness are unprofessional Thugs and Theives Knoxville, Tennessee
sunday April 25th i was strolling the local mall with a friend when we were approuched by a handsome fit young man he said he worked for the Rush fitness complex and gave us a free pass to work out but i had to make an appointment with him, fair enough i said, so we agreed we would meet the following friday. when i went to the gym i loved it i though it was all i wanted the my consultant(the guy from the mall) was so professional and kind. we sat down and i sighed a contract but i had to put 300 down i thought i was alot but he kept reminding me all of what it included, so i signed the document and handed them a check.That night i couldnt stop thinking about iti realized it was way too much for a gym membership and it was out of my budget, i called my consultant the very next date and apologized to him and advised him i could not keep the membership, he advised me to call into the complex and speak with a manager. when i called the gym the receptionist said that i need to call member services and cancel with them, unfortunetly they were closed for the weekend. so i read over the contract and it read that i have to send a letter by the fourth of May. i mailed my letter of cancellation the next business day and placed a stop payment on the check on 5/3/10 but i was too late the Rush had already presented the check iao 300.00. I immediately called my bank in a panic and demanded they get my funds back but they said that thier hands were tied i signed the check and referred me back to the devil i mean the Rush.i called memberservices 5/4/10 in a absolute panic pleading for my funds back it caused me to be in the negative in my checking account and caused me to asses over 200 in overdraft fees.for about 2 or 3 days i was ping pong back and forth between the companies. That's it, I've had enough I demanded to speak with a supervisor at the rush so i was connected to Cindy Wilkerson and she was very polite she said she understood the situation and apologized for everything. She refernced the contract and said that i would have to send the letter in the mail(already done) and once the cancelation letter is recieved i can get me money bank my bank would reverse the fees and i get my life back. Great! its finally going to be resolved so i thought but i was wrong i contiued to check the status of my request through the the months went on finally on 5/14/10 i was concerned that the letter had not yet been recieved. So i asked the rep. what could i do he said send another letter but it has to be dated the same date the last letter was dated within the grace days. sure no problem it was a set back but i was still on track to getting my funds back and boy did i need it. i recieved a letter in the mail dated 5/15/10 on 5/25/10 and it read that i would not be recieving my payment back because the cancellation letter was recieved 4/19 outside of the allowed time. now im furious i call in and request to speak with a sup the tell me Cindy is the only supervisor and she's not always in i left numerious messages in her voicemail and yet no calls were return. a Rep advised me that they are often left at the site with no supervisor on duty. I finnally reached Cindy and she came on the line more upset than i was she said i would not get my funds back and i could not complain to the corporate office, she said she would forward my email (that was sent to member services on 6/1/10 to their review board. i continued to call in everyday on my lunch break. Meanwhile i have been leaving messages in mr Masseys voicemail box Cindy's boss but he never answered a call or seemed to be available to take a call. u i finally spoke with Cindy on 6/14/10 again she got on the phone more frustrated than i was and said the funds will not be return to me and the theri review board sided with them. Unbelievable, my customer service experience with Rush was completely terrible they are rude. blunt unprofessional and un- sympathetic, the management is completely incompetent and inconsiderate, Cindy told me that i could not get my funds back, they would be charging me a monthly membership charge and there is no one i can talk to buyer beware stay away from the Rush, It benfited the Rush not to recieved the cancellation letter , so i wonder if they were telling the truth at all. i lost 300 dollars over 200 in overdraft fees and my time everyday for a month and a 1/2 i call their offices on my 30 min lunch break in hopes i could speak with management.
Entity: Knoxville, Tennessee
25, Report #957130
Oct 25 2012
03:05 PM
LA Fitness Personal Fitness - Forged Signature Chicago, Illinois
A day after my daughter and I joined LA Fitness (my membership was required because she was too young to join on her own) we met with a personal trainer who tried to sign up for a year of personal training.  We were reluctant to commit, and he suggested we try it out for a month and then decide. We agreed to that, namely, to pay $160 for 6 sessions and then decide whether to continue. As it turned out, they processed this agreement as if a commitment to 12 months, including $50 enrollment fee.  There started an endless sequence of phone calls to both LA Fitness and the credit card company.  Whenever I disputed a charge, LA Fitness provided the credit card company with the contract I signed, only the signature there is not remotely like mine. Eventually LA Fitness waived the rest of the contract, but only from the period they deemed it appropriate, claiming I have to pay for personal trainer sessions in the period the contract was disputed.  The credit card company (AmEx) claim they cannot verify signatures (?!?).  I have both copies of my original, regular membership, contract with LA Fitness and with the fraudulent personal training one.  The two signatures are not remotely similar.  At this point, AmEx claims I owe the disputed amount ($480, for 3 months), LA Fitness claim I should thank them for allowing me to terminate the contract (?) without penalty.  I checked and cannot file a report with the police on fraud since I don't know the identity of the person who signed for me and I cannot file a report against a corporation.   Thus, AmEx insist I pay and sort it out with LA Fitness, who insist that they already went beyond the call of duty by releasing me of an obligation that they unilaterally created.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois

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