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1, Report #1403564
Oct 02 2017
06:19 AM
Fix Monthly Income Liars Internet
 Fix is a total ripoff!! They claim to pay you for visits they get from a provided link. In order to get paid you first have to reach $300. I met that goal and now that it's time to get paid there's no way to get to the payment option page. When I tried to contact them the email given didn't exist. Total scam.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1414123
Nov 29 2017
12:58 PM
Fix Monthly Income Fix Monthly Income is a scam!
Sign up for free. Earn $5 per click using your link. Once you reach $300 you can get paid. Much answer captcha to get paid. Captcha takes you to all kinds of crap. You never complete the Captcha.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1406718
Oct 17 2017
12:04 AM
Fix monthly income Someone sent me a link and asked to sign up because it's easy money and I did but I did research on the website and I keep reading how it's a scam I wanted to see how you guys can help me Internet
 I signed up for a website and did research after and it say that they're trying to get my information to sell it. They asked for my email name and password. I was wondering if you guys have any way you can help
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1403044
Sep 28 2017
07:40 PM
Fix monthly income They told me i could make money from home, raised $1000. Now I can't receive it. Internet
 I was made to believe that if I got enough people to simply click on the link that was attached to my profile that I would get money for each time someone clicked on it. I had mamaged to reach $1005 dollars and when i went to claim my money it said i had to complete a Captcha. It made me believe that if I input some personal information, i.e. my social security number, which I did, that I would get it. I was told my Captcha was complete but then it still wouldn't let me claim my money. It wasn't until after trying multiple times did I Google search the website and find that it's a scam and No one is getting their money but now I'm worried because they have some personal information of mine.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1422845
Jan 13 2018
06:55 PM
Passive Monthly Income Lombardi Publishing Offer bargain price for book instruction and newsletter trial about obtaining Passive monthly income from various businesses and insurance returns. New York New York comes in the mail. Same content online at that address. From Moe Zilfiger, BAS Senior Income Analist Income investors. 30 years of news information and analysis . Over one million custormers in 141 countries. Identical content for Passive monthly income newsletter: .  Robert B..... not readable signature. Same person. Same offer. Dumb sleepy scam. I sent $7 for a rapid deliverly of their information about Section 1059. And a trial subscribtion to their publication for $3.00 more. No response in my email 24 or 36 hrs later. I am annoyed that I fell for this.  I almost fell for the first one I saw. Then I looked up the company Lombardi Publishing and its location is in Ontario. ANd the website expires on March 1 2018. No useful information from GoDaddy hosts. 
Entity: New York, New York
6, Report #1404721
Oct 06 2017
04:35 PM
fixed monthly income they say they will pay you for posting ads and never do. the email is also bogus Internet
 They claim to pay you for posting ads... But you cant cash out and the email they have for contact doesnt exist!
Entity: Internet
7, Report #356671
Jul 28 2008
04:38 PM
Google EZ Income, Iwealthu, Easy Income This company sent me e-mail promising to send me a CD to review their easy income program. I never received CD but I was charged $39.90 monthly fee on my credit card. Internet
On July 22, 2008 this company sent me e-mail promising to send me a CD to review their easy income program for 10 days after which they would start billing me $39.90 monthly fee for using the program and making profits. They requested that I pay $1.95 postage by using my credit card which I did. I never received a CD but on July 28 I went to check my bank account online and found out that I was charged $39.90 monthly fee on my credit card. Fortunately, my bank was able to locate their phone number which I called to ask them to cancel membership and refund my $39.90. At first the lady on the other end said sorry we don't refund moneys and I immediately let her know that I was reading a report filed by someone else claiming that Google EZ income is a rip off company and that I was going to file similar report against them. She then said please hold while I check something. She came back in one minute to say Ok, we'll cancel your membership as you requested and reverse the $39.90 to your credit card in 7-10 days. I hope people find out about this company and never do any business with them because they are a false rip off company. Joni Oakland, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1318190
Jul 21 2016
03:42 PM
MEC Globle Guaranteed monthly income of 3500.00 to 4500.00 for only a 2500.00 investment( residual income) Arizoia
Two months ago I was contacted by a man named William. He Told me he would guarentee me a risidual income of 3500.00 t0 4500.00 in advertising on the internet. I explained I had no experience on computers but he insisted anyone could do this simple copy and paste stuff. As a mater of fact I have an 83 year old man making over 8000.00 per month right now!   You are sent modules to learn and web sights to create. I have asked and asked for help and you never get to speak to the same person again- and believe this or not- they asked me to chip in a extra 300 per month to really start making the big bucks! As soon as I make some little dollars I will think about making bigger dollars I told them. Needless to say, I have never nor will ever get a plug nickle out of MEC Globle. Scammed in Montana!
9, Report #1403381
Sep 30 2017
08:38 PM
Fix monthly The website claims to pay you for the money u earn monthly. I earned the money I was suppose to but now they won't pay me. When I tried to contact them the email address they give doesn't exist. Internet
 The website claims to pay you for the money you earn and the views you bring to their site. I earned the money like I was suppose to. Now that it's time to pay out I'm not being paid. I tried to contact the company but their email address they give is fake.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #191765
Aug 27 2010
07:43 PM
IRS Tax Fix Tax Service Ripoff, Tax Fraud, business Fraud, IRS Tax Fix Fraud, Randy Anson Ripoff Spring Branch Texas
They offer help with IRS Tax Problems. They never did any work and took money from my bank account. I contacted them several times via phone, fax and e-mail and have yet to recieve a response. The have continued to take money from my account and will not call back. You can get an anonymous customer service person on an IM but they don't do anything either. This is a rip-off bigtime. Do not use them or give them any personal information. They don't have a real office and don't do any real work. I believe this is a scam to gather your personal information. They also never answer their office phones. It is always a voicemail of the same guy on all of the numbers listed on their web-page. I beleive his name is Marty. Bob Salt Lake City, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Spring Branch, Texas
11, Report #421579
Feb 08 2009
03:32 AM
Charles Ryder Income Cloner Monthly subscriptions without my consent Traverse City, Michigan
I received an email from Charles Ryder about his InternetCloner business and offering a free DVD which I enrolled for. I then got a message to say I had signed up for a monthly subscrition (which I had not) and that a DVD would be sent to me every month. I immediately sent an email saying I did not want this and had not signed up to it, but received no reply. I received my free DVD from him a few weeks later. This was followed up by a phone call asking if I wanted to start my own internet business using their formula - they took us through a questionnaire to establish how much we would be prepared to pay to get started - wanted an upfront payment on our credit card in the region of $6,000 to $8,000 - we were almost taken in but decided to undertake an internet search and found complaints against this man. I then noticed that my credit card has been debited with 28.09 on 30th January, Merchant Number 2524635 -I did not want this product, I have not received it and I have tried sending emails to his so called support desk and other email addresses asking for this to be cancelled - all of which have bounced back to me or automatic replies saying the email will not be answered post a ticket at their support desk (which keeps bouncing back). I am seriously concerned more debits are going to be made against my card and I don't seem to have any power to stop it. I am also concerned that this man is now moving to Europe to try to rip people off. Josephine LondonUnited Kingdom Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Ryder
Entity: Traverse City, Michigan
12, Report #391237
Nov 14 2008
10:34 AM
Internet Income Initiative This company lures you with providing you info for $3.88 shipping charges and then you get charged $72.21 (Non refundable) monthly charges Internet
I saw an email that said 'Google Money Tree' and that they were offering information on how to make money online. They offered this information in the form of a DVD and you only have to pay shipping charges which was $3.88. I did get charged the $3.88 and so far have not received anything in the mail but I did receive a debit to my card for $72.21 and it is for my monthly fee to be paid for access to the Google Money Tree Website. I called them immediately and was informed that they would cancel my account but that the $72.21 is NON-REFUNDABLE and this is so stated on the website where I originally signed up on. I do not remember seeing anything about a TRIAL period of use and that I would be CHARGED afterwards and if I had seen that, I would have immediately left the site. How can a company take your money for no services rendered and then say that it is non-refundable just because that is their policy? That doesn't make sense to me and the given fact that they are using Google's name is another mystery. Is Google associated with this scam? How can another company use a company trademark name without permission and not be sued? It makes me wonder if Google IS associated with this scam because the only reason I even authorized the $3.88 is because I trusted this name, Google. As most people do because of their huge presence on the Internet. Just beware if you are about to authorize this $3.88 payment that another one is coming which will be $72.21 and it is NON-REFUNDABLE. I am disputing the payment with my banking facility and hopefully it will find its resolution in that manner. This is a total scam! Michael Houston, TexasU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #445226
Apr 20 2009
02:51 PM
Auction Success Inc - Click Income Scam artist continue to send monthly invoive Sandy Utah
I attended a free seminar held by Auction Success in Chattanooga Tn. The information being presented was pretty much useless. I had been an ebay power seller and thought I might learn something new. I left the class at the first break. They were signing people up for classes for several hundred dollars at a pop. I received several statements from Clickincome for $9.95 + charges from previous months. I had several telephone conversations with the company that led me nowhere. They said they had a signed contract by me, and they would send a copy to me. I never received the copy. I have sent emails to the address on the invoices and got no response. One time I was told to send a letter and they would stop the service. I sent the letter with proof of delivery. I have received 2 invoices since. I contacted the BBB and filed a complaint. They wouldn't respond to the BBB either. The BBB sent me an email saying there is nothing more they can do. I have not used anything from this company. I explained that on the phone, email and Snail mail. I was told if I didn't pay they would send it to a collection agency. Where can I go to get some help on this scam? Norman Chattanooga, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Sandy, Utah
14, Report #588949
Apr 02 2010
03:43 PM
Internet Income House Total, One time charge, $139.95, then $4.95 monthly fee, the website fee, then Domain Name fee Woodland Hills, California
When I opened my computer today, 4/2/10, I had my weather bug pop-up with the standard weather info. I noticed a small box at the bottom right, indicating you could make 4 to 5 thousand a month, working from home on the Internet. I clicked on the read more and was taken to a site called Internet Income House. They had about 8 to 10 comments posted, by people who had tried the business and found it to be worth while. They stated they just had to send in $2.17 and they were sent a kit which explained how to post Links on the Internet. There wasn't one person who had any negative comments. I clicked on the sign up now, and filled out the application. After filling that out I was sent to the ICMweb Builder site. After filling out their information, I had to have an Merchant Account, then a Domain Name.  The further I went, it was costing me more and more money.  I called their customer support number, and it indicated the number was not in service. When I clicked on the email address, for customer support, it sent me to Google's search site and it read, redir aspx. I tried it several times and the same thing. I received emails congratulating me, with another site to activate my website:  That also went to 'redir aspx.  I also got an email response from Innovative Gateway, also congratulating me.  They gave me a user name, MYERSENTERPRISE88376 and password, vcdGm**Gcz5. My account number assigned is *********7703.  When I called a phone number posted for them, I was told, via a menu, the only way I could cancel was to send them a Fax or letter. The Fax number is the same number I called for support, 877-484-8444, and the address to send a letter: 21215 Burbank Blvd., Woodland Hills, CA 91367. I plan on sending them a Fax tomorrow, with a follow-up letter.  Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.  
Entity: Woodland Hills, California
15, Report #1431819
Feb 28 2018
06:53 PM
Freedompop After comcast went from what was suppose to be a $99 plan monthly for basic, which turned into $150, then $300, then turned my service off after i disputed and sent $150, explained im on a fix income from back surgery. I heard about freedompop. I called them and they stated free internet with one month free trial for $19 a month. And the phone is $109.98. And i purchase freedompop modem for $69.96. Then every 6 month i was to pay 70. California
After comcast went from what was suppose to be a $99 plan monthly for basic, which turned into $150, then $300, then turned my service off after i disputed and sent $150, explained im on a fix income from back surgery. I heard about freedompop. I called them and they stated free internet with one month free trial for $19 a month. And the phone is $109.98. And i purchase freedompop modem for $69.96. Then every 6 month i was to pay 70 a month if i want more speed of internet. Started feb 3rd 2018. I received the phone two weeks later but never received the modem. I called on the 25th of feb. They said the modem went to a different address and gave me a extra month free trial that i wouldn't have to pay anything, until april the 3rd. And the modem was recent to me in 7days. After 7 days i called about it and mark said they never had a moddm in stock. A day later my phone service off everytime i call they switch me to a system asking to update my credit card. They been trying to get money off my credit card for payment when they know its too soon and i get my income every 3rd month. I only had the phone for almost 2 weeks and it took 3 days to get it working. Now all my doctors have this freedompop number and they shut my service off and going into my credit card account unauthorized.
Entity: California
16, Report #1309629
Jun 05 2016
12:16 PM
ABG Supreme Skin Fix Asked to pay 4.95 shipping and have been charging me 89.85 on the sly monthly. Albuquerque New Mexico Internet
 The company is offering an anti aging skin cream gor only shipping and handling prices and i just found out has been charging my card on the sly 89.85 on the last day of the month, three times now. I dont do the finances, and my husband assumed it was a beauty regimen i was doing. He finally asked and i was pissed! Thieves!
Entity: Internet
17, Report #285701
Nov 20 2007
11:52 AM
MMC - Wealth Mentoring - Robert Allen Multiple Streams Of Income How to create Multiple Streams of Income Guaranteed! Monthly charge converted to a one-time fully refundable Full Year charge... Fully refundable no questions asked. Provo Utah
I have my own business as well as I'm a full-time employee... A little over a year ago, after receiving a spam email about Multiple Streams of Income, I contacted Robert Allen's company in the hopes of learning how to improve my business strategies. I agreed to the $39.95 charge to download the eBook only if I could get a FULL refund if I found that this didn't work for me... I was assured that I would get a full money-back guarantee, no questions asked if found that it didn't work for me. I started trying to setup coaching sessions. Each time I was contacted, my schedule didn't allow me the opportunity to discuss anything with the coach. Timing is everything and the coach recommended that I shouldn't put off my decision to make more income. I explained that I just didn't have the time to dedicate myself to making this system work for me right now. He re-assured me that I didn't have anything to lose, this was a fool-proof system that could make me much more avenues to build my business. I told him that I needed to cancel He connected me with a representative that convinced me to switching to a full-year payment rather than the month-to-month which would save me money (1 year for only 10 months worth of payments). She explained that she would refund my previous payments or at least credit them to my one-time fee. This didn't happen... Because I was transferred, I didn't get a phone number and thus when it came time to cancel... I didn't know how to get in touch with them... I didn't do anything with the Web Site (couldn't remember where it was or how to login for that matter). I looked at my recent VISA Statement to find a charge for MMC/Wealth Mentoring for $299.50 and no phone number listed for me to call and verify what the charge was from... I contacted Capital One to Dispute the Charge. While on hold, I surfed Google to find a Web Site: (((Redacted))) that has listed a complaint about the very same problem. Reference: (((Redacted))) Obviously others are being taken advantage of too. On this web site article, I was able to locate a phone number to call. (800) 743-8533. I called it once I was through with Capital One and recorded my dispute, not knowing whether I would be successful with the Robert Allen Customer Service Rep. I spoke with Derrick. He explained that he wasn't authorized to refund the charge and it would have to be deferred to Richard. After waiting a few minutes on hold while Derrick explained things to Richard, he then granted me the refund for the $299.50 charge that was recently (Nov. 5, '07) charged to my credit card... He told me that they couldn't refund the other amounts because it was too long and they couldn't verify if I used the information or not... Did it matter? I was told I would receive a Full-Refund if I didn't find that it was beneficial to me... What a SCAM! I think we have figured out how Robert Allen can state that he can make $24,000 in 24 hours and then fail to do so... instead he states, I cracked the code... Many people don't know how to use the system and make a mistake by paying plenty. Gullible Bothell, WashingtonU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Provo, Utah
18, Report #1203634
Jan 22 2015
05:03 PM
Performant Recovery Inc Amber Garcia Stopped taking monthly payment Livermore California
My state income tax bill was turned over to Performant Recovery Inc for payment not callected. I had set up a payment plan with Performant. Payment plan was in place and making payments on time for 5 to 6 months.   Now Performant refuses to take my payment. They will not return phone calls/messages.
Entity: Livermore, California
19, Report #1217169
Mar 20 2015
05:37 PM
Parcelal, LLC promised monthly income but none has arrived Internet
I was contacted by this company and I needed extra money with me working two jobs and both my kids in college. They offered me a job receiving and shipping packages and I got a few packages and did what I was asked but I have not been paid yet. I was even contacted by phone because I had a package returned but I still I have not recieved any pay. I have done some research online and now am scared that it was a rip off and can't afford to get in trouble, but I thought this was a legitimate job because it was listed on a legitimate job site online.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1342586
Dec 11 2016
08:41 PM
American Express My bluebird debt card Holding half of my monthly income. Online Nationwide
 I am a cancer patient on SSDI and live on Social Security. I travel for treatment. On my last chemo treatment I used my Bluebird card to book lodging. Upon arrival at hotel I had to put down a large deposit security $ 100 each night. So the merchant swiped my card and each day 100 dollars was held against my card so over 500 dollars was taken from my account. The merchant released the hold upon check out. But I have no access to the money. Ask customer service told me that when the merchant t releases the hold the money would go back on my account. I contacted the merchant and was informed they released the hold the next business day. It's not the merchant holding the funds it's Bluebird holding the funds . At first customer service Rep said it the merchant that is holding the funds. But after id verified that it wasn't the merchant held the money. Customer service laughed and said that they needed a special tool to help me and they don't know if said tool even exist. So I go hungry. And without meds until bluebird releases my money. At which time I'll go back to Netspend a d go back to hassle free banking. Bluebird should model themselves after Netspend.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #356749
Aug 24 2008
09:32 PM
Easy Google Income; Easy Net Income; EZincome; EZincome 2 Easy Income Ripoff, customer service phone numbers unresponsive, merchandise never received but still being charged monthly fee Unknown Nevada
Easy Income lures buyer into ordering a dvd on making money on the web then tricks buyer into a membership with an ongoing $39.90 monthly fee if membership not cancelled in 10 days! When you try to call the company, you get an automated answering system that tells you all representatives are busy and then puts you on hold-forever, or they disconnect you after 5 minutes! I called my credit card company to contest the charges, which they will do for me. They tried the customer service number and got the same response I did. They are going ahead and contesting the charges for me. After reading some reviews for this company I tried a different number someone reported for them, and got the same response! That number is 888-514-6015. After trying the first number again, for the third time, I actually got a real person, but had difficulty communicating as he repeatedly broke up. He said he would cancel my membership. We'll see! Allen Findlay, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nevada
22, Report #1403024
Sep 28 2017
04:58 PM
Fix monthly I did everything the company told me to do to start making money with them and now they're not letting me access the money  Internet
 Fix monthly income. Com has contact me about working from home I have been doing everything the company has asked me to do and they're not letting me access the funds that I have accrued
Entity: Internet
23, Report #126247
Jan 06 2005
10:42 PM
NEXTEL CELL PHONE ripoff broken phone still charging monthly service won't fix Rockville Maryland
Had purchased a nextel phone around September 2004. I received the phone in the mail through government services. When I received the phone (730) I work for about a week. Then suddenly the phone would not turn on. I reported this to nextel and I was sent a new one. When I received the new (730) and I started having dropping call. Then then phone screen went out. I report it again to nextel. They sent me a new phone and ask me to send the broken one back and they would pay for shipping and handling. I wanted for 3 weeks for the postage to come in. It never did. I called customer service again and they told me they would resend it. Keep in mind I was still getting charge for the broken phone! (About $115.00) And again it never came. November 2003 Nextel turn the phone off for no payment. I was forced to make the payment to turn the phone back on plus a reconnecting fee. Finally, I went to a nextel store and spoke to the manager. He called customer service for me. However, 3 hours latter he got nowhere. He informed me that he would have to contact the corporate office for help and that could take a few days to weeks to go through the right channels. Finally, around the end of December a woman call me from (customer desiccation department) and she finally put a credit back on the account. Of $130 for the phone plus shipping. I also informed her I wanted to change my minute plan and ask her I it would extend my contract. I was told NOOOO. ( and the phone call was recorded). Well to make matter worse it is jan2005 and again I am having the same problem. I spoke to the customer service tody and he was very rude. I was told I could be sent a new phone for a small charge to me. How could that be the phone is under warranty for one year. Then I asked the why the contract was extended and was informed that this was nextell policies and there is nothing he can do about it there was not recorded of who I talked to in December. Well again we got nowhere!!! Well all I am asking for is a phone that will work( and the contract to be place back to the old date) and If nextel can't provide this they should turn off my service with no fee of ($ 200). This is the 3rd phone with the same problem. Hope you can help!!! Thank you Brian Weymouth, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Rockville, Maryland
24, Report #445773
Apr 22 2009
09:53 AM
IACCESSSVC - IPayment How to Fix Not Wanted $9.95 Monthly Charge Calabasas California
I also have a recurring $9.95 monthly charge in my bank account with the name IACCESSSVC and I never knew what it was for. After reading this report I did some investigating. It came back to my Merchant Credit Card Authorization Company, IPayment. I looked them up on the Internet and called their Customer Service in Nashville, TN. I gave them the name of my company and my customer number and they told me that the charge was for the use of a web site to look up all of my transactions. I told them that I used the Authorize.Net web site to authorize my credit cards and it had all of my transactions on it so I never used their web site. Besides I get a print out of all of my transactions every month, so again, I didn't need to use their web site. The lady said that she would cancel the charge. Della Trussville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Calabasas, California
25, Report #932647
Aug 25 2012
08:43 PM
Nationstar mortgage mortgage company Fix loan / monthly payments keep going up Lewisville, Texas
Nationstar is keep increasing my monthly payments even though we have a so call fix loan of 6.25% and I have tried several time to have my interest rate decreased and they tell me  we do't make enough money. we're  on a fix income at present and and our son is living in the house going to college. We stay their several time a month. We need a bank we can trust , If we can pay $1,941 a month at 6.25% I am  sure we can pay 2 to 3% interest rate. We feel that Nationstar trying to make us default on our loan and they can take our home. We need help and we need it now. If we pay one day after the 16 of the month we have to pay $69,00 more and the. They are the worst mortgage company I have ever did business with . robor calls 2-3 time a day 24/7 and Holidays. We are been treated unfair by this mortgage comp.  We want to join a class action ASAP/ put our name on your list.
Entity: Lewisville, Texas

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