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1, Report #1403564
Oct 02 2017
06:19 AM
Fix Monthly Income Liars Internet
 Fix is a total ripoff!! They claim to pay you for visits they get from a provided link. In order to get paid you first have to reach $300. I met that goal and now that it's time to get paid there's no way to get to the payment option page. When I tried to contact them the email given didn't exist. Total scam.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1414123
Nov 29 2017
12:58 PM
Fix Monthly Income Fix Monthly Income is a scam!
Sign up for free. Earn $5 per click using your link. Once you reach $300 you can get paid. Much answer captcha to get paid. Captcha takes you to all kinds of crap. You never complete the Captcha.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1422845
Jan 13 2018
06:55 PM
Passive Monthly Income Lombardi Publishing Offer bargain price for book instruction and newsletter trial about obtaining Passive monthly income from various businesses and insurance returns. New York New York comes in the mail. Same content online at that address. From Moe Zilfiger, BAS Senior Income Analist Income investors. 30 years of news information and analysis . Over one million custormers in 141 countries. Identical content for Passive monthly income newsletter: .  Robert B..... not readable signature. Same person. Same offer. Dumb sleepy scam. I sent $7 for a rapid deliverly of their information about Section 1059. And a trial subscribtion to their publication for $3.00 more. No response in my email 24 or 36 hrs later. I am annoyed that I fell for this.  I almost fell for the first one I saw. Then I looked up the company Lombardi Publishing and its location is in Ontario. ANd the website expires on March 1 2018. No useful information from GoDaddy hosts. 
Entity: New York, New York
4, Report #1406718
Oct 17 2017
12:04 AM
Fix monthly income Someone sent me a link and asked to sign up because it's easy money and I did but I did research on the website and I keep reading how it's a scam I wanted to see how you guys can help me Internet
 I signed up for a website and did research after and it say that they're trying to get my information to sell it. They asked for my email name and password. I was wondering if you guys have any way you can help
Entity: Internet
5, Report #881284
May 11 2012
08:37 AM Drake Software / Phil Drake / Drake Software / Phil Drake WARNING RIP OFF Internet
I purchased a tax preparation and efiling service through Drake Software / Phil Drake owned website and all I got was 39.95 deducted from my bank account and lots of headache. The site gave an unable to connect error a few times while preparing and then when I tried to submit the efile and it kept getting rejected. I called the IRS 3 times and they had me try different things and they finally said their system ('s) was probably messed up and I should submit my return through the mail. I took their advice and then contacted for a refund and explained the situation. They said they would not refund my money. They said their site clearly states no refunds in their TOS which it still doesn't at the time of writing this. I even told them it wasn't in their TOS. Still no refund. The FTC states your terms should be disclosed clearly and conspicuously in your advertising. This was not and still is not the case. I feel as if I have been entirely ripped off. When I signed up I saw ZERO mention of no refunds. This is a scam.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #988239
Feb 26 2016
02:30 PM Motor vehicle history report Charge of $1.00 for veh history report and found charges of $19.95 monthly on Cr. Card.  Internet
I needed a DMV history report and was instructed to go on-line to  I used my credit card to pay the $1.00 fee.  I later found that a fee of $19.95 was charge to my Cr. Card account for the last 2 months.   When I called 866-434-4253, I was asked if I wanted to be credited the Remaining Charges.. and cancel the account. I never knew I started an accounted. I asked to be credited the $19.95 X2, the representative refused.  I was then transferred to an automated recording to cancel and get a confirmation #.  By the way, I never received the services that I originally went on line for. So I just found that I donated almost $40.00 to this scam and am now paranoid and will have to close this Cr. card out. It's a SCAM...
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1403044
Sep 28 2017
07:40 PM
Fix monthly income They told me i could make money from home, raised $1000. Now I can't receive it. Internet
 I was made to believe that if I got enough people to simply click on the link that was attached to my profile that I would get money for each time someone clicked on it. I had mamaged to reach $1005 dollars and when i went to claim my money it said i had to complete a Captcha. It made me believe that if I input some personal information, i.e. my social security number, which I did, that I would get it. I was told my Captcha was complete but then it still wouldn't let me claim my money. It wasn't until after trying multiple times did I Google search the website and find that it's a scam and No one is getting their money but now I'm worried because they have some personal information of mine.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #407105
Jan 02 2009
05:53 AM
EPOCHEU .COM Monthly bill I knew nothing about. London U.K Nationwide
I have just discovered that I have been billed approx 28 euro a month since last August by a company I know nothing about. I know this sounds stupid but as I use my credit card very rarely, I never check my statements. I only ever use my credit card to purchase flights or else my professional accounting exams. I have no idea how to go about getting this money back but will cancel my credit card asap in order to prevent any further tranasctions being charged to my account. Does anyone have any advice with regards internet companies and refunds? Kind regards Brendan CorkIreland CLICK HERE to read about Credit Card Scams... find out how to get your money back. *Rip-off Report Investigation provides valuable information.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #243818
Apr 13 2007
09:25 AM
mp3musichq-com ripoff I signed up for frostwire, and ended up paying $41.33 one time plus monthly $9.88 Internet
i signed up for, but i ended up paying $41.33 tomp3musichq-com first month and $9.88 thereafter. Jerry Portsmouth, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1081021
Sep 02 2013
07:06 AM
Hot books .com unauthorized monthly charge to my credit card Florida
I purchaed one book from this company .  I am now being charged 9.95 a month which has not been authorized.
Entity: Florida
11, Report #769492
Aug 26 2011
07:11 AM
max my speed. com will fix your computer for 39.98 Internet
I recently seen an ad from max my speed .com which said for 39.98 they could get my computer running fast again,so I took the bait! I contacted them and for 39.98 they told me I had a problem,(really) and for 199.00 they would fix it. What a RIPOFF,they should be sued for false advertisment!Gary Ervin ,Seven Mile, Ohio
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #1226505
May 03 2015
08:12 AM Quick locksmith 24/7 Damaged my door & refused to fix Oakland park Florida Internet
 I called this locksmith company to open a door at my residence. The tech they sent out damaged our door frame with his crowbar. The next day when I came home from work I noticed the door would not open because the frame had been damaged. I called the locksmith company and they repeatedly told me they would have a supervisor call me back. I called twice and still the same thing- a supervisor will call you back. Two weeks went by and no call. I called again and finally got a manger on the phone She said the company wouldn't take responsibility and that it had been a month since the service so I should have filed a claim earlier. When I tried to explain that I had called multiple times - she talked over me and said that I would just have to call the tech myself Needless to say the tech wouldn't answer his phone and I'm out $80 plus a damaged door
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1404721
Oct 06 2017
04:35 PM
fixed monthly income they say they will pay you for posting ads and never do. the email is also bogus Internet
 They claim to pay you for posting ads... But you cant cash out and the email they have for contact doesnt exist!
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1308235
May 28 2016
12:05 PM
I Fix PC 247 Fix PC Connect Fix PC 160527 Warning Your Computer has been Infected Cleveland Ohio
  I was doing a google search when a Microsoft message came out warning me that my computer has been infected with a very dangerous virus and not to attemp to fix it myself or turn off the computer as I was going to damage all my files. The message froze my screen and requested to call Microsoft support immediately which I did.  The technician introduced himself as Microsoft Technical Service Support.  I explained to him my problem, he appeared to know what I was dealing with, thus I gave access to my computer. He said they offered the service to fix it that it will cost me $340.95. He then asked to write a check to I Fix PC 24 7 LLC and I questioned him about saying what about Microsoft? The tech said they were partners with Microsoft which is not the case.  He erased major programs and files and installed a virus for spying purposes. The appears that has done the same to others within the same week as they did it to me. After knowing that they were not Microsoft partners I had to reinstall all my programs and change all my passwords in my computer.  This company is scamming customers in the USA, England and Australia. My computer was not fixed, it was damaged and I spent a full day fixing and cleaning it myself.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
15, Report #134851
Mar 13 2005
07:06 PM
Tax Experts .com miss led Great Neck new york
i was also dupped by said company. they say alot but it is all misleading information and it seems i incurred. it seems to me over charging for there services. they do mis lead you when filing taxes Talmadge donalsonville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #611727
Jun 08 2010
02:59 PM
Dot Com Creations My Online Income System, My Free Affiliate Site I got JIPPED out of money without my authorization. Henderson, Colorado
I am very new to the Internet Business and I got involved with the My Online Income System. A Online Internet Home Business Program. I was pleased with what I was l learning. There were 2 Charges to my bank account. One for $17.00 and the other for My Free affiliate Site which they are associated with for $27.00.  I was on my way to make my way to have my own Business! I then went to my ATM and couldn't get money out! I had insufficient funds. Found out that there was a $47.00 charge to my account that I did not authorize! Why? I was steaming Mad!   Found out some company had my information and violated my account without my permission! I had to do some research and find out Who this was and Why? It was Dot Com Creations! Now why was this company taking $47.00 out of my account? I found out Dot Com Creations is associated with My Online Income Systems, but its only on the Forum Page in the fine print. I thought I read the fine print in all areas.... But Why am I getting charged $47.00 for something on the Forums Page? The interesting thing in this situation is, in the Program My Online Income System you learn how to use Forums. I would of never Known how to use Forums or how to benefit from them if it wasn't for this Program. Dot Com Creations is mentioned at the bottom of the Forums page under How you should act in the Forums area with the address to My Online Income System (which I wasn't aware of) I went to my Bank statement and luckily there was a phone number on it. I called it and the Voice Mail said contact us if its concerning refunds.  I then Emailed My Online Income Systems and told them about the $47.00 taken out of my account without my authorization. I was not very happy with them and I Demanded my money back! I told them that was not the way to run a Business and other people have complained. I also said to them my main question was Why? I was not going to stand for this and let a Business take Advantage of me! I did get a Email back saying they were sorry for any inconvenience and they were going to refund my money. It is great that I get a refund and that they apologized. I think it helped with me Standing Up for myself and demanding my money back.  Anyone who gets JIPPED by a company and cant get their money back My advice is Stand up for what you believe in! Remember your Value!! Companies that take money without Permission are doing something illegal! Don't let them!! Everyone should be treat people the way they want to be treated! Thanks!    Tara   Helena, Montana
Entity: Henderson, Colorado
17, Report #344663
Jun 26 2008
02:35 PM - Blue Income - Steve Roberts is a SCAM Never refunded my money Internet
I read the ad on and decided to try it. The web site says 30 day money back guarantee. After I reviewed the information I received, I saw I will be using my own money to do ad for this Steve Roberts. I wrote an email to request the refund the 2nd day(6/19/2008) and a few days after(6/23/2008). I have not heard anything back. And my money was not refunded. And do NOT believe any scan reviews that promotes this site as legit. It is probably he is promoting himself under a different name. Please learn from me and do not fall for similar scheme. To give you more information, this one says it will give you a free web site, but you will really need to join a internet service company and pay for that service yourself. Then they ask you to send them your username and password so that they can push information into your web site. You also need to join Clickbank so that you can get paid. All very suspicious. And the survey company's link do not have much good information, either. Some are broken, others you are entered into a drawing. Just saw another posting about this scam (((Redacted))) Margie San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #143594
May 21 2005
06:57 PM - ripoff, charged my credit card on a monthly basis and did not deliver merchandise Internet
i searched for discount medications on-line and placed an order with They charged my credit card for a membership and never delivered my meds as promised via 2 day mail delivery. after trying to contact this company several ways, i never received a return call or e-mail. I am very upset with this fraudulant company. I highly recommend not dealing with this company. Kim massapequa, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #146118
Jun 14 2005
09:54 AM - - - - ripoff, no service, monthly credit card charges, internet fraud, scam! Nicosia, Cyprus
After reading many other ripoff reports regarding, I realize I'm just one of many individuals who has been (and continues to be) scammed by Beware -- MANY online pharmacies seem to be popping up overnight that are connected with (and/or owned by) With one simple search, I found,, and But, any affiliation between those pharmacy sites and is generally well concealed, since I suppose the word is getting out. There is hope. I'll update in the future, but I've been working with my bank and they have managed to dispute two of the three most recent charges ($19.95 and $19.90), and my account has been credited in the amount of those 2 charges. I am in the process of working with my bank now to dispute the third and most recent charge ($19.90), which apparently slipped through only a day or two before I disputed the first 2 charges and cancelled the check card number I used for the initial transaction. (I never actually received anything from them and at this point in time I can't even remember what I tried to order.) Not sure why the charge has changed from $19.95 to $19.90, other than my bank representative said may be varying the charges to make it more difficult to detect/stop them. I don't know if I'll have to keep going through this process or not (of working with my bank each month to dispute the charges and get them reversed) now that I've changed my check card number -- but, I will if I have to. My bank representative (who has been fabulous through all this) suspects that cancelling my previous check card number may prevent them from being able to make future charges to my account. But, I've heard conflicting reports. If I have to close my checking account and re-open another one, I will. I'm also going to do some searching to determine how many other sites there are out there for reporting these rip-offs (like the FBI's Internet Fraud Complaint Center {}), and I'm going to do my best to report to each and every one of them. I've already saved a standard write up of this experience so I can easily copy it to each web site! Good luck to each and every one of you! Marcia Waveland, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Nicosia
20, Report #401589
Dec 15 2008
03:30 PM Free sample ordered and I was put on automatic monthly to receive w/o my approval Gendale California
I ordered the pills on a sample only order for the cost of shipping only, they have since put me on a monthly basis w/o my knowledge and charged my credit card. They included a phone # which I called if I wanted to cancel. I called and they said I had to send an E-mail to and I would receive and e-mail within 5 minutes. I sent 4 e-mails and no answer. I called the no. again and was put on hold for approx 30 minutes then cut off. I tried this several times and the same result. I have reported this to my credit card co. and have put in a dispute claim. I have noted that other people have had this same problem, and most have had to change their credit card no. I hope I don't have to resort to this but if that is the only way I can resolve the problem then I will. These people should be not only put out of business but should be put in jail. What really upsets me is I got the information for this free trial on a e-mail on a product that was endorsed by Dr. Oz who regularly appears on Oprah's show. Jimmy d Citrus Hts., CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Gendale, California
21, Report #398871
Dec 07 2008
04:19 PM
Angela Penbrook Productions - - Penbrook Productions continues to bill monthly and no way to cancel Internet
There are other reports here regarding penbrook productions. Somehow I got caught up in a monthly service charge that I have no record of committing to and am being billed 39.95 per month. I receive an email everytime the charge is made by it containes a phone number for customer care that goes unanswered and will not let you leave a message. You are directed to a website where you can file a support ticket. I called that number and the person informed me that they are no longer representing that particular company. I dispute the charge with my credit card company and it gets reversed. I will be cancelling the card and getting a new number. Unfortunately this is going to create a lot of other work since I have other legitimate automatic payments on that card that need to be changed. Warning: My own stupidity- I didn't my shopsafe online credit card from my bank for this transaction. If you have that feature with your bank you can eliminate these headaches. My bank allows me to create a temporary credit card online with my own expiration date and credit line. This is attached to my real credit card number. If the shopsafe number gets abused the number is going to expire in a month or two anyway and I can just delete it. Whois information only points to Dotster domain. I've sent emails to them as well. Here's the whois information: (((Redacted))) Varugger Arlington, VirginiaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #559539
Jan 25 2010
05:26 AM
POST CARD PROFITS .COM i signed up for progam and never rec'd any materials. now they are billing my credit card $59.00 monthly, Internet
A couple of months ago i responded to a work from home business. to this day i have not received any materials from them. All i get is a charge of $59.00 a month on my credit card. I have left several messages, but never get a reply.    Beware of post card, i replied to an e-mail for a home based business
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #791423
Oct 22 2011
12:36 PM
Big Daddy Spy Com Big Daddy Technology, LLC Won't stop billing credit card for monthly subscription, Internet
I have repeatedly tried to contact Big Daddy Spy to cancel my subscription to their cell phone monitoring platform for Android.  They had a 3 month sale at $10 per month, yet they continue to bill me every 3 months for $30.  I try to contact them but they have no customer support phone number and their email address bounces. 
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #835115
Feb 07 2012
06:10 AM
Experian .com Experian credit reporting agency double charges and automatic enrollment in monthly monitoring - cannot get through to customer service Schaumburg, Illinois
On January 21, 2012, I ordered my three credit reports plus scores from for $29.95. I was able to view my report, but was not able to print or save as a pdf to my computer as promised. I use pdf files all the time so it isn't a problem with my computer. I emailed experian and they said they couldn't/wouldn't do anything about it. Now I am looking at my credit card statement and see that they charged me TWICE on 1/21 for $29.95 plus they automatically enrolled me in their monthly service on 1/28 for $17.95. A total of: $87.85!!! On Februrary, 6, 2012 I called to remove the automatic billing, but they have not yet credited my credit card for the bogus charges $29.95 +$17.95 = $47.90 total. Therefore, I have submitted a dispute with my credit card company.
Entity: Schaumburg, Illinois
25, Report #294534
Dec 26 2007
01:31 PM
Sci*StampsSci*Stamps, Stamps Dot Com Fine print was too fine concerning monthly charges Los Angeles California
I found their website via a United States Postal Service link. I just wanted to buy a couple stamps online and save myself the gas it would cost to run to the post office. I read everything, decided it would work for me, but could not figure out how they were making money selling e-stamps. It wasn't mentioned that I could see. I thought they might have some kind of discount deal with the Postal Service, but that was also not mentioned. I joined up, got 5.00 complimentary postage, and all was well until today when I saw a 15.99 charge against one of my credit cards. I thought it was a scammer using my numbers! I phoned the number next to Sci*Stamps (which I did not recognize, since I bought from Stamps-dot-com) and got a customer service rep who assured me that the 15.99 charge was legit and on the receipt page I got when I signed on for the service. In turn I assured him that had I known I'd be charged 15.99 a month I'd have never signed on to the service in the first place. The idea was to SAVE me money, after all. That same amount would buy me more than enough gas to get to the Post Office and back several times! I was trying NOT to get upset, he was just a drone in the machine. I kept calm and polite and he DID respond nicely and canceled my account with no charge. He said I was still under a grace period. I thanked him, but I will be checking my account for past charges just in case. I will also check my account on this date in January to make sure there's no future charge. I fully believe that Ripoff Report has had an effect on this company's dealings with unhappy customers, but they are still sneaking in that 15.99 a month charge on the unwary. And again--if I'd SEEN that on the totals for my receipt with them I would have never signed up! Mystik Fort Worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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