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1, Report #1199483
Jan 05 2015
12:32 PM
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #750913
Jul 09 2011
07:12 AM
Flagship Merchant Services. Flagship Merchant Services. Fraud Theft Wallnut Creek, California
Flagship Merchant Services. Fraud TheftI had a merchant account from these thieves and they stole more that $10,000 dollars from me in hidden fees . Holdbacks that they kept and wont give back and when I complained to them they went into my back account 3 separate times and took money without my permission. These people are slime and not to be trusted.. Now they wont even talk to me.Flagship Merchant Services is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA
Entity: Wallnut Creek, California
3, Report #802667
Nov 29 2011
06:43 AM
FlagShip Merchant Services FlagShip Merchant Services Fraud Internet
They have held our payment for more than 2 weeks now for no reason.. and once they stop your payment they do not inform for days. Our account representative Nick does not respond to emails.... Customer Service is Horrible.  We have not received any chargeback, when I call them they told me to call iPayments Ipayments asked me to send documents for some orders, which I sent promptly on 22nd November.... but till now more than $10,000 is held by them for No Reason.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #1230269
May 19 2015
04:27 PM
Flagship Merchant Services Flagship Withholds Funds Nationwide
I had two clients present charges to me for payment.  I processed the charges. processed the charges in 1 day.  Flagship refuses to release the funds as they are over my average ticket amount.  Flagship requested that I send them the invoices.  I did that as soon as I learned my monies were being held.  They then called my clients to verify the charges were valid.  Both clients returned the call repeatedly.  The risk management person, Aimee O'Dea, still refuses to release my funds.  As soon as I complained to her, she told me she could hold my funds for up to 180 days.  She was, in effect, threatening to withhold my funds because I was complaining.  This was after I and my clients had done exactly what she asked that I and they do.  Stay away.  Worst bank or processor I ever dealt with.  I believe they withhold funds to earn interest on the held monies.  The more funds they withhold, the greater their return.  I cancelled my account and am still waiting for my funds.  I expect that Ms. O'Dea with keep my funds for the maximum amount of time she can if an effort to punish me for complaining. 
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1374888
May 23 2017
11:36 AM
Flagship Merchant Services Dishonest Overcharges to your Merchant Account
 Just know that you will have to keep them honest on a regular basis. They offered a complimentary 30 day subscription to a service. I cancelled it within the 30 day and the continued to charge me $19.95 per month for the next 4 months. When I called about it, they said that I didn't cancel. I forwarded them the cancellation email that they sent when I cancelled it. Oh, yes they would refund my money since I was able to prove it. Then I did my PCI compliance and they had no record of it. Charged me $30 per month for 3 months and then $40 for the next month. I called and they agreed to refund my money only after I proved that I was compliant with another email that I had saved. Said they would refund 4 months but only refunded 3. When I called on this, they said that it is their policy to only refund 3 months regardless if it is their fault. They said I should have watched my statements closer and caught it sooner. They acknowledged that it was taken improperly but said that it was my fault for not catching their mistake. I asked them if they stole from me for a whole year, would they refund it. They replied that I would only get 3 months back because I didn't watch my statements and catch them doing it. I said I would close the account and then they offered to refund the $30. I asked for a confirmation email, which I received and kept. Of course, they never did process the refund. When I called back a month later to ask about it, they said that they weren't going to process the refund because I was cancelling the account anyhow. It was my money and they wouldn't give it back unless I stayed with the company. Just beware, they are very dishonest.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1221309
Apr 08 2015
08:04 PM
Flagship merchant Merchant services Don't belive a word what they are saying Internet
On the phone and on there web side  they where so nice BUT after I sign up they ripped me off big time  (1 instead of charging $18.97 per month they charged beetwen $57.95 to $107.99  (2 they hold the money to them  (3 they gave me only how much they want every time with a different exuse 
Entity: Internet
7, Report #669469
Dec 08 2010
02:15 PM
Flagship Merchant Services will not release my money , Internet
In Sept 2010 I switched to Flagship Merchant Services for my credit card processing because they had better rates than my current processor and got good ratings online. I processed some smaller transactions and everything was fine. Then in Nov I got a large government job that was paid for with a government credit card. As in large I mean $8700, which in the big picture is not that large. The original transaction seemed to go through fine. Then a week later I get a call from a Risk Management Rep saying that the transaction was high risk and they were not going to deposit the money into my account. This was a week later now so I had already written checks on this money to pay my vendors. After a week of jumping through hoops and giving months of bank statements and other confidential business info they decided they would deposit part of the money and hold the balance for 60 days. 60 days!!! They have already charged my customer the full amount but will not deposit the money into my account. This has put me a huge financial bind because I can't pay all my vendors now. I have been in business 37 years and have never had a charge back. This is a government P-Card and the funds can be verified. What is high risk!! I can't talk to anyone that is helpful. Everyone is very rude and just says sorry they will not deposit my money. I really don't know what to do? This could do serious damage to my company if I don't get that money.
Entity: Internet, Internet
8, Report #736413
Jun 03 2011
11:06 AM
Flagship Merchant Services BAIT AND SWITCH CON ARTISTS, Internet
Businesses and Advertisers beware of FLAGSHIP MERCHANT SERVICES.  They advertise their high approval ratings and their span of merchant services but once they get your application thats where any and all services stops.  If you have even the slightest problem you are screwed.  They advertised online merchant services,   ( /merchant_account_types/ecommerce_merchant.htm).   I called Jon Pietrantonio, Senior Account Representative, Flagship Merchant Services, 2011 TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award Winner, Office: 866-416-0244 Ext 135, Fax: 866-468-1883 and told him exactly what business I wanted to run.  He told me with the highest degree of confidence how much they could help me.  He took my application.  The next day I called him and he said, we only need 3 months of your bank statements and we'll have you up and running.  Two days later I have not heard from him so I email him and I get this one liner back. From: Jon Pietrantonio <> Date: June 3, 2011 7:54:35 AM MDT To: 'Bryan ****' (((email redacted))) Subject: RE: Please Send Documentation Hi Bryan,    Unfortunately your application was denied due to the type of business. Sincerely, Jon Pietrantonio I call, email, etc.  He won't even answer his phone.  So I call someone else and they say Jon is the only one that can help me.  I ask for a boss and they say there is no one to transfer me to.  Let me tell you.  AVOID THESE GUYS!!!!   They truly deserve to be on the RIP OFF REPORT!!!! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Charlestown, Massachusetts 02129, Internet
9, Report #915608
Jul 22 2012
05:55 AM
Flagship Merchant Services Ipayment, Iaccess, Kyle Loconte Hidden Contracts, High Fees Internet
Do Not Use Flagship Merchant Services. These people will absolutely lie to you on the phone and then tell you there is a contract you signed for three years and an early termination fee of $350 if you decide to leave after trying out their services. Think cellular phone company meets credit card processing company except this has access to your bank account! I was told completely different things, like low monthly fee, I pay $20 more a month than previously and this guy laughed and said it would be no where near what it was BEFORE this!! I chose them for an international merchant yet every order people paid with was through paypal! I would not use them, read every detail and fine print they send you. I was told this was month to month and there was no contract term or cancellation fees! Hell it says that on the email they sent me!! I'm so tired of these companies thinking they deserve the right to STEAL from US!!!! Do yourself a favor and avoid or make sure you read every little detail. I still haven't seen my contract with them. I never received it in the welcome package, in email or found it under my account info. Yet they do have access to my bank account... for now.
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #1083055
Sep 09 2013
04:21 PM
Flagship Merchant Services Deceptive Fees Thousand Oaks California
Beware of this company!  They tell you that your fees will be one thing and then charge you another.  If you are a very small business avoid them like the plague because there is a minimum fee that they don't tell you about (or should I say lie about) and a cancellation fee!    Very deceptive company.
Entity: Select State/Province
11, Report #1092788
Oct 18 2013
06:25 AM
Flagship Merchant Services Misrepresented their fees and charged unauthorized debit fees Thousand Oaks California
Flagship Merchant Services misrepresented their merchant fees. When we requested to cancel the account due to this misreprentation they continued to debit our account of miscellaneous fees and would not refund a penny of the fees though we were not using their service. They did this for two months so far. They are a bait and switch company without a doubt. Now we have to go through the process of paying additional fees to our bank to  place a stop on them from making future withdrawls.
Entity: Thousand Oaks, California
12, Report #1041259
Apr 06 2013
02:35 PM
Flagship Merchant Services Deceptive Sales Tactics, Withhold contract and statements, Charlestown, Massachusetts
Flagship does not allow you to see its prices in a written form. They tell you low rates over the phone so you think you are getting a good deal and has you go on a website to sign contract. After you sign you can no longer access the webpage. They say monthly fees are $7.95/month + percentages of charges which depend on type of card. One of these rates is debit cards are said to be 0.38% + .25. After you have signed a contract the fees go up greatly and since you have no copy of the contract you can only take their word for it that the fees were in that contract. Monthly fees end up being $32.95 plus an additional $7.95 if you use mobile. They do not provide you with any statements but continue to withdraw money from your account without explaining why. One debit card charge was charged at 3.8% not the promised 0.38%. Multiple debits occur from account without any explanation. When I called my sales rep he said I misunderstood the fees and promised me a refund within 10 business days. After 5 weeks and 4 phone calls and many emails I still have not received any refund.  I contacted the BBB a few days ago and filed a claim against them. They called and promised a full refund of all fees then the same day charged my account again even though I clearly told them I wanted to close my account. I hope the BBB will help me resolve this. Please do not put yourself at risk by signing up for this company, I have switched to NCMIC who emailed me a clear list of fees before I even signed up, as any company should. Whatever company you choose be very cautious and do research. I wish I had checked out the other complaints on this website before signing up with flagship.
Entity: Charlestown, Massachusetts
13, Report #1062480
Jun 27 2013
07:32 AM
Flagship Merchant Services AKA Roam Data Non Disclosure, Dishonest, Deceptive Internet
Beware of reseaching reviews for this company and being led to a link to a website stating there are only three bad reviews about their company and two of them are from the same person. LIE Did my due dilillgence in reseaching this company and chose this company for my very small business. Asked multitudionous questions regarding fees, any other fees, additonal fees and rep didn't disclose the $100 annual fee for PCI. They will tell you this is not a fee they charge but in fact other companies do not charge this fee they state is mandated by PCI. If you read your digitally signed application, you will see there is no specific fee for PCI. My bad for misunderstanding this fee, which is an additional chage of $20 a month if you don't become PCI compliant by taking their test. Complain is faud, Inane wording in their digitally signed application. Vague and nondescript verbiage. Deception via sales representative regarding total disclosure of fees. They will then blame this on the sales rep and stand by their theft of your $100. They will then ask you if you want to close your account when you complain. INTERPRETATION: We don't care what you think or if we lose your business. The supervisor with Customer Care will also tell you your compliant goes no further than them, no corporate offices with with to complain. BUYER BEWARE
Entity: Internet
14, Report #987526
Dec 27 2012
08:37 AM
Flagship Merchant Services Bank Fraud Internet
First Flagship would not process our credit card receipts and told us that we would have to wait 180 days for our money. We said that would not be a problem. The rep for I-Payment, Sara Lopez, then told us that even if we waited she would make sure we wouldn't get the money. She went as far as to say she would put us out of business.   Our rep., Michael Sarnese, was no help once all this started. He wouldn't return emails or phone calls. So we closed our account. Two weeks later our account was debited for over $400.  They set up the funds transfer from our bank account so that if we didn't dispute it within 24 hours, we couldn't file bank fraud charges against them. That's the way the scam works. The goal is to set you up with Flagship so they can get access to your bank account.  Then they make you close your merchant services account and I-Payment cleans you out with no recourse by you. 
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #1132114
Mar 20 2014
08:47 AM
I paid over $400 to flagship and for 6 months despite the fact that there was not a single transaction on my account.  After calling flagship to request a refund of a portion of the amount paid, the representative rudely questioned why my account had been set up 6 months previously.  After I informed the rep that I was unhappy with his tone he put me on hold without saying a word and the line was disconnected. Terrible customer services.  I do not recommend this company to anyone.
Entity: Select State/Province
16, Report #1119546
Jan 30 2014
10:31 AM
Flagship Merchant Services Hidden FEES! Internet
These guys are awful for low volumes.  I am a consultant and get paid via relatively few transactions per year.  Occasionally I've been asked if I take credit cards.  As an effort at customer service I opened this account to try it out. I ended up paying over $500 in 10 months, without a single transaction before closing the account. To start I was approved for a relatively low max transaction value making it of limited use for my business.  The agent I spoke to was a good salesperson and convinced me to try it out any way even though I saw it of little use.  When their bills started arriving, the fisrt month was $32.95 per month but then each month the ping ponged all over the place.  A statement fee of $7.95 was added which I had not been informed of. Then came an annual compliance fee of $99.  Next a mysterious $30 **additional fee was added on.  I had never actually logged into set up the account and decided to cancel.  When I called customer service person offered me $75 refund on the fees and a lower  monthly fee of $7.95, no statement fee.  I thought this was reasonable for a potential value to customers. Three months later they were still charging me $37.95 a month.  I called to cancel and they claimed the $30 **additional fee was a PCI non compliance fee because I had not filled out a form on their website. I was never informed of the need for this. I asked them to suspend service immediately. They never did stopped charging me.  When I called again they said they needed my signature first and had sent me an email requesting this.  I spoke to Brian in customer service and he told me it was reasonable for them to charge the PCI non compliance fee as I was advised monthly on my statement. Folks - in the middle of the bill is a Reminder that merchants must be PCI compliant.  It does not say anywhere that my account is NOT compliant.  In the fees section it posts a $30 fee which is described as **Additional Fees.  When I complained that this is not clear and poor practice, Brian told me I was properly charged and declined to offer a refund.   He said it was part of the fees for having an account.  When I asked what they do with these PCI fees he said it simply goes to them. His attitude was well, that's too bad for you, its in the fine print. They were so solicitous and helpful in the sales process and so dismissive in the customer service process. Talk about a rip off - $7.95 for a service and $30 additional FEES per month totaling over $500 in 10 months for processing exactly 0 transactions. I'm sure this works better if you run a pizza shop or in retail, but think carefully and don't believe the sales hype.  They make it hard to cancel, keep charging you and GET YOU IN THE FEES!!!  Oh and they are not Better Business Bureau certified, BBB rates them a C+ and there are numerous unresolved complaints.  BEWARE!
Entity: Select State/Province
17, Report #1084161
Sep 13 2013
07:23 AM
Flagship Merchant Services First Data of Omaha Fraud, Theft and Blackmail Internet
Don't be fooled by their claims of being the #1 ranked merchant service provider in America.  Do a quick BBB serach and realize this company is far from it. The salesman offered us a great rate on credit card processing and had our account established in only 2 days...  A week later the ball dropped.  My company processes an average of $120k per month in credit card orders, and our prior 3 months of banking and charge history was faxed to Flagship before our account was opened to verify our business.  This didn't make a bit of difference!$20,000 into processing orders with Flagship and I looked at my bank account with a puzzled look Where is my money?  It was being held by Flagship...  They turned NAZI on my brand new merchant account, freezing the funds my customers were paying to my business and then blackmailing me into providing confidential customer details to the company in order to have the funds released.  They stated Once you send us in receipts for these 4 orders we will release your fundsI sent in the receipts and waited...  The next day a new response came in oh by the way, we also need you to send in information on these other few orders, with the guarantee that as soon as the information was supplied my funds would be released.  ANOTHER LIE.  A bitchy woman from their risk department calls me and says why haven't you shipped these orders yet? as a few had not been shipped while others had.  I said BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T FUNDED ME FOR THE ORDERS - I ONLY SHIP AFTER I RECEIVE PAYMENT.  She then told me rudely that I am required to ship merchandise within 24 hours and that they would not relinquish my funds until I provided them with tracking information for all orders, and they had verified after calling each customer that the merchandise was received without issue. Now I had been lied to on two separate occasions, telling me if I supplied X then they would release my funds, which never happened...  My options?  Deal with a NAZI company who was blackmailing me with me own money to ship out merchandise I'd never been paid for, and then hope and pray to God they'd actually release it to me (they can play this game for up to 6 months I found out).  I decided F**K THIS - GIVE MY CUSTOMERS BACK THEIR MONEY so I could re-process their orders via my other merchant account which has NEVER had a problem (CHASE PAYMENTECH). I was informed that I would still be charged the processing fees BOTH DIRECTIONS!  That's right, 3% on everything that came in (that was never funded to my business) and another 3% on top of this for refunding!  In the end FLAGSHIP STOLE OVER $1200 from my company in processing fees without ever funding my business!  Even after closing the account they refuse to refund back the funds of which they have now stolen. FLAGSHIP is the biggest FRAUD of a Merchant Provider on the net.  Don't trust ANYONE who works with First Data in any way.  They will steal your money, blackmail you with it, and then rob you if you don't do what they want. 
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1278028
Jan 04 2016
10:22 PM
Flagship Merchant Services Liars, cheats and thieves Thousand Oaks California
Fees started off at $20 per month in early 2015 and wound up at $145 per moth by year's end even without usage of our in-store terminal. For online store sales we were being charges as much as 37.5% of the gross sales price. For 2015 we paid more than 15% of total online and in-store sales. They lied about the fees plain and simple, kept jacking fees whenever they wanted and took the money right out of our bank account. These people should be in prison.
Entity: Thousand Oaks, California
19, Report #1234977
Jun 11 2015
12:15 PM
Flagship Merchant Services excessive hidden fees Thousand Oaks, CA Internet
Flagship Merchant Services seems to have very low fees. Their up-front stated fees for transactions are very low. Low fees are essential in our business and we asked a lot of questions of their service rep to confirm before signing up that these are the only fees. Our first invoice however included $16 of fees that seemed to be for billing. We wanted to cancel paper billing to save the fees and were told this is impossible! There were other charges but the biggest is $99 for PCI Annual Fee. Another non-disclosed fee. In three months a service that should have cost our small business no more than $60 total has charged us over $300!  
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1021763
Feb 28 2013
05:45 PM
Flagship Merchant Services ,Flagship Merchant Services Abusive Fees, Deceptive Sales Tactics, No Service Charlestown, Massachusetts
This company is dishonest and the sales agent I dealt with is has been misleading. I was deceived and ultimately cheated out of about $500 in fees within the first few weeks! My sales rep apparently set up my account incorrectly, my account was subsequently closed by First Data. This resulted in (a) one week delay in receiving funds which had been cleared/approved and were being held by First Data and (b) my having to refund a transaction to a client and find an alternative form of payment which was costly and inconvenient for me and the client. Lastly, the customer service was horrible. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MERCHANT and DONT BE ENTICED BY THEIR LOW RATES AND SLEAK ENROLLMENT PROCEDURE.
Entity: Charlestown, Massachusetts
21, Report #1217572
Mar 23 2015
11:39 AM
flagship merchant services ipayment and flagship merchant services hold my money from the very first day i got approved las angeles california
i called flagship for merchant service within 24 hours they called and they told me that i,m approved and i can start re program my terminal and use it so it was friday and the who;e weekend we used the terminal , monday comes and i check my bank account no funding i called them they told me it take 2 to 3 business day i called my sales rep and i asked him if i can set up my account for next day business funding he said will do , we still using the terminal . on tuesday still no funding i got the email that they freez the account for high riesk  they hold about $5000.00 and what they did first collect the money then they approve now  they are telling me to call your customers collect cash from them  and tell them to disbute the charge DO NOT GO WITH FLAGSHIP OR IPAYMENT THEY ARE SCAM AND FRAUD .  STAY AWAY FROM THESE COMPANY .
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #1162684
Jul 16 2014
08:06 PM
Flagship Merchant Services I Payment SCAM , FRAUD don't use Flagship Merchant Services Thousand Oaks CA
As with all the other complaints, They have taken my money and won't pay me.  they chargde the non compliance fee they seem to like to throw in.  What tops it all off after they kept my money and stated my  nature of business was a security risk. I sell picnic baskets etc. I threaten to go to BBB, District attorney, and consumer complaints.  They then paid a couple payments into my bank to look good.  Then I find they went into my website and added all kinds of cancelled transactions and refunds.  10 to one person.  That is criminal activity to go in and makeup fradulent orders and canellations.  Which I am sure they want to bill me and chargebacks for all these items that they are trying to cover their ASS.  We all need to file a lawsuit against this company.  They need to be stopped.  They just take your money and sit on it.  
Entity: Internet
23, Report #568117
Feb 11 2010
02:18 PM
Cardservice International ,First Data ,Flagship Merchant Services flagship BIG Scam Internet
This company did very bad to me, big time scam....They sign me up very quick and as soon that I start using they services they kick me out because I was a risk? a Risk of what is not my fault that people try to purchase something with stolen credit card, I have a web site and I sell Electronics and Computers and I give the option to customer to pay with credit cards, just because there were declined transaction was enough to closed my account when there was no charge back and the transaction didnt even go through? I sign papers and I make myself responsible for any charge back so what was the deal in been a risk ? Ok they closed the account not big deal the problem is that they hold legitimate transactions and they will not realease until I ship. Ok I sent the first order for $1600, later I sent the second order for $700, no deposit yet and quickl I run out of funds course I'm not going to be sending orders without getting money to keep working, so I decide to start refunding the last 2 or 3 orders. Nivia is the person that I been spoking with from First Data risk management phone is 800-588-7545 ext 46907, after closing the account and verify the transaction they still refused to deposit the money into my account when I talk to her she told me that I have to wait a least 6 months (Is this legal?) that's not all, the money that I refund from the customer was take it direct from my account and not from the funds that they were holding when I didnt even the the funds? Let me think, they holding my users (clients) money for backup purpose or interest ?? and refunding the clients from my bank account? Any lawyer/attorney is welcome to contact me and I will be glad to take you all the way to court even if I have to pay. Any lawyer/attorney is welcome to contact me, my merchant id was xxxxxxxx3881
Entity: Internet, Internet
24, Report #1322317
Aug 13 2016
01:00 PM
Flagship Merchant Services iPayment,, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A deceptive business practices direct debit ACH of account for unauthorized services Walnut Creek California
In March I signed up for flagship merchant services credit card processing for two companies, primarily using as they are an reseller with better rates.They post lower than most rates and mention an annual PCI Compliance fee (this fee is not charged by everyone; the difference in percent comes out to be about $10k in annual transactions).We're a small group of Gyms in Chicagoland / Illinois.  I made it clear to the sales rep that we were doing this to augment are standard ACH / Direct Debit payment method and that all we would use the service for was automated recurring billing and would be passing any fees on to our clients.  I made it clear that if it was too much we would not be able to afford it.They disclosed the fees which amounted to about $20 a month, which I found reasonable, along with the per transaction % and about $0.20.After four months, I started seeing an extra $20 charge in my bank account and, upon inquiring, they said they sent us a letter and we didn't opt out of their additional advertising / marketing company.No such letter was received by anyone in our organization.I'm going to file a complaint with both our Attorney General and California's Attorney General.Their PCI Compliance fee is bunk. Despite it being listed on the documents we signed, it went up $20 by the time they actually charged it (once a year in June).  Almost no other card processor charges this fee, those that do vary in how much they charge.  PCI-Compliance is not mandated by law.Needless to say between PCI Compliance and unwanted / unauthorized charges for a business marketing company that I have no information on, I will be asking them to provide a refund for the marketing and have already told them I'm cancelling my account.This was way too costly and is simply criminal.  They have very poor communication and our account rep was no longer with the company when I tried calling back to get in touch with him, which apparently is a usual circumstance with this company.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #541998
Dec 18 2009
06:28 PM
First Data , Flagship Merchant Services Fraud, SCAM, Lies Charlestown, Massachusetts
Flagship Merchant Services 1-866-416-0244, 1-866-228-7644, Fax NOTE: Please reply to this letter via E-Mail as I dont have a Fax number Flagship Merchant Services agreed to open my account to process $21,000 USD order. I had many conversations with the person that opened my account in which I specifically told him that my first transaction was going to be around $21,000 USD and that I needed to make sure it went through as it was a NEW customer. Ben Premo opened my account and indicated there would be no problems processing the above mentioned amount as I told him that was the only reason why I was opening this account. Once the account was set up, they advised me that it is against policy to process a $21,000 order which was already pending because I didnt have the same amount in my account to back it up. This information was omitted from the agreement and was not mentioned in any of the conversations prior to opening the account and while processing it. As a result, Flagship Merchant Services cancelled the $21,000 order and tried to place a $800 processing fee on my Business account. *** This fee is a direct result of Flagship Merchant Services own mistake. *** After the first two attempts which resulted in two OVERDRAFT FEES, I called Flagship Merchant Services and spoke with a Customer Service Representative (on 12/04/2009) Jamie. She said that the charges have to be discussed with their security department and also advised me that it will not occur again. I called Security Department (12/07/2009) and spoke with Greg which told me that customer service had to be the one to file a claim for the money. A third and 4th attempt occurred resulting in additional OVERDRAFT FEES, in the 3rd attempt they were able to extract $83.11 USD. After this attempt I was advised to speak to the manager to have these funds returned. Customer Service indicated they were going to file a claim to refund my money on 12/07/2009. Jamie said that it would take 3 to 4 business days and that did not happen so I called back today (12/18/2009) just to find out that my request was rejected because they sent my account to their collections department. I spoke today in a conference call with Greg from their Security Department and with a Customer Service Manager and they said they cannot do anything about it. I have contacted BOA to block further transaction requests from Flagship Merchant Services. Merchant Services refused to refund the money and take no responsibility for their mistake advising me that there is nothing they can do. The money extracted from my account is and should be considered FRAUDULANT CHARGES, I need this to be further investigated and my money to be refunded from this Merchant account as it is a SCAM. To simply put it, this company used bait and switch tactics, along with deceit to goad me into opening an account, knowing full well that the reason for opening the account was not in compliance with their policy. The intention of the deceit was to impose a processing fee on an order that they knew full well could not be processed due to their policy and to STEAL money from my account which they now have gained access to. There are about dozen other types of blacklists of merchants, and YET THERE IS NO SIMILAR LIST warning of merchant processors who will damage your business and your credibility (and just because they're so anxious to make a few extra bucks!). Flagship is back by First Data which is backed by Wells Fargo Bank. If there is ever a blacklist of merchant processors for merchants out there - these banks/companies should be on the list: - Wells Fargo - First Data - Flagship Merchant Services - Merchant Warehouse - Any other of the hundred companies that process through First Data. I have been told different things throughout this ordeal; all of them lie to buy them more time to attempt further FRAUDULANT CHARGES on my account. Thankfully they were not successful in stealing the amount they intended to take, but still were able to STEAL money that does not belong to them. Please help me as this company is not even trying to help me but instead refuting any responsibility for their mistake, and refund what is rightfully mine. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.
Entity: Charlestown, Massachusetts

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