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1, Report #1361152
Mar 15 2017
03:29 PM
Flemington Borough Police Flemington, NJ chief of police harassed women and children Chief of police George Becker i’m telling my story so that others will step forward and bring this man to justice Flemington New Jersey
Flemington, NJ is a town where no one really knows eachother and no one even knows who their congressman or representatives are. This lack of communication has enabled one of the darkest and most disgusting crimes to take place, that is, crimes against defenseless women and children. Reading some of the stories that have recently come out about the flemington, nj police, specifically police chief has george becker encouraged me to share my story. My story is similar to many that you’ll read about police chief george becker I was a single women in my early twenties and was pulled over for, supposedly, going 45 in a 40 but this was not at all true. The cop that pulled me over was none other than the infamous police chief george becker he demanded my paperwork, I had them in my hand and ready. I handed them to him. He then leaned the top of his body, literally, inside my car and sniffed my hair and neck and got so close to my face that as he pulled himself out of my car he had my lipstick on his face. “excuse me?!” I shouted. “shut that perdy mouth bit*h” he screamed back. I absolutely wasn’t taking this, I screamed back “give me the ticket and i’ll see you in court. Don’t think for a second i’m going to take this sexual harassment laying down!” I may be small but I had heard about the perversions of police chief george becker and I was ready to file a lawsuit, now. The thing is, you never expect something to happen to you, your wife, your daughter, your teenage son or mother but when it does you either fall victim or you fight back. I chose to fight back. He was back in his car in seconds and sped off. Just like the others who are finally bold enough to report the criminal activity of, now retired, chief of police george becker i’m telling my story so that others will step forward and bring this pervert to justice. Do not let him off the hook!
Entity: Flemington, New Jersey
2, Report #169975
Dec 31 2005
07:37 PM
Brentwood Borough ticket work vehicles unless you kiss there... police only for doughnuts Brentwood Pennsylvania
the borough of brentwood likes people to kiss there ass. they ticket work vehicles. and the neighbors are also assholes. the police sit across the street from 7/11 on rt 51 because they dont want to sway to far away from there hot doughnuts and coffee. ive never seen them pull anyone over yet. most of brentwood has only one side of the street you can park on,but houses on both sides.Maybe that what makes the neighbors so mean . I lived in brentwood for a short time and i would recommend finding another neighbor hood to anyone wanting to buy a house or even rent there 2 of the worst streets to live on are delco rd and also meadowbrook blvdthe neighbors on those streets are ruid and obnoxious on delco rd there is this idiot who owns his own transportation company or something and he parks all his vans on the street taking up 3 to 4 parking spaces and you have to park all the way away from your house and catch a cab or walk in the street since the borough doesnt know what sidewalks are. Kevin Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Brentwood, Pennsylvania
3, Report #1238211
Jul 08 2015
01:46 PM
Lower Makefield Police, Yardley Borough, Kevin Zlock Corrupt (see additional reports on Kevin Zlock) Attorney Bucks County, Pa money laundering, abuse to children, harassment from Lower Makefield, Yardley Borough, Philadelphia 15th District, Mccabe, Conway and Weisberg, Newtown Pennsylvania
September 10, 2013 Consumer Financial Protection BureauP.O. Box 4503Iowa City, Iowa 52244 RE:   Complaint #130730-0002279 To Whom it May Concern, In response to your letter dated August 21, 2013, please see attached material regarding Everhome Loan.  In the year 2009 a refinance of documents had taken place through Am Trust Financial during the month of June 2009.  A loan in the amount of $310,000.00 was approved.  Documents provided show a sale of $1.00 in a transaction that took place in June 2009. Attachment 1   is a draft copy of an emergency petition I am putting together for court.  The recent MLS data states the property at (((REDACTED))), is still in my name and refinancing continues to be a problem from the corruption surrounding two Attorneys in Bucks County working with my Ex-husband..   As you can see by the cases I presented to your office these people have caused a big disturbance in Pa.  (I maintain my sense of humor somehow!!!!!  I have faith.  The last refinance to the property was March 27th 2013 for $353,404 with Everbank.  Attached to that is a current Bucks County record showing the property remains in my name.  I had received divorce papers June 3, 2001, however, the two attorneys working with my corrupt ex-husand had been and continued to for years extort assets of mine.  Two negligent District Attorneys participated.   One of the District Attorneys had been an affiliated of Kevin Zlock.  Total four pages Attachment 2   is a credit report from Al Colacello dated 4-27-2009.   The papers were signed at the office on Trenton Road in Fairless hills, Pa (Century 21 Building).   The accountant in that Office was implicated in false filings of my income tax.   His name is Andy Nelson.  The report done by Mr. Colacello was for qualifications purposes for the loan at the property on Main Street in June 2009.  The amount of the loan was 310,000.00 at that time.  I have been on a perp trail for years tracking down this information.   Name changes and fraud involving State Farm Insurance with a forgery  on an insurance claim check have set fear in Mr. Steve Leist the agent involved.   During the year of 2012, Mr. Leist advised me not to call him anymore.   Total of 18 pages Attachment 3   a recent letter written to Everhome dated July 2, 2013 providing them with details.  This letter was returned to me an unopened.  See attached copy of the envelop with forwarding/return postage dated July 29, 2013.  The address is correct has been confirmed on previous correspondence.  ( I sent them a fax as well!!)  The July 2, 2013 letter details the extortion from Patricia Cooley, Kevin Zlock regarding some circumstances that implicate them in fraud generating several criminal property all along during this process of manipulating court hearings with Everhome being represented by McCabe, Weisberg and Conway, Total 10 Pages Attachment 4  correspondence dated March 14 2012 to McCabe, Weisberg & Conway and Everhome.  This correspondence is in a detailed package providing the manipulations from M.W.C. and Everhome Bank March 12, 2012 letter, November 16, 2011 MWC also Bucks Court Documents, etc 6 pages Attachment 5  October 24, 2011 packages address to Kevin McQuail, 11 addressing the court manipulated documents he provided and how dates in the Bucks County system do not correspond with documents he provided.  *****In Mr. McQuails civil action you will see series of misinformation being proided.  He also states in his Civil Action Complaint that Mortgagors on June 2009 made executed and delivered a mortgage upon the premises.  This gives the details of what happened and I provided you with these documents to show you that Everhome was aware they were fraudulently concealing and aiding my exhusband in mortgage fraud.   Total 37 pages. Attachment 6  July 11, 2011 emails to Mary Enck Realty with tracking confirmation provided to Carbon County.  I had been notifying Carbon County since April 2011 that Joseph Moors had been forwarding my mail to a rental property in Yardley Borough, Pa.   The attachments in No. 5 explain the details and other properties outside of the county continue to be impacted.  The address at (((REDACTED)))  My recent findings at this address have uncovered that the mail es being forwarded to yet another PO Box in Newtown.  It states in the county record Elizabeth Taylor ℅ PO Box 913, Newtown, Pa 18940.   The history of ownership is listed as follows as of April 27, 2011. Elizabeth TaylorSteve JonesCharles BarrettArthur HelmkeDavid Openheimer Total of 20 pages for Attachment 6.  A letter from Mr. Busocker is provided within the packet.  I had been speaking with him and providing correspondence of the fraud.  He state he would look after the property in Carbon County for me.  Unfortunately, My ex-husband had been dealing with others within the bank of Mauch Chunk and they were committing fraud as well.  The CEO Mr. Patrick Reilly has not cooperated and another series of documents have been and continue to generate involving those circumstances.  Carbon County was notified regarding a third property in April 2011 where Joseph Moors was first caught providing false power of attorney papers and switching deeds.  Mrs.  Patricia Cooley had been manipulating the court with Kevin Zlock and taking advantage of my ex-husbands abusive behavior to gain financial assets of mine and was cutting political deals.  My ex has a history of mental illness. Basically,  this is nothing other than a corrupt court working with two powerful attorneys connecting to International crime.  Confidential matters were reported that do not involve me but are connected to these individuals. This is an elaborate network integrated into our Government.  I am sending you via fax four pages  attached to this cover letter.  The letter dated August 28, 2013 from the Disciplinary Board is their recent response.   Stolen Income Tax, Forgery, manipulated documents had been reported and checks provided with the fraudulent signatures of various individuals going back to 2010 in detail were submitted.  This was their recent response sent to me.  I am compiling and elaborate detailed report from two counties to prove the corruption and lack of ethics within the Judicial system of Pa that has, not only contributed, but jeopardized the safety of the public as well. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Respectfully, Dawn C. M (((REDACTED)))(((REDACTED)))       September 17, 2013  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau   aka Rappa Law/NJP.O. Box 4503Iowa City, Iowa 52244  RE:      Complaint #130730-000279            Fax ent on September 10, 2013            Pre-Hearing Statement dated February 5, 2010 Re: Am Trust Mortgage/Everhome            Additional Complaint numbers issued from the Disciplinary Board C2-13-737 Zlock                                                                                                                        C2-13-738 Cooley To Whom it May Concern, Please see additional material regarding AM Trust Corporation.   This material was provided by my ex-husband’s attorney Kevin Zlock in a pre-hearing statement dated and stamped February 5, 2010.  I am currently addressing issues to the disciplinary board of false statements, court manipulation, abuse and extortion from Mr. Zlock, Patricia Cooley, Joseph Moors and two District Attorneys. In addition, tot he Am-Trust/Everhome fraud, the circumstances of extortion tactics are revealed in the statements made by Mr. Zlock.  Mr. Zlock states that the 457 plan had a balance of $56,083.05 on September 29, 2008, in his pre-hearing statement dated February 5, 2010.  That was an accurate statement and fact, however, he neglected to tell the court, that the money had been withdrawn and laundered through First Federal bank along with other money during and prior to January 2010.  Insurance checks had been previously reported along with income tax for misappropriation of funds, forgery, stolen income tax, etc.  see attached Mass Mutual transaction confirmation regarding exhibit H dated 9-29-2008 stating the balance of the 457 plan at that time.  Also, the check provided from subpoenaed documents from Mrs. Cooley of a deposit for $25,000.00 from the Bristol Borough General Fund dated January 6, 2010.  This check was deposited into the same account, I had been listening to an automated phone service.  I listened to this service for several months recording Joseph Moors transactions in the fall of 2009, in an effort to find out, what Joseph Moors was conspiring.  The circumstances are overwhelmingly abusive. Patricia Cooley had been sending subpoena’s to First Federal and I had been calling the electronic phone system listening to the fraudulent transactions taking place.  It was during the month of February 2010, that I advised Mrs. Cooley, that I would be reporting matters to the criminal Investigative Division.  Prior to this reporting I had been notifying the Attorney General’s Office of Pa.  Abuse from Bucks Court surrounding circumstances of Police abuse and forgery implicating a State Farm Check, with a false signature o mine in fall of 2009.  Abuse implicating income tax mis-appropriations of funds, in the spring of 2009 was uncovered, and the accountant Mr. Andy Nelson was notified and responded via voice mail making statements that this is how the attorney’s wanted it done.   The material on tape was submitted to the CI Division.  Joseph Moors father participated and ed to steal assets.   Mrs Cooley had also been supoening  the State Police for phone copies of tapes and appearances of State Police and Township Police along with Chiefs to appear in court.  All parties ignored requests for appearance and the tapes were erased from dispatch.  My phone records however reflect a different story along with hand held recorders and photographs! Referencing back to the pre-hearing statement, the documents confirm the inconsistent lies and abuse from Kevin Zlock over a five year period .  Mr. Zlock’s comments claim that I am in good Health and I do not have any special needs.   I was a cancer patient at that time.  Recent material submitted to the Department of Banking dated May 24, 2013 confirm both attorneys and the court were aware of extreme levels of abuse.  See Pre-hearing statement from Patricia Cooley dated May 13, 2010 (attached to attachment number 9 within the May 24, 2013 packet).  The pre-hearing statement from Patricia Cooley is accurate.  Submission of complaints in the fall of 2009 through Judge Burns Office were dismissed by District Attorney Dave Heckler.  Constant lying under oath and manipulation of documents and harassment to the children continue as of this dat.  Kevin Zlocks pre-hearing statement dated 2-5-2010 was prior to the filing of the first Federal law-suit Cipressi vs. Bristol Borough regarding  an incident two weeks after I filed for divorce in August of 2008.  The abuse towards women and “Sex on duty Issues” impacting my Cervical Cancer that materialized into a lawsuit against diakon are the motives of harassment.   The statement in the February 5, 2010 pre-hearing statement is true regarding “I do not have any special needs”, I am not mentally ill, I was recovering from a serious invasive cancer.  Stress being imposed upon me had the potential to kill me. Recent court documents addressing custody issues and more false statements given from Joseph Moors claim I am mentally illl.   I have never been mentally ill, only suffering from invasive cervical cancer and dealing with an abusive ex-husband implicated in a series of Federal suits that continue to harm my children, the public and law enforcement.  Rogue Officers harassed me for five years over issues that are reflected in the Federal suits.  Having been an invasive cancer patient, I am lucky Joseph Moors, Rogue Police, Kevin Zlock and Bucks Court didn’t kill me.  Endangering the welfare of a cancer patient was deliberate.   Joseph Moors sent a series of harassing letters to try and get me to fill out life insurance policies.  All of these measures were taken by Joseph Moors in an effort to, I believe, kill me so he would benefit by lawsuits surrounding Diakon Laboratories and my cervical cancer, keep my inheritance and cover up acts of abuse reflected in the Federal Suits.  Randy Morris was/is aware of these circumstances and was aiding Joseph Moors to hamper me financially as well.  Randy Morris is the Detective that provided me with the law firm of Carol Shelly in the fall of 2008.  Randy Morris is also one of the Detectives that was on duty during several of Joseph Moors attempts to “302” me, steal my belongings and hide them in the evidence locker of Bristol Borough and conceal vehicle theft of Samantha’s car, brainwashing of Samantha and provided use of County Vehicles as recently as of 2012.  He sent Officers to Carbon County to threaten me and tell me “not to pursue this fraud”.  See attached letters regarding Baltimore Life insurance, Diakon Laboratories, Dr. Hasiuk from Carol Shelly, Esquire.  If I would have died,  Joseph would have benefited from a large lawsuit, my inheritance, plus all marital.   Bucks County Court did nothing but participate in a series of abuse for five years.  As you can see by the recent response from the Disciplinary Board they were beyond neglectful.  They are completely without ethics. I have not spoken to my oldest daughter Samantha in four years.  Army Recruiters got a hold of her during her first year at Slippery Rock College.  In 2010, I found out she was placed in combat and has contracted TB.  One of the checks laundered is from the Bristol Borough General Fund signed by James Dillon and louis Quattrochi for $25,000.00.  It was deposited on January 10, 2010 into account 0182000704.  made out to Joseph Moors.      Joseph Moors was also listed as Uniform Identifier on the documented income tax.    I believe a network of officers use their narcotics, communications and disquized uniforms to harm their families to steal property.    They did this to us.  James Dillon still extorts assets, including alimony.  other money during and prior to January 2010.                               April 15, 2012                                                 Vote Democratic 2012                                    8 pages                                                                                                                        Impeach Governor CorbettPa Department of Banking and Insurance                    Sent Via Fax  717-787-877317 North Second Street, Suite 1300Harrisburg, Pa 17101-2290                                               Sent via internet/Facebook.com   Dawn Unger-MoorsAttn:      Glenn E. Moyer                                                   Open to the Public and Subject for distribution                All Board MembersCommonwealth of PennsylvaniaOffice of General Counsel                                                 Vote for Kathleen Kane  PA Atty GeneralProfessional Compliance OfficeDepartment of State/Office of Chief Counsel2601 North 3rd Street/P.O. Box 2649Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649Attn:   Karen Hunter RE:        Addendum “8”   Real Estate fraud, Notarized papers and possible conflict of interest regarding Glenn E. Moyer in relation to Notary  BARBARA J. MOYER, McCabe, Weisberg and Conway and her activities as Notary in the M.W.C mortgage fraud related to my RICO Suit against Governor Corbett and Staff.            Complaint File No.#12-99-02739, Karen A. Watson  and Mary Enck Realty Complaint File No# 12-56-02740also reference additional notaries and signatures of the following:  Patricia A. Zimmerman, ProthonotaryCarol J. Walbert, Esq., Carbon CountyJacqueline M. Prunkel, ProthonotaryJoseph A. White Sergeant Deputy Sheriff Bucks Countyin correlation to March 16, 2012 correspondence sent                priority tracking 2308 0440 0000 6644 3541And  Addendum “1” faxed on March 29, 2012 to 717-787-8773         Addendum “2 and Addendum 3” sent together Priority tracking with signature 2308 0440 0000 6644 0618           Addendum “4” sent via fax on April 3, 2012         Addendum “5” sent priority mail 0311 2550 0003 8789 6309         Addendum “6” sent via fax and email           Addendum “7” sent via fax and email                RICO Governor Tom Corbett and Staffers with regard to the 2010 Police Association Endorsements, Promotion of Terrorism with extreme Human Rights Violations and ongoing racketeering within our Judicial System that is the cause of extreme Banking and Insurance fraud involving money laundering and various felonies from key Politicians throughout the State of Pennsylvania.    Attorney Extortion and Court Manipulation involving Conspiracy with intent to harm Dawn Moors and her Children Dear Mr. Moyer and All Board Members and Karen Hunter,Thank you Mrs. Hunter for your response, on March 28, 2012, regarding Karen A.Watson and Mary Enck Realty in reference to the Mail and Real Estate fraud in Bucks and Carbon County. Unfortunately, I have additional Notaries I have to report and Signatures of: Patricia A. Zimmerman, ProthonotaryBarbara J. Moyer, Notary, McCabe, Weisberg  and ConwayCarol J. Walbert, Esq., Carbon CountyJacqueline M. Prunkel, ProthonotaryJoseph A. White Sergeant Deputy Sheriff Bucks County  Page Two   Addendum 8  With regard to all correspondence sent to Department of Banking, please look into a conflict of interest regarding relations if any between Glenn E. Moyer and Barbara J. Moyer.    Mrs. Moyer is a notary for McCabe, Weisberg and Conway and her signature is present with seal in reference to the false eviction and bribes that were given to our District Attorney Dave Heckler through drug trafficking Police which has extended itself to Bensalem Township.    Also, illegal eviction papers were notarized by Patricia A. Zimmerman, Bucks County.    With the ongoing criminal activity between attorneys,  Patricia Cooley, Kevin Handy and Kevin Zlock please also verify that the signatures of Jacqueline M. Prunkel, prothonotary and Sheriff Deputy Joseph A. White are true.  Their signatures appear as well.   Also,  Carbon County Carol  J. Walbert, Esquire.    I believe her signature is true, however, she was provided false papers from Kevin Zlock and Joseph Moors with the assistance of Karen A. Watson’s signature from Bensalem Township.  I believe Mrs. Walbert is a victim in this situation.   The papers presented to you were given to me from the Attorneys engaging in criminal activity with organized crime and extortion involving drug trafficking and bribes to our District Attorney in direct relation to the dates of these documents.   Attachments 1 and  2 are in direct relation to the raid in Bensalem on November 16, 2011 and Knights Towing.   Respectfully, Dawn Moors  *Reminder:   There was a signed “MOTION TO MAKE RULE ABSOLUTE” on July 27, 2010, in bucks county that Kevin Zlock is not to be representing Joseph Moors.  Attachments: 1.WRIT OF POSSESSION, dated  November 15, 2011, signed by:  Patricia A. Zimmerman     case no.2011-10155, signed by Sergeant Deputy Sheriff, Joseph A. White 2.Certification dated November 29, 2011, signed by: Barbara J. Moyer and  Marc S. Weisberg    Case no.2011-09184 3.Writ of Execution dated April 20, 2011, signed by Jacqueline M. Prunkel attached paper signed by    Sergeant   Deputy Joseph A. White Case N
Entity: Newtown , Pennsylvania
4, Report #240695
Mar 25 2007
04:48 PM
Champlain Inn Threatend to call the police, while I was checking in Burlington Vermont
Upon considering to stay at the hotel, and the owner/manager came out and threatened to call the police on the grounds of Theft of Services. I was in his parking lot finishing a smoke before I went to check in. He later, after I explained my purpose told me if I even had a guest meet me at the hotel he was going to charge an extra $10 dollars. Horrible! Chris flemington, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Burlington, Vermont
5, Report #758214
Jul 29 2011
12:37 PM
Chester Bogacki Laureldale Borough President Chester Bogacki Using Taxpayer Dollars To Engage In Political Coverups For Laureldale Police Laureldale, Pennsylvania
On October 3rd 2010, Jennifer Guistwite drove high and intoxicated without insurance, and a suspended registration as she intentionally canceled her car insurance.  That night Jennifer Guistwite rear ended somebody and fled the scene of that accident.  When she got caught she attempted to lie to another police department claiming her automobile was stolen. Laureldale Police refused to charge her with DUI.  The way Laureldale Police got away with this is because Officer Jason Wink falsified his report with omitting facts, and altering the time the accident really happened for the purpose of justifying his refusal to not administrator a DUI test on Jennifer Guistwite. However there is security footage in two locations in Leesport that have the victim located in that area which would conflict with the times Officer Wink wrote on his report.  There was also a debit card purchase in addition to the security footage proving Officer Wink falsified his report. Officer Wink was also fired once for exposing his genitals while on the job and was rehired on a technicality.  Officer Wink also has a history of refusing to arrest, or properly charge individuals that he knows. When this information was taken to Chester Bogacki, he took part in the coverup by using the taxpayer dollars of Laureldale citizens to pay Osmer Deming to write a letter to the victim basically telling him in our opinion to piss off and eat it. We encourage all Laureldale citizens to put Chester Bogacki and his crooked cronies in the hot seat and vote them out if all possible.
Entity: Laureldale, Pennsylvania
6, Report #1012964
Feb 12 2013
01:16 PM
Lancaster County Children and Youth Ephrata Borough Police They lie and allow children to be abused Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Lancaster County Children and Youth removed my children because they assumed something. Then they kept them for almost 3 years. The judge finally reviewed everything and said they never should have been removed in the first place. 2 of my daughters were sexually abused by the foster dad. We have medical evidence and interviews and all the Ephrata Borough Police refuse to do anything about this child molester. My other daughter came home with bruises all over her. According to her school while she was in foster care they called child line 14 times on the foster mother. All calls were ignored. I have 15 pages of burns, cuts, bruises, and marks on 2 of my children and the school for the other child has a file of all the marks and things she came to school with. No one will do anything because it is CYS's foster parents and they supposedly can do no wrong. I just wish I could find a lawyer who isn't afraid to sue this county. People need to know whats going on and the government needs to also.
Entity: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
7, Report #658162
Nov 03 2010
04:05 PM
Flemington Circle Yamaha Poor Service, Lazy Technicians, and HORRIBLE repairs Flemington, New Jersey
So you're thinking of bringing your ATV, motorcycle, or Watercraft in for service?  Why not bring it to the professionals at Flemington Circle Yamaha.  That's exactly why I brought my ATV to this dealer, in hopes of having my vehicle repaired properly and correctly.I was dealing with a kid named Ricky who knew NOTHING about handling customers OR small engines in general.  I brought my ATV in for a regular service, and ultimately had new rings installed  When I went to pick up it up, there was a horrible knocking noise coming from the engine.  He firmly told me: it was like that when you brought it in.  This is not true, my bike ran perfectly, so i was persuaded to have the work done.  Obviously their incompetent technicians did not put the pieces back together properly.  I refused to pick up the machine until it was fixed properly.  I come back a week later and the noise is gone, however the bike is now smoking, the liquid gasket (not even the correct yamaha genuine parts gasket were used)  These cheap imitation parts were leaking from mating edges on the engine!  I refuse pick up once again until work is done properly.Another week later everything looks to be correct, so I bring it back home.  The machine runs properly for just a day.  I look more closely at the engine compartment and hoses were just stuffed behind the plastic covers, bolts missing, and threads stripped.   The ATV once again begins to leak gasoline and now burns oil.  The dealer has since refused to correct the problems they have caused.  Before service I had a strong running vehicle, service, i'm left with an erratic running, smoking, leaking piece of junk.  Thanks Ricky!  If you're looking for a reputable dealer who takes pride in their work, do yourself a favor, stay far away from the thieves, liars, and incompetent, lazy technicians at FLEMINGTON CIRCLE YAMAHA!
Entity: Flemington, New Jersey
8, Report #421267
Feb 06 2009
10:15 PM
Flemington Trust Financial Flemington Trust Financial is a SCAM Worcestor Massachusetts
We were told by Allen Green, ext. 276 that my husband was approved for a business loan of $400,000. He said because we only had 10 days to accept that we wouldn't have to put down the normal 2.5% but that we had to put down $5200 to cover the 1st two months payments and the 1st payment would not be due until May. This was Wed. 2/4/09 and if we got the money to them by money gram then the loan would be in our account by 10 am on Fri. 2/6/09. So we did it. I didn't see any complaints on the BBB and even when he told me to send the money to Canada I didn't think too much about it. Then Fri. comes and no loan. We get a call from Frank Malacci, ext. 626, saying there was an internal miscommunication and that we do have to put the 2.5% down and that we owe an additional $4800. He even faxes us a letter stating that when they confirm the $4800 money gram the loan will be in our account withing 3 hours. So again we do it. Then this afternoon we get a call from Jason Maxwell, ext. 402, that the lender wants the insurance of $7000 to be money gramed to him before they fund the loan. I asked him why we had not be notified of this beforehand and that we are starting to suspect fraud because everytime we do what they ask, something comes up and they need more money as well as we speak to someone new. Once one guy told us that the money would be funded we never spoke to him again. He assured me that this was not a scam and he could see why we were concerned. He stated that customers like us, borrowing such a large amount, are the foundation to their company and they want us to be returning customers. When I dialed the extensive for Frank, Jason answered which I thought was strange. Frank told us he would give us a week to get the $7000. I have notified money gram of fraud, government agencies, I will be notifying my local police, the police in Worcestor, the state attorneys, and news channels. These people must stop and we must bring charges against them. We are out $10000, and they must be held responsible. Samantha Fort Morgan, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #632710
Aug 18 2010
09:21 AM
FLEMINGTON HYUNDAI Tried to change term from 5 yrs to 6 yrs without telling me FLEMINGTON, New Jersey
I purchased a Santa Fe at Flemington Hyundai almost three weeks ago. I told the salesman my monthly payment could not exceed $350 and the loancould not exceed 60 months.   He spoke with his manager and told me they could do it.  When I sat down with the finance manager, he explained that the $350 did not include gap, bumper to bumper coverage  That would be $385 per month.  I said no deal and stood up to leave.  He asked me to wait while he talked to his sales manager.  He came back and said good news, I can do it for $350.  He then proceeded to enter stuff in the computer and print out papers.  I asked him how he was able to get to that price and he said they worked with the dates.   I felt uneasy with this explanation and proceeded to verify the terms.  When I reiterated 60 months, he froze.  Then he said it is 68 months.  I asked him how 60 changed to 68 and he did not respond.  He left to talk to his manager.  They both came back and I asked again how 60 changed to 68 months.  Neither men replied.   The sales manager said he could do it for $369.  Having been there almost three hours with my disabled child, and I had a migraine, and the dealership was closing for the night, I reluctantly agreed.The following Monday I returned to the dealership to finish some business.  I spoke with the sales manager and told him that I felt the finance manager had not been up front.   I also said I thought he had no intention of telling me he changed the term from 60 to 68 months and had I not noticed, he would have let me proceed.  The sales manager, in the presence of myself and my babysitter, agreed that he thought the same.  He also said there were other situations that were brought to his attention about the finance manager but he was not there at the time so took no action.  He also told Jane and I that the finance manager was no longer working for Flemington Hyundai.  He agreed that he would give me a merchandise credit of $1200.  He did not call me back as promised nor did he return my calls.  I think the finance manager is still there and this was yet another example of how some employees at this dealership perform. I followed up and spoke with a different sales manager.  I explained that I felt the finance manager had not been up front with me and that I believe he tried to pull the wool over my eyes.  He responded that I signed willingly.  He also said that I assumed the finance manager was not going to mention it.  In my opinion, when he came in and said good news, we can do the $350 he had an obligation at that point to tell me that the term would be increased by almost 15% from 60 to 68 months. He never said a word about the change in terms.  Since the sales manager admitted to me that they had previous complaints, I feel that they had a moral obligation to protect me if they knew he was suspected of doing unethical things.    I feel that I was not treated properly.   I know that the terms were spelled out but with the late hour, a cranky child and a migraine, I very well could have missed it and signed a contract with terms different than I verbally agreed to. The dealership has agreed to give me a merchandise credit of only $250.  This tells me that they agree that I was not treated properly yet they are still unwilling to assume the added expense I will now incur as a result of the additional $19 per month for 60 months.  I do not recommend that others buy or lease from this dealership unless they bring a contract attorney with them.
Entity: FLEMINGTON, New Jersey
10, Report #167605
Dec 11 2005
07:01 PM
Flemington Car And Truck Country lies and rips off Flemington, New Jersey
The bottom line is that the Flemington Car and Truck Country is just a fundamentally dishonest organization. I don't recommend giving them service unless you like being ripped off. Here is my story. The summary 1. Lots and lots of frustration. 2. Spending $300 more than I anticipated. 3. A month and a half without a car. 4. The problem not having been solved at all. 5. Being lied to many times. The details follow. A few months ago, I drove my '92 Pontiac Bonneville to Flemington Car and Truck Country. The car had been suffering transient stalling, which I had tried to fix myself the previous week. Among my attempted fixes, I had replaced the ignition module. When I was at Flemington Pontiac, I talked to service advisor Ralph Schultheis. He told me that there would be a $95 diagnosis fee and that he would call me later describing the actions that he would take to fix the problem. I had described my previous attempted fixes, and he knew that I replaced the ignition module. He called later that day telling me that there was corrosion in the coils and that the spark plugs should be replaced. He said that this would cost around $380, and that he would call me if he was going to perform any another work on the car. He also told me that the car's diagnostic computer didn't show anything was wrong, a statement that he would later contradict. I remember this statement in particular, as I had suspected there was a problem with the camshaft or crankshaft sensor, and he told me that the sensors weren't a problem since the computer didn't show any errors. He called me in the morning a few days later telling me that the car was fixed, that he replaced coils, spark plugs, and also the ignition module which I had already replaced one week prior and which I did not authorize. He said the new cost was $780. I was a bit shocked at the price that he stated. I argued that I did not authorize the replacement of the ignition module, but he insisted it was right to replace the module since it was not a GM part. He refused to change the price. A few weeks later (it's hard to get around without a car), I went to pick up the car. Since it was around 8 PM, Ralph Schultheis was not there. I talked to someone whose name I do not recall and let them know my complaints about the car, but he said that he did not know the details of the case and that I could pick up the car now, pay the full $780, and then try to get a refund from Ralph later, or I could just leave without the car and pay later. I decided to take the latter option. I called on the following Saturday hoping to talk to Ralph, but the entire service department was closed for a holiday. I called again Friday, September 9th and I was able to get in touch with Ralph. I again argued with him about not paying for service that I did not authorize. He now said that the car's computer was showing error messages for the ignition module, contradicting his previous statement on the 14th. I told him that I knew about the Hunterdon Office of Consumer Affairs, and that I was planning on filing a report with them. He said that he would talk to his manager. After talking with his manager, he offered me the internal price of $680, which I believe is still unreasonable. More than a month after my initial service, I picked the car up at the reduced rate of around $650, only $300 more than they had told me. I drove it home okay. But the next day, September 25th, the car did not start with the first turn of the ignition. I immediately tried to start it up again, and it successfully started. I drove about 4 or 5 miles I heard a loud pop from the car. The car then stalled while I was on the road, I checked the odometer. It turns that it hadn't even been 100 miles of driving since I picked the car up before it stalled again. This was the car that they said they had fixed, and for only $300 more than they told me it would cost. Rob New Brunswick, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Flemington, New Jersey
11, Report #11869
Jan 18 2002
12:00 AM
American Tire & Auto Care unscrupulous auto repairs Flemington New Jersey
On Wednesday, January 9, 2002, my husband (75 years old) I (56 years old) took my car through inspection. It's an old car 1982 Chevette with low mileage 57,000. It failed because the back and front brakes weren't grabbing the same and was told by the inspection station it would only be a minor adjustment. Having taken the day off for this inspection process, I wanted to get the car repaired and reinspected that day so, I took it to a Flemington approved reinspection garage nearby my residence, the AMERICAN TIRE AND AUTO CARE Garage, 31 Route 31, Flemington, NJ 08822. A mechanic named Ken looked at the car and gave me the report. Ken said the car needed a complete brake job and new shocks. He said the brakes were metal to metal. This job was estimated by him to be $363! I explained to him that the Inspection Station assured me it was only a minor 15 minute adjustment but Ken insisted, they were incompetent and not mechanics who knows what is mechanically wrong with cars. Totally in shock from this report and the cost of this repair, I left and went home. My son, James, a certified mechanic working at Flemington Subaru, in Flemington, took the wheels off the car and couldn't believe what he saw! The brakes were almost brand new with the numbers still on the pads! We both were furious! Monday, January 14th, we went back to American Tire and Auto Care and told them our findings. They were rude and would not pull the wheels for us to show them the brakes were fine. They said Ken is an ASE certified mechanic and if he said the car needed brakes, the car needs brakes. When we got upset, they told us to leave or they would call the police. As it turns out, my son called the police hoping to find a solution or direction on what to do. This report is on file at the Flemington Police Department. We later discovered, through research, this mechanic Ken was fired from the Goodyear Service Station 2 years ago (also in Flemington - only 1 mile away from the American Tire & Auto Care) for being unscrupulous. If Goodyear fired Ken for this and the American Tire & Auto Care Garage hired him, that's not saying much for them being a reputable and fair repair service. My question is, because we're senior citizens or do they do this to all? Do they get a commission for all the repairs they do? What can we do to stop this from happening to unsuspecting people who use their services? Please give me direction as to what to do about this situation because I feel so bad for the people who have to put their trust in their diagnosis because they (like my husband and I) have no knowledge of how an automobile works.
Entity: Flemington, New Jersey
12, Report #464499
Jun 24 2009
10:43 AM
Secret Shoppers, Linda Flemington Cashier's Check for $3,430 Vancouver British Columbia Canada
I applied for work through CareerBuilders.com. A few weeks later, I received a letter from Secret Shoppers with an attached Cashier's Check for $3,430. The letter requested I cash the check and wire $3,070 to someone in Hamilton, Ontario Ca I called the toll-free number listed on the check, written on Citizens State Bank in Anton, TX, but the phone would answer with Thank you, good bye then hang up. I called the phone number listed in the return address portion of the letter (1-866-466-6198) and got the same response. So I looked up the Citizens State Bank information on the Internet, found the exact bank with a different phone number, and called them. The bank president advised me NOT to cash the check, that it is a fraud, and I could get into real trouble with the law if I cash the check and wire the money out of the country. With this information in hand, I called the help line on the letter I received. Someone answered and I questioned them about the program. He stated that I must cash the check, then let him know when I've done so, so that he can release the funds and then give me information on where to wire the money. I then told him that I called the bank and was told that the check was fraudulent and not to cash it. He said, That's odd. Let me take your number and have my manager call you right back to get the information. Of course, no one ever did. So I called him again the next day. The same guy answered. I again asked about the process. He went through the same explanation. I again told him that the bank told me not to cash the check because it's fraudulent. He again said, That's odd. Let me take your number and have my manager call you right back. I said his manager was supposed to call me back yesterday but never did, and asked him why his scheme is being listed on major media as a scam? He hung up the phone. So I used another phone (cell) and called his other number listed (1-289-892-3201). He again answered. He recognized my voice and said, Didn't I just talk to you? I answered, Yes, and I've just reported you to the Attorney General. He again hung up on me. DO NOT CASH THE CHECK! You will be liable for the funds and could have fraud charges filed against you by local law enforcement. Terry Orem, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Vancouver, British Columbia
13, Report #1070265
Jul 26 2013
07:35 AM
STS Rip off, Charlatins, Robbers, Theives flemington New Jersey
Never use this company or location, theyre robbers. Ive never had such a horrid experience with a auto repair shop in my life. I got estimated an hour to hour and half for a job to be completed and was charged the full hour and half. When I talked to customer service the lady thought it sounded wrong and said they should charge based on how long the job takes, but wasnt too sure. Also while other STS locations are willing to take your card number down and hold payment for an hour or so, so you can run to the bank to transfer money from savings to checking acct, this location held the car captive and refused to let me use it to go less then 2 miles down the highway to the bank in 90 degree weather. I contact customer support via email as well and got a message back from the regional manager who said that what the location did was all correct and fair according to comapny policy. That all the other locations that are willling to take your card number down (shown with valid and proper ID) and charge it at a later time, say an hour, were all wrong and all could be fired if caught. So I guess when i called around to STS locations and asked them is it possible to Drop the car off for the day to repair then just leave the spare keys in the car, and them saying not a problem we'll just take your card number down and leave your keys with us they were wrong and should be fired?? This is the biggest load of crap ive ever heard. If you ask me stay with local small garages and NEVER use this company.
Entity: flemington, New Jersey
14, Report #422306
Feb 10 2009
02:31 AM
Flemington Trust Financial Flemington Trust Alsmost Ripped Me Off. I was saved by Rip Off Reports Worchester Maine
My husband and I were looking to borrow $5000. A man named Jason Maxwell called and told my husband it would be $820 up front. I had a strange feeling and immediately did a search on Flemington Trust Financial. Low and Behold here I am at Rip Off Reports. I want to take the time to thank everyone who has the courage to make these reports. You have saved others from potential financial ruin. Let me go one step further, after readig all of your reports since February 5th, which was supposed to be the loan day for us, I contacted my local FBI and left a detailed message that I had this guy named Jason Maxwell who had just faxed me papers and I was due to send him money within three hours. I explained about all of the rip off reports I had found and that they were happening daily. I wanted the FBI to attempt to catch this man by phone walking me though the moneygram. They make it look like they are so high tch on TV, I figured they had ways of catching these people if they could get them as the felony was occuring. Well, unfortunately for Samantha, who got ripped off the day after, the FBI have yet to call me back. If we so much as stole a gumball we would probably be incarcerated. Everyone needs to ban together and take this one step further. This way our trusted authority figures will have no choice but to get involved. Could have saved Samantha $10,000. Debora Dodson, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Worchester, Maine
15, Report #535135
Dec 07 2009
10:29 AM
Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer Hypocrisy Will Cost Domestic Violence Victims Their Lives New York, New York
Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer has been making a public show lately of his connections with incoming Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. Stringer particularly has been trumpeting his support for Vance's alleged plans to expand the fight against domestic violence. I therefore sent a message to Stringer, copied to everybody in his office, alerting them to possible corruption on Cyrus Vance, Jr.'s transition team. The possible corruption involves the Manhattan-based criminal defense firm Clayman & Rosenberg, which donated at least $42,750 to the Vance campaign. Note that Vance was the candidate of choice for the Morgenthau establishment, Morgenthau being the outgoing district attorney.  This is to suggest that improper relationships Clayman & Rosenberg have had with various employees in the district attorney's office could be reinforced and continued at this time of transition. Indeed, Clayman & Rosenberg attorney Isabelle A. Kirshner is serving on Vance's transition team.  We might ask ourselves why a criminal defense firm gave $42,750 to a district attorney candidate.  We might note the coincidence that one of that firm's attorneys is now serving on that candidate's transition team.  We might note that that attorney, Isabelle A. Kirshner is simultaneously receiving paychecks from her criminal defense firm and from Vance, the incoming D.A. Why is this of concern in the fight against domestic violence?  In Manhattan Criminal Court case number 2007NY070791, Clayman & Rosenberg represented domestic violence offender Bradley Ingalls, aka Brad Ingalls.  Though the victim alleged two years of horrendous abuse and in the end suffered a ruptured spleen, Ingalls was convicted only of a misdemeanor assault and given a wrist-slap sentence.  The D.A. did not develop a full array of evidence leads in the case.  One possibility is that there was corruption between Clayman & Rosenberg and the District Attorney.  Another possibility is that faced with the formidable powers of Clayman & Rosenberg's attorneys, the D.A. decided that conducting the most vigorous possible prosecution would not be worthwhile.  However that might be, the case certainly demonstrates that the Manhattan D.A. must present more vigorous prosecutions, if the safety of the community is to be protected.  The D.A., for example in this case did not even seek security camera videos from the offender's building, though those videos would have served for bringing extra charges. And Isabelle A. Kirshner actually asked the judge to remove from Ingalls' sentence a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation.  Keep in mind that when the victim was in the surgical intensive care unit, an attending nurse said If that victim goes back to living with the abuser, the next time, you'll get a call that they're dead.  It's very sad; we see it all the time. This is one of the reasons why it's troubling that Isabelle A. Kirshner is on district attorney-elect Vance's transition team after her criminal defense firm donated at least $42,750 to his campaign.  Domestic violence victims are being murdered in New York City, and the D.A. isn't doing everything it could do to stop the murders. The firm did not give that money to Vance and Kirshner is not now on Vance's transition team out of the goodness of their hearts.  They are seeking some bottom-line advantage for themselves, and that bottom line advantage is coming at the expense of the safety of the community. A district attorney who sincerely wanted to expand the fight against domestic violence would not be in cahoots with a criminal defense attorney who takes wealthy abusers' money to ask judges to remove from their sentences court-ordered psychiatric evaluations. Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer made no acknowledgement of my communication with his office expressing these concerns.  I sent a follow-up e-mail requesting the courtesy of a reply, and I also called Stringer's office and left a voice message requesting a reply.  I have received none.  The appearance of corruption does not disappear just because Stringer does not answer me.  There should at least be acknowledgement of a possible problem and some intent to keep an eye out that no improper relationships pertain between Clayman & Rosenberg and the Manhattan District Attorney.
Entity: New York, New York
16, Report #230579
Jan 14 2007
09:10 PM
Kim Diddio - Stroudsburg Borough Council Drunk, Loser, Liar, Ripoff Stroudsburg Pennsylvania
Kim Diddio is the worst kind of drunk. She won't admit it. She lives her life in the local bar. She is a lounge lizard. She need help. Watch out for her on the roads. She was just caught driving and drinking, She is hiding the fact that she was with 2 well known law enforcement officers. She crashed into a pole and smashed 2 innocent peoples car at 1 am in the morning. She was hungry and went to pig out at a local Wendy's. This girl; needs rehab. before she kills someone on the road. She claims in the newspaper that it was poor judgement and acts like this is a first time. Yeah right. Not the Kim Diddio that I know. She has beat up her boyfriend in the parking lot of one of our local bars. She has a PFA for hurting a child, and now she is about to get a dui to her many titles. Get her off the road and get her into a Rehabilitation facility before she hurst someone. Sheila East Stroudsburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
17, Report #1255952
Sep 19 2015
04:08 PM
York Haven Borough Keith Rode-Mayor, Margret Malehorn-President Abuse of Elected Power York Haven Pennsylvania
These politicians abuse thier power and drive homeowners and businesses out of the borough.  They sned threatening letters and about cutting weeds in wooded areas, continually charge late fees for bills which are not late, and are driving businesses out of the borough.  Two businesses, a fishing business and and a bank property are not in business because these people continually threaten and harass them.  The fishing business left.  Business that are thriving are the heroin, 3 bars, and the constant turn around of renters in the borough.  No one wants to stand up to these 2 because they have been in power so long and no one will run against them. The Attorney General of Pennsylvania does not care.  No one cares.  Please someone expose this corruption.  This is a small town near Red Land Little League and it deserves better.  
Entity: York Haven, Pennsylvania
18, Report #770761
Aug 29 2011
11:11 PM
Borough of Staten Island N.Y. D.E.P. , Staten Island Borough President , Does it take a national disaster to correct a long time local problem Staten Island, New York
A short vacation visit to New York ( Staten Island ) was turned into a wild and interesting one Due to a declared state of Emergency from the NY state mayor as well as other states on the east coast declaring the same for fear of Hurricane Irene`s arival .Manditory evacuations were given to certain locations in threatened Zoned areas . I personally think this was very wise and a great bennefit to a great many although an inconvience to some as well . But better safe than sorry !The problem is that a friend has had a documented flood issue for quite some time and not yet fully recovered from a recent rain period this August before Irene made a bad situation worst . But ! I have been told upon askingThis issue has been an ongoing one for quite a while years in fact ! The question is Why has no one in this prominent community corrected this problem as yet.these citizens have their ,Taxes paid on time !Bills are paid on time !Patient and understanding from the many excuses handed to them over the years.Have lost thousands in damages and taken hits from any policy claims due to limitations thereof.They function thru the health ailments variety in nature , and they are good people.There is always red tape and politics in everything but there is also that line that once crossed is no return . Does this mean that everyone`s name be published that should have acted in correcting this issueand everyone that has law suits pending be posted and distributed , or Does it Take to be publicly embarrased by Local TV and , Radio , News Before action is realized . What will it take to have the right thing be done for them without an unecessary strugle.OR IS IT JUST THAT ! What needs to be done ! Well I do beleive , from what I witnessed , will be what transpires next . And I for one , as many others also have endorsed , is a good bet to make and road to travel down to accomplish and finally correct this issue.My visit is over and I will now return from where I came , But will follow and pray for the community to receive a fair and just result . Dont give up , Get it Done . Good luck .
Entity: Staten Island, New York
19, Report #416347
Jan 26 2009
01:03 PM
Flemington Trust Financial Bogus Company. Not Licensed in MA. Not at Listed Address. Scam Fraud Worcester Massachusetts
Thanks to ripoff report, I did not get taken, but it was close. Same scenario, was offered $25k loan, but needed 5 weeks pre-payment ($1851.00). Would not accept any other paymnent other than Money Gram wire. I refused to wire and asked for other options. Read the first warning here and did some addition research. They are not licensed in MAssachusettes as a Financial Institution (spoke with the state). They are not at the above address (spoke with the landlord and they have never heard of this company) I too worked with Jason MAxwell (ex. 402). He called this morning wondering when I would make my payment, but when I referred to him as Jason, he said This is not Jason He must have fogotten which name he was using this week. These guys need to be stopped, as most of us needing quick loans can ill afford losing ang our our remaing cash! Mw Bettendorf, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Worcester, Massachusetts
20, Report #102006
Aug 03 2004
04:56 PM
Cingular Watch out for ripoff billing when you've had enough and want to disconnect Flemington New Jersey
I had been a Cingular customer for MANY years. When I finally had enough of Cingular's bogus billing headaches I decided to disconnect my service. Before doing this I called customer service to find out when my contract was up (I certainly didn't want to get an early termination fee). The customer service rep told me my contract was up on July 26th. I said thank you and she asked me why I wanted that information. I was honest and informed her that I wanted to look around and compare offers from other companies. She said nothing to me about my last bill at this time!!! I visited a Verizon store on July 26th and after careful consideration decided to sign a contract. I did what they call a port on my number so that I could keep it. To do this I am in the hands of the port department. The completion of this process did not take place until the next day. This is where Cingluar rips you off!!! I am now being charged an ENTIRE billing cycle because my phone from Cingular was disconnedted ONE day into the next billing cycle. I think it strange that Cingular is able to pro-rate your first bill when you are signing on but when you disconnect they rip you off. Can anyone help? Frustrated in Flemington Traci Flemington, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Ocala, Florida
21, Report #217965
Dec 01 2010
04:28 PM
Sleepy's Mattress Dishonest Manager, Incompetent Customer Service, Undermining Customers ripoff Flemington New Jersey
We bought mattress set from Sleepy's last July/Aug (not a cheap set & came with a 10 year warranty!!) - salesman was wonderful even recommended the mattress saying it was one of the best for what we were looking for. Not even a year later, the pillow top was sliding off, we called Sleepy's who told us we would need to have an inspector come, write a report. We made an appointment, inspector was to come between 8am - 12pm, my wife waited all day until 7pm(missing a day of work)no one from Sleepy's ever showed up. When we called the next day, Customer Service was extremely rude asking what we wanted because her computer showed that someone had showed up the day before. When explained that we waited from 8am - 7pm and no one showed up she said well, I can't tell you why. We need to reschedule. Again we reschedule (weeks later) again, appointment was for 1st thing a.m. - around 9:30 am customer service called the house to say the tech would not be coming since he had to go to the hospital (another day of work missed). Another appointment made - this time we had to cancel & lo & behold a tech shows up on the cancelled date by 8am. As he's inspecting & picks the mattress up my wife notices that the box spring is now warped she points this out to tech & tells him to make note of it on report. By the way as tech picks up box spring he rips bottom & staples come out. He leaves & says within 2 weeks we'll get answer.2 wks later, report comes back, mattress defective here's your credit ($400+)no mention of box spring. I called Sleepy's talk to a rude customer service person - they care less about all the inconvenience & reschedule another appt. for box spring (1 month later). Tech shows up we tell him story - he says we see these problems with these mattresses all the time - don't get this mattress in the future. Approx. 1 week later we get call from Customer Service rep saying that report came back there's nothing wrong with mattress! (They've already determined the mattress is defective, what about the box spring??!!). Report comes in mail, box spring is normal wear & tear!! Are you kidding, it's not even a year old & sagging (& now ripped!). I call Sleepy's in Flemington & speak Jamie with whose the manager. He says sorry about everything, you come see me, I'll make everything right. We go see Jaime - long story short, he's just a typical Salesman - rude, cocky, obnoxious. Tells us the mattress we bought was cheap and not good quality (sorry we paid $1,000 for the set on sale!), and that the mattress is now $200 more and that he doesn't have to give us a deal on it - basically we would need to pay $200 more for mattress they're supposed to exchange but he could give us a deal on a better mattress for $400+ but we need to keep the same box spring! My wife calls him on his rudeness and slyness, saying she has a difficult time with what he's saying - basically, she tells him he's a sleezebag, but nicely. She had about enough - enough of the horrible customer service (She was in management, over 20 years training customer service, sales & marketing) - Jamie gets up walks away & says something extremely rude to my wife - he then gets on the phone totally ignoring us - we walk out! I call Sleepy's to report the problem, get a customer service rep on the phone who tells me, not only do we need to pay more for the mattress but now I have to pay for delivery of the new one!! I asked to speak with management, he refuses. After a half hour of this I pass the phone to my wife who asks for management - he tells her he is management! She says that there are CEO's, President's of the company - he says at Sleepy's the Customer Service People are the management - she tells him they have 24 hours to have management call her back or they will be reported, he continues to argue she again says 24 hours and ends the call. A couple of hours later the same rep calls the house and leaves a message that we now don't have to pay for delivery. That's the last call from Sleepy's - no management call. This is the first report we are putting out - next goes to Better Business Bureaus and to the media. This has to end - who do they think they are taking people's hard earned money just to give them aggrevation and many sleepless nights on their inferior products!! Raymond Clinton, New JerseyU.S.A. STOP! ..before you think about using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)... CLICK HERE to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB's false or misleading information. Don't be fooled! It has been reported, when there are thousands of complaints and other investigations underway by authorities, the BBB has no choice but to finally give an UNsatisfactory rating to a BBB member business that is paying the BBB big membership fees every year. When a business is reported that is NOT a BBB member, BBB files WILL more likely show an UNsatisfactory rating, then reportedly shake down that company to become a member of the BBB. One positive thing about the BBB is, either way, if a business has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB, you can be sure, the business is bad. But what about all those BBB member businesses that had complaints filed against them? Consumers never get to hear about them. What about the BBB advertising to the public? Is this a false and misleading perception they are giving about consumer confidence when dealing with a business? Click here to understand more of what consumers and business alike are saying about the BBB. You decide. ..Remember. The BBB membership is not earned, it's paid for!
Entity: Flemington, New Jersey
22, Report #371783
Sep 10 2008
06:00 PM
Wachovia Bank Unreasonable Insufficient funds fees Flemington New Jersey
Unbelievably Wachovia's posting priorities allow an 83 cent overdraft to a over 50 Seniors account to accrue $140 in insufficient funds fees! After speaking with 3 representatives over the course of an hour they reduced it to a meer $70! All for covering my 83 cent overdraft for a couple weeks till my Social Security Disability check is direct deposited! Sandra Frenchtown, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Flemington, New Jersey
23, Report #592820
Apr 13 2010
12:34 PM
Gordon Johnson Tree Service Beware of estimates.... Flemington, New Jersey
Be very careful!!!  They come and give you an estimate for work to be done.  Foolishly, I waited 7 months for them to come and do the work..they did half of what they said they would do and charged me the same amount as the estimate... DO NOT trust them to do anything!!!
Entity: Flemington, New Jersey
24, Report #639876
Sep 12 2010
11:40 AM
Air Professionals Air Professionals charges you to correct their mistakes! Flemington , New Jersey
Air Professionals installed a complete HVAC in my home in Lambertville New Jersey. They told me they would take care of everything - permits -inspections, etc. Five years later I get a call from the township telling me that the inspection on the system was never done. They come and inspect and give me a long list of shoddy workmanship, violations, and just out right dangerous installation. I call Air Professionals to fix it. No problem but they want to charge me - full price!!! I tell the township inspector ( Victor) that Air Pro wants to charge me to correct their own mistakes ...wowziers! He went nuts; They can't do that !Well folks they did. Call the Lambertville township if you don't believe me.
Entity: Flemington, New Jersey
25, Report #1139121
Apr 15 2014
04:40 PM
Adam Karas scam ripped off thief flemington New Jersey
here is my story. I was on instagram looking at shoes that people were selling as i uslually do, and i found a pair of what the kobe 8's that were my size and were brand new. Adam Karas left his phone number on the photo posted. So I decided to send him a text asking for more about these shoes. He responed quickly saying they were brand new. I asked if he was willing to do trades because i had a pair of 'lebron 10 canary . Adam said that he would accept trades and agreed to do the trade.what the kobe 8s for lebron 10 canarys. So i shipped them to him after some exchanged texts. Adam would not ship first and wanted me to because he didnt want to get scammed by first time traders. In turn i shipped my lebrons to his address. i sent him the tracking number and had said he had recieved them and would send the shoes he had agreed to do the trade with. From my point of view this guy seemed legit and wouldnt scam me. I have never traded shoes before. I was new to all of it. I asked if he had shipped.. he said yes. I asked for the tracking number and he didnt respond. Two days later, i recieve a text from him saying he had been busy and had his phone taken away. i asked for the tracking number and didnt get a response. He hasnt answered any of my texts and I havent recieved any shoes at all. He will not respond to anything i say to him and i am willing to take legal action if necessary. Do Not do business with anyone by the name of Adam Karas His phone number is 908 391 7677. Get the word out that he is a scammer
Entity: flemington, New Jersey

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