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1, Report #1389776
Aug 01 2017
04:20 PM
florida insurance college health insurance st.mary Florida
notice to all: don't get involved with this company it is a scam they will steal you money florida insurance college they have no adress but call you back when you call but no one answers the phone. i payed $69.00 for class's there is like 375 paragraphs you have to read and take test's for each chapter like 20 chapters and you have to take the final exam. i took it 9 12 times and could not get a 70. to get your certificate i only could reach 61. it has life insurance question's on the test to witch are not related to health insurance. i filed a complaint with my bank and they got my $69. dollars back and now my bank is after me to pay the bank back. they are scammer's from texas. 
Entity: st.mary, Florida
2, Report #1213458
Mar 05 2015
06:13 AM
Florida Career College of Clearwater Tell you Lies just get you to goto their College Clearwater Florida
 First when I went to sign up with Florida Career College, they asked did I have High School Diploma and I said yes and never asked to see it and put it on file, but another student that was signing up they asked same question to him and they even verified it was real. I did have one and at the time i didn't know it was a FAKE diploma from a Diploma mill so I attended the the 9 month program which was Billing & Coding and they told all the students that this was High in demand and should not have any problem getting a job, which I work in Hospital and figured I wouldnt have issue getting into that department. I did graduate but they wouldn't give me my diploma cause they said I owed them money but let me walk aross the stage and after thatI went to appply for the position was told the College wasnt accredit correctly and didnt have right certification for Billing & Coding. I asked about their Bachelors Degree and talked me into thats whenI had to give them Fake High School Diploma and they told me that the classes was on nights only and I worked nights thats when they told me NO PROBELM just come into school get assignments and can do your school work from home. This was ano0ther way of them getting money from student and I never received any help on assignments  Beware of this school and stay away I learned my lesson the hard way Now I have student loans to repay and never got the job I attended College for
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
3, Report #919506
Jul 30 2012
06:54 AM
Florida career college has a Program call Patient Care Tech...( is a JOKE)wich is  another name for Certify Nurse Assistant(CNA) at the end you get your state CNA license and owned to the department of education 10 thousands like i happend to me I was a victim of them so today i'm working in a hospital makimg 10 per hrs. so people can got to Palm Beach State College and do the same for 1,500.00  I wish to have money to hire a lawyer to see if i can reverse that... (((email redacted)))CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Lauderdale Lakes,, Florida
4, Report #907441
Jul 06 2012
06:43 AM
Florida career college FCC Ripoff Hialeah, Florida
To whom it may concern: If you are thinking in applying for this school please think twice! Almost all professors are not well qualify to teach the material. Second, they harrass you more than a collection company to collect the 50.00 a month for their loan. I been taking exams in class when a lady knocks at the door to interrupt me and take me out of class to pay the 50.00. Guys don't be full by the advisers! My advisor even cried in the interview to sale me the program. They sold me this program for 15,000 when is not even worth 10,000. Guys do not commit the same mistake I made! This school is the worst I have ever attended in my life!!!!! Do you you research and believe what people say. God Bless
Entity: Hialeah, Florida
5, Report #323323
Apr 03 2008
08:21 AM
I have been going to FLORIDA CAREER COLLEGE since last year in January 07. and am very dissapointed in this school. i study Medical office administrative MOA, and i had to share the materials with 6 other student example one microscope its very fustrating. i work so hard to study so that i could learn and we do pay this school so that they could give us good materials to work on. i complain to the director and i just think he ignore totally. hopefully this certification is valid, if its not am going to kick some @ss. Catracha101 miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Hialeah, Florida
6, Report #918545
Jul 27 2012
03:29 PM
Florida Technical college Liars Orlando, Florida
Your college is nothing but full of liars, cheats, an non skilled professors. I'm lucky that my extern site let me stay at their facility to train longer so I can get the skills down otherwise they would have let me go home. Now I'm stuck paying for a tuition that wasn't worth 25,000 for quite some time. The teachers and staff make a huge income when the prospective students enroll which isn't fair. I don't know how these people sleep at night. How they comfortable letting students go out to their externship site and putting the patients on the line when they don't know what they are doing.Its a shame that no one has any morals or values at Florida technical college.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
7, Report #619099
Jun 30 2010
04:47 PM
AFLAC lies, procrastinates and doesn't pay! State College, Pennsylvania
Gee, where to begin. I thought I was finally going to be a responsible adult and purchase a back-up plan in case something were to happen to myself or my husband. I purchased personal sickness/hospitalization and the cancer policies. Before I signed I made sure to ask the agent about a pre-existing condition I had in the event that I would need it in the future. I was assured by the agent that I would definately be covered after 6 months.. First LIE. I ended up needing a complete hysterectomy.It was scheduled 7 months later.. Even before scheduling I called AFLAC multiple times and spoke to many different people and was told YES it will be covered on such and such date.. No problem.. well my doctor had a cancellation so I scheduled it earlier (still in the 6 month window) AGAIN, I called to confirm would it still be covered.. and again I was told, definately. We got the persons name and a confirmation# just to be safe. Needless to say, I had the surgery, submitted the forms, and it has been over 5 WEEKS.. not 4 days like they tell you its going to be online. I've been denied twice and still haven't received a cent. Apparently, somewhere in the FINE PRINT.. there is an additional 30 day waiting period after the 6 months.. why can't they just say 7 months? Had I known that I would have stuck with my original date for surgery which was scheduled 7 months after I opened the claim. But silly me, I thought that after calling numerous times and asking different service people each time.. that they should all have given me the correct date for coverage including the extra 30 days. DO THEY ALL NEED RETRAINED?  I finally got so discouraged that I decided to call the local agent that sold me the policy. So far, I have yet to actually speak to her. Her assistant is trying to process the claim now  as an elevated claim, which I translate as meaning I must have called enough times that they are passing it off to someone else to deal me with that has more authority.  Its not bad enough that I am in pain and am recovering from major surgery, but I had to go back to work after 3 weeks when I was supposed to be out for the recommended 8 weeks. I have already been replaced at work for 8 weeks and cannot go back until the 8 weeks are over. So I have been forced to get another job while waiting for my money and replacement time to be over. So much for planning ahead! Thanks for nothing AFLAC!
Entity: State College, Pennsylvania
8, Report #857538
Mar 21 2012
08:15 PM
Florida Technical College Florida Technical College graduate my 2 cents worth Orlando, Florida
As a 2010 graduate of the school with an associates degree I felt FTC was not up to par with other schools I should have chosen. I had some good instructors there and I had my fair share of bad instructors. Administration and admissions at the school were the worst! They lied to me and now I am paying for it. I have read all the post on here about FTC and agree that it is a rip to attend there. Many employers do not look highly upon the school and are reluctant to hire anyone from there. Points to consider:1. Tuition is close to $30,000 for 18 months. Seminole and Valencia are roughly $8,000 for a two year program. Do the math! FTC is way over priced!2. They have under qualified instructors  (I must admit that I had a few that were great but most have left the school)3. They are listed on here. I do not see UCF, Rollins College, Valencia, or Seminole listed on here so that should tell you a lot. 4. And yes I had my FASFA Sallie Mae messed with and I called ACICS and reported it so it will be investigated.  I heard they fired the financial aid person recently as others complained about that. 5. Look at the nice new building and the people in charge, they drive nice cars and who do you think pays for all of that. Education should be about helping others, not putting money in your pocket for lavish items. The school administrators should be ashamed of themselves. It is a recession after all!So 30K and 600 students on Orlando's campus! Do the math again! RIP OFF!!I do not see any positives about going to FTC. I know Mr. Ruggerie will post some bull shit excuse on here to cover what they say they do when in fact they do not. I would be ashamed if I was in charge and had all of these reports! I also know there are a few law suits brewing and a reputable school would not have those! Do yourselves a favor and look at a more reputable school and stop making FTC get richer and richer off our hard earned money. That monthly bill is killing me.2010 Business graduate
Entity: Orlando, Florida
9, Report #687750
Jan 27 2011
04:48 PM
Florida Technical College A Want to be College Deland, Florida
If you have a choice DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL!I wish I didn't. You could teach yourself more then what the teachers teach you. Most of the teachers there do not have degrees nor have they worked in the field that they're teaching. They hire and fire people like crazy. I spent 18 months at that school and it was nothing but a waste of my time and money. There are students that sell drugs in the parking lot, come to school looking like thugs, homeless people and even students coming to school dressed like whores. There is also one teacher there who was federally convicted of a firearms conviction. This teacher, spouse, and a friend were plotting to blow up Muslim schools and mosques. They found bombs, firearms, hand grenades and rocket launchers in this teachers home. This teacher was just released from prison in 2006 and was on the terror watch in 2003-05! How it it possible to get a teaching job with that background? I don't feel safe at this school. I honestly am afraid of this teacher after finding out this information, which is easily accessible on Google. I know that administration knows about this but I suppose they really don't care because all they need is a cheap, warm body in there to teach, or pretend to teach. Besides that... the school is only out for one thing and that's money. They pacify you with worthless teachers until you leave. And, your credits are not accepted anywhere despite what the admission reps tell you. They will lie about anything to get you in there. I was told one thing and found out two months after being enrolled that there are a only few courses that are transferable but none were even in my field. They will also tell you that the student teacher ratio is 15:1. That's a lie. It's like 35:1. So please heed my warning and steer clear of this "want to be" college. All I can say is thank you FTC for leaving me $29,000 in debt. I have to pay on a loan for how many years........ for what! A worthless piece of paper saying I have a degree from a school that has such a horrible reputation! I am ASHAMED to say I even went there!
Entity: Deland, Florida
10, Report #983218
Dec 17 2012
10:21 AM
Harrison College Indiana Business College Cannot use my degree for lack of experience Indianapolis, Indiana
I am very upset about Indiana Business College/Harrison College. I went for my 2yr Degree in Medical Billing/Coding, did a three month externship that had nothing to do with Medical Billing/Coding. When I graduated I could not find a job for lack of experience!! I was excited about going back to school for a career change, and no results!! I have been out of school for a little over 3yrs now and no results in obtaining a job in my field. No Job placement, nothing!! I am frustrated, upset and very disappointed!! I would not advise anyone to attend this school. I owe $23,000.00 and have no way of paying it back because of employment!! If I had a good lawyer I would sue. I feel that I was RIPPED OFF!! I have this big debt over my head, and I feel that I should not have to pay it back!! The school needs to pay it!! They pursuade me to go back to school, saying that there is a big demand in this field, and guess what I am just being demanded to pay back my student loans!!
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
11, Report #184688
Apr 03 2006
01:11 PM
Keiser College Total Ripoff Tallahassee Florida
I started at Keiser in August, 1994. When I met with the admissions counselor she offered me a A.A. in Medical Assisting and it was featured in the catalog they were passing out. I didn't know the difference between an A.A. and an A.S. at the time and asked her to explain. She said, If you want to transfer to a 4-year university, you should go for the A.A. Since this was my original plan, I decided to go for the A.A. My husband (not married then) started in September, 1994 for the Medical Assisting, getting an A.S. When I went in to speak with the Financial Aid person I was given a $1,000 Keiser College Scholarship, a Pell Grant, and the rest was done in student loans. My husband was not given any scholarships or grants, strictly student loans. Close to the end of our time at Keiser, the administration had a meeting with those of us who were currently enrolled in the A.A. Medical Assisting program. They said that the catalog had a misprint and that you can't actually get an A.A. in Medical Assisting and that our credits were not transferable to a 4-year university. I was livid but they insisted that it was an honest mistake and they were going to correct it. We both graduated in 1996. When it came time for us to start paying on our student loans (we were living together at that point) we noticed a tremendous difference in the amount of his student loans and mine. His total came to roughly $15,000 - mine came in at a whopping $23,000! Keep in mind that I had a scholarship and a grant to offset some of my tuition and he had none. I immediately called Keiser and questioned what the difference was and they said that they couldn't give me that information without a written request. So I wrote them a letter requesting all of our financial documentation. We never received it. Several phone calls later we are told that the information we requested is not available. We went round and round with them. We even called the US Department of Education and explained and they said we had to get the information from Keiser. For those that don't know, when you get financial aid through Keiser, you don't get the checks that come in, Keiser does and you just sign them over to them. Long story short, I was completely ripped off. Not only because of the cost differences but also because my degree isn't worth the paper its written on. Regardless of the accreditations Keiser has gotten, medical personnel still look at it as a poor form of medical education. If you go on a job interview with that degree you can forget working anywhere reputable or getting a decent salary. Speaking of job placement, there was none. They send you on an externship and you, hopefully, get placed there full time after the externship is over. HORRIBLE! Lesli Crawfordville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tallahassee, Florida
12, Report #1193329
Dec 05 2014
12:39 PM
Jersey College Fraud, Rude, Unethical, Unprofessional Jacksonville Florida
I was a student at Jersey College and when I first started I was under the impression that it was a good school. Shortly after I was in for a rude awakening.  Most of the administrative staff is extremely unprofessional and they don't care about the students like the image they portray. I had some health issues that caused me to take a leave of absence. So before my leave of absence I talked to the Campus Director Maryanne Moore about the upcoming surgery I had to have. She was extremely condescending, cold, heartless, and insensitive about my situation. She even made a mockery of my handicap. But I tried not to let it get me down because I was determined to finish school.  After my surgery I tried to come back to school to pick up where I left off. First I spoke to Sandy Liesdek in Admissions. She was very unhelpful and all of the information she gave me was inaccurate. At that point she didn’t care because she had already gotten my enrollment.  She then turned me away and referred me to Latosha Martinez the person who handles the school finances. Dealing with Latosha Martinez was one of the worst experiences I have ever encountered. She was very rude and unprofessional. She told me I had to pay the school thousands of dollars before I can re-enroll. This was impossible because I made sure all of my loans were up to date before my leave of absence. So like most career colleges after you enroll and they get your money they no longer respect you as a human being. It’s unethical and inhumane the way I was treated. And it’s wrong that they’re able to get away with treating people this way. Its only it’s only a matter of time before people find out the truth about Jersey College and its doors are closed for good.  
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
13, Report #1234961
Jun 11 2015
11:38 AM
Key College Fraudulent for-profit company Dania Florida
Key College has you file for a PELL grant, takes that money & then coerces you to apply for federal student loans just in case there are other charges the grant does not cover.  In reality, they take your PELL grant money & then defraud the student loan company, usually via Sallie Mae, to the tune of 3 times what your class should have cost.  At no time will you ever earn any degree as they do not have anything slightly resembling a school.  You will be left with thousands of dollars in loans to repay as they pocket your money & provide you with nothing but a quick kick out the door when you realize the company is nothing but a fraudulent con. Stay FAR FAR AWAY from this garbage company.
Entity: Dania, Florida
14, Report #1272839
Dec 08 2015
12:26 PM
Ftc College kissimmee Kissimmee Florida
 I went to ftc for a baking and pastry certification. I have some federal loans and when I sign up I did not had a debt with the institution. I win 3 scholarships for a total of 3,000$. After a couple of month that I started my course they change to digital books and they where giving iPads to everyone. I never got one. But people who got it had a debt of 700$ more. I don't understand why because they took all books from this students and those books where supposed to be part of our course. Well I finished and graduated with honors. I never got my diploma. So I went to the college to ask for it and they said I have a debt of 1,000$. But did not explain or show me from where. After all the time, and scholarship and even let me walk the graduation day now they say that I own money!!!! No I don't think so!
Entity: Kissimmee, Florida
15, Report #954207
Oct 12 2012
02:16 PM
Travelers Insurance Travelers Insurance are LIARS and take advantage of innocent people! Dallas, Internet
A couple weeks ago a man backed into my vehicle who's company RIMCO/Aaron's has Travelers Insurance. I am unable to open my driver's side door and there was no damage to the other vehicle. The man admitted fault at the time and said that everything will be taken care of.  I trusted him which was a mistake. It has been a NIGHTMARE dealing with Travelers Claim office from day one. Every time I spoke with the claims officer he would make an excuse for the delay. He was always missing something or the driver (man) was not cooroperating.  Travelers ended up getting the man to lie and change the story of what actually happened.  So they are denying responsibility when he was at fault. The claims officer said it was your word vs his words. Of course they are going to take his side since his company has Tavelers'. I want you to know my story so it doesn't happen to anyone else. Please make sure you have witnesses, take lots of pictures before the vehicles have been moved, and also check to see if there is a video camara in the area that might have recorded the accident. 
Entity: Dallas, Internet
16, Report #869164
Apr 16 2012
07:14 AM
Virginia college online, Virginia college can u say scam.. can you say underwater tampa, Florida
I do not know where to start if you are an employee ( besides management)I'm sure you will agree. This place use to be a great place to work but it has tremendously changed over the past 8months. The admissions associates are pressured intensely to enroll students they are held by a report card every week and if they do not get enough enrollments and referrals as well as students moving through the process they get a star. If an admissions associate gets 3 of these in a row they are put on a pip(performance improvement plan) for a whole year if they get 2 more stars in a row or miss there start by not having enough students sit in class then you are walked out the door( bye bye job). The craziest thing is that we have went from approx 100 admissions reps to approx 46 in approx 6months can you say downsizing lol. This may seem quite normal to some but.what really takes the cake is they have fired all 6managers and replaced them with 2 new managers(puppets) and the two director of admissions have moved to ground campus but what is really funny is that one of them was interviewing around town right after he left. Then there is the general manager Glen that has been seen around town interviewing as well lol. Where they made the mistake was walking out tenured managers right in front of everyone, no heads up just cut throat and now they have everyone on the floor scared for their job( that really boost employee moral). At Virginia college there are extremely unqualified up management and management, example our old Director Michelle Anderson has a GED and she has moved on to campus president in Savannah, lol how does hat happen. As for the new managers all I can say is they try, try to skate around every direct question you ask them especially Justin giacomino man thay guy loves to talk , talk about everything other than a direct answer for anything. mostly I think because employee morale is down and he as well as the other managers are scared for their jobs. Did I mention the whole building thinks we are shuting down so the people not getting walked out are leaving ASap, of yeah and they never give there 2weeks either because as soon as you give VC your 2weeks notice they walk you out right then.... so why the hell give them any notice. For anyone that may say I am a bitter employee maybe be right only because I.have been in the corporate sales world longer than most people here and never struggle to hit.my numbers at VC .. but the fact that I.see good people walked out every other week makes me realize how much VC Really does not care about their employees or students... their slogan is student first and they are every but student first more like.. upper management first place the blame on everyone else and keep your job.. But I guess that's what happens when you have low life under achievers in management and upper management both in finance and admissions only because they can kiss butt the best.lol As for students do not let my words discourage you the VC program is great but the people that run it are retards. As for future employees .. Run very far away I don't like seeing new people simply because I feel sorry for them because they have no idea how close they are to the unemployment office.
Entity: tampa, Florida
17, Report #1033231
Aug 05 2007
12:43 PM
Flagler College Flagler College public tour is a ripoff- only show 3 rooms! St. Augustine Florida
Please do not waste the $10 to take the Flagler College public tour. This is a popular stop for visitors to St. Augustine. We went there in May of this year and were sorely disappointed. The main building is a converted 1880's grand hotel. Unfortunately, all the public gets to see is 3 rooms. There is no access to the upstairs rooms (former hotel guest rooms) as this building is now a female-only dorm, and no men are allowed upstairs. The tour also counts the lobby as one room of the tour! They take you to the upstairs dining room, which is very large and beautifully decorated. They then take you to the third and final room, the parlor. That's it. Oh, and they also count the courtyard as part of the tour. Not worth it! Jane Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: St. Augustine, Florida
18, Report #1076108
Aug 15 2013
12:10 PM
I recently transferred from FIT in Melbourne FL, to PSC in Lakeland. My experience with this school has been terrible from the very beginning. First of all, it took the admissions department 6 months to complete my transfer from FIT and declare me as an In-State resident, which I have been for the past two years at my previous college. The issue was PSC refused to accept my right to independent status because I was a ward of the court in Ohio, which makes no sense. Then, I finally start my classes for the summer term; the bookstore intentionally sold me the wrong books. Turns out the winter haven and Lakeland bookstores compete for business and it is quite normal to purposely rip off students, then to top that off they will refuse to return the book if the seal is torn even a little. After I ate a $300.00 loss on my books I started my class and couldn’t understand why there weren’t any assignments posted,(this was a pure internet course) by the psychology professor. I email him, no response. I couldn’t find and updates on the news bulletin or the assignment calendar, finally I emailed another student who informed me that he discovered we were supposed to be sold a psychology lab for assignments which half of the class did not receive. The entire duration of that class I never got a single response from the instructor. I had no way to know what my final grade would be because he never posted grades or anything. % The same semester I began an algebra course which was described to be100% ONLINE, PURE INTERENET. Turns out the instructor waits until mid-week to inform all of us that we have to schedule weekly face to face meetings. Of course by the time the class realized that we paid for a class that isn’t what it was described as we were unable to drop it. The day we received emails from the instructor confirming the class was not PURE INTERNET, was conveniently the day after add/drop refund, WHICH PSC only gives 3 to 4 days to receive refund. F.I.T. ALWAYS gave us one full week to ADD/DROP with a FULL 100% REFUND. I regret ever transferring to this college; I am terrified that it might not even be accredited. As of now I am 6 classes away from earning my degree; however it looks like I will not be able to graduate as expected due to the fact that FALL 2013 FINANCIAL AID AWARDS are a complete train wreck. These people ask me for the same guardianship document every Award year, I give it to them every year, this recent time it was faxed to them twice, emailed 3 times over two months befit it was FALL AWARDS were due to be completed. They told me every week not to worry, they have received it and it will process in time. Eventually I got nervous and took it to the Lakeland campus and pleaded with them to not sit the paperwork down and lose it, but it still has not been processed. I have never had any difficulties at F.I.T., my financial aid is always the same, nothing has changed the amount eligibility, and yet they still have managed to make it impossible for me to attend this semester.  
Entity: WINTER HAVEN, Florida
19, Report #1212486
Feb 28 2015
09:58 PM
Rasmussen college Poor quality nursing program Tampa Florida
 This school promises to adequately prepare graduates of its registered nursing programs for state board licensing exams. In reality, students are under prepared and under educated. This is evident by the very low first time pass rates. Instruction is hit or miss. Clinical experiences are sorely lacking in relevancy. The school moves at a very fast pace. It attempts to fill in the blanks through the use of an online test bank. This school is a complete rip off.
20, Report #1205261
Jan 29 2015
10:41 AM
barclay career college ripped me off Florida
I went there in 1989 and Everyday i would have to study books instead of on hand computer because there were computers broken and after i dropped my two children off at daycare, the computers working were already in use...i have been paying for my 5,000.00 course ever since.
Entity: Florida
21, Report #1266730
Jul 14 2016
04:11 PM
Florida technical college Florida technical college They let me go through college knowing that I wouldn't be able to finish. lakeland Florida
 Back in 2010 I was able to sign up for college and very excited that I was still going to be able to do the career that I had always wanted to do. After going there and talking to the lady who signs you up I explained to her that I had domestic violence on my juvenile record and she went ahead and ran a back ground check on me and told me that it wouldn't hold against me because it was my juvenile record. Attended college monday- Friday always held amazing grades past all my test and got down to the last week and a half and was informed that I could no longer finish due to my juvinelle record. That was the worst day of my life...... now I currently owe Sallie Mae almost 6 thousand dollars and I am a single mom working minimum wage jobs here and there trying to make ends meet and paying back student loans that now I have and shouldn't have if they would have been honest up front is definetly not in my budget. I have called several times to the Orlando campus left messages trying to get help throughout the 5 years and Noone has returned my phone calls. I thought there was no hope to getting this fixed. I have spoke with Erik Dennis the new director and he hasn't done nothing to try to help me. Now today I called again to speak to someone and Noone can give me answers it's always they will have to call me back.. can someone please help me or inform me on what I should do now. My almost 6 thousand dollars I owe Sallie Mae is now in collections and the hound me every day about it.
Entity: lakeland , Florida
22, Report #912880
Jul 16 2012
02:26 PM
Florida Technical College Florida Technical Colege, SCAM! Pembroke Pines, Florida
I was also a victim of FTC, Pembroke Pines. When I enroll to this campus they told me that ill be taking ESL classes, but after the 3th month of taking some classes, i came to find out that the classes i was taking were core classes for the Medical billing and Coding. I did talk to Robert Lopez, DOA, and he said thar in order for us to take the ESL classes we have to taket dose first. Miss Miskal said the same thing. I drop from the program because i did not understan anything in the class, i did not want to be a MBA or a Medical assisting. Now im getting calls and bills for more than $6000.00 dollars and no one can help, because Robert Lopez and Miss Miskal, are no longer with the company. I dont know who is running this business, but my husband and I, will follow a complain with the DOE, and any other department in charge. They lie to me and they take money from you, and they never call you back, or work nothing for you. Is been over 5 months, and nthing has been done yet.
Entity: Pembroke Pines, Florida
23, Report #260133
Jul 11 2007
10:41 AM
WARNING TO ANYONE THINKING OF ATTENDING WESTWOOD COLLEGE! Here's the response the Registrar at the University of Central Florida e-mailed my son when he requested credit for the classes he successfully completed at Westwood College: It seems that all of your transfer credit that can be posted has been. Westwood College is unaccredited in our system and thereforecan not be posted as credit. My recommendation to anyone thinking of attending WESTWOOD COLLEGE - don't! You'd be better off attending a local community college - trust me, save your money and you'll thank me for the advice! Rey Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Westminster, Colorado
24, Report #806721
Dec 08 2011
01:15 PM
Florida Gateway College John Gosford Misrepresentations Lake City, Florida
I started out 2 years ago, the process to transfer to Florida Gateways program so I would be able to complete the requirements for my degree.  After spending money on physicals and resources to get them the information they wanted they turned around and denied me because I did not have a letter from the program director.  I told them from the beginning, very clearly, that this was not possible.  They told me this should not prevent me from transferring to there college at first; however, it stopped the transferring process.  The dean told me that she would not make any acceptation. This cost me a significant amount of time and resources that I will not get back. 
Entity: Lake City, Florida
25, Report #694480
Feb 12 2011
07:52 AM
Florida Technical College Patient Care Technician Orlando, Florida
I was a student at Florida tech in the Patient Care Course (3-2-09 to 10-22-09). It cost me $14,003 in student loans. The sallie may loan was $9,500. So they had me sign a unsecured loan for $4,573. I refused to pay that part after I got out of school. Now I did that because. I ,and a lot of other people, was promised certificates in Phlybotmy, EKG, the way they put the only difference between us and an LPN was they could pass med's we can't. But you don't find out till your way into the course that the only thing you are going to get is a Certified Nursing Assistant ,which is about three weeks and $600. The people in my class and the class ahead of me were so outraged by this that the Dean paid for us to take this test. The school also required us to work 160 hours for free as an externship, they were suppose to supply the facility, NO we had to find one on our own and report it to them so they could hit the place up to take more students. We were promised help with job placement. NONE I was served at my low paying job as a CNA, with notice that I have to go to court on Feb 15, 2011, they are suing me. So now I am losing a days pay. I hope this helps to stop them from ripping off anyone else.
Entity: Orlando, Florida

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