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1, Report #1382595
Jul 01 2017
07:01 PM
Food Addiction Intensive LLC Joan Ifland Joan Ifland kicked me out of the program I participated in 1.5 years because I refused to sign a new restrictive agreement she just composed and required all participants to sign to remain in the group. Cincinnati Ohio
  I refused to sign an agreement just drawn up by Joan Ifland, owner of the Facebook paid membership group “Food Addiction Intensive” in May 2017. I have been a paying member and volunteer of her Facebook group, where she practices her Food Addiction Training LLC business since January 2016. Because I refused to sign the newly created agreement, she kicked me out of the program and banned me totally from the Food Addiction Intensive. This business  is registered in the state of Ohio as a corporation under the name “Food Addiction Intensive LLC.”  This agreement was not in effect when I and a group of us joined when it first began in January 2016. In May 2017 she drew up and required all members of the Intensive to sign this agreement. She demanded we sign and agree to these restrictions after she had accepted our membership request and taken our money. It said that we could not market to any other Intensive members at any time, even after they left the group. It also stipulated that if we joined any other Facebook groups, exercising their own rights under the Constitution to join groups of our choice, that we were required to ask her permission first. She also included in her new restrictions and demands that current members of the Intensive were not allowed to join any other  Facebook group that was started by a previous member of the Intensive. There are hundreds of such groups on Facebook addressing the topic of food addiction, some of which require payment, as does Joan Ifland's, and others which are free to the public. She solicits members from another group founded by her, called “Food Addiction Education,” which itself is a free group, with a membership of over 11,000 members. She also advertises to foreign countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom, which has resulted in a mass influx of people in the last two months. There were over 200 paying members at last count when I was still a member in her paid Food Addiction Intensivve. The potential of her soliciting new members into her paid Food Addiction Intensive part represents the potential and danger of her exerting her illegal and unfair trade and business tactics on a large number of people. The agreement she quickly drew up and gave me the ultimatum regarding would unfairly stifle competition and free trade and the consitutional rights of US citizens and other countries engaging in free trade. When she issued the agreement and asked me to look at it in June 2017, I told her I needed time to think this over. I had joined another free support group called “Food Addiction Struggles” which was my own personal choice to help me, exercising my rights under the US Constitution to do this. Joan Ifland drew up the anti-compete restrictive agreement I believe, because she objected to me joining a group that a former member of the Intensive Patti Ceraso, whom she had kicked out, had started. However there had been no signed agreement or restrictions or mention of this subject or topic of restrictions ever mentioned before, since I had joined the Food Addiction Intensive in January 2016.  I told her I saw no reason why I could not remain in both groups. The new group was not a paid membership club, but a support group like thousands of others. . The day after I told her I needed to think about this ultimatum, Joan Ifland ousted me from her group after 1.5 years being a member. She barred me from all activities and participation in her group totally.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
2, Report #1130933
Mar 15 2014
03:22 PM
Kollagen Intensive Rip Off by Pushing a Sample california
Please do not sign up for the sample of this cream for $4.95.  They push these samples by enrolling you in a scam that can not be stopped. First they have you fill out  the credit information saying they are charging $4.95.  Without any warning you get a debit 30 dayslater for $99.95!  Of course I'm sure they have it all written in tiny little print somewhere. But they claim they give you a booklet stating what they are doing but of course its not with the product. Please I fall for these things but this was the worse.  When I called at first to cancel all I got was a recording, because they are so used to people firguring out what they did and calling to stop it not to place and order. When I called to cancel nothing happened. I saw the charge on my credit card and called again and spoke with a very rude little man who had absoultely no sympathy and was actually nasty. Must be to many phone calls cancelling this scam. 
Entity: California
3, Report #1324265
Aug 24 2016
06:02 AM
Peng Joon - Internet Income Intensive SCAM: Peng Joon - Internet Income Intensive Internet
In 2015 National Achiever' Congress (NAC Singapore), I signed up Peng Joon's 3 days course Internet Income Intensive course for $1997 because I was so sold on his presentation preview: He showed us video testimonial on how everyone in his class made money DURING the class. I thought since everyone could deliver profits IN CLASS and declare it on video it must be real. Internet Income Intensive Course On the first day of the course, he spent first 2 hours of the course telling exactly what he told us during his sales preview at NAC Singapore. He told us the long story about this childhood again to his university failure days. I was upset because this is wasting our time. He is repeating what he has already sold us on during National Achievers Congress! Nothing that he taught throughout the course can't be found on the internet for FREE. Paying $1,997 is just stupid. Throughout the course, it just felt like he's repeating whatever he has rehearsed by himself. He is not an interactive person at all. And here is the mystery of how every one supposedly made money in Peng Joon's Internet Income Intensive course: He asked each of us to create a 1 page PDF file and upload to our website, create a paypal account and put a paypal buy button to our web page. And then he proceeded to ask everyone to buy the PDF file for $1 from their neighbour in class. So even the testimonials given by Internet Income Intenstive are scam scam scam! At the end of the course, he had the cheek to upsell us more courses and ask for video testimonials! At the end of this Internet Income Intensive course by Peng Joon, I am all the more convinced that most of the internet marketers out there are just plain scammers. They are very good at painting you a beautiful picture during the sales preview only to make you feel like an idiot after you go through the course.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1297490
Apr 03 2016
10:30 AM
Eventace llc Dino Golf course events New York
 Paid me 22 hours and I worked 33.
Entity: New York
5, Report #377373
Sep 30 2008
02:07 PM
Frozen Food Express - Conwell LLC Malicious and Inaccurate Blacklisting via DAC Lancaster Texas
Due to company policy, my Non-Preventable accident was reported as a Preventable accident. When I called them to dispute this charge, I was terminated, at which point they began reporting also Unsatisfactory Safety Record. My Accident had minimal property damage (a barbwire fence) and no injuries, only Tractor damage and 2 flat tires on the trailer. According to the wrecker, my actions prevented the truck from rolling over, which would have cost the load and trailer in addition to the tractor. A fellow former employee, was fresh out of their driving school, dispatched to the Northeast on his very first load driving solo. Given inaccurate directions that placed him on a 'No Truck Route'. Due to this, he struck the side of a building attempting to turn before the first posted warning. FFE reported two separate accidents on his DAC in two cities, on the same day for that single accident. Bryan Haltom City, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Lancaster, Texas
6, Report #322228
Mar 29 2008
03:07 PM
Pinnacle Food Group LLC Swanson Classics Boneless Fried Chicken fraud Cherry Hill NJ Cherry Hill New Jersey
The box clearly states Chicken Patties on the front and has three photos that display two patties, but each of three boxes I bought contained only a single patty. Corona79 Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
7, Report #1193216
Dec 05 2014
09:16 AM
Crunchies Food Co LLC Jim Lacey Westlake Village scam, ponzi, scumbag, thief, confidence man Westlake Village California
Jim Lacey the CEO and President of Crunchies Food Company LLC, now known as Crunchies Natural Food Company LLC is nothing more than a scam artist.The companies financial history and projections have been a complete fabrication. James Lacey took money from investors to grow the Company, but instead spent it on furthering his lifestyle and financing his sons lifestyles. I hear from employees that the sons seldom showed up for work, but still got paid full time wages and each were provided with Company cars, free gas, insurance, etc...He would get new investors in order to pay the old investors that wanted a return...isn’t that a ponzi scheme? When the vendors he screwed over came looking for their collateral they offered him a deal to take over part of the company, repay some funds to investors and provide Jim Lacey with a percentage of the Company. Instead of taking the generous offer, he decided that bankruptcy was the best course, very ego driven! Thinking that the filing would kill the creditors claims, and he could buy it from BK clear of debt...but he couldn't raise the money, because he had burned everyone already! During this period he claimed it was a hostile takeover, ha! WHAT A BAFFOON!He always acts ignorant and plays the victim...pretty typical for this type of guy. Jim Lacey lacks any level of business management skill, he may be a great salesman, but is utterly clueless in how to run a company. Too bad his ego is too large to realize his limitations. Let's hope Chaucer Foods (the new majority owner) quickly figures out this guys game and gets rid of him. It is a smart category to invest in, but deep due diligence is required, especially when dealing with a sleazy salesman. In hindsight I really do not know what I was thinking. When presented with the information on investing it seemed so solid. I know now that it was all bulls***. The international Costco order, the Sam’s Club, the every retailer on the planet is clamoring to get Crunchies speech, was just a bunch of bullshit. I feel stupid, and really my belief that most people are good is diminished. The family trust I was controlling lost a fraction of what some of the others lost. I on the other hand, lost my practice, my credibility, I may never recover. Thanks Jim!!!Jim Lacey and his brainwashed privileged children will never...NEVER...understand the impact that their self centered fark everyone attitude has on people. If there is a higher power that punishes those that hurt others....the Lacey family is going to have a very challenging future.I am working on trying to recoup some of the misappropriated funds, if you are in the same boat as me please let me know. Last I heard he was still at the helm of Crunchies with Chaucer watching over him. I cannot believe that a Company like Chaucer will not see through this guy pretty quickly and can his a**, and his arrogant brethren.
Entity: Westlake Village, California
8, Report #1188576
Nov 13 2014
05:31 PM
Crunchies Food Co LLC Jim Lacey Saved himself and through his investors out by bad management Westlake Village California
Mr. Lacey,A legend in his own mind, ran his company into the ground by financing his own lavish lifestyle. He was the CEO of CRUNCHIES FOOD, LLC; and solicted investors to continue to fund his lifestyle while claiming to need the funds to expand his business. In the process of such he did grow the company beyond what he could handle and manage. He owed millions of dollars to creditors and failed to make payments; creditors came after him and he pulled a stupid stunt - more evidence of his inability to manage his company - of filing chapter 11 bk. The creditors hence forth forced him into what is called a cram where he was forced to sell the company. If his ego was not in the way he should have liquidated the company and his share holders may have gotten something for their money, unfortunately he attempted to go into a financial fight with empty hands - everyone figured out that he was leverged up to his f*A* and ran the other way! Hence the share holders got the f job! Didn't even have the guts to call! We are looking for other share holders that got the f job to take this A Whole to the next level, we will win! Join Us, we have a legal team that loves to F* people like this! Contact us at (((REDACTED)))
Entity: Westlake Village, California
9, Report #973216
Nov 24 2012
04:02 PM
Excalibur Exhibits Excalibur Exhibits, Inc. Excalibur Exhibits, LLC. Excalibur hanging in there but don't wait to get your stuff. Peggy Swords hospitalized for addiction. Houston, Texas
Well I was just let go. One of the few remaining and thank goodness!!! What a horrid place. It always has been but now it's sickening. All exhibit people in the nation please contact our customer base. I feel sorry for them. They have gone though hell with Excalibur Exhibits these last months and deserve much, much better!! It is so sick here as people live in fear and eagerly wait for their last moment! They did bounce about 20 peoples paychecks; but once again Camie barber the OFFICE MANAGER put it on her credit card and helped save her friends. Others were just sent home. No pay check, no job. Mostly the hispanics and the blacks were let go. She (Peggy Swords) has always was a horrible racist! The bankruptcy is still being worked on. I know several other exhibit companies in town are trying to purchase the remnants of that place. I think Peggy swords highest offer was $25,000. It's not worth that. There are some good people working there now, those I would hire. But Camie Barber and Peggy Swords are just despicable people. Horrid horrid human beings. Well about half of the customers have picked up their equipment, Peggy is really hoping after closing there will be a ton there for her to sell. I heard they even received a quote on all the aluminum from the systems they sell. Like everyone says. GET OUT of Excalibur exhibits. Your company will lose everything. Call 20 / 20 exhibits, Skyline displays, Display Works, all are doing well from what I heard and will treat you and your company the way you deserve. As a customer not a widget. RUN!!!
Entity: Houston, Texas
10, Report #630278
Aug 10 2010
01:44 PM
Food Press Wire DJL PUBLISHING & PRODUCTIONS, LLC, Food Press Wire CEO and Founder is dishonest and unethical Westville, New Jersey
David Long Jr. of Westville, NJ, CEO and founder of Food Press Wire and DLJ Productions, is not a man of his word.  I know from first-hand experience that he does not pay all his business partners and associates when he says he will, nor does he always pay them the amount that he promises. One time he promised a new partner that they were going to make so much money if they joined his company; months later, that promise of big money never came true. He often comes up with convenient excuses as to why he cannot pay people money who are working hard to make HIS business more successful. He once told a partner, I can't pay you because I don't have any money right now. Mr. Long's lack of money was never part of the business arrangement when he promised he would pay this partner for each day that he/she did work for his company. He is also not fond of putting things in writing. In the past, when a former business partner tried to draw up a contract with him, he would not cooperate, and changed the subject on purpose.  When the partner expressed dislike of his unprofessional demeanor, he told the partner that he/she should leave the place where they were meeting at the time to draw up the contract. He does not like to be held accountable of business dealings by putting things in writing; he only likes doing things under the table, and verbal agreements only; that way, it's your word against his when a dispute comes up regarding money, rights, and roles of individuals. In the past, he has promised partners work opportunities, telling them that they are going to work a set amount of hours each week, then, to his convenience, going days and weeks at a time without providing work for partners, and making up excuses as to why he hasn't contacted them for weeks at a time. According to a clerk at the Gloucester County Courthouse in Woodbury, NJ, partners which Mr. Long has not paid money to, and who he has refused work opportunities to, even after promising them work, have the legal right to file a small claims suit against him for not holding up his end of the contract, whether written or verbal. Mr. Long also has violent fits of rage when he doesn't get his way. He has boasted proudly of how he has destroyed others' lives in the past who have crossed him, how he likes to beat people up, curse people out, and other malicious ways of harming people. One of his business partners, Patricia Terrill, sat by one day as he mistreated and harassed an individual, and she did nothing about it. Her failure to reach out to the individual who was being bullied and victimized by Mr. Long, as well as the part she played in helping him turn against this individual unnecessarily, is due to her [Patricia's] jealousy between the partnership that Mr. Long had with this individual. Both David and Patricia have confirmed mental illnesses that they receive treatment for, but sadly, symptoms of their illnesses still cause harm and danger to others around them. For anyone who wants to work with Food Press Wire and/or DLJ Publishing, and/or receive advertising and/or catering services from them, be advised: Mr. Long is NOT consistent in paying his colleagues, he likes to slander past business partners who challenge him on his unethical practices, and he does not like to draw up and/or sign contracts with partners or clients. Please consider working with another company whose associates are more mentally stable and honest. 
Entity: Westville, New Jersey
11, Report #576508
Mar 02 2010
06:55 AM
Addiction Neckwear NEVER RECEIVED MERCHADISE Los Angeles, California
Vlady Cornateanu of Addiction Neckwear shipped me $380 in novelty neckties that never arrived because he shipped to the wrong address.  He had the correct address and even though Fed Ex has concluded after their investigation that he was at fault - not me - he will not refund the money to me.   Mr  Cornateanu has been very rude and nasty about my inquires to this matter and he is very un-ethical about his business.   The Fed Ex tracking and claim numbers are below   claim # 0213516979 tracking # 218053410004400   I have been trying to find this box for over six months and Mr Cornateanu has not been very helpful.  Finally I received information from Fed Ex that the box was sent to the wrong address -that was supplied by Mr Cornateanu   My web site URL Address is
Entity: Los Angeles, California
12, Report #1400579
Sep 17 2017
07:29 AM
Lumella intensive eye serum miss not known Internet
internet advertized that lumella, intensive eye serum for trial and i ordered. i did not cancel order within 2 weeks. so, they charged me to my credit card$98.39 so i called 888 218 0375 and gave me cancel number A7300307 but told me no refund nor product to be sent to me but to pay $98.39 and what do i have to do about this ripoff?  thank you.  sincerely  sun hae kim
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1380798
Jun 23 2017
08:55 AM
After reading an article about one of my favorite tv personalities (Joanna Gaines) setting up her own skin care line, I clicked on the link.  Ad suggested that I could purchase Illumira eye cream for a 14 day trial and only pay s/h of $4.99.  I clicked on it and it put me to another screen selling Jullen skin care, I didn't want it and clicked next but it billed me another $4.99 + $1.99 on my credit card...this was on 5-25.  Apparently there was a spot that I missed that said I was signing up for a recurring monthly fee if I didn't respond in 14 days.  I didn't get the products until 6-1.  Never even opened them as I was working 70+ hours and very busy.  When I did open the small brown box, all that was in it was the two boxes of skin care:  one from Illumira and one from Jullen.  No brochures, no pamphlets about the product, no notice about the trial period and possible recurring fees.  No notice about if you have an allergic reaction to the product, to stop using and a contact number.  Nothing.  Even over the counter skin care products in a Walmart or a Macy's has this information! Both companies started charging my credit card on 6-7 through two third party collection companies called Happy Craze and Pleasure Charm.  Fees were $89.75 and $84.75.  Thankfully M&T flagged both charges.  I filed a complaint with my bank, cancelled my card, and proceeded to contact the phone numbers that were listed next to the charges.  I had no problem with cancelling the monthly charges from Jullen skin care/Pleasure Charm as technically the 14 days would have been 6-7...they start counting from day of shipment.  The gentleman that I spoke with went through his whole script trying to get me to stay on with different % off's but I stayed firm.  They only tried to charge my card one more time at a rate of $72.04 and then stopped. However when I made a call to Happy Craze the woman I spoke with said that I signed up for the 14 day trial and it was now over and I had to pay the full price of the cream.  I went back and forth with her saying that I was at the 14 day mark and wanted to cancel everything she said I had to call the phone number on the box.  On 6-8 I called 866-973-9608.  They took 15 minutes to even find my name in their data base...they kept putting me on hold.  Now I am ONE day after the 14 day trial.  Right away this woman threatened me with a collection suit. I said that I had called Happy Craze the day before to cancel and they wouldn't.  She said not my problem.  I said that I wanted to return the unopened boxex, she said we do not accept returns.  And she would not give me a manager's name nor an address of any kind. Now I have a collection agency calling my house 3-4 a day.  This charge is still being investigated by M&T.  I would love to report it to the FTC and BBB but I cannot get an address for this company from any where!  And I would love to send this stuff is still in it's original box upopened!!  Thing that makes me the maddest is the note on my credit report which I have been working so hard to keep at a high level.   
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1084315
Sep 13 2013
03:45 PM
Seasons Recovery Centers REVIEW: Seasons Malibu dedicated to Client Satisfaction. Seasons Malibu high-end, high resource dual-diagnosis treatment center.  Providing multidimensional therapy on individual, one-on-one basis. Utilizing holistic, clinical, traditional evidence based modalities establishing balance finding any co-occurring disorders.  Seasons Malibu *Serenity Malibu exclusive, intensive, only treating 8-10 clients at a time. Known for tremendous emphasis on one-on-one therapy, offering more one-on-one treatment with Masters level and above psychotherapists, doctors than almost any other facility in the world. Seasons Recovery Centers receives a positive rating for their commitment to Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program. By joining our innovative program Seasons Malibu made a serious commitment. Their Service Guarantee and dedication to world-class addiction treatment lets clients feel safe, confident and secure, when they choose Seasons in Malibu. Ripoff Report Verified™
Ripoff Report REVIEW / Seasons Recovery Centers Commitment to Client Satisfaction Seasons Recovery Centers joins Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program -- a long name for a program that does a lot for both consumers and business alike. Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program -- a program that benefits the consumer, which helps to increase consumer satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business Verified By Ripoff Report. When a company or individual joins the Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Program, they must make a commitment to us – in writing – to 'doing whatever it takes to make things right with their customers.' What does that mean? It means that Rip-off Report expects that members of our Corporate Advocacy Program will review and respond to ALL client requests or complaints promptly. It means that every complaint or request will be taken seriously and every client will be treated fairly and with respect. It means if a client did not receive what they expected, the company will work with that client to fix the issue if possible. It means that if a client has a complaint or is unhappy, and if there is a reasonable basis for that complaint or unhappiness, we expect the client's issue will be given a prompt attention and, hopefully, resolution (some complaints and requests may not be reasonable, so this does not mean every complaint or request is guaranteed to be granted). “Making things right” can mean lots of different things to different people, but our point is this - by working closely with the company or individual to resolve any disputes, Ripoff Report can track the footprints of customer service to ensure that our Corporate Advocacy Program members are doing everything they can to treat clients fairly and to increase their customer satisfaction. ALL COMPANIES GET COMPLAINTS, BUT HOW THE COMPANY HANDLES THOSE COMPLAINTS, SEPARATES GOOD BUSINESSES FROM BAD BUSINESSES.Ripoff Report Verified™ .. part of Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program.A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business.. By Ed Magedson - Founder, Ripoff Report Seasons Recovery Centers approached Ripoff Report with the intent of wanting to resolve any client issues and reports posted on Ripoff Report. As a Part of the Corporate Advocacy Program the member business allows Ripoff Report to send an email to all of those who filed a complaint in the past, letting the customer know, the member business wanted to make things right with them, whatever it takes to do so. Ripoff Report always monitors these emails to insure the member business does what they agreed to. The people at Seasons did just that. Seasons Recovery Centers has gone through great lengths to make sure they try and resolve any and all client issues. Seasons Malibu has joined the Corporate Advocacy Program because they want clients to know they will resolve any and all client issues. They never want their clients to feel like they weren’t taken care of. Seasons Recovery Centers stated “we treat all of our clients and their loved ones with dignity and respect and hold ourselves and our staff to the highest levels of integrity. SEASONS RECOVERY CENTERS CONTINUES TO CLARIFY WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY CAN DO FOR CLIENTS Seasons Recovery Centers is an independently owned, California licensed, drug and alcohol treatment center that provides world-class addiction treatment services in a 5-star, amenity rich environment, overlooking the Pacific Ocean in beautiful Malibu, California. We believe addiction is a treatable condition arising from social, behavioral, hereditary, physical, or spiritual causes. When we find that root-cause we can end the cycle of addiction. We are so sure that we can help you or your loved one achieve long term sobriety, that we guarantee it! Follow our treatment plan, follow our aftercare plan, and if you relapse within a year of leaving our facility, just come back. No more fees, no more shame, just come and we will help you. Of course there's fine print to this, which you can get by speaking with one of our caring admissions counselors or visiting our web site, but we are confident that if you are ready to do the work, that together we will dig down and find the root cause of your addiction and end it once and for all. No other facility offers such a comprehensive service guarantee. No other facility offers world-class addiction treatment for drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse in such beautiful surroundings. We have been independently rated as one of the top luxury rehabs in the world and back it up every day with integrity and commitment. We can assuredly tell you that there is no other treatment facility in the world who cares more about your safety and long-term sobriety than Seasons Recovery Centers / Seasons Malibu. WHY SEASONS RECOVERY CENTERS TREATMENT AND CARE IS BETTER THAN THEIR COMPETITORS Seasons in Malibu provides clients with more one-on-one, clinical and holistic treatment than almost any other facility in the world. We embrace all modalities of evidence based alcohol and addiction treatment including Smart Recovery. Holistic treatment modalities like yoga, acupuncture, massage, sacral cranial therapy, surfing, kayaking, tennis, hiking, hypnotherapy, spiritual therapy, and more are woven into our program to help heal the mind, body, and soul. We offer full, medically supervised detox in a 5-Star environment featuring cuisine by Cordon Bleau trained chefs who are experienced in creating nutritious and sumptuous meals for every individual's diet needs. Seasons Recovery Centers / Statements from the CEO. My name is Don Varden and I am the CEO of Seasons Recovery Centers. I would like to thank you for taking the time to review Seasons Recovery Centers. Seasons Recovery Centers provides addiction and alcoholism treatment like no other treatment center in the world. We do it because we care. We do it because we gain great satisfaction in seeing a flickering light become a beacon of light. The results speak for themselves. We have been independently rated as one of the top rehab centers in the world. Come to Seasons and tour our facility, meet with our clinical staff, and find out for yourself why our personalized, one-on-one approach to addiction treatment makes us the best choice for you or a loved one to finally achieve long term sobriety. QUALITY ADDICTION TREATMENT / SERVICE GUARANTEE . At Seasons Recovery Centers we pride ourselves in having world-class addiction treatment professionals who also have the personal touch, what some call good bedside manner. Our team of over 30 people provide intensive care to a limited number of clients at any one time, so we can focus on digging down to the root cause of their addiction and offer a true, custom tailored approach, that is constantly reviewed and revised on a daily and weekly basis, for each client, to ensure the very best outcomes. At Seasons, we use the latest, cutting edge, evidence based modalities, as well as traditional and holistic approaches uniquely combined to heal the mind, body, and soul. ANY BUSINESS THAT CAN ADMIT THEY MADE MISTAKES AND CORRECTS THOSE MISTAKES IS A BUSINESS YOU CAN TRUST AND IS WORTH DOING BUSINESS WITH . As stated above, Seasons Recovery Centers is committed to 100% client satisfaction and has made every possible effort to ensure that all clients have a positive experience while at their facility and in treatment. After speaking with the management at Seasons Recovery Centers and emailing anyone who filed a complaint in the past, Ripoff Report is proud to give Seasons a positive Rating. Seasons Recovery Centers made efforts to ensure that all clients were satisfied and Don Varden assured Ripoff Report that the business has an improved business model that features client satisfaction as the top priority. Don Varden, the CEO of Seasons Recovery Centers, stated “We carefully consider all client complaints as constructive criticism and use them as tools to improve our client services. Our clients are the face of our business and their satisfaction is of the utmost importance. We value our clients above all else, and look forward to continually improving so that their experiences with Seasons Recovery Centers remain strong, consistent, and positive. Your Success is Our Future. STATED IMPROVEMENTS FROM SEASONS RECOVERY CENTERS. Seasons Recovery Center’s process for working with clients varies on what type of needs a client may require. They look at each situation from a variety of dimensions: emotionally, behaviorally, family systems oriented etc. How they perform their protocols with clients and how they perform their services is based on specific needs. Their treatment program is individualized to assess performance function and to give aftercare and an outcome that is evidence based and promotes the greatest ability to have long term success. In order to ensure all clients concerns are addressed before leaving, their treatment teams perform exit interviews with the clients. These interviews were started within the last year as a way to ensure that clients were meeting the goals that were set for them, as well as informing them of their treatment expectations. WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR IN THIS INDUSTRY In researching treatment facilities for yourself or a loved one, always ask if they are currently licensed with a state regulatory authority. Also, be dubious of any facility that claims to have the cure. Addiction is a serious medical and psychological condition that requires intensive treatment that should only be done in a safe, licensed environment, by highly qualified professionals, and no true professional would ever say that they alone have the cure. Also be aware of any facility that claims they can do the same thing on the cheap. World-class professionals and intensive, one-on-one treatment modalities by a team of 30 people, for treatment of 8 to 10 clients at a time, is not cheap. To a certain extent in this world, you get what you pay for, and it is the same way in addiction treatment. If you want the best, unfortunately, it costs more. Seasons Recovery Centers is an independently owned, California licensed, drug and alcohol, full-service treatment center that provides the highest quality addiction treatment services, and is located in world famous, Malibu, California. We provide treatment for drug and alcohol addiction as well as co-occurring disorders like depression, trauma and eating disorders. People come from all over the world to our facility to achieve long-term sobriety and help with co-occurring disorders. *Any consumer not receiving satisfaction from a member of Rip-off Report’s Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program should email us at This kind of dedication to customer service means that Seasons Recovery Centers will do whatever it takes to make sure their clients are properly taken care of. In the future, if anyone has any complaints or concerns with Seasons Recovery Centers, you are invited to contact them directly via email: (again, please be sure to cc: so we can keep track of the company’s response and to insure customer satisfaction). As always, Ripoff Report cannot guarantee that every customer or employee will always be 100% satisfied in every case, but we promise that if you have any concerns with Seasons Recovery Centers or any of our Corporate Advocacy Program members, we will do everything we can to see that the issue is addressed quickly and that you are treated fairly and with respect. Any issues you think you cannot resolve with any member of Ripoff Report’s Corporate Advocacy Program, please contact us. Remember, just because a company or individual is reported on Ripoff Report does not mean you should not do business with them. Use Ripoff Report information as a tool to your advantage. Be knowledgeable about any company or person you hire. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions and get additional information until you feel comfortable in allowing them to work for you. Be sure to contact us with your questions and comments about any business that is part of the Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program. Your questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome and will be considered even if we don't agree with them. Please realize Ripoff Report is chartering in new territory, working to make a change for both consumers and businesses alike. Consumers can feel safe confident and secure when doing business with Seasons Recovery Centers. Here's why. Read about Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program, and about Seasons Recovery Centers Commitment to Excellence and Consumer Satisfaction. Consumers should feel safe, confident and secure when doing business with a member of Ripoff Report's Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program, yes, a long name for a program that does a lot for both consumers and businesses alike.Written by,..Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program team.. consumers, for consumersPO BOX 310, Tempe, AZ 85280602-359-4357 when selection starts, press 5 ...then, three seconds later press 1... Say who you are!Our mission:Empower consumersDefend the First AmendmentExpose wrongdoingHelp companies regain controlED Magedson: Founder, Ripoff Report Follow Ripoff Report on Twitter Follow me, Ed Magedson, on Twitter Find us on Facebook
Entity: Malibu, California
15, Report #512999
Oct 21 2009
07:41 PM
I to ordered from the LTT gourmet food company they said theyd be back for the 6 weeks evaluation and trade products well i ordered my stuff on the June 30 of 2009 and I to am trying to get some more foods i think is ridiculous that is been this long and still nothing im having to buy meat from the store and am still having to pay for the food that hasnt gotten to me they took some meat and never returned it i want to do something about it but i sont know what i try calling them and nothing some one have any advice please let me know im spending an extra 200 almost 300 on the meat that i dont have
Entity: CHATSWORTH, Nationwide
16, Report #496189
Sep 17 2009
05:19 AM
Servomation, LLC Servomation Food serrvice, Vending, Franchisors, Franchises Canastota, New York
Run way from this company lots of people have lost money in his past company, look at All Season, Service America, Vend 911, 24 Seven, Beacon Whitteny, Intelivend all these guys are related to each other. Mark Bruno, Brian Bruno, Chris Rollins. Save your life time saving and ban these people from growth. they scam artist. You will loos your pants and laife time saving alomst 60+ people have lost 250k each in previous venture.
Entity: Canastota, New York
17, Report #818785
Jan 06 2012
07:47 AM
Thanh Mai LLC Asian Grocery Store Sioux Falls, South Dakota
This a small grocery store and they all way rip off me.  How they do it? Here how: * If you buy multiple items they will charge you more then what you actually bought (let say you buy 12 items, she may check out 14 items if you not looking. Note the receipt doesn't show what they are) * Now if you buy only a few items, she may give you a short change (like $5 short if you not count your change) This happened to me multiple times now, and every time I caught her she just say sorry for her mistake but I know better then that Again because this is a small Vietnamese grocery store and the most of customer are Vietnamese and Mexican we all have hard time with English, so no one speak up, but every small dollar add up a lot even just 10-20 customer a day.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
18, Report #865322
Apr 07 2012
02:47 PM
Star Snacks, Co, LLC Star Snacks..... Something maybe dangerously unhealthy!!!!!! Internet, Internet
I purchased an eight ounce bag of Star Snacks Cashew Pieces. Bag reads they are roasted and salted, no Transfat and All Natural. I took a very small handful, and noticed they were brown pieces that looked unusual. Well that's not the bad part. I began to chew them and my mouth felt strange. I proceeded to swallow them and my throat began to literally burn.I do not have a clue why or what is mixed in the bag. However, I am going contact the health department on this. I am afraid that it could be something that can be potentially harmful. My daughter ate a few and experienced the same burning throat effect. This bag was purchased in Phoenix, AZ at Family Dollar Store at fourteeth and Chandler. The bag has a good thru date of: 02/23/2013.I Googled up the company to locate the phone number and to my amazement, There were 30 Various complaints about this company. Some noting diarreaha symptoms to stomach pain and rooten and spoiled nuts broken glass pieces and bug larvae to name a few.I called Star Snacks and left a detailed message. If I do not hear back, I will go to the news media. This company may be potentially dangerous and carries a possible health risk. I would never have purchased this food product had I known the possible risk.
Entity: Internet, Internet
19, Report #912707
Jul 16 2012
10:09 AM
JOHNSON MARK LLC Top of the food chain JUNK DEBT COLLECTORS Draper, Utah
On May 07, 2012 my doorbell rings. A young man inquired as to my identity.  A quick assessment of the visitor gave me all I needed to know how to answer him.  He was a process server from Bringhurst Process Services.  I am a 100% disabled Vietnam Era Veteran living in a senior's community and I live alone.  I am alone because my wife divorced me from another state in 2008 and remarried. Before abandoning a very nice home we had closed on just 5 months previously, she spent a few months going through the motions necessary to buy a home, such as the myriad of documents that must be filled out and signed.  I have 27 copies of those forms and they are all filled out but not one of them has my signature on it.  The day we closed was the first time I really knew all the details - stupid? Yep!  A man really in love with his wife? Yep! On may 07 of 2012 I also first learned that my name had been signed again, and again, only this time on credit card applications.  Just the information on the summons was enough to tell me that I was about to be sued for the second time by these same bottom feeders known as Johnson Mark LLC.  The first time I jumped through all the hoops, presented proof that whatever signature they had - but never produced on an original application - was not mine.  There's more.  I have lived solely on SSDI since 2008 and I even showed them bank records proving that my only income was one they could not touch and they still pursued it until the day I stood in a court room with a there-to-fore promised roll of toilet paper for all the tears they would shed when I laid Section 207 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 407) on them.  I really didn't think I would hear from them again. That was the last of that case but on May 07 I'm reading Johnson Mark LLC as Attorney's for Plaintiff again.  This time I was certain I not only had them by the short hairs I really rubbed it in as to how surprised I was that they had completely forgotten the toilet paper.  There's more.  This time they completely relocated my residence to Farmington, Davis County, Utah.  I've never lived anywhere close to there.  I waited the requisite 13 days to allow them to file while I compiled a truly great looking legal document to nail them with a violation of 15 U.S.C. ?? 1692-1692p of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  I likely had recourse against the process server as well.   Feeling pretty good that I had unfortunately been a fraud victim but in the process been handed a rare opportunity to stick it to one of top of the line bottom feeders with enough internet complaint pages to keep one busy just reading it all for a day or so including the BBB who has refused them accreditation showing 42 complaints in the last 3 years, all on unfair debt collection practices, I waited to hear from the court with a ruling on my complaint.  I never got a reply of any kind from the court.  I did get a letter from Johnson Mark LLC dated 03 July 2012 that was in fact a 3 in 1 punch all in the same envelope.  Instead of answering to the declared FDCPA violation I got what I really should have expected from criminals all wrapped up neatly in nice suits and shaving the edges of established law from the get-go. Page one, a CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE. Page two,  a REQUEST TO SUBMIT FOR DECISION -  in a Judicial District I have never lived in, or near, and page three, an ORDER FOR CHANGE OF VENUE.  Wow! If you are a low life blood sucker and proud of it you have to be impressed.  All this while Johnson Mark LLC knows who I am, that I am still 100% disabled, still living 100% on my SS income that they cannot touch even one penny of and now I'm spending a lot of the time I'm in my home 24/7/365 dragging a 50 foot oxygen canula around and visited one after another of the many websites eager to hear my story in great detail because I'm done with it, period! The stress, the stress related illness factors, my PTSD classes at the VA are enough to persuade me to let the two of them do their thing!  The two of them being the bottom feeders and this MIDLAND FUNDING LLC outfit who is not the original debtor but part and parcel to this whole scam and owner of a contract I never signed.  They don't even get a roll of toilet paper this time.  They will get a JUDGEMENT against me for defaulting on a contractual agreement I never knew existed and they will run head-long into Section 207 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 407) and I will be right here with long since destroyed credit and a direct deposited once a month small amount of the money fund I've been paying into since I was 15 years old.  Now I am old, living completely alone, and the only bills I have are my utility bills and rent, which when all paid every month I may have from 3 to15 dollars left over, and that is before food or gas for my 13 year old very dependable American made car that is not worth their time to attach. The whole thing all summed up is best said in Latin.  Qui Est, Quid Est (Wiki Latin)  It is what it is.
Entity: Draper, Utah
20, Report #961806
Oct 29 2012
07:24 PM
Logisticare Solutions LLC not pay for food reimbursement, Internet
I was supposed to get a food reimbursement of $6.00 per meal with using 44 meals which totals $264.00.  They recieved the reciepts, which they acknowledged to me, which they now say they never recievedcd these reciepts.  Being on SSDI, every penny counts.  They are defrauding me. 
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #1097035
Nov 05 2013
08:47 AM
Swiss Colony LLC Rotten Company. Treat Employees Like Dirt. Monroe Wisconsin
 Do not buy anything at all from Swiss Colony.  They treat there employees like dirt. Low Pay, little if any benefits. The company is money hungry and could care less about their employees who earn the company all that money.  Buy elsewhere, there are plenty of places even in your own town that you can buy the same products from and make your own gift baskets, etc.   I do not recommend Swiss Colony at all.  
Entity: Monroe, Wisconsin
22, Report #1252025
Aug 31 2015
12:55 PM
Butcher's Cut LLC Great Business West Valley City Utah
This report is nothing to do with our company here in Utah....we are not from Mississippi or not affiliated with any companies from Mississippi.  If you have a receipt from our company here in Utah you can contact me immediately for a full refund ...My office number is (801) 935-4183 ....WE carry only USDA Choice foods and i find it very hard to believe the product was that bad.  We are in the food business and unfortunately we can please everyone .....even the finest resteraunts in the world have complaints from time to time....that is why we have the guarantee....WE work very hard to keep awesome products and a great company name out our two years in business in the Salt Lake City area we have sold over 100,000 boxes and have only one true legitimate complaint on please if you are unhappy please contact us immediately with your reciept for full refund ...THANK YOU 
Entity: West Valley City , Utah
23, Report #1321393
Aug 08 2016
04:30 PM
River Valley Meats LLC Majorly bad meat, do not purchase Davenport Iowa
Very same process as the previous person's information. This guy came to my door, had a big truck with a freezer and sold me nearly $400 worth of frozen meat. He had all kinds of stories about camping and how his friends loved him because he brought this meat. He also stated that if I had ANY issues with the meat, to call him back and he'd give me a full refund. We had 2-3 of the pieces of meat and we thought it was awful. We don't know if it is injected with something or what, but it is not like any Iowa meat we've ever tasted. We call it mystery meat as the flavor is just unbelievable as cow's meat. Could be anything. We did call, and they said that it tasted like that becuase we didn't get the upgrade and various other excuses. They refused to give us our money back. We also called again about a month later, and the phone # was disconnected. Expensive lesson learned. 
Entity: Davenport, Iowa
24, Report #1363241
Mar 22 2017
06:28 AM
SBD Enterprises, LLC South Beach Diet Discussing food autoship scam Fort Washington Pennsylvania
 Biggest waste of money ever. The food was truly disgusting. The food is very low quality, with bits and pieces of stems and other unrecognizable things, They do not guarantee their product - you don't like it that's your problem and you're out the $300. And their week free with sign up includes signing you up for their auto delivery. Unless you read the fine print, you are totally unaware of what you are really signing up for. My husband ordered over the phone and the rep actually told him cancel whenever you want without disclosing the $125 penalty. Canceling your order after the first delivery will cost you $125 unless you order $200 more of their nasty disgusting food. Summary: GROSS LOW QUALITY FOOD. No refunds, no guarantees. Automatically signed up for FORCED AUTO DELIVERY which costs $125-$200 to cancel.
Entity: Fort Washington , Pennsylvania
25, Report #1415809
Dec 08 2017
01:36 PM
el Mercado latino LLC Mexican grocery store and restaurant dont ever shop here for food! their services stink! Branson Missouri
I was a good customer here! At this Mexican store! That's right across from me!- where I live to go shopping for food! Until yesterday!- when all of a sudden the cashier man who works there got a stink attitude with me once I asked for a receipt!- that he failed to give me this time! When he should have given me in the first place! like before!- and slammed the items I paid for on the counter! As if it was my fault!- he forgot to give it to me!- it was so unprofessional!- on his part! And by the way all his I ems are overpriced!!! Anyway! Its ridiculous! And he angrily gave me the receipt and rolled his eyes at me when he walked away! And I still said thank u! But he was wrong for that! And rude! So I'll never go back there!- ever again!!! His bad attitude lost a good customer!- that's his loss!- not mine! Don't shop here! Its not worth it!!!!
Entity: Branson, Missouri

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