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1, Report #608894
May 31 2010
11:46 AM
Metro Grocery Food Stores Bad food and Bad Service Toronto Ontario
Metro Grocery Bad Food and Bad Service at Metro Food Stores, Toronto. Canada. Metro Grocery Food Stores is selling food that is spoilt! Customers should beware of buying any items, that are on sale, at any Metro food stores. The reason? More than likely it is spoilt. That has been my experience personally, on more than one occassion. Beware of buying any wet food items, such as ice cream or salad dressing etc. They are never fresh. Metro's Food Stores Slogan, Food at its best, is also, at best misleading. Besides having some very bad customer service, their food is also bad. Have you ever asked yourself, why this item is on sale, in the first place?Now you know why. Items on sale at this supermarket, should also be checked for the expiration date and also the freshness of its products. Do not rely on the Metro Food Stores, to be honest and upfront, about the freshness of its food items on sale. You will learn the hard way, like I did.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
2, Report #142780
May 15 2005
09:48 AM
Tom Thumb Food & Pharmacy ripoff Tempe Arizona
Tom Thumb offers a six cent a gallon discount on its brand of gasoline when customers purchase over a certain amount of groceries. I have received a six cent discount receipt several times only to use it and find out I only got a three cent per gallon discount. Granted, this does not amount to a significant chunk of change for an individual, it could add up to a pretty large amount on a collective customer basis. I am appalled that Tom Thumb engages in such deceptive practices, particularly since there is a relativly strong degree of consumer sensitivity about gasoline prices these days. If it only happened once to me, I would consider it an anamoly but it is repeated. Why just not offer it if you are going to lie about it, I say? Billy Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Tempe, Arizona
3, Report #211401
Sep 17 2006
06:37 AM
Nicole's Food Store ripoff Salem Massachusetts
The owner of the store refused to take food stamps after 9 pm. The store is posted not to close till 11 pm. Jim Salem, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Salem, Massachusetts
4, Report #549954
Jan 05 2010
08:57 PM
Albertsons Food Stores Scanner Ripoff - 2nd time! Tustin, California
I purchased the pork chops (thin cut) which were on sale this week and assumed (wrongly) that the sale price would ring up.  When I checked my receipt outside the store I realized it hadn't.  I went back inside and the clerk/manager said whoops, the guy who fixes the prices didn't come in so some of the incorrect prices are ringing up wrong.  I got the difference, but how many other customers believed Albertson's was going to be accurate in their pricing and got ripped off. And for only the guy to fix the prices?  Who are they kidding?  Is this just a ploy to get some extra income for the store or is it sloppy programming on their part.  How many other stores had the same problem?  Was this an issue statewide? This is the second time in several months that I caught Albertson's being sloppy in their pricing and ripping people off.  It's never so much that it's worth a trip back to the store and I'm sure the management is happy with that.  And they definitely don't offer to give you the item free anymore (or a big discount for catching their errors).  There are probably so many of them, they'd go broke. Shame Albertsons!  I guess I'm going back to Vons where I don't have this sort of problem (and the prices are cheaper).
Entity: Tustin, California
5, Report #900977
Jun 21 2012
02:02 PM
Dash In Food Stores Reduction in size, for the same price many, Maryland
The Dash In Food Stores have been advertising that all cold and frozen drinks are the same price, which is 99 cents. They offered cups up to 44 oz, which was a good deal They have now replaced the cups, with the largest one being 30 oz for the same price. They must think that the customers are stupid
Entity: many, Maryland
6, Report #1032472
Apr 29 2001
12:00 AM
Safeway Food Stores screws their suppliers & their customers
I have supplied Safeway Food Stores for many years in many cities. I have bent over backwards for them. I was told by the store managers my company is the most reliable supplier and the most generous to Safeway than it's competitors. I have credited them more than they should have. After breaking my back, taking losses I should not have, but in the name of being a good business person, I did and they gave me a royal screwing. All I can say is, this is the most ruthless, lying, conniving bunch of bastards I have ever done business with. Payoffs from competitive vendors is common and instigated by the company executives. It is not beyond Safeway corporate buyers to allude to such. It's those suttle hints. I have made large investments on their word. They have devastated me. This company is as corrupt as they come. Service to the customer, bull crap according to my girlfriend who also worked them for more than five years. WE just read some of the other reports on this web site regarding Safeway. There is so much more to tell. The rip-off report on repackaging of out dated fish, that's the same procedure on most of the other products that have dates on them unless a vendor comes to take the old product which is a guaranteed sale to the grocery store. People should boycott Safeway. Let them know you know what they have been doing. See the other rip-off reports on this web site. Click on search the ripoff reports, search for Safeway. Your web site is the best! Paul T.
Entity: Colorado
7, Report #1192055
Nov 29 2014
07:45 PM
Fry's food stores selling horrible turkey dinners. surprise Arizona
When my wife decided she didn't want to cook dinner this year, I agreed to a store bought meal from Fry's food stores. We have always trusted them and have always gotten good service from them. Was I ever surprised! The turkey was dry as a bone, the stuffing was bitter and salty but otherwise tasteless, they gave us a green bean casserole from a package that I can't believe anyone would buy let alone serve to thier family, the gravy was the same as the stuffung, bitter,salty and tasteless. The only thing they didn't screw up was the mashed potatoes but there was only enough for two people, not four and since the gravy was so bad what good were the potatoes? And to top it all off they gave us Hawiian sweet bread rolls instead of dinner rolls. This was truly the worst thanksgiving meal I have ever had. We just dumped the rest of it into the trash, including the remaining turkey. Don't waste your hard earned money. Make your own or go to a reputable establishment and pay for it.  
Entity: surprise, Arizona
8, Report #376570
Sep 27 2008
03:31 PM
Food Depot rip off, false advertisement Covington Georgia
I watched the commercial shown by Food Depot about how they save you money on grocercies. Well I just shopped at their store today and what they don't tell the consumer is that they have to pay the store 10% of what ever their total is, and that's for shopping in their store. I went back in the store today, because I wanted to know what the 10% was for. One young lady thought it was a discount, you know, the way Kroger gives it customers. I explained to her that I did not receive the ten percent I paid ten percent. She went to another young lady who explained that I paid 10% of my total cost for shopping in their store. Although, my total was $52.40, plus tax 1 and tax 2, I paid them $5.24 to shop in their store. Where's the savings? Had I spent $599.00 in their store I would have to not only pay tax 1 and tax 2, I would have to pay them $59.90 just to shop in their store. Rip Off, that's what it is! Had I known that was what they were doing I would have shopped at Kroger's like I always do. Sandra Covington, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Covington, Georgia
9, Report #928798
Aug 17 2012
03:44 PM
Food Lion Grocery Store Promtional Sale Internet
Grocery stores often have promotional sales.  Many time their sales register is not programmed to the sale price.  If a customer finds a mistake then a store like Kroger will give you that item for free.  I had reported this type of mistake to Food Lion manager many times over the last few months.  All they do is give you the difference.  So the system is always in their favor and the customer is always ripped off.  Unless the store has a policy like Kroger, they are always at an advantage and keep ripping off the customers.  The system Kroger has gives an incentive for the business (store) to fix the problem. 
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #1095265
Oct 28 2013
06:29 PM
Food basics Opportunist cheats London Ontario
This store has consistently been using false advertising in the store. it marks down prices on the racks, but you end up paying full price at the cash register on several items. if you are watchful and  point out, they give you one  item free. most customers are innocent and do not check their receipt. The cash display at he checkout is not clearly visible. it happened to me thrice. on my complaint the store manager tried to bribe me with a $ 10 gift card.  The head office supported the store and will not give an assurance that such false advertising in store will stop. It earns millions for the food chain unethically.   watch out folks ! food basics store in oxbury mall london ont is ripping your walket silently. shameful!
Entity: London, Ontario
11, Report #1295207
Mar 22 2016
10:15 AM
Cozy Food Mart onwer Lansing Michigan
I made contract with credit compnay last years in july 2015, i didn't know i was singing the contract with Lease finance Group Lcc and they didn't told me i was singing any other contract with then. but i start paying them now i find other I tried to cancle it but they told me it is four years lease i have to pay more then $4000 to cancle and and i have to pay for mechine too. 
Entity: Lansing, Michigan
12, Report #1327017
Sep 08 2016
10:12 AM
Food Service Warehouse Bankrupcy Scam Kansas Internet
Placed my order with Food Service Warehouse on July 28th 2016 at which time they charged my credit card, which I thought was odd at the time since usually charges are made once items have shipped. It has now been over one month and despite my trying to contact them via email and phone, I have recieved no items or response.  I have now found out that they are bankrupt and belive that this is all a scam to get money up front!  Website now states that it is Under Construction and  that there warehouse is experiencing delays in existing orders.  This is totally rediculous...Scammed!
Entity: Internet
13, Report #161405
Oct 19 2005
11:40 PM
Hucks Food Stores No employee Break times Not paying for overtime no rest times to eat West Frankfort Illinois
I work for Martin and Bailey aka Hucks Food Chain. I am a full time 40 hour a week employee. I am all alone in the store at night. They do not give the employees a chance to eat have a break or use the restroom. We have to do all this around the customers. I have worked up to 50 hours a week and never was paid overtime. We are not allowed to recieve a phone call. This is not right that we have to deprive ourselves and not eat or use the restrooms because the store is so busy that the customers come first and nobody is around to relieve you for a break. I think this is not at all!!! Please can you do something???THANKS Ruth west frankfort, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: West Frankfort, Illinois
14, Report #27612
Aug 21 2002
09:29 PM
Safeway Food & Drug Stores Consumer Rip-Off price gouging certain areas of Eugene Oregon have higher prices than others discrimination Eugene Oregon
I was recently shocked to find that the Safeway at 40th & Donald in Eugene, Oregon, has higher pricing than the Safeway store only a few blocks away. This is price gouging and discrimination. This area of town is not some high rent district. All areas of Eugene are economically mixed including single families, multi-living situations, low income housing, retired seniors, rentals, and student housing. How can Safeway justify charging higher prices within certain areas of the same town? There are other food store choices! MLB Eugene, Oregon
Entity: Eugene, Oregon
15, Report #57504
May 19 2003
09:51 AM
Main St. Food, Liquor & Deli ripoff Monee Illinois
The store that I am reporting is in the practice of purchasing large quantities of day old bread from a wonderbread outlet store for a very small price and then reselling it at his store for $2.52 a loaf. I would like to know if this illegal and if so what can I do about it? Jeanne Monee, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Monee, Illinois
16, Report #120506
Nov 30 2004
03:22 PM
Better Food Market, Richmond District DEBIT CARD RIPOFF San Francisco California
I purchased a pack of cigarettes at Better Food Market (@ 3149 Balboa St.) with my Visa debit card. The merchant asked me to enter my pin # and then said, Oops, I charged you $81.22 I asked him to cancel it and he said he would, but he has not as of this date. I went back to the store later and asked him to write void on the receipts and sign them both (in which he did). I told him I couldn't afford his $162.44 mistake and I needed to pay my rent. He swore he'd fix it, but lied. I looked at my bank statement on 11/30/04 and saw that this merchant not only overcharged me once, but twice. The first time, he charged me $81.22 as a DEBIT sale, and the other was put through as a CREDIT CARD sale. I spoke with the owner who said his name was Michael. He told me he doesn't know what I'm talking about and therefore refuses to refund my money. I filed a claim with Wells Fargo and I'm waiting to hear back from them. I hope that the receipts that he wrote Void on will prove that I didn't authorize those charges. Carol San Francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Francisco, California
17, Report #16722
Mar 13 2002
12:00 AM
HY-VEE FOOD STORE ripoff spoiled outdated food, Moline Illinois
On three separate occasions I have had quality problems with the meat department at this store. Twice the date was good on chicken pieces,but on opening, the meat was well on its way to being spoiled. The third time the date was purposely concealed under a stick-on tag displaying the price and weight of a fresh turkey. Sure enough,upon opening the wrapper, it too was spoiled. I was refunded all three times, but these products should have been been discarded,not sold. .....Wonder if they'll miss my patronage. Paul Moline, Illinois
Entity: MOLINE, Illinois
18, Report #211369
Sep 16 2006
07:44 PM
Nicole's Food Store ripping off customers thru extremely high prices, selling outdated products Salem Massachusetts
the store rips off people by selling products that are over priced, some of the food items are rotting yet the store owner refuses to pull them off the shelves, quite a bit of the products that the owner is selling is outdated, the owner is rude to customers, nor does he speak fluent English, the store closes much earlier in the evening than posted when the employees are working their shifts. Jim Salem, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Salem, Massachusetts
19, Report #186123
Apr 11 2006
03:39 PM
Food Maxx ripoff Fraudulent Response to Workmen's Compensation Claim Modesto California
2 weeks ago, My Brother was working at Food Maxx and was assigned to bringing carts in from the parking lot. He was struck by a car driven by an Elder African American woman. Several people witnessed this incident which include a couple co-workers. When he reported this to management, they asked if he was ok and he said he's soaking wet and his left leg was hurting from the hit. They told him go back to work. When he called the police, they told him to go get checked out at a hospital. He told this to management and they responded with you're still on probation and if you leave, then it will affect your employment here. He said i'm leaving whether I quit or not. Bottom line is, they didn't care if he could have been severly injured, they just didn't want a claim against them. They are the fraud. Not him. Anybody filling out an application with them, just watch out. Zia Modesto, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Modesto, California
20, Report #301705
Jan 19 2008
08:14 PM
Bashas' Food And Drug Poor Quality in Goods and Poor Service Tempe Arizona
Even after being dissatisfied by this store multiple times, I returned to be disappointed again. First off, there is never anyone walking around the store to assist you with questions, second, I bought fresh bread from the Bakery, returned home to find that green mold specks were on my 'fresh' loaf. Naturally I went back for a return with receipt in hand and was denied at customer service by a manager. Third, I had bought a two liter bottle of Sprite for a BBQ; I opened it and it was FLAT! The only reason I went to this store more than once is that it is a block from my Home, but I vow never to return. I would not give this store even one Star of five. DO NOT SHOP HERE. BASHAS' FOOD AND DRUG 3115 S. McCLINTOCK DRIVE. next to McClintock H.S. Reid from az Tempe, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Tempe, Arizona
21, Report #1018428
Feb 21 2013
11:38 PM
Harps Food Store alienating hateful deceitful Fayetteville, Arkansas
Managers go out of there way to show disrespect hate alienating always ready to get rid of customers hiding behind there cameras spying on everybody not out of security concerns just hate discontent they'll put a false front on there faces and then stab you in the back with there two face lies beware of working at this store they'll say what you want to hear 
Entity: Fayetteville, Arkansas
22, Report #1193731
Dec 07 2014
07:26 PM
Albertsons Food Market The Not So Fresh Market Fort Worth Texas
 I've worked for Albertsons for a number of years and have been in multiple locations, but the last one was at the Albertsons on Beach and Western Center in Fort Worth, Texas. I feel that the public needs to know that they need to be very careful in their selection of meats at this location. Always check the dates of the meat you are selecting. Fresh meat is given 4 days shelf life. On the 3rd day, the meat should be marked down for a quick sale. That's not always the case, though. If you see a product that is dark or looks old and it has more than 1 day left, it's been rewrapped and given longer shelf life. That is not only against policy, but hazardous to your health. Take the Fresh Butcher Block, for instance. The products in the case should be displayed for one day, then swapped out for fresh meats and wrapped up, given three days shelf life for you to purchase. Again, that's rarely the case. The meats may sit in the case for three days before they are so dark and dried out they are unappealin, but bet your booty they will be wrapped and put in the counter with more than a day and won't be marked down for another day. And the hamburger, I wouldnt recommend you purchase it until late in the afternoon, after the mornings grind has been picked over. I have seen meat that was so off color, almost green it's so gray, that is thrown in to be ground with fresh tube grind. If it's processed several times, you won't even be able to tell (until you smell it when you go to use it). If you absolutely must have it early in the day, I recommend freezing the hamburger immediately when you get home unless you are going to cook it right away (don't refrigerate overnight). A good thing to do is pick out a good roast and ask the cutter on duty to grind it for you. You will pay the price on the package and lose a small portion left in the grinder, but you will know it was ground fresh. i read a complaint elsewhere about customers asking to have hams sliced upon request on a dirty saw. I have to second that. Beef, pork and chicken may be cut on the saw throughout the day without ever being cleaned and sanitized in between cuts, and now, you want a ready to eat product cut on the same saw? Or maybe you just bought a really nice ribeye steak, but when you cooked it, it had the slightest taste of ham... I wonder why. Another complaint was about the counter being at or above 70 degrees and the product wasn't pulled from the shelf. First, there is no routine maintenance done on any equipment in any Albertsons. Repairs and maintenance are on an as needed basis. And the product, if it still looks good, you guessed it, give it another three or four days. Please help out your community by bringing it to managements attention if the meat in the counter is questionable. Ask questions. Call the local media with your concerns and have the store investigated (but don't alert management before doing so or corrections may be made temporarily until the threat blows over).
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
23, Report #1052788
May 21 2013
06:37 PM
Food 4 Less Ripped Off a Loyal Customer and Family Las Vegas Nevada
 Had $240.00 in non-perishable items (sealed powder Formula) to be returned/exchanged for goods. Had my receipt and had called earlier in the morning to confirm could make the return/exchange. Had 2 carts worth of groceries ready to be purchased, with the intent of paying the difference with cash. Management said the return/exchange was too large an amount. Asked if could break down into 2 returns at 2 separate days, management said no. Reminded him we had 2 carts full of groceries to be used for return/exchange and had him inspect the non-perishable items (still sealed Formula), that again, had receipt for and had previously phoned in for explicit permission. Why this store denied me, my spouse, and my one year old son the items we needed is beyond me.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
24, Report #1284210
Feb 02 2016
06:06 AM
The Raw Food World They received my money, but did not ship the order Internet
They accepted and confirmed my order and my payment on Jan 10th, 2016. By Jan 31 I had not received the shipment and I had not received any tracking number. I sent them a reminder by email; they said it had not even been shipped yet. They said they were sorry and will get back to you tomorrow regarding this! Either with a tracking number or a solution to the problem!I did not receive any update from them since and now is Feb 2nd.It was not my first order from them. I ordered from them several times in the past and I was satisfied with their work.The same review on Facebook: 
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1377187
Jun 05 2017
09:16 AM
Crown Food Carts Dont give them your money. Allen Town Pennsylvania
Do not order from this company. I ordered online a 4 compartment sink beginning of May they took my money but I have not been able to speak to a person by phone or  internet since I ordered after leaving many messages by both. I dont know if or when I will get my order they have taken 875 dollars from my account. They also have a F rating with the BBB. Look somewhere else this company is a joke.
Entity: Allen Town, Pennsylvania

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