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1, Report #1402384
Sep 26 2017
06:51 AM
Fortune Teller Ph Madam Anna / Anna Miller Scammed me with 10,000USD making me believe that she can bring back my ex boyfriend who was cursed by another woman through her psychic abilities Makati Metro Manila
I met this woman when I was eating dinner at Ogawa Fort with a friend when she suddenly approached me. She told me that someone from my past is going back into my life. HOWEVER, this guy has an unfinished business with another woman since she'll be having his baby. She told me everything about my life even things that even my friends nor family knows. (She was really good). So I was really amazed of her psychic abilities. She told me to further rule out what's really going on, she suggested that I avail of her Tarot service upfront the resto. She charged me Php5,000 for that. It was nothing for me in the beginning since I believed thay she's really good since she elaborated in details what's really going on with my life. Then, to sum it all up. She told me that this woman did some witch craft to my ex boyfriend to keep him and that the baby inside her was evil. So we had to do something about it to break the curse. She asked me to bring things to start with, like Roses,threads,item that my ex gave me to begin with. So I complied. I went to her then so-called office at The Luxe Residences BGC to give her the items. Then she told me everything that has to be done and that she'll need USD9,438 for that. To my shock, I was really surprised why the huge amount of money. Anyway, I was really desperate to win my ex back and to break the curse as what she said. I did my best to come up with the money and even paid in installment. She told me that once paid in full, my ex will come home in 3 days and he should be contacting me by then. It's been 3 months already still no signs of my ex and also she's been telling me things that will happen and never really happened. She tells me he'll contact me in an hour,after 10days then soon. But it never really happened. In short, she just ripped off Php480,000 from me. That's it. If you happen to come across a Hispanic looking woman around her mid to late 50s that's her.
2, Report #1297245
Apr 01 2016
01:23 PM
Anna Stern never removed negative energy Dallas Internet
She claimed to remove negative energies that blocked me from getting a proper job, sine for years I have hard time getting one and she claimed to remove the negative energies that blocked me from getting a relationship since all of mine has fallen apart. She took up thousands of dollars from me and never answered me when I have asked for it back. Watch out for her. 
Entity: Internet
3, Report #313267
Feb 29 2008
09:03 AM
Madam Zola Took advantage of desperation. Assured result in 10 days Los Angelas California
This woman offers results in ten days of your casting @ $600.00. She then reqest an addtional cost of $2000.00 to increase energy for this spell to really work. She had a nasty attitude when I called her and told her I want a portion of my money she stated I didn't srew the spell you did.So beware of this woman. Don't be trick or fooled as I was. Anonymous Taylor, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
4, Report #468869
Jul 12 2009
05:41 PM
Liveperson-Melodie, Madam Rosa, Liveperson & Keen, a nightmare for psychic addicts, A Modern Day con artist operation Internet is a scam artist operation. I had a similar bad experience with a reader named Melodie and Psychic Madam Rosa. I called customer service to complain about Melodie afew days ago, they told me to leave a rating so others could see, I left her a 1 star due to her judgemental nature, nasty email (HOW DARE I get 2 readings in 1 day after I have a reading with her? I sent her a email because both readings were very different, the other was from, I was looking for clarification because I was confused. So, I went back later in the day, and was surprised to see my rating for Melodie removed after about 8 hours, I guess if its not 5 stars, they take it off. I called customer service to ask why it was removed, they put me on hold for a long time, and found NO EVIDENCE of it being removed, and couldnt figure out what happened, they will investigate this matter and get back to me. WHAT A JOKE. Psychic Madam Rosa sent me a nasty email for leaving her a star, telling me I was in for a horrible life, I have bad Karma, and dared me to call her back...what a crackpot, my mistake for not blocking her, I didnt say anything negative about her, just that her reading was different from what others have told me. and only provide a platform to people to run a business, they skim a large portion off the top, that is why they give poor customer service, they really dont do anything and make money off of these people who prey on peoples emotions, an weak moments in life. Liveperson has a history of not paying its readers if you do the research on the web. DONT CALL LIVEPERSON.COM, OR KEEN.COM>>>> It's just a new modern scam operation, Keen is well know as a mutit million dollars business, because so many people get sucked in. There is a pyschic addiction group on the web if you need help. 33 days ago by be_safer 0 Votes LivePerson will protect anyone who makes them money. They don't care if the so-called expert is bilking people for thousands of dollars for nothing more than lies and nonsense. They don't verify or screen experts, and they are notorious for turning a blind eye to shady behavior. They take a very hefty portion of expert earnings (close to 50%), so they're just laughing all the way to the bank. Anonymous NortheastU.S.A.
5, Report #136839
Mar 29 2005
08:19 PM
Anna Miller ripoff report-So Called Psychic called Anna Miller is Ripping People Off in Portland Oregon
I was driving down Powell one day and noticed a sign that read Psychic Readings. I was curious so I pulled over. The building was vacant, but a sign stated that they had moved and a phone number was provided. I figured that it was safe since it was a business in a busy commercial area. Getting ripped off didn't even cross my mind. Needless to say, I called the number and got a hold of the psychic who said her name was Anna Miller. She told me she had a degree in Psychology and she had spoken at numerous conventions around the US. Of course, she made herself sound very professional and legitimate. I went to see her at her new location which was at her house near Stark and 88th. I payed for a reading for $40, which seemed to go well. It all seemed very accurate and I was impressed. She then told me that she could further help me with my problem for $85 if I provided her with my birthday and birthplace, as well as my boyfriends birthday and place and his mothers maiden name. I thought for a second that this seemed odd, but she was a very good scam artist and somehow I felt assured. So, stupid as it sounds, I provided her with the info and gave her $85. She gave me a bag of some herbal bath salt and instructed me to take a bath later that evening. She claimed that through meditation, she would use me as a transistor in order to get through to my boyfriend while I was taking my bath. She said she would be in contact with me the next day and work closely with me for the next 2 to 3 weeks. It was an extended session. So I did as she said, but she didn't call the next day. I waited 3 days, still no call. So I left her a message and eventually she called back and made an appointment to meet. Then she stood me up. I called again. She made another appointment, and once again, stood me up. We played phone tag back and forth, still nothing was ever accomplished. That was two months ago. I basically paid $85 for a bag of colored salt. Last week on the news, a saw a police sketch of her with a story about how a psychic had ripped of a hispanic woman for $20,000. I tried to call the police, but the dispatcher wasn't familiar with the story and told me to contact the news department. I contacted KPTV, but they failed to call me back. I know that I was ripped off for a small amount, but it's a shame to know that this woman is out there ripping off innocent people for sums of $20,000. I don't know why no one will help me. Yesterday, I phoned her one last time and left a message stating that I didn't want any conflict and requested a refund for my $85. I hope to receive it within the next 2 weeks (doubtful, yes, but I'm remaining optomistic.) If I don't receive it within 2 weeks, I plan on contacting the police and the Better Business Bureau or possibly ordering the RipOff Revenge book. If anyone out there meets a hispanic-looking, hispanic-sounding psychic who claims to be Irish-Italian, watch out. You will most likely be ripped off. Shayla Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
6, Report #297781
Jan 07 2008
01:02 PM
Sara Freder Psychic, Fortune Teller, Astrologers RAMBOUILLET Cedex FRANCE Internet
Sara Freder is a scam, plain and simple. I was online just looking around when i saw Sara Freder's advertisment for a free horoscope If you have a serious, perhaps urgent problem to resolve, whether it be concerning money, bad luck, love or any other large or small grievance, to help you, I am offering to give you a free clairvoyance and to reveal your lucky numbers, all free of charge. So i tried it. The response i recieved back said I was looking for someone to whom I could transmit these Secrets of Happiness, Luck and money, and my Gifts of Clairvoyance because, you understand, I cannot allow these to go to just anyone. She made me believe that i was the person that met the strict critera to recieve these special gifts. She even wrote me personal emails telling me she was a devoted friend and she wanted to help me. She offered specific dates and specific situations when i would recieve large amounts of money: 1- Your first positive day is on Sunday, October 21, 2007. Yes, on that very date I foresee an unexpected income. This relatively large amount of money will help you deal with a fair share of your financial problems. 2- Your second positive day is Thursday, October 25, 2007, be prepared for some good news concerning your personal life. I envision the return of a person who is very important to you, old friends finding each other again after months of separation. Friends will give you a hand in your problems and enliven your spirit. 3- Your third lucky day, Tuesday, October 30, 2007, foretells a very nice gambling pot. I clearly see the number 7 followed by many other numbers. This second unexpected income will be so sizeable it will let you start new projects and see your future from a different angle. Your spirit will literally swell. On the same week, you will make a very interesting acquaintance that will guide you towards a number of considerable financial successes. 4- On Tuesday, November 06, 2007, I foresee you thinking about a beautiful trip. I see you accompanied by people you love and who love you back. I see the sun, the sea, and you in the best of shape. 5- Later still, yet another, the third, unexpected income, on Friday, November 16, 2007. This time, it's going to be a much bigger amount. I cannot see very clearly but it may turn out to be an inheritance or a deed. This sudden downpour of money will finally have you standing on your own grounds. 6- In the weeks ahead, there is a great event coming up involving your friends and your feelings (I guess you've been waiting a long time for this!). It is on those days that you will make an interesting acquaintance that may very well lead to something important for you - if you act sensibly. You will finally get to accomplish a project that has been aching your heart for many long years. 7- I foresee an extremely positive event about to happen in your life. At the time I am writing these lines, I still don't know what this is about - you will know more when you read the Confidential In-Depth Study of Your FORTUNE (which I am preparing for you as we speak) - but I can tell you it's going to be an extremely pleasant experience... Needless to say i gave up on contemplating the offer and i gave in. I dont have a credit card so a friend said i could pay her and use her debt card. Well obviously none of those things happend and the only thing i had got back from my payment was an email full of bullshit. Still she proceeds to offer me these great chances. Telling me that shes devoted on helping me get money and happiness in my life. So i wrote back to one of her offers because she told me i would be some how be inheriting a very large some of money, I asked well if you are positive that i will be getting this money and you are such a devoted friend, then why cant we preform the necessary steps to me getting this money and i will pay you when i recieve that money? Her email back just said she would lower the payment, and because she was so devoted to my happiness, she would give me a great deal. I have a folder full of emails being sent back and forth between us for the last few months. DON'T BE FOOLED BY HER, SHE'S JUST LIKE THE REST OF US, MONEY GRUBBING AND LAZY!!! Sarah norwood, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #51406
Apr 02 2003
05:51 PM
Senora Diaz - AKA COPERNIC ripoff-SCAM FORTUNE TELLER consumer rip-off fraud ripoff fraud business Switzerland
Received A letter in the mail saying that I had positively won a prize of $7,000.00. All I had to do was return the Irrevocable Prize Certificate along with a check for $24.99. However, in microscopic print on the inside of the envelope was a notice that this was really a contest and there were so many legal sounding release clauses that released everyone except Adam and Eve from any legal recourse. There was no phone number of anyone to contact, no web address, plus they are supposedly not even in this country. You would have to be really gullible to fall for crap like this. My next stop is to turn this over to the postal authorities. Tom Davie, FloridaU.S.A.
8, Report #8138
Nov 26 2001
12:00 AM
About 2 months ago I get this call from AT&T saying I owed them $500 for Miss Cleo Calls that I never made. First of all let me tell you that I don't even have AT&T as my long distance carrier and the time they claim these calls were made from my phone I had a block on my phone so How in the world could I have even made these calls. In fact this was the first I had even heard about these charges. When their representative tried to confirm my address, they even had the wrong address listed for me in their records. I NEVER made these calls however, I am getting harrassed every day to pay a bill I did not make. Their rep even suggested that I just pay it and deal with it later. I am like would you pay for charges you never made. I don't know what to do. I am afraid my healing credit rating is going to be damaged by this. Has this ever happened to anyone and if so what can I do to get these charges reversed. I NEVER made these calls. They claim these calls were made from my line. What can I do? HELP!
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #845521
Feb 27 2012
04:18 PM
maria duval A K A Destiny Research Center RIPOFF FORTUNE TELLER Sparks, Nevada
It's well known, the phrase>Money is the root of all evil! So should ripping people off with evil lies! DESTINY RESEARCH CENTER is classified in that category!  Selling lies with trinkets,she calls TALISMANS worth 25cents N selling'em for 500% profit!     Telling people lies about, the good luck they will bring people with the ASTRAL VIVRATIONS they will read at her DESTINY RESEARCH CENTER w/MARIA DUVAL as c/o! Which all turns out to be a lie!   All this is taking advantage of the elderly, the poor and the needy! Sometimes taking other people by surprise too! Laughing all the way to the bank!      This should be  no laughing matter to anyone! It's in all probability a million dollar operation! Because she tells people to make the check, or money order in one of two ways, in her name or in the Co. name or cash! I hope someone looks into this!     I don't know about you, but to me, this seems fraudulent! Not talking about paying TAXES either! Fraud, in the hard times we are going through,and always,should be seen like an enemy in times of war, in any country!  P S Also asking for a picture of the person or hair is kind of too personal! Especially in these times we're  living in,with D N A present, and the picture could be used in other ways!
Entity: Sparks,, Nevada
10, Report #942215
Sep 17 2012
03:38 AM
Philip Cottrell Spain Property Lawyer Physic Fortune Teller London, Internet
Philip Cottrell has been giving physic readings to hundreds of people in Pamplona. He is not a physic but makes out to everyone that he is is. Nothing that he predicted for  me has come true and therefore I want others to know not to use him. He is a complete waste of time and space. He doesnt charge for his services but he filled me full of hope and let me down badly. Dont use him for your physic requirements...he doesnt have a clue.
Entity: London, Internet
11, Report #10732
Jan 05 2002
12:00 AM
Raylene Van Worth. Worthless, Worthless Psychic Fortune Teller Rip-off
Hi Everyone, I just received a letter from ms. Raylene and it was soooo funny to me. I can't believe there is people out there who falls for this kind of crap. Just use a little brains people. If she was psychic she would have millions...and be in a hugh house....and never want for a thing..She wouldn't care less about helping anyone but herself. People need to get a grip and realize that there is only one god, and he didn't put raylene in charge of anything.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1150102
May 28 2014
07:23 PM
Candice Scott Handy Cookiue Indian fortune teller scam Las Vegas Nevada
 i was walking around the city the other day. then there was this indian man approached me and said you've got a lucky face. He then said i was lucky and said he was a fortune teller. seeing that i was a girl, he obviously asked for the name of my love. Then he wrote something down on a piece of paper, crumbled it up and handed it over to me. He then asked a series of questions and later on asked what was the name of my boyfriend or so. And what do you know, he asked me to open the crumbled up paper and open it, the name of my bf was written there! he claimed that he could read my mind.Anyway, to the important part. he then showed me a few pictures of children, and claimed that they were children belong to his charity called 'happy heart' or something similar. he asked me to donate some money for them. he said most people donate 200, 300 or 400. I said i don't have any money in my wallet. He said he'd walk me to the ATM so i could withdraw money and donate. I handed him $20 and said that is all i have. He asked if i wanted to purchase a gift on my credit card if i have no cash in me. I was slightly annoyed and said no. so he walked away, saying he'd wish me good luck anyway.going home, the story kept on bugging me so i do some google on the internet and found out about this fortune teller/ psychic scam that happened pretty often. so beware people (specially young people / girls!!!) wandering around melbourne city metro area, there are indian fortune teller/psychic scam walking around trying to prey on your unawareness of this trick and try to get your money. I know especially for girls we're all attracted to the psychic mind reading or fortune teller wondering about things such as study, career, love life ..etc. i hope nobody else got trick like i did. luckily i did not go to the ATM to take out any more money to give to him.further reading on the indian fortune teller scam could be found on this link. and the indian fortune teller scammer that tricked me today did almost exactly the same steps. so it's worth a read.the info about the scam steps was found on this link: there I was, standing outside a store in New Oxford Street, killing some time before a 3 o’clock meeting when I heard the words, “You have a lucky face.”They came from a small Indian guy, possibly in his late teens. He’d crept up behind me and when I turned to face him, he said the words again. “You have a lucky face.”“Pardon?” I said.“You have a lucky face, yes very lucky. Let me see your hand.”And I did, I let him see my hand. Instinctively I knew he wanted to read my palm so I held it palm uppermost and sure enough he started to point to the lines on my hand with a pen. As well as a pen he was carrying a small leather folder, the kind with a zipper around the edge. Clipped to the folder with his thumb were several small scraps of paper. “This is the lucky line, ” he said, tracing one of the creases in my palm. “I show you.”He started to write something down on one of the pieces of paper, rolled it into a ball and then dropped it onto my palm. I closed my hand to stop the ball of paper rolling away.“Tell me the name of a flower, ” he said.“Rose” I answered.“And a number from 1 to 5.”“3” I said.“Look at the paper.I opened my hand, unrolled the paper and saw that he had written down the words rose and the number 3.He started to write some other things on a second slip of paper and mutter some stuff about this being true, that I was very lucky and that money was coming my way. He looked up at my lucky face. “Do not shave or cut your hair on Tuesday” he advised. “Tuesday very lucky day for business. You will get much money.”Then he stopped writing, reached into his leather folder and rummaged around inside. I could see other pieces of paper in there and something else, a picture of some kind. But what he brought out was what appeared to be a small red-brown nut or seed. He handed it to me. “This is very lucky stone. You keep it. You will be lucky.”They engaged you in conversation, wrote something down on a piece of paper and then asked you to think of a flower. Most people said a rose.And then they asked you to choose a number from 1 to 5. You won't be surprised to hear that 3 is the most popular number.But there was a third phase to the routine. They scribbled something on a slip of paper and asked for your date of birth. And when you opened the paper that’s exactly what you found written on it. Amazing. And worth ten dollars of anyone's money, which is what the fortune teller usually asked for.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
13, Report #35323
Nov 15 2002
06:54 PM
Lee Harris Psychic Fortune Teller aka Cindy Tan con artist ripoff Rolling Meadows Illinois
Lee Harris aka Cindy Tan has conned us out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. She has found my husband's greed and need to protect the children as a source of fountain of income. Her lawyer is one of Chicago's high priced attorney's that says the money my husband has given her is a gift and she has not asked him for anything. Lee Harris operates a store front fortune teller business in a strip mall. She is a first rate con artist who has conned us into mortaging our home so she can put the money on the alter. Us not really, my husband. Our daughter just had a baby and she has had my husband burning incense so the baby will be healthy. Costing him thousands of dollars so the baby will be all right. He will not listen to me and Lee has told him that I am mentally ill, a danger to the children, only after his money, cursed and evil, being controlled by those on the other side. He has given her $200,000 to help her with her problems, god knows what those are. She tells him that he should not ask about the money on the alter, that is is working on his behalf and they are praying over it. Lee Harris has a Hummer, a TransAm, Caddy, Merc Mountaineer, Dodge Ram Pickup, and other vehicles I'm sure my husband's money has bought her. My husband denies she is conning him and she says I will never lie to You. The Rolling Meadows Police say there is nothing they can do because my husband will not admit what she is doing. Lou Palatine, Illinois
Entity: Rolling Meadows, Illinois
14, Report #942756
Sep 18 2012
04:34 AM
Phil Cottrell Gibraltar Attorney Philip George Simon Cottrell Physic Fortune Teller London, Internet
Philip George Simon Cottrell is a physic fortune teller originally from Gibraltar. Well he claims to be one. Although he doesnt charge for his readings, he gives advive and physic readings that are in essence complete rubbish. HeHis advice landed me in serious trouble with my wife. IN short dont trust this mans opinions when it comes to spiritual and physic advice. He has NO ability at all and I want others to recognise this so as he doesnt waste other peoples time either.
Entity: London, Internet
15, Report #993784
Jan 09 2013
06:58 AM
Phil Cottrell Marbella Spain Phil Cottrell Marbella Marbella Fortune Teller and local Gypsy Birmingham, Nationwide
A Romanian Gypsy using the name Phil Cottrell has now moved to Marbella. He is using several names false names and is offering Fprtune telling for a fee. This man is a fake and has no previous experience in this field nor has he any spiritual ability. He says that he has been a fortune physic teller for years in Romania but it tyurns out to be complete rubbish. Be very aware of this man. He looks Gypsy but seems to think it wise to use normal English names. he is a fake 
Entity: Birmingham, Nationwide
16, Report #446240
Apr 24 2009
11:47 AM
American Credit Service- Contact Anna Wilson harassing ph calls and gave my ss# to a coworker, company keeps calling my work # after I told them to stop I had a supervisor call them! I am filing a suit against Ms Wilson for giving My personal SS # when she spoke to my coworker Calasas California
I am in the process of filing a lawsuit against a Anna Wlson who keeps calling my work # and she gave out personal info including my ss # to a coworker Holly. I had a supervisor call American credit services back and tell them not to call our work # again. I do not want contact from them and I realized it was a bogus business beacuse it is extremly loud when they call and when we call them back they will not give us the name or info about company and are extremly rude!! Tessa Orangevale, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Calasas, California
17, Report #481779
Aug 18 2009
11:50 AM
Psychic Anna Portman she take money and run she take the money and disappear and said will but a curse to make you back luck no money no love no happiness in your life if you keep call her westminster, California
she tell me the same that she is not all the other psychic she is there to help me not to take my money..after i send the $100.00 she then said i been curse and hex very strong need to burn more strong candle and she need me to put down $500.00 deposit for the candle and will refund back when my case is complete. in the beginning i have ask her again and again if that is the only fees and no other more money need and she said yes that it is her work is different she don't need to put down any deposit..i said i dont' want to send her any more money and ask for my money back which is she promise if she can't do help my money back..she then said she did work for me but is just need more work. i keep calling her she then threathening me if i keep call her she will but a black voodoo on me i will never have love happiness luck and succesfull in my life it all turn to bad luck...after that day i don't bolder to call her again because i know that she will not return back the money it just waist my time to call her..  
Entity: long beach, California
18, Report #636520
Sep 01 2010
02:06 PM Madam Glass and I was at a very depressed and vulnerable state in my life and looked toward the friendship of Missy&Madam Glass to assist me with magic that would change my life for the better. They guarranteed me r , Internet
i was depressed and vulnerable and looked toward missy glass and madam glass to assist me in my personal life. i paid $295.95 in march of 2009. i never rec'd results or a refund. I no longer heard responses to my emails requiring about the status of my requests. they just disappeared.
Entity: Internet, Internet
19, Report #1316298
Jul 11 2016
05:22 PM
Anna Eyecare, P.A. Anna Eyecare Anna Texas
Anna Eyecare is a ripoff!  I had scheduled an appointment early in the month, and called to reschedule for later in the month.  Instead, with their unprofessional staff, I had to call again and cancel the first appointment that was rescheduled for later in the month.  At this point, I no longer will be doing business with Anna Eyecare.  Their prices for glasses are inflated, and the physician is only an O.D.  I will be researching his license through the state of Texas for validity.  So, Anna Eyecare sends me a bill for $25 for essentially rescheduling an eye appointment whereas they did not remove the first appointment from their computer system.  This eye doctor's office is so unprofessional!  When I first called to make an appointment for this month, they still had their outgoing message on their recorder stating they were gone for Memorial Day Weekend, over a month ago.  Pathetic!  Also, the doctor's personality is arrogant - for absolutely no reason.  He is no more professional than any other eye doctor, in fact - less.  Futher reporting will be to the Better Business Bureau as well as consumer protection government agency at the state capital in Austin, Tx.  It's the 'little things' that the average consumer bases their opinion on a business' customer service.    
Entity: Anna, Texas
20, Report #23765
Jul 01 2002
04:23 AM
Lee Harris, Astrologer Psychic fortune-teller, swindler, scam artist, gypsy, psychic, con artist, fake, conned our family out of more than $300000, ripoff Rolling Meadows Illinois
Lee Harris operates out of a store front parlor in Rolling Meadows. She has conned a weak minded man who has turned over hundreds of thousand of dollars to her to burn candles and put money on an alter, do whatever to heal my grandmother, protect me from whatever, get my sister pregnant and now make sure she carries the baby, increase my dad's fortune and protect him from my mom who is a fool to stay with him. Of course these are very special candles, made by nuns in a convent Yeah right. That is why they cost him $6000 - $10000 a crack. Secret meetings in cemetaries to pray at certain graves, put novena to St. Jude in churches for 'X' number of days, drops of money (cash of course no credit cards here)through a mail slot, need to put money on or under the alter so they can make his trues wishes come true, it is hard to believe an intelligent person would fall for her scams. Lee Harris uses an answering machine so she can screen her calls. She has worked on this weak mined man for 11 years and now has him in her pocket, $6000 - $10000+/month. I have tried going to the police in Palatine and their response is they know they, gypsies, are in the area. Thanks. E. Rolling Meadows, Illinois Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Lee Harris AKA Cindy Tan
Entity: Rolling Meadows, Illinois
21, Report #542142
Dec 19 2009
04:53 AM
Vicente Tan First Hotel Ongpin arrested for scam and fraud / First Hotel fortune teller scam syndicate / First Hotel arrested for robbery / Vicente tan First Hotel scam Manila Philippines, Internet
Manila Philippines  Vicente Tan of First Hotel Ongpin Philippines are being arrested by NBI and accused of scamming hotel tenant. Police say Vicente Tan manager of First Hotel Ongpin was being charged for the processing of fake document and fake real estate document. Vicente Tan of First Hotel are now being charged with theft by swindle and faces a fine and up to 10 years in prison. National Bureau of Investigation Crime Division police have arrested Vicente Tan of First Hotel Ongpin Philippines for having allegedly deceiving both Filipino Chinese and foreign investors of large amount of cash .National Bureau of Investigation NBI commissioner, said Vicente Tan of First Hotel Ongpin Philippines were arrested at Ongpin Binondo while deceiving Chinese foreigners to invest in Manila Philippines.Police seized fake document , permit and fake real estate paper permit from Vicente tan of First Hotel Ongpin. Information from the seized fake document and official reciept showed that they had deceived investors to invest over 17 million in fake firms. MANILA, Philippines The National Bureau of Investigation has arrested  Vicente Tan of First Hotel Philippines for his alleged involvement in a P318 million money laundering scam. Agents of the NBI Special Task Force arrested Vicente Tan of First Hotel Ongpin Philippines.  Tan is now facing charges before the Pasig Regional Trial Court for alleged violation of Republic Act 9160 (Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001). If found guilty, the suspect, now detained at the NBI jail, could face a maximum of four years imprisonment or a fine of P1,000,000 to P5,000,000 the NBI said.  
Entity: Manila, Internet
22, Report #883540
May 16 2012
09:48 AM
Lee Harris Cindy Tan, Psychic, Fortune Teller Scam artist exposed on Date Line TV from Arlington Heights, Illinois
Lee Harris, a.k.a. Cindy Tan, was exposed for her ripping off of a family in Palatine, Illinois on Dateline NBC Sunday 1/30/2011 with Chris Hansen.  She destroyed this family and continues to rip off the husband because she has powers to protect him and his children behind a veil from those who wish them evil and harm. How could such an intelligent man be so foolish to fall for her tails? This is worth watching again and again! I am thankful this was shared with me. This con artist moved her shop from the Rolling Meadows location after the Dateline NBC show was filmed so be on the look out for her in the Palatine, Arlington Heights, Hoffman Estates, Buffalo Grove, Wheeling area, but her phone number(s) are still active. I would recommend contacting the Illinois State Police in Des Plaines, Confidence Crime Division, if you have contact with her or her kind. She is a Gypsy Queen con artist.
Entity: Arlington Heights, Illinois
23, Report #685324
Jan 21 2011
07:51 PM Powerful visions, a psychic Psychic Powerful Visions/Anna money hungry and fraud.. liveperson full of frauds Internet
I am writing this out of conscience hoping that nobody else falls into the trap I and many other users are daily falling. After using the services of various Psychics from, I have come to the conclusion that all of them are frauds and money rippers. They sell false hopesat a very high priceto depressed clients who become even more depressed and sometimes suicidal when predictions never come to pass. I paid Powerful Visions in hundreds of dollars. Predictions never happened. When I try to write my review on her or others, it never showed. I also noticed that she has almost the same reviewers who daily give her 5/5 with wonderful repetitive reviews, namely PVR, sunshine, Tara etc. I suspect that they are not genuine clients because her rate per minute is 18 dollars!! Are they all millionaires?! Other Psychics who lied and all their predictions never happened: 1. Fruno, keeps talking nonsense during a session to get more money from you. 2. Dee Clare 3. Psychic R R 4. Advisor S. F. 6.Dr. Philip LOVE - PSYCHIC 7. Psychic Reader And Healer 8. Master Enigma 9. Psychic Safina 10. Spiritual Diagnosis and many others.. Somebody must sue LivePerson because they know all this but do nothing. In fact, they intentionally keep these psychic fraudulent activities ongoingto make millions of dollars out of desperate poor people. May God punish them. Please Please beware of them. You will lose your money for nothing. Better Spend it on poor homeless people than empower these unethical and greedy psychics and make them richer.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #1183727
Oct 19 2014
07:00 AM
25, Report #5400
Jun 12 2001
12:00 AM
Reylene Van Worth psychic fortune teller is a sick, twisted scam artist
This individual is a sick, twisted scam artist. I have sent for a reading not because I beleived that there would be anything of interest. No. I want the report to add to the growing evedence of similar scam artists who prey peoples insecurity and in particular the elderly. Roy Windor is another of these low lifes and I have already exposed him in the press. He claimed to be the number one numerologist in the USA now living in Switzerland. If it is of any comfort to anyone out there who has been ripped of by these charlatons, let me tell you. These people are dabbling with forces beyond there knowledge. Sooner or later they will fall and the universal laws of nature will take care of them. The punishment will be far greater than any court in the world could possibly bestow upon them.
Entity: Kent, Nationwide

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