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1, Report #1357474
Feb 25 2017
05:27 PM
Frank LaMark Frank Lamark ripped me off on my home security system Houston Texas
I cancelled my account for my home security with Frank LaMark when I moved back in June 2016.  I have been continuously charged monthly bills since.  I have called numerous times, and every time I’m told that the cancellation is “Pending” and that Frank LaMark have to email the department responsible for reviewing such accounts.  It’s been months and still no response.  I’m being charged $49.99 a month and we have incurred $136 in insufficient funds fees because of the illegitimate charges.  Every time I call, I’m told that they have emailed the “department”, when I ask to speak to Frank LaMark that department I’m told that they don’t accept phone calls and that is the best that they can do.  Meanwhile I’m still being charged.  I called again today and for the first time I’m told that the cancellation notification must be written.  After I’ve called numerous times this is the first time I’m being told this????!!!!  I expect a full refund for all charges including the fees incurred from those charges from Frank LaMark.  
Entity: Texas
2, Report #1330447
Sep 27 2016
03:56 PM
RTA Cabinets Frank Lamark Fraud by Frank Lamark of RTA Cabinets Chicago Illinois
I was scammed. Ripped-off and defrauded by Frank Lamark of Shop RTA Cabinets and World Craft Cabinetry. I ordered and paid for my mahaogany maple cabinets on February 27th, 2016. $3,981.34. was the total amount that was ACH debited (Via Check)for this order out of my BB&T bank account.  Order #200000637 (placed on February 27, 2016 4:12:54 PM CST)Grand Total$3,981.34I was told that I would receive my cabinets in 8 to 12 weeks. 3 months had passed and no cabinets. After numerous emails, online tickets and phone calls I received an email on April 5th stating my order was set to ship in 4 - 8 weeks from the time I placed my order. (Which was February 27th) Once it ships we will be sending you your tracking info.Dont worry the freight company would call me to set up a delivery and make sure someone is there to sign for it. Weeks passed and nothing. I emailed on them on May 2nd and then again nothing. On June 29th after asking where were my cabinets I received an email response saying my order was set to ship out next week. Once it ships we will send your tracking info. Months went by and after several emails in July, August and Spetember I have yet to receive a further response even after demanding a refund or my cabinets. There has been no refund or cabinets received to this day. I emailed the company 8 days ago and let them know I would be seeking legal action. I have had no response or commiunication from Frank or RTA cabinets since. Filed a complaint witht the BBB of Chicago and still nothing. So last week after a final attempt, I have filed a fraud report and openend up a legal investigation with BB&T and reported Frank Lamark as being a scam artist. Lawsuit to be filed and Attorney General of Illinois and Internet Crimes to be brought in. I not only want my refund but I want monies for damages and renovations that I made anticipating my cabinets that I never received. Im expecting my third child in December as I let Frank know and I have no kitchen! There has been nothing but excuses and lies and reports of RTA CAbinets and Frank Lamark being a scam. I was deceived and defrauded. I can only assume my many emails sent to him were ignored and deleted. I found out I'm probably one of thousands that have been scammed by this guy over many years now.   Google search terms are below. They'll give you a better view of who Frank Lamark is, how he runs his many kitchen cabinet sites and how he uses many 1-800 call services and many UPS store drop boxes in the Chicago area to fly just below the consumer fraud radar. He only accepts money orders, checks or his preferred money moving method is the e-check (I assume all the credit card companies must have shut him down for excessive chargebacks). I found out why only e-checks after the fact and just recently, should be a red flag to anyone. You can copy and paste these search terms into Google to locate the stuff out there about him you might not yet know:frank lamark fraud, frank lamark research, shop rta cabinets scam, frank lamark pictures, frank lamark world craft cabinetry complaints, frank lamark lawsuitSome of his domain names he owns were found here (stay away from these kitchen cabinet websites): you're doing your research right now before sending him an e-check then I hate to say it but you're much smarter then me. Stay away if you're thinking about it, you'll just be donating your hard earned money to the Frank Lamark free money fund, and if you already ordered, did not receive what you paid for and have not received a refund then file a complaint with your State Attorney General and your BBB and both of these organizations will investigate your case for you.       
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
3, Report #1245219
Jul 29 2015
08:54 PM
Shop RTA Cabinets and Frank Lamark and World Craft Cabinetry Fraud by Frank Lamark of Shop RTA Cabinets and World Craft Cabinetry - Lawsuit Chicago Illinois
I was defrauded, scammed and ripped-off by Frank Lamark of Shop RTA Cabinets and World Craft Cabinetry. I ordered and paid for my cabinets, everything was fine while he was working on my order up until he got my money in his hands. Then I started receiving excuses for the delays and he blamed a local kitchen cabinet company manufacturer. I tracked down their phone number, called them and they said they no longer do business with him (what?). Later after more calls and emails he sent me a shipping tracking number which was fake and did NOT work, then he blamed it on the freight company. I tracked them down about my promised order which Frank said was to arrive in 2 weeks but the shipping company had no record of it and suggested I check with the company I ordered them from. After more calls I stopped receiving call backs, nothing, so I can only assume my many emails sent to him were ignored and deleted. By now it was over 3 months, no cabinets, kitchen tore up, we're fixing our meals on cardboard boxes, washing dishes in the bathroom and pulling food out of boxes every night. This is America, it's not supposed to be this way people. I finally Googled him to see what was the deal using frank lamark shop rta cabinets and frank lamark fraud and found out I'm probably one of thousands that have been scammed by this guy over many years now. I emailed him and officially cancelled my order and demanded a refund but to this day I have never received a refund check from him, poof, gone. I read in the Chicago Tribune where the Illinois Attorney General is filing a lawsuit against Frank Lamark and his companies plus they're preventing him from doing business in Illinois - That's good for the people of Illinois but does little for me since I don't live there. All that was left was filing a complaint through my State Attorney General. I recommend you file a complaint if you want your money back, you can find yours here: Other good Google search terms are below. They'll give you a better view of who Frank Lamark is, how he runs his many kitchen cabinet sites and how he uses many 1-800 call services and many UPS store drop boxes in the Chicago area to fly just below the consumer fraud radar. He only accepts money orders, checks or his preferred money moving method is the e-check (I assume all the credit card companies must have shut him down for excessive chargebacks). I found out why only e-checks after the fact and just recently, should be a red flag to anyone. You can copy and paste these search terms into Google to locate the stuff out there about him you might not yet know: frank lamark fraud, frank lamark research, shop rta cabinets scam, frank lamark pictures, frank lamark world craft cabinetry complaints, frank lamark lawsuit Some of his domain names he owns were found here (stay away from these kitchen cabinet websites): It's too late for me, if you're doing your research right now before sending him an e-check then I hate to say it but you're much smarter then me. Stay away if you're thinking about it, you'll just be donating your hard earned money to the Frank Lamark free money fund, and if you already ordered, did not receive what you paid for and have not received a refund then file a complaint with your State Attorney General and your BBB and both of these organizations will investigate your case for you.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1259257
Oct 05 2015
12:39 PM
heaton construction, world craft cabinetry took my business check in april 2015 then cancelled my order and never paid back my money. illinois
Made a order of cabinets thru our small family construction company. Wanted to use these cabinets in our customers home. made the order in april 2015 and had to pay with company check. after they received the money they proceeded to cancel order stating they could not fulfill it. after calling couple time a week and them stating my refund check was issued and to wait patiently on the mail, and numerous emails, excusses on every contact, the company now doesn't except emails or phone calls. This man, well should not call him a man, Frank Lamar is a crook. He has stolen from honest people and small businesses. and is still doing it under different business names. He should be locked up. How does he get away with this? What can we do?
5, Report #1338316
Nov 15 2016
03:44 PM
Scott Ohnmeiss Runs a Affiliate Marketing Scheme Scott Ohnmeiss Affiliate Marketing Scheme MLM Scam Crossett Arkansas
  I ordered $4400 worth of affiliate marketing products from Scott Ohnmeiss from Crossett, Arkansas and they were never shipped and I didn't receive a refund. The fake website looked real, the ordering was easy and he was a very smooth talker. Once Scott Ohnmeiss got my money and as the weeks passed my products were never arrived. So I kept calling Scott Ohnmeiss in Arkansas but my calls weren't returned. When I emailed him a few more times he finally sent me a tracking number that didn't work, it was fake. I emailed some more and he wrote that the order would be delayed because of the many orders they were processing at the time.After a month Scott Ohnmeiss stopped replying back to my emails, he never called me back from my dozen or so voice mails. I eventually did a search for Scott Ohnmeiss Fraud and realized (too late) from all the complaints on the Internet that his business model is to take money from people, then ignore them for as long as it takes for them to give up, free money for Scott Ohnmeiss.As a disabled Veteran that fought in the wars for this country, it's sad that I'm on a limited income to start with, and then to have someone like Scott Ohnmeiss take advantage of me and strip me of 8 months of savings so that now I can't upgrade the kitchen for my wife and kids, I have to start all over, find a real vitamin company or downgrade and go to GNC and buy what I can afford.This is America, yet Scott Ohnmeiss roams free to pillage and plunder and steal, he only cares about himself by stealing from others and his greed allows him to forget about those of us that served with pride for this great country and are not millionaires that can afford a $4400 loss which to me and my family is huge. I complained to the FTC so I'll see how that goes, what else can I do.I included Scott Ohnmeiss mugshots located from a post at a complaints site so you can see who you're dealing with. I wish you luck, it didn't work out for me and my family.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1229357
May 15 2015
06:43 AM Frank Lamark Deceptive business practice - Rippoff online cabinet sales Chicago Internet
I purchased kitchen cabinets at  The owner is Frank Lamark.  Many deceptive business pratices.  He first takes your money promissing fast delivery.  Then gives you tons of excuses of delivery delays.All done by email, the phone provided is never answered.  Lies after lies, he fails to deliver the goods.  Then 9 weeks later, he cancels your oder and promise a refund.  More delays, more lies, this guy doesn't stop.  A well groomed con-artist.  Still no refund after 2 weeks now. I have a physical address for Frank Lamark of ****, Itasca, IL 60143 and ****, Itasca, IL 60143. 
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1209004
Feb 13 2015
08:39 PM
Shop RTA Cabinets Complete SCAM, took my money and never receied my product Chicago Illinois
Do not shop with this company. Wish I had checked thi site first. I ordered cabinets in November 2014. Mid January still no word from the company. Had already recevied my money since it was an electronic check.  Contacted my bank explained the fraud due to electronic check they couldn't help me.  Started looking into the company more.... Frank Lamark has a long rap sheet of fraud.  He is attached to a yahoo email we received correspondence from.  Then began to look at BBB and no one is happy with them.  I saw that people had to complete an internet crime report with FBI, call Law enforcement to report the crime and the attorny general. I emailed the company letting them know  I prefer to handle the issue amongst us. I received a reply back that they would issue me a refund check within 10 business days.  This time frame has come and gone so now I will continue with the above list.  I will continue to post on my facebook page to not purchase with them.  This is not a legit company regardless of how nice a website they have.  Their FB page is monitored closely and all my friends who hve posted about them being fraudulent has been deleted and then we were blocked. 
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
8, Report #1103605
Dec 02 2013
11:56 AM
cabinets direct RTA Frank Lamark World Craft Cabinetry Took my money, waited months before shipping, did not send the complete order, substituted items Franklin Park this is the warehouse Illinois
Cabinets direct RTA is owned by Frank Lamark, both he and the company have a colorful public record that is easy to research on line. Rated F by the BBB and under investigation at the writing of this blog by the state of IL. Cabinets Direct RTA advertised a special deal for customers to order the exact cabinets you wanted at a low price and they would be factory ordered with delivery in 8 weeks. I ordered my cabinets they took the money on August 5th 2013. I still do not have my order, it is nearly impossible to get anyone to answer the phone they respond only in e mail when they feel like it. After many times being told that product shipped and never arrived I did receive a partial order at the end of November with many substitutions made to my origional order and still many more peices missing. After many painstaking hours of trying to resolve this I still have a bunch of useless cabinets and they have my money. Stay away from these companies and Frank Lamark. I have never been mis led or blatently lied to by a vendor as I have by this one. I have e mails that prove my issue and illistrates the deal perfectly and they do not care. They are still selling on line as we speak, I cannot stress enough to stay away from this company and Frank Lamark. Cabinets Direct RTA is basicly a scam they mis led the consumer with a great offer, they have a professional website with TrustGuard endourseing them and it appears they are a professional company ........dont judge a book by its cover Cabinets Direct RTA is not a professional company they are a fly by night organization. Research them and Frank Lamark you can see his criminal record as well as how many others he has issues with. I wish I had!
Entity: Franklin Park, Illinois
9, Report #1212711
Mar 02 2015
08:44 AM Frank Lamark Takes money, never ships product, lots of broken promises. Chicago Illinois
I purchased $2600 of cabinets from this company on 11/10/14.  After repeated shipping delays and excuses, I finally asked to cancel my order.  I was told on 1/26/15 that my refund had shipped.  To date (3/2/15) the refund still has not shipped. The company has very poor customer service on top of this.  They never answer the phone (automated answering service).  In fact if you go to option 2 it just tells you to go online.  Online complaint system does not work last I tried. Do not buy from this company.  Spend the extra money and go for a business that has multiple positive reviews from multiple sites.  The review company listed on thier site must allow them to pick and choose the results shown.  Note that there is no way to provide reviews on thier site.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
10, Report #1185890
Oct 30 2014
02:25 PM Shop RTA Cabinets, Inc.,Cabinets Direct,In Stock Cabinets,World Mark Cabinets This company takes $ directly from your bank account, but provides no product or refund. Elk Grove Village ,Chicago area, Illinois
I ordered kitchen cabinets from on 5/26/14 and paid just under $6000. Their website looked good with great customer ratings. They do not take credit cards but only direct bank account payments (this should have raised a red flag for me). The website promises delivery of product in 2-5 weeks. Of course the cabinets were not delivered in that time and it was almost impossible to reach anyone there to ask for status updates (we have placed upwards of 20 phone calls to the company, but someone named Charmaine has only answered 1 time). They responded to our email messages in telling us twice (2 weeks apart) that our cabinets would ship out the next week, and once they even responded that the cabinets had already shipped. None of that was true. Eventually we cancelled our order on 8/12/2014, through our attorney, but they never even responded that they recieved our cancellation until I complained to the Chicago area BBB (btw, check out the complaints on the BBB for Shop RTA Cabinets and it's affiliated companies Cabinets Direct and In Stock Cabinets, all of them are graded F for similar issues).  The message from Shop RTA Cabinets, via the BBB, was that we would receive our refund within 30 days, as promised on their website. That, of course, never came. When we complained again through the BBB, they vaguely responded that our refund would be sent ASAP. We responded that we wanted a date the refund would be sent, and they never responded to us or the BBB about this again. It is now 10/30/2014 and we have yet to recieve a refund.  I see that they have closed down their profile, probably due to the negative reviews they were receiving. Oh, and those high reviews on their website and Facebook page?  Guess what, there is absolutely no way to review this company on either site. Seems fraudulent, right? Also, it appears on the BBB website that that whoever owns the business (appears to be someone named Frank LaMark)  keeps opening new, affiliated companies in the Chicago area (my guess is that this is to try to outrun their bad reputation).  So look out for Shop RTA Cabinets, Cabinets Direct, In Stock Cabinets, and World Mark Cabinetry.
Entity: Elk Grove Village, Illinois
11, Report #1156352
Jun 20 2014
03:25 PM
CabinetsDirectRTA Frank Lamark and WorldCraftCabinetry Failed to deliver product as ordered, cancelled order in late March and still have not recieved refund. Chicago Illinois Internet
My wife and I searched many of the online RTA stores for the particular cabinet that we wanted.  CabinetsDirectRTA was the only company that had them and the price was very reasonable. After contacting the company in 2013 and getting a sample door (which was very easy and they communicated with us well at the time), we decide to purchase all the cabinets needed for our COMPLETE kitchen gut and remodel. We placed our order in late January 2014 and waited for them to arrive.  After the companies 2-4 week delivery time passed, I contacted the company and spoke with a woman named, Charmaine.  She said that she could not tell us where our cabinets were and said that she would have to do some checking into the matter.  I waited a couple of days and heard nothing.  I re-contacted her and asked where our order was, again she could not answer. I waited another week, same process as above.  Finally after 10 weeks of waiting and having received no product.  We contacted another company with a similar product and ordered from them.  We cancelled our order from CabinetsDirectRTA and were PROMISED a refund in 30 days.  It has not been 74 days since we were told we would get our money back. I have the signed bank draft from Frank Lamark which has been given to the Illinois Attorney Generals office in my complaint to them and I have also initiated a complaint with the Chicago BBB.  I have not gotten a positive response from cabinetsdirectrta and have no idea when I will get my money back.   Would love to just get my money back,   Troy  
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1333876
Oct 18 2016
07:04 PM Frank Lamark Scam! Illinois
 I order cabinets from on May 20th 2016. After the 16 weeks and no cabinets I started emailing the website. I received two emails that said they would ship out the following October 18th still no cabinets still no response. So I started searching on google and find all these reports where people have been scammed by this website. I also found a report were the Chicago Illinois attorney general was filing a complaint against this company dated in 2015. Why is this still going on from the same company a year later. I guess I'm out $2600.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1196428
Dec 18 2014
09:05 PM
Cabinets Direct, World Craft Cabinetry, Frank Lamark Shameless Thieves Franklin Park Illinois
Ordered RTA cabnets on October 14, 2014. Company website showed products in stock. Company only accepts ACH debits or checks over the internet when orders are placed. I waited 2 weeks after placing order before I called to see if cabinets had shipped. They informed me they were out of stock and waiting on another container before they could fill my order. The new container would be in around December. I told them that I could not wait and that I wanted a refund and they understood and said they would mail my refund. Called again in Early November to see about refund, no answer and left message on phone system and by email, repeated this cycle a couple of times before I recieved an email. They claimed they mailed my refund check November 25, 2014. I have yet to see it as of 12/18/2014. I can not get anyone by phone. They only respond by email and that usually occurs at or around 5:00 pm.   They have stated that they are very busy at this time of year and being a small company they just cannot give quick responses. Strange thing about being A small Company their website boast about their size, years of experience and how many cabniets they sell. I have learned that all those claims are false. I have filed complaints with 2 State Attorney Generals offices and looking to file suit against them with other cases. It is clear that this is a scam. My first gut red flag was that they do not accept credit cards, they only accept checks. Credit cards create a bad business model for them in that cedit card companies will qickly credit accounts with this kind of fraud, checks are much harder. Secondly they never answer the phone and emails go into a black hole.   Do not trust them with your money or time, they have no respect for either let alone themselves.
Entity: Franklin Park, Illinois
14, Report #1191594
Nov 26 2014
02:49 PM
ShopRTACabinets, Frank Lamark Fraud, stole money from bank account, scam, supposedly sells kitchen rta cabinets Elk Grove, IL Illinois
The company is ran by Frank Lamark and supposedly sells RTA kitchen cabinets. I actually talked to him on the phone and placed an order after which they stole 3324.63 from my bank account. They only accept bank numbers for a reason - b/c they steal money from your bank account. After 2 months of waiting, I realized they are a scam, on BBB, and that he has companies under several names, all internet trying to sell kitchen cabinets.   There are dozens of BBB reports on,, - amazingly these sites are still up but I will be working on getting them shut down.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1207472
Feb 07 2015
03:29 PM
shop rta cabinets Frank Lamark had been promising that the $3000 he owes me is 'in the mail' for 2 months now. Chicago Illinois
I paid , basically a check that was cashed, for cabinets that were supposed to be delivered in 5 days.  After 7 days, i cancelled the order as i found out they were not shipped and i had no time to wait.   The company has been telling me for 2 months now that they  have sent the check. It does not take 2 months to mail and receive a check.   They are lying about it and now i doubt that they are being honest that the check will ever make it here.  If anyone else has this similar experience, please contact me so we can file a law suit.  With enough combined amount of monies owed, we can bring up a criminal, federal suit against this crime.Apparently there are numerous companies that are opperated by this same individual who is stealing money from  hard working citizens.  Please come together to stop this scam.  (((REDACTED)))cox dot net
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
16, Report #561494
Jan 28 2010
05:11 PM
Frank Gilliam Frank Con Man Caught Red Handed phoenix, Arizona
This guy calls me and lets me know he can provide a service for merchant processing as a business.  I let him know that I am already working with a company that provides a home business.  Once we figure out that the companies are similar he goes through how his company charges nothing for what they provide and how I am being ripped off.Turns out he was trying to rip me off!!!Not only is Frank Gilliam unethical he is a liar.  I spoke with the other company and at least they spelled out the expenses.Now I have decided not to do anything and I will most likely never do anything because I can't trust anyone.If you talk to Frank Gilliam on the phone, buyer beware.  He is only lying and there is never any such thing as a free opportunity.Hopefully you never have the chance.
Entity: phoenix, Arizona
17, Report #1070346
Jul 26 2013
12:03 PM
Frank Frank was very rude, nasty Orlando Florida
Yes my name is Alesia Blake, my account number is 619**** and my husband and myself purchased a time share from Orange Lake Resort last year in August.  We were very pleased with our purchase up until yesterday.  we are expriencing a hardship and had became 53 days behind on our mortage due to me being furlough and losing $700 every two weeks out of my check, I work for Dept of Defense (D0D).  This furlough will last until the end of Sept 2013.  When I call to try and make some type of arrangments to try and get our mortage caught up I was transferred to Frank, I explained to him our situation and asked him if we could make a double payment by the 16th of August and another payment in two weeks.  His response was no and that we need to make a payment by the 1st of August 2013 or the mortage would go into default and he was so nasty about it.  I told him we could not make a payment by the 1st of August and what would happen if we made the double payment by the 16th of August, he told me that it would still go into default and it was nothing he could do to help us.  At this time I was so upset that I told him that I did not want the property if I had to deal with rude and nasty people like him and he hung up on me. i then called again the next day and talked to Tina Evans and explained to her my dealings with Frank and how upset I was, she took her time with me and we came up with a payment plan for next month and she told me she will continue to work with us to help us get back on track.  Tina was so very helpful and concerned about our situation.  Tina made me want to keep our property and apoligize for the rude behavior of Frank.  Tina is such a great representative for your company.Someone like Frank should not be representing your company you would lose a lot of people if people had to deal with his nasty additude.  Thank god for people like Tina Evans.Again thank you Tina you are a gem of a person.  
Entity: Dumfries, Virginia
18, Report #93531
Jun 03 2004
02:34 PM
Entity: Internet
19, Report #5313
May 31 2001
12:00 AM
Frank White Advertising Scam
In the winter of 1999, I came across a community newsletter while in my local post office. The newsletter, named Consumer Issues, was geared to the community of East Point, Georgia (a small community inside the Metro Atlanta area). Since I was actively seeking to promote my disposable diaper delivery service, it seemed like a great idea to place an ad in the paper. Upon calling the office number of the paper,I was given a time to meet with a staff member who would help me design my ad. The staff member who showed up at my home was a Mr.Frank White. Mr.White presented a contract and took my check for the amount of $300.00 for the length of time my ad was to run. After 1 month and still no ad copy to be seen, I called Mr. White to inquire about the hold-up. He basically put it off as the problem of the printers. At this time I tried to cancel the ad and get my money back ,...but I was non-successfull. It has now been 2 years and I have only received $100 of the original $300 (this amount was received after speaking of filing a warrant for arrest). Mr.White has now taken the too sad,'ve been had mentality.
Entity: College Park, Georgia
20, Report #494309
Sep 13 2009
05:26 PM
Frank Sequeira Turbo Exhaust Headers SCAM Redmond, Oregon
Bought some turbo exhaust headers from this guy earlier this year, all went good received them they were very well made. But now I needed some more so I contacted him again at the beginning of August 2009 he said he can make them no problem, I asked how much it will cost he said $480 with shipping. I told him okay I will send him $440 to make them right away and when he is done I will send the rest. Also apparently he doesn't live in Peoria, Arizona to Oregon and he doesn't have a phone number yet. And I need to send money to him through Western Union because PayPal closed froze and closed his account and this should have been the first sign of trouble. I didn't really worry because the first time I bought items from him he had issues with his PayPal account but I got my stuff. Okay so after I send the $440 he told he will need to order some material to make the items for me I told him no problem I can wait but then it start getting ridiculous it went on for 3 week that he had some other customers before me but he is working on my stuff. Last week Monday the 7th of September I got an email from him telling me that my items are done and for me to send the balance for shipping I told him I will send it right away. I send the money never heard back from him. I emailed him the whole week no answer from him. So today Sunday the 12th I decided to send him and email with a deadline. Then I decided to do a search online and found a Ripoff Report with the same issue as i'm having right now and on the same time frame. His full address right now is   1273 sw rimrock way redmond oregon 97756 that is the address I send the money too.  Be care full with this guy.  If he doesn't meet the deadline I will take some a next step in order to get my money back. 
Entity: Redmond, Oregon
21, Report #845381
Feb 27 2012
01:25 PM
Frank Deslauriers Lying Slimeball Covington, Tennessee
Frank Deslauriers was the opposing attorney in my case. The only judicial officials in my area were the judge and Deslauriers. How is that not a conflict of interest. Deslauriers is listed as the magestrate for the juvenile court. He is a GRADE A Slimeball. He will do anything, and I mean anything, to win a case. He has no qualms about dragging anybodys name through the mud. My husband and I were called drug addicts and made to take hair follicle drug tests which we passed completely and it went back a year for me and 6 months for my husband. He told the judge that we obviously have severe mental issues and the judge ordered psyche evals which, again, we passed with flying colors. It was nice to be vindicated in the end by the judge dismissing the case and the fact that he cost his clients tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary tests that amounted to them being called the crazy unreasonable ones was just icing on the cake. But anyways, he is the lowest form of life. There is a special place in hell for attorneys like him. I am just thankful how it ended. I hope I never have to see his sleazy face again.
Entity: Covington, Tennessee
22, Report #1064383
Jul 04 2013
07:31 AM
Frank Tepper: Murdering Cop! Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Officer Frank Tepper will never be able to again hurt another innocent person. Tepper's 18-year reign of terror as a Philadelphia police officer is finally over. On February 23, 2012, the oft complained-about police nutcase was convicted of first degree murder in the killing of William Billy Panas, 21. Tepper's jury could neither be corrupted by the perjuring cop thugs nor by the blatant prosecutorial and judicial misconduct. Tepper's trial judge, a friend of the police union, made several counterintuitive rulings which favored Tepper. Tepper fatally shot Panas, 21, during a fight that started inside the officer's Port Richmond home and spilled into the street. The officer, who was off-duty at the time, claimed that he was trying to break up the fight, was jumped, and his gun went off by accident (as always happens, a police thug illogically rationalizes -- and outright lies about -- his felonies.) Witnesses said that Tepper's son was fighting with Panas and that Tepper pulled out his revolver and shot Panas in the chest. Those same witnesses claimed that Tepper never identified himself as an officer and was not jumped. Tepper, 45, is the recipient of a staggering 35 prior formal and informal complaints, all of which were criminally covered up by Philadelphia's corrupt joke of a police department. Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said that Tepper was finally fired for violating several department policies in the Panas murder, including unauthorized use of a firearm, failing to call for help, and refusing to cooperate with the investigation. Ironically, Tepper was a civil affairs officer who was responsible for diffusing community tensions, not escalating them to the point of a fatal shooting! The crooked police union (which in 2011 endorsed a convicted felon -- Milton Street -- for mayor) and its thousands of thug cop members hired powerful attorney Fortunato Perri to defend Tepper, a blatant attempt to get Tepper acquitted and allow him to get away with a cold-blooded murder. Tepper had previously tried to murder at least four people in three different incidents. He also sprayed tear gas into the eyes of eight-year-olds and was known in his neighborhood for assaulting young teenagers. Ironically, Panas's fatal shooting occurred within about three blocks from where two other complained-about Philadelphia cops, Stephen Liczbinski and Timothy Simpson, were killed in separate on-the-job incidents. According to a recent suggestion by Amnesty International, Philadelphia is home to the country's most criminal police department. That is not hard to believe, considering that cops like Frank Tepper are allowed to perpetrate 35 felonies each before they are finally fired! 
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
23, Report #1248615
Aug 14 2015
03:52 PM
Frank Hamilton Arrest Warrant Internet
a frank hamilton sent me an email stating i had an arrest warrant out for me. he did not say what it was about and from what i have read this is a scam. this person said that my name under act 79 act 76 act 48. he states that i am to call the number before my supposed case is downloaded into the court house. well sorry about his luck but im not calling the number.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1300513
Apr 19 2016
06:34 AM
Andre frank Loan scam artist Internet
 I went to Andre Frank after reading a good article about them to recieve a loan. At first they were really nice. They told me to pay 145 dollars and then my loan would be here delay and stress free. So I paid the 145 dollars. Then andre continues to tell me that now I have to pay an additional 345 dollars in order to set up and account with a different bank then the one I provided to them. After DAYS of arguing with them, he told me to become a stripper so I can pay for it, and also called me a fraud star. When I asked for the corporate number, he said they were busy with other customers. He refused to pay back the money i sent in. And it is the most stressful thing I have dealt with online. Never go to Andre frank.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1207478
Feb 07 2015
04:58 PM
Frank Vaerewyck Con Artist, Scam Norfolk Virginia
 I met Frank Vaerewyck many years ago in Maryland, where it did not go very well and should have learned the first time.  Met him again in Va many years after meeting him in Maryland.  He has become more proficent in his Con Artist and Scamming behavior.  He will tell you what you want to hear, and you willl believe him.  I starting dating him again, he was still married , in his second marriage. Yet, apparently they were seperated but still was receiving dirty pictures from his wife.  He then asked me to move in with him around Sept 2013 and again thought he had changed, also found out that his Rent was way past due and he was getting eviction letters on his door.  So while on this ridiculous journey with this person, found out that he could not drive after 11pm bc his license was restricted because of child support payment was behind, that he in 2002 got in trouble with the EMS in Va due to pretending to be a Paramedic and he was not, he steals from his Job.   I also found that his wife has just moved out of the place he was renting in ocean view. He found out that I had received money from a law suit ( car accident). He did not have a vehicle and was using his work truck to get around in, any time of the day.  He had lost his jeep to a title loan place.  He wanted another Jeep and had me go look at Norfolk Motorsports off E. Little creek road. This jeep they allowed him to keep a weekend, he drove it on the beach etc,. He liked it and i told him if we were approved he would pay me back. We filled out a orders form for this Jeep and he signed it.  This Jeep was going to cost me 16,000.00. However, they wanted a down payment. I could not get my money out of the bank fast enough so I took my 2006 Mustang, that I bought outright for 10k and did a Title Loan on it for 5,0000. He also said he would help me pay that back.  They would not take the 5K for down payment, because at that time he didnt have a incredible job. I worked for a Ambulance Co. He was upset that we could not get the jeep. After this event everything went down hill, other than he enjoyed spending my money.  He is a firefighter in manassas. One weekend he took my Mustang without me to a friends going away party. Realizing that he was with another woman in my car there. Pictures were taken in the car and placed on his facebook. He moved a 18 yr old girl in with us and became very abusive. I have many receipts of all that I have paid etc,.  As the relationship came to a end, I came home from work one day with this womans pictures all over the house and he was talking to her on the phone and very disrespectful. Also he was catering to another woman, apparently she was having issues with men she was dating, and at that time needed him to call her so she could get out of the situation. While he as with this other girl and i was making my way out of his house, he told me that we could still have a sexual relationship etc,. He then broke it off with the girl in Mannassas and started to date a woman that he talked very nasty about. She bought him a new vehicle and they are getting married. Believe me I am not upset at all that he is getting married, she is only protecting the innocent women out there. I bought many things for the appartment he calls a condo, and when I left he wanted to keep most of the things, that he did not pay for, and worse off wanted to keep my plants.    I am happily married now to a wonderful man. Before i Left Va, I wanted to sue him. My husband told me that he would not pay because he is not a man. That we would take care of the Mustang. I believe the first Rip Off Report about him. Why would he be with a nurse in the ER if he was a Christian man and married.  He is very much a lying, stealing, con artist at its best. If he does a Rebutal on this, I would not believe anything this animal has to say.  I just want women to be aware of this animal. He thrives off women and he is marrying a woman that does not know or maybe not even care what is getting ready to hit her persay. I will never see this money. However, I have all the evidence in front of me, if Requested.    Then animal is the creator of Firehouse Foodie, please do not give him money or sponsor him in anway.  All he wants is the money and doesnt care who he goes through or takes out for it. 
Entity: Norfolk, Virginia

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