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1, Report #1111334
Dec 28 2013
06:13 PM
Freedompop Freedompop Ripoff by fraud Internet
 Purchased two freedompop devices through groupon. Im the type of guy who always reads the fine print in things because I dont trust companies, I even get upset when people complain about getting charged teller fees or atm fees, my response is always right there in the fine print that they are going to do it, so needless to say my moves are very thought out. When I saw the deal on groupon for the freedompop devices I was skeptical and read everything they had regarding terms and then went to and read their terms . Everything seemed legit so I purchased them, well I never got around to using them and 4 months later I see my statement and notice they had been charging $20 a month per device even though I never used it. I called and the operater verified it had not been used and said that its the same with everyone, the first month is free then accounts are automatically upgraded to a bigger plan unless you call and tell them you wish to stay on the free plan.Well I told her I read all the fine print and that there was no mention of it in the terms. She said lets just downgrade you to the free plan and my response was no way, just cancel and I will destroy the device with a hammer. Then I let her know that I was going to make a facebook page on it and tweet about it like crazy. She then responded with, let me refund you the charges, let me get your email address and I will send a form. Well that was a few weeks ago and of course I never got any forms. So my total paid to freedompop2 devices $702 $20 plans for 3 months $120Total $190 amount of data used 0 zero!
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1133334
Mar 24 2014
07:44 PM
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3, Report #1403770
Oct 02 2017
08:30 PM
Freedompop Freedompop Scam Internet
 Freedompop is a scam. This is supposed to be 100% FREE! Even the box containing the Hotspot device says it on the box! I never set up anything to be charged automatically. Matter of fact, I never used the device because I moved and got normal internet services from a real ISP! Then I began receiving email messages telling me Freedompop credited me $15 in order to prevent disruption of services but the truth is as one of the aforementioned reports states, Freedompop was not crediting me anything but was debiting my bank account! As I mentioned, I never used the device!! I went to their site and I noticed an account was set up for me without my knowledge giving Freedompop permission to debit my account $15 each time I go over the plan allocation. This is absurd because I never tuned the device on Worse, as I mentioned, the box that contained the hotspot device clearly states it is 100% free. Even worse, 1. I turned off the auto pay and today I now see a debit charge of almost $40 on my bank account. I am not able to cancel because whomever in Freedompop who set up my account never gave me a password and even the default password on tje box doesn't allow me to cancel my account which I never set up! This is a small fee but Freedompop has now debited my bank account 5 times! I yet to receive a phone call or email response from the multiple times I have sent Freedompop an email contacting them to assist me in resolving this issue! As I said, this is a small amount but I would rather have Freedompop go do jail time for consumer fraud and obstruction of public accounts! Freedompop has continually ignored my complaints regarding a service I have never used!
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1073948
Aug 07 2013
03:44 PM
FreedomPop Freedom Pop FreedomPop free internet scam  Internet
This company is a scam. I guarantee ALL of the positive reviews here are by paid employees of FreedomPop. First off, there is no free plan. Just forget about it. If you sign up for the free plan you will be charged a monthly fee of about $20. Secondly, when you realize you have been scammed and try to cancel the account it will be almost impossible. If you try to cancel on their website you will get a bunch of confusing messages that claim you must call in order to cancel your account. When you call the number provided you will be on hold for about an hour and ultimately will get a recorded message that you must leave a voicemail for their support team. If you leave a voicemail you will NOT get a call back. Essentially, they make it impossible to cancel your account, and you will continue to get strange charges, even a non-use fee. Please do yourself a favor and do NOT use this service. If I can just save one person from the frustration I am feeling now... Please, save yourself from this torture. I'm not a religious man, but I find myself hoping there is a hell just so the people behind this company can be sent there......
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1144175
May 05 2014
12:07 PM
FreedomPop Rachel ,sales, Jen ,cancellations, FreedomPop NOT FREE miserable customer service Internet
I bought an advertised Free internet device for FreedomPop from The beginning of a nightmare.This device ONLY works if you are in a 4G coverage area, if you check coverage it tells you that you do not have 4G but can work at 3G speeds. It will not work with this device. I got that info from Freedompop support after waiting on hold for 20 minutes, leaving my number and waiting 45 minutes for them to call back. They suggested I return my device to Yugster and upgrade to a device that handles 3G.The internet access is not free. After going through, registering and providing a credit card, you see the actual monthly fees. Free has nothing to do with FreedomPop. You cannot cancel online, you have to call.A nightmare. First call to cancel, I went through the phone menu and was placed on hold for 20 minutes until I abruptly got a fast busy.Second call to cancel, EXACTLY the same results. When you call to cancel, they put you on hold and then hang up.Third call, I used the menu to go to sales instead of cancellations. Finally got a person on the line (another twenty minutes of holding, even for sales). I explained what happened and that I wanted to cancel. Another ten minutes on hold for a transfer (I am not exagerating here, the wait times were awful)So now I have Jen from cancellations on the line and I explain that I have no coverage and want my account cancelled. SHE ARGUES with me until I actually have to shout over her to cancel the account.No Free Internet, I should have known better. Absolutely miserable customer service, and the company seems more than a little shady. HIGH PRESSURE, bait and switch tactics, and no actual product. I sure hope they don't dare charge my credit card.I do believe this is the most caps I have ever used in a post. Stay away from, there is no free lunch.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1404873
Oct 07 2017
07:22 PM
FreedomPop Be Aware and Dont Be A Victim of FreedomPop Internet
Be Aware Of Unauthorized Charges by FreedomPop. Account Number: 7326075803I ordered a sim card but never received and forgot about it but one month later I found there is a $98.88 charge on my credit card by FreedomPop. This is absolutely wrong. How come I have to pay for the service I never used/received? STAY AWAY FROM FREEDOMPOP
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1198175
Dec 29 2014
12:57 PM
FreedomPop Unbelievably persistent Internet
I sought the services of FreedomPop in order to get inexpensive Internet service. With that goal in mind, I subscribed. On the surface everything looked great. As I read more, I learned that FreedomPop does not handle heavy users well. Since I stream movies while surfing I canceled. Or so I thought! I canceled with FreedomPop at 4:45 PM on Tuesday afternoon. The next morning I received an email from FreedomPop confirming that the Hub Burst had been shipped. I spoke with customer service rep who denied the cancelation ever occurred. Just as I was telling him that I have the cancelation confirmation, the call was discontinued. I called back (which leaves you hanging for quite a while) and spoke with another rep, who told me they don't do cancelations and I would just have to refuse the package at the door. I was not offered this opportunity since it was just left there; no signature required.  The next morning I took it to FedEx in the same condition it was delivered in. I paid $9.64 to ship it back. Apparently contrary to what it seems like on the surface, it is actually the USPS that delivers it. I called FreedomPop and after a bit of arguing they agreed that having a cancelation confirmation that predates shipping confirmation is a viable reason for a refund (At least for now).  A week or so later I looked at my bank statement and much to my surprise they only refunded $89.00 of the $118.97 that I initially (from what I see of past reports this company has a remarkable rate of inflation). I called to ask about the remaining sum. They told me that is for processing and shipping. I managed to convince them there was nothing to process since I canceled but they remained obstinate about the shipping.  So now after canceling I was still behind by $9.67. Since I was just glad to be done with them I let it go. Now this past weekend I was notified that they shipped out another item. Worried about what they would charge for that, I had a block against them put on my account. I tried calling them to tell them about this but have not received an answer. This company is frighteningly dishonest. What makes them frightening are the subtle, small charges they throw at you and their refusal to accept a cancelation and desire to cease business. They think its perfectly reasonable to continue sending merchandise, which by virtue of a cancelation is not requested. All I want is for them to stop sending merchandise and the $9.67 they owe me. Now that there is a block they will be unable to get money from unauthorized charges, though, speaking for myself I feel I should not have had to do that.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1157982
Jun 27 2014
11:54 AM
Freedompop Mobile Internet scam Nationwide
Sounds like a good deal...cheaper than any other mobile hotspot that allows you to travel with your internet.  However, don't be fooled.  You will be offered a free month trial with 2 GB.  They are careful not to say how many hours you can be on the internet for that 2GB.  I received the unit (Proton) about 4 days after they started the free month (it starts when you place the order).  During the first 8 days I checked my account every day as i was using it for emails and some website access. I recommended them to another friend, and they gave me another GB for that, so I had 3 for the month.  The morning of the 8th day I had used less than 1GB, according to my account profile.  All I did that day (I was gone all afternoon) was access email 3 times, return a library book from my kindle and check online for a recipe. Suddenly they charged me a $10 fee and said I had used 3.45GB...that ONE evening.  According to other providers, that is not even remotely possible! With 18 days left of my free month I called and cancelled.  They tried to persuade me to continue, saying they would give me another 3 free GB, but I refused and demanded an RMA number, which they finally provided. I returned the unit for a refund of the cost of the Proton (USPS with tracking) which I hope they will do.  Amazing how it takes 5 seconds to charge your account and 2 weeks to return the money, isn't it?  This was an expensive 8 days...$6.99 shipping for the unit to me, $4.50 to return it and the $10 fee they charged for the overage they claimed I used.  Stick with one of the REAL companies but be sure you know the terms, especially if they want a contract which they usually do.   
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1053054
May 22 2013
03:39 PM
FreedomPop Misleading/Bait and Switch practices Internet
I received an email from FreedomPop announcing they now had coverage in my area. I followed the link and checked availability which did not show that coverage. I sent them an email and they responded that I should check Sprint's coverage area to confirm. According to Sprint, they do have 3G coverage in my area so I ordered the OverdrivePro modem. 3 weeks later I received my modem and ran the setup. All worked well until I tried to access the internet. All I got was a cryptic url. I submitted a support ticket to see what, if anything, I was doing wrong. 2 days later, still no response. So posted the same question on Facebook and Twitter. What I was told was that 3G access requires buying a service plan. This is not listed anywhere on their website with the exception that it is buried in their blog. I was informed via twitter that you must buy a plan as well and to send an email to cancel my account. I doubt I'll get a refund for the modem, but lesson learn.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1147902
May 19 2014
11:00 AM
freedompop ISP Internet
Freedompop will take your money and forget about you. They have the worst support I've ever seen. I can't get in touch with anyone. Even their paid support is not available on the weekend. And they want to be an ISP. Terrible!
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1144570
May 06 2014
07:01 PM
FreedomPop Incompetent Customer Support
I have the actual names of the agents:  e.g. Agent C and Manager G.  (I am just protecting their privacy by using initial only).    1. Initial sign-up on 2/27/14 2. Device Received: around early April 3. Device Activated on 4/16/14 4. Monthly charge of $19.99 on 4/27/14. 5. Device suspended: around 5/1/14   I spoke to about 15 customer support agents.  Out of 15 agents, only 1 agent did any actual support and solved a problem. I did NOT get the device for more than 1 month after signing up.  At least 4 supports agents (1 in each week that the device did not arrive) had told me that the device was on the way.   Later on I found that there was some data was missing in the order  - (I was told this by an Agent C in Retention Dept who eventually fixed this particular problem).  The Agent C extended the trial period for the 2 GB service for extra month for the trouble that I have had in receiving the device.  Who knew then that this was only the beginning of the long list of problems?  Then the device could NOT be activated.  I made many calls (more than 4)and emails to the Freedompop customer support before the device was finally activated around 4/16/14. Then I was charged $19.99 on 4/27/14 for only after 11 days of usage. Not only that, the Freedompop service stopped working around 5/1/14.  I was told by Tech Support Manager G that this was due to a glitch on the Freedompop service side. So I am paying a monthly fee only after using it for 11 days.  On top of that, the service stopped working.  And the best explanation is that they have a glitch So the current status of the Freeompop service is: NOT Working.     If you Freedompop care to be a customer servicing company, you should: 1) Fix the glitch ASAP 2) Reimburse $19.99  and set the next billing date to at least 2 months from when the device was activated (minus the current down time). 3) I have spent many hours of my precious time dealing with the Freedompop support agents. (All of the problems were exclusively caused by Freedompop, and the problems have gone unfixed in spite of multiple calls and emails.)  Find a way to compensate me (extra service, cash, gift basket, etc, I don't really care).  Freedompop just need to show that Freedompop cares about the great inconvenience that bring to this  customer.
Entity: Select State/Province
12, Report #1248665
Aug 14 2015
09:42 PM
Freedompop Internet provider Los Angeles California
 On June 13th 2015 I ordered internet service and a mobile hot spot from freedompop. It was a free trial offer, 2GB for $19.99 mo. First month free. I was charged $36.99 for the 3G/4G hot spot. It arrived on July 3rd 2015. It never worked. I called tech help,walked through all the steps numerous times, It never worked. Couldn't go online. I mailed back the device approx July 22, 2015. I was told it would take 3 to 5 days after they receive the device to credit my Bank of America debit card for $36.99. Still nothing no refund. Every time I called freedompop and ask where's my refund, they act like they're going to help then they say the connection is bad and hang up. I can prove it. Every time I call. I want my money back as promised. I have nothing to show for my money.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
13, Report #1327862
Sep 13 2016
08:01 AM
Freedompop Internet
 Bought a kyocera hydro-icon from FreedomPop got their free plan, apps on phone are not compatible with FreedomPop services. I tried to exchange phone but they wouldn't, they know the phone doesn't work but still selling them to the public ! I got a phone that doesn't make or receive calls, no texts,no gmail,no internet ! Don't fall for this !
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1279058
Jan 09 2016
08:32 AM
FreedomPop Worst Customer Service Nationwide
Orderted phone for gift, worked couple days, screen went black. Contacted company online, as suggested. No response for 4 days, all verifiable. Answer..charge phone..really. Another email, etc. call customer service on day 8, no phone. Requested my money back and cancel. Would not do. spent hours on the phone, trying to wear me down, for an exchange. Poor quality equipment, very, very, bad servive.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1285894
Feb 08 2016
06:02 AM
Freedompop liars! Unknown Nationwide
 Charged $52.00 instead of $30.00 for phone service: Hotspot disabled 3 days before contract date of February, 11, 2015.Overcharged for Telephone Bill on anuary, 14, 2015 with the phone servant from India saying in broken English, Our computer must hav malfunctioned, You cannot get your service reapplied until you pay full amount! Hot spot has been barely use no more than 4 days less than 10 minutes a day. Checked status on February, 4, 2015 which showed that the device was barely used. Finally use the device on February, 7, 2015 for 15 minutes with no video playing; just looking at email and the whole 2 gigabytes are gone. Leftover Gigabytes from past nonusage were not included on the last billing cycle. Bait and switch is the name of the game played by this company. Lost a total of $275.00 with no refund when buying a used LG VOLT which does not have 4G capability although the Indian servant on the telephone told me it would.Bought another phone from same company, like a dummy thinking  everyone makes mistakes; another LG, that would not accept calls. It's very hard to be 56 miles away from on a work site and no way to call out.  If you call 1-888-743-8107, try to tell them that you want to establish service. Customer service reps will try to sell you everything but what you want including technical support. This company does not need to be in Business.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1231701
May 27 2015
12:52 PM
Freedompop I've Been Cheated
I paid for a SIII from Freedompop, they claim they sent it out and I received it however, I still do not have a phone. They got paid from my account though $99.99 and everytime I call about the issue they claim they have to escalate the issue and will call me back. Weeks later, still the same issue. Claiming to send out a phone FedEx but using the Smart Ship method which turns it over to the USPS is a bad idea when a person lives in an apartment building. The box gets droped at your door and anyone can pick it up. Did that happen to me? I don't know but what I do know is I still don't have a phone and I'm out $99.99 with no refund and they are not offering me one nor are they offering to send me a phone through FedEx signature required. I want satisfaction and I'm not getting that at this point.
17, Report #1334432
Oct 21 2016
05:09 PM
I want to tell you about my terrible experience with this very shady phone service provider. First thing you must understand, is the service is not free. You need an internet connection to make any calls or send texts and unless you are in an environment where there is constantly free internet you MUST buy a data plan from them to ensure you have the ability to use any device.   Now the horror begins..I sign up for service and purchase a phone with them. They want a cc on file so I am careful to place my pre paid AMEX on file to ensure I have control over recurring charges if the service ends up being a bust. They immediately sign me up for 7.99 of premium service that is unspecified as to why this is so necessary for my account. Only one of these bundled services seems useful: upgrading phonecall quality..the others such as visual voicemail seem superfluous. Upon investigating, I find the website lists premium voice for one charge of 3.99 separate from the bundle, but when I call after the initial month's required trial and use of the bundle I am mysteriously told that in my area I am not allowed to sign up for the voice quality upgrade on its own but only as part of a larger package. UHM I think well okay I'll let it go for this month since there is NO PLACE on the website to unsign for this optional service. In the meantime, I deliberately add no more funds to my AMEX and downgrade to the free 200 minute, 500 text plan and THAT is when the chaos begins...The necessary app that must be installed on the phone goes haywire, denying me access to the service. It sends a repeated looping message that I must activate my phone..and when I follow their instructions I am taken to a page that says your device is already activated except the APP NEVER opens up. I start calling customer service and use all 200 minutes talking to reps in countries far from here in unintelligle English that sped up sounds like gibberish they reiterate the same ridiculous instructions over and over with no results. I get emails that send the same mindless advice, all the while continuing to lock up the phone.    Finally I realize I must change my plan to upgrade my minutes. On the website it initially offered my a 10.99 plan with reduced data and unlimited minutes and texts. Suddenly this disappears and the smallest plan available starts at 20.00. I call customer service and magically the 10.99 plan is available over the phone..I guess they figured if they couldn't take me for 20 they would settle for ten. Then the kicker..when I get off the phone, and attempt to make a phonecall..I am curtly told I am out of minutes even though I have just paid for and upgraded my plan which it indicates on their website should be available immediately after updating.   Did I mention that there is no real customer service. If you contact them via their website which for some reason I now can nolonger do because it refuses to recognize my login UNLESS I am viewing my account and giving them more money..that it takes 3 or 4 days for them to respond generically.   In short, they are a SCAM and extremely shady and TOTALLY useless phone service. Do yourself a favor..and never get involved.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1332771
Oct 12 2016
08:06 AM
FreedomPop Deceptive Pricing Internet
For the FREE INTERNET service, it will first cost a minimum of $60 in setup fees that includes their proprietary advice. While signing up you will be congradulated and offered what sounds like a free device. If you are unfortunately enough to agree to it by default you will then be billed for a MIFI proprietary device which is completely redundant  but adds abiltiy to have more that one connection at a time and is mobile. The Netgear device that comes with the setup by itself does the same thing, so it is completely redundant. Upon realizing your mistake and contacting them for an RMA to return it, you will get nowhere. Having now experienced the real cost of the data, it amounts to .10 per MB which is amounts to about a minute of connection. Therefore in reality you are paying .10 per minute for active use. The Free part is that they will snag you in with Free 500mb per month. Until you have a chance to figure out what that means it sounds like a lot of data. One might get by with that if you use this strickly for email. So, that in reality is 50 free minutes ($5 worth). It does not take long to go through this. The gotcha is that unless you turn off the automatic top up or upgrade to a higher plan you will spend more that the $60 investment that got you into this. As far as expecting to be able to back out and return the equipment, forget about it. It is not going to happen. Not knowing anything about wifi internet the deal was intrigueing to me so I threw the dice. It has been one week, three weeks to go to get through my first trial month. It has cost me $100 for the setup that included an redundant $30 proprietary MIFI device, plus an additional $75 to upgrade to their largest plan: 10gb (they discount the price per MB slightly). Of that monthly plan of which I am in only the first week I have used well over 6gb which in reality is about $60 at this point. Hence on what I thought was a free trial has cost me $175. You will not realize that you are spending 10 cents per minute while actively using this service. That is equivelent to what it probably costs a lousy cell phone plan. If you are going to get into a wifi internet hotspot solution, my suggestion now that I have gone ahead and researched it, is to find an UNLIMITED DATA plan. You will not find one for a hotspot. However after shopping around and talking to various vendors I discovered that if you go directly to T-Mobile and get their cheapest cellphone that accomodates wifi, you will have the same thing - plus you will also have the unlimited $50 per month plan. Hence your wifi enabled laptop or whatever device will connect to the T-Mobile network for a nice $50 per month flat fee. That is as good as it gets. The only concern that this might be is about T-Mobile's coverage in your area. Per their website it might be a little spotty in my area. It is a probably and I have had a T-Mobile cell phone that worked for me once before. However, in my case I decided to do the research and found that you can buy a signal booster (ebay): T-Mobile Asus Dual Band Wireless Router TM-AC1900 Personal Cellspot. I found one for $90, NIB, free shipping. The investment by ordering directly from T-Mobile's website was $130. It includes their LG K330 K7 Clam TD cell phone, the TMO starter Kit and a $50 PPD Refill card.  At least they are a legitimate company that will honor a 30 day money back guarentee. An no, I am not in anyway affiliated with T-Mobile!  BTW, as reluctant I am to purchase additional software I threw the dice on ADGUARD ($25 annual subscription) to stop all the popups that will also burn data and drive you nuts. It is one of two best software purchases I have made yet. IT WORKS!!! The difference in quality of the internet experience is amazing. The other best purchase was Malwarebytes Antivirus software ($25). My advice: STAY AWAY FROM FREEDOMPOP! There are better options. I think the one I have just described is the most savvy. I wil see when it comes in the mail this weekend.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1298095
Jul 16 2016
12:13 PM
freedompop wannabe customer  Internet seems to be a good deal, recommended by consumer advocate Clark Howard, but really..there is NO customers service! No email for answers! No chat! No nothing! Only thing they offer is community forums...and no one answers there either!! They only operate on line, no phone numbers, no email!I know I'll probably never see my money back and now understand that buried in their 'service agreement' are no returns & restocking fees that wipe out any refund.I just don't want others to fall in to this.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1244793
Jul 28 2015
07:02 AM
Freedompop extortion Los Angeles California
 I paid for internet service on June 6, 2015. I was not home for a week in June and did not use the service. When I returned my service was turned off and I have to pay another $10 for 1 GB of service, which lasted only 3 days. I ended up paying freedompop $100 (they keep my credit card on file) just for service from June 6-July 27. I feel like this is extortion and I contacted the company they tell me I have 10gbs per month, I don't stream movies, I don't play x box games I don’t watch movies, I play spades. Now if I go to the bathroom I have to turn off the service or I will be using up my gigabytes If I take a shower I have to turn off the internet, If I take my trash out I have to turn off my computer or I would us up my gigabytes What is a gigabytes ? I do not understand the technology I am 64 years old on a fixed income, I am used to paying $50 per month for unlimited data and or gigabytes I asked for a plan like that but this company insists on charging me $23 for 10 gigabits of service and if I go over I get charged $10 per week thereafter. This company needs to be investigated for extortion of senior citizens and low-income families like me who do not understand the tech. It is cold here in Chicago 6months out of the year and I cannot go out so I am stuck with paying these people $100 dollars per month or more for internet service. This extortion. I started on June 6, 2015 and it has only July 28, 2015 I have already given them over $100 and I was not at home for a week in neither June nor July. They keep my credit card on file so they can charge me $10 per week instead of giving me unlimited data. I don't have $10 per week in the middle of the month. FIXED income allows me to pay my bills in the beginning of the month Patricia
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1159361
Jul 03 2014
12:40 PM
FreedomPop Bait and switch scammers Internet
 FreedomPop is a scam company who bait you into free service then start adding charges. I am a VERY careful user online and fell prey to their tactics.   After purchasing an internet wifi device with the promise of free service up to 500mb per month I was billed $24.99 for Premiere service which I never signed up for. It took much searching to find a way to contact the company even though I had an online account with them. No contact info is available in your account and finally I found someplace to email.  Of course it took several days for a response which was a phone number to call.  It took 52 minutes on hold to get through which gave me the option to select cancel my account but two people and 30 minutes later we were still verifying email, address , etc. The first person told me after wasting 20 minutes that she needed to put me through to another person who again went through the same verification process. He asked if I activated account online or telephone and when I told him online he said I signed up for Premiere at that time. I am very careful so it would have to be awfully fine print to con me. Even so a reputable company would have no problem cancelling and refunding since the account was never used. Peculiar that he did not even know how I signed up until I told him at which time heis tone changed and refused to refund charges.  
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1293573
Mar 14 2016
12:16 PM
freedompop Horrid service Internet
I have used FreedomPop for the past year. I have to say the idea is great. Having lived a very financially unstable decade due to many hard life issues, I found the concept of being able to fall back on a free service invaluable. However!They make it difficult to put any overage safeties on your account, and it's clear that they do this on purpose.You end up needing to upgrade to a paid service, which while much cheaper than the competition, is spotty in areas (granted I live in Port Huron Michigan). I have paid for the unlimited service most of this year, which for clarification is 1 gig of 4g service and unlimited 3g therafter (but they don't redily tell prospective customer that). This basically amounts to a paid for overage protection from a system they created to screw you unless you pay, which I find a scam every single cell phone provider participates in.I ran into a problem today when Freedompop tried to charge my account TODAY and failed because I didn't load money into the account. On their very first attempt to draft on my account, they IMMEDIATELY suspended my account without any warning of a problem whatsoever. I found out after trying to call very important people today that I could not due to billing suspension.Here is what made me extremely angry. I had to dig up their customer service number, which has never been prominantly displayed anywhere on their site (they clearly don't want to talk to you), they informed me that I had to pay a $35 reactivation fee... for a single failed account draft which happened on the same day... which they suspended IMMEDIATELY without warning.The real kicker? Freedompop bills in advance, I literally have $0 balance and they suspended my account!I don't know of a single provider that suspends accounts without warning that they will shut off service in x days unless you call them.They further aggrivated me when they insisted that nobody could remove the fee or reinstate service. I refuse to pay for such an unforgiving and downright preditory fee! This basically told me that even if it was their fault entirely, their service reps have power to do nothing but take your money.I find their concept as a company to be genius, but their execution to be infuriating.I suggest this service strongly consider the following customer freindly options; While they do have an option to notify on data usage, they apparently have NOTHING in place to warn you of imminent account suspension with fair grace time for resolution. This is an atrocity against any loyal customer if you ask me. Never tell a customer that even if it is the companies fault, there is nothing you can do to resolve a situation, regardless of all valid fault or hardships, except to take their money. Place protections on the account. This includes an option to automatically downgrade to the base free plan for any billing issues in order to maintain uninterrupted phone service. Especially for customers on autopay. Lets not forget notifications of any such action! An option to completely disallow any use of further data if the plan has reached it's limit. As long as Freedompop insists on making their customer service and website as convoluted and unfriendly as possible to their customers, be prepared to CONSTANTLY monitor your usages and never do the auto top-up unless you're autopaying for an unlimited plan.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1174230
Sep 03 2014
03:29 PM
FreedomPop Deceptive Billing Practices, Poor Customer Service Internet
FreedomPop designed its user interface such that if you downgrade your 4G service to FREE, it is not immediately apparent that you will continue to pay $7.49 per month for other services. I thought I had turned off the billing becuase all that readily showed on their site was my FREE data service.  It took more than an hour on hold to get to speak to anyone and then they refused to admit that the site was poorly built and designed to make people mistakenly continue to pay for services they thought they had turned off. I have since filed a dispute with my platinum card company. Be forewarned to be careful about cancelling FreedomPop service. Make sure you really are turning it off. If you must speak with them, just make sure you have unlimited minutes because you will be on hold for more than an hour.    
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1274818
Dec 17 2015
12:40 PM
Freedompop Fraudant usage charges Los Angeles, California Nationwide
Signed on in 2011 and used Photon device which was fine except the some limited coverage areas. Their usage and charages seemed to be fair as expected. Last November the company decommissioned the Photon now I am forced to use Netgear Mingle device and here are problems: i noticed at times 1mb to 3mb usage were charged every few minutes when I knew that I was at home using internet instead of Freedompop wifi. I called the company and was told that in order to avoide the charges, I have to turn off the device even I was not using the device for wifi. That was new and a shock, have we ever need to turn off the smartphone when not in use? i did not believe them so this morning I turned the device on whil in a doctor's office and left it on without accessing the internet until I return home after one and one half hour later, I checked the usage and was shocked to see that I used the device 10 times, about 130 mb was used, for nothing, never happened when I was using Photon device. My plan is so called 500mb per month, so for 90minutes simply letting the device on I burned more than 25% off my monthly free allotment. Really? This is a ripoff.
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #1396575
Aug 29 2017
05:43 PM
Freedompop Fraud, Swindelers, Dishonest Los Angeles California
I was looking for a way to save some money on internet service and came across Freedompop Free internet service up to  2 gigs after that you must pay for it. I found a Freedompop site where you can order online and save by purchasing used and/or refurbished equipment in top working order. I ordered a Netgear 6100D router/ modem for 69.99 and the service was free. I never received a confirmation of my order so I called Saturday and the Freedompop sales person said my order did not go through, I told him it must have since it showed pending on my credit card. He assured me that the order did not go through and that I definitely would not be charged for two units. I went ahead and ordered on the phone through Freedompop. Sure enough, I received two of the same unit. I found out after I received the router/modem that my computer does not have wi-fi interface, therefore, the units will do me no good. Ever since then, and I did explain this to the Freedompop people, I have been trying to return the Netgear units under the Freedompop 30 day money back guarantee. I sent one back using the RMA number they sent me. The other one they claim they cannot fine even though I have given them the Order number, ID number of the Netgear unit even the warehouse delivery number. When I called back the third time and talked to another salesperson, he found the unit with no problem and even told me the reason I did not get a confirmation number was that I only used oner in my email address instead of two. Why can't the customer service people find this even though I have sent it 5 times? From looking on the site here I see why this is a habit with these people. I have reported this to the FCC and of course here. I hope this does some good. All I want back is my $69.99 but a lot of other people are losing much more than this. I hope this may result in a class action law suit against these people. I have spent hours and hours on emails and phone calls...over 70 emails and when you call sales people are all you can talk to unless you want to pay $5.99 per month to be hung up on or placed on hold. These are the most non-caring impolite people you will ever talk to. They jerk you around, you return an email and get someone else rather than the person who is familiar with your case. My advice is NEVER to get involved with these people. I stopped payment on the unit I was not supposed to get and received an email saying I should try to work things out with their company so I will not get back any refund. I believe 70 emails would say I was trying to work things out. I really hope something can be done about this company before many more people get ripped off! They do everything they possibly can to not answer or sidestep the issue. Maybe, it is the way they are trained!! 
Entity: Los Angeles, California

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