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1, Report #939806
Sep 11 2012
05:43 PM
Freelancer-com withhold money, account suspension, , Internet
They let me work and supposedly 'earn money' without asking for any kind of verification first. They refuse to send the money, refuse to close account, refuse to accept paypal verification, delay in reporting 'alledged' security problem for 15 working days + 2 days for each response. Refused to provide information about their verification process. They hide all this info in their Terms&Conditions, and use all kinds of excuses to hold onto the money. Their F.A.Q contains general articles about freelancing, nothing about the steps needed to get hold of your earnings. Just a mention of payment methods and nothing about verification in the FAQ. Their F.A.Q and ticketing pages are hidden in their blog, are not in the main page. Their support is dead slow. From their FAQ: Note: If this is your first withdrawal it could take up to 15 days, for security reasons. Once the 15 days are up, only then they ask for documents
Entity: Internet, Internet
2, Report #1010251
Feb 07 2013
07:41 AM
Freelancer Freelancer is definitely a scam. Buyer beware! Internet
Add me to the list of people ripped off by Freelancer.  The billed me twice for the same transaction and refused to issue a refund.  When I filed with paypal, freelancer locked my account until I cancelled the dispute.  Long story short, don't use them! I've read over 100 reports of employers (me) and freelancers having problems.
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #1250123
Aug 21 2015
06:37 PM
Freelancer Freelancer needs to screen These “Fly By Night” Freelancers. Sydney Australia
I hired a freelancer name aslanyanartak2 to build a website.  I set of a milestone payment of $40 dollars to be release when half of site was completed and reviewed and I have yet to have that obligation met. The remainder would be paid upon site completion by aslanyanartak2 (The Freelancer) has failed to deliver completion of half of site for review and instead sent me to a web design sample link which only showed an basic word press theme that in no way reflects the requirements to receive milestone amount that he has the nerve to request to be released. Freelancer need to screen these fly by night Freelancers who represent their business in a negative light. I am very unhappy with this experience and most likely will never use Freelancer ever again
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1338034
Nov 14 2016
08:48 AM
Freelancer Closed My Account And Transacted Money Without Any Consent Sydney NSW
Freelancer closed my account and transacted all my funds without any notice and they say that they can do this as they please. They refuse any cooperation and scam people for their hard earned money. I am willing to press charges as they refuse to say anything and can not prove a single thing they claim that they close or terminate accounts for.
5, Report #929702
Aug 20 2012
07:20 AM
Freelancer Freelancer website is TRICKY and they have no intentions to release any of your money! Internet
Freelancer website is a huge SCAM EVIL RAPISTS! They locked up my money. The website is designed to SCAM, nothing but hidden fees and you have to be careful before you click on any of their buttons when it comes to payment. IT IS TRICKY! Finally i decided enough is enough with this website, so I contact them via email to get my funds back...  this is what they said(below) The reason why funds were being deducted from your accounts automatically was because you have a Pre-approved Billing Agreement.  The support that we have is Email and Chat. We do not have phone numbers because we do not offer that. Pre approved billing agreement where is that on the website? Why cant the website prompt you or explain to the client before proceeding that this will happen and you can choose otherwise? Btw even if you release payments or milestones, the person you contracted cannot WITHDRAW the funds for the next 90days. This company is up to no good. They take a project fee and they locked up your money. 
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #891792
Jun 01 2012
04:40 PM
Freelancer International Pty Limited Steal your money, plain and simple. Pyrmont, Internet
I used to to hire a freelancer that was recommended to me by an employee at my company. I had not used the freelancer before and recommended he sign-up for, so that we can use the site to work on the project. I already had about $300 in my freelancer account. After he created his profile, I added another $225 for his job. Located his profile and hired him to complete a video logo reveal. The freelancer complete the work well and on time. I submitted payment to him after all fees where withdrawn and paid to The next morning my account is suspended. I also found out that the freelancer's account was also suspended due to security risks. I emailed customer support because they won't contact you, why would they, they have your money. The reply I receive basically stated that because I knew the freelancer I hired, or at least was able to contact him that we can circumvent their system and not pay them their fees.  However, anyone with a half a brain over there, would realize that fees were withdrawn when I added funds, and fees where taken when the freelancer was paid.  To make matters worse, I brought this freelancer to, just in case there was an issue with him. Not in a million years did I think that I should have been more wary of So now they have the balance of my funds, plus holding the freelancer's payment. I'm not going to screw over this poor freelancer and will pay him again. That's what responsible companies do. Who know who this will get resolved, but my company is out anywhere between $500-$700. Heed the warnings here - run don't walk to or These are reputable companies, with phone numbers and easy way to get issues resolved. Oh, the most important thing to be aware, if you use paypal, they will automatically authorize your account for re-occuring payments. So basically they can withdrawn money from paypal account at will. You manually have to go into paypal and cancel the payment structure. Nasty, shady business. This is why people are so skeptical of everything. The internet is rife with companies out to screw you of every penny and hide behind their bogus terms and conditions. Stick with reputable, proven companies that have PHONE NUMBERS.
Entity: Pyrmont, Internet
7, Report #948780
Sep 30 2012
03:03 PM
Freelancer Technology Pty Limited is a SCAM! FRAUD! Internet is a SCAM ! is a FRAUD ! Remember this very good and think carefully before you decide to use their services. If you decide anyway to use their services be prepared to be humiliated from them, be prepared to send multiple  copies of your personal information  - your ID, driving licence, utility bills,  recent  bank statement with all details, i find also that some people sent them even their diplomas and certifications from the university. Be prepared to begging to give you back your fairly earned money. Be prepared  to write multiple explanations of the same things over and over again. Be prepared to sent many emails to their customer support  and receive template answers without any explanation why this happen. And all this only because you decide to use services of, to bid on project, to win it ,  to do your work, to receive payments from your client, and when the pay day come,  will do one thing they will hold your money, they will  suspend your account and you cannot withdraw it. Of course they get fees from you and from client for their services. And  the nightmare begin. Your account is limited and you start to write emails to support, send personal information, write explanations to the Verification center and begging for your money. They try to reject official issued governement documents, without any explanation, they write  you strange  messages and try to delay as much times as possible. The reason is that they try steal your money, only because your account hit 1000 $ or is nearly this sum.They limit your personal account, and you cannot withdraw your money. They treat you like you're doing something illegal, they try to manipulate you , they try to change your words ... But they have goal, to steal your money, get your personal information and to make you feel very bad, and notice you are already  pay fee  for this ? But remember that this is not your fault, you are working hard for your money, you didn't make something wrong. You are just a victim of a fraud. is a complete scam. Now I am in this situation and I still wait to get my money. On September 26, my account was limited. Ever since September 30, I sent according to their requests for verification 5x copies of the following documents: 1) valid ID card issued by a Member State of the European Union 2) valid Driving license issued by a Member State of the European Union 3) officially released and signed with the bank statement balance on my personal account of a branch of an international bank of which I am a customer 4) Official invoice issued in my name for the services offered by a mobile operator with international reputation 5) Several pages of explanations, the last was before few hours Despite all this, my account is still limited. I even contacted the administrator to their Facebook page asking for help, I was forwarded back to support desk and the Verification centre and again after my repeated requests, access remains limited and I can not withdraw the money that I spent with my honest labor. Why is this happening, why this company  blackmail customers to provide personal information in exchange of the money earned , why this company keeps money, not the owner, but at the same time charge a fee for services/ I have many more questions. But overall I want they to lift my account  limitations  and  explain on what grounds violated several civil rights and collect personal data, and how they store it and use. I plan to continue search my rights in a legal way  from Australian authorities, they don't have rights to speculate with hard earned money from freelancers and collect so much personal information. Thanks
Entity: Internet, Internet
8, Report #973315
Nov 25 2012
05:55 AM
Freelancer Technology Pty Limited misleading, scam, credit card scam Internet
You may read others stories like mine here: 1. I paid for a membership at using a credit card. in the amount of 30$ 2. A couple days later I realized I was not going to actually use the service. So I requested a refund. The refund was credited to my account rather than my credit card. 3. billed on to the refund a processing fee of $5.00.  4. At this point I had $25.00 in my account. (which originally and legally should have been credited back to my credit card and not my account.   5. I went to get the funds transferred to my pay pal account. At this point I noticed a disclaimer stating that account holders can not withdraw less than $30.00 at one time. In addition, any first or initial transfer/transactions take up to 15 days to process due to security. 6, In addition, because my freelancer account is set to default in USD currency when I registered I would need to then convert my $25 US into CAN dollars to make the transfer. In doing this freelancers currency converter made my 25$ into 14$ CAN. 7. I was astounded of course and frustrated overall, all I wanted to do was get my money back and move on. But I was/am locked into if I wanted my money back. 8. So I entered a couple contests and won a contest put on by, I won 100$ USD. So, at this point I have 114$ in my account. Which is locked there until the 15 days are up for their so called security check and processing. I am wondering what other fees will be tacked on to this.  7. They billed me a commission charge on the $100.00 I won for a contest they put on internally. Normally they would bill users a commission rate. But I was surprised to learn that they would even bill a commission charge on an internally posted contest. I made a complaint and was refunded the charge (to which I was surprised).  So this is more or less it. During my time with I read of other members being scammed out money for projects or contests that freelancers had either won or bid on and won. If visit the link above you can read on about the many users of that site that came away with a variety of frustrations.  I think freelancer is operating under a certain guise that the average consumer does not see until they get swindled. Things appear to be in order until people start trying to withdraw money from their accounts or collect money from clients. In addition freelancer has certain policies in effect that might be within legal reason but in moral or honest business practice these policies are not set to serve customers or clients. I read of many people not being able to collect their earnings because freelancer locks accounts for bogus security reasons. Users are being scammed out of money through the website and does not take action on behalf of the user nor do they accept any responsibility for scams on the website.  In addition my own experience where I was swindled out of my refund through careful planning and conjecture of Because a this point I don't really know for a fact if was bound by law to refund my money to my credit card or if they had just legale cause to refund it to my account. In my mind they should have refunded my credit card, since this was the method of payment in addition if I didn't want the service why would I want the funds to be transferred to my account where I am unable to actually recover them due to freelancers bogus policies.  At any rate I must warn everyone to stay away from whether or not you are an employer or talent looking to gain extra work or money on the side. If you are reading this and have had a similar experience I urge you to voice your experience to agencies like interpol and rip off report, the sooner and more this is done the sooner will cease to exist. 
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #1258282
Sep 30 2015
05:27 PM
Freelancer ( c/o MATT BARRIE Unauthorized Transactions (International Fraud) PYRMONT SYDNEY Internet
Freelancer ( is engaging in unlawful acts abroad as it pertains to online billing of United States consumer debit cards. Their business practices are unethical and pose a threat to consumers at large. Upon opening an account on their website at the company proceeds to withdrawal funds from consumer bank accounts minus rendering of any goods or services. Despite dozens of complaints freelancers continues to abuse account holders personal information by billing multiple fees to their debit and/or credit cards. The company can be reached via the following addresses: MATT BARRIE FREELANCER TECHNOLOGY PTY LIMITED SUITE 52, JONES BAY WHARF 26-32 PIRRAMA ROAD, PYRMONT SYDNEY, NSW 200 AU Phone: +61.296929980 Registrant Fax: +61.296929980 Registrant Fax Ext: Registrant Email: NOC@FREELANCER.COM MATT BARRIE SUITE 52, JONES BAY WHARF 26-32 PIRRAMA ROAD, PYRMONT SYDNEY, NSW 2009 AU Report them to the Attorney General of Austrailia and their local law enforcement agency.
10, Report #1298047
Apr 05 2016
08:44 PM
Freelancer lied and stole my money, deleted emails and then claim I never wrote back Internet
I hired a freelancer by the name coorymark to resize a book and to put a bleed trim on each page..she knew the book was for print purposes and never did the job..I was unable to identify the issue until it was sent to Amazon for print and rejected..The matter was reported and they lied and say I never responded to their emails, consequently I was denied a refund..they lied! I responded to every email..
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1296836
Mar 30 2016
02:09 PM
Entity: Sydney, Internet
12, Report #1260130
Oct 08 2015
09:12 PM
Freelancer Technology Pty Limited Do Not Do Business With Sydney Sydney
I have done business on for almost two years and have completed over 50 projects. All of a sudden they closed my account and required me to verify my identity.  The process is rediculous and requires providing them copies of your drivers license, bank statements, and a mug shot of you holding your ID and a verification number.  It would not be so bad but they keep declining your submissions. I have done a search online and they seem to do this to everyone. The Verification department does not have a phone number or an email address. So you just keep going around in circles trying to login and get access to your funds. There are many other freelancer sites out there and I encourage people to go to ,  or any other freelance site instead. I have done over 75 freelancer projects as an employer and my strong recommendation is to stay clear of freelancer. com.    
13, Report #914110
Jul 18 2012
07:14 PM
FREELANCER freelancer, scam, sucks, ripoff, unprofessional, scam artist, hustler, dishonest,heat, con artist, deceiver, deluder, dissimulator, equivocator, fabler, fabricator, fabulist, false witness, falsifier, Internet
We posted a computer project for the clients of to bid on. It was not a difficult project, and we received many bids. After reading the profiles and the portfolios, we chose a person whom we thought could complete the project.  They said it would be completed in only 5 days.  They said they were expert in the type of work we were asking to be done. Next Freelancer asked for a milestone payment.  Little did we know that they somehow underhandedly set up a recurring paypal payment to them, not to the bidder/worker. The bidder also asked for a milestone payment.  Looking back, now we are glad it was only such a small amount, because we  never got any project finished. First the bidder says they had computer problems.  The five days were long past. Then, they said one of their workers had to go out of town.  It was one excuse/lie after another. The bidder said they had to cancel the project, and they would send our money back. They did not. So, we filed a dispute with paypal which was unsuccessful because they DO NOT HAVE a BUYER PROTECTION PLAN for INTANGIBLE SERVICES. So, then we went to Freelancer to see what the status of our account was, and they had posted that the bidder and we had agreed on a settlement.  MORE LIES.  IF YOU ARE FEELING LIKE GIVING AWAY SOME TIME and MONEY, then, by all means, be sure to go to FREELANCER for ALL of your COMPUTER SOFTWARE PROJECTS. FREELANCER IS A HUGE HUGE RIPOFF.  They do not monitor any of the dead beats that are stealing money from unsuspecting customers. BEWARE!!!!!
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #1000434
Jan 21 2013
05:38 AM
Freelancer International (Pty) L:td formerly Freelancer Australia (Pty) Ltd Refuses to answer emails and has disconnected its telephone Internet, Australia
I have been a Freelancer worker for two and a half years. One day I was unable to bid for a job on this company's site and contacted their help service. Every time I answered their email, somebody new replied and I had to start with the whole story again each time - and got absolutely nowhere. I did everything they told me to do in order to fix the problem, including having computer checked by my personal technician and also Microsoft (as I have original Microsoft products) and was told by both that the problem is with Freelancer, not my computer. Faced with this fact, Freelancer agreed that it was the company's problem and told me that the problem had been referred to another department to be rectified. Since that email I have not heard from them, nor do they reply to my emails. Freelancer's telephone number has been disconnected but the company continues to do business, as I still get job offers from them.
Entity: Internet, Select State/Province
15, Report #1323409
Aug 19 2016
09:46 AM
GAMIT SEO FREELANCER seo gamit gamit freelancer scam lies spam blackhat junk programs bots CRAIOVA, Romania Internet
Well from there feedback from newbies you would think there the best at what they do.. Well I paid them 500.00 a month or 8 months and never not even one month did a single keywork rank. There excuse was give it time it will come. I finally said listen my keywords never ranked how about half the money back so I can find someone to do the job correctly. They never replied and that was that. I did some more homework to find out there link building is junk and its what you call link farm. If you want real seo then stay away these liars .
Entity: Internet
16, Report #478306
Aug 10 2009
08:54 PM Get A Freelancer Use software to obtain personal information from your computer. Double Bay Australia
They are not legit! I intentionally made bids with what they call top never hear from them and all the reviews sound as if they are a script. I followed a link from one of the employers that had a crawler that caused me some very serious computer problems. I have tried to contact them and never get a response, I should of known something was wrong when the company does not enclose the phone number. They also share your email with other marketing services! None of what they have promoted seems to be legit and I just wanted to share this experience with others so they don't waste their time or money. Concepts Louisville, KentuckyU.S.A.
17, Report #890048
May 29 2012
03:08 PM
FREELANCER INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD They kept my money for a project I completed for a client. Internet
I completed a project for a client for $240. Freelancer suspended my account and held my money. All I can get are emails with the same questions over and over about how I know the client. They stopped replying to my emails after several attempts to contact them. I see here that this is a common complaint but it is the same as theft. They have no reason to hold the money. I sent them all 190 articles that I wrote for the client but to no avail.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #989288
Dec 31 2012
11:57 AM
Freelancer Technology Pty Limited suspended my account because I tried to block an unauthorized payment that they demanded! Sydney Internet
I was posting a project, which was supposed to be a free activity on this site. However, in the review process for the project a $199 fee was added to the posting of the project. When I rejected the fee and tried to repost the project without the fee multiple times, this was not allowed. When I looked at the statement for the fee, which I did not have enough money deposited on the site to pay, it said that I would have to deposit on the next page if I wanted to post the project. I was given the impression that if I clicked through, I would be given options for a deposit. Or, I could change the project settings and then I wouldn't have to pay the fee. Instead, the money was taken out of my account. They also withdrew additional money from my Paypal account without my permission to complete the payment of $199. I have contacted their support team, but they have been completely unhelpful. I talked to Scarlett. We had the following conversation- ?Am I talking to a real person? ?Please give me my $199 dollars back. I did not intend to post a fulltime project. ?My project has been posted as such, and the amount has been deducted incorrectly from my account. Scarlett: Hello! My name is Scarlett and I'd be glad to answer your questions about Scarlett: It is possible that it was recommended to be posted in Fulltime and you agreed on your end which ticked the system to post the project in Fulltime and automatically deducted the fees. ?I did not agree to the recommendations. ?This is a one-time project. Scarlett: Before anything else, may I please have your username and the project ID involved? ?Username- thoughtspeech ?Project ID- 4082357 Scarlett: Thanks for that information. Please give me around 2 minutes while I check this for you. Scarlett: Thank you for patiently waiting. Note a Full time project allows employer to save 100% on Freelancer.comcommissions. Scarlett: There will be no charge based on the value of the work to either you or the Freelancer. Scarlett: Also note that we strictly prohibit asking and providing of user's account information. Scarlett: However, for Full time projects this is allowed since this is part of the privilege you get for upgrading the project into Fulltime. ?The thing is, I didn't want a full time project. ?I had no intentions to pay for a full time project. ?I was incorrectly billed. ?Now the cost of posting the project will cost about three times as much as the project itself. Scarlett: Note that this will only be posted and upgraded to Full time on your end since the project itself was not recommended to be Full time from our end. Scarlett: Our fees are non refundable unless stated otherwise. ?But I was incorrectly billed! ?I don't know how it turned into a full time project, but I did not submit it as such! ?I don't save on commission. I pay more for commission because my project would cost LESS in commission without the Fulltime fee. ?This is not a fulltime project, and I did authorize this bill. ?*did not Scarlett: If you wish to have the proper department review and consider this for you, you may opt to submit a ticket. ?Please transfer me to that department immediately . ?I am in the process of filing an online fraud report against Freelancer. Scarlett: However, we cannot guarantee that this will be granted since it is already a valid charge in your account since you have utilized the benefits given by a Full time project. Scarlett: Note that these were all written on our Terms which you signed up and agreed upon signing up and using our Site. ?This is my first time posting a project, so I had no idea that this was even an issue. I will not be using the contact information that I have been given. Scarlett: As mentioned earlier, we can have the proper department consider this for you. ?Nor will I be receiving any outside messages from those who have bid on the project. ?I just want this project closed if that's how I can get my money back. Scarlett: You may send email directly at I have already filed an online fraud report with the proper division of the FBI. I will only withdraw if they give me my money back and allow me to close the project without fees. I do not intend to use any of the contact information that I have been given by freelancers, and I have since changed the one piece of contact information that I gave out before it received any contact from Freelancers.  Edit- my account has been suspended because I suspended the UNAUTHORIZED Paypal payment. Freelancer wouldn't offer any hope of giving me back the $199, and it won't even let me get away with the $9 that Paypal was responsible for! In addition, they are forbidding me from withdrawing any additional money that has been released to their site by my other employers.
Entity: Sydney, Internet
19, Report #1334166
Oct 20 2016
10:45 AM
Web Developer at Freelancer Bradley Allen Snider Offered to build a website for me he started on it and never completed it Lancaster California California
Bradley Allen Snider. Found this guy on freelancer i had an idea for a website.and he seemed like the perfect person to do it he 5 star ratings on freelancer and he still does  me being new to the freelancer site i wanted to get the project strated right away but instead of going through freelancer we worked outside the site> I sent him $1000 bucks up front he started the project that me and him agreed on he got started on the project and was doing good everything was going great he finished certain parts of the site. so he said he need to get more money for other functions so i sent $1000 more bucks. Our agreement on the site was $3000 i sent him the last $1000 after that hye just started slacking off talking about his family problems and so forth. he was over half way done with completing the site and just abandoned it i would call him he would promise he was going to finish it that he was not THEIF he did not work that way its been a little over two years still no site  no contact anything from this loser. dont get me wrong he does great work on webdesign but stealing money from people thats not the way to go i have posted below his frelancer link just sad a person with so much talent in design and art  would even stoop to the level of a THEIF
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1345581
Dec 25 2016
07:55 PM
FREELANCER TECHNOLOGY PTY LIMITED will steal money out of your account if you leave a balance. SYDNEY, AU Internet
If you leave a money balance in your freelancer account and you do not log in for 6 months, they will start deducting money from your account with out any kind of notifications. They state the reason they take the money is to cover there expenses. If you don't have money in your account then nothing is charged. User Accounts that have not logged in for six months will incur a maintenance fee of up to $10.00 USD per month until either the account is terminated or reactivated. This charge is for storage, bandwidth, support and management costs of providing hosting of the user's profile, portfolio storage, listing in directories, provision of the HireMe service, file storage, and message storage. Here are my charges:Aug 2016  Monthly dormant account fee taken (USD) -10.00 Jul 2016  Monthly dormant account fee taken (USD) -10.00 Jun 2016  Monthly dormant account fee taken (USD) -10.00 When you complain they tell you the money is refundable but they cook the records and remove them from my transactions. So now I don't know what's going on or how much money they've taken.  I can't trust the records they provide me. DO NOT LEAVE MONEY IN YOUR ACCOUNT! They are dishonest and will take your funds when you are not looking.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1410815
Nov 07 2017
02:01 PM
FREELANCER INTERNATIONAL I told them to cancel my subscription and they still took my money anyway. Sydney New South Wales
I'll take this to CNN if I have to.  They won't put up there phone number, so I can't call them.  I've called Pay Pal and asked them to close their account. Plus I'm gone report them to the Better Business  Bureau. Times are hard nobody have money to throw away.  I also see that they've scammed other people too.
Entity: Sydney, New South Wales
22, Report #806896
Dec 08 2011
07:03 PM Get a freelancer, GAF Breach of freelancer agreement, refusing to allow freelancers to withdraw money until after Christmas Internet
Acccording to the agreement between and it's clients, funds are available to withdraw twice weekly. On December 8th 2011, however, placed a hold on freelancer withdraws, stating that there is a hold due to the Christmas season. We will not be given access to our payments until after December 29 to 30th.First of this is a breach of contract between this site and the freelancers who use it. A company that does not abide by one agreement will not by any means abide by any agreements, bringing me to my deeper concern- that this site has no intentions of releasing funds at all.My issue is not just that ruined Christmas for many people. It is also that they did so without any notice to anyone. There has also been no explaination for the unannounced changed in funds release dates. Finally, there was obviously NO thought or concern for the people who use this site, when they took this action.I am outraged that the CEO of this company has been given awards for INTEGRITY of all things. I am also outraged that this site has received the webby awards as well as other well-known accolades. It takes no integrity whatsoever to treat your own clients like they are nobodies. I believe that there is power in numbers, however, and I am not the type of person to just sit idly by and be ripped off.For the past month or more, I have gotten up early in the morning, worked on my projects, went to work full time at the school where I am employed, then returned home and worked on freelancer projects again until I could barely could keep my eyes open. Why? So that my family would have a Christmas, which you carelessly and needlessly stole from us. I will not forget that, and I will make sure that as many people as will listen to me, will know that you are not a man of integrity and that is not a place that deserves any accolades, awards or patronage.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #922557
Aug 04 2012
04:19 PM GAF, Get a Freelancer, Freelancer International Pty. Limited scam, invasion of privacy, threat, witholding the funds Internet witheld my money a few times. They demanded sensitive information of me. Compromised the secrecy of at least one project of mine. For many years the company ignores negative signals. Running a support for all the scammed:
Entity: Internet, Internet
24, Report #1342293
Dec 09 2016
11:27 AM, Freelancer Technology Pty Limited freelancer, computer tech.s, graphic design, fraud, unskilled, unqualified, web sites, html, India, Pakistan, computer, web making Sydney India
DO NOT use FREELANCER.comFreelancer has many totally unqualified so called techs that have NO idea what they are doing. I hired one and quickly found out he didn't even have minimal skills. Luckily, he withdrew on his own. I hired another, named Vivek,  who struggled to do basic, simple tasks that others have done with no problem.  I paid him for it. For another task he totally screwed up my web site. I had to have my web host re-set the web site to restore it. When I told this nut case I no longer need his service, he said 2x he would return the money I put into the milestone to pay for the guy's work upon completion. This unskilled, incompetent LIAR Vivek, then filed a dispute just to be vindictive and harass me after he sais 2x he would release my money. Once someone files a dispute FREELANCER.COM puts a hold on your money. FREELANCER seizes your money until the dispute is resolved. Vivek cursed me, used vulgar language, which was of NO concern to Freelancer. FREELANCER permits this type of behavior from it's techs to their paying clients as long as Freelancer is making money off of them.I asked Freelancer to show me where the task was completed successfuly, they ignored me, and permitted their nut case, unskilled, unqualifed,  so called tech to continue to harass me and attempt to access my web site. Freelancer is GARGABE. Their low cost overseas techs are amateurs that LIE to get work. Freelancer's  people use other peoples work as their own to get hired. Many of Freelancer's people who apply for a job are actually just salespeople who work for companies in India and elsewhere, and have no skills.Also, when you put money into a milestone, to cover the cost of the agreed upon work, Feelancer helps themselves to all sorts of fees that they do NOTHING to inform you about when you make a Payment for services to be rendered. You get unexpected SURPRISE charges.Do not waste your time or your money and risk your web site using Do not have your money SEIZED by Freelancer because you mistakenly hired an unskilled, incompetent, unprofeesionsl, vindictive LIAR, that Freelancer vouched for, who lied about the skills they don't have, and LIE about returning YOUR money.I have the emails to prove EVERYTHING  I said above.DO NOT use
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Aug 22 2009
04:05 PM
FreshInsite, freelancer, website , Florida
I suggest you never use a company by the name of , they are based in the Phillipines. My experience was nothing but awful. I found a so-called company of website script programmers called FreshInsite  on a website for freelancers. I was originally looking for a website script programmer to work on a website design i had in mind. I spoke Carl from Freshinsite for a few days and he was very eager to work on my design, he even sent me a few previous website designs they had done before. Their so-called work seemed acceptable and their company was based out of the Phillipines. Since I did not know much about Carl or FreshInsite, I decided to have him do some other work for me, a smaller project. This smaller project would also include some website script programming, but would atleast show me that their company would be able to work on the script. Carl said they would charge me $200 for the script modification service, and I could send them $100 using paypal as the initial deposit. So everything seemed fine, I send ray@freshinsite the initial deposit of $100 for to start work on my script. Carl had me fill out a form describing the work that need to be performed on the script, and I completed it. I even sent Carl the entire script so their website programmers could work on it. Then Carl requested FTP access to my website, I found this a little odd since they already had the entire script with all the files, but maybe they wanted to see the inner workings on the server, so I created a separate account for FreshInsite. The script modification was supposed to have been complete in 2 days. A few days went by and I heard nothing from Carl or I sent them a few skype messages and emails and still no answer. This was odd, as when Carl wanted my business, he would answer right away.  I finally called the number listed on their website 888-710-1222, and Carl answered. He said he was in a conference and could not talk to me. Well, this just seemed too suspicious for me, so I canceled their FTP access to my website. The next day, since they were over their timeframe, I asked for a refund of my initial deposit. They refused and said that they needed FTP access to my site to complete the work, in the mean time I hired someone else, who found the problem in an hour, just be seeing the script I sent them and never needed ftp access. So I told Carl, that they would not get any access to any of my sites any more, and since they had failed to perform the work they were contracted to perform, I was demanding my refund. Well, I am here writing this, because I still have not received my refund from Freshinsite. In my opinion, ther are nothing but a bunch of crooked thieves out to steel peoples money!
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