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1, Report #1404596
Oct 06 2017
08:53 AM
Freesee tv Tv fox antennaOr Scared me On line prescence Internet
 I ordered an antenna and amplifier from freesee tv fox on line and paid with credit card $74.20 on 8/23/17. After not receiving merchandise by 9/27/17, I emailed and was continually told it was shipped and delivered. If it was it was not delivered to my location. I am asking for my money back since I have sent multiple replies to them that I DID NOT RECEIVE THE MERCHANDISE I ORDERED. They will not acknowledge that and keep saying tracking indicates delivered. The time shown for delivery is early morning and our rural carrier never delivers mail at that time. I feel I was scammed and have gotten nowhere in retrieving what I paid. I would highly advise not to do do business with an on line presence that gives no address or phone number for their business. The latest email I received from some support person was at 4:30am. That would be a red flag that something seems fishy!
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1409298
Oct 29 2017
07:22 PM
freesee tv fox direct see tv Antennaes and amplifliers does not work, paid $115.00. Could not return as postage to the Netherlands were about the same as cost, paypal should not have them as merchants, Could not. cancel within minutes of ordering.What a ripoff!. Internet
Ordered 3 antennaes and 1 ampliflier through the internet, within minutes I tried to cancel, could not reach them as there was no customer service. Paid this through PayPal and when I called to cancel with them they explained that it was already paid and there was nothing they could do. When items came, I tried sending it back but the postal fees were too much since the address was in the Netherlands. Learned later that these items were selling for $5.00 on E-bay so I suppose a lot of people were scammed by this bogus company. PayPal shoiuld not be doing business with them as I will no longer be using PayPal in the future! What a Rip-off!
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1430506
Mar 04 2018
04:18 PM
strong current enterprises limited freesee tv, tvfox antenna Slamed me with pices I didn't order and gave me a bad return add. City of London England / City of London
Hell-o I received three items that I would like to return and I see the add. I see others have had trouble returning thing and getting credit.  All three ideas are ordered  seperatly so there are three differnt returnds# 24413759 paypal # 9m639127m94744525 #2-24413866 Paypal # 0xa6546575254944m #3-24413692  paypal # 8tr05738k7477852x
Entity: City of London, England / City of London
4, Report #1337655
Dec 18 2016
10:06 AM
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1392141
Aug 11 2017
05:53 PM
Sling TV aka , Streaming Internet TV sling tv,, Streaming TV, internet tv, fraud, scam, Colorado
They offer you a trial period and tell you if you cancel before the trial period is over your credit card will not be charged.  I canceled 4 days before the end of the trial period because frankly, their service sucks..... but they charged my credit card anyway, and when I called and complained, all they would say is sorry we never received your cancellation and don't offer refunds.  Liars!  and scam artists, I definitely canceled, but because they didn't email me a confirmation of the cancel, they think they will get away with it as they always did before.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #573109
Feb 22 2010
11:35 AM
DIRECT TV Direct TV Illigetimate Cancellation fee Internet
Direct TV appears to have a policy of ripping off customers who close their accounts.  In this case, they moved the starting date of my contract ahead to a point where I had to purchase a new remote controller. On this basis, they justified billing me for early cancellation of my contract.They have been resistant to refunding this incorrect billing.  I was told, after an interminable session of telephone waiting, that it would take 3-days.  They did not do that, and upon recontact that 3-days grew to 6-8 weeks!  At this point, they have agreed to a refund in 8-business days, but this issue is still open.They will NEVER get me back into their client base.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #549742
Jan 05 2010
03:23 PM
Direct TV instalation problem Internet
9:05 PM At beginning of post row. I had a installer come by today. The first thing he said to me was that he was going to have to charge me for the installation. (direct TV told me it was free because it was a move) The next thing he told me was I was committing fraud. I asked him what he was talking about. I also said if he wanted to charge me for it he could leave right now since that's not what direct TV told me. My wife had said that I wanted the direct TV set up on the roof of the garage apartment. I also wanted to put a direct TV line in the garage apartment that I rent furnished all bills paid. (so both to my main house and my garage apartment that shares the utilities on the same lot would have direct tv) I had cable installed like that years ago and the cable company said that was legal cause it was all on the same property. (all the utilities are shared with the house and its on the same lot) He said that if I ran a box into the garage apartment and my house It would be illegal. I said OK then just install it in the main house but I am not paying for it. Direct said it was free. I also said I wanted it installed on the roof of the garage apartment where the dish TV dish was installed. The garage apartment is 3 feet from the main house with a clear southern exposure. I can also easily reach that location if I need to adjust the dishl He said they could only install it only on the main house. There is a dish TV installed on the south side of the main house but its right in front of the cedar tree and is 30 foot up where I can't reach it, thats where they wanted to put the dish. I can reach the garage apartment roof easily with a ladder since it has a porch. Anyway they said they could not install it, then took a box cutter and cut the lines they had all ready screwed into the house and left them still attached. (see pictures) To be fair I was angry at these installers and I did raise my voice to them much louder than I should have and I am sorry about that. I am not happy with people calling me a criminal when they first meet me. I told them if they were going to charge me for the install they could just leave I would talk to direct TV and get another installer. I KNOW I am wrong on my part in getting angry with these fellows. Who is right about the installation to the garage apartment? Is it OK to install on the roof of the garage apartment and run the cables over three feet and into the main house? If I supply direct TV for my tenant would I be breaking the law? Could I just skip the tenant installation and have it installed to my main house with the dish on my garage apartment and still be legal? (I could just cancel direct TV and go with cable easily or just have the tenant get cable or dish or whatever) Is it right for the installer to use a box cutter to slash the cables and then leave them attached to my house? (see pics)
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #788602
Oct 13 2011
10:49 PM
Direct TV Early termination fees Internet
I called directv to cancel my service and I was told there was an early termination fee for the unsed months left in my contract.  I found this hard to digest when my contract was over a year earlier.  I was told there was a DVR added to my account. I asked who activated the DVR and where it came from and who agreed to the new terms.  At no time did I activate a new DVR nor did I agree to any new terms of service.  Directv was unable to tell me where the DVR came from who authorized the new agreement and when the transaction took placeI spoke with a supervisor and asked them to tell me where I signed or where I verbally agreed or acknowledged any new terms and any proof that I had recieved or activated a new DVR.  Again I add, at no time did I EVER activate a new DVR to my service.  I was told they do not have to prove that I received anything or that I agreed to anything. I then asked well if I had called in and ordered a new DVR I would have had a voice recording of agreeing to a new contract is that correct, I was told that was correct but they had no such recording.  Directv then told me all they have to prove is that it's in their system.  How it got there and who put it there doesn't matter just that it's there and now I owe them.  Directv service was great and I only canceled because I moved.  I would have loved to bring them with me in the future however after this expeirence I would NEVER consider them again and will persuade anyone I can to stay away from them.  I feel as though I canceled so they had to make some kind of money any way they could.  What options do I have, if I don't pay them they just send me to collections.  Doesn't seem as though consumers have any protection!
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #1189649
Nov 18 2014
07:46 AM
Direct tv LIES Nationwide
Nothing but problems with Direct tv right from the start!. They lied to me over and over again. Save yourself the greif and aggravation....Dont even get into this crap!
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1180295
Oct 01 2014
11:28 AM
Direct TV Not providing programing promised Nationwide
We have been Direct Tv customers for over seven years.  About a year ago I called and asked about the specials being offered to new customers and was offered HD TV box's with Genie and several movie channels and was told that NFL network was included but it would be better to wait as the season was almost over and was told they noted my account.  I called a few weeks ago and they informed me that they never said that and basiclly called me a liar.  I asked if they kept recordings and they replied yes but they would not be able to obtain it.  Now I'm roped into a two year contract and they refuse to follow thru with the deal I signed up for.  I want to find another provider as I do not appreciate being called a liar!!
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1023889
Mar 05 2013
01:41 PM
Direct TV Liars, Liars, Liars Internet
Direct TV are some liars who mislead customers into thinking they are going to get a deal and save money only to change and pretend to have insomnia when you get your bill and see outrageous charges on it. I plan on filing a complaint against them for false information with BBB-Better Business Bureau. $25 a month for a Genie on top of your cable bill? Who does that? Why wasn't this told to me beforehand? Because Direct TV are liars and con artists that's why. My services are always out and I have to go through hoops just to get a credit for it. Stay far away from this bootleg company. I'm tired of consumers, such as myself, getting jerk around by these greedy companies, such as Direct TV.
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #1242944
Jul 20 2015
06:17 AM
Entity: internet
13, Report #1291356
Mar 02 2016
10:24 PM
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1359987
Mar 06 2017
08:14 AM
Direct TV Billing rip off Nationwide
I closed my Direct TV account in October, 2016, because I moved. The account was paid in full and the equipment returned. Today I received a bill for $5.28 for New Charges of a movie.  So I called and spoke to someone in India who explained that I was being charged for a movie I ordered in September!  I don't think so (based on movie title)!!!.  I demanded they remove it from the bill and she said she did.  I wonder how many people just pay this sort of thing just to get them off their backs? They could make a fortune ripping people off like this.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #64790
Jul 28 2003
11:01 AM
Prime Tv Direct Tv ripoff dirty ripoff liars Miami Florida
i had direct tv installed in may. i have called about my rebate at least 10 times. every time i call they put me off another 10 to 15 days. i still haven't received my $99.00 rebate. i draw disability which is not much and i need my rebate. they have lied to me from day one. direct tv says their not responsible for rebates that prime tv is.they failed to tell me that when they installed this system. they led me to believe that everything came from them.they lied about the second receiver. i was told it would be no extra charge. i'm paying $4.99 extra a month. it is a shame that a company like this can rip people off. i hope this helps someone not to get ripped off the way i did Brenda blairsville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
16, Report #61946
Jun 26 2003
01:06 PM
Prime TV/ Direct TV ripoff Southern Pines North Carolina
I got the number off an ad on TV, so I called I was told free insulation, 2 months free service. Than I'm told I had to pay the installer $99 and I would be reimbursed. I even payed the $19.90 shipping and $49 for insurance on equitment. The installer installed the equitment, he than calls Direct TV, I'm than told I had to pay additional $55 for activation. I told the person no one told me that there would be more charges. I told them forget it I will not pay more money because I was never told. Direct TV told my husband I was not to pay the installer, and I wouldn't get the $99 back from Direct TV. So I called Prime TV they told us to deal with Direct TV. We talked to a manager at Prime TV she said she would wave the $55, but that was to late after approx. 2hrs of going back and forth with both companies. I called my cable company so I can go back to basic cable. These 2 companies are really bad. I feel if they shouldn't get away with this. Because someone might think their getting a great deal and their being ripped off. Its not fair.. Wendy Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Southern Pines, North Carolina
17, Report #661574
Nov 13 2010
12:27 PM
Dish TV and Direct TV Screwed by the satellite tv companies Internet
Last week I signed up to have Dish Satellite TV installed in my home.  The man who took my order spelled my name wrong, my street address wrong, my town wrong and my zipcode wrong.  I took a day off work so I would be home when the tech arrived to install the system.  That day I received a call from the tech, he could not find my house.  It turns out he was searching in a town that is ten hours away from where I live.  He said he needed to look into the problem and would call me back. He never did. So I started calling Dish TV.  I made a total of 10 calls, each time I was promised I would be called back and never was.  Finally, after 3.5 hours of frustration and talking to every possible Dish rep, I was told installation would be this morning between 7am and 9am.  I called back AGAIN to verify this, and spoke to a supervisor.  She contacted dispatch and verified the time.  I went to work last night, got home at 0200 this morning, woke up at 0700 to be available when the tech arrived, and guess what, no one showed up.  I called, was told the installation time had been changed and I had not been informed.  They had set up the time when I was unavailable and at work.  NO APOLOGY WAS GIVEN.  So I cancelled.  Next, I contacted Direct TV.  I was upset, and told the man I had been treated badly by DISH and would appreciate honest and fair treatment.  He promised me he would do just that, and also informed me that he frequently had customers call and complain about DISH.  I then asked him if DIRECT tv provided local channels in my area.  He promised me they did.  I asked three more times during the conversation to verify this, and he promised they did.  I then went through the long process of setting up an account and service date.  After the conversation I called back AGAIN to verify I would be getting local channels. This second rep also verified this.  I then found out that the man who had signed me up originally had lied about the final price I would be charged.  This made me suspicious, so I called a friend who had Direct tv and she told me she did not have local channels. SO I called Direct TV back, and GUESS WHAT, no local channels.  I spoke to a manager, wanted the man who lied to me originally to be reprimanded, no such luck.  I cancelled that service too.  Now I have no TV.  The local cable tv is terrible, just a few channels, very expensive, and very low quality.  I am VERY ANGRY with both satellite companies for lying about price, channel availablity, and for letting me take time off work and NOT SHOW UP, and for the fact that I have now spent a total of 7.5 hours on the telephone trying to straighten this mess up. THE SATELLITE CABLE TV COMPANIES DO NOT CARE. THEY JUST WANT THEIR MONEY.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #547364
Dec 30 2009
12:39 PM
DIRECT TV Direct TV Thievery Internet
I have been a Direct TV customer for about 8 years. I recently was unable to pay my bill in the amount of 151 dollars. I allowed the service to be interrupted and planned to re instate it when I was back on my feet. I had had surgery and got behind on some of my bills. Approximately 22 days after the service interruption, I was charged 395 dollars from my checking account. This charge was without my consent or knowledge, and caused quite a few checks to bounce because of it. When I contacted the company, I was told that it was in my service contract that they could do this for nonpayment. The money charged was for the 3 boxes that I have from them plus 151 dollars I owed them. I think this is outrageous considering I have been a good customer for 8 years. Also, I never received so much as an e-mail warning me that this would take place, unless I paid the money owed them. If so, I would have tried to work out a payment plan to rectify the problem.
Entity: Internet, Internet
19, Report #934111
Aug 29 2012
06:45 AM
Direct TV Direct tv rip off Internet
I ordered direct tv services, and when i was layed off my job, i was unable to pay the bill so i had it shut off, then they claim that i owe over $700. And when they tried to take the $700 out of my account and it wasnt there, they cleaned my account out of what was in there. All i get each week is my unemployment. and when i called them, they informed me that there was nothing they could do to reverse the charges. Unemployment is  all im getting right now to provide for myself and my kids, and that was money that i was saving to pay my rent, so i do not suggest anyone go with direct tv, if you have a debit card on your account with them, they are able to whipe your account out until they get the money they claim you owe them, and then when i called them, they acted like i was lieing, very heartless company
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #275614
Sep 21 2007
01:35 PM
Direct Tv cable tv Louisville Kentucky
Directtv came to my home and installed two regular receivers and one hd dvr receiver. After the installer left the hd dvr receiver quit working after a half hour, I called in to report this and Directtv told me it would take them two weeks for a technician to come out. So i asked if they could send me a new receiver. Well they did and that didn't work neither. So i make the call for a technician to come out, I wait two weeks the technician shows up at my door, a really really young man shows up to my door and turns my cable box on and tells me the obvious, your screen is black, the connection is fine i have to order you a new box i proceeded to tell him that they already gave me a new receiver and the same problem is occurring that the technician on the phone said you were sent out to look at the hd satellite. he said there's nothing that i could do here frustrated about that i called costumer service i wanted to cancel my service because nobody at Directtv could take care of the problem and they hit me with the contract cancelation fee.I will not pay for service that i never received. Strate2nd keansburg, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
21, Report #301365
Jan 18 2008
04:37 PM
Direct TV Direct TV Sucks Cypress Texas
I have sent this our to our community yahoo group appx 4500 folks and will continue to send this out to any and all web sites that I possible can. I gave you the chance x 12+ to correct but you guys are just too big. Direct TV sucks. Poor installation and non English speaking contractors. 1. Contractor at my house for over 9 hours 2. Cut main lines to internet 3. No Speakey 4. Did Not install support arms 5. Did not know basic connections IE digital Optic connection? 6. Very messy and did not clean up mess 7. Left hole in roof 8. Customer Service suggest I work with their Sub-Contractor, I did Not Contract with their sub? 9. Did not install ground wire 10. Called 12+ times and always on hold with customer service appx 15 hours at this point 11. POOR POOR INSTALL AND NOT MUCH TO SAY FOR THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE 12. I would be pleased to add another dozen or more reasons if requested. Thanks for letting me vent. Paul Direct tv sucks Cypress, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Cypress, Texas
22, Report #1100321
Nov 18 2013
01:48 PM
Entity: austell, Georgia
23, Report #1235771
Jun 15 2015
01:53 PM
clear TV Product DOESNT Work AS Advertised!!!! Wallingford, Ct Tv Advertised/
 We saw the TV advertisement for clearTV infomercials and we wanted to try it in order to save money because we are elderly and handicapped and on a fixed income. The product arrived we had assistance setting it up for all of our TVs and it simply Does not pick up but two or three stations and we have it set up for new TVs we bought no hi def stations were available. We had one family member who was very I'll and hospitalized the return was forgotten about we ordered in December we called they said said only sixty days to return but when we said we wanted to make a complaint because it did not work we asked to speak to a supervisor they would not let us speak to anybody gave us a pro box to write to wouldn't tell us who to address our complaints to. Customer service person was very hard to understand but he repeatedly wanted to argue and said I should call back he couldn't hear me which was not true we had been on the phone for thirty min approx I told him u was going to report to the Better Business Bureau and to my attorney I mentioned needing a CEO name or any supervisor or certified mail of my complaint . Very rude people.
24, Report #1352856
Jan 30 2017
01:07 PM
Sling TV LLC Sling TV Charges After Cancellation Internet
Company charges after cancellation. No refunds granted and customer service is terrible.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1388825
Jul 28 2017
10:27 AM
Sling TV Do not use Sling TV Internet
Like many have noted on here, I cancelled my 7 day trial period before the end of the 7 days. This application on my Roku caused the Roku to drop and restart several times during a show. It's definitely not worth a service that requires a restart every few minutes. I logged back in to make sure the cancellation was there and I had a RESTART button. However, the company charged my credit card and will not honor the cancellation. Please do not use this service, they are not an honorable company that wants to deliver a good service and treat people well. They will steal money and not offer a product worth the price. Avoid.
Entity: Internet

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