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26, Report #72650
Nov 21 2003
09:37 AM
TV - TV Market - TV Product ripoff will debit credit card but will not ship product ordered Brookfield Wisconsin
11/21/03 I am writing this to post on Rip-off, and to file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. The subject company, or companies is TV Market aka TV, or TV Product. On Friday, November the 7th I ordered a product called the Ultimate Chopper from TV My credit card was debited on the 11th in the amount of $55.90. When there was no indication on their order tracking site that the order had shipped, I started looking at different sites to see if there had been any problems with this Co. I found complaints on the Rip-Off Report sites. I tried to call them using the telephone # supplied (262) 206-1893. I got a recording saying that that # was unable to receive calls at that time. Since that time I have tried numerous times to call that # with the same results. I also called the 1-800-315-0572 number that is posted to place an order. Again I got a recording wanting me to leave my name and # and they would return my call. They never did. I also sent an email to their customer service address That has also gone unanswered. I sent another email to the That too has gone unanswered. On one of their pages they state that if you have any troubles, please use the contact information below to contact us. Company name; TV Product Contact name; Chris Reoch 18960 W. Greenfield Ave. Brookfield, Wi 53045 In addition they list the above telephone # and email address. Also is a fax # (262) 7866-2633 On Nov. 14th I contacted my credit card Co to dispute the charge. They have assured me that they will go after them, also that I will not be charged for that transaction. Yesterday, Nov. 20th I called the Brooklfield Police Dept. to file a complaint against them. I was told by them that since I lived in Oklahoma that I would have to file a complaint locally. I did that. Time will tell!! I would suggest that anyone else that has had a similar experience to take the same action that I have. With enough complaints, we can get these people off the internet, and perhaps off the street!! John t. Sallisaw, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Brookfield, Wisconsin
27, Report #9125
Dec 12 2001
12:00 AM
Prime TV / Direct TV rip-off false advertising
In August 2001, we signed up for Direct TV. We were told that we would receive a $140 rebate for using a Prime TV authorized installer. We were also told that the installation wouldn't cost more than the $140. They advertised that there was Free Installation. We were also told that a $12 Radio Shack antenna would ensure that we received local stations. It cost $250 for the installation and after 3 different antennas which cost $20, $80 and $120, we still had to subscribe to cable TV to get the local channels at an additional $20 per month. Since August 13, 2001, we have been trying to get our Rebate. We have received two letters asking that we send additional documentation (which was already provided with the initial application). I sent everything they asked for three times, only to find out by calling (all day long) for the status of our rebate, that they now required a copy of the cancelled check that was paid to the installer! I was told by the customer service person that if I faxed a copy of the check, as soon as they got it our Rebate would be processed. I called 4 times this morning and finally got a real person (the rudest person in the world) who told me I can not fax them anything and after they received my check in the mail, it would take up to 6-8 weeks to process. I asked for a manager, left a message on his voice mail and have yet to hear back from him. Notwithstanding the billing screwups we have had to endure by them sending our bill to the wrong address and having it returned back to them, then cutting off our service because we didn't pay, charging us a late fee and reinstallation charges which they refused to waive, paying for and never receiving the Direct TV guide, we have been patiently waiting to receive our rebate so we can discontinue service. Additionally, we will fight until the end of time should they try to charge our credit card $150 for terminating service within 12 months. When and how are these people going to be forced to conduct business appropriately? Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on DirecTV
Entity: Southern Pines, North Carolina
28, Report #1054573
May 29 2013
05:58 AM
Direct TV did nothing but lie to me,and costed me thousands of dollars. Direct Tv Connecticut
I signed up for Direct TV at a carnival that I went to. I have been living through hell since that day. This girl named Marisa that works for Direct Tv sold me a package that was suppose to have all the channels I wanted and includes internet (sounded great),so I signed up. She gave me a date & time that Direct Tv was coming to my house to install this. I was so excited to get this new service,and here's where the hell began...DAY OF THE INSTALLMENT-they called me to tell me they were running an hour late,an hour past,they never showed,they called me again to tell me it's going to be another hour,so basically they were over 2 hours late,that wasn't so bad,I understand people do run late sometimes,I do it myself once in a while. Anyways, the man came and hooked up my service,and he moved my internet out of my living room into my bedroom,so I asked him....Am I all set with internet? He said Yes,you are on direct Tv's internet now. I asked if it was going to be as fast as my previous internet company,he said Yes,it will be about the same ok sounded great with me, so I picked up the new tv remote and I put it on my favorite channel, it didn't work, come to find out my package didn't include none of my favorite channels that Marisa told me it would. So the guy that hooked everything up for me,called Direct Tv and signed me up for the package one level above (more money for me) ,anyways,he left. Everything was all hooked up with my new company, things were going good for a couple of days ( I thought), so I called Metrocast (old company) and told them that I want to cancel my accont,because I have a new company, so they shut my account off. All of a sudden my internet stops working. I call Direct Tv and they tell me that they don't even supply internet, they go through AT&T,so they told me to call AT&T. To make a long story a little bit shorter, I had no internet for over 2 weeks. I called Marisa's phone (she gave me her personal # when I signed up) and she did nothing to help, but tell me storys. And then I could never get in touch with her again. I called AT&T,they said direct Tv never signed me up, I called Direct Tv,they didn't want to hear anything about it. I didn't know who to turn to. In the mean time, I needed the internet for my occupation...I was losing thousands of dollars from not working....Nobody cared!!!! Finally yesterday AT&T hooked my internet up, and after all that it's very slow and doesn't support Direct Tv's ON DEMAND I have lived a nightmae since I signed up. I would not have this problem if Marisa would have just told me that Direct Tv doesn't have their own internet. Because if I would have known that,then I would have just kept Metrocast's internet. I recommend to whoever is thinking about switching to Direct Tv....DO NOT DO IT!!!! TRUST ME!!!!!!
Entity: Direct Tv, Connecticut
29, Report #155016
Aug 25 2005
10:06 PM
Digital Now TV ripoff Internet
I am one of the many people that got ripped off by believing this web site. After numerous accounts of trying to reach a real person to talk to, I talked to charles mason and never got a call back. Everytime I call the number I get a different message or not one at all.I did what they wanted so now I want them to give me my money back. This is not right to do to people that trust in you. Shirley Gig Harbor, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
30, Report #155817
Sep 02 2005
12:02 PM
Digital Now TV ripoff, failure to respond Internet
I filled ou the internet application & paid the down payment in good faith. I was contacted by the company for a delivery address because I used my mailing address, which is a P.O. box. I have tried to contact a representative from the company to verify the delivery date every day for the last week but have only gotten the voice mail. No one has responded to any of the messages that I have left. I am very irritated with the fact that I can't get in touch with anyone and that no one has returned my messages. Obviously, this was an opportunity that was too good to be true. At this time, I would prefer to get what I ordered but, if that isn't possible, I just want my money back if the company is unable to live up to the advertising it put out over the internet. If neither of these options happens within a reasonable time period - about 30 days - then I will be contacting a lawyer to see what actions can be taken, to include damages & mental anguish. At that point, I would be interested in any class-action suits being taken against Digital Now TV. Glenn Riverside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
31, Report #165234
Nov 19 2005
05:07 PM
Direct TV Bad service Tehachapi California
As written to the company. my experience: I waited from 8am to, (going on the 4pm hour} for you to arrive. 2 phone calls later and still nothing. you had scheduled an appt. with me between the hours of 8am and 12pm. I work 5 days a week, waiting on my days off for a utility service, to provide a service, key word service, which I will be paying for, is not, to say the least, a great way to spend one's day, even you have nothing else planned! I am thinking you should definately consider 4-10(s), and possibly some other options. I would think your goal as a company, would be to make my time, both waiting and recieving a magical experience. One I choose to remember and energetically want to past on to others. I will,without a doubt, not pass your name on, in favor of your best interest anyway. The following are questions, I an sure , since judging by the standard of employees you do hire, will not be answered. But, now said and asked I relinquish the monkey to you. As follows: Do you not have a estimated time for each installation, and if so, if a particular installion runs into a problem, are your installers not informed to let the rest of your clientel know they will be running late? If you do nave a client with a more than normal complicated installation, do you not have a procedure taht allows them to trail that installion, and or in other words, 'reschedule' so that you may meet the rest of your obligations. and moving on... Are you the sole reason, dish and or other satellite providers can be so righteous, because your service is so lousy. In Closing; My husband is most tempermental when it comes to his entertainment, via TV. He has bounced about in his quest to find the best. That being a users right! When at first we called, your rep. argued over who knew our phone number. we have in the past given you cell numbers, which have been changed, due to service. I did however give him the number which will and has not been changed. For your records I will offer you that number (xxxxxxxxxxx) Buttom line would be this: Think about it! I am not giving you my business, I am offering you my business, it is your best interest to see that I am a happy customer. And now for the rest of the story, how do you like it!. Dave Tehachapi, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Tehachapi, California
32, Report #113535
Oct 18 2004
06:36 PM
Direct TV Ripoff illegal renewal Boise Idaho
Direct TV billed me for automatic renewal. I did not request service or receive service. The invoice has been sent to collections. I've notified by phone and in writing. Michael Naperville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Boise, Idaho
33, Report #15187
Feb 26 2002
12:00 AM
Direct TV through Pegasus Direct TV back charges ripoff
I have just received a statement from Direct TV through Pegasus. It included over $ 50.00 in charges from Dec. 2000 and Jan. 2001 for pay per view. I called no customer service finally after a considerable wait I talk to someone from another country who informed me these were charges from the past when my telephone line was disconnected. I requested titles of the movies watched with dates and time,he said that was not possible. If it is not possible how do thet know what they are charging me for. I ask him if my phone line had been disconnected how was I receiving the pay per view movies today and they were always on the next current bill. I am not paying anther cent until I get some satifaction on how can I be billed for charges over a year old. His reply to all this was too bad and we can disconnect your service. Watch your satellite statement ever month, who knows what you are being charges for.
Entity: Marlborough, Massachusetts
34, Report #1180
Jan 26 2000
12:00 AM
Quantum TV Orders
I ordered T-Fall Cookwear that have a lifetime warrenty. I have been trying to contact them since July. They never answer the 800#. I finally talked with a person in November and they state that the handles are on backorder (they fall off when the pans are heated up) I also faxed proof of order, payment and a note of other items ordered that I want to be replaced. I spoke with a customer rep again today (1/26/00) and they have no record of my original fax. They asked that I refax which I did. Please be carefull when ordering from this company! When I try to look up an email address the server goes to sight with a different company name.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
35, Report #533137
Dec 03 2009
02:54 PM
For the past 15 years I have been a loyal customer of Direct TV and paid my bill EVERY month on time.  When I decided to try another company and disconnected, Direct TV charged me a $140.00 disconnection fee.   Why would the do this after 15 years of business?   This is the worst business model that I have ever heard.   To make things worse they tried to keep me as a customer by charging me a lower rate.  Too late!  WHY DID THEY NOT DO SOMETHING LIKE GIVE ME SOME FREE MOVIES OR LOWER MY BILL BEFORE I DECIDED TO TRY THE COMPETITION?   Unbelievable stupidity for a business model...   I am now with (((Redacted)))and will NEVER go back to Direct TV.   They have no business morals or intelligence! sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: , Internet
36, Report #334428
May 23 2008
07:56 AM
Direct TV unautharized charges El Segundo California
In October 2007 I lost reception on one of my tv's. I called Direct TV and was told that the reception box was faulty and that they would send out a replacement. The person that I spoke to never told me that my contract with them would be extended. If they had, I never would have ordered the box because I knew that I would be moving in December. When I called to cancel my subscription in December, I was told that I would be charged an early Cancelation Fee. I have sent many letters to them disputing this fee to no avail. They have now turned my account over to a collection agency...HELP! Artie Boynton Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: El Segundo, California
37, Report #352969
Jul 18 2008
06:23 PM
We had to sell or house after a huge lay off at my husbands work. 250+ workers in a very small town. We had to sell our home and move out into the desert so my husband would have a job. There was NO Direct TV there. The new owners of our old home took over our Direct TV contract so we would not end up with a early trenination fee. They were going to need it anyways. (No Cable there). about a year and a few months later we get a bill at my kids home which we left as a alternate address. It appeared as if we had signed up for Direct TV once again. But we han not. This was in January 2008. In Febuary they threatened us with collections ect... even though we felt that the bill was not correct we had no Direct TV. But they said that we did not finish our contract so we still had to pay no argument according to them. So my husband paid the $157.28. So we could have argument time. we figured we could get our money back.without us going to collection.well that was last Febuar 2008, we still have no money, now they are saying The money's in the mail thats been going on since June. when this first started in January they were going to turn it over in Febuary(without cause) I am prepared to go to small claims and if I can turn them into collections. any suggestions? DIRECT TV OWES US $'s Oly, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: LOS ANGELES, California
38, Report #479571
Aug 13 2009
05:45 PM
direct tv direct tv THEFT continues westfield, Indiana
my story same as many others here with a little twist...misled by marketing outfit that direct tv was only tv service here in my apt complex..found out a few months later that cable has been here for years..needed faster internet...cxled direct tv and asked for waiver of cxl fees they refused and deny resposibility of course...they informed me of accessing my bank acct for balance whether i deny them or not... i was told by my bank about the only way to be sure to prevent this is to close debit or credit on file and request new one before the transaction .i have done that and hope it works.. getting hard to trust banks and other companies anymore for accurate info
Entity: fort collins, Colorado
39, Report #477825
Aug 09 2009
08:36 AM
Direct TV Direct TV Install BUYER BEWARE! Lafayette Louisiana Nationwide
What a cluster, the installers cut the cctv cable thinking it was existing RG6 coax. I could live with that and blame it on a simple mistake, but the install was horrible. It was a large installation and covered several rooms. I gave strict instructions to leave existing cable intact and run new home runs to all rooms. The installation of first room went ok, second through six the installers just used existing RG6 to pull the cable through and did not reinstall the F connectors in the wall. I now have several feet of siamese coax bunched up on the walls. The installers left because they had another job to do. COX cable is disconnected, cable modems are out, two CCTV cameras are dead and the last two receivers don't work. This happened several months ago and I ended up repairing some of the screw up. I filed a complaint with Direct TV at that time and nothing was done to resolve or credit my account. Buyer Beware! Imashton lafayette, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
40, Report #476359
Aug 04 2009
01:05 PM
Direct TV Direct TV steals Money Stockbridge Georgia
If you have given Direct TV your Bank account information, they will charge an unauthorized debit even though they are NOT authroized to do so!!! Besides lousey service, uncomunicive employees. and ignoring any valid complaints from long term customers. They will steel your money in a heartbeat Change your bank account, close any account that Direct TV is aware of. You can open another account with the same financial instution. It's a pain, but it will stop the THIEVES cold. Squidly Venice, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Stockbridge, Georgia
41, Report #408872
Jan 06 2009
06:22 PM
Internet Tv - tv2channelpc online tv connection Blank internet
i bought internet tv online and when i tried it it didn't work well at all downloading movies are exemerty slow. and when i tried to get support their nothing there . do not buy anything with movies or internet tv its a rippoff for sure. Bad internet tv scam perry, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: internet
42, Report #429107
Feb 27 2009
12:41 PM
Direct TV Unauthorized Debit Englewood Colorado
I was charged $818.66 by Direct TV earlier this week. I have faxed in a copy of my bank statement like they asked. It was also for my husband using his card for a one time authorized payment and them saving his card information. I have called several times for the last three days. I have been told it will take 14 days, 8-10 business days, or 6 weeks. There is no explanation as to why it would take that long if they have admitted why they took the money and where they applied it and they have proof that it was taken from my account. I keep hearing that it has to go through Financial Operations. Nobody in the customer service department at Direct TV has a number or physical address for this portion of the company. I have been a direct tv customer for five years and I am now convinced that Dish Network would be a better choice for me. They have asked me everytime about my relationship to the person that our card was on file for and I give them the same response everytime, It doesn't matter because his account, name, and address aren't the same as mine. One rep told me that they are allowed to hold our card number on file and use it as an attempt to collect a debt. I let her know that my bank felt differently about that because I only authorized a single transaction. I have notified the BBB and I have spoken with my bank. I am giving them until the end of the 8 days and then my bank will refund it and they will deal with the bad business ethics of direct tv's unauthorized debit. Julia **** Theodore, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
43, Report #594611
Apr 19 2010
11:31 AM
Direct TV Justin Ripping off my checking account Internet
Lost home, no TV set so can't use Direct TV's service. We cancelled and explained the situation to Justin who laughed and took his time switching me to a supervisor who was very rude while telling me that I will be billed for early contract cancellation and the money taken from our account even though themonthly service was paid in full. She was not interested in my plight of no longer having anywhere to live or a TV set, said I signed a contract and the money needed to be paid. We closed our bank account and will see what happens next. This of course causes other complications but maybe it will be worth it just to get Direct TV out of our bank account. It sounds so simple when you sign up but take it from not give them access to your account.
Entity: , Internet
44, Report #600524
May 06 2010
07:03 AM
Direct TV Direct TV Rebates are a SCAM!!! Internet
I signed up online for Direct TV last Fall as they were advertising a great deal: $61.50 a month for the first year (then the regular price of $82.50 for the remainder of the 2-year contract) for HD tv mid-level programing with Showtime.  Considering my local cable company wanted $80.00 for that, I went with Direct TV knowing I would save some money (to the tune of $252.00 for that one year of savings).  Little did I know that they would NEVER send me anything in the mail and would only contact me through my email address I signed up with, which is one I don't check often because I use it only for internet ordering (in other words, it fills up with SPAM quickly).  I only check it when I've ordered something to check on the status of the order.  Well...somewhere in their little scheme of signing up online there is supposedly some notice on there that in order to get in on this special discounted price, I need to fill out a rebate.  That NEVER came up when I called them to verify my order and schedule my installation as the original installer told me he couldn't install at my location as it was too high up and we have a brick house - he would need his supervisor to come.  So his supervisor comes out a day later and we talk about it - he didn't mention the rebate either.  I called the last time before they installed it to go over the package I ordered - NO mention of this supposed rebate was talked of.  Then a month goes by - no bill.  I know I paid the first month in advance, so I wait and see if it comes in the mail.  No.  Another month goes by - no bill.  I get online to my account and voila - I'm past due two months.  Then I notice the price they charged me - NOT the $61.50, but the $82.50!!! I call them to have them correct it.  They refuse, saying I have to submit my rebate.  WHAT REBATE? No one mentioned rebate until this call.  Not the installer, not the installer's supervisor, not the installer who eventually came out and where I signed on the dotted line.  Oh yeah - NO mention of rebate in my contract either!  I tell them, look I didn't know about any rebate, but if that's what you want - fine, I'll do it.  They lead me to a link on their website.  I fill it out.  DENIED.  Apparently I was a couple of days past the 90-day period of time, so they would not honor the rebate now.  I called them to try and work it out, they gave me the runaround.  I had my husband call - same thing.  Always passing the blame to the fact that WE didn't fill out the rebate I knew NOTHING about until after the 90-day grace period.  I called them one last time, today.  I spoke to three different people in a period of 35 minutes.  I thought I was making some progress as the two underlings I spoke with agreed that I was right (yes - they actually said that!!!) and it should be easy enough to take care of.  WRONG.  They put me through to a supervisor named Paul who was dead set against anything to help me.  Look, right now I'm out about $126 from these overcharges, and this is clearly a REAL problem for DirectTv from looking at all the complaints on this website they have involving rebates.  Would it kill them to say yes m'amm, sorry for any confusion, it's fixed and we will credit your account - keep me a happy customer and let me spread the joy about their great company?  Yes, apparently it would kill them because here I am typing this!  I did file a complaint with the BBB as I saw that helped someone so I'm hoping it will help me too.  Look - I like the picture quality of DirectTV, and even living in a VERY windy area that gets really bad rain storms (New Orleans on lake Pontchartrain), I have never lost my signal despite my fears of such.  My only problem with them is their DECEPTIVE advertising and their HORRIBLE customer service. 
Entity: , Internet
45, Report #559690
Jan 25 2010
11:24 AM
Entity: , Internet
46, Report #669034
Dec 07 2010
02:56 PM
Direct TV Bad Buisness. Poor Customer services. Internet
I had a appointment with Direct TV for instalation on Monday the Dec 6th from 8.00AM to 12.00 Noon.Around 11.00 am  and around 11am i called direct tv and was told the technician will arrive around 1.00PM. Since i applied for Leave from 8.00am to 12.00 noon from work i had to leave thehouse at 1.00pm. Due to their negligence i loss 4 hour wages and request for same. and also request for the pain of mind.    
Entity: Internet, Internet
47, Report #766825
Aug 18 2011
01:37 PM
Direct TV NFL SUNDAY TICKET Internet, Colorado
I signed up for directv in May 2011 with an offer for FREE NFL SUNDAY TICKET with a choice extra package or higher. When I went to activate it I was told we did not offer that until July and you have to pay. I told them I had an e-mail offer and MY CONTRACT STATES FREE NFL Sunday Ticket.I was basically told TOO BAD... you have to pay!!!!! I am now into them for 20 more months.BE CAREFULL WHAT YOU DO WITH THEM!!!!!!THEY LIE!!!! AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO.THE ATTY. GENERALS OFFICE WANTS A 5 PAGE COMPLAINT TO MOVE FORWARD.
Entity: Internet, Colorado
48, Report #648043
Oct 06 2010
07:55 AM
Direct TV Direct TV Is A Scam Internet, Connecticut
I usually paid my Direct tv bill online and because of that, I guess Direct tv thought they didn't need to send me a paper bill. In March of this year I went online to pay my bill and noticed a large amount they said I owed. I called the customer service line and spoke to a customer service rep. who didn't speak good english. She told me something about some pay-per-view charges on my account and that was what caused the increase in my bill. The lady read off these movies that I was to have ordered. They were all porn movies that men would watch. We don't have any men in the house and no women who would be interested in watching naked women on tv. The lady was kind enough to waive the charges, which was fine. I also inquired about how to block or turn off pay-per-view so this can't happen again. I got the instructions on how to block any and all channels that required a cost to view and immediately went and blocked those channels and only I had the password. In the meantime, a few months past and every time the wind blew we would lose our signal. This got to where it happened 3 or 4 times daily. So, we decided to cancel our service with Direct tv after having service with them for over 6 years and try digital cable. I set up for the service to be turned off on Monday, July, 12th. I was told to wait to receive a postage paid box to return one of the receivers. By Wednesday of that week I found out the dish was still on, so I called Direct tv back and they told me I wasn't scheduled to be turned off until the 29th of July. I told the rep. that was not true and managed to get it disconnected the next day but because they entered it wrong in their system I owed for an extra 3 days. I didn't feel that was right but I went ahead and paid for those days anyway. I then asked if I owed anything else and they said, no. My account was closed and as long as I return the receiver back with in so many days I won't owe anything else. Then a month later I received an email saying something about my statement with direct tv is ready. I went online and pulled up the account and it said I owed $269.00. I then went to the phone and called their wonderful customer service department and again spoke to a rep. who didn't speak very good english. She told me after receiving the converter box, they checked the card that was inside and it showed I had ordered some pay-per-view porn movies over the past year. I tried to explain to her about the bill I had received months ago and how the charges were false and the rep. I had talked to months before had waived the charges, I had since put a block on those channels, she wouldn't believe me. I talked to her for several minutes then asked to speak to a manager who didn't believe me either. I don't see where I am forced to pay for charges they waived. I don't have any paper copies of these bills since direct tv never would send me a paper copy. When I try to pull up my account online to view past statements, it won't let me because my account is closed. All I have are emails confirming the payments I made. I don't think I should have to pay the latest charges.   
Entity: Internet, Connecticut
49, Report #683004
Jan 15 2011
12:35 PM
Ddirectirect TV Liras and cheats Internet
Direct TV is a scam. The company should be put out of business or reported to the FCC. I was a customer for almost 2 years. The black outs were constant and lasted for hours at a time, yet they would not give meany credit back for lack of service. I was told to call the installers to have them come out and fix the problem, yet everyone time it rained, or we had heavy winds, the reception would be lost again. I called about 10 months into my contract to ask for Showtime. They gave me showtime but neglected to tell me that if you had any services (Even though I was going to pay higher for more services), they extend you contract! When it was time for me to move to another state where they did not offer direct tv, I was told that I owed them a $120.00 cancellation fee. This was the first I heard they had extended my contract. I explained to them that the place I was moving to did not have direct tv, it made absoultely no difference to them I have refused to pay the cancellation fee, and have since been put into collections and am receiving all kinds of threats that they would report my lack of paying to the Credit Bureau, I have NEVER had a problem with paying my bills but this takes the case. Stay away from Dtrect TV!!! They are thieves.
Entity: , Internet
50, Report #736464
Jun 03 2011
12:41 PM
direct tv cable company, Internet
Terrible company dont u ever sign anything with them!!!!! Even worst customer service, they will transfer you from one reprehensive to anther and no one will help you!!!! No way to get out of the contract even if you move to area where they cant provide you with service. Dont let them fool you!!!!! Im regretting the moment that I didnt read the small letters in the contract
Entity: Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6550, Internet

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