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1, Report #1361565
Mar 13 2017
08:25 PM
Funded today False hope for eager startups Internet
 I signed up with Funded Today to help get my kickstarter in front of the thousands of people they promise to. At first they seem very generous and eager to help out and set up a Skype call to welcome you. Make you feel like you did something worth the money. They have quite the niche. They feed off hungry kickstarter campaigns. Figure the people, like myself, who spent a lot of time, money, and effort to make a product, want to find the best way to market it. They show up on top of most of theach crowdfunding searches. That's easy when you have plenty of money to do so. I'm sure they can do a good job with projects that have the money to make professional videos and campaigns, but for those of us who are not as lucky, they promise the world but fail to deliver. In secrecy no less. See, they take your information and choose to do what they want with it. For the due diligence test period they run for $3000 over 7 days, they run Facebook and instagram ads with pictures that are supplied. I gave over 80 pics and videos to show different aspects of my product, and they chose some basic non descriptive pictures instead of one's I recommended and don't tell or show how it's working out until you beg and it's basically too late then. And they don't show the pictures until your test period is over. A simple conversation after maybe a day or 2 of testing could really help fix any problem areas. Pause the test, let us take your suggestions, and finish the final 5 days. Don't just keep running the same poor ads that are obviously not working and continue to waste money. It's called customer service. I figured it out afterwards. It seems like the company is run by a bunch of young (un)professionals who are good with social media. Who don't know how to deal with people on a face to face level and try to help them with issues. Just click through and collect the next $3k and keep moving on. I contacted another company while waiting for my funds to clear and they actually and honestly said at this point of your campaign (was already 2 weeks in) I don't think we can help you out. We recommend you do xxxx and then re-launch and we would he happy to help. Similar responses from Agency 2.0 and Backer club. I urge you to check them out and leave funded today off your list. They could have saved themselves from another Ripoff report if they answered these questions off the review that I doubt they ever read....
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1397850
Sep 04 2017
09:57 PM
Funded Today, Zach Smith, Funded.Today Kickstarter Lowlifes Salt Lake City, Utah Utah
I Paid Funded Today, $3000 and they did not get a single pledge for my company.  I will attach screenshots below to prove that I am not simply an unhappy failed Kickstarter campaign owner.  Jordan David, sales rep account manager, jumped for joy with excitement about my company, and requested a cashiers check for payment.  Following payment, I did not hear back from them for 3 days, after contacting them repeatedly.  I understand why they do not accept credit card, because I would have refunded immediately.  On the day of launch I contacted a rep looking for an answer to a question at 8am, and did not receive a response until 3pm.I requested a refund on the very first day of launch because it was very clear that no one was paying attention to my campaign.  I felt like I had been had. I'm a single mom, trying to launch a small business.  And they sell you with the moon and stars, and then ignore you.  Following my complaints and refund request on first day of launch, Zach Smith, owner, jumped on the group texts, sending me pictures of his bank statements and bragging about how much his clients have paid him, screenshots attached.  Magically, the analytics of the first day of launch were not enabled but he promised to send me analytics from that moment forward.  I realized he was not going to return my payment.  I posted the campaign on social media and received 1000 hits from friends and family and received a small amount all from my own network, not 1$ from their effort.  Zach Smith is scam artist,  preying on small businesses, playing a numbers game, collecting down payments until he finds his next big company,  worthy of their time and advertising dollars.  When my campaign failed, he sent me a message, screenshot attached, telling me how failing is like losing a loved one and he's glad he gets to be the one to explain this to me.  Shame on you Zach Smith.  You are a poor example of a business man.  And a real Napoleon complex as well.  Beware of their false promises, and Millennial mentality and work ethic. It's not the way to run a business, on a human level as well.  Please see actual conversation screenshots below. #zachsmith #crowdfunding #crowdfundingnews #kickstarter #indiegogo #fundedtoday
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1378681
Jun 12 2017
04:10 PM
Funded Today Funded Today sells you hard but is a waste of money and a leach on kickstarter, praying on small business owners! Nationwide
Funded Today is a scam and has a negative impact on Kickstarter. FT prays on small business owners. Here was our experience: One of the low-points in our Kickstarter campaign was our experience with Funded Today.    We reached our goal (yay!) and we continued to be harrassed by FT, wanting us to sign on with them. We were sold hard on the potential upside and relied on FT – the experts – to advise us honestly. Once our campaign was fully funded, FT relentlessly pursued us after we repeatedly and definitively declined. They called us at 7am, at 9pm, and throughout the day. And while I commend this persistence, it's an irresponsible tactic for first-time entrepreneurs. Without exaggeration, we said no more than 10 times.    It's a bit like walking off a car lot to find the salesman has driven the car to your house. When we were ultimately bludgeoned to purchase, the car didn't run.     We've already been asked a handful of times if we'd recommend Funded Today's service. The fact is we can't, in good conscience, advise that anyone sign on with Funded Today.   
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1331566
Oct 04 2016
11:46 AM
Funded.Today funded today, scam company stealing peoples money utah Internet
Crooks scammed me out of $5,000 for crowdfunding kickstarter marketing.  These low life crooks scammed me to market  facebook ads and throught internal email lists. delivered zero,nothing.....  I was accepting being scammed for the first $5,000 but now two months later they claim not to have received the money even though they verified before .  They are a complete scam please stay away,dont let this happen to you!! just do a goodle search for funded today scam fraud and you will see it happening to alot of people  they are frauds and scammers
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1092862
Oct 18 2013
10:53 AM
Fully Funded Trader Fully Funded Trader is a hoax Chicago Illinois
 I have been a member of Fully Funded Trader for approximately 6 mo.  Supposedly you go through the training then have a trial period of 20 trading days in which you have to meet certain criteria to be funded.  I knew I had failed a few days into the trial period and at the end of it I emailed them to inform them that I was not interested in continuing their program.  They have not contacted me and I am unable to contact them yet they keep charging my credit card.  I have closed my account and will dispute the charges with my credit card company.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
6, Report #1082104
Sep 05 2013
07:26 PM
Fully Funded Trader; Rob Eatman; Andrew Yueasek; FFT Fully Funded Trader Deception and no Funding Chicago Illinois
I had the unfortunate learning pleasure of trying to build a business relationship with the Fully Funded Trader business team, and I will be happy to share all of the lessons I learned from this relationship with anyone contemplating FFT.  I will provide this in my perspective, which can be corroborated by five other paying clients.    I will try and keep this brief, but if you are interested in details, please contact me by replying back to this post.   First, they talk a good game. Second they have a viable, although fake, business plan. This plan made it look like “They don’t succeed unless you succeed.” I signed their contract and met EVERY SINGLE aspect of the contract in order to become a trader funded by this FFT “business”. When they noticed that I was becoming close to meeting the funding requirement, they stopped  all communication.  I became increasingly concerned about their business skills, practices and holding a relationship with this business when real money was on the line.  In the end, once I met all of the requirements, I never heard another response from them.   In search of an understanding I reached out to other clients, former employees, former owners as well as vendors of FFT.  The bottom line is this; they don’t have money to fund anyone…..  Three of the five clients I talked to said that as they became close to meeting their funding requirements, like me, all communication stopped.  If their business was really dependent the client’s success, this should be the celebratory moment, but in reality we threatened the very core of their business plan.  Two vendors told me personally that they have been owed several thousands of USD and haven’t been paid in months.   The message I will leave you is this. 1)      Validate the business as much as you can.  30 years of executive management and vendor contract negotiations, and I fell for this one.  My BAD. 2)      Verify if you can actually make the cash you expect.  The main trader and trainer (as well as majority owner) Andrew Yueasek, who’s background is sales (btw), is a trading HACK.  Yes, he is a hack.  I wouldn’t do anything he advised without express expectations of losing money, or at minimum, making $30/day.  Don’t believe what he tells you, ask to see him in a live market, you will change your mind. 3)      This concept is not bad and like several of the people I talked to told me, there are very reputable “consignment” firms that are honest and really make the plan work.  This one is not. 4)      All of the people at this outfit are Larry Levin throwbacks, if you want to know they type of service you will receive, just search for “Larry Levin complaints”, these are people that are worse than them….  Scary. Lastly, Andrew Yueasek and those at FFT will try to rebut this complaints with more lies and deceptions.  Andrew is a hot head and not concerned about screaming at his “Clients”.  I will tell you that EVERY client I know from that outfit left VERY unsatisfied, VERY unsatisfied.  We all chalked it up to dealing with the very bottom of this industry, and moved on.  It wasn’t until I received a call from the last person to tell me his issues that I decided to write this overview of my experience.   Please feel free to respond back and I will provide details…  They are astounding.  Don’t make the same mistake I and several others made.   
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
7, Report #1329125
Sep 20 2016
07:52 AM
Funded Today Funded Today promises big; delivers lies and scams
Hi .. got scammed by Funded recently.. they claim to be the best crowdfunding marketing partners but all they do is take your money and run. They initially tried to coax me to fraudulently start a KickStarter campaign (I live in a country not eligble to start a KickStarter campaign, but I can do an Indiegogo campaign) in one of their associates name. In fact, the associate asked for 2% of proceeds to be given to him as a fee for the service. That is illegal.. KickStarter prohibits something like that; so, I refused. Then they wanted to get a 5000 Due Diligence fee which was negotiated to 3000 for mainly getting more ppl visit the campaign page through ads. During the initial conversations, I was promised backer emails that would be made accessible at the beginning of the campaign in a effort to accelerate raising funds. That never happened. Also, I kept asking before the campaign started as to what needs to be done as prep work and was given wrong instructions including a sermon on the '80-20' rule thereby giving an impression that Funded Today had all of it figured out. As the campaign started, I did not see any traction in the number of ppl coming onto the page; when asked why they said, 'Oh, in the beginning it will be slow and will pick up later on'; even once the campaign started, I kept asking what needs to be done in the crucial first week and if we need to course correct, I did not get any proper response from them and was kept in the dark all the time. As the first week went by, I kept asking why there arent that many visitors on the page and did NOT receive any appropriate response to my questions. So, I reached out to an attorney on my dilemma and he suggested that since Funded Today had not met their contractual obligations I need to cancel my engagement and ask for a refund. When I told the same to Funded Today, their CEO went off on a rant on who my product is a loser and I should drop whatever am doing and so on. When I pointed to him the google analytics report that there were hardly 52 sessions per day on my funding page (which is extremely extemely low), he did not have an answer. Just 52 session a day meant they spent very small amounts on getting more ppl on my campaign page. For example, if I spend $100 on Facebook ads for a day, I would get atleast 200 sessions minimum; so you can imagine how they actually spent on marketing my page. I have recorded all conversation with Funded Today (including skype call conversations) and my lawyer is confident of a successful lawsuit against them. Anyone else who have gone through similar experience with them, please reach out to me ( as my lawyer is keen on exploring different options. I think its I think its high time people call out this fraud. Please join me in bringing out truth and justice.    
8, Report #1282811
Jan 27 2016
10:24 PM
Funded Today Lisa Juchau and Thomas Alvord Scammed by Internet
Theses Guys scammed me out of $2,500 for crowdfunding marketing.  These guys advertised to market by facebook ads and throught internal email list. delivered nothing.....  I was acceptng being scammed for the first $2,500 but now two months later they claim not to have received the funds even though they verified before so called starting the marketing service.  They are a complete scam please stay away.  Frauds and scam artist.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1255875
Sep 19 2015
07:09 AM
Albert Cord private money lender Internet
 Desperately needed a loan so I posted my need on craigslist. Got several responses all requesting upfront fees. Decided to trust Albert Cord. He was very reasurring. Even contacted me by text and phone calls several times. I paid $300 upfront at first but this wasn't enough so I paid an additional $430. He told me he would fund me ASAP. Then he came up with another fee of $350. Said he would pay $150 If I would pay $200. He told me to pay immediately and he woul fund immediately. Kept waiting for funding yesterday then he called and mentioned insurance. Couldn't understand all that he said but I knew he was asking for more money. I have no more money to give him and have yet to be funded. I have been scammed.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #415871
Jan 24 2009
10:39 PM
GOVERMENT FUNDED GRANTS Helps you find Grants that can get you out of debt for anything. from bills, Rent, Buy a businnes and many more Nationwide
I bought this Grant fund last night, and I ordered it in a C/D., I t also gave to access to the special books that you could down load ans soon as you bought it. Well I got my user name and password, and it took me to the sights were I could download all the books. When I tried to download the books, they all just came up in numbers and symbols and a lot of other stuff people would not be able to read. I tried chatting with them tonight, and I think is is some kind of recording, because every time I ask I question they would come back with the same line again. I even told them that I was disabled and that I wanted my money back because I thought it was a place that just rips you off. I even told the chat person that they could deal with me or my Disability Attorney, and she came back with the same phrase again. I hope this will help other people from getting ripped of, and if I do I do get money back, I will let you know. Cheri **** Greenville, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1093391
Oct 21 2013
09:00 AM
Fully Funded Trader Total ripoff. Phones repeat same message. Emails deliverable for company and Andrew, Chicago Illinois
Joined these guys 2 weeks ago and had poblems contacting them from the beginning.  No classes as promised, no trading rooms, bad server experience.  Everything stopped working.  Now, my emails come back undelierable for the owners and company.  These guys talk a good game but didn't deliver.  Pure BS. 
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
12, Report #1239217
Jul 11 2015
12:51 PM
Naveed Khan owner of Get funded Naveed destroyed my business saddle brook New Jersey
On April 5, 2015 Get funded / Naveed Khan contacted my business promising me that he could offer me a loan with very low interest rate. He guaranteed it. After sending my application to him he came back with a quote with a very high rate and high daily payment. He told me no problem and he would reduce the daily payment and rate. The following day he gives me a quote that is much better. I accept the term and ask him to send me the contract. We went through a very harsh process and finally got funded. The daily payment should have been $125 a day but the following day there is $285 that is being deducted. I call immediately Naveed and ask him what is going on. He re assures me and tell me he will fix it. The following day the same thing happens. I call Naveed and someone tells me that he is not there. The next day the same thing happens. Naveed is avoiding my calls. I call then the lender directly. The lender informs me that the daily deduction was correct and the contract states that. Imagine how furious I am. The lender then sends me what I supposedly sign. The signature is exactly like mine but I know I didn't sign that contract. The lender after months of fighting, finally adjusted the daily payment. How can people like that are even allowed to do business in the financial world. I will never trust any broker anymore..
Entity: saddle brook, New Jersey
13, Report #47993
Jul 04 2003
10:36 PM
Best Buy Rebate Center Ripoffs I honored my part of the deal Canada
My beef is not with my local Best Buy store but with the Rebate Center located in WHO KNOWS WHERE? As a Best Buy credit card holder I received a coupon for a $25 gift card by mail with a purchase of $100 or more. In early January I bought myself a PDA as a late Christmas gift. My total purchase was well over $100. I gave my coupon to the clerk. He didn't know how to key it in so he got someone else to help him. This guy seemed to know just what he was doing. He punched in a few numbers, kept my coupon, and gave me my receipts and rebate submission form. Now, my understanding is that those rebate forms only print out if the necessary info is keyed in or if there is a rebate available. Anyway, the computer printed my rebate submission form. I mailed my rebate off within two days. Last week I got to wondering where my rebate was. I went on-line to track its status, and just like every other rebate I have ever sent in on Best Buy purchases, they have no record of it. I e-mail them to follow up on this. Yesterday, I received a letter from the Rebate Center that went something like this--sorry, but we cannot honor your rebate because you did not redeem the necessary coupon. If I didn't redeem the coupon, how did I get my rebate submission form? DUH! I am now in the process of writing them a letter saying, in essence, So sorry but I gave the clerk my coupon as I was supposed to. I honored my part of the deal so send me my @*&$#*! $25 gift card!!! We'll see what happens next. By the way, anyone ever read their little rebate submission policy regarding sending in fraudulent claims and how it is a federal offense to do so and you will be punished, etc? Such hypocrits! Melanie York, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #462226
Jun 18 2009
07:54 PM
CS Website ,Royal Membership STOLEN MONEY OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT!!! BEWARE!!!Internet
Everyone please check your bank account on a regular basis. I found this company had taken out $49.95 from my account. They created a fake check with a forged signature on it, as well as had my account number at the bottem of the check. In the pay to the order of area, they listed Royal Membership 1-877-807-4702. In the memo area, it reads: CS, check writer info and listed an invalid email address, as if it were mine. I pulled the company up online by the phone number and found a lot of people have had the same problem.I then went to the company website and there was a section were you could speak to someone live via chat. When the operator came on the line I questioned the person about the funds and they didn't give me any information. They also said they were a company hired to handle customer service for this Royal Membership company. I did find out where this customer service company was located at: 75 Banks Street Sparks, NV 89435 (He wouldn't give me the name of his company or supervisor info.) I had to close my bank account because they were already trying to take more out. I also filed a fraud complaint with my bank and they have been tracking down who did what. Bottem line, I have NO idea where this company got my information from and what's even more scary is the fact that I'm sure their doing this to other people.Please BEWARE, check your accounts often!! Do whatever it takes to protect yourself. We are all struggling in this rough economy and are trying to survive. Protect yourself from being taken advantage of or even worse, lose your money and idenity. It's scammers like that who make a living ripping off peoples hard earned money! Take care. 14exposure Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #455010
May 31 2009
10:15 PM
Glenalt Group & Latrades Disappearing Act Perth & Brisbane Australia
It appears that word is spreading about the now shonky Glenalt Group and Latrades which is great - we want to and need to nail these lying b*st*rds. The fact is they never even had an office in Hay St West Perth which explains why the sales consultant I was dealing with - Ms Sophie Price would not agree to meet me for coffee to see if she was real!! What started out as a very promising investment opportunity has now turned sour and we all need to get behind Melissa Scott from Palm Beach in QLD, who has been shafted like the rest of us. She has already approached ASIC & the QLD office of Fair Trading and whoever else - all to no avail. ASIC did acknowledge that they do not trade in shares and foreign currency and commodities etc like they claimed to do. It is all to do with a sports arbitrage betting system. Note that their website was not opening on the net and then returned with several more trades and today it is 'closed down for maintenance on the member's section'. This is what makes these companies a joke - there being no-one here in Aust to hold them responsible - no wonder they get away with scams such as this. Melissa is taking some form of legal action and is not ready yet to go to the media. Personally I believe this should be made known throughout the land immediately so that all members are aware of what's going on. What we need ia someone who is outraged enough and not media shy to present our case. Any takers amongst you? Ric perthAustralia
16, Report #456360
Oct 31 2012
09:14 AM
Rapid Advance, Steady Capital, Integrity Processing Services, Fraud, misrepresentation, obtaining moneys without providing promised services, not easy or hassle free, false advertising, Bethesda, Maryland
The Rapid Advance Company and its reps fail to follow through on their promises, advertisements, and have not fulfilled their funding in 10 business days. Their process has not been easy nor has it been hassle free as their web site also advertises. Their Web site states there is no need to switch your current credit card processing company, yet they hold up funding with the excuse that they need to switch your credit card processor and see A BATCH before funding can be transferred. Not at any time do they state they will start taking their cut of 35% of each day's processing even before they transfer funds that are conditional on them being entitled to a single dime of your company's credit card proceedings. Their reps never include this tad bit of information until they have already suckered your company into changing to their chosen credit card processor. They advertise that you do not need a personal guarantee nor any security to get these advances to help with your business's cash needs, yet they run the company owner's credit and require all owners to sign as personal guarantors on these advances. After Rapid Advance has taken the owners' credit scores down, seen the company's bank and credit card processing records, and obtain funds by false pretenses, this company refuses to return phone calls, refuses to honor their contracts and hides this nice little clause in little writing that says they have the right to refuse funding on the advance purchase. After they have tied up our company's processing of credit and debit cards for over a week at this point. This does not help a company that has come to Rapid Advance for additional cash as it further limits the cash available to the company requesting an advance on their future credit card sales. In my opinion, these actions constitute fraud as Rapid Advance trapped our company into switching credit card processing companies with the promise of advancing our company $7000.00. They got us to turn over property by false means as they have not followed through on their side, but have obtained $210.99 according to Integrity from our credit card processing proceeds. Our company was contacted by their agent, Ryan Cooper at Steady Capital on April 26, 2009 stating they could get us $7800.00 and have us funded in 72 hours or less. He faxed us the contract, it was signed and faxed back on May 1, 2009. On May 2, 2009, this company then switched our credit processing over to their processor. Their processor processed our credit cards for 4 days, taking what was supposedly for Rapid Advance still with no transfer of the funds promised of $7800.00. Between May 3 and May 13, 2009, I personally on behalf of our company called, always receiving voice mail, 42 times to Ryan Cooper. On May 13, 2009, I looked up Rapid Advance in the internet directly. I contacted their customer service department, explained to them what had been going on, and asking when funding would be transferred. I was transferred to Devin in their sales department. He informed me that their company did not know any thing about Steady Capital and it was not their agent, that our application had never been forwarded from Steady Capital to their company. He further told me that if I would fax him the contract that we had signed for Steady Capital he would see if their company could fund us for that amount. I did as I was instructed while I was on the phone with him. He stated he would also need 4 months of our previous credit card statements as well as 2 months of our bank statements. I faxed these as well. On May 15, 2009, Devin sent us a new contract stating Rapid Advance agreed to buy our future credit card sales in exchange for an advance on these future sales for the amount of $7000.00. I had the owner of our company sign this contract on May 15, 2009 and faxed it back to Devin on May 15, 2009. After faxing it back, I called and spoke with Devin to make sure he had received all pages. Additionally, I wanted to be able to verify that there was nothing else that was needed to push this through in their 10-day period of funding. I was told he had everything he needed and it should be funded by Tuesday or Wednesday. On May 19, 2009, I was called by Devin to state that everything was going great and transfer of funds should be completed by Wednesday. On Wednesday, I was called by Devin, who told me that Umaru Mansaray would be calling us to give us our new credit card processing company's information and merchant ID number so that everything could be completed and funds could be transferred to our bank account. While on the phone with Devin, Umaru called on the other line. I let Devin go and spoke with Umaru. He gave me our information as well as connected me with the credit card processing company they had chosen for us to use, (Integrity Payment Systems, LLC) As of 2:43 pm we had their software downloaded into our machine. Our first batch with this company for Rapid advance occurred on Thursday, May 21, 2009 as we could not process any debit cards on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 and had no credit cards on that day. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, May 20 through May 22, 2009 we were unable to process any debits. Rapid advance reps, both Devin and Umaru, promised and guaranteed that our pin pad and machine were fully comparable and would not need to be changed, nor would our processing be effected by the process company switch. Needless to say, our processing was greatly affected when we were unable to process debit cards. I left voice messages for both Devin and Umaru on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday without any return calls, trying to alert them to the problem with our equipment not being compatible, as well as trying to find out why no funds had been transferred to our account by Friday. When funds still had not been transferred to our company's account on Friday, May 22, 2009. I called Rapid Advance and went straight to the operator, asking to be put through to a supervisor. At this point, my boss, the owner of our company was pretty ticked to say the least, as we had over $500.00 in credit cards that had been processed, none of which we had seen a dime of, as well as the promised $7000.00 still had not arrived. So we had $7500.00 out there some place not available to the company with pay role to meet, business expenses, and operating expenses that were due to be paid out by our company. I was instead put back through to Devin. He apologized that underwriting had held things up and that funding would not happen until Tuesday, May 26, 2009. On Tuesday, May 26, 2009, I called back when funding had not occurred by noon as promised. I refused to speak with either Devin or Umaru and demanded to speak with their supervisor. I was connected to Earl Batchal, (unsure if this is the correct spelling of his last name). He said he would personally find out what was going on and would get the answers to our questions. That afternoon, Earl called both the owner of the company and myself individually, telling us both that he had everything he needed and that the problem was that our machine had not processed the minimal $145.00 or more per day for the previous two days. He stated he was trying to get an exception made as it was his company reps fault for the misinformation that our equipment would be compatible and our processing would not be affected, whereas it had been and was the reason the transfer of funds had not occurred. We went back and forth with Rapid advance reps for the remainder of the day, resulting in Devin calling me personally and telling me he had told us there was a minimal processing required before funds could be released. I let him know he needed to pull his phone records as he would find out that he had told us his company had needed to see A BATCH to make sure processing was going through their process company. He tried finished the conversation off with no funding would occur without a payoff letter being provided. I ask him why he had not informed us of this, nor had either Umaru or Earl. If this was needed why had all three told us that they had everything needed and had promised us 3 times now that funding was being transferred. He at that point stated he needed to do more research. I had to wait until the following morning to be able to fax this pay off letter as our business had already closed for the day when Devin informed me he needed this payoff letter, which was faxed before 10 am. On Wednesday, May 27, 2009 we were highly angry over the situation. Earl called me and said to tell both Devin and Umaru that we were working with him now. Umarau called the office while I was out and verified the company bank account information with the company owner. He told the owner that funds were being transferred. Umaru then called me to verify the Comapny's EIN, again stating that the funding would be in our bank account before the close of business. It was not in the bank at the close of our day. We checked things first thing this morning and once again, no funds had been sent. In addition, we were informed that we had no credit card transactions since Rapid Advance had switch us to Integrity. I started calling Rapid Advance at 8:45 am EST. I started leaving messages to everyone on the phone menu dial by menu. The only person to return my call was the company's counsel, J. Looney, only to say he would have someone get back to us. This was done when Earl called to say that he was on our side and was trying to change the underwriting department's mind as they were now denying the advance because our credit card processing was not as high as they had expected it to be for our company. Earl stated he would call us back with an update once he had gone to the underwriters after he had me fax him copies of Repair tickets that we had been paid cash by our customers after having to send them to their banks for cash because we could not process any of their debits. The total of these tickets for just the 22 of May was over $800.00. When I had not received a update from Earl and no return calls to my voice mails, I again called Rapid Advance's counsel, J. Looney as he had instructed me to call him back if the situation was not resolved to our satisfaction. When I was put through to him, he apologized for not calling me back to make sure things had been resolved and that he had been updated that our file had been sent back to the underwriting committee that would meet tonight or tomorrow morning. He stated if I did not hear from him tonight to call him first thing tomorrow morning at around 9:30 am. At this point, I do not believe this company is going to honor the signed contract we agreed to with them to purchase $7000.00 of our future credit card sales, nor do I believe they are going to return the funds they have already collected from our company's credit card processing. Additionally, I do not see our company recovering or receiving any of the $500.00 of the credit card proceedings that we have batched since Wednesday, May 20, 2009. Our company made the decision to proceed with this agreement after much discussion, clarification, and review of our company's records in order to use the funds to pay off many small debts in exchange for one debt. This has not turned out as any at Rapid Advance led us to believe and in turn has put our company in a strapped position with a second week of pay roll, business and operating expenses approaching, but not follow through from Rapid Advance on their end of the deal, but richer in their pockets as they have helped fleece our company out of $500.00 dollars at this point, in turn causing hardship on our company that was trying to firm up their stability. Sqstroublemaker Goldsboro, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Bethesda,, Maryland
17, Report #659644
Dec 08 2010
09:03 AM
I applied for a loan with this company and wired a $1000.00 application fee  I was in contact with ms. vantriss thames daily who told me the loan was approved and that the lawyer was reviewing the loan then it would go to funding.  two weeks went by and ms. thames told me i was 2 away from being funded and i gave her my bank info to wire me the funds.  after that conversation no one will answer my calls return my calls or e mails  i was told by region's bank that the account i wired the money to was still open but that my money was not there and that they has several complaints and felt this was a scam 
Entity: ORLANDO, Florida
18, Report #324863
Apr 09 2008
02:35 PM
Government Liquidation Government funded thieves Scottsdale Arizona
Uses misleading property description, places bids on their own property, sells scrap as new or usable material then hides behind their bogus terms and agreement clause. The US Government should take a second look at the shameful pack of wild dogs they have commissioned to dispose of surplus equipment to unsuspecting bidders, who as taxpayers have paid for this stuff once already. We bought several lots over the years from this bottom-feeding organization and have been ripped-off for thousands on the last 4-5 lots. As was stated in earlier reports, their Customer Service is a pitiful disgrace. They have no intention at any time to rectify or reemburse anyone for anything. We lied, you paid, game over. They will list a lot of diesel engines stored in a warehouse with pictures and when you get your paperwork and travel hundreds of miles to pick up the material, they direct you to a far out-back dirt mudhole where your hard-earned, paid-in-full lot has been dumped, to sit uncovered and damaged out in the rain and snow. Sad. Sick&tired OurtownU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
19, Report #1192032
Nov 29 2014
05:08 PM Crowd funded based on Android use not IOS! Internet
Funded Tile based upon promises that it would work with Android.  Finally received my order after 3/4 of a years wait and  bunch of silly emails giving reasons they had not shipped like shipping to international first (couldn't verify) and several that asked me if my address was still valid,  one of which gave a customer code a zillion characters long stating shipping will occur very soon.  This whole time I was lead to believe that it would work with my Android. Now they're saying that they haven't designed the app yet and never told us that it only works with stupid Apple phones.  Android outsells Apple 5 / 1 ??? I feel scammed big time! 
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1183023
Oct 15 2014
11:04 AM
qlinkwireless What a rip off on a government funded phone!! Internet
They gave me the same number as a guy in the same county with the same birthdate!!! Coincedence? I think not. Use up all free minutes with his phone calls and have none left for my use. They do this so U will purchase extra minutes from their outragous rates!!! What a scam on a government funded program!!!Ripping off people with a government funded program.  They gave me the same number as a guy in the same county with the same birthday!  They did this in hopes of using all my free minutes answering his calls so I would purchase more minutes from their outragous rates!  Unfair and I think the Federal Government needs their eyes opened up to this Scamming company!
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1243432
Jul 22 2015
05:57 AM
Sonicable They crowd funded and then sent out a defective product. Internet
 Sonicable used indiegogo to crowd fund their charging/data cable. After about six uses the connector broke off. This was not due to any strain put on the cable. This is not an isolated incident as their Facebook page is full of posts from customers with defective cables. They sold a defective product and the company refuses to respond to emails.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #433625
Mar 12 2009
05:37 PM, GOVT FUNDED GRANTS They charge you $1.00 for a free 7-day Trial that you have no chance of cancelling until they charge you the $29.95, then they won't refund it! Internet Based Scam
This company charged a $1.00 for a 7-day trial, the name and phone number that appears on the credit card statement (the date was, Feb. 3, 2009)is GOVTFUNDEDGRANTS 8007127222. I tried to call the number and found it to be bogus...I absolutely could not get a hold of anyone to stop them from charging my credit card after the 7-day trial. Therefore, I have purposely kept that account (my debit card) close to a zero balance so they couldn't take any money, however, that account happened to get a scheduled deposit yesterday...and GUESS WHAT??? My account was charged $29.95 yesterday (March 12, 2009), the name and phone number that appears on the credit card statement this time, is, GOVTFUNDEDGRANTS 8883471687. But by calling this number (they addressed it as a Cancelation Line/Number) I was able to get them to say they would not charge my credit card anymore...this was just today, so I can't be too positive...but I'm hopeful. But they also said that this charge of $29.95 was non-refundable, once they charged it!!! I even asked to speak to someone else and I was told that was not possible, however they will make no further charges on my credit card. These kind of scams need to end! In todays economic conditions, who can afford to just through $30 away! Kimberly Willis, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
23, Report #230157
Feb 16 2007
08:09 PM / RIP OFF PAYDAY LOAN Wilmington deleware
I contacted for payday loan only because i really needed it. i did this on a monday , i never heard from them and there is no contact phone # on their website the only way to contact them is .. i sent them an email inquiring about my loan , they finally replied back saying only APPLICATION IS IN REVIEW.. then i just so happen called my bank about something and found out that they took out a $15 processing fee, so i contacted them about this on friday jan 12th 2007, they sent me an email saying that my application was still in review. on their website it says that their process only takes 24hrs so this is now day 5.. i have been looking complaints up on the internet and i am finding all kinds of similar stories were they are just taking $15 dollars from everyone and never cntacting them again, i should have done this before i used them but i was not thinking at the time.. THEY ARE A RIP OFF!!! DO NOT USE or .. thanks Amy lewisville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
24, Report #333594
May 19 2008
06:39 PM
Flowers Today/ Blooms Today Blooms Today Rewards is a rip-off! Haymarket Virginia
Don't be a victim of Blooms Rewards from Blooms Today. I ordered flowers for my best friend who was dying. Now months later I see that Blooms Rewards has been charging me $9.95 per month on my credit card. Don't do business with these people. I will be contacting their customer service tomorrow and I am sure they will say that it was in the fine print somewhere - we'll see. All this to get a savings on some flowers that really weren't that much cheaper than other florists. What a money-making rip-off and for what 'rewards'. Don't be misled!!! Blooms rewards victim Lakewood, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Haymarket, Virginia
25, Report #677025
Dec 30 2010
04:35 PM
Equity Warehouse Hard Money Placement, WA Advance Mortgage Fee but No Loans Funded Cheyenne, Wyoming
We are interested in hearing from people who feel they have been ripped off by Equity Warehouse or Hard Money Placement. That is, persons who have paid a "due diligence fee" to either of these firms, on the basis of a mortgage "approval" and then were not able to close the loan because the firms ceased communications after receipt of the fee, failed to close the loan and appear to have "run off with the money". There are several indications that both of these two firms are run by the same persons, and that the operation is based in Washington state, even though the firm(s) is/are registered in several states, including Washington, Wyoming, Nevada, etc. It is our suspicion that these firms operate behind the veil of a corporate agent in one state (allowing personal anonymity), until complaints build up against them...then they register the same company name in another state, and claim that "the other firm is just one of similar name". It is our belief that the perpetrators of this fraud have violated federal as well as state law because similar, but larger, companies who seem to have defrauded other potential borrowers, in a similar manner, are being investigated by the FBI. Perhaps they are under the misconception that, due to commercial lending being relatively unregulated, that they can get away with anything. But, fraud is fraud and is illegal. We are reviewing our legal remedies and options, and have initiated discussions with the Attorney General's offices of Washington and Wyoming, as well as the FBI offices for those states. We are interested in hearing from specific persons who feel that one of these firms has taken advantage of them. If feel that you have been a victim of one of these firms, we would appreciate it if you would email the editors of RipOff Report and authorize them to forward your contact information to us. There is strength in numbers and we look forward to hearing from you. Similarly, we specifically authorize RipOff Report to release our contact email to you. If, as anticipated, legal action is pursued, we welcome other victims to join the effort to recover funds paid under false pretenses and put scammers out of business, or even behind bars.        
Entity: Cheyenne, Wyoming

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