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1, Report #1277203
Dec 31 2015
08:29 AM
Future Income Payments, LLC SCAMMED Irvine California
     Early this spring, I needed some quick cash.  I sold my NYS Pension to Future Income Payments, LLC.  I got $3500 cash.      Here in Decembeer, after making 9 monthly payments of $303 each, I asked them for a closeout quote.  The man I talked to (Cris) said he would email the calculations.      I got the email.  Total Value: $36,360.00                            Cash Advance: $3,500.00                            Total Payment: $2762.00                            Option #1: $33,598.00                            50% off: $16,799.00      So, for a loan of $3,500.00, and paying back $2,762.00, they want me to pay an ADDITIONAL $16,799.00 to end this deal.      For the loan of $3,500.00 it will cost me a total of $19,561.00 to end this deal.  Now is that eveer a SCAM!!!!!
Entity: Irvine, California
2, Report #1301419
Apr 23 2016
07:48 PM
Future Income Payments has caused my mother to fall into depression Irvine California
On April 10, 2016, my mother lost her father and her cousin on the same day. During this hard time, my family realized they can't afford two separate funerals. So, they decided to have them together. But, in order to do this, they will have to come up with $6000 or their bodies will be cremated. Which, my mother refuses to do to her father. On April 13, 2016, my mother officially sold her pension to Future Income Payments for $4000. She was matched on April 14, 2016. During the whole process, she was informed by three different individuals that she should be funded within 5-7 days from being matched. Prior to this, she had read the terrible reviews about this company. But, she still gave them the benefit of the doubt. It is now April 23, 2016 (over 5-7 days) and she still has not been funded. She has contacted the funding department more than once to hopefully speed up the process. But, they keep giving her the same bs timeframe. Due to this company's inaccurate and slow process, my mother has fallen into depression cause she may not be able to bury her father. The funeral home informed her that, they won't be able to hold the bodies too much longer. As a daughter, it breaks my heart to see my mother go through this. We know there are MUCH more better companies around. But, when you're in a desperate situation, you end up dealing with companies like this one
Entity: Irvine, California
3, Report #1326548
Sep 06 2016
08:38 AM
Future Income Payments, LLC Being taken advantage of and unscrupulous business practices Nationwide
  On August 2016, I contacted Future Income Payments, LLC for the purpose of getting a loan for $2,624. There were several phone conversations and emails between us asking a lot of personal financial information. The problem is I thought I was understanding what was being said to me, but in reality I didn't understand the pay back plan at all. For a $2,624.00 loan, they are going to deduct $350.00 monthly from my checking account for approximately 5 years. If you do the math, the balanced owed in their eyes would be $21,000.00.  Who in their right mind would borrow $2,624.00 so they could pay back $21,000.00? Not even a 64 year old women with the onset of dimenia, but obviously I did. I did not realize that until I noticed on my checking statement the amount of $350.00 was being deducted as of September 2, 2016 and was told there was nothing I could do about it.    I have contacted the Attorney General Office and prayerfully they will be able to help me in this terrible situation. This is not good business ethics or practice and I hope it can be resolved between both parties. Be seriously aware of any type of cash advances, or businesses of making loan sharks legal whether they are physically located, or on the internet.
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1385507
Jul 14 2017
08:40 AM
Future Income Payments LLC lumpsum-settlement.com We were scammed! Henderson Nevada
We were desparate and went to these people for a loan against future Pension payments. They lent us $2100. We found out, after the fact that they want to take $40,000 over the next 10 years! This is outrageous! It's userous and wrong! They have people over a barrel, but they fail to disclose the full extent of their scam.
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
5, Report #1338642
Nov 17 2016
06:00 PM
Future Income Payment They sent me 1800 dollars and just told me that i owe them another 16,000 dollars. henderson Nevada
I was broke beyond all broke.  My husband made me this way.  I retired to be closer to him as I used to ride a train for an hour to get home to him when it was an emergency and had it been me working the day he died well then I would not have been home to call the ambulence for him when he had his fatal Heart attack.  Anyway somoene called me from this company and told me that were sending me 1800 and i didn't register with them that i'd be paying them 300 dollars a month for the next 53 months.  I just didn't remember that.   I'm not sure i should have allowed them to send me the money.  You don't get something for nothing.  But this is over the expected and above. They are going to send me another copy of the contract.    I was broke because my husband was sick and wouldn't eat anything I cooked so we literally went to take out every day.  I gained a ton of weight too.  That was bad for me.  So i'm cooking for myself and not losing weight but i will start making better food.    My bank account is -1500 and my pension is only 1600 luckily I am working now and will be getting a check just 3 days after i get paid by my pension which will cover the overdraft luckily.    I had a friend lend me some money so I do have 240 to my name and someone is paying me back 250.  I just have to make sure it comes back to me.  So it will be 325 in my account if I do get that back.    Please make sure people do check the contract before signing with this company.
6, Report #1253192
Sep 05 2015
07:19 PM
Future income payments, LLC aka Pension annuities and Settlements, LLC charging illegal interest rate irvin California
i received a pension loan for 4700.00 from this company.  the funds were deposited into my account on 6/25/13.  repayment of 415.00 montly was agreed upon.  Funds were taken out effective 8/1/13 for a period of 60 months.  during this process i missed a payment in november, and then the nightmare begun.  i started receivjng calls stating that i missed a payment and had to pay over 1,000.00 to catch.  these calls became daily.  at the same time they continue to be getting the 415.00 onthly out of myaccount.  they contine to call and continue to get montly payments until june, 2015, whereas they cease taking payments.  the nightmare did not end there.  my account was turn over to a lawyer for collection.  on sept 1, 2015 i received 2 letters from the attorney office in one letter stating that i owe over 6, 000, and the other letter states i owe over 19,000. so consumers beware of this company.  i dont think they are doing business legally.  still fighting. 
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1391673
Aug 09 2017
10:23 PM
Future Income Payments LLC I received a call from a receptionist at FIP LLC telling me they had seen my online application for a cash advance loan. I only wanted $500. I was told they didn't loan lessons than $2500.  Henderson Nevada
 I applied for an online loan. Called by Eric at Future Income Payments. Approved for a $2500. Loan. Ultimately was rushed through the signing process within seconds after documents were emailed. Was rushed through the signing before I could even see all the documents. Minutes after I saw the terms of 60 payments of $300. $18,000. Also a $599. Processing fee . They took advantage of my situation. Before I talked to Eric a woman told me it was 15 payments of $300. I believed that was the terms. I am retired and on a fixed income. They are cons and a complete ripoff. I haven't received the $2500. yet and I don't want it.
Entity: Henderson , Nevada
8, Report #1267079
Nov 10 2015
02:50 PM
future income payments LLC pensions payments , HF Holdings this company took a payment out of my account within 20 days after I received the money three months in a row also their interest rate is two and a half times the amount you get, they call your job tell your business to coworkers Orlando Florida Nationwide
 they'll tell you that you can pay off early and save money in interests but you can not they will take money out of your account to soon and they charge you a base price for administrative fees then charge you a monthly fee call your job and tell your supervisor all about your business the pay back is two and a half times the amount you get
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1259057
Oct 04 2015
12:56 PM
Future Income Payments Pension annuities and Settlements, LLC The company gave me a pension loan frommy Veteran Benefits. I was given $5500. I believed that I have to repay the amount that was given, I found that I would have to pay this amount over a period of 5 yers which I would actually pay back over $40000. Irvine California
 I have received a lumpsum payment from my Veterans Pension in the sum of $5500. I had to pay $683 a month.  I did not understand that I would have to pay $5500 over a period of 5 years which would result with me paying over $40000.I am being hounded and harassed daily from emails and phone calls. I have asked to pay the $5500 in increments that I could pay. I was told by this company that I would have to pay the $5500 over that period of 5 years.
Entity: Irvine, California
11, Report #1246696
Aug 05 2015
08:48 PM
FIP One lump sum Future Income payments lied sent money but caused a big headache one lumpsum Nationwide
 My husband and I were having difficulty financial problems. We got some info from his company FIP an as we were desperate we want ahead and filled out all their non sense info. They had my husband call our bank twice while thy sat on the phone to ask the banks questions, they did what they call a silent call. The told us 7,500 loan for 1,000 a month for 60 months!!!: ya go figure. We decided we wanted to stop the process well that did not happen they deposited our money , they told us the amount And months after all was completed. We needed the money so we used it they sent it anyway after we told them we did not want the money.Anyways here it is the second month and we still refuse to pay them because they lied and they are fraud, they can not charge 1,000 for 60 months which is 60,000 on a 7,500 loan. We r Sufi g them. For the lues and going ahead with it after we requested to not do it. I will not pay them back I will sue them for all my I formation they took.and my bank is aware of them so watch out.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1371655
May 06 2017
10:39 AM
Future Income Payments LLC I needed to borrow 3000 for some surgery i had to have, i thought i had read all of the information apparently i didnt close enough.. after carefule review they are charging me 30.000 for a lenght of term of 5 years for a 3000 dollar loan. the payment is killing me and i can not afford it. 500.00 a month and we are on a fixed income.. had i known that it was like this i would not have took the loan.. i was desperate Nationwide
I had to have some surgerys done .. i could not see anymore and i had to have dental repair done.  i applied for a 3000 dollar loan, i thought i had read everything through, but apparently i didnt.. i am paying 500.00 a month on this loan and now realize that they are charging me 30.000 for a 3000 dollar loan.. for5 years by all accounts this loan is paid back .  I can no longer afford this loan as i am not working. and we are on a fixed income.. Had i known that this is what they were doing i would not have agreed to the terms.. this is taking advantage of people who are desperate, and this company needs to be stopped. what recourse do i have .
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #1382126
Jun 29 2017
01:43 PM
Future Income Payments LLC Lynn loans, fraud, ripoff Henderson Nevada
I made a loan for $2100.00  I was never informed of contract length or final payoff of $16800.00.    Company informed me that once $2100.00 was paid, contract would finish, when making the loan. Company charges no interest. The total contract is made by how bad you need the money.    I am considering litigation. This company must be shut down.   bigclassaction.com is suing this company.   I have reported this company to the Federal Trade Commission, Department of Justice. .
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
14, Report #1325139
Aug 29 2016
06:01 AM
Future Income Payents, 1973 i am a navy veteran who borrowed 1800 dang on dollars out of serious desperation. while fininshing the documnents/signing....the person on the other line never ran overr thhe agreements. terms. NOR THE AMOUNT I WOULD BE PAYING BACK!!! I BORROWED 1800 AND IM TO PAY 18,000 BACK IN 60 MONTHS!!! WTF???!! HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!! IT WAS TO HELP ME GET OUT OF DEBT BUT IT PUT ME FURTHER INTO DEBT!!!  cleveland Ohio
PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! I Have borrowed 1800 dollars from a company called FUTURE INCOME PAYMENTS and then found out after the information was never disclosed to me that my payback amount would be 18000 dollars. IN WHICH I FIND TO BE COMPLETE HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!!While i was on the phone finishing signing the documents the person on the other line was only directing me to scroll down on my agreement papers and I, not thinkin, never heard nor read the agreement terms of repayment FROM ANYONE!!!! no one told me how much nor how long i would have to pay.I wonder if that part of the conversation was evr recorded because im sure no one told me this vital part of the agreement and payment. I WOULD HAVE NEVER EVER EVER EVER AGREED TO A JACKED UP AMOUNT OF 18000 TO PAY BACK FROM AN 1800 LOAN. HOW WILL I SURVIVE DOING THAT WHEN IT COULD POSSIBLY HURT ME IN THE FUTURE WHEN I NEED MY Own money.I know that I should have taken the time and responsibilty even if they were on the phone with me to read what i was getting into. IF THE CONVERSATION WAS RECORDED I CAN PROVE NOBODY TOLD ME THIS PERTINANT INFORMATIN. I AM SO VERY DESPERATE NOW TO GET OUT OF THIS LOAN SHARKS TANK IM LOSING MY MIND AND IM A DISABLED VETERAN WITH MAJOR DEPRESSION AND PSYCHOSIS.IM SCARED TO DEATH OF THIS SITUATION IM IN!!!! I DESPERATELY NEED HELP!!! PLEASE!!! I KNOW IT IS MY FAULT BUT I NEED HELP FAST!! 2016-08-29
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1368008
Apr 16 2017
09:11 PM
Future Income Payments FIP LLC 2505 Anthem Village Drive #E-578 Henderson, NV 89052 Robbing my future. Despective Loan for $1800 turned out to be six figure payback and selling part of my retirement Henderson, Nevada Nationwide
I have MS and was on disabilty retirement and social security I have been looking at loans for dental work since 2015. One day i recieved a email for a approval loan for $1800. I emailed back and it was the worst mistake. The company been asking for information on my finances and if i could be approved. I avoided them for weeks and i needed dental work. They sent me forms to look over and sign. After i looked at the papers i did not sign all of the paper fter i got to the terms. $1800 at $300 a month terms of 300. I told them i did not agree and question those terms. All they said to me i could pay it off anytime. I was shocked , before i recieved the money i could pay them bavk $2600. I told them to forget it and not to deposit the money. I went to my bank and they went againsted my wishes and deposited the money making me responable for $2600. I never signed and wonder how they had my signature. I got from micosoft my computer has been breached since 2015 by 2 IP in France and nigeria. So they have in my computer for almost 2 years.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1379910
Jun 19 2017
09:40 AM
Future Income Payments LLC Predatory Loan Ripoff IRVINE California
I have made a terrible mistake. I was sick and needed some money, and made a mistake ad signed these documents for $14,000, and I now see that I am on the hook for $140,000 bucks. $1,200 per month. I must have been on my Dialysis medicine when I was ill for a while, and now I cannot get a clear answer from this company. I feel hooked and sunk. I see that New York did some crack down on this company as I noticed,,, where I found this email to you. I have the Documents they wrote so scam [like Ripping Veterans off like villains. I AM DISABLED VETERAN, WITH KIDNEY CANCER AND ON DIALYSIS 4.5 YEARS. JUST NEEDED SOME EXTRA MONEY AND THEY ARE RIPPING ME OFF FOR EVER. Desired Outcome/Settlement Desired Settlement: Billing Adjustment I AM DISABLED VETERAN, WITH KIDNEY CANCER AND ON DIALYSIS 4.5 YEARS. JUST NEEDED SOME EXTRA MONEY AND THEY ARE RIPPING ME OFF FOR EVER. On hook for $140,000 bucks. $1,200 per month, after barrowing $14,000, I SHOULD BE ABLE TO PAY BACK ALL THE MONEY PLUS INTEREST INSTEAD OF $140,000
Entity: IRVINE, California
17, Report #1223934
Apr 21 2015
06:18 PM
Future Income Payment Purchase Lump sum settlement Promises Broken causes a catastrophic events that almost destroyed myself and husband. Nationwide
 On Feb 7, 2015 I contacted FIP aka Lump Sum Settlement LLC. I spoke with Jeff Moore a company representative, I was enquiring about selling part of my VA disability payment. Jeff informed me at that time that I was eligible for $5000. The payments would be $641 for 5 yrs totaling a repayment of $32,000. Although this was extremely expensive my husband and I were in a desperate situation and Jeff said it would take 3-5 business days to complete the transaction. At that time and every other call there after I continued to stress the importance of time restraints. Monday 10 February, 2015 all required documents were signed and submitted in a very timely manner. 11 Feb 2015 documents were submitted for funding as per conversations with Jeff and eventually many other employees. 12 Feb 2015, the funding Dept requested a copy of my husband's ID but, stated the application had already been submitted. We were driving from Las Vegas due to the death of my Mother and in route to TX for my husbands employment. My husband had been unemployed since 17 Sept 2015. So getting these funds were crucial to moving to a new location. Several times during the process. 23 Sept 2015, funds still had not been deposited after several email and calls I requested to speak with someone in funding every time I was transferred back to Jeff Moore and told the same thing first 3-5 days then 5-7 days. Since arriving in TX my husband's job offer feel through and he received another offer in West Virginia. The company ProEnergy needed him for 8 weeks at 28 per hr and 100 a day per diem. So he accepted the position expecting our funds to arrive to make the trip. My husband's date of arrival was scheduled for 27 Feb 2015. The trip would take a minimum of 2 days due to my disability, Sever panic attacks with agoraphobia, it was extremely difficult to travel. 24 Feb 2015 we were desperate and I went to a website and found an email address to another individual that received complaints. So I sent an email to this individual. I must say he got things in motion and sent back saying he would attempt to get funds deposited 25 Feb 2015. I received a call from the funding department and they said the money would be deposited immediately. We then received a call from Jeff asking us to check our bank account this was now end of business on the 25th. Finally, the funds were received on the 26 Feb 2015 I wrote to the gentleman who had assisted and thanked him. Due to receiving funds so late we did not arrive in West Virginia until Saturday 28 Feb 2015. Several incidents occurred due to this companies negligence and inaccurate information. First, we lost our reservation at the hotel we were going to stay so instead of paying 350 per week we had to stay at the Econo Lodge at 69.00 per night. Second, my husband was supposed to be foreman on the job and the job was given to someone else. Third, on 2 Mar 2015, due to ice build up in the parking lot at Econo Lodge that evening when returning from work my husband feel while getting out of his truck. He injured his hand but felt it would go away. By Friday he ended up going to the emergency room and was there for 7-8 hrs. His diagnosis was a broken finger and he came back in a splint. The next morning he returned to work and was sent home until he saw the doctor on 11 Feb 2015. At that time he was put in a cast and when he returned to work he was discharged from his job because he could not perform with a cast. My entire complaint is based on the total inaccuracies there inability to perform as promised cost us thousands of dollars and emotional distress. For this reason I have refused to pay on my account. I feel they cost me far more with there breach of contract for timeliness.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #130539
Feb 08 2005
09:44 AM
American Income Life ripoff deceptive job offer thank you all for the heads up Southfield MichiganRip-off Report Investigation: American Income Life / National Income Life join Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program and submit to independent investigation. American Income Life / National Income Life pledges to resolve all legitimate complaints and address any issues from the past, present and in the future. Waco Texas, Nationwide
Thank you all for the heads-up on American Income Life. I just graduated from the MBA program at the University of Detroit Mercy and needed to get back into the workforce. The Sunday night before the Super Bowl I received a call from AIL located in Southfield, MI. I was not impressed with the fact that I was being called at 8:30 PM on a Sunday evening and wondered why a human resources rep was keeping such poor working hours. That and the fact that I never heard about the company led me to turn down an interview. The whole thing seemed sleezy. A week later I received an E-mail asking me to reconsider. I went to the company's website and mulled it over. I went to the State of Michigan's website and researched licensing requirements etc. I figured that this may be worth a try and planned on calling them back. Today I looked up driving directions and decided to surf around looking for more information on AIL before making the call. Thank God I found this site. I read many of the reports and while I am always skeptical about data and sources that may not be substantiated, I am convinced that AIL is a losing proposition. I have three job fairs lined up for next week and to think that I may have passed on them to chase after AIL's ponzi scheme makes me nearly ill. Thanks again to all of you that reported and the site for holding the forum. This site is now on my favorite list. Andrew Warren, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
19, Report #134280
Mar 09 2005
02:00 AM
AMERICAN INCOME LIFE TOTAL SCAM, COST US ALMOST 10 GRAND!! BIRMINGHAM AlabamaRip-off Report Investigation: American Income Life / National Income Life join Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program and submit to independent investigation. American Income Life / National Income Life pledges to resolve all legitimate complaints and address any issues from the past, present and in the future. Waco Texas, Nationwide
I should have known when I went to interview at a WAREHOUSE that this was going to blow up in my face...but that didn't stop me, I was unemployed and needed something right away. Long story short, this company cost my family almost 10 thousand dollars in a 6 month period. Between the 80 hour work weeks that robbed us of our time together, the ragged out car that we eventually had to get rid of and the $10,000 dollar credit card bill--which if we didn't use, wouldn't have HAD Christmas--I can't decide how they SCREWED us the worst. Did I mention it cost me ten thousand dollars? My husband and I thought we were going to lose the house. Every week we could hear the SGA, Allan Jennings, using that same old stale speech about committment and don't work hard, work smart. If ANY of us had worked smart we would have worked our way toward the door. The hiring process...oh Lord...was such a shame to watch new people come in because I KNEW how much I was struggling. I worked there in 2002, and I am JUST now getting my credit card sorted out. The worst of it (aside from that 10k) was that the people they would send you to go see lived in rural areas, union folks who knew the value of a dollar and didn't want to be sold something useless...which if you research AIL, you'll see how many times they've failed to pay out on claims. The people they sent you to see 1--didn't want you there, and 2--didn't want to BUY anything, after all, they were under the impression that they were getting free union benefits. I've actually heard, on more than a handful of occassions, some of our agents getting guns pulled on them because AIL sent the agents to BAD parts of North Birmingham and the like, to deceive people with the old bait n switch tactic. And don't you dare show back up at the office before 9 or 10 pm, because that means you weren't TRYING hard enough. NO benefits, NO paid training, NO car allowance...and as for the guy in NY or wherever it was that got charged 250 bucks for training, you can BET it went into the SGA's pocket. The branch I worked for didn't have the same training fee. These people are convinced that what they're doing is right. It's like an elaborate brain-washing scheme. As luck would have it, they opened another branch in Montgomery, and I am happy to say they are both now closed. This is just a warning to AIL jobseekers anywhere...it's ALL a scam. Marla Birmingham, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: BIRMINGHAM, Alabama
20, Report #133459
Mar 02 2005
01:57 PM
American Income Life Kind of ripoff Brooklyn New YorkRip-off Report Investigation: American Income Life / National Income Life join Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program and submit to independent investigation. American Income Life / National Income Life pledges to resolve all legitimate complaints and address any issues from the past, present and in the future. Waco Texas, Nationwide
I am so glad to get those precious info. I was dying in thinking that I was alone in those bad experience: Waste time, money and energy in those fake interviews (even I'm living day to day without any resources and overdrawn my account every 2 weeks for nothing). I think that I know all Companies in NY - New Jersey and White Plains which doing that: Fool people and tread on your dreams using speech and career opportunity. Even you did open my eyes definitely, Still wondering WHY THOSE PEOPLE HAVE THE SAME LANGUAGE? DID THEY WENT TO A SPECIAL COLLEGE? Sincerely, I am on the way to become really crazy!!! After I got lay-off on my first job in NY last year as a Computer Clerk, I start a new full time job which is looking for a new job. Because,I used to be a Sales Manager in my born country,I always look for sales position in the Internet and had subscribed in the major websites like MONSTER, CAREER BUILDER,YAHOOHOTJOB, ETC First of all, I start going every day door to door in order to fill at list 10 applications a day, instead in Manhattan. And then I changed my strategy. I send about 40 resume a day via Internet. I now get some results in receiving many phone calls. Always Business attire and a lot of personality test. A few interviews, and commonly no specific background or prerequisites(I think everybody is pre-qualified), growth opportunity, millions of branches, making astronomical Number of money, Usage of positive thoughts and Charismatic speech (really attractive, especially for sensitive people like me), nothing about your salary which come from commissions (only), and the famous unpaid training which put you directly on the job. A few hours ago (2:30pm (ET)on 03/02/05), I went to one of those exciting interview with a senior Manager (Theodore Pappas) of American Income Life co. in Brooklyn. It was my first interview,and for the first time I saw only 3 people coming for interview like me, the Manager was really professional and after he gave me another appointment for Friday in Long Island with the Director, I felt very happy and start dreaming. Even it was the same speech. The only thing that he noticed and looks interesting for me was I won't have to do any prospecting and the Company won't give me any pressure for a specific Number or quota. Everything looks like I'll have the opportunity to make a lot of money without working hard. Nevertheless, he did not speak about money or benefits which will be provided in the next interview. Anyways,I noticed the word COMPENSATION that he used, which word is a little confusing for me. I don't really want to assume anything (or do speculations) about this company, but I'm pretty sure that all smart readers and smart job seekers in The USA should pay attention to the other testimonies that I read about this Company and other in this website because they smell and tell the TRUTH. Thanks to all of you for preventing me and helping me to not waste another time with those evil people. Definitely,I think the Establishment should take care of those Companies and people should stop to react to those insane ad or applications. Briefly, a slight report about my funny and really bad experience: Marketing FX (Fairfield, New Jersey): This Company has a lot of open positions in Monster.com for entry level Marketing representative. Characteristic: A few interviews, growth opportunity (no money at all; lucky people probably make only commissions). BETTER WORLD REALTY (Real estate company in Queens): Obviously they offer you a job. But when you get there, after filling their application and meet your assigned Manager,They send you on a Training ($15 for documentation) for 2 weeks or less (Which I went to) and then (after graduation) they ask you to create your own schedule and to creating your network in order to get sales and study for your REAL ESTATE LICENSE (very funny). I personally remember that the president of this Company promised a basic salary after graduation. They did not give a penny. Now, They expand their bureau in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, this Company has obtained the record in quantity of people that I met in their bureau who come for work and they also paid the $15 fees. (Even after the training started, people from all backgrounds and personalities were still coming). Anyways, I haven't a big grief against that Company because they gave me a souvenir for my money (my 1st Certificate in USA SALES TECHNIQUES, which I could also use to fool some employers, isn't interesting?) COMQUEST MARKETING (Whiteplains, NY): Personal Interview (1st day), unpaid training on the job (next day): Go to small business and offer them new products, like credit card machine. Work only for commissions. And then start your adventure. IBS-Verizon authorised dealer (NY-NY): 1 interview, 1 day unpaid training, go door to door. Only after the training day they give you the important information: Commissions only (I spent 1 week and half with them, killing myself and questioning my abilities because I did not make sales). Anyways, I thank them for all big thoughts (PHILOSOPHY) I stole from them. American Express Financial Advisor (NY-NY): They are a little more direct. 1 workshop and math test(1st day), personal interview (next day), and few other marketing test on the other days. This long process for what? A long way without any kind of salary,wages,or even draw. Go to training 6 days a week (from 8:30am to 8:00pm). Then try to get some important licences (Life insurance included) after 60 to 130 days. And then, start another 10 weeks for $6.60 per hour and $9.90 for overtime)- Still have pre hired status, and then get a bi-weekly salary of $910.00, etc. I'm a Single immigrant without kids, but I still asking myself what kind of professional would accept to follow up on that? Anyways,it's funny to see How people are simultaneously insane and crazy in this Country (My forgiveness, but I'm really tired and confused). IMPORTANT TIP (from my experience): If an employer is not able to give you some specific information about a position over the phone (before interview) don't waste your time, it's really a SCAM MER. Otherwise, don't be too professional. I've learned before that benefits and money are not suppose to be included in the first interview, believe me you better use your tact and get that information ASAP rather than waste your time in a big series of interview. Once again: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRECIOUS HELP AND I HOPE THOSE INFO WILL HELP YOU TO BETTER FIGHT AGAINST THIS CORRUPTION. Madsnun New Jersey, New YorkU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on American Income Life Insurance
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
21, Report #164195
Nov 11 2005
10:04 AM
American Income Life, AIL, SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, WELL IT IS! Montreal Quebec CanadaRip-off Report Investigation: American Income Life / National Income Life join Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program and submit to independent investigation. American Income Life / National Income Life pledges to resolve all legitimate complaints and address any issues from the past, present and in the future. Waco Texas, Nationwide
Well first of all thanks to who ever thought of starting this website it saved me a great deal of time and money. I like most of the people here started by being dispirit to have a job and that took me to AIL where they started promising me from the beginning the best future as you've probably read in other comments. Then it started to look too good to be true and this is when they accepted me right away with out asking about neither my references nor my past jobs. FISHY I thought so I went online and suddenly everything started making sense, so I was due for the forth meeting which I think was the last selling pitch ( because this is what it felt like as if someone was trying to sell me something ) and of course I didn't go to it and something out of the ordinary happened ..THEY CALLED ME TO CHRCK AND SEE WHY I DIDN'T COME. What company that respect it self would do such a thing, I felt that I was in the presence a phone marketing type of a company and this is when I was even more sure that I did the right thing by not going. I THANK all of you out there that thought of others and wrote those comments. E.C Montreal, QuebecCanada
Entity: Montreal, Quebec
22, Report #69119
Oct 14 2003
08:35 PM
American Income Life Insurance Bogus Recruiting Procedures Raleigh North CarolinaRip-off Report Investigation: American Income Life / National Income Life join Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program and submit to independent investigation. American Income Life / National Income Life pledges to resolve all legitimate complaints and address any issues from the past, present and in the future. Waco Texas, Nationwide
I was laid off from my job at the end of July. I feverishly searched for jobs online and posted my resume on Hotjobs.com as well as a few other sites. In September, I received a phone call at about 7:00 pm from someone who said I am a recruiter and saw your resume on Hotjobs.com. I would like to meet with you to discuss job opportunities. I assumed that this was a recruiting agency who was interested in discussing positions in law since that is what my background is. In any event, I scheduled an interview and arrived for it at 3:00 pm. Much to my dismay, there were about 50 people there and the place was utter chaos. My instincts told me that I should leave but I figured that I had already made the effort to show up. I was given a personality test to fill out and instructed to go into a conference room with the rest of the cattle call. I looked around and saw people of all ages and all walks of life. I am wondering What on Earth am I interviewing for?? I have never in my life seen such a set up. About 30 minutes later, a man came in and introduced himself as the State Director. He was extremely difficult to understand as English is not his first language. He launches into his spiel about how he was a physician, specifically a radiologist, who was interested in a career change some years ago and tried his hand in the insurance field through American Income Life. He also proceeded to talk about the insane amount of money that he made right away with what sounded like little or no effort. He said that the company provides you with leads so you will never have to prospect or cold call. He talked about how this company has an EXCLUSIVE business relationship with all labor unions to provide them with insurance. This immediately sent up red flags. I used to do work on behalf of Union Labor Life Insurance and knew that they are a huge provider for the unions. The rest of the 2 hour presentation talked about the huge amounts of money that everyone allegedly makes there. I have never heard of such a thing but I definitely sensed it was a MLM scheme since the guys on the top of the ladder siphon off the brunt of the profits. Then it got kooky. I wanted to go home at this point but did not want to be rude and walk out during the presentation (although a few other wise people did). He wrapped up the session and said he was going to conduct one on one interviews. If you passed the personality inventory, you would be sponsored to take the state licensing exams (You must pay for that yourself). I was trying to slip out once the meeting broke but he wanted to interview me first. Again, I did not want to be rude. Remember how he was a physician?? His door nameplate said his name followed by Ph.D. If you are a doctor, wouldn't you put MD???? He scored my personality inventory and, of course, I was perfect for the job although I have absolutely zero experience in the insurance field. At this point, I had no intention of following through with this but was going to sit through the rest of the interview. This is the part that makes me particularly ill. After he gave me the form that listed the company as the sponsor for the insurance exams, he looked at me and said you are a very beautiful woman. I have NEVER in my entire life had someone say something like that during an interview! I was apalled. I can't imagine what the females who work in that office go through. I know I have rambled here but this company is BOGUS and unprofessional. They don't give a damn about insurance or the people they sell this crap too. I came home that day and did research and you would not believe the number of postings that literally mimic mine and the others listed here. It is a tough economy and this company is preying on people who are unemployed and feeling undervalued. I would flip burgers at McDonald's before I would work for such a shameless, fraudulent organization. Steer clear of these people. Jenn Raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on American Income Life Insurance
Entity: Raleigh, North Carolina
23, Report #190439
May 08 2006
09:30 AM
American Income Life Bill Heath Agency misleading hiring practices dishonest sales indifferent management Jeffersonville IndianaRip-off Report Investigation: American Income Life / National Income Life join Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program and submit to independent investigation. American Income Life / National Income Life pledges to resolve all legitimate complaints and address any issues from the past, present and in the future. Waco Texas, Nationwide
I had never heard of American Income Life until I had received an e-mail message stating interest in my online resume. The first message went disregarded. I don't have one bit of educational experience in marketing, sales, or business, so I was confused as to why they would want me. The second message came, and I thought I would give it a shot. The interview process was highly inconvenient, as I had to commute over an hour and a half and take a day off of work to attend three separate occasions. The first was just a sit-down with my resume. The second was a group interview, and the third was a confirmation interview. At that confirmation interview, I was told of the unlimited income potential and I had dollar signs in my eyes. Now, this job requires a little bit of driving, and I was okay with that. And basically, over the next week, I was to learn that the money would just make itself. These union families want the insurance, and we just have to sign them up and get some referrals. Even my standards were low. I would have to average three sales a week to make about as much as I would make as a counselor. That was good enough for me, and it sounded like a cakewalk. I stayed with my mom to save gas on the commute during training work, but I was still filling up once every few days. I spent a few days training with a field supervisor who let me have a couple of sales. And, really, the rest of the time was spent learning on-the-go. I was actually displeased with a lot of my early experience because I didn't feel prepared enough for it -- that includes people who already have policies, people who were clearly not interested in getting insurance, and people who didn't even remember hearing about the union insurance in the first place. I got more than enough irate responses. But that wasn't enough for me. The money was there, and every Friday morning meeting would be an insistence that the money was there, despite having a faulty phone room or a misleading script or a baiting proposal before you sink 'em with the real plot. And I kept holding out for the money. The way feedback had been administered, it's my own fault if I make or break myself in this position. That's just not entirely true. After reading about various accounts here, I realized that AIL does its best to bait you into staying. You'll get good, productive leads every few weeks. They're spaced that way so that, when you're on the verge of leaving, you have a good money day that makes you want to stay. Psychologically and economically, that's really taxing and painful and stressful as all get out. Let me just summarize from here: MISLEADING STATEMENTS The interviewing team claims that you make a base (I repeat, BASE) salary of -- last I heard -- $60,000 to $75,000 a year, but you are solely paid on commission. There is NO salary associated with this job. You have to make your earnings week to week, and you are not reimbursed for any expenses. Allegedly, you're entitled to reimbursement at tax time, but you still have to wait a full calendar year to take advantage of that. You are not reimbursed for the licensing materials and preparation costs. Prepare to spend at least $75 for a home-study course and $260 for an insurance license, and that's if you pass the exams the first time. One former co-worker revealed that she failed the test three times before passing. The interviewing team also claims that this job brings instant promotion potential, but you are only promoted if you recruit underlings. You move into management positions at THEIR expense. You describe yourself as a Benefits Coordinator of the family member's union until you actually say you're a representative of American Income Life. Sometimes, you say you're from Globe. What?! Yes. Contrary to AIL's claim that they do no advertising but have been in business for 80 years, they DO their mass mail advertising under the name Globe Life. You collect canned goods for a Union Food Bank; however, all the food I've collected is still sitting in the back room of the agency among the office supplies. AIL won't extend any good faith efforts to you if you're hospitalized because of sickness or the car breaks down or whatever. In fact, the agency will make an adamant refusal to reimburse for any unforeseen incidents that compromise your ability to work. You're told to give feedback on your training experience. Feedback consists of a sheet only indicating all the things you didn't learn on the job. Leads are free, but they are recycled from a database consisting of refusals, do not calls, former customers, lapsed customers, and so forth. If you want people to set your appointments, you have to pay $300 a month for the service in advance, even if you don't generate anything in sales revenue. You HAVE to seek out some other way to earn money. You need a part-time job to supplement your nonexistent insurance income, and that's just hard to do with a 60- to 70-hour workweek. Your managers insist that you call them should you have any problems or need to ask a question. They are NEVER available. I have two of them, and the many, many times I needed to ask a question -- right there in the home! -- they weren't around. Furthermore, when I expressed having some difficulties with the job and that I was really stressed over not making any money, my manager blamed me for the problem. He said that I probably wasn't sticking to the script. Of course, if someone tells you that this is the FOURTH time they've been seen and they want to know if we're a legit operation, what CAN you say to that again? Finally, he let out some inspirational story about having a car, mortgage, wife, and three kids to support on the verge of bankruptcy and how this job saved his life. Come off it already! Once you add up all the expenses you incur in gasoline, dining out on the road, car maintenance, office supplies, and so forth, you'll soon realize that you're making way less than you thought. The sickening irony is that I thought I wasn't making anything waiting tables at a restaurant. Five nights a week, even with slow nights, I was making over 25% more income and NOT driving hundreds of miles a week. In short... Don't let the pipe dreams, the dollar signs, and the empty promises compel you to work for this company. I don't have any problem with the actual insurance products. To be honest, anything bad you could say about life or health insurance problems is probably applicable across the board. I gave this job a fair shot. Not only am I not a fan of sales professions in general (yet I'm a waiter, go figure), but I really, really disliked the hiring procedures, the dishonesty, and the falsehoods being spewed out of this company. I got scammed. I just don't want to see anyone else waste their time or money on something that isn't as surefire as they would have you believe. Dee Lexington, KentuckyU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on American Income Life Insurance
Entity: Jeffersonville, Indiana
24, Report #194268
Jun 01 2006
11:35 AM
American Income Life - Altog Orlovic employment scam ripoff unsuspecting agents Las Vegas NevadaRip-off Report Investigation: American Income Life / National Income Life join Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program and submit to independent investigation. American Income Life / National Income Life pledges to resolve all legitimate complaints and address any issues from the past, present and in the future. Waco Texas, Nationwide
I am a former employee of american income life insurance under the Altig Orlovic agency. I have never been the victim of a scam until now. I worked there and was promoted to a manager. But not because of the job I was doing but to allow my supervisor to move up. |If this sounds like a pyramid scam it must be. So I asked them if tis was a pyramid scam and they told me no and they did not want to hear about this again. |To make a long story short, I invested alot of my own money into the what they called my business. Not knowing it was not my own business at all. I lost my retirement and alot of time to make up over this loss. This is the scam. Agents are hired when they come up with $112.00. when they work the company and management get the largest cut and then management recodes all the agents production to their selves so the agents sees no renewels and ends up owing the company money. The agents get frustrated and leave allowing the two head fat cats Mr altig and Mr Orlovic to reap alot of profits. I have seen literally hundreds of new employees come and go in a year. Something is wrong there . When I left there were 6 people. Mike Henderson, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
25, Report #87256
Apr 09 2004
10:51 PM
American Income Life Thievs ripoff Camp Springs MDRip-off Report Investigation: American Income Life / National Income Life join Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program and submit to independent investigation. American Income Life / National Income Life pledges to resolve all legitimate complaints and address any issues from the past, present and in the future. Waco Texas, Nationwide
Hopefully I will be able to save those who even consider joining AIL. 1st they will call you about a Managerial position. Then they won't answer questions, but instead depend on you to join others in a group interview. This is your 2nd interview. After which, the SGA State General Agent will come in and explain how he was Fired as a Commissioner due to the snow - same script for all interviews. He generally wears expensive clothes, and drives an expensive car. He will draw a diagram on the chalk board, showing how much you can stand to make. DON'T BELIEVE IT FOR A MINUTE. They use people - promise lifetime residuals. But, once you leave - they allow all the policies you have written to lapse - then the immediate manager recodes the business to themselves. By the way, the manager is his brother in law, and the secretary is his wife. DON'T WORK FOR THEM AND SPREAD THE WORD! Jean Clinton, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Waco, Texas

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