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1, Report #1117993
Jan 23 2014
05:29 PM
gallagher bassett GALLAGHER BASSETT... LIED.... Burbank California
 I fell from a tractor in 2000 and broke both of my elbows at work....Gallagher bassett has never stopped lying ....They tell the doctors the checkis in the mail , They tell me that they will give the the care that I am awarded.  Iam tired of it . I started two years ago going to the workers compensation appeals board and filing claim after claim...I use to wait months for authorization and now I recieve my medical care after a short thirty days of  court document processing , and did i mention the fines they pay me ...OVER AND OVER . I know Gallagher Bassett is a large billion dollar company , but after the second or third time of paying me fines ...The fines keep growing every time I have to file a claim and go to court . I have been awarded checks for 8,000-11,000.... In 2013 I went to court fourteen times . Iam very happy with Gallagher Bassetts slow and lying responces to my doctors requests for care....If someone from GB takes the time to read this ..PLEASE KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING ....your funding my kids college edjucation...2014-01-2316:23:17  
Entity: roseville, California
2, Report #1104165
Dec 04 2013
06:08 AM
Gallagher Bassett Gallagher Bassett - not trust worthy ossco Oregon
        The minute Reddaway told me after the accident they had a third party insurance I knew there would be trouble.Yap, Gallagher Basset doesn't disappoint.        After four weeks I received my first check, inside it was stamped on the check stub - returned? when did the post office open up return mail and stamp it? You begin to see how these bottom feeders work,         1st they file the claim - then the states pay them. 2nd they float the money 3rd love to make you suffer.Its sad there are no real lawyers out there - that have a pair on them that can't go after this corruption.Now I hope my apartment wont evict us while I go through this.
Entity: ossco, Oregon
3, Report #114555
Oct 25 2004
06:00 PM
Gallagher Bassett ripoff Hialeah Florida
I've been injured since the day after christmas 2003, and GB has done nothing since then except be uncooperative in all aspects. they've attempted to deny me medical treatment in several instances, and have not mailed out pay compensation checks in any sane or reasonable fashion. their lack of mailing out my checks has completely ruined me financially to the point that I do not even have gas in my car to go to my doctors appointments, and they've used that as an excuse to suspend my payments. Now I can't pay my rent, electric or water bills, buy groceries, or anything! to top it all off, my daughter has pneumonia and I couldn't afford to pay for her medicine. Vicky Bukar is the adjuster on this case, and she is a totally insufferable wench. My lawyer can't even seem to get any ground with them, because they reneg on verbal agreements. I hate Gallagher Bassett, and they're about to put me out in the street. Erik Midland, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Hialeah, Florida
4, Report #76855
Jan 12 2004
01:37 AM
I was injured on my job 3/04/03 and i have been dealin with gallagher ever since for almost a year now. these people are very cruel and very un professional everything that have done concerning my case has been against all of the TEXASORKERSCOMP. Rules these people just don;t care i ended up having about 6 or so BRC's their attoney;s from AYERS And AYERS in Colleyville Texas wre supposed to be sending me a coppy the survellance tape they are supposed to have had since 11/o3 her it is 3 months later and Deanna Ayers or Julia Tebbets won;t even answer the phone so now i am having to fike suits against Gallagher and their attorneys Ayers and Ayers. i have been advised that i can sue both of these parties because they are so incompetant. they refuse to any thing by the book they go by their own laws. if you dealwith these folks get an attorney snd immediatley file a complaint with yur local insurance board and take folks to court and sue their ASSES!!!!!!! Myrna lancaster, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
5, Report #67830
Sep 29 2003
02:04 PM
On September 5, 2003 Waste Management in Lantana Florida reversed into my car with my 16 year old daughter driving. They were completely at fault, and claimed 100 liability. Their insurance Company has treated me so bad, I wonder how they can get away with destroying my car, and refusing to pay me the amount I paid for the car just months earlier. Tracie Earl is my adjuster ( I dont think they use their real names) I wish I could post a copy of the letter she is almost a joke, obvisouly, literacy is not a job requirement at Gallagher Bassett. Not only do I not have a check for my car they destroyed, but she also made me return the rental car, as a single mom this made it real difficult to get to work and anywhere else I needed to go. I just got off the phone with her supervisor who claims that I am entitled to a rental and that Tracie advised me...HELLO...why would I have returned it? They are such liars and thieves they belong in a jail cell! I have never had to deal with these kind of people before, what an eye-opener...a bad one. I sincerely hope that there is someone out there who can make these people act human and start treating the victims with some degree of concern and kindness..I did not see one ounce..and it's not over for me yet, I'm still waiting for a check. Cheri LAKE WORTH, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: ST. PETERS, Missouri
6, Report #171437
Jan 12 2006
01:56 AM
Gallagher Bassett evil! fraud! dishonest! corrupt! Houston Texas
Warning! Warning!! Do not get hurt at work in Texas, but if you do, file it under your regular health insurance. GALLAGHER BASSETT is my WC insurance company. They are as evil as can be. This company has denied every test and procedure that my doctors have requested, but by fighting them I finally did receive my necessary treatments. By GB denying my treatments, they only prolonged my suffering. I injured my back early in 03'at work that resulted in two ruptured disc that caused bilateral radiculopathy. I had problems walking [nuerogenic cladication] and after physical therapy they tried to send me back to work, eventhough my two MRI's, CT Myelogram, EMG, and FCE revealed major problems. I even had epidural nerve blocks done. My neurosurgeons were pushing for surgery in 03', but GB refused to authorize it. GB has cut my pay off time and time again. I had to file with TWCC to get my benefits reinstated, and that was only by going through several painful BRC's and CCH's. TWCC does nothing to the insurance companies when they violate the law. GB has violated the TWCC Act numerous times in my case and TWCC just sweeps it under the rug like it never happened. So far, I have dealt with three of GB's corrupt lawyers. One even threaten one of my doctors. He told my doctor that if he authorized any more physical therapy it would hurt his standings with future TWCC patients. This is well documented in my doctor's report. GB had their doctors do retrospective reviews in my case. Their reports were very conflicting. Once you read them, you realize what GB had done. GB sent their doctors bits and pieces of reports in my medical file. They only sent what they wanted reviewed. This is insurance bad faith, and it is against the law. Still, TWCC does nothing about this fraud. By fighting this insurance company, I finally did recieve my back surgery. I had two laminectomies and a spinal fusion [rods, screws] by mid 05'. Yes, that is 2 1/2 years later after my work-related accident. By prolonging my suffering, I now have nerve damage that resulted in a diminished patellar reflex [knee] and an absent achilles reflex [ankle]. But the funny thing is...I have a CCH and an Appeals Panel decison authorizing my surgery that GB refuses to honor. I also finally received an authorization from GB authorizing my surgery. GB states that it will not pay for my surgery. TWCC will not do anything to make them pay. They state that I have to file in district court to get them to pay. TWCC is worthless! Why did I go through this system if they only look out for the insurance companies! Now I know why doctors want nothing to do with the TWCC system...they never get paid! This is only a short version of what I have been through. My credit is runied and I am about to lose my house. I am still under my doctors care and cannot work. My only income now is from my wife, and she is 8 months pregnant. When the baby is born, she will be off work and that means no income coming in. Thank you evil and corrupt GB and worthless will reap what you sow!!! Matt The Woodlands, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
7, Report #1177162
Sep 16 2014
11:43 AM
Gallagher Bassett Denied and Covered Up Work Incident Cheyenne WY
On Jan 28, 2013 I was in an Elevator at my place of employment (Echostar Communications Corporation in Cheyenne, WY) when the Elevator malfunctioned and jolted my head snapping my pre-existing fusion in C5,6&7.  The cieling tiles were dangling and I had to step a foot up and out of the Elevator. In attending the Doctors office the next morning and with swelling and severe pain, I was promptly denied the occurance happened at all a mere week later. Denied any more Doctor's or corrective surgery, Denied the Elevator malfunction even though I had several witness' and I was made to feel like I was at fault because I had a pre-existing condition.  I am otherwise a very healty and happy 47 year old of good sound mind and body. I have since aquired 14K in medical bills, lost the ability to work full time and became clinically depressed.  I finially found a Lawyer but soon learned that her pockets were not deep enough to fight EchoStar/Gallaher Bassett. There are now no records of the Elevator malfuntioning even though it was Out of Service for an entire week. I was also denied Short Term Dissability from my Employer EchoStar because of the complete Cover Up of the injuries I sustained.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1393482
Aug 17 2017
11:57 AM
Gallagher Bassett unprofessional rude saint peters Missouri
I had taken my car into a repair shop for an oil change.I was contacted by the shop telling me O'reilly auto parts truck was making a delivery and backed into my car as it was parkedin their lot.  I would be given all their info and police report when i pickup my car.  I got all info and called the third party companyO'reilly auto parts use to deal with insurance claims.  This company was Gallagher Bassett.  I was given a claim number and told an adjuster would be calling me.  The claims adjuster cameout and wrote up the claim. I was then contacted by Ashlee Goslik from Gallagher Bassett saying they would send a check for the amount the adjuster said.  I told her I do not want a check I want my car fixed back to the way it was  before it was hit. She said this is the way they do it and have not had a problem in a snide tone.  She said when you decide where to get it fixed and they have parts call to setup a rental it should only take a day or so. I then informed her my car was hit in a lot and I was not even there so I want my car fixed and a rental and it will cost what it cost and I would have a rental as long as it is in the shop I have no fault in this.  She then informs me this was an accident as if because the O'rilley driver did not do it on purpose they are doing me a favor  even fixing it. I went on my own to get some estimates just so I have an idea what I am looking at.  They were both over what the check they were sending was going to be. The place I chose said bring the check and they would deal with the adjustor as they may have even more damage under the bumper.  Two weeks later all the parts are in the Repair shop said they had to call and call call Gallagher Bassett to get copy of appraisal as they wanted to be proactive and not have to wait for it to come in mail. I also check with enterprise as they work with the repair shop on setting up cars. They had been calling for days to setup car as all parts are in and I am scheduled to drop off car monday after work . I finally get ahold of a Pat with Gallagher and she was very  helpful and setup car for me.  I dropped off my car monday after work and pickup rental car. I get a call Tuesday morning again from Ashlee telling me they did not start on my car until tuesday so they will not pay for my rental from Monday evening through tuesday morning.  I again told her I can not take off work to drop off my car. I work long hours and leave very early and just get off in time to drop off, Why should I have to be put out when I have no fault in this.  Again she says in her snide way that is why it is called an accident. I am taking from This that Gallagher Bassett does not feel they need to pay unless their client calls in and fills out an I did this on purpose report. I did not even know those report exist. But according to her If it is an accident you are fortunate they even deal with you.  This was the point I had it. I said I am over this S---.  I admit not profession on my part but a person can only be treated so bad so long for no reason and I was there.  She then said you cussed at me this call is over and hung up on me.  I decided at this time it was time to call O'reilly auto parts as this company is not worth my  time and effort to  deal with. As I am doing this I get a call from Enterprise saying Ashlee with Gallagher basset had sent over paperwork that my rental is over and I need to return to call today as my car is done.  I had not even heard from church brothers so I call and ask if anyone informed Gallagher my car was done and they said absolutely not it would be thursday at the earliest they still have more damage behind bumper. This was her unprofessional way to show her so called Power to put me in my place. I did get ahold of O'rilley executives  and they got the car rental taken care of for now.  I have also looked up this company have discovered I am not the only one that has pro lems dealing with this company they have a negative rate It is really sad when you cant just have something fixed the way it was have a rental car and get your car back without all the hassle and activation  I would not even give one star  this company needs negative starsThe employee that hit my car was fired for multiple insurance accident clamis and had a medical condition when his leg went numb and could not feel petals on vehicles.  You would think they would want to happily get my car fixed and back to me as this person should not even be driving at all.  Not so it is more fun for them to make it a hasstle , inconvienence and stressful experience for me
Entity: saint peters, Missouri
9, Report #415033
Jan 22 2009
05:17 PM
Gallagher Bassett As Others Have Already Stated..Gallagher Bassett Drags Their Feet Itasca Illinois
I'll try to keep this short and sweet. A school bus ran a stop sign and crushed my car while I was driving to work one morning. The bus belonged to First Student, Inc., and was insured by Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc. The accident happened on 11/14/2007. It's now 01/22/2009. The bus driver admits fault. The accident report shows the bus driver was at fault. It took three days for GB to admit the accident even occurred. It took another seven days for them to admit their client was at fault. It took another week for them to appraise the car. It took another week for them to send out paperwork for me to sign. GB undervalued my totaled car, but I verbally accepted the amount they offered over the phone under the agreement that they pay for the rental car I was driving back and forth to work since the accident happened, and that they send me a check immediately. When I got the paperwork they wanted me to sign (finally), it said nothing about paying for the rental car. I called the rental car company, and they said they contacted GB (who they have a contract with) and GB wouldn't pay. I called GB and told them they either needed to set up billing with the rental car company like they agreed, or issue new paperwork with costs of the rental included. They refused. This went round and round until I finally contacted my credit union, secured a loan, bought a car, and then paid the rental bill myself. GB still refuses to pay for the rental, and still insists that I return the original paperwork with a signature. I have to agree with others on this site who have stated that GB employees are rude. My claim has been handled by two different claims representatives. The first, Tracy Crone, was a complete bitchy, gloating douchebag. At one point, she basically told me that I don't deserve to be treated well because I didn't have full-coverage insurance on my car. I assume she was fired (I hope so), because in May, 2008 my claim was picked up by Danielle Morrill who is completely clueless (or, at least acts clueless), but continues the feet dragging. We go to court next month. I simply want the rental car paid for and a fair value for my crushed car. Curt Minneapolis, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Itasca, Illinois
10, Report #328522
Apr 24 2008
05:51 AM
Gallagher Bassett Services Gallagher bassett will try to STRAVE U OUT!!! Tucker Georgia
I am 6' 185 lbs i sliped on some plastic on my flatbed truck i was driving while i was loading it on Nov--8-07 i just got my ok for rotator cuff tear surg- 4-23-08 after i got a good lawer. U MUST HAVE A GOOD LAWER ASAP!!!!! If U are dealing with this Co. Did not recive no compensation untill 4-3-08 and then it still is not the right amount according to the tennessee state law on workers comp---ALL I CAN SAY ISGOOD LUCK DEALLING WITH THEM!!!! GET A GOOD LAWYER ASAP NO JOKE. David King, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Tucker, Georgia
11, Report #1227274
May 06 2015
11:38 AM
Gallagher Bassett Anyone have advice on dealing with Gallagher Bassett and getting what they deserve?? Missouri
My son was rearended in an automobile accident on March 30th.  The driver, an employee driving a truck owned by Dish Network, had insurance with Ace Insurance, but they work with Gallagher Bassett.  Joy of joys!! The repairs were going to cost $2200.  My son's vehicle has a salvage title.  We have did hundreds of dollars worth of work to the vehicle in the months prior to the accident.  In fact, on the day PRIOR to the accident, we put about $500 worth of brakes on the vehicle. Gallagher Bassett wants to total the vehicle and pay us $1252.25.  If we wish to purchase the vehicle back?  They will charge us $1152.25.  In other words, they will give us our totalled vehicle back, and give us a grand sum of $100. Unbelievable, right?? HAS ANYONE had any success dealing with this company, and if so, what steps did you take??  We are considering hiring an attorney . . . not because we are going to end up making money out of this mess, but because they are liable and they need to PAY. Thanks to anyone that has ANY ideas whatsoever!!  This isn't fair
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #136437
Mar 25 2005
09:47 PM
Gallagher&Bassett ripoff dishonest fraudulant negligent bad faith practices Itasca Illinois
I have been in the workers compensation system in NY for 4 years.since that time I have been humiliated,have had my credit ruined,have gone without economical means and worst of all have had my physical and mental well being jeopradized. Why?because negligent insurance companies like Gallagher&Bassett are allowed to manipulate the laws and the workers compensation boards to support their last ditch efforts to save their bottom line with no concern for the well being of the injured individuals and the needed medical and financial support they rely on. In july of 2003 I underwent a spinal fusion to repair a fractured vertabre and the damage done to the disk and nerves as a result.As ruled on by workers compensation, the carrier was to approve any and all medical treatment nessesary at sight of injury. What a joke! In the first year after the surgery I was to follow up with the surgeon four times,as with a fusion it is a hit or miss procedure.After the third visit with the surgeon,with very little relief of my symptoms the surgeon had reguested a ct scan. This scan would have enabled the surgeon to view the soft tissue around the fusion to help him determine what course of action could be taken to help allieviate my discomfort if any. As of april 23rd 2005 it will have been one year since this request was made with nothing approved. To this date I have received five seperate bills pertaining to the april 23,2004 visit to the surgeon in the amount of forty dollars in which the bill states Gallagher/Bassett is refusing to pay this bill. This kind of conduct has been transpiring since the onset of this injury in may of 2001. I went the first four months of this claim with no finacial support, rendering me financially ruined.Every medical test or proceedure that has been requested for needed medical care has either taken a minimum of three months or never approved. I was given a perscription drug card to use for needed pain medications so I wouldn't have to pay out of pocket and wait for reimbursment from the carrier, but one month after surgery when trying to refill my perscriptions and waiting three days for the pharmacy to call. I finally returned to the pharmacy to pick up my perscriptions only to find that the perscriptions were not approved yet, to this day the pharmacy has never contacted me to tell me my perscriptions were approved and ready to be picked up. After four years of begging and pleading with the red tape bureaucracy of workers compensation,the numerous badfaith attorneys who are suppose to uphold our best interests and the negligent insurance companies in which the two foremost are suppose to defend us against. The physical,emotional and financial damage incurred. I'am still questioning myself as to which was worse, The initial injury? or the subsequent negligents that followed by all parties involved. You be the judge! My last stand was to revolt. I refused any requests from the insurance carrier to participate in their biased IME exams, not to mention their a conflict of interest broker or not. If they want to jeopardize my wellbeing by not authorizing needed medical care and treatment and workers compensation is unwilling to stand behind their rulings I feel obligated to give them nothing. As for the second lawyer in four years, his bad faith approach to defending my rights and wellbeing has resulted in his firing. My reward for standing up for myself, workers compensation ruling allowing the insurance carrier to discontinue my benifits. Surprise, NOT! I've received no benifits since january 2005. This is negligents at its best. When it comes to insurance companies such as Gallagher&Bassett, it shows they'll commit any atrocity to protect their bottom line. It's taken me almost three months to step back and collect myself but this fight is far from over. As for Gallagher&bassett and all parties involved, you reap what you sow. You will pay for your negligents. Kevin anywhere, New YorkU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Gallagher Bassett
Entity: Itasca, Illinois
13, Report #109067
Sep 18 2004
09:04 PM
Gallagher-Bassett Delay payment of medical bills even after job termination. RIPOFF Orlando Florida
G-B has cancelled my foot surgery 14 times in 18 months. Even after causing me to lose my job they still refuse to pay for treatment. I have had 3 second opinions but still no resolve. The main person to blame is the stupid a*@ adjuster Kathy Banco. The next to blame is the stupid lawyers (names unknown). 6 months after a worker's copm judge ordered them to take care of my foot ASAP they still have not. Carmen cornelius, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
14, Report #90466
May 06 2004
02:11 PM
Gallagher Bassett Services Inc. Rip-off in Memphis Kansas City Missouri
I'm an O/O leased to Swift Transportation. I was required by contract to purchase a Occupational Injury policy that is managed by Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc. in Kansas City, Mo. Febraury 3, 2004 I was hit by a four wheeler in PA. I was assigned to Ana Haynes in Kansas City, MO. Gallagher Bassett has refused to pay medical claims or disability benefits. They have also refused to provide any explanation for their actions. I have paid for years on a policy that is worthless. I was truly shocked to find this web site. For what it's worth I have filed complaints in seven states requesting an investagation. My back is broken. I can never drive again. I'm screwed. Why is Gallagher Bassett allowed to practice business???? Patricia memphis, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Missouri
15, Report #456815
May 30 2009
08:01 AM
Gallagher Bassett Lost everything,no authorizations no benifits,no denial SanDiego Nationwide
I have been screwed by GB out of everything. and so will you. they hav hired allmost 90% of all lawfirms which means you cannot use them,they have paid off all work comp judges which means your case will not be fairly heard if at all, they have payed all defense attorneys so yhet will not reprisent you according to the law but they will get you angry as hell by helping GB not pay a cent. The answer is domestic terrorism GB has killed or ruined the lives of many more people than 100 911s and no one will go after them because the have too much money, So save your money and think like a gorilla. and fight them on our terms. not theirs. ant attorney you get they will payoff bielieve me I ahve had many and not one has gotten proper treatment or bennifits for me. And if you thing the Dr they pay gives a d**n whether you hurt or not you are very most deffinatly wrong. They are AIG. and pay their employees well to screw you any way possible. Luck Mike non din daeng, CaliforniaThailand
Entity: SanDiego, Nationwide
16, Report #411783
Jan 13 2009
07:16 PM
Gallagher Bassett Insurance Company Biggest Liar in the Insurance Business Clearwater Florida
To be short and to the point...I worked for Wackenhut Corp and was injured on the job and then fired while out on Worker's Compensation. I then sued them and of course Gallagher Bassett dragged the suit on for alomst two and a half years. They were finally ordered by the judge to pay me and the 60 day time period they were allowed has since come and gone. I have been told on numerous occassions the standard the check is in the mail story. To date no check. I guess they feel they are really above the law. After all they violated a court order to pay. What is it going to take to get someone to stand up and take notice that this company is horrible and refuses to own up to their clients responsibility to pay their employees that are injured on the job like they shoud? Robert Kissimmee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
17, Report #937734
Sep 06 2012
06:37 PM
Gallagher Bassett Insurance Fraud, Breech of Contract, Failure to render services Nashville, Tennessee
In August 2005 I filed an insurance claim with Gallagher Bassett. Part of my settlement included lifetime medical. In January 2012 I contacted the insurance company to begin processing the request for a doctors appointment. The company denied me medical treatment, so I called the attorneys. Once my attorneys were involved again, then insurance company began to some what comply. In April, I had to sign a medical release for the insurance company. I again complied. It is now September, I have been cleared to see a doctor, but the insurance company has yet to make me an appointment. Since January, my knee pain has continued to worsen, but I have yet to see the doctor. My knee worsens by the day, and I am afraid I am doing more damage by not seeing a doctor.
Entity: Nashville, Tennessee
18, Report #319422
Mar 19 2008
03:23 PM
Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc. No Workers Comp pay yet East Lansing Michigan
Gallagher Bassett is a terrible company to deal with when it is time for them to pay you your money The office in East Lansing, MI has rude and mean representatives especially Stephanie Sayler I was injured jan 19, 2008 it has been two months and haven't received a dime from them. I explain to them that I need my money to pay my bills as told by Ms sayler I can't help you until your medical records come in. my records have been in for 5 days now. shame on you Sayler. Chris Detroit, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: East Lansing, Nationwide
19, Report #310255
Feb 19 2008
06:09 PM
Gallagher Bassett Piss poor medical care administration, waiting for me to just go away Scottsdale Arizona
Gallagher Bassett is an evil insurance company and one of its employees, Tammy King, is even worse. This whore was my claims adjuster and she denied medical treatments wanted by my doctor numerous times. I was injured working at Trader Joes, a very unsafe place to work. I hurt my left shoulder and neck and have yet to really feel much relief after a surgery six months after the injury because GB continually denied my doctor's requests for an MRI to reveal the problem. They only acquiesced after an IME, a complete oximoron, suggested the procedures be done. They would only authorize parts of treatments prescribed by my doctor. He would want 8 weeks of therapy sessions, 3 times per week. They would authorize 4 weeks and only twice a week. These sessions would run out, and I would have to go through the same thing over and over, having lapses of up to three months sometimes between therapy visits. They have closed my claim with a phone call to me. No letter, nothing in writing, now they don't even respond. I lost my job and am in mind numbing pain constantly. I am having a hard time getting a new job and not having luck finding a doctor who will treat me know. This is just the tip of the iceberg. They denied every medication request until I begged and pleaded, using HR from Trader Joes to facilitate. They are a monster who must be stopped. They are simply trying to frustrate people enough that they just go away, remaining injured. Eric Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
20, Report #323354
Apr 03 2008
09:53 AM
Gallagher Bassett Services How patient is the patient Schamburg Illinois
I was injured at work on July 2, 2007. Today is April 3, 2008 and I have still not had the injury medically repaired. It took 4 months of calling three times a week to get an MRI to discover that the injury was a moderately large supraspinatus tear in my right shoulder. Then it took two more months to have the claims adjuster decide that I probably wasn't all that injured and they would order an IME (Independent Medical Evaluation)using one of their doctors (the first surgeon was one of theirs, by the way). I was accompanied to the doctor's office for the IME by an independent nurse who was to insure that I was who I said I was and to act as a go-between for me and the insurance company. The IME reported that not only did I indeed have a large supraspinatus tear in my right shoulder, but now, due to lack of medical attention, my shoulder was frozen and this is a much more difficult situation to correct surgically. He told me straight, that about 30% of frozen shoulder surgeries are successful, and that I would still have to have the supraspinatus repair after the frozen shoulder surgery-TWO SURGERIES! That IME was on February 4 and still no surgery. I have hired a lawyer. What I don't understand is why don't they just take care of this in a timely fashion so that I am not in pain for 10 months and I don't have to put my nursing career on hold because I can't attend classes in a sling? Why do I have to hire a lawyer to negotiate medical services for an injury that my employer does not dispute and has never disputed? What happens if I don't get the MMI I need for nursing when all the surgeries and physical therapy is complete? Elise Louisville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Itasca, Illinois
21, Report #258817
Jul 05 2007
11:10 AM
Gallagher Bassett Insurance Company Rip-Off and Dishonest Columbia Maryland
On January 28, 2007 I was injured at work and could not return to work. For 2 1/2 weeks i recieved medical treatment for my back injury. then all of a sudden GALLAGHER BASSETT stopped all medical and worker compensation. They said since i had a back operation back in 1998 that the injury was because of that and not due to the injury i recieved at work. Well since my back operation in 1998 i have resumed working in law enforcement, auto mechanics and wharehouse work without missing a day of work and no back problems. I had to get a lawyer and take it to workers compensation court here in maryland. Gallagher Bassett sent me to thier INDEPENDENT MEDICAL EVALUATOR and he even agreed with me. All the medical test i have gone through agreed with my getting injured in january 2007. We went to court and for some reason the Gallagher Bassett lawyers wanted to settle out of court...ok so my lawyer talked and decided it was a good settlement. They agreed to pay all back pay they owed me and cover me medically, also pay me weekly workers comp pay... Well i have recieved all back pay but for some reason they have decided not to pay the workers comp pay since may 16, is now july 5, 2007 and counting. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT settle out of court with Gallagher Bassett...they can not be trusted!! Now my lawyers are filing to go back to court because of this... the penalty Gallagher Bassett will have to pay is $1,000 a day since may 16...I hope the bastards get hammered!!! They do not know how to honor thier court ordered Settlement they have agreed upon. When we go back to court we will not settle out of court and i will fight for what is rightfully is mine... Meanwhile i cannot work and bills are stacking up, rent is due and soon i will face eviction all because of Gallagher bassett. This Company has giving me nothing but a hard time and in the end i hope they get screwed bigtime...Eat crap and Die Gallagher Bassett... oh and the lady claim adjuster goes by the name of Char Harris...Wicked Witch of Maryland should be her title. Dogmeat Columbia, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Columbia, Maryland
22, Report #275997
Sep 25 2007
03:40 PM
Gallagher Bassett Services Their Client's Food Made Us Sick Claim Denied! Maryland Heights Missouri
Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc. is the insurance company for Rock Bottom Brewery; my husband and I had dinner there on the night of July 27, 2007 and suffered horrible food poisoning as a result. After our weekend in misery we saw our doctor who determined that we were infact suffering from Acute Bacterial Gastroenteritis -- more commonly known as food poisoning. He put us on Cipro antibiotic and told us to return if we were not better in a week. Our doctor did not request lab work as we were severely dehydrated; he knew our condition would improve with the Cipro. As a service to the restaurant and to the general public I decided to contact the Phoenix location where we had eaten. I was told to call the corporate headquarters in Colorado, which I did. I spoke with a gentleman who seemed genuinely concerned about us; he told me someone fron Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc. would be contacting me within a day or so. After waiting for a week I googled the insurance company and contacted them directly, so I could expedite some sort of resolution. After providing the claims agent with all of the graphic details of our illness I obtained the doctor's notes from our visit and mailed them and several other requested documents to the representative. Again , I waited -- this time for several weeks. I called the company and found out someone else had been assigned our claim and was told by the new person that I would be contacted with an estimated time of resolution within 7 business days. This did not happen. I started calling every day and each time was told I'm about to go into a conference call. I'll call you back When I called the company yesterday morning -- after 2 months of being jerked around -- I was told that our claim had been denied due to lack of sufficient evidence. After all, the chipotle chicken quesadilla wasn't the only thing you ate that day. No settlement, no damages and no apology after 2 months of getting the run around. My husband and I were the victims of a restaurant's unsanitary conditions and their insurance company's failure to do the right thing. There is a case pending with the health department; both the restaurant and the insurance company know we are gravely disappointed. Neither party has offered any sort of compensation or apology. Steel magnolia Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Maryland Heights, Missouri
23, Report #255957
Jun 21 2007
11:17 AM
Gallagher Bassett the way they twist Doctors reports and stop my pay Corona, California
In dealing with Gallagher Bassett is such a shock that these people have no care weather you are with out anywhere to live or that you are put out in the street because they feel nothing as to the fact that you depend on the money paid to you by them. Gallagher Bassett Attn: Michael Marin Branch Manager #170 This is a request pertaining to all matters of my claim with Gallagher Bassett regarding to all reports and findings from Dr. David M. Broderick, MD I also am requesting that I be given a new Qualified Medical Examiner, examination. (Second opinion) I was never released by any of these doctors to return to work, therefore, my scheduled payments will continue to come to me. Your company still owes me for the shortages of pay from when I was first injured and getting my scheduled disability payments. Thank you for your prompt attention regarding this matter. Sincerely, William D. Tele# 707 764-1700 Mr. **, Thank you for letting us know your concerns in this matter. We do have confirmation that all records were served on Dr. Broderick prior to your examination. We are uncertain why these were not reviewed, but based on the information you are providing below, we did re-serve all documents to Dr. Broderick on 6/12/07 with a copy to you. At this time, the medical findings of Dr. Broderick found zero percent disability and that your condition reached a permanent and stationary status back on 01/04/07. Based on this report, there are no further benefits due to you and there is also an overpayment of temporary disability in the amount of $17,880.00, based on the permanent and stationary date of 1/4/07. I do see that the proper letters have been sent to you advising of the same and that full reimbursement is due to us for the $17,880.00. Further, there is no current information to support your settlement demand of $450,000.00. Based on your concerns, we will be waiting for the supplemental report of Dr. Broderick, commenting on all records in this case. Once that report has been received, our adjuster, Olu Benson, will be in contact with you to discuss any possible permanent disability found by Dr. Broderick and how that may effect the $17,880.00 overpayment that you owe to our office. It does appear clear from your e-mail below that there is a significant disparity between your settlement expectations and the actual medical findings and status of your claim. The only other recourse I can provide you is the contact information for the State Information and Assistance Officer. This is also on the DWC letters sent to your attention, but I am again providing for your convenience. The I&A Officer can be contacted at 1-800-736-7401 or you can contact your local I&A Officer at (707) 441-5723. I will be forwarding this to your adjuster for handling on a go forward basis. Sincerely, Michael Marin Branch Manager GB - Corona Branch # 170 Phone: 951-279-0073 ext. 201 Fax: 866-947-1177 To: Gallagher Bassett From William D RE: number 001560-010481-WC-01 Statement of settlement I am seeking 1). I am asking for a monetary settlement of $450,000.00 2). Medical care on my knee and back for life. 3). No Re-hab because I am a not a book learning person but a hands on person when it comes to learning. This is what I am asking for and is not even close to what I would have made for the next six years that I would have made had I been working for Manuel Brothers Inc. I also seek an examination from a qualified Doctor with my Medical records in his or her hands so they can reference what was done on me by the Treating Doctors. The medical findings that Dr. Broderick did are not binding because he had no such records in hand when he did his exam. As per Dr. Brodericks attached letter and statement in his Medical finding page three (3) (Review of Medical Records statement) by Dr. Broderick. (See attached for your reference) That the exam was not done correctly by Dr. Broderick and he stated he did things to me that he did not and that I did things in his findings that I did not do. And things Dr. Broderick stated I did that I am unable to do. Please also understand that I was given no proper treatment for my back and I am still without full use of my back, and my knee. Sincerely William Thiss was just a touch of what is going on with these people and their dis-concern wheather I am put in the street or not. William RIO DELL, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Corona,Ca. 92878, California
24, Report #344716
Jun 26 2008
04:21 PM
Gallagher Bassett Mack Truck plows my vehicle and won't pay! Waldorf Maryland
On October 19, 2006 a Waste Management Mack truck backed into my new van. It only had 6,300 miles on it! The driver of the truck admitted fault; his supervisor came to the scene and admitted fault; and the traffic cop who wrote the report said it was the Mack truck's fault. My van required replacement of the roof, rear door, support structures, and significant repair to the rear side panels. We were out of our car for nearly 2 months while the repairs were done. Our insurance covered the maximum rental car insurance amount of $900, but we incurred a total rental car bill for $2651. We have been forced to suck up the additional $1751. Additionally, we have been told that we could collect a dimunition of value because the car was so new and in prime condition, but have been denied. Gallagher Bassett has not paid us one penny to cover our expenses or our insurance company's expenses. They claim a 1% liability clause, which states that if you are 1% at fault, you have no claim on them. Hello! when the car was turned on we became 1% at fault. We were 1% at fault for having the audacity to actually drive on the roads we pay taxes for! It sounds as if Gallagher Bassett doesn't ever plan on paying anybody any money they are entitled to. Laurel Cedar City, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Waldorf, Maryland
25, Report #1105546
Dec 09 2013
11:01 AM
GALLAGHER BASSETT SERVICE INC theifs, unrelaible, bad customer service itasca Illinois
I have made a claim on Sep,2012 and gottena claim number. I wasassigned to someone name Thomas tylor who never picked up my calles until may 2013. Than he started lying when customer service put him in the line that he did not get my pape4 work. Finally, I sent all the paper work while he is on the phone and he confirmed that he has recieved it. Now it Dec2013 and he has not answerd my calls or return my messages, customer service alsodoes not have the file so they can not do much..However, we are preparing for a good law suit for them and sysco, just a matter of registering and recording our calls to make a strong case. 18668891218 ext 7987
Entity: itasca, Illinois

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