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1, Report #157330
Sep 16 2005
03:22 PM
GC Services ripoff Mesa Arizona
I used to work for this company. i feel there very dishonest all across the board. for example they have whats call occurance points regarding attendance. you get them if your absent or late. well through my whole working tenure there they constantly changed mine. i always made them correct it. finally when they allowed me to transfer to there other site in another city they promised me a full occurance rollback for doing it. well i find out when i transfer that they only gave me half of a rollback not the promised full rollback. i had enough at that point and resigned the end of the week. also while working there since i was unhappy with the company and there actions and policies i attempted to locate other employment. when companies would call for proof i worked there i would always get a bad reference and i was a good employee. my interviews with the other companies would always go good so its not that which prevented me from getting these jobs. there still lying about me as an employee and ive been out of work for almost 4 weeks as a result. im going to be in touch with an attorney and the local labor boards in mesa and have them investigated as there very dishonest and used shady policies and tactics. Ryan Tempe, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
2, Report #897467
Jun 14 2012
08:47 AM
GC Services GC Services scammers law-breakers Houston, Texas
    This company is the biggest scam artists and lawbreakers in the USA. This collection agency will use any tactic to collect money, no matter if you owe it or not. They have all their supervisors complete the FDRCPA tests for agents. In addition, they refuse to follow the law, although they collect money for numerous states.
Entity: Houston, Texas
3, Report #1196191
Dec 17 2014
08:25 PM
GC Services GC Services is a SCAM, unethical business practice.
GC Services is a scam. They sent a collection notice to my home for $10.56 for DISH NETWORK.  I have not used DISH in many years and I know for certain that I do not owe them any money. It was so difficult to cancel my DISH service back in those days that they made absolutely sure I returned all their equipment and paid all my bills first. If I did owe them, why would Dish never try to contact me directly after all these years? My contact information has not changed. When I called the toll free number on the collection letter from GC Services it was a recording telling me that I had won a FREE two day, two night cruise just for calling! Then it prompted me to speak to a customer services person to book my free vacation...how exciting... When I said that I didn't want a free trip they gave me another number to call, and when I called that new number it said that number was not accessible from my area. I decided to search on their website and found a third toll free number, different from the first two, and when I called that one there was an automated offer to sell me a home security system. I was never albe to speak to a real person except someone trying to get my my personal information to book some stupid cruise. This is a joke. I am contacting my local state representitive and also state representitives in Texas where GC is located.  I will also contact Dish Network.  I demand confirmation in writing from both DISH and GC Services that there is no debt. I expect this whole thing is a scam to get inbound calls to their sales department. 
4, Report #269608
Aug 22 2007
09:53 PM
GC Services Harassers Houston Texas
I have had problems with this company like so many other people. At first they were ok and let me make a two month split payment. When the first payment didn't go through for some reason i called and asked if it would go through again. the lady told me no and to send it via western union. after sending the money via western union, the next day it went through my bank account again!!! i am a student and as a student we don't make much money while studying full-time. it's hard enough to keep up with current bills then to have creditors rip you off. i called and asked if they would refund my western union as the double charge put me in the negative on my account. they told me too bad it is just paid off now and I asked to speak to the manager that basically told me the same thing. I told them that I could not afford this situation and am only a student trying to make right with my debts. I was at work while all this happened and became irate when they basically mocked me and told me that they will do nothing and consider my debt paid. while this would be ok if i wasn't in the negative, this wasn't the case. I told them they would be hearing from the better business bureau and that a real business is ran with real customer service. after locating the company and contacting the BBB, i received a letter of apology and the money was refunded to my account!! :) sometimes you gotta fight people because even though we make mistakes we shouldn't be treated with disrespect. Eminjay seaside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
5, Report #1177433
Sep 17 2014
12:56 PM
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #82449
Mar 01 2004
06:16 PM
GC Services Behaved unprofessional, called me a criminal. Nationwide
Man, where do I begin?...I received a call from a Mr. Burney at GC Services telling me that my account with Citi Bank has been turned over to him. I hadn't received any notification on this but, I wanted to know what was going on so I continued to talk with Mr. Burney. He asked me what we are going to do about this debt that I owe. When I tried responding he interrupted me telling me, It's against the law to steal money. Whoa, whoa, I told him. That was against the law. I let him know that I kept in constant contact with Citi Bank about my financial situation. But, he just kept saying, My Client says you never told them anything. Now, I have included this account on my Debt Relief account. When I told Mr. Burney this, he told me that I was wasting his time. He had other people that actually pay him his money. I informed him that Citi Bank's money will be taken care of. Mr. Burney repeatedly asked me if he could note my account as a refusal to pay. Every time I said that he couldn't, because I never said that. He told me he was going to get the money in an involuntary manner. Don't know what that means exactly but, it sounds a little like garnishment to me. Hmm...Can anyone say against the law, again? Well, this continued until a supervisor named Mr. Remirez picked up the line and asked me if I cared about my credit. I told him that indeed I do. He said, Well then, call whoever you have to, to get $3,500.00 paid by tomorrow. When I asked for both of their first names, I was told, Watch what you say, that sounds like you are threatening us. Now I ask whoever will listen, How is asking for someone's first name anything like a threat? When I informed Mr. Remirez that Mr. Burney doesn't need to talk to me the way he did, I was told that that was their job...being aggressive. Aggressive? or Unprofessional? Rik Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #88375
Apr 20 2004
07:25 PM
GC Services Ripoff rude inaccurate unsavory Houston Texas
I am writing to report a collection agency from Houston, Texas. GC Services contacted me at the end of last year (2003) in connection with a debt they claimed I owed for approximately $200. I contacted them to inquire what the debt was for, and was told that they were collecting an old tax debt from the 2001 tax year. I had never received any news of this debt from the State of Montana, and asked them to send me some documentation, either mail or fax, to support this claim. The agent was rude and told me that she had no obligation to send me anything, and that I needed to send them the $200 plus interest. I once again explained that I was not going to send them money unless I received some verification of the debt. Once again, the agent became rude with me and told me that she would not do that and that I had better send them the money. I contacted the Montana Department of Revenue and learned that there was indeed an underpayment from the 2001 tax year. I also found out that I had an OVERPAYMENT for the 2002 tax year. The credit should have offset the 2001 underpayment. I have since contacted GC Services to bring this to their attention. GC Services continues to demand the money, and will not provide anything to substantiate their claim. The following article ran in our local newspaper - supplied from the AP wire: http://www.billingsgazette.com/index.php?display=rednews/2004/01/13/build/state/55-taxcollections.inc Apparently there have been other complaints about their business practices. Brian Billings, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
8, Report #136992
Mar 30 2005
10:07 PM
GC Services ripoff San Diego California
Before I begin I have notified the FTC and local BBB. My parents actually received the initial call. I have not lived there in over 10 years. My mom seemed upset by the call so I returned the call. I spoke to Ms. Davis who informed me that Citibank intended to file suit 03/31/05 which I have received no notification of. I was advised that I have until then to contact them with the name of a lawyer if I was filing bankruptcy. I informed them that I did not appreciate my parents being called. The response was that you owed a debt so we can call anyone to get in touch with you. She then stated I have a lot of attitude for someone that owes a debt. I advised her that I would be filing bankruptcy to which she informed me that I could not do that for $6000. I advised her that I owed more than that. She advised that I could not include Citibank in the bankruptcy and stated that I stole the money from Citibank. I advised her that I did not appreciate that implication and I didn't sneak into the bank and steal the money. I advised her if she checked the status on the account I had paid faithfully on the account for 4 years until I was stricken with Cancer and was unable to work. I was advised that it was not an excuse and made to feel that the Cancer was my fault. A manager then interrupted on the call and said again that I am too arrogant for someone that can't pay $6000. He asked my why Texans never paid their bills. He stated that the laws in Texas protect a debtor but that only made his job more fun and that he still would get me. He asked me why I think Citibank does business in Texas and he said it is because they have an iron clad contract in reference to credit cards. This manager stated that I will have a mediocre life and that I would never own a house, car or ever have a good job. When I informed him I did have a good job he said then how come I could not pay $6000. He said $6000 was nothing to him to which I replied then he should pay it. I advised him that I knew the law in Texas and that I could not be sent to jail and that Citibank could only file a judgment against me. He then asked me if I knew what a meeting of the creditors entailed to which I replied what it was. He said that I needed to be prepared for the pain Citibank was going to descend upon me and that the lawyers would take care of me. He said since I know so much why I was talking to him. He said that a person with Cancer wouldn't use such colorful language. He said he would personally make sure that Citibank got back the money I stole from them. Jane San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
9, Report #97980
Jul 07 2004
03:23 PM
GC Services Phony collection effort Houston Texas
This afternoon, out of the blue I received a call from Yvette of this company, claiming I owed a debt of $86,000(!). I told her I had paid off such a debt several years ago (I paid off a mortgage then for this approximate amount); she said, No you didn't pay and you better send payment now or I will continue to call you. I kept explaining she had the wrong person; she kept calling me a liar and insisted I owed them the $86,000. I asked for her last name and telephone number; at that point her supervisor, who had evidently been eavesdropping, came on the line and told me their telephone number was 1-888-798-4993. He said his name was Steven Giefeck (maybe the G in GC?) Finally they read the social security number of the deadbeat they were after, and mine is nowhere close. They were completely unapoligetic, and said you should have told us that before. In fact, of course, the debt they were talking had nothing to to with me in any way, shape, or form. Thoroughly obnoxious and rude behavior by an irresponsible company. Evidently, they find it easier to make random phone calls around the country accusing people of being deadbeats rather than doing a little preliminary research to make sure they've got the right person. Steuert Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
10, Report #86139
Mar 31 2004
05:32 PM
A rep from GCS called on a sunday night around or about 9-10 pm central time. I called back to inquire who the call was from, the rep stated they do collections for a variety of company. Then a lead took over the call, implied he was w/citibank and if I paid tonight they would reinstate my charging privileges on the account. Suggested to give post dated check, borrow money before the end of mth or go to collections. Informed husband had just started work, unable to make arrangement, could settle account for later date, settelment refused. Rep called and left message to will not accept no other date. Husband called and spoke w/another rep, that rep told my husband he would garnish his wages to pay, needs to borrow from somebody to pay off. told him he can not have debt and be a state employee. used his credit report to view other accounts to validify history of delinquency. This company needs to be used as an example. They violated my rights under the ftc fair practice act. Just wanted to know if anyone else out there having the same problem. Robin Arlington, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: HOUSTON, Texas
11, Report #430307
Mar 03 2009
11:45 AM
GC Services Collection Cons Houston Texas
This company is a classic in what gives collection agencies a bad name. Dispute....Don't care. Don't owe.....Don't care. New phone number and you inherited them...... don't care. They will call you, your family, friends, anyone they can make a nuisance of themselves with in the hope that that person will bring enough pressure on you to make you pay just to get rid of them. Tell them what they want to know (i.e. a phone number for someone) doesn't matter they will call you back anyway. They already had the number. That isn't what their calls are about. You won't get late calls from them. They call in the morning hoping to wake you up and increase the aggravation. If these guys start calling, find a friend that knows the law in your state. As for Matt, well, somebody mentioned the Az branch for these thugs didn't they. Bill Smyrna, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
12, Report #564797
Feb 04 2010
11:59 PM
GC Services - Partnership Jay Lopez HORRIBLE!!!! san diego , California
I called in so I could settle my debt, and I talked to Jay Lopez. He was so helpful unlike the other NASTY ASS employees. Just yelling at me for NO reason. Jay Lopez helped me out and understood my problems, he wasn't yelling at me like everyone else. If you ever need to call GC Services Partnership, speak to Jay Lopez. And don't even get me started on MARIA and CANDY! They are so UNBELIEVABLY RUDE, I don't understand how they have jobs there.
Entity: san diego, California
13, Report #825492
Jan 19 2012
07:38 PM
GC Services Company falsely represented themselves HOUSTON, Texas
This company called my mother looking for me about what I assume is a debt I owe.  If this is true, then why did Roger (ID# 153435) call her on a couple of occasions and tell her that he was calling from the DC Government.  Since when did GC Services start doing business at a government agency.  My mother is very ill in need of a kidney transplant and these calls are very upsetting to her. I won't sit her and dispute that I owe a debt, but to falsely claim to be calling from a government agency (I assume he said this as a SCARE TACTIC) is down right reprehensible.
Entity: HOUSTON, Texas
14, Report #695957
Feb 16 2011
09:15 AM
GC Services American Intercontinental student loan, threat to call employer, Columbus, Ohio
My family got a call from this company. I knew it was fake right off, because my family paid for my college education; I'll be one of the few Americans who can say they graduated debt free. If you get a call from a Yolanda Moore who says you had dealings with Sally Mae, she's probably lying to you. Also, she'll try to fish information from you (makes her pretty obvious). She wanted me to verify your information straight off, and couldn't give me the address she worked at. Instead, I was given a PO Box. If you refuse to give information, she'll threaten to call your employer. Best thing to do: Save your major expenditure receipts. Keep your water and house bill payments, loan payoffs (no matter how small) and big purchase confirmations until the day you die. That way, when they give you your phony account number, you can tell them that your call is being recorded, and that any further calls will be considered harassment. They have another phone number, too. 919 327 8986 Call if you want to toy with them a little, but don't tell them anything about yourself.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
15, Report #208356
Aug 28 2006
07:38 PM
GC Services, Oklahoma City Harrassment to no end
So In the last 2 weeks I have been contacted by this GC Services, by a Mrs Reed 4 times. In voilation of the FCRA:Did not clearly identify the company she works for, or the nature of the call. When I called the OK City office the receptionist did not identify the nature of GC Services businesseven after asking several times. I have received several phone call from GC Services about the same debt and after I have given them valid contact information, yet they refuse to abide by the FCRA, and continue to make MY credit worse by not abiding by federal law. I gave Mrs. Reed enough contact information to send me the information I need in order to care of this matter by mail. (mailing address and contact telephone number) and explained to her that upon receipt of the debt information I would resolve the bill. (even gave her a set time (30 days upon reciept)I gave her this information during a return phone call to the Oklahoma City offices. During this telephone conversation, she tried to agitate me in order to try and get me to commit to givng her my bank or credit card information. I stated again that upon receipt of the WRITTEN bill I would take care of it. Since I have given her that information I have NOT received said bill OR any confirmation information about the debt. How can I pay a bill when I don't know where to send the MO? Clayton Tempe, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
16, Report #263633
Jul 27 2007
11:46 AM
GC Services Harassment Methods Houston Texas
To GC Services Management, Yesterday, my wife received a telephone call from someone who identified themselves as Trevor Nelson who then advised that he would like to speak to me because I was listed on an application reference for a Loret Smith. Since I was not home he left his telephone number 800-753-8354, ext 4109 then 422434 and requested that I call him back. I returned home at approximately 6:00 pm and returned his call. The person (female) that answered my call ask for the extension number that I was trying to contact then started telling me that I was listed as a reference for a Loret Smith, I told her that I did not know a Loret Smith. She then became very belligerent, rude and with an extremely smart attitude. She insinuated that I was not telling her the truth and kept demanding how my name and telephone number got listed as a reference on Loreta's application. I told her I don't know why that happened, that there are a lot of Smith's out there and that it was a mistake that my name and telephone number was listed (my last name's Smith also). I ask for her name, she would not give it to me, I told her that I did not appreciate her condescending attitude and requested that I speak with her supervisor. A short time later, someone else who identified himself as her supervisor came on the telephone, that person would not give me her or his name. That person immediately started off being very belligerent with a very smart attitude, I immediately ask for his supervisor. He would not refer me to his supervisor because he indicated then that I would ask for his supervisor, then his supervisor, then his supervisor, and on and on. This conversation got no where quickly and we both hung up. I was totally surprised by this type behavior, it was extremely spiteful and unprofessional, these people should be disciplined for their bad their behavior. Never in my 57 years have I been treated this badly. Maddadtoo Gainesville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
17, Report #268056
Aug 16 2007
03:53 PM
GC Services Rude, relentless people ripoff Torrance California
I've had to call them twice in the last 5 years due to some tickets I got when I was young and dumb. . They are always rude and try to misinform you When I spoke with the lady the first time I called, it semed like she hung up. She asked or my DL number and when I gave it to her she says hold on! and puts me on hold. after 15 minutes of holding, she gets on the line, asks me a question and the line goes dead.. and i wasn't on a cell phone. anyway i call back and get the same snobby, trashy, attitude having something. Ms. Legamate or something like that was her name.. Anyway, She tries to tell me that the 1 upcoming court case i'm appearing on this month, as well as the fixit ticket i'd appeared on 2 months ago are also in collections and i can pay them off, which is not the case, they weren't yet in collections! So I elect to pay the one that actually IS in collections, but of course they can't accept credit/debit, only through western union.. I just want to say they are very rude and disrespectful every time i'm ever had to deal with them Kris n/a, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Torrance, California
18, Report #1312219
Jun 19 2016
11:09 AM
gc services Unexplained withdrawal houston Texas
 Unauthorized withdrawal from my account. I was stuck out of town because of this situation. My account was overdrawn because of a withdrawal that I was in aware of.
Entity: houston, Texas
19, Report #460143
Jun 09 2009
02:15 PM
GC Services fck GC services court system Downey California
Entity: Downey, California
20, Report #492707
Sep 10 2009
10:33 AM
GC Services - Collection Agency GC Services is harassing my neighbors Houston, Texas
Yesterday I was approached by a neighbor who received a call from a man named Larry representing GC Services.  Apparently this man has been calling my neighbors and divulging personal information in an attempt to collect on a debt that I have been disputing for fifteen years.  He threatened my neighbor saying that if she didn't provide information about me to him that he would have the police come and arrest her for obstructing a collection attempt.  He also provided her with personal information about me such as my social security number and last known residences on the East Coast.  My neighbor saw threw his empty threats immediately because she had worked for the police department in the fraud unit before becoming disabled due to an accident.  I have talked to this Larry personally and he denies that his company employed
Entity: Houston, Texas
21, Report #332857
May 17 2008
02:40 AM
GC services is as slimy, scummy, filthy low-life as you will ever run in to. I ran in to the same thing you did. My ex-wife kept receiving calls from them over a credit card. Reps called 3-4 times/day and were even abominable to the point of finding where I lived and then they kept calling a neighbor who was related to my landlord's daughter! I believe every word you said about them finding and harassing your cousin. You need to call your local consumer protection agency. If they won't do any thing, call the Commission that regulates telecommunications. Not sure if it's called the State Corporation Commission of MO, TN - where ever. All right. Tell the rep's supervisor what is going on and that you need them to provide you with a recorder that you can hook to your phone. They may not go for it, but it's worth a try. Once you've called one of those regulatroy bodies, call the Attorney General of the state that you live in now. You probably have to prove to them that you have attempted another party, which is why I mentioned the above. Tell them precisely what is going on. They may not or may furnish a recorder for you or a means for them to record when GC hardened criminal calls. You may have to buy a recorder, but it is worth it. You will have to ask around; I don't know how to get a recorder that records without the caller knowing. But I do know it is possible to do. Then you can take these sodomites to court and you will sleep very well knowing you have struck a blow against them. Collection agencies are garbage: they have no right to exist. You are assumed to be guilty until proven innocent and they want to give the impression that the alleged charges, fees, etc, are valid. Meantime, I hope your wife is keep a log of the sleepless nights, etc. This will be invaluable to your attorney, if you can find an honest one. Difficult to do. That first Link below has a few posts that may be of some help. Lord Bless. On that debtconsolidationcare.com website, some sharks were attempting to defend GC services. They can put their money where their mouth is and pay the medical bills and pastoral counseling expenses as a result of what they were put through by fecal eating reprobates who will do any thing for a living - including harass people for 7/hour. Nice to be associated with illegal immigrants, isn't it? GC anti-services are the lowest, vilest, most heinous gansters! They will drink molten lava and liquid for all eternity. They are to be tried, convicted and stoned until they die and go to Hell!! Ywn 666, you are a liar!!! Thou shalt not bear false witness. You madam, are worthy of being stoned to death! They harassed me and my ex-landlord's daughter's friend. They don't talk to the debtor as documented by others!!! They are NOT AND NEVER HAVE BEEN A LEGIT BUSINESS!!! Nor can the scum be, because they are in diametric violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution spirit of the Constitution. They CANNOT ASK FOR YOUR PRISONER-OF-WAR NUMBER!! They have no right to it under the Constitution and even under Directive 1193, dated Nov 22, 1943. And as for the employee, you, madam are a liar!! Thou shalt NOT bear false witness. You will burn!! To work for the filthiest, scumiest, slimiest, sodomite unspeakable acts company in the world - I know an awful lot about you!! Your company NEVER, EVER VERIFIES NOR HAS ANY INTEREST AS TO WHETHER THE ALLEGED DEBT IS VALID. YOU ARE A LIAR AND IF WE STILL LIVED IN THE OT, YOU, MADAM, WOULD BE STONED UNTIL ALL YOUR BONES BROKE, YOU BLED TO DEATH, AND YOU DIED AND WENT TO HELL!! HEAR THAT? Consult the rock SHANGHAIChina, People's Republic of
Entity: Houston, Texas
22, Report #257048
Jun 26 2007
05:10 PM
GC Services LLP (GC Services, Columbus, OH) Verbally abusive, Outright Lying, Ripoff Dishonest Columbus Ohio
These people have outright lied, been dishonest by omission of facts, and are verbally abusive on the telephone. They left out the fact that I had to make four consecutive payments to stop garnishment. Sallie Mae is now offsetting my SSDI benefits on a defaulted student loan I had defaulted on due to becoming permanently disabled. These people at GC Services conned me into letting them take money out of my bank account. Now between the two of them I am barely getting by. Every month since then I have been overdrawn on my bank account. Being on SSDI, $343.00 (100.00 to GC Services, 243.00 to Sallie Mae through the offset) is a lot of money to do without. I am being called all kinds of names by these people, being threatened, and I cannot get them to stop. I am at my wits end. John Superior, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
23, Report #1051761
May 17 2013
03:06 PM
GC Services GC Services harrassment idk Florida
GS Services is an harrassing company. They have called every family member, every job I ever had. They have threatened to cut off my social security disability and even lie to SSI that I had a job.  They have threatened to put me on the street, all for a student loan that I am currently paying on. This company needs to be looked into.
Entity: idk, Select State/Province
24, Report #446367
Apr 24 2009
06:39 PM
GC Services - GC Agency They stole my money and did not report it and lied and won't give me proof of receipt Nationwide
Im a student and the company I do my student loans with want me to clear up any debt I have so I called them to do that they told me the only way I could clear it and get a letter confirming it was if i paid it off. So i paid it off. Now they are refusing to provide me with the neccessary documents or any documents at that and as far as my student loan people are concerned it hasn't been cleared if they don't receive a document i don't get my schooling paid. Everytime I call they give me the run around and confuse me with other people and they just put me on hold or talk to me like i'm stupid and say they don't know what im talking about or tell me to wait till the next day....etc..I receive a call today and the fellow told me to call and when I did they told me he wasn't there and proceeded to put me through the same confusion all over again Miriam LOS ANGELES, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #84679
Mar 20 2004
02:43 PM
GC Service Ripoff childish extremely unprofessional law breakers Houston Texas
First off let me say I am a telemarketer, I have been for 8 years. I think by now I know the law very well for telemarketing and for bill collecting. In the same respect I know about the national and state to state do not call policy and FCC regulations. GC services has broken many laws with me. The first call I received I told them I did not do anything over the phone. Her responce was I will try back later I guess these people are not only unprofessional but stupid as well. I suppose she figured she would call back in 3 hours and I would change my mind. So the calls kept comming 3 per day every day except for sunday, starting off at 8:15am then 3:00 and can't forget about about 8:30pm. Every call documented day and time, over 70 so far and counting. Most of these were hangups on my machine, that is considered harrassment under law. And this is of course after I demanded not to be called. After that she called me right back and said nice music on my machine. That was the fist message I got from them. I have caller Id and i'ts all saved. Don't try to call them and ask for a name then your harrising them, or so thats what their manager told me. When I said they are in violation of many laws the manager told me go ahead fine me. WELL IF HE INSISTS. Oh by the way I owe $71.76. GOOD LUCK! Tara freeland, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas

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