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1, Report #1135925
Apr 03 2014
09:07 AM
Girl Friday Investigations Laurie DeBauw Great job and done professionally and quickly Portland Oregon
I have over 40 years experience in the Private Investigations industry and I owned a very large investigations company at one time. Because of that fact, I am very well aware of what quality investigative work is, and is not. Although retired now, I still do consulting work for former legal firm clients occassionally and as a result, I have the need to hire various investigators around the country from time to time to perform all, or certain parts, of those investigations at my direction. Recently I had the need for an investigator in the Portland,Oregon area and I hired Laurie DeBauw of Girl Friday Investigations to complete that portion of the investigation that I needed. Laurie did exactly what I directed and needed her to do, in a very professional and timely manner and kept me apprised of her progress during the entire course of her investigation work for me. I was extremely pleased with Laurie's work ethic and her investigative work quality in general.  I would definitely hire Laurie and Girl Friday Investigations again should I have the need for an investigator in that area of Oregon, in the future.      
Entity: Portland, Oregon
2, Report #1171354
Aug 21 2014
11:02 AM
Revive Girl Inc Suspended license for one ticket Irwindale California
 This company suspended my license for one ticket. I got them back though because I know how to get it re issued with the DMV. If anyone else needs to know how to get their license back email me at for details.
Entity: Irwindale, California
3, Report #1399763
Sep 13 2017
01:57 PM
Girl Friday Inc. This company does not give pay stubs. When asked to be released this company holds you hostage to stop you from making any money. Jonesboro, Georgia Internet
 I was working for this company in April to May. This company cancelled our agreement due to Arise stating that I was not complying with the hours I needed to do.She reissued a new SOW in which I DID NOT SIGN. In June when I revcieved my check I got paid way less than I was supposed to and when asked to get a breakdown of my pay stubs she stated she was unable to do so because it takes too much work. In September I wanted to look into working for a different Company when I log into my accountI see that I am still under her company name. I asked her to remove my name but she stated that I needed to put fill a SOW in which the SOW that I did not sign so we do not have an agreement she refuses to let me go.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #71406
Nov 09 2003
02:58 AM
Palmetto Marketing, Inc. (PMI) ripoff, fraud, attractive young girl, false claims on tax exemption Coral Springs Florida
I have not been charged for the magazines I ordered. I looked up the company on the internet after the salesperson left. Sure enough, I was dupped into buying fake magazines. If I ever see this girl again, I will be tempted to take the law into my own hands. This aggrevates me to an unimaginable extent. Companies like this should be prosecuted by law and ordered to refund all money to those it owes. Kevin college station, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
5, Report #566180
Feb 08 2010
07:46 AM
Miami Dream Team, Inc August 5, 2009 I had a young girl come to my door selling magazines for a fund raiser Coshocton, Ohio
On August 5, 2009 I had a young girl come to my door selling magazines to win a trip.  It was a contest and it was the boys against the girls.  She asked me question's like what kind of work my husband and I did.  Her name was Amber and her code number was 012.  She said that she stayed in Columbus Ohio and adults dropped these kids off to neighborhoods to sell magazines. I purchased Outdoor Photography and wrote her a check for $71.00.  I was not told that there was a $15.00 handling fee on top of the magazine cost.  The company was Miami Dream Team, Inc. and the Clearing orders was through Face to Face Tech, Inc.  The receipt said it would take 120 days to come in the mail.  I am writing this on 2/8/10 to my surprise when I went out on the internet to find out it was a scam.  I would like to get my money back and this company stopped. 
Entity: Coshocton, Ohio
6, Report #646913
Oct 02 2010
03:04 PM
SYN INC-031 RIPPED OFF!! By Sweet young girl with supposedly valid creditials Kittredge , Colorado
   Nice young girl I thought. was real convincing about the whole program (Do these people know what's really going on or are they scamed like us?)    She basically told me about the same things others have said. I wrote a check to SYN INC-031. July 13th 2010. Thats the last I've heard. Never received a magazine that I really didn't want anyway but ordered it for my husband. Because I wanted to help her.
Entity: Kittredge, Colorado
7, Report #682542
Jan 14 2011
09:28 AM
HP Cconsulting, Inc. i orders magazines from a girl that came to the door & never got magazines Idledale, Colorado
On june 16th 2010 a young lady came to the door saleing magazines for school. She said her name was jerica haley. I orderd magazines Turtles Vegiteran, and Humpty dumpty. I wrote her a check for $189.00. After not recieving the magazines i called the number 877-727-5821 , but had trouble getting it. They said they didn't get them turned into the publisher and they would be sent in 6 to 8 weeks. I called again after not getting the magazines and they told me the same thing, but would see that this was done and would rceive them in Jam 2011. Todays date is 01/13/2011, and i have been trying to reach them for them past two days and it says the call cannot be complted. The last time i talked to someone she said her name was victoria
Entity: Idledale, Colorado
8, Report #1011277
Feb 09 2013
07:20 AM
Safer Wholesale Great Sports Inc. Fraud, Deceit, Theft of Services Joliet, Illinois
Do not under any circumstances purchase through this fake internet Company Scam.  I purchased a $3,000 motor scooter on October 2, 2012.  It has been sitting in my garage awaiting a $100 part all the way until this report which is February 9th, 2013.  12 e-mails 5 phone calls, a cashier's check to pay for half the parts and still nothing as of now.  They put you on eternal hold, then won't call you back.  Auto generated responses on E mail requests, operators trained to tell you when you ask for warranty dept. that you will have to hold for 30 min and they can't do that and hang up on you.  This is no lie, I had to agree to pay for half the parts because the third party they buy from doesn't have any parts.  I have never been this shammed on a purchase on the internet and I buy everything off the net.  I should have known when they sent me a 2006 model instead of a new one.  The supplier has 12 old ones and they sell them for him.  His e mail is 'Zhenghua Gu' This thing will kill you if the swival locks up as it won't allow you to turn.
Entity: Joliet, Illinois
9, Report #1227449
May 07 2015
01:57 PM
Cash Advance Inc David WatsonWilliam Floyd Arrest Warrant ID DRC 96474580 which is going to release on Friday 3 PM Los Angeles California
I received an email addressed to ATTENTION, stating this is the last and final chance for me to contact them.  Legal proceedings were issued on my Docket Number EVR-38924 with one of the Cash Advance Inc companies and they have decided to press legal charge against me. Case No: CF-MA-681894 for the oustanding amount of $969.61.  They stated that the have sent me this warning/notificatino about legal proceedings on March 8, 2015 but I failed to respond on time and now its high time that I respond in next 4 hours or they will register thi case in court.  I should consider this as a final warming and they will be emailing/faxing this issue to my current employer to make sure they take stgrict action against me. My salary/wages will be garned.  The stated that if I revert back and want to get rid of these legal consequenes and make a payment arrangement today or else they would be proceeding leally against me.  That also stated that we apologies that this notification will also sent to your currnt employer and the opportunity to take care of this voluntary is quicky coming to an end.  I can email back to get the payment mode too.  It continued stating that they may report information about my account to credit bureaus. Late paymens, missed paymens, or other defaults on my account may be reflected in my credit report.  To make the payment I need to contact their email address i.e. 
Entity: Los Angeles, California
10, Report #975317
Nov 28 2012
09:52 PM
Dell Corporation Dell, Inc. Black Friday Bait and Switch for Inspiron 14z Round Rock, Texas
I ordered an Inspiron 14z as part of the Black Friday sales on the web. Within a day or two they sent me a letter telling me that they oversold that model laptop, and they were going to upgrade me with the Inspiron 15.  Not the 15z or 15R, just the 15.  Although the two machines had some similarities in configuration, they are totally different. I spent hours on the phone with Dell trying to get a resolution.  I asked if they would substitute the 13z instead, since it was a closer match to what I ordered.  They refused.  I asked them if they would give me a $300 discount on a more expensive machine.  They refused. They were trying to dump their inventory of crappy machines through this offer.  Finally they said that I could talk to someone (after going through 5 people already) that may be able to help.  They then dropped my call. At this point I think that they should be help accountable for this bait and switch, and they should be forced to offer anyone that qualified for this offer a $300 discount on ANY machine that is $599 or more.  That was the initial price of the laptop on sale. What they did was dishonest.  Their customer service is non existent.  Their solutions to the problem were totally unacceptable.
Entity: Round Rock, Texas
11, Report #444195
Apr 16 2009
03:54 PM
Global Marketing Inc. Face To Face Technologies,Inc. American Cash Awards Yes, I fell for a sales girl named Sunny Beamz; my parents were hippies! Golden Colorado
Yes; my story seems to be like everyone elses here. A Sunday afternoon, and a really petite, bubbly, energetic girl knocks on my door and I know its the dreaded magazine sales person. But, however put-off I am by this, she's so nice and full of joy, I listen to her very rehearsed, yet believable schpeel (sp). Now, the really, really stupid part,,,,,she tells me her name is Sunny. She offers her full name and even writes it on the receipt. SUNNY BEAMZ !!! Really,,,,,, I mean,,,,,,, really. The funny thing is that it fits her; she was sunny, full of sun! (Full of s**t is more like it!) Despite all the warning signs and knowing that I consider myself to be fairly intelligent, I still nevertheless purchased (thought I purchased), 52 issues of Rolling Stone magazine. I've never had a subscription to that one so I actually was pretty excited about it. I guess I need a life! This was a couple days after Thanksgiving last year, 2008, and I eventually forgot about it until a couple of days ago when I was going through my wallet and found the receipt. I decided to look up this company and email them to ask where my magazines were, when lo and behold, I saw all the lovely blogs about what a scam this company is, and found THIS very useful website, (ripoff Oops!!! What an idiot I feel like now. I really thought I was helping out this cute, hardworking, friendly, over-zealous girl when apparently what I really did was just give my money to Mark Shumate (President) and whoever else is in cohorts with him. Mark Shumate is ,assumably, the president of this fraudulent company and, in time, (hopefully sooner than later,) he, and the others will pay in one way or another for the hideous and dishonest crimes they are committing. I will never understand why, how, or what, the thought processes are of these people, but knowing what goes around, comes around IS the way the universe works, makes me feel better about the whole crappy situation. I do feel sorry for you idiots, but only because I know something that you all apparently aren't aware of,,,,,,,,,,,KARMA'S A B*TCH!!! And to all the others out there like me who were Ripped off, and whose children have been scammed into working for these morons, I am sympathetic. I wish you well and will pray that your children and family members come home safe and unharmed. And,to my SUNNY girl, if you are out there and ever find yourself reading this, please go home and go back to school. Put that bubbly personality to a good, honest purpose, and know that I wish only happiness for you. Snuz Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Golden, Colorado
12, Report #13511
Dec 14 2002
02:22 AM
Palmetto Marketing inc. Rip Off Artist !!!
On Febuary 6 2002, A young man who represented himself as a local college student knocked on my door. He told me he was that he was in a contest to win a trip to mexico for spring break. He was selling magazines. The cost of the magazines were about three times the normal amount. But I wanted to help so I ordered. He used high pressure sales, and told me if I ordered he would certinly win and I was his last chance. Later that day I ran into one of my neighbors and he had the same visit. The same lie was told. I later found out the same 'Last Chance' lie was told to other people on my block. I decided to cancel the transaction. The company Palmetto Marketing would not answer the phone, My cancelation telegram came back as undeliverable. Their fax machine would not receive My fax! After hearing the same rip off story from other people I had to file this rip off report. I hope everyone will stay away from Palmetto Marketing, inc. 7522 Wiles Road, ste.112 Coral Springs Fl, 33067. Tom South Carolina Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Palmetto Marketing, Inc.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
13, Report #503704
Oct 03 2009
09:24 AM
Face To Face Technologies Inc. Face to Face Technologies Inc. Young woman sold me a magazine subscription for two years, claiming it was for a local contest for high school kids. Very personable and warm, that girl. Impossible to resist! Kittridge, Colorado
A young woman knocked at my door during the week out county fair was going on, saying she was selling magazine subscriptions for a school club she belonged to, and that girls had been pitted against the boys.  She read off a list of magazines I could choose from, and showed me information out of a book.  It all looked like it was on the up and up, so I signed up for the Photography magazine for two years (this was the minimum time available). She was extremely warm and personable, very easy to talk with, and told me stories about my neighbors and how much they had purchased from her. I was and continue to be unemployed, so giving her $71 was not easy for me, but I liked her so much, I figured I could work it into my budget somehow. Ten weeks later, I have yet to receive any magazine, and there is no valid contact information on the receipt she gave me.  I feel screwed, and I'm really upset about it.  
Entity: Kittridge, Colorado
14, Report #662787
Nov 16 2010
07:30 PM
HP Consulting, Inc. MD Network, Inc. Sweet fast talking energized door to door magazine selling girl reeled me right in. Hook line and sinker! Idledale, Colorado
First this happens on a Friday 11/12/10 which makes it hard to get a hold of anyone over the weekend. This girl comes down my driveway and starts talking about everything under the sun and how she has to talk to everyone to build up her communication skills. She inquires about how she is doing quite often. Tries to get on a real close basis with us. Then here it comes, she's in a contest with the guys at school. There is over 3,000 of them in this and whoever wins, gets a trip to Paris. Then says that she will get points for this trip if we order magazines from her. So we looked them over as she was telling us how many points were for each one. I decided to get two and then she proceeded to tell me that she would get more points if I gave her a business card, and more points if I wrote something nice about her on the back of it. if someone in my family was in the military or a firefighter. She would also get more points if I put a smiley face on my check. Then she said that if I gave her cash she would get more points. That should have raised the red flag right there, but you weren't here. Anyway, I didn't feel good about the amount that it cost and decided to cancel the next day. The following Tuesday I hear on my local radio station that there are door to door sales people going around my neighborhood without the proper permits and that you should call the police. so, needless to say I put stop payment on my check and called the local police. I will never let anyone sell me anything at my home again unless they have the proper permits and then I will always remember this day and tell them no, I'm sorry.
Entity: Idledale, Colorado
15, Report #752157
Jul 12 2011
08:36 PM
EXCLUSIVE FINDINGS/JADCO, INC JADCO, INC. this company cheated goods by a fake bank receipt, a 23 years old girl from china lost her job due to this d**n company. Providence, Rhode Island
Hi my friends, Firstly Thank you so much for your concern about my report, this damn company cheated my goods and really forced me in to a small corner, As i could not repay this debt, i am fired by my company and i tried to work 20 hours per day to raise money on my monthly salary within one year.I sent out goods to the person named WendiBarricelli from EXCLUSIVE FINDINGS/JADCO, INC. by DHL with tracing no 5554350406 dtd on 17th,May.2011. with freight prepaid total value usd 4,343.00. upon her bank receipt dtd on 17th-may. at that time i dont know this is a fake bank receipt.she beg me that she need the goods urgently so i sent out goods with my compassionate instincts.On 20th-may, 2011 still i havnot rcvd payment from our bank, i start worry about that then i checked with her, she told me her bank hold the money due to hacker problems. she promised me i will rcv money within couple of days.Then from that time on, two month past up to now, she never answer my call and reply me about overdue payment, just hanging me there to waitting and waitting.i have sent to her hundred of email and thousands of calls. i beg her dont so cruel to cheat a young company will ask lost from me due to my careless. but she never answer her mobile call and when i called her office no, her colleague always told me she was in holiday. nearly two month holiday, can you believe that??Now i am sure this is a deliberate case, she just sent me a fake bank receipt to get the goods. So hope you can help me to find some solutions, is there any goverment agencies that i can complain this company? i am appreciated for your kind help in advance.The reason I reported this company here, hope other supplier can noted my case and be careful to do business with this company. if you have cooperated with this company now, pls becareful as well. i think this isnot the first time they cheated goods by this way.Thank you so much for your kind concern again. thank you for your time. All the best
Entity: Providence, Rhode Island
16, Report #933991
Aug 28 2012
06:29 PM
MD Network Inc. Hp Consulting, Inc. Fake. I ordered 146.oo worth of magazines from a sweet girl. That was 3 months ago. There are none coming. I will never be this naive again Kittredge, Colorado
On may 4th I met a nice young lady just saying she was trying to go to college and make money. Against my better judgement I decided to order magazines. I felt like I was truly helping someone achieve something. I paid 65 dollars in cash and 81 dollars with a check. At the time I felt good. What  I did notice at the time was that the girl wrote bonus points on the cancellation section. Odd. So I guess stupidly enough, living on a fixed income, I will never see that 146 dollars ever again.
Entity: Kittredge, Colorado
17, Report #336963
Jun 05 2008
04:07 AM
American Cash Awards - CCCI Inc - Gemini Subscriptions Inc - Coast To Coast Circulation Door To Door Liars, same company as girl scouts, win a trip, associated with Kent State University Evergreen Colorado
On June 3 2008, I received a knock on my door about 8 p.m. Upon opening the door, I was instantly in the presence of two young male adults. They proceeded to inform me they were working on a contest from this company, (associated with the Girl Scouts and Kent State University - both of which are a lie) and they were wondering if I would be interested in buying magizne subscriptions. They instantly walked into my apartment and started looking around while asking me all these questions. I didn't have a good feeling about these two guys or this company, but for fear out of retaliation, I purchased a magazine that I was interested in. I knew as soon as I handed them the check that this was a scam. First off, the kid wrote the wrong address down, then when I asked him my check number, he told me the wrong number. Today, June 4 2008, I called my bank first thing in the morning and canceled the check, mailed in the cancelation form and attempted to call this CCCI/American Cash Awards company (with no success). I have read horror stories, such as this one, /Sales-People/American-Cash-Awards/american-cash-awards-ccci-in-4YB4W.htm, and now I am afraid that I am going to have to change my checking information. I will never do this again, I would rather take the keyed car or broken window. I just hope that a lawyer creates a class-action lawsuit against this company. BE CAREFUL PEOPLE! J.s. ORRVILLE, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Evergreen, Colorado
18, Report #335619
May 29 2008
07:41 PM
American Cash Awards - CCCI Inc - Gemini Subscriptions Inc - Coast To Coast Circulation Door to Door Magazine LIARS Told me they were the same company as Girl Scout Cookies. Printed substitution checks the bank couldnt protect me from. Evergreen Colorado
The setting: Just as I came home from work an unexpected knock from the entry door inside my garage. (I hadnt even closed the garage door yet) A high energy teenage kid with an Irish accent pamphlet in hand told me he was in the lead in a sales contest. The pitch: Being a little uneasy now (this kid is actually inside the boundary of my home) I listen to how he stands to win a laptop and trip to attend college in another country. (I think Ireland but was so distracted I cant remember) He also mentioned the program is run by the same company that does Girl Scout Cookies. I simply put that money is tight and wouldnt mind if hed come back another time. His response was that it was against the programs rules and that first impressions were all that counted. Also that checks could not be deposited for at least two weeks which would give me time to get paid again. He even offered to dance a jig for me. Hook line and intimidation: Now afraid that Id end up with a keyed car upon refusing the magazines I reluctantly looked at the catalog of magazines. I found one I wouldnt mind reading, and told him I would take that one. The listed price in the pamphlet for a 3 year subscription was $42. Writing up the sale: He checks the catalog and looks to add up some numbers in his head then tells me the price is $55. In order to get rid of him without repercussion I tell him to come on in and write it up. I get my checkbook and he tells me I can write off the purchase on my taxes, again reiterating it was the same company as the Girl Scout Cookies. I write the check and sign the receipt. After the sale: I quickly ushered the kid out of my house. Called my bank and put a stop payment on the check. They asked me why, I told them I felt intimidated by a pushy sales person. Live and learn??? Not quite yet!!! Almost a month later: A Not Sufficient Fund fee on my account. The culprit? CCCI Inc. for $85. I view the check online, it is indeed NOT the check I wrote out but one that CCCI crafted similar to one you would see if you pay by check over the phone. Not sure what gave them the right to change the amount of the check but they did. I call the bank and the overdraft fee is removed however they tell me the company issued a substituted check and for this reason they could not protect me. CCCI Inc had my account number and could even issue future substitution checks with the same or new check numbers if they wanted to and there was nothing I could do except cancel my checking account. Sick to my stomach: Alright now Im pissed. I drive to my bank and they advise me to not cancel the account until the NSF charges are credited and also a direct deposit I expected that night. Only thing they could do was put the account on limited status that would allow the direct deposit and credit but no withdraws. At this point Im glad CCCI didnt get their money and was happy they couldnt now. The aftermath: I get home, find this website and begin writing an enraged report when I go find the receipt to list the company and address. Now I notice where it explains the cancellation procedure. You must date the back, sign, and mail to the company in Evergreen, CO (must be postmarked within 3 business days of the sale) to receive a refund. Also that checks are deposited immediately. (Contrary to what the participant said) I found other reports of this company turning people in to collections even when they followed the cancellation procedure and similarly cancelled the checks. (Even when sending the notice overnight requiring a signature) I find the website for American Cash Award (based on other rip off reports) that states in their Non Competition section that The company does not sponsor any non-profit organizations, scholarships, tuition fees, or participate in any educational program in affiliation with any school or institution. The participant is not permitted to so state or imply such. So much for that, their participant clearly broke the rules and misrepresented their Company Policy. Its too bad a creditor wont understand that or how I was intimidated and quickly signed something to get a strange kid out of my house. SOL: First time, shame on me. Never again. I will more than likely release the limited status on my checking account and contact the company. Ill allow them to take the funds only because Im scared to death they will report it to collections. In conclusion: Slam the door on sales people. You cant trust who they are, or what they truly represent. More research pointed to how these sales groups of young people are assembled, and mistreated. I almost feel worse for the participants of these programs than myself. ALMOST! Hector delgado Cherry Hill, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Evergreen, Colorado
19, Report #1320652
Aug 04 2016
08:57 AM
Posh Girl Dresses Unknown Internet
I ordered a very expensive dress from this company. The order was processed with matter of minutes and I have received my order within days. I thought, wow that is strange I never had an order be delivered and processed so quickly. I guess excelent customer service. I then received the dress that was too small and had stains on it. So I followed the instructions and requested an RMA through the website. The request set there for days so I continued to check the status and the RMA was not being approved. I sent an email and got a response immediately with an RMA label and number. I had some questions and emailed the person, soon enough she responded right away so I thought wow again great customer service. The email was and the name was Donna Francis. I tought it was strange that I am getting responses from a yahoo email, but whatever I had an RMA so I sent the dress back. That was on 7/15. The person even offered to do personal shopping for me, thank God I didn't go that route and spent more money with them. Since I sent my return I cannot get ahold of anyone. Tried emails, phone calls, thorugh their website NOTHING. Another strange thing is now that I try to log into my account on their website, it shows that it does not exist even tough I logged in multiple times in the past month to track my order. DO NOT BUY from this site it is a scam!!!!
Entity: Internet
20, Report #505556
Oct 07 2009
06:28 AM
Dedicated Too, Inc. Dedicated Too Some girl named Melrose showed up, told me she grew up in the system. That her white adoptive mother died of cancer and her foster brother stabbed her repeatedly in her side. I canceled my check asp Michigan City, Indiana
A girl named Melrose showed up with her big bright smile today wanting to sell me magazines.  We got to talking about the Lord, I am a christian, and eventually she got me to buy two magazines from her.  None that I wanted...but nevertheless, I wanted to help her.  We stood and talked for an hour before this transaction took place and she told me all about her life and how horrible it was and she was trying to do it on her own.  Then after the transaction, she asked me for something to eat that she had a migrane.  I made her a sandwich and gave her bottled water.  She said she was going to the park down the street to eat and clear her head.  I could not get this out of my mind whether this was a scam or not.  I really wanted to help her but I just laid in bed praying and thinking about this and whether or not more than $75.00 would come out of my account.  Finally I got up, got out of bed and Googled this company.  Your website came up and VIOLA!  Many complaints about this company, Dedicated Too, Inc., with the same sob story on the front door.  People just getting ripped off.  So thank you for being here for me.  I have canceled my check with the bank and will not get ripped off.  I really hope that my personal information on my check doesn't get used either.  God protect us please.
Entity: Michigan City, Indiana
21, Report #480348
Aug 15 2009
10:25 AM
coast to coast circulations inc s.crozier on april 28 2009 a girl came to my door selling magazines to win a trip for college. i paid her for a renewal on my womans day magazine.never got Charleston, Illinois
on april 28 2009 a girl came to my door wearing jeans and said she was in college and was competing with others selling in the neiborhood for a trip. i was already getting womans day magazine and wanted to i paid her and then i just got a bill from womans day to renew. i sent the recept i got and they said i had to contact the company that sold renewal to me. number is no longer in service. imagine that!!!
Entity: michigan city, Indiana
22, Report #493408
Sep 11 2009
03:50 PM
United Acceptance Inc. United Acceptance - Customer Service Associates RUDEST PEOPLE EVER!! Smyrna, Georgia
I just got spoken to the rudest I have EVER been spoken to by ANYONE, especially someone in the customer service industry. I called United Acceptance to clear up a discrepancy about a late payment, that is probably just late because of the postal office being closed because of Labor Day, and I get this snooty little brat on the phone. She seems all nice and well at first, until I explain to her that I am NOT made of money, and that this is the SECOND money order I've sent that has either been lost or late (excluding the first one that was late because I got their package with their info. in it late.) Now, I am a reasonable person. I understand that things get lost in the mail, but it's not my fault. Is it United Acceptance's fault? No, probably not. But, I am not made of money. At this point, you would think that she would very nicely offer to give me a bit of an extension for mailing time (because of the Holiday or something.) But no, she says, Ma'am *AHEM* I have been dealing with mailing things in and out of state for years, and I HIGHLY doubt that you mailed this payment a week ago and we haven't received it yet. RUDE. So, stunned for a moment, I think What the hell did this crazy little girl just say to me? She then goes on to state that I had also made my payment late last month. Yea, because you guys didn't receive the FIRST money order, so I had to WORK to get another PAYCHECK TO PAY IT WITH. What does this little girl not understand? I cannot poop money! Believe me, I wish I could. I then go on to state that none of my payments have EVER been late on this car except now that I have been forcefully switched to having to deal with THIS company. All of my payments before dealing with United were ALWAYS on time, sometimes early! So she goes on to blatantly state that SHE did not believe that I had paid it. Once again, I am stunned. HOW RUDE. You do not ACCUSE a customer of not paying when they say they have!! What happened to the CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT?! What the hell is wrong with these people!? I promptly ask to speak with her supervisor, but she continued to argue with me, and then almost shouts MA'AM I DON'T WANT TO ARGUE WITH YOU ANYMORE. I'M GETTING A SUPERVISOR. This entire time she is arguing with me, she is on the very line of calling me a liar and god knows what else. I am still in shock at how absolutely RUDE this girl was to me. I have NEVER EVER been talked to by someone like that. It was RIDICULOUS. I mean, jesus, my payment may not have gotten there yet, and the mail may be running late but that gives you NO REASON TO CALL ME A LIAR!! I have never had problems paying for the things I have until dealing with this COMPANY! I spoke to her supervisor, but he didn't seem to concerned with her behaviour, though HE was very very nice and did actually give me a one week mailing extension. But people, this is not about my being slightly late on my car payment, this about the sheer RUDENESS OF THE PEOPLE THIS COMPANY EMPLOYS!! That girl should be FIRED! I work in the customer service industry and had I EVER spoken to ANYONE like that I would be fired on the spot! I have called the call center manager and intend on speaking with the President of the company if something is not done about this!! I am LIVID! 
Entity: Smyrna, Georgia
23, Report #629252
Aug 05 2010
06:35 AM
DIVINE HVAC iNC & THOR JENKINS thor, craig, and their little scandalous dirty job girl ruby. screwed me on about 400 dollars. chatsworth, California
so i saw an ad on craigslist for a job at a call center and went in and applied. i got the job no questions asked and worked for them for over three weeks. they told me i would get paid on week four because i just missed the pay schedule. at a rate of ten dollars an hour, and coming in from 9-5 monday through friday, i thought i was gonna be making ok money. i worked hard and got them plenty of sales, and they never paid me.i called in to get my money and they made a big joke about it like i was getting suckered all along and it was funny to them. the little bitch scam artist ruby thought it was hilarious, and craig the big idiot of a dude manager was laughing his ass off over the phone. it must really suck to be such skeezy, hustling, streetrats where your major source of income is ripping people off. these people are straight jokes, and i honestly am not even that mad because i know that they are gonna get theirs one day.really a sad story, i feel bad for them. pathetic gluttens.
Entity: chatsworth, California
24, Report #614904
Jun 16 2010
05:02 PM
Titan Sales, Inc. Mary A very nice girl named Mary came to sell me some magazines to win a trip I think in Hawaii. Michigan City, Indiana
On 4/19/10, a young girl came to my house ( and others in my subdivision). She was selling magazines to win a trip, if she sold the most. I chose 3 magazines: The Instructor; Soap Opera Digest and Woman's Day. My total came to $154.00! On 5/20/10 I received my bank statement and they had cashed the check. She told me that I would receive these magazines in 6 weeks. I have not received any magazines as of today, 6/16/10. However, I do still have the yellow copy and pink copy and my check receipt with the invoice numbers on them. And phone number and fax number of the Company.
Entity: Michigan City, Indiana
25, Report #612170
Jun 09 2010
12:54 PM
girl came to my door selling magazines. she said she was in a contest and if I bought a magazine suscription from her she would win the contest and get a full schlorship for college. was told I would receive a $250.00 gift card from walmart. $71.00 later I have no magazine or gift card!!! this company  is a rip off!!!! They are using hight school kids to rip people off!!!
Entity: IDLEDALE, Colorado

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