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1, Report #615061
Jun 17 2010
10:14 PM
Unlike most of the people who have filed reports against GISOL, I successfully hosted my website with them for seven years without issue.  I found the control panel easy to use and I did not have issues with the service.  It was so easy to use and I loved it.  In December of 2009, my website was suspended for excess bandwidth usage.  I was devastated because I thought I had unlimited bandwidth with my package, but I paid them to upgrade my service.  It was nothing compared to the amounts others have reported, but it was a BIG MISTAKE. Again, everything was fine until June 2010 when I was suspended again for excess bandwidth usage.  I argued with them at first, but I was ready to upgrade again since the amount to upgrade was less than the excess bandwidth charges.  I checked to make sure my account was suspended and checked the phone number, not a toll free number, of course, before I called to see what the problem was.  I was threatened with a collection agency if I didn't pay up, and it seemed better to upgrade than to pay the charges and get nothing.  None of what they said made sense to me, but they kept switching me around because I had great trouble understanding the little foreign guy.  John graciously offered me an out and I agreed to it.  John was as nasty as his little partner at first, but he got all sweet when it seemed that I might be slipping away without meeting their demands. Luckily I used a debit card and Google payment services refused it.  Praise the Lord.  I was shocked when I got home and found numerous calls from GISOL, one right after another.  Then they provided me with information to do a wire transfer:  checking account 2151776242 at Bank of America, routing number 026009593, zip 90046 using the busines name of IServices, all one word.  Any business with ACH capabilities could put through ACH transactions using this information, a wire transfer in reverse if you will, hint, hint.  It is probably best if your company is located in California where any behavior on the part of a business seems to be appropriate and without punishment. It was at this point that I began researching GISOL to see if there were other victims and I found out that there are many people who have been scammed by these two guys.  CNN and Fox News revealed that the company is actually run by two men out of a residence, probably the two men I have had conversation with.  They probably keep a few choice sites up and running to build the confidence of these targeted victims and to appear legit when regulatory agencies come calling.  I think a more appropriate name for the company would be Two Crooks and a Server. As I said before, the site and the control panel are so easy to use.  Someone is very talented, but very demented.  Other web hosting sites could take a few lessons from these jerks on how to run a web hosting site, aside from the criminal aspects of what GISOL does, of course.  GISOL owns and operates three collection agencies, using the same heavy handed tactics as the web hosting company.  I am sure that some people cave in and pay up to avoid ruining their credit.  Some people have reported that their credit was ruined, but I read where the credit bureaus no longer accept reports from these agencies and have removed negative information from them.  They will probably just open up new agencies and begin reporting again.  I don't know how long it takes the credit bureaus to catch on. I don't understand why this has been going on for so long without them being shut down.  I don't understand why these two thugs can continue to operate outside of the law.  I do hope that they will be stopped soon before they manage to rip off more people.  I do hope that they will be exposed on national tv and that they are made to pay restitution to the people they  have ripped off.
Entity: Internet, California
2, Report #614894
Jun 16 2010
04:56 PM
GISOL - Global Internet Solutions Gisol ripped me off for $6300.00 , Internet
I've been with GISOL for over five years.  There were a few outages but they had an easy to used contact interface and those problems were quickly solved.  Last year things began to change.  They shut down my website and demanded that I pay $59 a month because I was using to much bandwidth.  Of course i had to pay for three years up front.  Suddenly several months later they shut down my website again.  It is a business site and we derive part of our revenue from the site.  Gisol knew this and knew they had us over a barrel.  This second shutdown was caused, again, by using to much bandwidth.  Of course this was just a big lie but I had to pay them $4,000 to get the site back up and for three years of unlimited  hosting.  I now knew that the site would be shut down again and I would be extorted in a few months for more money.  Of course they owned my domain name, we all know that story, and I decided that I must buy it from them.  I called and they quoted me a price of $1500 plus 15% plus another $300 they said they had to pay to their registering company  (this $300 was a total lie as I found out later they had to pay them 0).  A total of almost $2300.  I agree.  They said I could not use a credit card (wonder why) and I had to go to their bank and wire the money into their account.  They told me the domain name would be transferred in 5 days.  Guess what, it was not transferred.  Through a series of fortunate phone calls and emails I was lucky to get a sympathetic person at their registry to  contact them.  After seven weeks they transferred part of the domain into my name.  PLEASE READ THIS:  There are three parts to a whois domain name listing.  The registrant, the admin and the tech contact.  All they transferred was the registrant not the other two which meant they still controlled by domain name and I could not move it from their server and still had to pay them.  A bunch of dirty rotten crooks.  Please be warned about buying your domain name.  Through another series of fortunate incidents I was able to go around them and have everything put into my name.  I am convinced if I had asked them to put me in as the admin and tech they would have asked for another $2300.  The domain is mine now and I have moved the website to a company where I get the same unlimited package for $9.00 a month versus the $159 that Gisol extorted me for.  Please be warned.  I lost $6300 from them.  I looked them up and they have lost over 700 clients since Jan 2010.  Their policy, since they are not getting new business (suckers) is to extort money from their existing clients whose domain names they own.  My nightmare with Gisol is over and I've learned a valuable lesson.  I'm just lucky I got my domain name from these crooks and liars.
Entity: Internet, Internet
3, Report #304861
Jan 31 2008
10:40 AM
GISOL ,GLobal Internet Solutions, Provided Email Server Los Angeles Internet
GISOL had a valid credit card on file for my organization but with an expired date - I never received a renewal notice or an invoice so they suspended my email accounts. I paid them in full yesterday morning (via the internet) 8:22AM but they still have not reactivated the email server. I've sent four e-mails and left several messages. Their customer service department is outsourced and not in this country and are completely usely. The keep telling me to call the sales department in California (3 hour time difference from where I am) and I am getting nowhere fast .... It is about time, I seek this service somewhere else! Hazardous eliminatino corp Farmingdale, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
4, Report #257184
Jun 27 2007
10:21 AM
GISOL fraudulent theft ripoff dishonest billing credit Los Angeles California
My problems with GISOL began a year after I first registered an account with them, on the advice of a professional web designer. At the time of my domain renewal, I used their online system to re-register my domain and was subsequently charged not once but THREE TIMES to register, even though I had to call their support line to confirm the renewal had gone through at all, because their barely functional website had timed out. Rather than fight this, as I had expected to retain the domain for some time and was told it was unlikely that I would be issued a refund, I let it slide. Their control panel had been in a state of disrepair for some time, and when it came time for my hosting renewal, they neglected to send an invoice and simply re-charged the debit card I had used the year prior to register the account. Not knowing that this would happen, as I had been told I would receive an emailed invoice to approve before it was charged, the unexpected fee of more than a hundred dollars put my bank account into the negative; the bank was of little help, as GISOL insisted the charges had been authorized via a previous user agreement that I was unable to access and review on their broken control panel. Again I was told there was little chance of a refund, and even if it would be approved, it would take a period of several months to process, so again I (rather stupidly) let it slide. The following year of service was terrible. My website would disappear for long periods and when I would call technical support, they would offer little or no explanation for the outages, only that it would be back online soon. Sure enough, within hours of the call, the website would reappear, but would continually go offline for undetermined lengths of time, and I would be forced to repeat the process. Also, FTP access would stop for days at a time, again with explanation as to why this was happening. Throughout this time period, the Control Panel remained outdated with updates dated months or even years prior to the current date and would occasionally be completely inaccessible, with no explanation as to why this would occur. Technical support was absolutely useless. I would have to explain the problem several times over to at least two people before anyone would understand what I was talking about, and even then they would offer no explanation, only assure that it would be fixed soon. The supposed 24-hour line would at times just ring and ring without an answer not even a holding message. When it came time to renew the hosting service again, I opted not to. However, it was my intention to retain my domain name, which is paid up through October of 2007, and move it to my new host. I consulted with GISOL own online technical chat as to how to cancel my account and retain my domain name, and followed the instructions exactly. This resulted in threatening emails stating that I had needed to cancel my account months prior to its expiration and, as I had not, I was liable for another year's service meaning that I was expected to pay for another year of webhosting I had no intention of using. Upon refusing, I received email messages threatening collection action. On top of all this, GISOL was and currently is holding my domain name hostage. They are illegally withholding the information necessary for me to transfer my PAID domain to my new hosting account elsewhere. Repeated attempts to garner the necessary information have only been met with demands for payment, if not entirely ignored. They did not respond to the complaint I filed with the Better Business Bureau. They have even, to date, removed my contact info from the WhoIs information for what is my rightfully owned domain name ( This is a fraudulent company that resorts to scare tactics to squeeze more money out of customers and former customers. They provide sub-par service and have engaged in what I consider to be the theft of my property the domain name. Amanda Des Plaines, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
5, Report #249556
May 21 2007
03:26 PM
GISOL Global Internet Solutions fraudulent, dishonest, non responsive, Ripoff Los Angeles California
A Best Buy employee highly recommended GISOL as a web host. I logged on and signed up for a one year plan. They called me back the next day. They said the 3 year plan was better and the credit card wouldn't work for a large amount. They said it was money back guaranteed if I cancelled before the 3 years were up. They did a bank withdrawal. Once I had signed up I tried to use their free website design templates. They didn't work. Their tech support doesn't get back to you for at least 2 days and their response was - it's fixed, try it again. When you call tech support or customer service they don't speak English and are not helpful whatsoever. After a week of not being able to get the website to work I cancelled the service. Now I can't get the money refunded. Customer service says you have to request it, which I have done several times. Adam Johnson is supposedly the owner and person responsible for this scam business. He hangs up on you when you call. He is rude and nasty. I have now filed claims with the Calif Atty Gen and Calif BBB. Nj Centennial, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
6, Report #286504
Nov 24 2007
06:40 PM
GISOL Inc. False Advertizing, Deceptive Web Site Los Angeles California
Signed up for a web hosting account with them on 11/9/07 for $7.95 a month for one year service (7.95x12=94.50) Recieved a web page confirmation for that amount They called and I confirmed that I ordered the service On 11/12/07 checked my bank found that they had charged my account $1078.20 (29.95x36) This was not what I ordered contacted them by e-mail three times to this date no response as of 11/24/07 Called them by phone on 11/12/07 was told to e-mail them told them I did that said I wanted to cancel my account that I feel I was overcharged and wanted the money refunded I was told I would have to contact them by e-mail or push the cancel button that said I would get no refund If I pushed it. By e-mail I told them I was overcharged and requested That my card be credited ..No responce I then got a registered letter in the mail on 11/17/07 with an invoice for $1078.20 sent out on the 13th one day after I pushed the cancel button anyway. I Feel they materially misrepresent in their web page the features of their webhosting packages and the price, False advertizing and that their customer support is non exsistant. They will not respond to e-mails or phone calls I alos feel they are commiting Fraud by Deception Jcherish Midway, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
7, Report #339551
Jun 12 2008
08:04 AM
Global Internet Solutions (GISOL) Keep writing about this scam Los Angeles California
You purchase a free ecommerce package with a free shopping cart for $142 for two years, then they pull a bait-and-switch and charge 1080.00 if you intend to use the free ecommerce package and shopping cart for ecommerce and shopping. They lie to your credit card company that you agreed to the upgrade. Everyone scammed by these crooks should write the CA Attorney General, LA Consumer Complaints, and the FTC. If they get enough complaints they will move. Most important, write your Congressman asking for a congressional investigation into VISA for continuing to profit from a company that violates the law and their own merchant policies, with a copy to your CC company's customer service dept. Steven Germantown, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
8, Report #117060
Nov 10 2004
09:53 AM
GISOL, Global Internet Solutions ripoff fraudulant advertising, billing practices Los Angeles California
We order web hosting services from them on June 30, 2003. The 24 hour customer service they advertise is a lie. We were never able to speak to anyone on the phone. We cancelled our service that same day and only receved a partial refund from them, they still owe us $15.95. We turned them over to the California BBB and the FTC. Now to get us back after 1 1/2 years they have turned us over to a collection agency for 397.00 with includes interest. We do not even have their service and they have a 30 day cancellation policy. We are being completely defrauded by them and they are trying to attack our good credit to do it. James Rochester, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
9, Report #281789
Oct 30 2007
12:22 AM
GISOL (AKA Global Internet Solutions) Stolen domain names - misrepresentation, extortion, theft Los Angeles California
I prepaid GISOL for 12 months of Internet hosting service for my domain About mid way through my prepaid year - my hosting account was inexplicably turned off. Among other features, this domain contained directions, schedule information, and news updates for my daughter's traveling soccer team. The service was cut off during an out of state tournament which caused quite a bit of confusion among parents (and embarrassment for my daughter and I.) I immediately called GISOL and was told they took the server down and they would not reinstate the my hosting account. They would not refund the unused amount. And most importantly, they would not allow my domain to be transferred to another IP company. They have in fact stolen this domain it is now registered to GISOL! Theyve also stolen a second domain In both cases they offered to reinstate my accounts if I upgraded to a $300/month program. I recommended GISOL to my father-in-law who had been using GISOL for several years. At approximately the same time GISOL cut me off they also cut him off. Hed prepaid for TWO YEARS! They also refused to let go of his domain. I filed a small claims suit, but after 5 attempts, the Marshall was unable to deliver service of process to GISOL's registered agent. As others here recommend, just search the web for GISOL and you will see many complaints. Check the Better Business Bureau and you will see that they get a FAILING GRADE! The BBB appears to be completely ineffective agains this company. Many people will continue to be ripped off anyway by this company. GISOL can't be sued because they hide from process servers! Can anybody shut this company down or will they just keep making millions from fools? Whozwat Irvine, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
10, Report #326851
Apr 17 2008
03:22 PM
Global Internet Solutions (GISOL, Inc.) Website Hosting Scam - Extortion, Credit Card Fraud & Forgery Los Angeles California
I'm a recent victim of a web hosting fraud perpetrated by Global Internet Solutions and have taken it upon myself to expose the duplicity of this company. A lot of what I have to report I found by searching the Internet, rather than a description of my own experiences which luckily were not as costly as other victim's have been. To start off I suggest that you similarly perform a web search using the search term GISOL FRAUD. You will be astonished at the number of complaints that surface alleging deceptive advertising, extortion, intimidation, credit card fraud and forgery. GISOL is the corporate acronym for Global Internet Solutions (, a corporation claiming to be located in Los Angeles, CA. Their scam begins by offering unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sites, 6 months free hosting, a free domain name, a claim that the cost will never go up and a 100% Satisfaction Guaranty all for only $5.95/month The problems begin some time after the customer signs up. An unsophisticated customer may only become aware there's a problem when after a year he learns that his domain name has been allowed to expire and that his site is now inaccessible. Other customers that monitor their sites more carefully may become dissatisfied early on with GISOL's service outages and incompetent tech support, motivating them to try to cancel. It is then that the customer is made aware of GISOL's Terms of Service (TOS). According to the TOS, all domain names registered by GISOL on behalf of its customers are the intellectual property of GISOL making it impossible to move to another host without GISOL's concurance. Depending on how dissatisfied the customer is and on how much vested interest he has in keeping his domain name, the scam can take several different routes. In one scenario, the scammer at GISOL offers a customer that insists on moving his site to another host a DNS Management Package which allows the customer to point his domain name to an alternate hosting provider. The fee for this service is solely at the discretion of GISOL but typically runs $500. (The customer still does not gain title to the domain name.) Alternatively, the scammer may convince a customer to stay by offering to migrate the customer's site to a better server or offer other considerations but this will require that the customer obtain an Upgrade/Consolidation Package. The scammer will then deceptively make it seem as if the customer can obtain the Upgrade/Consolidation Package at a cost of $49.95/year instead of the price stated in the TOS of $49.95 per month and prepaid for 36 months. The customer only realizes that he has been scammed when he gets his credit card statement showing a charge $1798.20. The customer of course then attempts to contact GISOL to correct what appears to be a mistake. However, his phone calls never go through and his emails are never answered. (Once the customer has been fleeced, the scammer simply call blocks the customer's phone number and marks his emails as spam which are automatically trashed.) Occasionally, the scammer makes a mistake and doesn't call block the customer's number or the customer uses a different phone number to call from and the call does go through. Depending on his mood, the scammer then takes on different personas and names to hide his true identity and make it appear as if there are several people in the company. Sometimes its Shaun, at other times its Brian or Mike. Depending on how irate the customer is, the scammer can be consoling but suggest that he can do nothing but pass on the complaint to the administration or refund department. Of course the customer is never contacted and his subsequent attempts to contact GISOL are frustrated. At other times, the scammer becomes intimidating and threatens to shut down the customer's site or take legal action against the customer. If the customer initiates a charge back on his credit card, the scammer forges the customer's signature thereby authorizing the charge. There are many other scams based on the onerous provisions of the GISOL TOS that are sometimes invoked and the scenarios I've described are common but not inclusive of all those attributed to GISOL. The Better Business Bureau has been made aware of GISOL (it has received over 400 complaints) and has assigned GISOL an F rating. Many customers that GISOL has scammed have also written letters of complaint to various law enforcement agencies. Even though my losses were minor, I myself have written to the California Attorney General, the Los Angeles District Attorney, the Federal Trade Commisson, the National Fraud Information Center and even senator Dianne Feinstein pleading with her to urge the CA AG to investigate GISOL. I have to believe that eventually these thieves will be brought to justice but in the meantime, the public must be warned of this corporate predator hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet. Jesse La Habra, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
11, Report #280199
Oct 22 2007
05:55 AM
Global Internet Solutions- Gisol Global internet solution is deceptive and a ripoff crooked tactics and are thiefs in my opinion Los Angeles California
As with many others if you search gisol or global internet solutions you will find they are deceptive and crooked. My last email says Dear my name, This is just a friendly reminder that your web hosting account for MY WEBSITE is due for renewal on October 24, 2007. The total amount that will be charged for your next term of service is $95.40. Your account is currently set up for automatic renewal at the end of every billing period. If you wish to change to a manual renewal, log on to and select your preferred renewal type. If you do not wish to renew your account, you should log on to in order to terminate your account with us. If you require more information or would like to discuss this matter please do not hesitate to contact us via our support ticket system at Global Internet Solutions Billing Department Well they called two weeks before renewal and told me I had a mandatory upgrade and it would cost me 250.00 to cancel. you have to cancel 30 days in advance however, until there scam I had no reason to. My email said 94.40 they charged me 1057.91 even after I said I would not stay with them. Note that the email was sent September 24 2007 one month before renewal and they waited until October 13 2007 to call. Stay far from them and read all terms as they suck. there personal use limitations are worse than an oppressive government. Search and check them out before using them. Dan wyoming, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
12, Report #300065
Jan 14 2008
09:50 PM
GISOL Global Internet Solutions Ripped me off Big Time, Charged my Credit Card instead of the promised refund Los Angeles California
I reckon I have been ripped-off big time by GISOL. Here is my story: On a photographer's forum someone was asking about a good ISP/Host where they could purchase hosting for their website. Someone replied saying that they were with GISOL and found them to be good with reasonable prices. I was also looking to purchase hosting so I signed up with GISOL for a BEST ANNUAL account at $95.40 per year. This account could only host a single domain but that was fine by me as I only had one website. Two months later I built another website and purchased another BEST ANNUAL account for $95.40 per year. Then I suddenly had a lot of clients and I discovered GISOL's PRO account that could host multiple domains multiple databases so I purchased a PRO account for $119.40 per year. I had toyed with the idea of canceling the first two accounts and moving the domains and databases into the PRO account to save money on the annual renewal of the 2 BEST ANNUAL accounts. However I decided that these 2 accounts were for my personal sites and I preferred to keep them separate from my PRO account which hosted client's websites. Apart from some serious problems with the server hosting my PRO account (fixed by moving it to another server), I had good service from GISOL. Then the troubles started. On July 2, 2007 I got rudely awaken at about 3am (I am in Brisbane, Australia) by a telephone call from GISOL. Because it was from the USA and from GISOL I tried to wake up and listen. The man on the phone said that he could save me money by 'combining' my three accounts into a single 'unlimited' account at $24.95 per month which was less than what I was paying per month for three accounts. I said I had already paid in advance for the three accounts and he said that the money from the original accounts would offset the cost of the new account. Well, if it was going to save me money and make life easy by not having to log in to three Control Panels, I asked a few questions and the answers seemed satisfactory so I agreed. He said that he would do all the work and 'combine' the accounts. Okay so lets say the accounts were A, B, and C. He said he would make a new accounts called 'A1'. The next day I got the email in respect of account 'A1' and it was an Unlimited Upgrade (24.95) for 36 months. Yes, that's right, I was billed for $898.20 which was taken from my credit card. There was no mention of 36 months during the phone call. There was also no rebate or the remaining un-used monies from the three original accounts. I queried this by email and the following morning at 3am I got another phone call and the man said that if I wasn't happy they would cancel all my accounts. Of course, I couldn't allow that because my clients websites would have gone down. Okay, now it gets worse. On December 28, 2007 I raised a Support Ticket to have one of the domain names renewed and my credit card got charged the usual $9.95 on the same day (I have done this often without complications). However, on January 3, 2008 I got a telephone call from GISOL (the man called himself 'Steve') and he said that he noticed I had a few accounts and he recommended that I 'combine' them into one account. I informed him that they had already been combined into one account back in July 2007. He said that there were still 4 accounts (e.g. A, B, C, and A1). However, he said that by combining them all into a new unlimited account I could get a rate of $3.57 per month instead of the current rate of $24.95 per month. He said that the account was actually worth $49.95 per month BUT he could give it to me at $3.57 per month for 36 months. I said that I had paid in advance for 3 years for account 'A1' and he said that the remaining un-used money would be used to offset the new account. I said that the remaining un-used money exceeded the new charge and I asked if a refund would be given to me. He assured me that I would get a 'rebate'. My quick calculation estimated that I would get a refund of $600 - $700 and he said it would be refunded to my credit card account. Well, I thought my lucky day had come. Here I was being offered a continuation of the same service at a much lower rate AND that I would be refunded a nice sum of money. Anyway, on January 3, 2008 GISOL created a new account (let's call it 'A2') BUT the next day my credit card was hit wih a charge of $1,789.20 ($49.95 x 36). I had been expecting a refund of $600 or more, not a huge charge like that. I started sending emails to and as well as raising Support Tickets. The reply to the support tickets was that I should email which of course I have been doing every day since January 04, 2008 and have yet to get a single reply. I managed to telephone GISOL's help line and asked to speak to 'Steve'. The man who answered the phone ('Adam' he called himself) said that 8,000 people work there and he doesn't know who Steve is. Anyway, he said that a letter had been posted to me and that it contained a code. I was supposed to phone back with the code in order to claim 12 months worth of rebate (the difference between $49.95 and $3.57 x 12 months). I said that I neded 36 months worth of rebate but he said I could only claim a portion each year or the next three years. I said that in actual fact I should be getting a refund and should have to pay nothing because the remaining un-used money on account A1 was worth more then the new fee of $3.57 x 36. He then said that refunds are never given for cancelled accounts. Okay so I just lost $600 - $700 and I guess I have lost the remaining un-used monies rom accounts A, B, and C. I didn't cancel the accounts. GISOL recommended 'combining' them into one new account. I have lost a lot of money. How bad is that! Okay now it gets worse. Remember the request to have a domain name renewed. Well I noticed that it had not been renewed and only had 6 days left until expiry. I raised a Support Ticket asking for confirmation that the domain name had been renewed. I got a silly reply. I got onto the Live Chat window and the agent said that there was no record in my billing statement and that was why the domain name had not been renewed. I explained that it was in the billing statement of account A1 and not the new A2. He said that all I needed to do was raise a new Ticket asking for renewal and that they would charge my credit card and then they would see the charge in the billing statement and renew the domain. I am still trying to resolve this issue - my emails go unanswered, the Live Chat agents can't help because there is no billing info in the same account as the domain (A2). I will have to pay again and lose the previous $9.95 because it is in an account where no refunds are given. There's more. The other day I got a charge on my credit card for $95.40 for hosting renewal of one of the original accounts that was supposed to have been 'combined' into account A1. When I queried it, I was told that I had to cancel the account. I said that there wasn't an account to cancel because they had been 'combined' into a new account (not at my request but at GISOL's recommendation). Okay, so have you tried to cancel an account at GISOL. They hit you with a fee of $250 (or was it $500, I can't remember) for 'breach of contract' because you are ending a contract. I just can't believe it! Then I had a domain name that expired even though they are supposed to send reminders. They told me it had gone into redemption and because it was a client's website I had to pay $474.95 to have it redeemed. Since that time I have discovered that it had only gone into the period of grace and it would have been simple to renew it. GISOL tricked me by saying it had gone into redemption. Okay, so in summary, I have paid a few thousand dollars to GISOL for a lot of pain and suffering and far in excess of what I have in the way of hosting. they have stolen money by saying it would offset the new account charges and yet they don't give refunds of canceled accounts. I have canceled nothing - the accounts were combined into one. However, I still get billed for the old accounts and will have to pay a large cancelation fee. The whole thing stinks of a scam. It looks like I am stuck with them for another three years because they also say that they own the domain names. The old control panel allowed you to enter the owner's name or each domain name but the new control panel has one area for the owner of the domains but they register it with either AllInDomain or TuCows under their own name. They should be investigated by whoever in the USA does scam investigations and Fair trading investigations. Xposure BrisbaneAustralia
Entity: Los Angeles, California
13, Report #254658
Jun 15 2007
06:57 AM
Gisol Global Internet Solutions extortion ripoff dishonest intimidation scare tactics fraud scam cohersion threaten Los Angeles California
I've been with Gisol since before 2003. As a poor graduate student at the time, they seemed to have the best deal and my trusted and well-respected Web Professor had been the one to recommend them. I in turn became a Professor and have recommended them to my poor students as a first web host. I feel awful now to have exposed them to such a scam. I've had server issues with them in the past but nothing like what I went through recently in May/June 2007. I tried to renew one of my web accounts online via their control panel back in March. Their control panel had a glitch and the payment apparently never went through. In May, my site was offline with no notice. I contacted their online chat tech support and spoke with Shaun. He told me that I should move that site into my current hosting plan via their control panel. I did as he said, paid $53 to add the second domain name, and all was fixed. The next day my account was suspended and ALL my websites were offline, including a non-profit site I run for needy children, my personal website, and all my class websites I use to teach my University students. Later on the phone, Gisol said that this action THEIR tech support walked me through was not allowed and that theyd be charging me a $499 violation fee! On top of this, I learned that because I let my other account expire, payment was due and a Collection Agency was going to try to collect an additional $399 for that. After an angry outburst and the threat of tears, the tech person I got on the phone told me that a senior level administrator would call me back. I currently live outside the US so just calling them costs me money. Amazingly they actually called me back in one hour. It was Senior Tech, Shawn Alexander. He said that the only thing I could do was upgrade to a pre-paid 3 year plan for $718. Plus there was a $95 upgrade fee. He threatened that I could either do this, or pay the violation charges, risk my good credit rating with their Collection Agency, and remain with suspended accounts even though the primary one had already been paid for until May 2008. He told me Id pay upfront now, but since the violation fees appeared not to be my fault, hed give me 7 months free and in January I can get a refund. Because I had violation fees against me, this was already in the system and he could not undo them. According to Mr. Alexander, his plan for web hosting salvation via an unwanted 3 year prepaid account was the only way... I asked if I could think about it because I knew of their increasingly poor reputation and recent F rating at the BBB. (The last time I had checked 6 months or so before it was a B.) He told me I had to decide NOW because they charge violation fees on Fridays and if I waited, the Collection Agency would be after me. He said that since I live outside the US, they would then have to go after my husband who is living in the US. Also, The Collection Agency cant be paid with credit cards so therefore my checking account details were needed. I KNEW I shouldnt have given them this info over the phone but Mr. Alexander tried to placate my fears by giving me his badge number, his personal phone # (which is the same tech support number you can find on their website) and personal email ( that no one ever answers. He said that Id only be charged once and that to abuse this information (laughs) would be illegal! Furthermore he stated, This call is being recorded and a transcript will be available in my control panel. (Of course it never was.) He also explained, The reason we have an F with the BBB is because we decided not to renew our membership with them. Argh. I knew I was being bamboozled, but they used my tired mind (in my time zone it was nearly midnight), scare tactics of a collection agency, and a lack of time to think it over all to hook me in. They did provide the service and as I have transferred now all my domains to GoDaddy and set up hosting with them, I am only using Gisol's service as backup. I plan to eventually cancel. Im sure that if I try to get the supposedly promised refund in January it will never happen. In other news, one of my domain names is being held hostage by them. They will let me have it if I pay $500. I wont pay! Thank goodness my other two more important domains were registered with other companies. I plan to change my checking account info and eventually cancel my Gisol account. Im trying to look at this as some kind of annoying unexpected car repair payment and move on with my life, but I am angry. How many other people are they scamming? Kristen Englewood, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
14, Report #374659
Sep 20 2008
02:19 PM
Global Internet Solutions - Gisol - Gisol.comGlobal Internet Solutions, Gisol, Charged $1798.20 instead of $49.95 and our bank could not stop them... FBI PLEASE HELP Los Angeles California
We used for three years for $95/year. We had a credit card on file for automatic billing. One day we checked our website and the server was down. We called to find out what the problem they told us our account was closed for non payment. I explained we had a credit card on file for automatic billing. They appologized for the problem and assured me it would be fixed but because the account was already closed they needed a new credit card. And because we were such a good customer for three years they would give us a discount and our new fees would be $49.95/year . I speficially asked a few times to make sure I understood the price. I asked if $49.95 was per month or per year, the agent replied OHH NO, IT'S FOR THE YEAR our way of taking care of our good customers . After that point I agreed to $49.95/year and provided my credit card information. The agent asked me if I had internet access at the moment,.. I said yes and he directed me to a webpage that contained the TERMS OF USE . I asked if there was anything big on this Terms of Use that I should know about and the agent said it was just the standard terms of use and I had to agree on the buttom of the page because it was technically a new account and I had to redo it. I revied the Terms Of Use especially the price and it said $49.95 /year. So I agreed and the agent told me that was all that they needed from us to get our website back online and that we would receive a copy of the contract along with the login information for our new server. That was the end of the phone call. Ten minutes later I checked my email account and opened the email from Gisol and it contained a contract that said. $49.95/MONTH FOR 36 MONTHS TOTALING $1798.20. I IMMEDIATELY CALLED OUR BANK TO FIND OUT IF THERE WAS SUCH A CHARGE AND SURE ENOUGHT THERE WAS $1798.20 WE IMMEDIATELY PLACED IT INTO DISPUTE AS AN UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE. WE CALLED AND EMAILED GISOL FOR ABOUT A MONTH WITH NO RESPONSE HUNDREDS OF MESSAGES AND VOICE MAILS NOTHING. AFTER ABOUT A MONTH THEIR PHONE NUMBER WAS DISCONNECTED. After a few months of disputing the charge our bank (wachovia) still charged our account $1798.20. WACHOVIA SAID THERE WAS NOTHING ELSE THEY COULD DO BECAUSE GISOL PROVIDED A CONTRACT(FAKE CONTRACT) THAT SAID WE AGREED TO PAY THAT AMOUNT. I EXPLAINED ONCE AGAIN THAT I ONLY AUTHORIZED THEM TO CHARGE $49.95/YEAR NOTHING ELSE. THE WACHOVIA AGENT TOLD ME THAT DID NOT MATTER AS LONG AS GISOL HAD MY PERMISSION TO DEBIT OUR ACCOUNT THEY HAD TO GIVE THEM THE MONEY. I TOLD WACHOVIA THAT WAS CLEARLY A SCAM AND THEY SHOULD CONTACT THE FBI AND SHE REPLIED SAYING THEY DONT GET INVOLVED IN SUCH MATTERS AT ALL. CONCLUSION: WE'RE OUT $1798.20. THE BANK NICELY GAVE IT TO THEM AND WE STILL DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO OUR WEBSITE. GISOL.COM IS A SCAM AND NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN. WE WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO ASSIST ANY LAW INFORCEMENT AGENCY THAT CAN GET INVOLVED AND HELP ALL OF THE VICTIMS. Sergio Oviedo, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
15, Report #301273
Jan 18 2008
11:57 AM
GISOL. They Can Rip You Off. They pushed me to get the service I did not need for 3 years, then made me cancel it in 6 month and kept all the money. Los Angeles California
My story: 1) I subscribed online at 7/07 for GISOL Webhosting 8.25$ per month during the period of 18 months and paid the full amount by PayPal. 2) A couple days later I got a call from their sell manager Adam who explained that I did not reach their requirements for this rate because I already had contract with them two years ago. He told me that because of the contract conditions they cannot return my money back, so I lose them unless I sign up for an unlimited plan of $24.95 per month. He told me that I can cancel my new contracts in 6 month if I am not satisfied and get a refund for the full amount. They confirmed last 4 digits of my credit card number (they had it since the time I became their customer three years ago) and promised to send contract details. 3) Few days later I figure out they charge my credit card for 3 years contract. I waited, but never got my contract details. 4) In a six month I canceled online my service for Webhosting with GISOL and requested refund. 5) Guess what? I never got any of my money back. 6) They told me that I broke my contract, because it was not 6 month but 8 month condition in that contract, so I cannot get my money back and I cannot get service anymore because I have already canceled it. When I was talking with Adam again he told me that my contract details were sent to me but delivered to the wrong place, so some other guy signed up for a delivery. 7) After everything that happened I found GISOL policies online: It says (11.h): you may cancel rendered hosting services at any time past 8 (eight) months of use and receive a Pro-Rated GISOL Company Credit (referred to as: GCC) which may be used for services within the GISOL Network. It means I never had a chance to get my money back. Does this sound like a real fraud for you? They pushed me to get the service I did not need for 3 years, then made me cancel it in 6 month and kept all the money. Serg Palo Alto, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
16, Report #221241
Nov 18 2006
03:44 PM
Global Internet Solutions (GISOL) Refused to refund money after cancellation of brand-new account Los Angeles California
On September 5, 2006 I signed up for an account with GISOL (Global Internet Solutions). Upon receiving services, I realized the service was not what I expected. As the company's website stated they had a refund policy, I cancelled the account on September 6, 2006. However, within three weeks nothing had been refunded to my credit card. GISOL never refunded the $238.80 that had been billed to my credit card, despite that the account was deleted on September 6th. The company never responded to emails sent through their website. Phone calls to their call center were unfruitful as the billing reps at the call center did not have the authority to actually access the billing accounts. As a result, I contacted my credit card company to dispute the bill. On October 22, 2006 GISOL billed my credit card for an additional $29.95, as part of the initial services. This should not have occurred since the account was closed and this particular aspect of services were neither rendered nor used. On November 18, 2006 I received a letter from my credit card company with attached documents from GISOL. In a letter from GISOL, Inc. Media Retrieval Department, located at 807 N. Gardner Street, Los Angeles, CA 90046 to Cardsystems Chargeback Department, 6390 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85710, Adam (ID #75832) states that GISOL, Inc. has provided each and every service requested by Joel Nelson. The internet hosting services created especially for Joel Nelson remain operational and currently rendered by This statement by Adam (ID #75832) is fraudulent. My GISOL account was closed on September 6th at my request and as a result I have no access to any account features. My website,, has been hosted by another host other than GISOL since September 6th. Therefore, it is completely erroneous for GISOL to make the statement that their services for me remain operational and currently rendered. Adam continues, Given that GISOL, Inc. has clearly performed the services contracted and paid for by Joel Nelson, thereby, a unilateral rescission of a binding agreement by way of a chargeback is certainly inappropriate. I cancelled my GISOL account one day after setting it up. I have not used, and have no intention of using, the GISOL services. The account is inactive and deleted but GISOL persists on billing me for services closed well within their 14-day refund policy. Therefore, I will reinstate the dispute with my credit card company and hold to my position that GISOL is operating fraudulently Joel Gretna, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California

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