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26, Report #763936
Aug 11 2011
04:15 PM
Pharmacy RX One , Never received order. Made excuses. Blamed post office, customs, pharmacy. Says from Canada but product coming from India? Vancouver, British Columbia
On June 25, 2011 I placed an order with Pharmacy RX One which is located in Canada. I received a Registered Mail tracking number from them. All seemed official. When I entered the registered mail number into USPS, it came up that the order was in INDIA to be shipped which the website says can take up to 21 days to receive. When I called their customer service number about 15 days later to find out the status of the order, they told me to be patient and I should wait 21 days and they don't count holidays or weekends as shipping dates. So, I continued to wait and counted on my calendar what would be 21 days from THEIR shipping date. Called them and they said it's the post office's fault. Called them again and they said the order is held up in customs. My husband called them on another day and they promised to ship the order using EXPRESS MAIL and that we will receive the order on August 11, 2011.  Keep in mind they didn't even send me a new tracking number for USPS Express Mail.  They told me to call them back to get the tracking number from them. When I did they told me they will email it to me. They emailed me the Registered Mail tracking number. When I checked on the registered mail tracking number, it didn't exist anymore. When I wrote back to them, they wrote to me saying they still have to get the number from the Pharmacy.  Keep in mind, the order is supposed to show up on August 11 according to them, and they still had NO tracking  number for me. Here it is, August 11, 2011 and have not received my order. It's almost two months since I placed the order and all I've received is a run around, excuses, false promises, and to find out that the item isn't even from Canada, but from INDIA!  I want my money back! I wrote to them requesting a refund and made them aware I'd be reporting them to Rip Off Report.  :-(  I'm so tired of the run around!
Entity: Vancouver, British Columbia
27, Report #1269379
Nov 20 2015
07:02 PM
The Bitcoin Pharmacy Online- Pharmacy Online Takes Bitcoin payments But does not ship items, A COMPLETE & TOTAL SCAM Internet Only Canada United States
I was looking for Health suppliments & came across The Bitcoin Pharmacy Online  who was advertising very good prices. I ordered some items and sent in my bitcoin payment.  The next day, I received an email Saying that my bitcoin payment has been frozen by Go ( who supposidly handles their payments) due to a lack of license. Whenever I tried to email the company  back, my emails would come back as Undeliverable or Daemon Failure notice The only way  to contact them is by going to their website. DO NOT purchase anythingfrom this website!  It is a COMPLETE SCAM and you will not get any  items and You will not get your money back!   STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS!!
Entity: Internet
28, Report #1071262
Jul 30 2013
07:42 AM
Global Direct Pharmacy Ask me to transfer monies over to Philippines to Sheila Mae Gaga-a said tech problem happened needed to redo both amounts $380.00US then a third time I refused the light when on they said to revise the problem they need to get a transation no. from me so they can link the transfers and I could get my product. I am now down over $700US. Sunday different woman call from same company saying outstanding all I have to do is sent another $380 to Philippines and they would correct the issues and give me back my $700 plus fees and product. San Jose California
 Back in May 19th and then May 20th I was asked to send $380US to the Philippines to Shelia Mae Gaga-a. The first amount there was I was told a tech problem and to fix this I needed to resent the amount again to marry up and re-creidt my account and receive my product. Then penny drop when they asked a third time. Never send any more money.On Sunday I spoke with a different woman same company telling me that the person I spoke to had be fired and to fix the problem and get my $700 back I need once again to sent $380 dollars to the Phippines this time in the name of Roxanne McKenzie so they could fix the problem and give back the $700 dollars plus product.Then I got about 6 calls from AZ fedex wanting a transaction number I thank god didnt have one as Xoom cancelled the transaction for me. This is stealing and praying on the sick and lonely I would like to let people know as to put a stop to this now!
Entity: San Jose , California
29, Report #689359
Feb 01 2011
I used this on-line pharmacy to get my precribed medication, as I currently do not have health insurance. What I received was a smashed order of pills that were made from a sugar substance and had no pharmaceutical components. FAKE MEDS! Also, I paid $40.00 extra for Express shipping and the package came USPS. Another rip off! Please DO NOT use this company. Their customer service number is a fake. They are making millions of dollars ripping off sick people. Bear in mind that they cannot take your credit card info even though you have entered it correctly, they have a foreign third party person call and attempt to get your number from you. This is dangerous. You could wind up in financial ruin!
Entity: Los Angeles, California
30, Report #1034900
Mar 14 2013
05:42 PM
Global Direct Pharmacy Cristita Cardiente I was told to make a payment for merchandise which i did and then they tried to get it again they wont answer there phone and when they do they refuse refund or merchandise beware i got ripped off for Philippines, Internet
Global direct pharmacy ripped me off for 230.00. I purchased medication and transaction went through then they tried to get me for the same amount again. they refuse refund and merchandise. there number is 408 660-8590 name money was wired to Philippines is Carista Cardiente beware. Can anyone help me?
Entity: Philippines, Internet
31, Report #194562
Jun 03 2006
04:43 AM
Freedom Pharmacy, Day And Night Pharmacy plus many More RIP OFF MERCHANTS!! NO DELIVERY OF ORDER AND NO REFUND Internet
Ordered some prescription meds from these clowns and never recieved anything from them. I waited over 28 days for them and still nothing. Sent them an email and they said they would re-ship. Waited another 28 days and still nothing, e-mailed them again and they said they would give me a full refund. This was about 2-3 months ago, I never got my refund. Please dont be fooled by their cheap prices and hollow promises, these guys are out to rob you of your hard earned cash. They also have a number of other websites with different names such as day and night/night and day If the website is of similar layout as, its probably them. DO NOT USE THEY WILL CON YOU. Steve LondonUnited Kingdom
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #1078390
Aug 23 2013
09:56 AM
XTEL Global XTEL Global, Scam: Fake Online Pharmacy Merchant Processing, Not Shipping Stuff, Hold amount of center Valrico Florida
Scam Alert – XTEL Global Hi,Our company has been recently scammed by an Indian Guy and his US partner.  We are sure they are professionals in scams.  We are in a Pharmaceutical business, here being scammed is not new thing. But we decided to share details of these scammers because they cheated not only us but also poor call center agents. We have shared all details of scams and proofs. We were blackmailed that there will be blogs against us, we do welcome if there is any. Lets come here with proofs. These two guys are Fraud, Liars and Blackmailers.We will now deal with them legally and illegally both ways. We will ruin their merchant and I sure this will happen because God will also punish them. We shared this scam so that we can save other guys specially call centers from these scammersContact Details:Name: Binit Pandey, Adrian KhanWebsite: 18662601384, +91919839045107Email:, james.anderson@xtelglobal.comCompany Name: XTEL GlobalSkype: vineet_precious, adrianxtel Scam: Fake Online Pharmacy Merchant Processing, Not Shipping Stuff, Hold amount of center Scam Amount: $1898.00 Scam Details: Binit Pandey is the biggest liar our company met ever. We start dealing with him from August 1st, 2013. In 24 days we finally saw his real face that he is a professional scammer and fraud who starts with small and then scam right big a good amount and he has scammed our company and center of $1898. When we start dealing with him, we were having orders in our hands. We requested him to process them ASAP because our previous merchant quit with us and we don’t want sales to get wasted. He agrees that if we process regularly, then he will process. We agree on his terms because our intention and priority was to pay our center. We provided him sales of $4500+. He commits so many things with us that they are a big company, they have own merchant. They have processing. We will get status on very next hour. We will get payments on time etc etc. All lies.As he process sales, he start crying that merchant hold the amount and it will get release only if we give him more orders. It was first shock for us. We managed to get a sheet of more sales and after discussing a lot with his partner and him he commit that we will get $1498 in one hour. After 6 hours they sent us $600 only by crying again that they are paying from pocket.We convince our center and trust these scammers. We start providing them regular sales then. In mean while we keep requesting them for trackings, status of sheets but they just make excuses.Mr. Binit was use to tell us that his wife father is dead, his father is dead. There is holiday. I will get status by day end. Etc Etc.We didn’t get any single tracking of package. And after requesting so many times he finally said that sales sheet – 2 will not get charged as there are declines. In short he wasted our sales. I don’t know might be he charged them too and scammed buyers.He also owns our 2 days more orders of $2050.At time of payment he start making stories that we those sales will land in next week. We keep asking him to charge but he used to make delays by making childish excuse that his dad Is no more. At least forgive your DAD. Your DAD is dead and you are Online. LOL. Does that makes sense?At end he and his partner start making nonsense excuses that we insulted them, and start  crying that we are paying form pocket and this and that. In short they both are scammers and Binit once told me that he is gonna scam his Ex-Partner. I am sure he can scam any one. We will now deal with them legally and illegally both ways. We will ruin their merchant and I sure this will happen because God will also punish them. We shared this scam so that we can save other guys specially call centers from these scammers. Click here for chat details: Chat Snap  Shots: Email snapshot which I sent to them If anyone want proof of scam, contact me directly for complete details.Hase J****Safe Online Pharma
Entity: Valrico, Florida
33, Report #363452
Sep 23 2008
09:15 PM
Pharmacy-leader online pharmacy thieves USA CANADA QUEBECuas , Quebec Internet
online pharmacy never replied to emails - took $146 from my card - lied about sending goods and noticed when they did answer online help chat it was always a MICHELLED no one else - they have taken my money and ripped me off beware - do not deal with them K newportUnited Kingdom
Entity: Uas , Quebec, Internet
34, Report #383079
Oct 20 2008
05:20 PM
Global Consulting Canada, Global Consulting Canada Same thief, different Company Name Toronto Ontario
This the same person that has ripped off people for thousands of dollars under the name of Global Sports and Entertainment. Now, he is doing it under another name, but the same old scam and con. One would think that he would have learned the first time the FBI caught him and indicted him for fraud, mail fraud and other charges. Guess he didn't learn that time. Anyone that has or is doing busines with and been ripped off, please contact you local FBI office and mention his name and previous case. When you talk to him ask what happen to him from 1992 to 1994. If you live in Michigan check out the US District Court Eastern District (Criminal Files). When I called the US Attorney to ensure it was the same person, he stated that I should call the FBI and file a report. I did and am now just waiting for the results of the investigation. Once a thief always a thief. Now he has his wife involved..... Madconsumer SomewhereU.S.A.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
35, Report #135613
Mar 19 2005
06:12 AM
CanadaworldpharmacyHealth 2000 Pharmacy ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing North Delta, BCNorth Delta, BC, V4E 1Z7, CANADA Internet
After making a purchase on a prescription drug, (though non-prescription in canada), I was informed the bill would be about $63 USD. I then recieved an e-mail stating that the pharmacy no longer carried the name brand and the generic would be sent instead. The generic carried a cheaper price, I know because I checked. That month $150.00 was charged to my account. I didn't realize until I recieved my statement and as I was unfirmiliar with the 'Health 2000' name my bank and I could not figure out where it came from. The next month I was charged the $63 dollars and recieved the 'generic' form of medication I ordered. After figuring out where the charge came from, I proceeded to contact the company. All my emails came back to me with the warning that they could not be forwarded because they contained viruses. Funny, none of my other forwards had a problem. I called the company two months in a row. Was promised that the situation would be looked into....then nothing. When I returned to the bank with all this information, I was told that the 90 days I had to file a complaint had passed so I was out $150.00. Beware! Jody Quincy, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: North Delta, BC, V4E 1Z7, CANADA, Internet
36, Report #1065489
Jul 12 2013
12:16 PM
Global Warranty Global Warranty - Another Scam London Ontario Canada
Less than a year ago I bought a car and paid over $2500 for a 4 star Ultimate Drive Warranty through Global Warranty for piece of mind. Since the purchase I have had 2 significant issues. 1 costing over $1100 and the other costing over $3000.  Both times Global Warranty refused to cover this claims. 1 saying that the contract did not say the item specifically so they won't cover it and the second because it is part of a hose the contract doesn't cover pipes, tubes or hoses even though it is an internal engine component. How can you sell a product and say have piece of mind driving when you don't cover anything that is needed for driving!! Lets really call it what it is, A SCAM!!! I have used other warranty companies in the past and have neve had any issues. Thanks for nothing Global Warranty and I truely hope that other people understand that you aren't out to help but to collect money. Please use caution when purchasing a warranty through Global Warranty, I would hate for someone else to get screwed over.Hal
Entity: London, Ontario
37, Report #159052
Sep 30 2005
08:16 PM
Global Gateway, Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions internet pharmacy business scam Phoenix Arizona
In June 2005 I purchased from Global Gateway (Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions)a so-called internet pharmacy store as well as an advertising package that was supposed to give me thousands of targeted hits and a response in 6-8 weeks. Of course, there has been no response of any kind. I feel a little foolish, because how can you expect to spend only a little over $1000 and very little of your own effort and end up with a lucrative business? Even so, their brochure that came in the mail was very slick and convincing, and this is essentially what they promised. Turns out they are the only ones with the lucrative business. Also, here was a great deal of pressure from the advertising salesperson to buy an advertising package, and this is obviously how they make most of their money. At this point I doubt that any advertising is done and doubt that the web site is a legitimate pharmacy. Anna Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
38, Report #327503
Apr 20 2008
02:44 PM
RX Venture Group - Global Web Designs sister Company XL Pharmacy, Naturally Direct, 1-800-PetMeds Scottsdale Arizona
Hello, I am 61 yrs old, Retired/Disabled due to five bypass surgeries, My wife is 62 yrs old, Retired/Disabled due to ten brain suregeries. Hydrocefoulous. We pay twelve hundred dollers a month for medical insurance, Our perscriptions are nine hundred dollers a month. Plus everything else we need. We refinaced the house twice. I went online to supplment our income a bit. I was called by a guy by name of Eric Renegar, He said he was from RX Venture Group. They set up Internet Pharmarcys. He had us both on the phone sametime and was telling us how much money we were going to make. We were on the phone about 45 minutes, then we asked him for time to talk it over and to think about it. We were told NO, cause that ment that we did not believe in the program. Then he set us up on a three way call to his bank He set it all up with the lady at the bank Total $7,395.00, The next day he faxed me the contract and said to fax it right back to him so he could get the website up and running. Which I did. I called him back and said I want to cancell. He said the contract was binding, NO return, NO refund, Nothing can be done. Do the program or loose the money. I called AARP Visa credit card, They said they would look into it, A week later they called and said there was no answer at the company, Besides I signed the contract, Thats it. RX Venture Group fax me a guarantee that would give me my money back if I would do the program for a year. I researched RX Venture Group, Global Web Designs and found them in three states, AZ, ILL, TX, WA, A lot of Differant Names, Address's, and phone numbers, and alot of complaints against them. I will answer any and all questions. I have all copy's of fax's, and Research information, If need be. Keith Everett, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
39, Report #690755
Feb 04 2011
11:08 AM
Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy Its a rip off for people who are trying to find cheaper medicine Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
I was looking for a little cheaper drug prices and along come a really legit looking pharmacy....I'm not usually fooled by this stuff...and will never do it again without checking first.....Charged my cc 130.00. I WANT IT BACK AND THEY SHOULD BE STOPPED
Entity: Vancouver, British Columbia
40, Report #317800
Mar 14 2008
12:12 AM
Canadian Pharmacy Ripped off, My money stolen twice, No response to my e-mails, False EMS number given Canada Internet
I ordered from canadianpharmacy and never received my goods. An e-mail was sent after seeral weeks informing me that my credit card had not been accepted! I re-ordered and was sent after two weeks an EMS delivery number. The number turned out to be false! In the meantime, my credit card had been debitted for the first order which I had never received and the re-order, of which I have doubts about ever receiving either! Do not use this company, they are dishonest and their owners should be imprisoned. David SofiaBulgaria
Entity: Internet, Internet
41, Report #555038
Jan 15 2010
11:27 AM
Global Resort Condos Plus Global Condos Plus Scamed out of $2500 Houston, Texas
Like everyone else who has placed a complaint. We were told that there was a couple setting right in the office wanting to buy our time share. An initial $500 was sent for advertising then another $2000 over the course of the 2 weeks we worked with them. We were told that paperwork had to be completed and we would be getting a check, and that may take up to 60 days. We waited the full 60 days plus then tried over and over again to contact them. We left messages and we did not get any response. This is a MAJOR SCAM.
Entity: Houston, Texas
42, Report #726897
May 07 2011
07:22 PM
KIM's Pharmacy KIMs Pharmacy SCAM never got my medications, took my money! Claimed to be a pharmacy but is operating from his home and never answers the phone or emails. Kelowna, British Columbia Canada
I ordered from this scammer in March and still haven't received my order. He provided a tracking number which doesn't work. I had to mail a check to a Canadian address and when I looked at my bank statement this month the money has come out twice! How is this even possible? I am currently trying to dispute this with my bank but it is much harder since it is not a credit card charge He had claimed he was better than the pharmacy I had used for 6 years -Kiwi Drug... I think I just made an expensive mistake!! I wish I had not tried him. The only reason I tried him was because I was waiting on a product from kiwi that took longer than usual - but that package just showed up last week. At least they always fix any problems I have with my orders and don't steal my money! Buyer beware... If anyone knows what I can do to get my money back from a cashed check let me know I hate to be ripped off especially when I am in pain!! He doesn't even have a website or an actual pharmacy - no wonder his prices seemed to good to be true ... ugh
Entity: Kelowna, British Columbia
43, Report #282638
Nov 02 2007
06:36 PM
Global Financial TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!! Ontario, Canada
Global Financial Inc. We are Pleased to advice you that you...One of the Winners...Therefore $175,00 is payable to you...Enclosed is a Check for $3700.00 deducteted from your winnings to pay the taxes...Amount to pay is $2750.00 to Mrs. Nadine Johnson 90 Andrew Road Ottawa Ontario, Canada....Western Union or Money gram Call Patrick Yu @ 1-778-319-3755 This letter briefly descibes what was sent to me..and several others have cashed the check which bounced according to this web site. Terry Tonganoxie, KansasU.S.A.
44, Report #261337
Jul 17 2007
07:00 AM
Global Finance Management Fake Check ripoff Ontario Canada
I received a letter in the mail saying I won some money from filling out on-line surveys. I do fill out online surveys so I thought it could be true. The man stated I would receive another letter with my first prize check and would receive all the details with the letter about the rest of my winnings. About a week later I received the letter and a check for $2620.00 and a letter saying I was to send the amount back for the rest of the amount. I called the bank that the check was issued from and they confirmed that Home Depot was one of there coropate accounts and that was a there routing number. I was super excited and just knew for sure it was real. So I called the number back from the letter and spoke with the represenative and said that I would feel more comfortable if they would just send the rest of my winnings the same way and just deduct any fees directly. He stated they could do that and he understood my reservations. So, I deposited the check into my account and started rejoicing over my good fortune. Then a week later my bank called to tell me the check was a FAKE! I have to pay all the money back! Please Please don't make the same mistake I did. These people are real jerks to do this to people. Stephanie Carbondale, IllinoisU.S.A.
45, Report #296468
Jan 02 2008
06:14 PM
United Global Award Conartist Toronto Canada
I also received a check along with a letter in the mail stating I had won $125,000.00. The check was in the amount of $4,800.00 drawn on the Bank of America. The letter stated I needed to pay a tax in the amount 0f$2,875.00 in order to receive the remaining $120K. The letter told me to contact Christine Nielson at phone number 1-647-219-5034 and she would tell me how to pay the tax and collect the remaining funds. I did contact this person and gave her the claim number. She instructed me to go to my bank immediately, cash the check and then go to Money Gram at Wal Mart and pay $2,875.00. After I was to submit the money gram, I was to call her back and she would give me instructions on how to claim the additional 120k. I did not cash the check. I could tell it was a scam. I just want to let people know the check looks official from the Bank of America. Hal Parker, ColoradoU.S.A.
46, Report #385275
Oct 27 2008
12:10 PM
Global Consulting Canada - Global Entertainment And Global Sports And Entertainment Scam Artist, Fraud, Stole money for bogus investment Toronto Ontario
Global Consulting Canada is the same company as Global Entertainment And Global Sports And Entertainment. It's the same rippoff artist Thomas Mena who has scamed thousands of dollars from hard working people to further his own wealth. He promises you the everything, then delivers on nothing. He says he has investors that will invest in your dream, but when it comes down to the last minute, all of a sudden the yhave backed out. leaving you holding the bag. However, he already has your money and refuse to return it based on his lies and fradulent activities. This man has already been found guilty in Federal Court for the same scam, but he contiues to play the game. Now, he is operating out of Canada with his wife Karen. The projects he states that he has been involved in are all lies, I have checked the out, not one person at the business's he gave me has heard of him or been involved in thier financing of thier projects. Beware DO NOT go into business with him, he will take you for as much money as he can, then say it was your fault. Takenforaride SomewhereU.S.A.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
47, Report #615137
Jun 19 2010
09:47 AM
passion plus usa , my canadian pharmacy, My Canadian Pharmacy scam , fraud , shopping cart that never ships product, Internet
This guy is a total scam , he has scamed his supplier and the people that have tried to order from him . he has no product to sell but keeps on taking orders and keeping your money . then when he gets enough complaints , he changes the company name and then starts over
Entity: , Internet
48, Report #319343
Mar 19 2008
12:01 PM
Global Prize I GOT ROOOOBBED FOR $1800 by Global Prize Thunder Bay Ontario Canada
My girlfriend recieved a letter in the mail from Global Prize that contained a legitemate looking check for $1800 so she asked me if she could cash it in my account since she didnt have one. I figured if it was a bad check the bank would not cash it THAT'S THEIR JOB! But i was terribly wrong! I allow the check to clear and go back and ask about. there was no problem the check cleared and we got the cash. the letter instructed me to take the money to a western union and send it to an address that was supposed to be some place to pay the tax on the lump sum payout of $45000. I sent the money and even got a confirmation # from Global (i spoke with a man named John Bitty). He seemed like a decent man on the phone but i would be too if someone was sending me $1800 for nothing! i was informed by John that i would be recieving the check for the rest of the money in a day or 2. Instead i got a call from PNC bank basicly telling me your screwed theres nothing they can do to help me. Correct me if im wrong but #1 they should have caught this and#2 dont banks have insurance for things like this. banks are supposed to protect peoples money, but thats ok! i was informed by PNC that i would never be able to get a bank account anywhere ever again unless i came up with the money in a couple of weeks. Moral of the story BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TRUST! and p.s. Global Prize, John Bitty and PNC bank, F#@K you! Josh Easton, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Thunder Bay, Ontario
49, Report #224837
Dec 11 2006
06:33 PM
Global Link (Global Fraud) Lottery Scammers Milking Money From Consumers ripoff Manitoba, Canada
My aunt received a letter in the mail saying that she was one of the many winners who won $128,000 from a lottery that she entered online. My aunt fell for the scam and even I did after reading the letter that they sent and the $2000 check. The company who go by the name of Global Link stated that my aunt had to deposit the $2000 check and mail the money back to them to cover check processing of the $128,000. This didn't make any sense to me. Seems as though they would take the processing fee (if any) out of the award. Hesitant, my aunt deposited the check. Before she did that, she called this company Global Link at 780-604-5616, registered her information (which they should have had if she was a winner already) and then was given another number to call 204-887-4610. A woman named Joanne Porter answered and informed my aunt that she was her personal claims representative. She was sweet and so happy for my aunt. My aunt has just lost her job and was elated about the so called winning, even crying. This Joanne woman kept congratulating her and confirming with my aunt that this wasn't a scam. My aunt poured her heart all out calling Joanne an Angel. But anyway, Joanne stated that she would send out a IRS form for the taxes and for my aunt to deposit the check and send the $2000. once received, they would send out the $128,000 certified in the mail. I knew this was come kind of scam so I researched this company and this number and found out that the 204 number is a cell phone number registered in Manitoba, Canada. Days after she deposited the check, it of course returned. Luckily my aunt never sent them the $2000. If she did, they would have milked us out of $2000 and bank fees. They used a legitimate company/bank on the check. US bank based out of Wisconsin. After finding out about the scam we called again and my aunt confronted her. The once sweet lady that at one time congratulated my aunt with her winnings suddenly changed and yelled at my aunt telling her YOU'RE A LIAR AND I WILL SEND YOU A CHECK. My aunt called some days later pretending to be a worker from the Inspector general office and a African man came on the line and cursed her out calling her a f***** b***h and liar and then hung up the phone. These people take advantage of others not knowing about this lottery scam. my aunt would have fell for it if it wasn't for me. They take advantage of people who are desperate, people who are unemployed, needy, ignorant. They are EVIL. This Joanne woman stayed on the phone with my aunt as she cried and cried wishing that the check wasn't a scam, pouring out how much she needed money for the holidays and confirmed and lied to my aunt that she was a big winner and very blessed. She used my aunt. Hopefully people will read this and be cautious of the letters they receive in the mail about lotteries or even through email. I am currently filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission Lindsey hyattsville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Manitoba
50, Report #1112818
Jan 03 2014
11:24 PM
Global payments Global Payments Canada is the processor my bank subscribes Queens land Georgia
Global Payments Canada is the processor my bank subscribes. I felt that was guarantee enough. I should have realized that I am a small retailer and will not get the same level of customer support as an established financial institution would. 
Entity: Queens land, Georgia

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