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1, Report #1358298
Feb 25 2017
10:52 AM
Department of Global Response Chandler Arizona
They sent me a letter saying I won 392750.00 if I have truly won this amount then why do I have to pay you 18.00.
2, Report #1346064
Dec 28 2016
07:50 AM
Global Migrate Highly unprofessional and negative response from Global-Migrate Dubai
Got a very bad experience from Global Migrate, Dubai. Upon seeing their advert in facebook, I asked if I can get them for my consultation for Immigration to Canada. A few days later one of their sales representative Ms. Rona Cacananta contacted me. She asked me some details and I gave them all they required and then she told me to get back later. Later she asked me to send some documents to her that I did send as per her requirement. She promised me that she will let me know the chances for my application. In all these days, she was trying to call me twice or thrice daily, that were annoying sometimes as I was struck in work as well. I humbly asked her to communicate via email so it could be reference for future as well. She didn’t tell me about my chances to get successful and asked me to pay directly in her next email, sending me a plain invoice without payment terms, services against these payments and to whom this payment is addressed. I wish to share snapshots for my email and the invoice that she sent me. In my next email, I asked all my concerns and asked humbly to reply my queries as a legal right of me for being their client. No reply for 2 days. On 3rd day, she did call me and her tone was offensive and rude, she was shouting and was not listening to me. I told her that I need an email reply from them for my queries for my future reference, to which she refused in a highly unprofessional and rude manner. And I didn’t get an email reply from them so far. So what I conclude that Global-Migrate is very unprofessional firm and may be scam because of their response to their potential clients as of my experience. Very Disappointed by Global-Migrate.
3, Report #567616
Feb 10 2010
05:52 PM
Global Response Technologies Stole my Funds for nothing Internet
I have stuck it out with this company for a year now and continue to be made promises to. I hated to leave because I paid them so much money up front and have so much invested. I paid for maps and they still have not given me a list of what they are because the ones that they had given me were not working. I am so upset. My site should be worked on more for the 79.00 a month. Promises and promises and nothing gets done. I want my money back.
Entity: Internet, Internet
4, Report #1341442
Dec 05 2016
08:35 AM
Department of Global Response Report Documents Chandler Arizona
 I received a letter stated that I won a sweepstake of 392,750.00.. I just needed to send 18.00 for a processing fee and 2.00 for quick processing fee.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
5, Report #1343618
Dec 16 2016
10:12 AM
Department of Global Response They are ripping us off Chandler,AZ Arizona
 They said i won sum money. And come to find out. It was all a scam. I sent them the money. Knowing i needed that money. For my kids christmas, and they took it knowing it was a scam. And they said i won 392,750.00 and for me to pay 20.00 i did like a fool. And it was a scam so i want sumthing done. Its not fair to rip a single mother off. Its already doing it by myself. And fir these people to keep doing this something has to be done. Thank u for taking the time out to listen. And read this i hope my report gets read and im able to go forth with this.
Entity: Chandler,AZ, Arizona
6, Report #1400561
Sep 16 2017
09:07 PM
Global Response unknown Sent me a check for $734,940.oo as payment for internet surveys Chandler Arizona
I called a phone number from the tv for a hip brace. The company was american hope resources. shortly after a man named dean holland came on the phone inquiring if i would like to make a couple of extra dollars doing phone surveys. I said sure. next thing i know i am being trompled on by what i say are internet scammers. i assumed they all are involved with dean holland. i never received any money then i received a check from jeff norman for 3/4 of a million dollars in lieu of payments for services rendered. of course the check was fraudulant now iam receiving 100-1000 emails a day from these scammers. i did see where global response had been prosecuted before for sending out these checks. They called it sweppstakes winnings I am so tired of this, changing bank account numbers debit card numbers computer being hacked I think there must be a group of these people defrauding people i think that american hope resources is a front to get peoples personnal information. they all should be in jail. i have printed out and wrote down these peoples payments to me there names and email addresses.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
7, Report #1385056
Jul 12 2017
03:55 PM
Department of global response Winner winner chicken dinner Chandler Arizona
 So I keep getting mail from reponse teams that i on money 392,750 to be exact. I play lottery and sweepstakes all the time so i keep getting excited just to be shot down..its a scam. They wont ask you for money first in order to get your money.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
8, Report #576050
Mar 01 2010
10:39 AM
Global Response Technologies GRT True Scam at it's best! Global Response Takes Your Money and Gives You nothing Salt Lake, Utah
Global Response Technologies is a sham of an outfit!  I never thought I would be one to be taken.  They seemed responsive initially but aren't all companies to start.  For the first number of months I received reports, then they stopped coming.  I was double billed a couple of times.  I have made numerous calls and sent numerous emails to various people in the company including the supposed new owner who's name is Ben.  No one cares!  It has now been almost 4 months without even status reports.  I have asked them for a list of places where they have linked my website and information and to-date have been unable to provide anything.  Save your money and time and never use these people!  If someone is looking to do a class action law suit then I am in!
Entity: Salt Lake, Utah
9, Report #726960
May 08 2011
07:11 AM
GLobal Response Group Myron Sullivan, Aeros System Investors Beware of Investing in Global Response Group. It is a Scam! West Vancouver, British Columbia
Potential Investors Be Aware! Over the past 15 years, Myron Sullivan of Global Response Group has stolen millions of dollars from numerous investors throughout Greater Vancouver and the USA selling an oil spill recovery system (Aeros System) that is simply not viable. Mr. Sullivan has refused to cooperate with shareholders in any way. He has refused to reveal where the millions of dollars he has raised has been spent. He has refused to publicly reveal a shareholders registry and he has refused to hold an AGM meeting for a number of years now. The majority of the original board of directors have resigned from Global Response Group and are no longer on the website for the company. Please be aware of this very dangerous individual and do not invest money with his company. Numerous complaints have been filed with the West Vancouver Police and Myron Sullivan is currently under long term investigation. Any shares you receive in the company Global Response Group are absolutely worthless! In the 15 years Mr. Sullivan has been operating, nothing has been achieved apart from a minor very speculative article in Popular Science magazine and a couple of low budget commercials shown on PBS in the USA. The horrendous BP Deep Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has only confirmed that oil companies are simple not interested in the Aeros project. Mr. Sullivan can pay a couple of engineers to endorse his higly speculative project and to say that it is theoretically possible but words mean absolutely nothing. No prototype of the Aeros System has ever being built in 15 years for the simple reason the this speculative technology is simply not viable. Furthermore, Mr. Sullivan has being in legal trouble and has gone to court over 15 times in the last 20 years which reveals alot about his poor character. Myron Sullivan will tell you absolutely anything (any lie) in order to coerce you into investing with his company. PLEASE do not be victimized like others before you. Stay far away from Global Response Group and Myron Sullivan.
Entity: West Vancouver, British Columbia
10, Report #729398
May 14 2011
07:18 PM
GLobal Response Group Myron Sullivan, Investors Beware of Investing in Global Response Group. It is a Scam! Internet, Internet
Potential Investors, Please Be Aware! Over the past 15 years, Mytron Sullivan has stolen millions of dollars from innocent investors throughout the Greater Vancouver Area and the USA selling an oil spill recovery system (Aeros System) that is simply not viable. Myron Sullivan has refused to coooperate with shareholders in any way. He has refused to reveal where the millions of dollars he has raised have been spent. He has refused to publicly reveal a shareholders registry and he has refused to hold an annual AGM for a number of years now. All of the original board of directors have resigned from Global Response Group  and are no longer on the website for the company. Please be aware of this very dangerous individual and do not invest any money with his company. Numerous complaints have been filed with the West Vancouver Police and Myron Sullivan is currently under investigation. Myron Sullivan has also spent time in jail recently. Any shares you receive in the company are completly worthless. In the 15 years Myron Sullivan has been operating, nothing has been achieved apart from a highly article in Popular Science magazine and a couple of low budget commercials shown on PBS. The horrendous BP Deep Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has only confirmed that oil companies are simply not interested in the Aeros System. Myron Sullivan can pay off a couple of engineers to endorse his projectand to say that it is theoretically possible but words mean absolutely nothing. No prototype of Aeros has ever been built in 15 years for the simple reason that this speculative technology is simply not viable. Furthermore, Myron Sullivan has gone to court over 20 times in the last 20 years which reveals alot about his low character. (Check provincial court records) Myron Sullivan will tell you absolutely anything in order to coerce you into investing with his company. PLEASE do not be victimized like others before you. Stay away from Global Response Group and Myron Sullivan! 
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #562154
Jan 30 2010
12:00 AM
Global Life Inc / Global Life Enhancements / Herbal Smoke Shop - Poor support! No response!! Internet Life, Inc.Box 111, 325 East Jimmie Leeds Rd., # 7,Galloway, NJ, 08205, USA globallifesupport@ gmail.comI have not received. Not tell them the UPS tracking number.Have a completely ignore my emails.Why are they the answer? What are they scammers?I doubt that really gets the merchandise.This shop has caused trouble before. Has been written on this site.In Japan is impossible. In the United States can do business or shop is disingenuous?Is in trouble because I do not know English.Would you or anyone help? ========== ORDER INFORMATION ==========> Payment By: Visa 4XXXXXXXXXXXXXX6> Status: APPROVED - 705997> Order: OnlineOrder_00438032> > Quantity: 1>Shipping Method: UPS Shipping > Shipping & Handling: $19.95> Grand Total: $79.94
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #918683
Jul 27 2012
09:45 PM
Global Authority Demian Werner FRAUD! NO RESPONSE! Bettendorf, Iowa
I have had the same experience the other two guys reported.  I sent my item to Global Authority to have graded 3 months ago.  I shipped on May 1.  They did grade it, but will not return my item to me.  I have called and emailed multiple times including Demian Werner, CEO and Mike Baker, Director of Grading.  Has anyone tried going to the company and picking their item up?  My item was worth thousands.  I will file a complaint, but I just want my item back and not sure filing a complaint will make a difference.
Entity: Bettendorf, Iowa
13, Report #1413672
Nov 27 2017
12:25 PM
Starlink Global Holding Limitef Nothing no response City of Industry California
I placed a toy order and canceled the order not long after placing. I received an email it was canceled. The order shows up weeks later so I filed a dispute with PayPal. They responded with a letter telling me in order to get a credit the product needs returned. I have emailed multiple times about my complaint with response. Now I have attempted to contact them for a return address to send product back and I still get no response. I am furious as now I’m stuck with a product I don’t want and it was almost $85.00. Terrible customer service or should I say NONE
Entity: City of Industry, California
14, Report #511427
Oct 19 2009
06:23 AM
Global Response Technologies - GRT Took Money for services they never performed, admitted it, but won't give refund. Salt Lake City, Utah
A couple years ago I paid this company what, according to friends now, was thousands more than I should have to have my sight optimized.  I continued to pay them $79 per month.  They did an ok job.  Then they had a new thing where they were going to get me as number one on Google with a map linkup of some sort. They payoff on that would have been HUGE, likely $100k.  I negotiated the price down to $1,000.  It took forever, and I missed a window of opportunity.  I sunk all my marketing money into this.  My business was now going downhill instead of up.  They kept giving me a song and dance.   I was then with my father for a few months while he was very ill.  Contacting them upon my return, I got more song and dance.  Ben, the new owner, said that they other guys who made the promise were fired.  But he refused to give me a refund.  He, and Shelee, acknowledge they didn't do the job, but refuse to give me a refund.  What's really great, is they keep charging me $79 per month on my credit card (which is in dispute).  That money would keep my business liquid right now, but they just don't have it.  FRAUD!!  If I had the money I'd take them to court.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
15, Report #526296
Nov 20 2009
10:10 AM
Global Response Technologies GRT Stole $5,000 from me. Please contact me to join class action lawsuit Salt Lake City, Utah
There has got to be a way for all of us to get together and file a lawsuit against GRT.  I paid them $5,000 to optimize my current website and to build me another one from scratch.  They did neither.  I cancelled my contract with them after I realized I was babysitting them for almost six months to optimize my existing website.  Although my cancellation was well within the peramiters in their contract, they flat out refused  to refund my money.  I would call them and they would just transfer my call from one persons voicemail to the next.  I would sit at my desk and cry and get so frustrated knowing I had FOOLISHLY done business with a company in another state.  The money I gave them was all the money I had in the world to market my company.  Today is a sad day for me because I am officially closing my doors.  I blame GRT 100% for this loss and I am dedicated to making them pay me back and everyone else back.  Yesterday I called the Utah Attorney Generals office regarding this matter.  I think if enough of us call and complain, we can work together to get our money back but we need to act together and quickly.  I don't understand why we are not allowed to include our contact information in this report, I would like to hear from each one of you so that we can coordinate a class action lawsuit.  Does anyone have any ideas on how we can do this?
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
16, Report #737534
Jun 06 2011
05:18 PM
Global Response Group, International Marketing Corporation and AEROS Robotic Marine Oil-Spill clean up technology SCAM!!! Myron Sullivan 11 and Eva Janiszewska are thieves! Internet
 International Marketing Corporation and AEROS Robotic Begin forwarded message:From: Carey Linde <>Date: July 24, 2010 5:00:58 PM PDTTo: Todd Koal <>Subject: Re: Todd Kowaluk demand for payment from Myron Sullivan and Global response group and IMC Corp.Dear Sir,I have read your email below. I understand all too well how you must feel.I am a lawyer for Myron but more importantly his friend.I would like to talk to you off line as it were. Please feel free to phone me on my cell anytime at 604-375-7794 or my office during the week at 604-684-7794.There are some things you might be interested in knowing.Sincerely,Carey LindeSent from my iPhoneOn Jul 24, 2010, at 1:46 PM, Todd Koal <> wrote:I met Myron on or about May 1st 2010 through a mutual friend, Ms. Carla Dandurand, who had recently joined Myrons Company, The Global Response Group, as his Executive Assistant. After a few weeks of s ocial encounters and helping Myron with audio speakers ($50.00) and performing at his parties, (Im a very hard working musician) Myron talked me into investing in his company. He told me it would be goi ng public or IPO in a few months and I would make a lot of money, so I gave Myron a check dated June 3rd, 2010 in the amount of $7,000.0 0 payable to IMC Corporation with his promise to issue me a share ce rtificate for 40cent shares in his company. (See attached scan of my check) Since then, despite my repeated requests for a receipt and my share certificate, neither has showed up. Besides my uneasiness about not being given the promised paperwork; I find myself in an unexpected family crisis where both of my parents have become ill.Can anyone at GRG please help me get reimbursed? A few days ago, I went to Myrons House and explained my circumstanc es and asked him to please return my money. He just flipped out on me and shouted at me and essentially kicked me out of his house at 1 445 Sandhurst Place, W. Van. BC. He said he did not have the money and I would have to wait in line.... I was shocked because he had been playing the big shot millionaire with the big high rolling com pany and had to rip off a poor musician like me so that he could thr ow another party! I am not a sophisticated investor and did not know what I was doing and now I have heard that I might not be the only one in this position with Myron / GRG. I have heard that there are other people trying to collect bad debts from him. So there is a growing opinion within my circle of friends, that there might be more people out there that have been burned by Myron. I do not want to create any problems for anyone I just want to get paid back my money because this all seems like B.S. to me if the Head of the company cant pay me back such a small amount of money that took me over two years to save up! Hey Im not a big roller like Myron, so please pay me back this week or I am going to take action against this big fancy compa ny that rips people off. Please email or call me if you have some creative collection ideas. In the meantime my website is:  Sincerely, Todd Kowaluk [cid:9F97E901-7D11-4E94-8B78-BB313FA070BB@domain.invalid]<Myron Chech dated 20100603 B.jpg>
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #898618
Jun 17 2012
12:02 AM
Global Response Group/ AEROS Now using Deepwater Horizon disaster to steal your money North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
I was shocked and sick to see that after all of the blogs informing the online World about this thief, after our posting of Sullivans Hearing dates at BCSC on the internet accusing him of Fraud and Misrepresentation I just noticed Sullivan has updated his SCAM website. The BP Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and Sullivan's refusal to answer the call out to go to Louisiana were Sullivan's demise. That disaster is when shareholders started asking questions Sullivan could not answer so he ran and hid in Thailand and made up some lie about a motorcycle accident. Sullivan is now using the tragic Deepwater Horizon marine oil spill disaster to promote his non existent AEROS. Pathetic! This thief is happy to waste money meant to clean up the environment on his own selfish wants. Its obvious Sullivan cannot quit trying to take (now wasted) money from rich or poor, young and old. Seems its all he knows how to do and looks like its all he has ever done. Shame on you Myron. Old Myron wc. Stop stealing. Stop lying. Who pays for your scams when people write their loss off on their income tax? Everyone!!! You steal from everyone. You are a pathetic old loser sir. BCSC Hearing set for July 23, 2012 at 10AM and July 24, 2012 at 11AM to answer to the above accusations. See you there. 
Entity: North Vancouver, British Columbia
18, Report #1315465
Jul 06 2016
09:24 PM
Global Response Richard mapleton I applied to a job on Zip Recruiter and got scammed. My money is gone New Berlin Wisconsin
 Ok, so I applied to a job on Zip Recruiter for a customer service representative. I got a email back saying that, the position I applied for has been filled. But if I was interested there was another position being a personal assistant to the CEO of the company. The person told me before I really start the job I have to do a couple of TASKS to show my worthyness and loyalty. The first task was to deposit cash money into another agents bank account. He had asked for my address to send a check so I can deposit it to my bank account. So I did the first task. The second task he said that every year the company gives away stuff to orphanage around the globe so he sent me another check to my address. While I was waiting for the check to arrive at my doorstep. I went to buy something from the grocery store and the cashier said that my card was declined. I called Navy Fedral and asked them what's going on. They said that the check was fraud. So, I immediately email the scam person and told him what's going on. He kept saying that he had to get in touch with his account department to see what happen. I kept emailing him, he never responded back.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1380007
Jun 19 2017
05:16 PM
Department of Global Response Declared that I had won $392,750.00 in a disclosure but stated I should remit $18 as a purchasing fee Chandler Arizona
 I have been told I won an amount of $392,750.00 but needed to return $18. It seems this money is for a service that connects me to sweepstakes entries, and is indeed NOT a disclosure of a won prize. This is a misrepresentation and may make people believe they only need to send in the $18 fee to get their big money prize, but I read the small print and think this is a blatant lie and fraud.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
20, Report #1395531
Aug 25 2017
11:17 AM
Today 8.25,2017 I received a letter looking like a certificate stating from communications from the chairman of review committee that I have been entrusted by the independent research monitory agency dept of global response to inform me that as of aug 7 2017 that I am proposed recipient of certified entry report publication detailing the amount of $734,940.00 in sweeptakes cash and awards. It is now waiting to be claimed by Jeff G Norman. In another area, a personal acct number is shown A002945300146A and that I have enclosed a purchasing fee of $18.00 by cash, check or money order. Credit cards are not accepted. For rush, add $2. Space to sign my name and date. Of course, I know this is a scam as I go online to check the information and that I did, that is why I am doing this report. I am sure that there are others, mostly seniors who wil in fact send the money. Thats a shame. Hopefully they will be envelope was provided>    processing department pob 6430 chandler az 85246
Entity: AZ
21, Report #1393187
Aug 16 2017
12:00 PM
department of global response, jeff g. norman said I had won 734,940.00 but had to send them 18 dollors first chandler Arizona
The department of Global Response sent me a form stateing that I had one 734,940.00 from a sweepstake but that I needed to send them 18.00 for them to process it. I first got excited and then returned to reality and realized it had to be a fraud. So I checked them out and decided to file this report in hope that you can stop them before others fall for this thank you
Entity: chandler , Arizona
22, Report #736273
Jun 03 2011
06:54 AM
Global Response Group Myron Sullivan 11, Fred Sullivan, Fred Solomon, Fred O'Sullivan, Eva Sullivan, Eva Jones, Eva Janiszewska, Global Response Group, International Marketing Corporation (IMC), AEROS (Robotics marine oil Update from June 3 2011. Will you stop selling your fake GRG and AEROS shares now sir? Internet
Myron Sullivan 11 and Eva Jones, I really wish you would have just given me my money back. I need it. I know you do too...especially now. Since I noticed on google that you have been ordered to quit selling your fake shares by the BC Securities Commission and I am so pleased. Any idiot can lie like you did to 133 people.   Well I know you would have to steal the money from someone else to pay me back so dont bother. I worked so hard for you. For the rest of my life I will remind people about  you two every chance I get. You are both pathetic.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #110162
Sep 25 2004
06:18 PM
Allego Global Marketing, AGM ripoff. Very well put together SCAM. No response from numerous emails, faxes, etc. Wilmington Delaware
Allegro Global Marketing in Wilmington, Delaware is nothing but a HUGE SCAM, so don't get involved with it. In May 2004, I researched this company prior and picked up no negative issues, so I attempted it. I wired $5,700 for a gold package. I received nothing but a web site submitter, which of course submitted more sites for people to get info about the company. I had no returns from emails, faxes, and no followup phone number. I was supposed to receive access to the Global Control Center, which monitors and gives you stats regarding your website and purchases. After reading numerous similar complaints from this site, I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing any of us can do in attempt to get our money back. So take it from me, don't get involved with this company. I feel the person or persons behind AGM will get what they deserve if not from us, from God above. Carol Ocala, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
24, Report #36790
Dec 02 2002
12:53 PM
Global One Just Rewards Rip-off Scam Dishonest No Response Full Of Crap! Russellville Arizona
I have joined them for 2 months with no progress & therefore have decided to terminate my account. I fax, email & phone. Guess what? All the numbers & addresses are invalid. I emailed in total 6 emails for the past 4 days & still no response. Have to get the bank to stop payment. Their control panel do not even provide a termination request link. One of my upline manage to quit in time but why delay for mine? Sh**!It is not cheap if you convert to my country currency for payment! They even have rediculous rules. Can't market their actual site online? All they give is a splash page with your personal email shown, that create more spam! Can't promote their URL in email? I don't know but I am desperately wanting to terminate. May my mission get through! Qvarein Singapore
Entity: Russellville, Arizona
25, Report #46397
Feb 21 2003
02:00 PM
Global Phonelinx, Aka Globalinx rip-off 2 unauthorized charges of $54.90 promised refund never sent can't get a response phone number always has technical difficulties McLean Virginia
On July 29, 2002, I was charged $54.90 by Globalinx of McLean VA. On August 27, 2002, I was again charged $54.90 by Global-Phonelinx, which gave a number of 703-749-9745. I called the first time and they said they'd credit the money back to my account in a few business cycles. They never did. I called again in December and the number was giving me problems - no longer an active line or something - I finally got to an operator, who said she'd be sure to credit my account. Now I can't get anyone on that number. I found the web site and called the 877 number. But there's always a recording about technical difficulties, asking you to call back later. I just sent an email and don't have much faith I'll get a response. HELP!!!!!!! I want my $109.80 back NOW!!!!! Kirsten Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: McLean, Virginia

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